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Ruby/TK on Mac OS X Tiger?
142879 [imifumei@im ] Can anyone do a quick test to see if "require 'tk'" work by default on
142880 [discordantus] Yes! Imagine my surprise :)
142964 [trash@ph lk ] And it looks really nice (apart from the window background colour, but
142992 [discordantus] Yeah :) I guess they used the TclTkAqua framework. It sure seems to be
143020 [dave.baldwin] I tried this simple program from Pickaxe
143057 [discordantus] It works fine here, with X11. If you are doing any unix stuff, you
143058 [discordantus] I forgot to specify that the requirement is in the *Ruby* Tk
143132 [nagai@ai ky ] Hmmm...
143142 [discordantus] I'll try it out. I suspect Apple used it when compiling, though, since
143153 [nagai@ai ky ] Thank you for your report.
143185 [goran2@sw el] $ ./configure --enable-mac-tcltk-framework
143200 [nagai@ai ky ] Thank you for your report.
143233 [nagai@ai ky ] Is the following better?

Building Ruby for WinCE (Pocket PC)
142886 [dave@bu t. d] I'm trying and failing to build Ruby (1.8.2) for WinCE.

Ruby/SDL on OSX, part 2
142889 [kig@mi fi in] Was surfing the internets today, in search for workable SDL solutions

Google API, Soap and windows XP
142894 [rubytalk@gm ] I am working off an example i found on the internet. Here is my code:   require "soap/driver"   ENDPOINT = 'http://api.google.com/search/beta2'   NS = 'urn:GoogleSearch'   KEY = "Enter_your_Key"
143938 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for late reply.

Help regarding def wrapper
142901 [mailing-list] I”Ēd like to have a def that I can scope in one go, i.e.,
+ 142902 [gavin@re in ] ...
| + 142903 [pit@ca it in] class A
| + 142918 [mailing-list] Well, the visibility will affect all methods defined after it and I
|   + 142949 [pit@ca it in] But you *can* use Gavin's syntax, if you "decorate" *every* method with
|   | 142963 [mailing-list] Yes, but that”Ēs an unfortunate consequence that I”Ēm not willing to live
|   + 143006 [gavin@re in ] I suppose I assumed that you were always going to be specifying the
+ 142911 [glenn.parker] Not the best naming choice, scope != accessability.
| 142920 [mailing-list] No, but scope has to do with visibility/accessability in a sense.  It”Ēs
| 142925 [glenn.parker] How about "def_access"?  I suggest keeping "def" at the start (for
| 142934 [mailing-list] Hm, that may work I supposeӀ,
+ 142916 [mailinglists] I find it quite ugly. But before i write more comments can you tell me
| 142926 [mailing-list] As I said in my reply to Gavin”Ēs solution, the idea is that I want to
| 142930 [mailinglists] When writing a manuscript do you really think it is more readable if
| 142935 [mailing-list] Well, if it”Ēs shown how it works and how it”Ēs used, then yes.  How else
+ 143040 [angus@qu va ] [Nikolai Weibull <mailing-lists.ruby-talk@rawuncut.elitemail.org>, 2005-05-17 15.52 CEST]
  143061 [mailing-list] Hehe, that”Ēs kind of sweet actually.  Thanks,

[Ann] Reg 0.4.5
142907 [vikkous@gm i] I am releasing 0.4.5 of Reg, a tool for pattern matching in arbitrary

ruby postgresql library: time out error
142910 [rgilaard@fe ] Dear all,
+ 142913 [ruby.brian@g] Just curious, does that mean that you wait > 4 Days creating the table
| 142915 [rgilaard@fe ] In production I will have it accumulate by putting another expression in the
+ 142919 [pergesu@gm i] That's a postgres problem, not a Ruby problem.  You said it takes
| 142957 [fgp@ph o. rg] Actually, if you copy a few million rows, there is reason enough
| 143029 [rgilaard@fe ] This is definately not a web application.
+ 142929 [dali@in ul .] I don't know whay Ruby timeouts but I would suggest using a rule or a

Re: Reg 0.4.5
142912 [vikkous@gm i] rubyforge project: http://rubyforge.org/projects/reg/

[JOB] Good at Ruby on Rails?
142931 [michael.buff] Adaptive Path is in need of some extra talent. If you're interested in
142941 [foobar@fu zb] I'm not going to apply, but I'm still interested hear something you can

