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^ Re: HighLine 0.4.0
141616 [vfoley gmail] good job on the new release, I plan to use HighLine in an application I
+ 141618 [james graypr] Did you check the TODO?  :D
| + 141621 [andre digira] Dunno about Windows but I think that using ruby-termios would be
| | 141691 [james graypr] I'm playing around with termios over here, to see if it's a viable
| + 141626 [mrcode netro] You can see that in my other response.
| | 141627 [logancapaldo] I think you have that a little backwards. unix is LF, and Mac is CR
| | 141631 [mrcode netro] Yes, you are right. Hmmm, this is kind of confusing though. Does ?\n
| + 141888 [vfoley gmail] Indeed, I read it just after I posted :)  Sorry about that.  However, I
|   141892 [james graypr] I put in on the list.  I'll definitely look into it.
|   141908 [vfoley gmail] How did you handle the noecho thing on different platforms?  I looked
|   141920 [james graypr] I used pretty much what Ryan showed.
|   141939 [andre digira] Hmm. Maybe keep stty as a backup mechanism then... try to require
|   141940 [james graypr] That's an option, possibly.
|   142005 [kjana dm4lab] Uhm, is the following URL useful?
|   142385 [james graypr] Yes, this helped a lot, thank you.  (Sorry for my delayed response.)
+ 141623 [mrcode netro] Especially if you can do it multi-platform (the above does not work on
  + 141635 [james graypr] I have a question about this solution.  You're stopping when you see
  | 141638 [mrcode netro] Nothing, by using getch I get every character and DOS/Windows doesn't do
  | 141641 [james graypr] Thanks.
  | 141648 [mrcode netro] I get the same result on Windows, so I suspect Ruby is doing some stuff
  | 141651 [james graypr] $ ruby -e 'system "stty raw"; p $stdin.getc; syst "stty -raw"'
  | 141931 [discordantus] You might not want to use stty in that exact way. From the stty
  | 141937 [james graypr] Hey, that's great to know.  Thanks.
  | + 141942 [discordantus] It works on my webhost's Debian system. It seems it's just dumping and
  | | 141944 [jeffm ghostg] -a will list the current settings in human readable form, ie, on my
  | + 141946 [discordantus] converting linefeeds and such. Here's the method I'm using in a
  |   141983 [james graypr] Thanks for the tips, but HighLine actually counts on this.  :)
  + 141637 [james graypr] Last question on this, I promise.  Does Windows echo the carriage

^ Apache CGI and spawning another process
141633 [sera fhwang.] Hey all,
+ 141636 [james_b neur] Hack, off the top of my head, untested (but I may yet go try it)
+ 141816 [joost zeekat] You should probably close the $stdout (and possibly $stdin and $stderr)

^ tips on deployment/distribution, esp on OS X?
141634 [imifumei ima] I'm developed an application with Ruby, and it uses Tk as well as
141642 [logancapaldo] RubyCocoa[1] has a neat little wrapper that you can use to turn ruby

^ Re: Vacation - email me when I. is gone or people FINALLY stop responding to him
141647 [lists bertra] Too bad that scanning mail bodies for the last name doesn't
141649 [sera fhwang.] Depending on what sort of hooks you have for filtering: Emails usually
+ 141661 [mailing-list] The References header is useful as well,
| 141749 [caiot1 ibest] Nikolai, the "References" header is the only obvious way of doing it to
| + 141751 [michael.camp] Just as a datapoint, I simply made a filter to kill any email with
| + 141762 [mailing-list] Yes, I know.  It was Francis Hwang who only mentioned the In-Reply-To
+ 141698 [lists bertra] My Procmail could be configured calling just some Ruby
  141699 [andre digira] There's gurgitate-mail
  + 141705 [glenn.parker] You could train your spam filter (I use POPFile) to flag Ilias-style
  + 142113 [dagbrown LAR] There is!  I use it for all my email. ;)

^ Problem with Math module in extension.
141652 [erne powerna] I'm trying to do something real simple find the sin of an angle in an
+ 141653 [cmills frees] variation
| 141668 [erne powerna] Actually this produces an incorrect answer for sin.
| 141821 [g_ogata optu] In ruby, all functions -- even things that look like static member
| 141855 [erne powerna] Thanks for the information.  I still can't seem to get the syntax right
| + 141856 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 141857 [ruby-ml magi] Quickly and untestedly you would do something like
+ 141861 [erne powerna] Thanks everyone.

