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^ RE: How does one interpret a RUBY.EXE.stackdump file? (fwd)
14181 [ntalbott rol] Uh oh... it looks like your ruby interpreter is not compiled with debug

^ gsub and literal strings
14203 [skeeler siri] How do you do a global string substitution when the pattern string is given
+ 14204 [matz zetabit] How about
+ 14205 [skeeler siri] Aha! Regexp.escape.
  14206 [matz zetabit] String#[]= is one of gotcha-you-dont-know-this stuffs.  You don't have

^ Streams and other processes
14213 [chrris mail.] ...
14219 [Dave Pragmat] Would IO#popen do what you want?
14258 [chrris mail.] ...

^ Escaping single qoutes
14214 [chrris mail.] ...
14218 [   nk LF.net] I've successfully tried
14257 [chrris mail.] ...

^ An or in an if.
14221 [ tjp vbc.net] This is probably really simple, but how do I use an or on the right hand
+ 14223 [jim freeze.o] What about
+ 14227 [mike stok.co] if n ==3 or n == 5
| 14228 [ tjp vbc.net] It does indeed. I thought it would be simple. Thanks.
| 14231 [hipster xs4a] if [3, 5, 42].include? n
+ 14232 [elderburn mi] n == 3 or n == 5 ? true : false

^ Typechecking problem with ruby module for swig
14225 [pbranna nosp] ...

^ || .. or Question
14226 [jim freeze.o] Why do I get the following output
14234 [matz zetabit] Because they are different.  Parenthesises in case1 are for expression
+ 14235 [jim freeze.o] Very clear.
+ 14268 [in6x059 publ] Why is 'n == 3 or n == 5' not an expression? And
  14280 [matz zetabit] Simply precedence reason.  In Ruby, statements are expressions that
  + 14299 [in6x059 publ] [ Original problem: 'puts (n == 3 or n == 5)' gives a parse error,
  | 14327 [matz zetabit] No, no "list operator".  But it's little bit too complicated for me to
  | 14375 [in6x059 publ] I didn't meant that there actually is a list operator. I just cannot
  | 14434 [neumann s-di] There's a difference between expressions "expr" and function arguments "arg".
  + 14374 [pixel mandra] Math.sqrt (1-2).abs       is      (Math.sqrt(1-2)).abs
    14433 [neumann s-di] Return is a keyword in Ruby not a method call. It's parsing behavior is

^ Re: ruby and python communities
14229 [kentda stud.] A troll by any other name would stink as bad?
14233 [elderburn mi] Ooooo...you dream darkly! :-)

^ SV:  || .. or Question
14230 [dennisdecker] -Case4

^ Ruby vs. Tcl input/output question
14236 [donotreply i] ...
+ 14269 [in6x059 publ] I am quite new to ruby too, but maybe my answer (partly derived from
+ 14278 [matz zetabit] I don't use chomp() that often.  Plus auto treatment of EOL hide
| 14354 [matju sympat] Whatever "Ruby" (or you) chooses, I choose the non-thread model, because
| 14362 [green FreeBS] And if anyone else is interested, I've written a decent-sized threaded
+ 14303 [wbsoft xs4al] Me too, but (also) coming from Tcl

^ Re: Escaping single quotes
14237 [jtobler Wire] Me too.  On ruby 1.7.0 (2001-04-02) [i686-cygwin] checked out from CVS and

^ question about String.split
14239 [newsgroups e] run this line in ruby...
14241 [mike stok.co] Use a negative limit on the split to stop it stripping trailing empty

^ converting some 'eval's from perl
14246 [ptkwt shell1] ...
14248 [dblack candl] ^ you forgot the closing "  :-)
14249 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Thanks. Re: question about String.split
14247 [newsgroups e] it does

^ 1.6.3 Windows installable version?
14250 [ptkwt shell1] ...
14259 [andy toolshe] ...
14265 [LuthyCraig J] Phil,

^ Compiling under cygwin 1.1.8-2
14252 [rob.blackbou] ...
+ 14253 [matz zetabit] It should be zero sized file.  It is there to stop configure complain.
+ 14254 [rob.blackbou] ...