"Verbose" backtracing
142932 [imobachgs@gm] We're interested in doing some backtracing in our code, but not just
+ 142940 [florgro@gm i] This has already been suggested before, but oddly I was not able to find
+ 142955 [pbrannan@at ] If you are using a ruby later than 1.8 and you only need to know the
+ 143018 [bob.news@gm ] Yes, this *is* painful.
| 143034 [snail@ob me ] If you are using Windows and would like a tool to flow trace your code
+ 143060 [discordantus] module DebugWrappable

[ANN] Production Log Analyzer 1.2.1
142944 [drbrain@se m] The Production Analyzer lets you find out which pages on your

ruby-1.8.2: test.rb:593: [BUG] Segmentation fault
142946 [me2faster@ex] In the sample directory, 'ruby -d test.rb' results in the following
142947 [drbrain@se m] How about a C stack trace?
143065 [me2faster@ex] ok 5

method/constant links in rdoc
142951 [eric_mahurin] Anybody know if in rdoc I can create links to certain
142975 [vjoel@pa h. ] Aren't methods just referred to using FooClass#bar_method ? And, IIRC,
142989 [eric_mahurin] Yep, that works.  Also #bar_method works in the current class.

[BUG] IRB Segfault on Windows
142954 [gavin@re in ] What I tried to do is non-sensical, but it shouldn't cause irb to go
142956 [Daniel.Berge] irb(main):001:0> module M; end
142965 [sellberg@gm ] Note the date of the build. At that date there was a bug in readline

drb ssl name error bug?
142958 [dave.m@em il] rescue OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError

Variable substitution in a regex
142968 [softwarespac] I am new to Ruby. Can I substitute the value of a
+ 142970 [james@gr yp ] exp = /(\d+)#{'some string value'}/
+ 142973 [mailing-list] exp = /(\d+)#{variable}/
  143036 [sjc2000_uk@y] Yeah, straightforward enough, moreover you can process
  143042 [dblack@wo bl] Let Ruby do the work for you :-)
  143044 [sjc2000_uk@y] ah, ruby is so convenient compared to other

Business & Spirituality
142969 [Ggidney@ns s] ...

[OT] OSX Mail.app performance
142971 [tsuraan@xy n] Sorry about the OT, but this is the only high-volume list I'm on that
+ 142978 [ezra@ya im -] Yeah mail.app 2.0 on tiger gets rid of this problem nicely. It's MUCH
| + 142993 [lyle.johnson] It's interesting (but encouraging) to hear this. It seems like I've
| + 142997 [tsuraan@xy n] Thanks for the info!
| + 143072 [trash@ph lk ] Sadly I cannot agree. I felt much more comfortable with Panther's
+ 142994 [drbrain@se m] I have no speed problems, but I do get mail duplication when using

Noobie ... Simple Inheriting from Hash Question ..
142976 [Neville.Burn] I have a class inheriting from Hash which has some specific methods
+ 142977 [david.mitche] You could just extend the hash class, rather than inheriting from it.
| 142996 [dblack@wo bl] This will work but also suffers from the usual problem with extending
| + 142999 [discordantus] class MyHash < Hash
| | 143019 [bob.news@gm ] Note though, that this is exactly what the original poster tried to
| + 143033 [chr_mail@gm ] Jet another possibility (it's a pretty rare animal, I've never seen in
|   143119 [Neville.Burn] Could you elaborate with code pls?
|   143129 [gavin@re in ] ...
+ 142979 [vjoel@pa h. ] irb(main):001:0> class H < Hash
  142980 [Neville.Burn] Thanks Joel
  142983 [Neville.Burn] Yep, extending Hash was what I ended up doing ...

GLEW bindings
142985 [kig@mi fi in] Started working on GLEW ( GL Extensions Wrangler

Overloading class behavior in a test case.
142986 [jim@ji va fl] I have a question about overriding class behavior from within a test
143009 [pit@ca it in] can you show us where you try to call those "class level methods" and
143043 [jim@ji va fl] I bet it would work if I changed the syntax of those calls to class

[ANN] Amrita2 1.9.5
142990 [tnakajima@br] I released Amrita2-1.9.5. Get it from

RMagick on MacOS X (can't read a JPG)
143002 [gavin@re in ] I am trying to automate a bunch of thumbnail creations, and thought
+ 143014 [doug@be ve .] the last time i built graphicsmagick for os x, i had to build my own
| 143038 [gavin@re in ] ...
+ 143078 [rmagick@gm i] Sorry you're having trouble, Gavin. Here's the way I recommend
  143082 [rmagick@gm i] Oops. Hate to reply to my own post, but...I don't read any mail that

wsdl2ruby.rb generated proxies and default parameters
143003 [drjflam@gm i] I was trying to port some working code that calls the Amazon
143941 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for late reply.