^ No Thing Here vs Uninitialized and RCR 303
141655 [cyent xtra.c] I'm observing a general trend in the responses to RCR 303.
+ 141657 [chr_mail gmx] You could ask for the creation of a separate "undefined" value similar
+ 141659 [dblack wobbl] That pertains only to instance and global variables, and I don't
+ 141667 [james_b neur] nil doesn't 'mean' anything.  Assorted code uses nil to express a
+ 141671 [gavin refine] ...
+ 141745 [lthiryidontw] I suppose it's easier to refuse an RCR than to change programming habits.
  141746 [batkins57 gm] This isn't about changing programming habits.  Having nil return nil
  + 141761 [john.carter ] You confirm what I am saying about the difference between "uninitialized
  | + 141778 [batkins57 gm] b + 4
  | + 141794 [dblack wobbl] I'm not getting exactly what you mean by "mean".  Do you mean there's
  |   141799 [john.carter ] Well, that one is clearly a case of nil === "uninitialized"
  |   + 141801 [batkins57 gm] As I pointed out, Ruby already handles unitialized variables as a
  |   + 141820 [dblack wobbl] Clearly I can't regard it as uninitialized, if I've just initialized
  + 141763 [james_b neur] When I see code samples arguing in favor of the status quo, I tend to
  | 141813 [pit capitain] Could you describe the threading issue, maybe in form of some unit tests?
  | 141836 [james_b neur] If you change the behavior of NilClass (e.g., NilClass.blackhole = true)
  | 141962 [pit capitain] I don't know whether this would be useful, but you can use thread-local
  | 141978 [james_b neur] You can change the workings of a singleton class (NilClass) such that it
  | 141993 [pit capitain] class NilClass
  | 141999 [james_b neur] Ah.   Quite sweet.
  + 141859 [bsd.SANSPAM ] irb(main):001:0> file.log 'here is a bit of infromation'
    141863 [batkins57 gm] What does that show?
    141890 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Why two months later? If your method 'create_new_log_file' returns nil,
    141891 [msparshatt y] I think the point that Bill Atkins is trying to make is that if RCR 303
    141952 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Ok, Bill Atkins is right. There is no point is accepting such an RCR,

^ Introducing Features of other Languages (was: Re: object reference handle (like perl's reference to scalar))
141660 [bob.news gmx] "Dave Burt" <dave@burt.id.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
141788 [dave burt.id] ...
141806 [bob.news gmx] "Dave Burt" <dave@burt.id.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ RACC - one click installer/cygwin package
141662 [jlsysinc all] I have both the one-click installer and also the cygwin package.  What
141673 [nobu.nokada ] No, integrated is only racc runtime, which is used to run
142026 [jlsysinc all] okay.
142109 [nobu.nokada ] racc doesn't need a compiler, as ruby 1.8 already contains its
142126 [jlsysinc all] Yes, but.. ;-)

^ Limitations of eval
141665 [adelle bulle] I have been using eval to execute code fragments that I fetch from a
141666 [dblack wobbl] (shudder :-)  But I'm sure you've heard all of that already :-)
+ 141726 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 142619 [adelle bulle] Don't worry, it's a highly experimental prototype of something that I don't

^ Dir.glob and File.fnmatch
141672 [thomas_leitn] I always thought that the arguments to Dir.glob(...) and
141914 [nobu.nokada ] Brace Expansion is different from Pathname Expansion.
141964 [p_bossi_AGAI] Yes, PickaxeII contains a better explanation than ri and effectively
142137 [thomas.leitn] Thanks for the answers! So I will stick to Dir.glob for the time being.

^ Re: [QUIZ] [SOLUTION] [LONG] [CONTAINS-MAZES ;)] Amazing Mazes (#31)
141692 [ruby.brian g] Thank you for the quiz,
141770 [james graypr] Brian, simply amazing.  You're work is always a pleasure to look