^ daemon ruby script
14255 [ps radiac.mi] ...
+ 14261 [Dave Pragmat] "rw" is an illegal access mode, but because $stderr is closed, the
+ 14541 [lists.ruby-t] I've also been working on a daemon process, one I'm hoping to put on

^ Need help with install
14260 [jim freeze.o] I am installing ruby on a virtual server FreeBSD machine.
14270 [dgjs acm.org] If you run 'configure --help', among other things you'll see

^ Ruby on Windows problem
14262 [karl_lopes y] I would like to find out if others using ruby on
+ 14263 [niyer tampab] irb is working fine. I dont know what rd2 is????
| 14264 [karl_lopes y] Yes, all those paths are set. When I try to start irb,
| + 14282 [jj5412 earth] ...
| | 14300 [karl_lopes y] Nope the irb.bat file points to the irb file which is
| | 14315 [andy toolshe] ...
| | 14317 [karl_lopes y] Thanks;-)
| + 14283 [jj5412 earth] ...
+ 14307 [in6x059 publ] What flavor of MS-Windows are you using? I had almost no problems

^ how change instances class
14266 [hvrosen worl] ...
+ 14287 [shugo ruby-l] I think it is dangerous to change classes of instances.
| 14296 [WYS helbling] ...what do you mean by "attribute"?
+ 14373 [in6x059 publ] Since many objectoriented languages don't allow to change the class an

^ upgrading Ruby and the effect on C extenstions
14272 [ptkwt shell1] ...
14277 [matz zetabit] It's not my intention, probably a bug.  Could you send me your script?

^ Possible minor bug in io.c
14275 [Dave Pragmat] static void
14279 [matz zetabit] Yes.  Thank you.

^ basic socket question
14281 [volkmann2 ho] This should be an easy one for anyone that has successfully used sockets in
+ 14290 [rise knavery] Oddly enough, I get no errors for that.  I think your problem isn't in
+ 14293 [jdf pobox.co] EWINDOWS - you are trying to use Ruby on Windows.  I have experienced
+ 14294 [rick beerdri] As I went through the pickaxe, I created a file called socket.rb.  Well,
+ 14295 [matz zetabit] What platform do you run Ruby?  Cygwin?
| 14312 [volkmann2 ho] I'm running on Windows 2000. Previous posters indicated that the socket code
| 14324 [matz zetabit] Probably.  I'd rather like to blame Windows socket implementation.
+ 14583 [tarod home.c] in
  14587 [Dave Pragmat] When this happens, what does 'netstat -a' show? Are there a lot of

^ method for adding methods?
14286 [colin webg2.] ...
14304 [matz zetabit] Module#define_method is available for 1.7, but handle it with care.
14337 [Dave Pragmat] For example, you can use it to implement class variables that are only

^ Ruby mascot proposal. Will this end ?
14288 [furifilo901 ] Sumimasen, everybody.
+ 14291 [hal9000 hype] [snip excellent remarks begging for end of
+ 14292 [gnhurst hurs] That someone would be me, and I *did* use python eventually, but my point
  + 14298 [schneik us.i] # [Argue, argue, argue, ... snipped.]
  | + 14301 [gnhurst hurs] What do you propose for display graphics at a conference?
  | | 14311 [schneik us.i] # > ...
  | + 14319 [furifilo901 ] Enviado el: Viernes, 27 de Abril de 2001 02:18 a.m.
  | + 14386 [r2d2 mao.acc] ...
  |   14391 [jim freeze.o] * Evil dictator says, ok, I made a mistake, please submit your
  |   14393 [in6x059 publ] At least in the world of free software I have seen very few 'Evil'
  + 14323 [furifilo901 ] Guy, since I was not able to keep my post's content impersonal, I want to

^ RCR: Array#insert
14289 [shugo ruby-l] Some people asked the same question. Is it a bad idea to provide
+ 14308 [wbsoft xs4al] I'm new to ruby, but I think that would be nice, and when you call
| 14325 [matz zetabit] You already have Array#unshift.
+ 14328 [matz zetabit] Sounds good.  Define a behavior of Array#insert, please.
  14332 [ugly-daemon ] How about it takes two arguments one for the position in the array to insert and the other the object to insert??
  14347 [neumann s-di] class Array
  14363 [maki open-ne] class Array
  + 14365 [dblack candl] class Array
  + 14371 [in6x059 publ] I would actually prefer an version that is able to insert more than
    14479 [shugo ruby-l] I agree.
    14481 [matz zetabit] Sounds good.  It will be merged into the development branch.
    + 14486 [gnhurst hurs] What about his alternate version that handled negative indices
    | 14494 [matz zetabit] Hmm, there's tradeoff between inconsistency (to []= at least) and
    | 14502 [gnhurst hurs] We did discuss this before also, in the thread starting at [ruby-talk:5692],
    | 14643 [matz zetabit] You've succeeded to persuade me.
    + 14491 [elderburn mi] FWIW this also works with String, trival but useful :-)

