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Fwd: [ETYMOLOGY] - Sterile Classes / Sterile Meta Classes
142225 [gwtmp01@ma .] Maybe this is too simple, but why the need to create any sort

object loops and what they return
142235 [eric_mahurin] <object>.<loop-method> { <code> }
+ 142247 [bob.news@gm ] "Eric Mahurin" <eric_mahurin@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 142250 [ruby.brian@g] I use it occasionally for doing evil method chaining. Somewhere I
| 142253 [eric_mahurin] I was wanting to compare the objects with equal? (compares
| 142257 [Gavin.Kistne] ...
| + 142260 [eric_mahurin] my_array.each do |item|
| | 142282 [gavin@re in ] *shrug* I personally prefer what I posted over this. (I tend to use {
| | + 142288 [dblack@wo bl] See my earlier posts -- ri does document these return values.
| | | 142320 [eric_mahurin] I was doing both.  I don't like the current behavior and would
| | | 142322 [ruby-ml@ma i] I just do not see any benefit in the approach; the current
| | + 142331 [ruby.brian@g] I just wanted to throw in that I'm in the camp of people who use begin
| + 142265 [nohmad@gm il] I've posted similar code to this list a few days ago. See ruby-talk:140818
|   142270 [eric_mahurin] Enumerable says nothing about the return value or each.
|   + 142275 [dblack@wo bl] There's no Enumerable#each; you have to implement it :-)
|   + 142279 [gavin@re in ] You seem to be not so much interested in whether or not people use this
+ 142263 [dblack@wo bl] I think the return values are documented in ri for all of these.

Infinite loop program w/ IO.popen
142243 [outofjungle@] I'm trying to write a ruby program that will constantly read a open
142272 [logancapaldo] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
142308 [outofjungle@] It works!!! Thanks for the info.

How to force a method redefinition ?
142244 [dmertz@on in] $ cat tests.rb
142246 [bob.news@gm ] "dm1" <dmertz@online.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 142251 [dmertz@on in] It is for my internationalization project (ri18n). I have two versions of a
+ 142314 [chr_mail@gm ] I guess that would work out
  142338 [dmertz@on in] It works nice. Thanks

Ruby Challenge
142258 [pit@ca it in] if you haven't seen it yet, take a look at http://www.pythonchallenge.com
142264 [bill@32 68 c] Ruby can get you through a few pages. But pretty soon you run into a
+ 142269 [nohmad@gm il] Indeed, you'll import that. pick hill. ;)
| 142298 [agorilla@gm ] Shame, hit the same wall.  Anybody have the answer (send off list) so
| 142305 [pit@ca it in] I looked at the module in the Python sources via the web interface to
| 142309 [agorilla@gm ] I may just go that route, but probably not until tomorrow.
+ 142364 [vfoley@gm il] Indeed, the peak hell problem requires Python.  The one after that
  + 142372 [ jimm@io co ] So was I, until I used an image editor to retrieve the grayscale values of the
  + 142373 [pit@ca it in] Using only Ruby, I'm at level 8.

[OT] Request for advice on applying a license
142268 [mailing-list] So I”Ēve been thinking of licensing as of late and I have come to the
142276 [bg-rubytalk@] You should probably consult a lawyer if this is really important, but I'll
142370 [chneukirchen] IANAL, but isn't the file copyrighted automatically due to the Berne
+ 142374 [james@gr yp ] Yes, I believe that's true.  But it's still probably good practice to
| + 142392 [chneukirchen] Of course, I didn't question that.
| + 142417 [mailing-list] Well, it”Ēs _copyrighted_ without question.  Anything I create, I own.
|   142432 [chneukirchen] Ok, IIRC the GNU GPL only *grants* you rights (that you obviously
|   142453 [mailing-list] Wow, three acronyms beginning with the letter I in one paragraph, all of
|   142572 [chneukirchen] IANAL is the standard excuse for giving hints on legal issues without
|   142626 [mailing-list] heh, again with the abbreviations.
|   142635 [chneukirchen] FYI, I only say IIRC if I mean "recall", else I also use IMO... :-)
+ 142429 [bg-rubytalk@] it
  142451 [chneukirchen] *Well*, at least in Germany, the latter would be considered "bluntly
  142454 [mailing-list] Neither did I.  A line along the lines of

RMagick Rotation Transparency Artifacts
142271 [badcherry@ma] RMagick 1.3.2

Fix for the Webrick "Errno::EINVAL: Invalid argument" error
142285 [ykloubakov@f] while timeout > 0
142506 [gotoyuzo@no ] Thanks. Should I apply it to Ruby 1.9 too?