Help with facade pattern
143004 [djberg96@ho ] Well, I *think* it's the facade pattern.  Anyway, I'm trying to do
143005 [ruby-ml@ma i] class Class
143047 [djberg96@gm ] have

[ANN] New Sydney Ruby Users Google Group
143007 [Harry_Ohlsen] During our meeting last night, it was suggested that we set up a Google
143188 [bg-rubytalk@] Not that I'm near any of them, but which Sydney do you mean?

Ruby-postgres: get_notify doesn't work
143016 [davinciSINSP] I have made tests of all types with get_notify in Ruby-postgres and it

[ANN] Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Chapter Six: Downtown
143021 [ruby-talk@wh] Ruby-Talk, I have a new hunk of pages for you.
+ 143026 [farrel.lifso] Just a formatting error from me: all the code blocks seem to be on one line.
| 143052 [ruby-talk@wh] Thanks, Farrel.  I'm mostly sure this is better now.
+ 143031 [hramrach@ce ] Very nice.

Event scheduler in Ruby
143022 [raims@do .c ] Is there anything like the sched module in Python?
+ 143028 [bob.news@gm ] I'd probably look at "runt".
| 143032 [Mlipper@do t] As Robert mentioned, the project is called Runt ("Ruby temporal
| 143051 [raims@do .c ] Thanks a lot, I'm gonna dive into it today and see if it suits my needs.
+ 143068 [johnl@jo nl ] I've written a Scheduler class for a project I'm working on.  Perhaps

incorporating other's ruby code (licensing)
143037 [Ara.T.Howard] i have a lib, alib, that's full of stuff i use all the time.  it's got
+ 143046 [ruby@cr zy e] Determining if something is a derivative or not is really the deciding
+ 143050 [ruby-ml@ma i] Legally?

Compiling MySQL-Ruby on Tiger
143041 [pat.allan@gm] I've been trying to compile mysql-ruby on MacOS X 10.4 Tiger, but
143073 [trash@ph lk ] Well, I did not yet install it here on Tiger, but it would be
+ 143081 [tdgrmsn@gm i] Possibly avoiding the issue, one workaround might be building your own
| 143110 [trash@ph lk ] The only thing the Ruby build included in Tiger lacks is readline. Sadly
| 143114 [tomonage2@gm] and
| + 143120 [pat.allan@gm] I had seen that first link before, but forgot about it until now - but
| | + 143124 [jim@fr ez .o] That readline issue may be a problem with configure.
| | | 143133 [pat.allan@gm] # ruby extconf.rb
| | | 143160 [jim@fr ez .o] Ah yes, I left that part out. On Sun I had to install ncurses before
| | + 143135 [ezra@ya im -] If you install the mysql from http://serverlogistics.com it will work
| |   143143 [pat.allan@gm] Ezra, I thought you'd found the silver bullet, and found the key to
| + 143149 [trash@ph lk ] Thank you for this nice little script which made all this fix a one
+ 143118 [pat.allan@gm] There's no file on my machine which starts with libmysqlclient
  143148 [clr5.10.rand] same here.
  143158 [pat.allan@gm] Ye gods I think that did it.
  143164 [clr5.10.rand] I use the one from the mysql site. Don't ask me for the filename, but
  143275 [JeffRamnani@] I might be forking this thread, but I'm having the same problem.  I'm
  + 143285 [trash@ph lk ] Actually, if you do not have a specified library in your normal library
  | 143360 [JeffRamnani@] Phillip,
  + 143652 [jpb@Ap sS ek] Install gem, then do
  + 143653 [jpb@Ap sS ek] sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-lib=/sw/lib/mysql

howto make something like Errno::##, for my C ext, or do I need to?
143048 [sroberts@ce ] I'm wrapping a library, it returns its errors as numbers (many of them,
143070 [cmills@fr es] them,
143076 [Daniel.Berge] Doesn't rb_sys_fail(0) work for this scenario?  I thought if a C
143077 [cmills@fr es] raise
143097 [sroberts@ce ] Thanks for your help, Charlie.
143105 [cmills@fr es] eMyError = rb_define_class("MyError", rb_eStandardError);
143177 [sroberts@ce ] Worked like a charm, thanks a bunch.