^ Representing Undirected Edges (advice, please)
141693 [gavin refine] ...
+ 141696 [gavin refine] ...
+ 141700 [Ara.T.Howard] i think you must also add the concept of direction to path.  for example, if i
| 141701 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| 141874 [lukfugl gmai] Though an incidence graph can work (and work quite well) for a simple
| + 141876 [gavin refine] for
| | + 141904 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| | | 141915 [lukfugl gmai] I think you misunderstood. The three paths weren't one each for each
| | | 141934 [gavin refine] Aye. My goal for this library is to first make it really clear (and
| | | 141995 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| | | 142032 [lukfugl gmai] Sorry about that. I have a tendency to do that. :) I'll think of
| | | 142049 [ruby-talk le] As far as we are concerned, there's only one effective connection from
| | | + 142080 [mrcode netro] But the shortest path between two songs may not always be the path through
| | | | 142108 [lukfugl gmai] Actually, what Greg is saying is that if there's another song
| | | + 142188 [gavin refine] That's one particular solution to the Barrel of Monkeys quiz, and one
| | |   142197 [mrcode netro] If you can do that in an elegant way, that would be really awesome. It
| | |   142209 [steven.jenki] I've been thinking for some time that a cool group project would be to
| | |   + 142248 [tom infoethe] Yup, that would be cool.  That's similar to what I did with Tim Jones'
| | |   | 142261 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| | |   | 142278 [lukfugl gmai] Welcome aboard :) Don't take my last email wrong, I still like the
| | |   + 142329 [bob.news gmx] Same here.  I once started with graph algorithms but got stuck in the
| | + 141913 [lukfugl gmai] Yeah, I think I like that example even better (mine felt a little contrived).
| + 142124 [kig misfirin] Unless you handle the incidence matrix values as lists of edges.
+ 141702 [ptkwt aracne] ...
+ 141812 [monora gmail] Did you already take a look at RGL (http://rgl.rubyforge.org/rgl)? The
  141834 [gavin refine] I hadn't, thanks :)

^ [OT] JavaScript 2.0  (Re: No Thing Here vs Uninitialized and RCR 303)
141695 [james_b neur] Don't worry, there's a secret society of JavaScript, um, ECMAScript[0],

^ Singleton class terminology
141707 [hal9000 hype] Just expressing my opinion here.
+ 141708 [ruby-ml magi] Yes, excellent question! I was thinking about just giving it
| 141753 [logancapaldo] Well this is a little long but how about "singleton method table"? (or
+ 141716 [blaumag gmai] You're right. I think the terminology for what we now call "singleton
+ 141721 [dblack wobbl] It wasn't supposed to remind one of "idiom".  It's a separate use of
| + 141747 [matz ruby-la] You can forget my words.  If I adopt the new model,
| + 141775 [chr_mail gmx] You are surely aware that we already have a module called Singleton
| + 141792 [hal9000 hype] OK, I see. I didn't think of "idiosyncrasy," and I don't know
|   141800 [ruby-ml magi] There are two distinct connotations to that prefix which accounts for
+ 141755 [dblack wobbl] What I do like about the "class" in "singleton class" is that it fits
| 141785 [chr_mail gmx] Very, very nice point:-)
+ 141758 [halostatue g] Thank you, Hal. This is much the same though that I've been having,
| 141767 [dblack wobbl] I don't like "shadow" for this.  Shadow suggests, to me, a light
| + 141769 [gavin refine] I like it for sort of the same reason - the instance has a 'shadow'
| + 141780 [mrcode netro] I came up with "shadow class", but I think David makes some good points.
+ 141949 [martindemell] ...
  141966 [flaig sancta] ...
  142097 [daniel.amela] I'm still a sucker for selfclass.

^ The discovery of private e-mail, access to source (Was: [OG] [NITRO] - Mr. George Moschovitis...)
141712 [ jupp gmx.de] Next month's National Geographic comes with a feature on a recently
141723 [ilias lazari] you should quote more precisely.
+ 141728 [mailing-list] You don't constitute the whole Ruby community, dude,
| 141739 [ilias lazari] I don't have to.
| 141757 [sera fhwang.] At the least, it probably makes _why quite nervous.
+ 142449 [ jupp gmx.de] I did not attribute anything to you (there is no ':'). I only stated

^ Query about the top level object
141718 [gavri.fernan] "At the top level, we're executing code in the context of some
+ 141724 [mrcode netro] p self         # => main
| 141741 [chr_mail gmx] Defining a (private) method at the "top" scope is equivalent to
+ 141732 [bob.news gmx] "Gavri Fernandez" <gavri.fernandez@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Re: [ETYMOLOGY] - Sterile Classes / Sterile Meta Classe
141720 [dblack wobbl] (Actually it was "idioclass".)