[ANN] Ruby Editor Plugin for jEdit - release 0.6.5
142286 [rob.02004@gm] Release 0.6.5 of the jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin is available from the
142294 [Neville.Burn] For some reason, it doesn't show up in my jEdit Plugin Manager when I
142336 [rob.02004@gm] Only manual download from the website is available at present. I

Ruby: No such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)
142287 [brian.takita] I am running the one-click ruby verion 1.8.2-15 on Windows XP.
142290 [discordantus] install RubyGems :) http://rubygems.rubforge.org
142328 [brian.takita] Mark, thank you for your response.
142395 [brian.takita] I tried performing the command "gem install rubygems"
142410 [discordantus] Unset RUBYOPT, then go into irb and inspect ruby's load path ($:).
142460 [brian.takita] I removed the RUBYOPT, but irb was still able to run.
142480 [discordantus] unset RUBYOPT before you run the setup script. That should allow you
143560 [brian.takita] I tried unsettinh RUBYOPT and it did not work.

Continued Strings
142295 [james@gr yp ] puts "\nShortest path from #{m.pos2coord(p1).inspect} to " \
+ 142297 [drbrain@se m] puts "Yes..." " " "it does"
+ 142299 [google@in or] (I didn't know that worked either, or i had forgotten. Cute.)
  142315 [jim@fr ez .o] This is (last I heard) going away with rite. You may want

Unresolved symbols dlclose, dlopen, dlerror, dlsym
142301 [me2faster@ex] I'm getting unresolved symbols from the linker related to the dl
142306 [nobu.nokada@] Does NonStop server support dynamic loading?  Anyway, show the
142457 [me2faster@ex] Yes it does, and I can build those load files appropriately, but I need
142512 [nobuyoshi.na] It seems to be supported certainly.
142584 [me2faster@ex] Yes, I found the corresponding library.
142611 [nobu.nokada@] What is it?
142836 [me2faster@ex] It's 'zrlddll'.
142854 [nobu.nokada@] Then, this patch works?
142942 [me2faster@ex] Yes.

OT: DBI equiv for C
142304 [jeffm@gh st ] I've prototyped something in ruby a while ago and I wish to translate

gem install of amatch fails for me
142318 [crf@sb x. u-] venturing into rubygems land I tried...
142447 [chadfowler@g] It looks like there's a problem with the 'amatch' gem.  It includes
142459 [crf@sb x. u-] Thanks for confirmation.

[ANN] webgen 0.3.4
142341 [thomas_leitn] About

Go through directories recursively
142342 [JensRie@gm .] I'm quite new to Ruby.
+ 142343 [bob.news@gm ] require 'find'
| + 142345 [bob.news@gm ] Dir["**/*.jsp"].each do |f|
| | 142551 [doodpants@ma] directories or files? From my understanding of Find#find, it yields
| | 142555 [bob.news@gm ] There is a prune method that should do it, although I never used that. See
| | 142565 [Ara.T.Howard] Find2 does/can too.
| + 142376 [Ara.T.Howard] ["a", "a/b", "c"]
|   142387 [nobu.nokada@] It can cause infinite recursion.
|   142400 [Ara.T.Howard] /home/ahoward/tmp
|   142513 [nobuyoshi.na] This "visited?" method would be the key.  We know it is possible, but
|   142562 [Ara.T.Howard] 35288
+ 142344 [dblack@wo bl] You can use the 'find' module.  Here's a parameterized version, which
| 142347 [bob.news@gm ] module Find
| 142524 [kristof@vl e] require 'find'
| 142529 [bob.news@gm ] Ah, even better!  /me makes mental note "should start using enumerator
+ 142346 [riccardo@fi ] one possible solution is to use the Find library
+ 142354 [JensRie@gm .] Thanx for all of your hints, I chose the Find.find method.