Re: Strange behaviour of class Fixnum in exponentation
143054 [cmills@fr es] class.
143541 [matz@ru y- a] I will merge this code.  Thank you!
143547 [cmills@fr es] Cool.  Your welcome.

syntax sugar: treating an object like a method
143062 [eric_mahurin] I'm thinking of yet another RCR and would like to see if
+ 143063 [ruby.brian@g] class A
| 143067 [eric_mahurin] That would be fine too.  But, if you'd do #2 (object assignment
+ 143069 [dblack@wo bl] I'm not sure what the canonical definition of syntactic sugar is, but
+ 143071 [halostatue@g] Please don't. This would be awful. Ruby doesn't need a () operator.
| 143075 [ruby-ml@ma i] Oh, never say never. I still fantasize about first-order functions/
| + 143080 [eric_mahurin] In my book, syntactic sugar is when you have a more
| | + 143083 [eric_mahurin] I already knew your answer.
| | | + 143086 [Chris.Willia] I think the key element is that syntax sugar should shorten the syntax,
| | | + 143092 [halostatue@g] Maybe that suggests that you're proposing really bad ideas, or at
| | + 143090 [halostatue@g] Yes. It's adding the #() operator, which is evil.
| | + 143093 [bob.news@gm ] "Eric Mahurin" <eric_mahurin@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | + 143094 [eric_mahurin] I guess you are referring to the fact that "calling" an object
| | | + 143100 [eric_mahurin] Bad wording - sorry.
| | |   + 143103 [eric_mahurin] So procs and methods are getting the () operator?  Somebody
| | |   | 143150 [surrender_it] but notice that python does not have (and never had) separate namespaces
| | |   | 143162 [eric_mahurin] Thanks Robert.  If that is the case, it sounds like I'll get
| | |   | + 143163 [eric_mahurin] I think it is a similar issue between method calls and getting
| | |   | + 143173 [chneukirchen] Blocks should be able to take blocks since 1.9.  I tried that not too
| | |   + 143145 [bob.news@gm ] And it looks totally ridiculous to me.  Why is the instance where you send
| | + 143108 [dblack@wo bl] There's no checklist of "normal things" in this context.  Programming
| |   143121 [eric_mahurin] It does have the indirection, but it accomplishes almost
| + 143089 [halostatue@g] As I understand it, Ruby already has first-order functions; they're
|   + 143091 [surrender_it] AFAIK it does work (reasonably to me) for everything that has #call.
|   + 143184 [ruby-ml@ma i] First-order method meaning here that methods are just a special
+ 143166 [pbrannan@at ] These really sound like two separate change requests to me.
  143172 [eric_mahurin] whoops.  I was still running 1.8.2.
  143180 [chneukirchen] Wasn't that just what you wanted?
  143182 [eric_mahurin] I was thinking that the local var vs. method preference would
  143210 [chneukirchen] Oh, now that is bad.  The Ruby 1.9 I have around doesn't implement
  143221 [dblack@wo bl] irb(main):001:0> s = "hi"
  143228 [bob.news@gm ] Yes I think so.  We saw this some days ago.

new singleton class relationship
143079 [Ara.T.Howard] am i the only one who finds this confusing?
143127 [chr_mail@gm ] Ancestors apparently ignores singleton ancestors -

Please help with my string parser
143084 [mail@ex ep i] I`ve written a short class for parsing and interpreting simple 'command
143085 [eric_mahurin] You can try the following too.  It has general purpose use like

(newbie Q) opposite of inspect for strings
143087 [basile-news@] Dear All
+ 143088 [thomas@ed li] I'll try this, assuming I unserstand you correctly.
| 143096 [basile-news@] (citing me, Basile S.)
| + 143098 [drbrain@se m] [snip the script]
| + 143099 [lukfugl@gm i] irb(main):001:0> VERSION
| | 143101 [basile-news@] A big thanks for this suggestion!
| | 143102 [lukfugl@gm i] You're welcome :)
| | 143194 [fgp@ph o. rg] Hm, what you have to check is if the string to be eval'd represents
| + 143198 [basile-news@] Thanks to all who replied. Yes, I was missing the cumfort of LISP READ
|   143213 [chneukirchen] I'm not sure about GDBM, but for Berkeley DB, there is dbdump IIRC.
+ 143095 [james@gr yp ] Is this what you mean?
+ 143169 [pbrannan@at ] There used to be a library out there somewhere for doing this with
  + 143179 [chneukirchen] While I do not know it, I would be extremely interested in it.
  + 143291 [vjoel@pa h. ] Maybe you mean this?

Kernel.sytem and insufficient memory
143104 [MartinAusChe] Today, I started to write some Ruby code. In my little script, I call
143106 [jtregunna@bl] Maybe you could provide an example of exactly what is failing; I cannot
143139 [MartinAusChe] I tried to reduce the script to an example anyone could test. After long