^ [ANN] reference 0.5 (was Re: object reference handle (like perl's reference to scalar))
141725 [eric_mahurin] I just released the code that has already been discussed here

^ editor dog fight - newbie question
141729 [speechexpert] Dear group,
+ 141733 [kyu console-] Are you using GNU emacs? Try www.xemacs.org, install that and then untar
+ 141736 [batkins57 gm] Make sure you're using ruby-mode and font-lock-mode.  Also make sure

^ [ANN] RJournal 0.1.1
141737 [vfoley gmail] Well, I finally did it, I released my first open source software, <a
141738 [mrcode netro] Congratulations! :)

^ Analysis of IORCC Entries?
141744 [mrcode netro] So, I was been browsing http://iorcc.dyndns.org/ and looking at the 2005
+ 141760 [florgro gmai] I've done these and will post them tomorrow if possible. It would be
| 141765 [james graypr] I, for one, am very interested in reading anyone's work on this.
| 141830 [florgro gmai] Here we go, then: http://flgr.0x42.net/deobfu/
+ 141772 [ezra yakima-] I'd like to read about it.

^ OT: Small RCR 303 type Joke...
141764 [john.carter ] I have just realized that I have, in all seriousness and in good faith,
+ 141777 [matt technor] Is Nothing Sacred?  (Gahan Wilson cartoon)
| 141787 [john.carter ] require 'Nothing'
+ 141798 [glenn.parker] If it makes you feel better, I've been giving that thread the "Ilias

^ [OT] RedHanded Down?
141766 [johnwilger g] I haven't been able to connect to http://redhanded.hobix.com for a
141768 [batkins57 gm] It's happening here too.  It seems all of why_'s sites are having the
141852 [robert.mcgov] They appear to be back up

^ Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
141776 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
141781 [jim freeze.o] When this was first published, I thought, wow this is cool.
+ 141782 [mrcode netro] I had the same thought. In fact I need to post more so I can get in the
| + 141784 [jim freeze.o] LOL.
| + 141795 [hal9000 hype] Heh heh. Could we have a "bottom 10" list as well?
+ 141786 [dblack wobbl] You caught me!  I'll try to stop it!
+ 141789 [james_b neur] Others might be thinking they should spend more time working.
+ 141796 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Yes, agreed.
  + 141797 [james_b neur] That's right, Ara.  We're on to you!
  + 141808 [bob.news gmx] "Dr Balwinder S Dheeman" <bsd.SANSPAM@cto.homelinux.net> schrieb im
    141809 [jeffm ghostg] Anyone care to give the new classifier a go at this? See if it can
    + 141814 [bob.news gmx] A funny idea to play with but for real world application I prefer to use
    + 141819 [dblack wobbl] Please, let's not get into the judging, ranking, hierarchy, scoring
      + 141831 [james_b neur] +5
      + 141926 [jeffm ghostg] Two rules for stats and rankings,

^ Re: Ruby/DL SendInput
141779 [mrcode netro] I tried this when I saw the original email, but couldn't get it to work.
141811 [news.home.nl] Thanks for the responses / example code. Will try and see if I can get
141867 [usenet1 nosp] Code looks great! Seems really easy to map the C types to Ruby. Is there

^ Re: [QUIZ] [SOLUTION] Amazing Mazes (#31)
141783 [dbatml gmx.d] Hy,

^ Strange segfault on Linux with test-unit
141793 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.2 (built with --enable-pthread)
141839 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 141943 [djberg96 hot] You're right.  Actually, I added a File.delete("sys/proctable.so")
+ 141989 [pbrannan atd] Because you don't know the answer or you don't know how to explain?

^ Re: RJournal 0.1.1
141803 [vfoley gmail] I found this Test::Unit::Mock thing
141833 [mrcode netro] The Ruby version may seem a bit more complex because the nature of Ruby

^ Hang when updating Gem source index
141805 [nick-gmane t] Just installed Ruby 1.8.2-15 (win32 version) on a new Windows XP pc.
+ 141807 [assaph gmail] a. Updating the Gems source index can take a long time. Try and wait a
+ 141822 [chadfowler g] browser?  It's at http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml.Z.
  141840 [nick-gmane t] Yes, I actually started it updating, went to dinner, and then came back

^ File.utime, Windows and Ruby 1.8
141817 [mike.pub lep] time = Time.local(2000, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0)
+ 142664 [polyergic gm] I see the same thing, using CIFS to a samba server.  I just changed
+ 142669 [nobu.nokada ] It seems like related to DST.