^ SV:  Re: how change instances class
14310 [hvrosen worl] sorry about inappropriate vocabulary. I imagined that, somewhere in the
14313 [hvrosen worl] SV:  Re: how change instances class
14368 [hal9000 hype] human
14372 [ugly-daemon ] I am a newbie in matters like this so maybe I have it wrong but... it sounds like we already have this. Namely, I think that this is analogous to having an instantiated object whose type we don't know. i.e.

^ Q: how to track memory-usage?
14314 [imperator ca] To me, this looks like someone got irb to display memory-usage (and a

^ Re: basic socket question REPOST
14329 [paa Catalog-] Again, I had this same problem using the Pragmatic distr, but not with
14336 [jdf pobox.co] I hadn't heard of the ActiveScript distro until now.  I just

^ The Ruby Programming Language Book by Matz
14330 [as646 FreeNe] ...
14482 [matz zetabit] Don't trust the date.  I haven't finished materials yet.  Plus,
14488 [in6x059 publ] So its type is quite similar to 'Programming Ruby'? But more advanced
14492 [matz zetabit] My book has far less reference.  But highlite of the book is chapter

^ Immutable Arrays?
14334 [johannh ucli] Is there any way to flag an Array as immutable, so I can use it
14340 [gnhurst hurs] a = [2,3,4]  # array
14358 [johannh ucli] class Tuple < Array
14382 [dennisdecker] Notice the default behaviour for String-keys (Thanks to Dave and Andy for
14385 [johannh ucli] Good lord, no.  That would make hashes useless for large objects where

^ Does ruby have destructors that are easy to use?
14335 [jfn enteract] ...
14400 [ben_tilly op] Ruby doesn't have reliable destruction mechanics.

^ gtk and Float/to_f
14339 [thomasl ce.c] 6.3
14425 [matz zetabit] Weird.  Platform information, please?
+ 14430 [guillaume.ru] matz@zetabits.com (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
| 14431 [elderburn mi] And I do not :>?
+ 14435 [thomasl ce.c] ruby 1.6.3 (2001-03-19) [sparc-solaris2.8]
| 14438 [0104 cloaked] Curious.  Debian stable here too.
+ 14457 [thomasl ce.c] Ok! I solved it! I live in Sweden.

^ array as index to array
14341 [jonas.bulow ] Maybe this has been discussed before, but anyway..
14344 [Dave Pragmat] Somewhat indirectly, you can use indexes (or indices)

^ Question about define_finalizer
14342 [jim freeze.o] #! /usr/local/bin/ruby -rdebug
14360 [matz zetabit] You can not access "self" within finalizers, because they are called

^ Ruby DB support for Windows
14343 [cyoungbl leg] ...

^ case and to_s
14346 [jim freeze.o] I am trying to add a clase to a list depending upon the
+ 14348 [dblack candl] I don't think it's a matter of #to_s getting called -- but
| 14349 [jim freeze.o] I just figured this out.
+ 14351 [Dave Pragmat] case d

^ What's an RCR??
14352 [ugly-daemon ] Sincerly,
14353 [Dave Pragmat] RCR's are Ruby Change Requests. When someone wants a new feature, they
14355 [ugly-daemon ] Thanks a bunch Dave!!
14356 [ugly-daemon ] I just thought of something. May we have this question put into the FAQ??
14357 [Dave Pragmat] It's on the list. Good idea.

^ Where for art thou, rdtool for Win9x?
14359 [jj5412 earth] ...
14379 [toshirok yb3] RDtool doesn't have the equivalent of perldoc. it's just an formatter.
14380 [rise knavery] As far as I know RDTool is pure Ruby, so you shouldn't need to compile
14395 [jj5412 earth] ...
14414 [rise knavery] Please note that right now RDSearch would be a better name since the main

^ Newbie query - how to propose a new feature in Ruby
14361 [andy.elvey p] ...
14364 [Dave Pragmat] Welcome.

