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^ List Invite - London Ruby Users Group
142446 [robert.mcgov] The existing mailing list for the London Ruby Users Group appears to

^ [ANN] New Presentation on Ruby and RoR available for download
142450 [curt hibbs.c] Obie Fernandez from ThoughtWorks recently gave a presentation on Ruby

^ Get back data from a child (with exec)
142462 [raims dot.co] What I'm trying to do is to pass some data
142471 [Ara.T.Howard] if pipe
142578 [raims dot.co] Works, but there's a problem. If I open the pipe in read/write
142581 [Ara.T.Howard] if pipe
142582 [raims dot.co] That's what I missed!

^ Ruby's Headquarters :->
142465 [ jupp gmx.de] ATI's proof that Ruby is sexy: http://www.ati.com/ruby/index.html

^ Ruby/.NET Bridge
142467 [brian.takita] Has anybody heard anything about Release 6 of the Ruby/.NET Bridge?
142528 [jtregunna bl] Not sure about the bridge, or if you're interested in this, but I've

^ Nuby: 'importing shell script variables' eval/proc/binding
142469 [danyc nospam] Greetings,
142477 [guslist free] Two solutions to you problem. The first one shell_expand actually calls
142501 [danyc nospam] wow...  I was really going down the wrong path.  The 'script' example
142567 [GGarramuno a] The easiest and most correct solution is to

^ rubycocoa - uninitalized constant NSObject
142473 [kevinl macpr] I'm new to ruby and trying to embed it in some objective-c using
142475 [acharlieblue] If
142543 [kevinl macpr] Yes, I can do this within IRB, or running the .rb with ruby from the
142560 [kevinl macpr] Looks to be the framework after all. #import <RubyCocoa/RubyCocoa.h> in

^ 1.8.3 preview 1 failure - win32/openssl
142479 [curt hibbs.c] Curt

^ [ANN] sldb-0.0.0
142488 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

^ ruby smtp and gmail
142493 [rubytalk gma] [code]
+ 142495 [usenet zoidb] That means that the server requires an encrypted connection via TLS, and the
| 142615 [aamine lover] net/smtp supports SMTPS in CVS HEAD.
+ 142496 [agorilla gma] I'm betting it's Gmail's ssl requirement.  More here...
| 142579 [shalev simpl] I actually hacked up something a while ago that allows me to connect to
| + 142580 [Jue_Shi or.m] Shalev,
| | 149865 [shalev simpl] Uhhh woops.  Missed this post.  Still need the code?
| + 142892 [rubytalk gma] Yes i would like to view your code.
+ 142622 [bsd.SANSPAM ] You might need to enter 'login' here.

^ [ANN] http://ruby-co.de/: show the world your love for Ruby code
142494 [usenet zoidb] I'm pleased to announce <http://ruby-co.de/>, a free (as in "free beer")
142504 [james_b neur] Very nice!

^ Earn money searching the Web. It really works.
142515 [alandavis913] Hey, any of you checked this out? Basically, you register & each time
142516 [lyndon.samso] TINSTAAFL
142518 [spoooq gmail] Anyone who knows what TINSTAAFL means is internet-literate enough to

^ Net::HTTP::Proxy using one or more proxies
142519 [botp delmont] is possible to use multiple proxies in Net::HTTP::Proxy?
142616 [aamine lover] In a word, No.
142624 [botp delmont] #> is possible to use multiple proxies in Net::HTTP::Proxy?

^ Rendering text with OpenGL
142530 [kig misfirin] Is there some simple and nice Ruby lib for rendering text into an OpenGL
142542 [g_ogata optu] If you're using GLUT, it's got simple text-rendering built-in.
142576 [billk cts.co] Nice !!!
142583 [kig misfirin] I played around a bit with rcairo[1] tonight and got it rendering into

^ Re: http://ruby-co.de/: show the world your love for Ruby code
142531 [e.a.ellis gm] Hey thanks thats great,

^ [QUIZ] Cows and Bulls (#32)
142533 [james graypr] ...
142536 [glenn.parker] See also: http://www.archimedes-lab.org/mastermind.html

^ [ANN] Ruby/Odeum 0.3.1 Pre-Release
142534 [zedshaw zeds] This is a quick pre-release announcement for Ruby/Odeum 0.3.1 supporting

^ Re: Cows and Bulls (#32)
142541 [doodpants ma] driving.