SOAP and HTTP Basic Auth
142348 [tim@ba es id] I want to access a WSDL/SOAP resource that's protected by HTTP Basic
143936 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for the late reply.  I don't check ruby-talk too much recently...
143967 [ksruby@gm il] Is there any way to initialize WSDLFactory with a wsdl file protected

{} vs begin/end [was Re: object loops and what they return]
142351 [gavin@re in ] I had no idea that there was such a camp. I like that.
142355 [ruby.brian@g] In this case you're welcome. I know I read this in two independent
142359 [bob.news@gm ] If you got thrown out you can come over to my camp ("it's on one line ?
+ 142367 [blaumag@gm i] We are on the same camp. I'm the one who also uses the ternary
| 142396 [Ara.T.Howard] it's a bit OT - but that's the single reason i made my traits lib define both
+ 142368 [gavin@re in ] I like the ternary folks, we hang out quite a bit.
| 142375 [dblack@wo bl] $ grep " do " `find . -name "*.rb"` | wc -l
| + 142377 [gavin@re in ] Yup...I see that the standard code and the community have somewhat
| + 142391 [jim@we ri hh] Hmmm ... More statistics, same code base, same disclaimers.
|   142403 [dblack@wo bl] It looks like you can only claim to be mainstream if you use *both*
|   142407 [jim@we ri hh] Since value returning blocks tend to be shorter than side-effecting
+ 142379 [jim@we ri hh] I use to pitch my tent in the one line => braces camp.  But every time my
  + 142383 [james@gr yp ] I know no one asked, but I'll share this because I think it's cool.  :)
  + 142394 [jim@fr ez .o] I came from the C camp, where everything looked like {}.
  | + 142397 [jim@fr ez .o] Never mind. David Black posted a map for me.
  | + 142401 [ruby.brian@g] print "100! = "
  | | 142511 [martindemell] Tangentially, inject uses the first value of the enumerable as the seed
  | | 142520 [bob.news@gm ] This might or might not work, depending on the requirements of the
  | + 142428 [chneukirchen] Welcome, fellow. :-)  Have some marshallows.
  |   + 142436 [eric_mahurin] I agree.  But, I prefer the braces for code (code is more
  |   + 142437 [jim@fr ez .o] The camp I belong to here is what yields the best readability.
  + 142421 [bg-rubytalk@] So, am I the only one that sees the question "do I use braces or do/end" as
    142424 [dblack@wo bl] You'll have to fight it out with the ones who wanted braces for block
    + 142426 [bg-rubytalk@] I could accept that too -- I would just want one syntax for blocks, a
    | 142444 [vjoel@PA H. ] But then there would be the similarity between
    | 142476 [bg-rubytalk@] How is that one an array?  Oh, is it an array containing 'true'?
    | 142478 [vjoel@PA H. ] irb(main):001:0> ["a" <= "b"]
    | + 142489 [Neville.Burn] I agree.  But, I prefer the braces for code (code is more fundamental
    | | 142490 [Neville.Burn] Oops, # is a comment  ...
    | + 142509 [dblack@wo bl] Yes, and another thing that's getting lost in the mix here is the fact
    |   142521 [bob.news@gm ] I'm glad someone finally mentioned this.  I was about to write the same...
    + 142455 [gavin@re in ] see a

Re: simple object loops and what they return
142352 [eric_mahurin] inject clearly does what is supposed to.  I'm not referring to
142361 [dblack@wo bl] I wonder whether some of the non-consensus about the changes you've
142363 [bob.news@gm ] => 10
142369 [dblack@wo bl] I thought about that one and decided I didn't count it as the loop
142386 [eric_mahurin] I'm thinking it might be because people may not know that break
142441 [eric_mahurin] I made a little in-line perl script for attempting to find all
142491 [blaumag@gm i] I would. The method each can also be changed.
142592 [eric_mahurin] It is now RCR 305.  I made changing each an optional part of

Who controlls www.rubycookbook.org?
142362 [shalofin@gm ] I was looking around the Ruby Sidebar for Firefox and wanted to add
142384 [lyle.johnson] According to the WHOIS records for rubycookbook.org, it's registered

Running a String as Ruby Code at Run-Time?
142365 [speechexpert] I want to set up a state machine, in this case I am parsing a simple
+ 142381 [speechexpert] simple question - Looks like Kernel#eval is the answer ;)
+ 142382 [ruby.brian@g] Take a look at eval

Re: DBI equiv for C
142371 [Daniel.Berge] The closest thing that I can think of is
142483 [jeffm@gh st ] Thanks. This looks about as close as I'm going to get and seems

