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^ Regexp question
141824 [lyndon.samso] I have a HTML document containing many table cells of which I wish to
+ 141825 [demerzel gma] ...
+ 141827 [bob.news gmx] Use String#scan.
+ 141828 [mailing-list] Using String#scan, as previously suggested, is the easiest method.

^ Re: - Sterile Classes / Sterile Meta Classes
141826 [george.marro] word
+ 141829 [matt.mower g] This, in itself, might be no bad thing if it motivated you to discover more!
+ 141832 [hal9000 hype] Truthfully, I'm a fan of it, too, from my physics background rather
+ 141835 [steven.jenki] French people. I mean, they think well don't they? I mean, be fair - Pascal.
  141878 [dblack wobbl] Actually the singleton class embodies more the non-inherent -- i.e.,
  141886 [steven.jenki] Well, sure, but no word means precisely that. As in all jargon, we need
  141898 [karlin.fox g] I think 'idioclass' is the best suggestion so far.  'eigenclass' is too
  + 141924 [chr_mail gmx] Whats wrong with formal sounding names? - besides, idioclass
  + 141933 [rhkramer gma] I don't really know what I'm talking about (I'm a newbie) but why not call it

^ An idiom I like... modifiable defaults
141843 [hal9000 hype] Just thought I'd share a little concept that I find
+ 141851 [bob.news gmx] def hash_replace(hash, replacement)
+ 141854 [kig misfirin] I quite like this, but wonder if it works with inheritance?
| 141948 [martindemell] ...
| 141951 [kig misfirin] The problem with class vars is that changing them in the subclass
| 141953 [martindemell] ...
+ 141868 [Ara.T.Howard] i do this so much i built it in to my new traits lib (currently being
| 141870 [Daniel.Berge] I smell an "Advanced Ruby Programming" book in the works. ;)
| 141880 [briankbuckle] ...
+ 141873 [glenn.parker] Not very thread-safe, at least not in your example's implementation.
  + 141889 [Ara.T.Howard] class C
  | 141895 [glenn.parker] Yes, if instances of class C are to be accessed from multiple threads,
  + 141911 [hal9000 hype] No. I suppose if I were using this with threads I would

^ RCR 304: reference/pointer concept
141844 [eric_mahurin] I just submitted RCR 304 with the rubyforge 'reference'
141845 [batkins57 gm] What would this accomplish?
141850 [halostatue g] God-type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.
141869 [eric_mahurin] Here are a couple of things this might be useful for (I just
141871 [halostatue g] Premature optimization is the root of all evil, as they say. As
141992 [pbrannan atd] Hash lookups using a hash value are O(1).  However, calculating the hash

^ [debian] setting ruby as installed with equivs
141865 [g.castaldi g] On my pc there is debian-unsable and I've manually installed the

^ How to extract texts from html source?
141875 [sam.s.kong g] Quite often, when I need to read a list of web pages, I download the
+ 141877 [james_b neur] Take a a look at  Michael Neumann's  WWW::Mechanize
| + 141881 [ruby.brian g] $ apt-cache show w3m
| | 141887 [sam.s.kong g] the
| | + 141932 [w3gat nwlaga] Several years ago, one of the members of the group offered me this
| | | + 142009 [sam.s.kong g] Thank you for sharing the code.
| | | + 144049 [usenet plenz] ...
| | + 141977 [dooby d10.ka] ...
| |   142008 [sam.s.kong g] Yes, that's right...:)
| + 141885 [sam.s.kong g] the
|   + 141936 [james_b neur] No, it is a library for the (fairly) easy creation of HTML munging code.
|   + 144425 [opengeometry] ...
+ 142025 [bg-rubytalk ] You may find my HTMLTokenizer library convenient for this.  To do what you
  142029 [james_b neur] what to do for elected elements and such.

^ Ruby Newbie !!!
141879 [TechAlerts g] I am Windows Systems Administrator with little or no knowledge of
+ 141882 [glyconis gma] Then have I got the tutorial for you!  :)
+ 141883 [ruby.brian g] start reading the (pickaxe 2nd edition)[1] as an introduction. And If
+ 141884 [bob.news gmx] "Kanthi Kiran Narisetti" <TechAlerts@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  141893 [glyconis gma] - These are the references that most of us use; they are not so much
  + 141968 [TechAlerts g] Thank You all for your Motivating reply's ...... :-) . I have started
  | 141979 [james graypr] Then let me add one more tip:  The name of the language is Ruby, not
  | 141980 [shalofin gma] "RUBY".capitalize!
  | 141998 [Gary Lowder.] LOL, at first I thought that was a joke, till I tried it in irb.
  + 142006 [bob.news gmx] Unfortunately the area of first time programming introductions is not
    142128 [TechAlerts g] Programming Ruby  " second edition ??
    142131 [cyclists nc.] ...