^ Module loading bus errors on mac (Ruby-ODBC)
142545 [james.adam g] Got a bit of a problem with a couple of C extensions, and to be more
142548 [james.adam g] As another curiousity, running "ruby -r odbc" works fine. This is just

^ strange error from soap server
142546 [jeffm ghostg] I came across this with a larger program to expose the functionality of
142618 [jeffm ghostg] Seems that SOAP::RPC::StandaloneServer uses inherits  from
+ 142628 [pbattley gma] Ah yes, I was hit by the same bug, and just reverted to 1.8.1.
+ 143937 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.
  143965 [jeffm ghostg] Would be glad to. Would you mind adding a note to your soap4r webpage

^ [ANN] Ruby Central, Inc. Donation and Pledge Site (including RubyConf sponsorship)
142554 [dblack wobbl] Dear Rubyists,
142577 [spamtrap car] Can we have at least partial control over how our donation is spent?
+ 142588 [glenn.parker] From my experience with charities and other non-profit organizations, I
+ 142591 [dblack wobbl] That isn't really practical, partly because it presupposes a
  142596 [surrender_it] Instead of diverting  part of the funds, what about setting up some kind
  + 142599 [chadfowler g] Duly noted.  We may do that some day.
  | 142602 [james_b neur] Ruby bounty hunters!
  + 142608 [glenn.parker] Glenn Parker | glenn.parker-AT-comcast.net | <http://www.tetrafoil.com/>

^ Rails module ideas...
142557 [hal9000 hype] I talked with a person recently who was looking into using
+ 142561 [stonelists g] If I understand correctly, this is the exact sort of thing I'm working
+ 142563 [tobias.luetk] Different people, different requirements different frameworks.

^ Which Ruby Framework for a Web Application
142559 [xevious heav] I have been out of the Ruby loop for a while. You might say I was Ruby

^ non-ajax dynamic form in Rails
142568 [spiegela gma] I've been fighting to get a dynamic form working w/ rails for a few

^ Ruby wrapper for curl
142586 [djberge qwes] I was just looking over the Curl library again at

^ Deal with large inputs in a popen (was Re: Get back data from a child (with exec))
142589 [raims dot.co] How can I deal with large inputs to an external process
+ 142594 [Ara.T.Howard] send the data down in a thread
| 142595 [raims dot.co] That's what I was doing before with popen3, wrap the function with a Thread.
| 142600 [Ara.T.Howard] ah, why didn't you say so? ;-)  that's __exactly__ why i designed my session
| 142604 [raims dot.co] Seems cool but I don't get it work with my own
| 142607 [raims dot.co] I think I can wait :D
+ 142597 [kig misfirin] You need to send the data in blocks lequal to the pipe buffer size.
  142605 [raims dot.co] Tried send data line by line but it still hangs :(

^ [ANN] sldb-0.1.0
142590 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

^ Customing the Exception class
142593 [djberge qwes] class Exception
142598 [Ara.T.Howard] maybe new?
142603 [drbrain segm] rb_eSystemCallError = rb_define_class("SystemCallError",
142610 [djberg96 hot] Yuck.  Could it be altered to call super?  Or would that cause some
142612 [nobu.nokada ] Accurately, syserr_initialize() directly calls exc_initialize()
+ 142632 [djberg96 hot] Will this patch be applied to the 1.8 branch?  I'd like to see it in
+ 142633 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, OK, commit the patch, please.

^ [ANN] session-2.4.0
142606 [Ara.T.Howard] - added ability to specify stdin for Session::Bash and Session::Sh

^ mod_ruby/eruby & apache error_log
142609 [ledestin gma] When an eruby script fails half-way (e.g. ` operation isn't allowed),

^ RoR on WinXP/Apache
142613 [ganderso gma] I'm trying to get typo up on my local box (WinXP).
142617 [craigbeck lu] That sounds correct, as there is no "typo" controller in typo...
142678 [ganderso gma] Thanks, Craig.  After thinking about your response and a bit of trial
142685 [curt hibbs.c] Can you post what you did and/or your final configuration files? That
+ 142686 [speechexpert] Curt,
| 142758 [curt hibbs.c] Since the ruby-talk ML is mirrored with the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup,
| 142792 [speechexpert] nice, really nice.
+ 142724 [ganderso gma] At Curt's (excellent) request, here's how I got Typo running on WinXP,
  142759 [curt hibbs.c] Thank you for posting this excellent walk-through. I'm sure that this is

^ Rubyist formerlly known as Newbie
142614 [jason juncti] I just wanted to say out loud, thanks to Chris Pine. I started learning