^ Ruby and ActiveX
14370 [christof.mar] is there a way to use/call ActiveX components from within Ruby and/or to
14401 [neumann s-di] As far as I know are OLE, ActiveX and COM three words for (almost) one and

^ Ruby OpenGL question
14378 [mfp students] I have a question about Yoshi's recently updated OpenGL interface module. The
14383 [elderburn mi] Well, I had a similar probelm with a prior release of Yoshi's OpenGL. There

^ Separating the wheat from the chaff.
14381 [marcbutler1 ] Would it be possible to split the ruby-talk into two groups delineated by subject matter?  My personal intuition is one group named 'community' for discussion of predominantly non-technical issues such as Mascots, book reviews, ruby group meetings, and "what other people said about ruby" discussions.  The other list would be focused on technical concerns, such as language problems, questions and patches.
+ 14384 [elderburn mi] LOL re the sig! :-)
| 14394 [skeeler siri] What would help me separate different kinds of wheat (no chaff on this
+ 14392 [in6x059 publ] I would like to object. I don't think that the traffic on the list is
+ 14403 [0104 cloaked] Have you considered reading the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup with a
  + 14411 [mdavis sevai] I would agree with this.  I enjoy this list to see how others solve
  | 14412 [marc.butler ] I think this is a non-issue.  There is nothing to stop people subscribing to
  | 14416 [0104 cloaked] Here is another point: do you propose to split the newsgroup too?  If
  + 14415 [jdf pobox.co] Unfortunately, it is impossible to thread this group correctly,
    14419 [0104 cloaked] 1. What's breaking them?
    14421 [marc.butler ] I don't understand the difficulties of splitting the newsgroup to reflect
    + 14427 [elderburn mi] Would someone kindly enlighten me as to in what manner I have 'attack'ed
    | 14429 [marc.butler ] You inferred in your post my motivation was personal convenience,
    | 14439 [0104 cloaked] The motivation *is* personal convenience in that one does not wish to
    + 14440 [0104 cloaked] If comp.* functions as with other structures which I am familiar with,
      14446 [marc.butler ] For my intuition the silence indicates this thread should die, and the

^ Re: Whither SmallScript? (was Re: Integer micro-benchmarks)
14387 [pulsar qks.c] ...
14404 [aleaxit yaho] ...

^ problem compiling 1.6.3
14388 [info mjais.d] I just downloaded ruby 1.6.3 on my RedHat 6.2 machine
14426 [matz zetabit] RETSIGTYPE detection corrupted I think.   Try configure after removing

^ Ruby BUG (marshaling)
14389 [   xm w3d.ru] I'm too angry right now, so I'll be short :)
14408 [matz zetabit] Be calm, please. ;-)
14578 [   xm w3d.ru] Okay :)))

^ [REPOST] Retrieving current signal handler without altering it
14390 [ljz asfast.c] [ Note:  I posted this question a couple weeks ago, but I'm not
14397 [ptkwt shell1] ...
14398 [dgjs acm.org] That command will set the handler to the default.  If that's not what you
14406 [ljz asfast.c] Well, in Perl, you can do this ...

^ autoload
14396 [avi cr798598] Why does autoload only work for toplevel constants?
14409 [matz zetabit] Because it's kinda hard to handle nested constants like "Foo::Bar"
+ 14413 [avi cr798598] That would be very useful, I think.  Can I suggest it as an RCR?
| 14423 [matz zetabit] Yes, but I'm still not sure how it is useful.
| 14424 [avi cr798598] Well, I wanted it as a way to deal with dependencies between source files
+ 14420 [matju sympat] package Foo::Bar; sub baz { print "hello\n"; }

^ Ruby Conference T-shirt
14399 [gnhurst hurs] We got sidetracked here somewhat by the mascot issue.

^ equivalent of shelve module in python
14405 [guillaume.ru] Does anybody know about an equivalent of the shelve module in python

^ Pretty printer/a2ps
14410 [grundel fys.] Wonder if anyone knows of a pretty printing tool for ruby source files.

^ Embedded Ruby w/ Apache: Forbidden error
14417 [jj5412 earth] ...
14418 [bryan_zarnet] The .rhtml probably has access permission for owner
+ 14436 [jj5412 earth] ...
+ 14437 [jj5412 earth] ...