^ fastcgi + lighttpd ?
141896 [ no spam.org] How I can use fastcgi with lighttpd for ruby script ?
141899 [aredridel gm] What sort of script is it? Is it using FastCGI protocol?
+ 141903 [ no spam.org] Hum ?
| 141909 [schlu-do gmx] ...
+ 141905 [ruby-ml magi] If your answer here is yes, do scripts in other languages work?

^ Still umlauts
141900 [lists bertra] does this no longer work?
+ 141906 [Nuralanur ao] ...
+ 141910 [threeve.org ] That didn't work for me under Windows.
| 141950 [lists bertra] (Outputs "None" and "šŲŁń÷‹?".)
+ 142448 [ jupp gmx.de] - What precisely do you mean by 'it works'?
  142507 [lists bertra] Sorry, that was not actually elaborate. Now I think it
  142514 [Mail Jonas-H] Is this the only way to handle strings UTF-8 in ruby?
  + 142527 [ruby.brian g] No, it is perfectly possible to use utf-8 encoded source-files. (Butyou should use ruby -Ku then).
  + 142601 [lists bertra] You never know what happens to your mail in a thousand

^ include path for 'load' or 'require'
141902 [noSpam noSpa] to load a script called "loadme.rb" because it provides a common
141907 [vjoel PATH.B] You can add an entry to $LOAD_PATH, or $: (same thing), and it will

^ [ANN] traits-0.1.0
141912 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS
141928 [listen marcr] that looks great!!
141935 [botp delmont] #Subject: [ANN] traits-0.1.0

^ [ANN] HighLine 0.5.0
141921 [james graypr] =======================
+ 141922 [james graypr] Darn it, forgot credit where credit is due!
+ 141938 [ezra yakima-] Hey James & friends-
+ 141945 [martindemell] ...
  141985 [james graypr] Great idea.  Added it to the TODO.  Thanks.

^ Re: HighLine 0.5.0
141947 [vfoley gmail] I would really be interested in contributing some code.  I'm not
+ 141956 [greg7224 gma] Well, when I asked James, he told me to hop onto the CVS, read the TODO
+ 141991 [james graypr] Greg explained the process pretty well in his response.  As he said,

^ Testing a user application
141954 [vfoley gmail] the next release I would love to have much more unit tests than I
+ 141957 [spoooq gmail] Depending on how your method actually posts messages, you could write
+ 141997 [james graypr] Basically the idea here is that you would make a MockClient object
| 142002 [vfoley gmail] Yeah, that's what I'm using right now, I have a blog called
+ 142100 [mrcode netro] I'm back with your example. To use this, change the initialize for