^ ruby in WinXP as an automation tool
142620 [kevin.gc gma] Can anyone tell me if it can be done?
+ 142621 [adelle bulle] OLE object browser, in Ruby.
+ 142625 [james_b neur] Can you give examples of some tasks?
+ 142637 [alex verk.in] Yes.
+ 142895 [rubytalk gma] AutoIT Does the job well. It has an application that will tell you
  + 142898 [lorenzo_jorq] ...
  + 142943 [martindemell] ...
    142952 [pit capitain] I'm also using the AutoIT DLL driven by Ruby scripts. It really works
    142960 [agorilla gma] Anybody have any samples of ruby/au3 scripts that are a bit more in
    + 142974 [james_b neur] No.  But here's a script I just moved over to Ruby.
    | 142981 [agorilla gma] Thanks much for the example, gives me a good place to start.
    | + 142984 [alex verk.in] By the way, if I have a .dll (such as AutoIt) somewhere in
    | + 142987 [james_b neur] Good question.  The DLL is going to get loaded, I think, by the WIN32OLE
    |   + 142988 [alex verk.in] That's my question, in a more pointed version: how do I tell win32ole to
    |   + 142998 [james_b neur] I believe win32ole is going to want to find the COM automation info in
    |     + 143000 [alex verk.in] Sigh... as I feared.
    |     + 143001 [james_b neur] # unreg
    + 143008 [gavin refine] ...
    | 143010 [gavin refine] ...
    + 143013 [pit capitain] I doubt that it is of any use to you, but here's a script I use when

^ Ruby indenting in jEdit
142623 [ news jay.fm] For some reason, jEdit 4.3pre2 (JRE5, Windows XP SP2) wants to indent
142627 [rob.02004 gm] Jay, by just typing your example line by line in a blank .rb file the
142634 [ news jay.fm] @gmail.com says...
142796 [rob.02004 gm] Jay, thanks for your detailed description of the steps you followed. I
142832 [ news jay.fm] @gmail.com says...
142900 [rob.02004 gm] The Edit->Indent->Indent Lines action is implemented as part of the
142914 [ news jay.fm] @gmail.com says...
142945 [doodpants ma] bit
142953 [belorion gma] In jEdit one can increase/decrease indent using ALT+(left arrow) or

^ Possible bug in Date/ParseDate
142629 [dfg778 yahoo] I have found what appears to be a bug in either the Date or the
+ 142630 [bsd.SANSPAM ] irb(main):001:0> require 'date'
+ 142631 [matz ruby-la] Date._parse does not recognize long timezone including spaces, such as
  142681 [dfg778 yahoo] I thought that this might be the problem, but I guess the question is
  142699 [matz ruby-la] The time format strings are produced by the function of underlying
  143030 [dfg778 yahoo] Well, since I was complaining about it I decided to put up instead of
  143140 [dfg778 yahoo] Or at the very least a list of supported date formats ?  I'm willing to

^ gem local install/dependency problem
142636 [clr5.10.rand] Dear Rubyists,
142639 [jim weirichh] Currently the RubyGems local installer does not check for dependencies.  This
142641 [clr5.10.rand] Thanks for the answer / clarification.

^ Relax NG validator in Ruby?
142644 [mileskeaton ] I've searched around but have not found a Relax NG validator in Ruby.
142646 [james_b neur] There is some experimental RelaxNG validation in REXML.

^ [RCR] rbtree in the stdlib
142645 [martindemell] ...

^ Re: Relax NG validator in Ruby? [OT]
142647 [ilias lazari] change to .org

^ How to output inline list  by  to_yaml
142648 [meruby gmail] require 'yaml'
142658 [ruby-talk wh] The YAML library which comes with Ruby 1.8.2 won't allow this.  But
142661 [meruby gmail] Thanks, I was trying this with latest version of syck instead of CVS. I

^ how to keep hash sort from YAML
142650 [dave.m email] how can I cast a YAML hash data into a ruby obj without
+ 142651 [james graypr] Hashes are unordered by definition.  You have no control over how
| 142653 [dave.m email] I would report to the user hashes in the same order they were
+ 142656 [ruby-talk wh] James is correct.  Neither Ruby nor YAML allows hashes to be ordered.
  142660 [dave.m email] thank you all, i'm now able to better understand the problem (and the

^ [ANN] Net::NNTP Client Library 0.0.2 (beta) is released
142654 [bsd.SANSPAM ] URLS
142665 [tom.hurst cl] generation backend to newzbin.com; for XOVER, it built a custom Struct
+ 142675 [bsd.SANSPAM ] NP, I'm open to all such feedback. We can modify XOVER, if the need
+ 142967 [lispamateur ] Nice initials ;-)