[SUMMARY] Amazing Mazes (#31)
142378 [james@gr yp ] Wow, these solutions are great fun to play with.  I think next week's quiz needs
+ 142470 [dbatml@gm .d] Nice summary, thanks.
+ 142487 [no@sp m. le ] Nicely coded, I enjoyed learning some Ruby tricks.
| 142825 [noSpam@no pa] Could you please elaborate?  This sounds fascinating,
| + 142872 [no@sp m. le ] It's been quite a while since I did this stuff, but I do recall
| | 142927 [noSpam@no pa] Excellent!  That makes perfect sense!  Thank you very
| | 143012 [noSpam@no pa] In honor of Clifford's very clear description of his maze-generation algorithm,
| | 143023 [no@sp m. le ] That's even cuter than I expected it to be - well done!
| | + 143056 [noSpam@no pa] Ah, right!!!  I totally forgot about that!  That should help tremendously
| | + 143270 [noSpam@no pa] Excellent point!  Here's my revised version that should not have this problem.
| |   143446 [belorion@gm ] Wow, these have been some really interesting answers and approaches.
| + 143066 [ruby-talk@le] I know I'm coming into this thread a bit late, but I just looked into
+ 142508 [martindemell] Wonder if
  142556 [dbatml@gm .d] Yes, I know about rbtree, but it isn't in the stdlib, so I didn't want to
  142585 [martindemell] Ah - yes, good point. But rbtree really ought to make it into the
  142587 [Ara.T.Howard] i've reccomended this many times - an RCR?

Limit of maximal open sockets on debian testing.
142380 [mkurz@mo e- ] I use my ruby application as server and it seems that it can only open about
+ 142414 [akr@m1 n. rg] Use ulimit or a similar builtin in your shell.
+ 142505 [zedshaw@ze s] You'll also run into a similar limit if you use select for multi-plexing

ruby-dev summary 26090-26127
142388 [ttate@tt ky ] [ruby-dev:26090] expand include path by -I
+ 142389 [nobu.nokada@] It is applied to only CVS trunk.
+ 142406 [Ara.T.Howard] what about making a tmpdir of 0700, moving to that, then cleaning the dir
  142415 [akr@m1 n. rg] They are different ideas.  They are not expected to combine.
  142431 [Ara.T.Howard] mkdir dir_to_be_removed.tmp
  + 142433 [Daniel.Berge] Whatever solution you decide on, please ensure it doesn't barf on Win32
  + 142522 [akr@m1 n. rg] I'm not sure about NFS issue.

sqlite-ruby gem not building extension
142399 [jim@fr ez .o] I am having troubles building the sqlite-ruby gem.
+ 142413 [Ara.T.Howard] ??
| 142438 [jim@fr ez .o] Wow, thanks.
| 142443 [chadfowler@g] gem install sqlite-ruby -v 2.2.3 -- --with-sqlite-dir=/Users/jdf/local
| 142458 [Ara.T.Howard] thank you for that hint!  has the gem team thought about rescuing unknown opts
| 142532 [chadfowler@g] Cool idea!  Thanks!
+ 142523 [rf.oodanaw@s] On a parallel note, be aware that many people having tried to use

[PROPOSAL] We need a comprehensive test suite
142404 [djberge@qw s] All,
+ 142409 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I whole-heartedly agree.
| + 142418 [surrender_it] well there is make test-all.. but I think Daniel is saying that even it
| + 142422 [joevandyk@gm] Me too.  I'm a terrible programmer, but would love to help.
+ 142420 [johnwilger@g] I'm not sure how much help I could give to writing all the actual
+ 142425 [emiel@il fo ] I can go along with this. But before anyone commits too much time on this
| 142427 [ruby.brian@g] A worthy goal I think. I'd love to learn something more about testing
+ 142442 [drbrain@se m] They're not too bad, actually.
  + 142445 [chadfowler@g] Agreed.  It would really be a waste not to use what's there.  It's
  | 142468 [matz@ru y- a] Why don't you just copy Rubicon tests in the test/ suites?  Is it too
  | 142472 [chadfowler@g] Because I've been incredibly lazy about getting my CVS access back.
  + 142463 [djberge@qw s] Ok, I hadn't checked the CVS repository.  I only noticed that there

User Agent parser (browser/os detector)
142430 [demetriusnun] Hey there,

Ruby String handling of escaped-type characters?
142434 [speechexpert] I match an input string with regexp and store captuing group in an @instance

Dbi, postgresql : persistent connection ?
142435 [ no@sp m. rg] How I can make a persistent connection to a postgresql database

More informative return value for Regexp
142440 [logancapaldo] Is there a way to get a Regexp to tell you if it didn't match because
+ 142452 [halostatue@g] There is a discussion around something related to this on RCRchive.
| + 142464 [gwtmp01@ma .] I've wanted this functionality in the past.  I always thought of it
| | 142466 [eric_mahurin] I was thinking it might be nice if there was some callback when
| + 142517 [logancapaldo] Aha. So much for that idea.
+ 142461 [john.carter@] Add your voice to RCR179