^ [ANN] Redesign 2005, Round Two
141958 [ruby-talk wh] I'm happy to say that our little redesign team has come to accord on a
+ 142020 [surrender_it] I responde here and not on the blog since this message is not really
| + 142022 [pat.eyler gm] I think that's a great idea.  I'd also like to see a logo usable by Ruby
| + 142027 [james_b neur] How do you know that?
| | + 142036 [threeve.org ] Yea, I am not a fan of that logo either.  I personally like Michel
| | + 142042 [surrender_it] I don't I just noticed this was the one that was chosen for the second
| | | 142058 [james_b neur] Sorry, then, I perhaps misunderstood who you thought was in agreement.
| | | 142064 [blaumag gmai] We kind of made our work based on our ideas and the feedback we've got
| | | 142090 [james_b neur] Oh I don't mean to suggest there is some sort of secret society planning
| | + 142053 [jim weirichh] The icon is striking and eyecatching, I tend to like it (at least how its
| | | + 142055 [agorilla gma] googled "ruby diamond cut".  that first link looks like the "Lucky
| | | + 142211 [ng johnwlong] Although what we are using is a simplified version of it.
| | | + 142566 [halostatue g] I have a friend who is a jeweller. She has told me that the diamond
| | |   142571 [ruby-talk wh] One more question for your jeweller friend, as I don't have one of my
| | + 142564 [tobias.luetk] You are covered in by the word mostly.
| + 142068 [florgro gmai] This one has graphical problems and I know of them, but perhaps somebody
| | + 142077 [dblack wobbl] ...
| | | 142092 [ruby-ml magi] Woo hoo! I will experiment a bit and put out a couple t-shirt
| | + 142204 [chneukirchen] That was not referring to "Ruby Hacker", but to "Ruby Core
| |   142262 [surrender_it] my exact thought, thanks for making it clear :)
| + 142474 [listen marcr] Since we are alluding to songs ("best friend") how about
+ 142033 [ilias lazari] The design looks much better than the existing one, and should replace
| + 142041 [discordantus] I wholeheartedly agree to that. I can't wait till this rolls out. It's
| | + 142044 [ilias lazari] ok
| | + 142057 [mailing-list] Then how about making the comment read °»Ruby: Makes Programming Fun!°…?,
| |   + 142082 [ilias lazari] Simply open an new thread, [SLOGAN] ..., and ask the community to post a
| |   | 142099 [mailing-list] The new [slogan] will not [be] selected by democracy (vote).
| |   | + 142208 [jlsysinc all] After a lot of the above and a few pints I came up with...
| |   | | 142222 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Hope that helps ;)
| |   | | 142223 [Gavin.Kistne] ...
| |   | + 142311 [ilias lazari] yes.
| |   + 142101 [rob.02004 gm] +1 for "Makes Programming Fun"
| |   + 142102 [surrender_it] IMVVHO "Ruby: Fun Oriented Programming" is still the best :)
| |     142106 [mailing-list] That°«d be °»Ruby: Fun-Oriented Programming°… actually.  Perhaps this
| |     142177 [surrender_it] then should'nt our become "putting the 'proc' in .." ? :)
| |     142187 [mailing-list] Heh, I guess so :-),
| + 142075 [ilias lazari] ...
+ 142056 [jeff.barczew] I like this redesign alot. Very beautiful... like Ruby!
| 142111 [ng johnwlong] Thanks Jeff, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I lot of what I
| 142150 [pbattley gma] Personally, I rather like the "best friend" slogan on the current
| + 142151 [dblack wobbl] I agree.  I actually think that while programming Ruby is indeed fun,
| | 142156 [pbattley gma] Exactly.  If you need to say that something is fun, experience says
| + 142152 [pbattley gma] Oops.  Before anyone gets confused and/or upset about the placement of
| + 142160 [mailing-list] No, no.  The indefinite is definitely the way to go,
|   142330 [pbattley gma] On 11/05/05, Nikolai Weibull
|   142332 [flaig sancta] ...
+ 142087 [pabs pablotr] ...

^ sumbit form in rails
141959 [ianic 4dva.h] Is there a way in rails to choose controller action to which form will
141963 [premshree.pi] Um, you can have the various actions as functions within the
141970 [ianic 4dva.h] Think about that as a web album.
141971 [rampant gmai] <inut type="hidden" name="foo" value="bar" />
141973 [ianic 4dva.h] Thanks Douglas,

^ Case statements and ERB
141961 [farrel.lifso] While writing a template with ERB I found that case statements do not
142046 [jamis 37sign] The problem is the way ERB compiles the strings. It basically tries to

^ Ruby GDChart on Windows
141965 [george.mosch] I have used Ruby-GDChart for an old project. And now I need to run this

^ [ANN] NegaPosi Compiler
141967 [ko1 atdot.ne] I release NegaPosi Compiler 0.0.0+- on my diary page.
+ 142104 [mrcode netro] darn it, you beat me to it :)
| 142121 [mrcode netro] def generate_np(str, width=64)
| 142134 [pbattley gma] Here's a (long) one-liner to do the same, taking advantage of
| 142135 [pbattley gma] str.scan(/.{1,8}/m).map{ |s| s.reverse }.
+ 142178 [surrender_it] I was somewhat scared that it would compile to yarv bytecode :)
  142321 [dave burt.id] ...

^ eigenclass
141969 [flaig sancta] ...

^ help with reading part of textfile into matrix
141972 [rgilaard few] Dear all,
141986 [ruby.brian g] Confused? ;-)
142001 [rgilaard few] Oof course I am confused a s a ruby newbie!!
142016 [ruby-ml magi] Here you would want 'puts matrix[2][2]'.