^ re-opening STDIN after it's been closed?
142655 [micologist g] ...
+ 142670 [nobu.nokada ] You should alwasy check if get succeeded.
| 142672 [micologist g] ...
| + 142673 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I forgot "Readline." before it.
| + 142677 [ruby-ml magi] Have you taken a look at some libraries to help you with this?
+ 142680 [slewis orcon] while true
  142706 [akr m17n.org] Since 1.8.3, Ruby calls clearerr(3) before getc(3) in IO#gets.  So you

^ RAA down?
142657 [djberg96 hot] It appears that the RAA is down.  I'm not sure if this was planned or
142662 [nakahiro gma] Thank you.
142667 [ptkwt aracne] ...
143944 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.
143948 [mailinglists] What's about adding a supervisor process that restarts webrick

^ SetWindowsHookEx  and ruby
142659 [superjoe gma] Has anyone written an extension to capture keyboard and windows events

^ How to save class in yaml as Hash or list?
142663 [meruby gmail] Lets' face it: ruby in great language to program in. python has some
142725 [ruby-talk wh] Just output the object to YAML.  PySyck can read in Ruby objects as

^ assert_includes
142666 [patrick hexa] ahash = { "key1" => "value1",

^ [ANN] Rant 0.3.8
142668 [langstefan g] Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
+ 142676 [ruby-ml magi] Thanks for the excellent tool! Rant has, at this point, completely
| + 142679 [joaopedrosa ] Oi,
| | 142682 [ruby-ml magi] Hehe, maybe Numbat[1]?
| | 142684 [joaopedrosa ] Giant Anteater: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/wildfacts/factfiles/591.shtml
| + 142694 [langstefan g] Thanks for the feedback!
| | 142718 [ news jay.fm] says...
| + 142877 [itsme213 hot] ...
+ 142713 [Ara.T.Howard] this looks very cool.  can you compare/contrast this with rake?
  142715 [surrender_it] look here for a previous explanation
  + 142717 [Ara.T.Howard] thank you!
  + 142727 [langstefan g] This was especially in the early days of Rant. It got a bunch

^ infinite number of singleton_classes
142671 [lthiryidontw] a = Object.new
+ 142674 [chr_mail gmx] I agree, it should not be possible to these classes ...
+ 142710 [Ara.T.Howard] class C
| 142745 [lthiryidontw] I just ask for opinions, you know... :(
| 142746 [hal9000 hype] You have misunderstood somewhere. Ara was not angry.
| + 142751 [lthiryidontw] In that quote, Ara *was* angry, not with me, but about the 'p' language.
| | 142788 [Ara.T.Howard] ...
| | 142822 [chr_mail gmx] Actually the behavior is not consistent  - assuming the definition
| | + 142823 [lthiryidontw] What an impressive demonstration.
| | + 142830 [Ara.T.Howard] here we depart.  i don't assume this because X's singleton class is just that
| |   + 142841 [ruby-ml magi] No, that would imply Shirt::Pocket < Pants::Pocket. However, I
| |   | 142845 [Ara.T.Howard] class Pocket; end
| |   | 142847 [ruby-ml magi] Er, I think I was too curt. I meant to say, "No, we do not necessarily
| |   | 142849 [Ara.T.Howard] ah - i'm on board now.
| |   + 142848 [lthiryidontw] If you really want ruby2 works the way you described it, I advice you to
| |     142852 [Ara.T.Howard] yes i saw that.
| |     142865 [chr_mail gmx] Well it would be nice if this were true, but it's not - "higher order"
| + 142786 [Ara.T.Howard] hal is quite right!  sorry if the original came out wrong - it's what i get
+ 142711 [dblack wobbl] No; it's just a consequence of the underlying design principles.  Yes,
  142752 [lthiryidontw] will ever use this feature, then let's remove it". It was something more subtle.
  + 142754 [dblack wobbl] It would only be consistent to forbid them if singleton classes
  | 142775 [lthiryidontw] And, please note this: I agree with you. There is nothing wrong or harmfull in
  | 142778 [dblack wobbl] I didn't have anything to add to it, so I didn't quote it back.
  | 142783 [lthiryidontw] I should have added "Until it disapears (if it disapears), it should be
  + 142787 [Ara.T.Howard] this makes a good bit more sense to me - but think matz would need to comment
    142819 [lthiryidontw] evident, given the so many discussions about singleton class. And I also took