^ [PATCH] for persistent 'irb' history
141976 [bsd.SANSPAM ] ...
141982 [dblack wobbl] I submitted such a patch a little while ago, and learned that you can

^ Ruby/DL 2 for Ruby 1.8.2 Windows
141981 [news.home.nl] Does anybody have a binary version available of Ruby/DL 2 for Ruby 1.8.2

^ Re: [QUIZ] [Solution] Knight's Travails (#27)
141984 [ruby.brian g] It's just the standard dijkstra.

^ Another possible irb enhancement
141987 [mailing-list] It would be sweet if the location of the .irbrc file was configurable

^ Relocation of Newsgroup<->Mailing list Gateway
141994 [dennis lausc] due to the problems with SpamCop and my inability to solve them, I was

^ When to use sysread
141996 [jim freeze.o] Uhm, what is the purpose of #sysread.
142004 [akr m17n.org] When you know neither a length nor a terminator of data available.

^ Fwd: Enumerating only months in a Date range?
142000 [drjflam gmai] Is there a straight-forward way to list all of the months in a Date

^ Re: Enumerating only months in a Date range?
142003 [discordantus] There isn't a built-in way (that I know of), but it's pretty simple to
142047 [drjflam gmai] Thanks, Mark!
+ 142062 [guslist free] $ ri 'Date#>>'
| 142067 [drjflam gmai] Doh! Thanks Guillaume.
+ 142069 [discordantus] That's the bitshift operator, which is often used in classes for other
  142070 [drjflam gmai] The use of the bitshift operator surprised me. Crazy me, I was looking

^ In need of a simple, powerful markup language
142007 [csaba-ml bea] Could you suggest an easy-to-use+write+read markup language which can be
+ 142015 [kennethkunz ] Two options you might consider are Textile and Markdown.  Not sure
+ 142120 [steven.jenki] Have you looked at any XML editors (e.g.,

^ a class that looks like (kind_of?) several classes
142012 [eric_mahurin] Is there a way to make a class that looks like several classes?
142017 [bob.news gmx] class IOArray < IO
142028 [eric_mahurin] Yep, that is pretty obvious.  I think that is all I need, but I
+ 142030 [halostatue g] There is a StringIO, you know.
+ 142031 [discordantus] This is generally unneeded in Ruby; If duck typing is used properly,
  142035 [eric_mahurin] I was aware of that.  This is making a string object look like
  142038 [eric_mahurin] Thanks.  I assumed that the StringIO class inherited from the
  + 142043 [discordantus] - If you are accepting different kinds of objects in the same method,
  + 142050 [jim weirichh] The common Ruby style is to not check at all, but just send the messages
    142051 [eric_mahurin] I was referring to the case when a method does different things
    143059 [dblack wobbl] I think Jim was referring to that case too :-)
    143064 [eric_mahurin] Yep.  That's the same priority I have - no checking

^ Problems with rubytalk.com
142013 [wildwildwes ] I was searching for some ruby info via google, and clicked a link to
142014 [halostatue g] You want ruby-talk.org instead.
142019 [wildwildwes ] Ok, that works. But rubytalk.com must have been in use at some point.
142125 [marcel verni] rubytalk.com used to point to rubytalk.org. It expired and was not renewed,

^ [RFC] traits-0.1.0
142018 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm having quite a time deciding what to do with traits.  i first released as
+ 142021 [Daniel.Berge] That seems reasonable.
| 142048 [Ara.T.Howard] my thoughts exactly.
+ 142079 [ilias lazari] and used within C++
  142093 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm.
  142307 [ilias lazari] I mean: no mean to use (and search) a synonym

^ http-proxy in Ruby?
142023 [michael schu] I'm thinking of implementing a http-proxy in Ruby that processes the
+ 142024 [djberge qwes] There's an httpproxy.rb as part of the webrick library.  Will that work
| 142071 [michael schu] Thanks for pointing this out. It might do what I need, I'll have a
+ 142034 [tanner.burso] I've attempted the same thing and found there is very little base to
  142072 [pbattley gma] Hmm... I actually did this last week, and I found some example code on
  + 142089 [james_b neur] Thanks; this is super handy.
  + 142105 [michael schu] Thanks, that's great. My Japanese is severely lacking unfortunately.