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^ Prove me Wrong! Re: RCR 303: nil should accept missing methods
141340 [john.carter ] I would suggest next 5 times you have a nil class throws
+ 141344 [drbrain segm] I think that any RCR than can be implemented in pure ruby doesn't need
| + 141347 [john.carter ] I agree with you in general, but not in this particular instance.
| + 141378 [dblack wobbl] I disagree.  For one thing, there are real issues with modifying core
+ 141444 [halostatue g] No. I can tell you from experience over the last four days that I
+ 141454 [phurley gmai] A simple example of "wrong" behavior (using the nil returns of !
| 141498 [cyent xtra.c] That's not a failure, thats a confirmation.
+ 141525 [ryand-ruby z] The burden of proof (that this is needed) must sit on you, not on us
| + 141528 [msparshatt y] I'd guess the problem is that x is now supposed to be
| + 141541 [james_b neur] Yes, and the nil.blackhole switch is a very handy idea; one could turn
| | 141544 [dblack wobbl] I don't think it would be thread-safe, would it?  (I'm thinking back
| | 141546 [james_b neur] Good point.
| + 141581 [mrcode netro] I agree. In fact, to quote
|   141663 [jason.sweat ] Interesting quote, however for an alternative point of view consider
+ 141611 [batkins57 gm] object =3D get_some_object # get_some_object returns nil

^ Banner Ad Rotator
141342 [schmoboy cox] I'm looking for a ruby banner ad rotator script.  Does something exist
141355 [sdmitry lrn.] I'm working on a banner ad (text and images) exchange network based on
141362 [ezra yakima-] Dimitry-

^ What sound does no duck make?
141349 [john.carter ] Imagine a flock of ducks in the sky. Listen.
+ 141350 [spoooq gmail] Best ruby koan ever :D
+ 141390 [lyle.johnson] For that matter, if a duck quacks in the forest, and no one is there
| 141489 [cyent xtra.c] I was in the wilderness and there was nothing before me.
| 141497 [Ara.T.Howard] then something is wrong with my eye-glasses or my definition of wilderness
+ 141419 [lthiryidontw] class Duck
+ 141586 [mrcode netro] Imagine a large steel box with a small hole, through which you can push
| 141597 [james_b neur] So is this, like,  SchrŲšinger's Duck?
| 141605 [mrcode netro] Ruby NoMethodError metaphor isn't on the same plane as Quantum Physics
| 141629 [lthiryidontw] But it gives same headaches!
+ 141688 [kero chello.] nil.nil?  => true

^ [SUMMARY] Barrel of Monkeys (#30)
141353 [gavin refine] Before I begin my analysis of others solutions, let me share two
141401 [james graypr] I hope everyone else enjoyed Gavin's summary half as much as I did!

^ [ANN] Yahoo group for Austin (and) Texas Ruby users
141357 [hal9000 hype] Well, we had our first semi-official meeting today.
141410 [binkley alum] You know, I don't recall learning in grade school that Austin was the heart of

^ Help with installing gem in my home directory
141359 [vfoley gmail] I tried following the instructions
+ 141617 [vfoley gmail] Bump.  Anyone can help me out?  Thanks.
+ 141823 [chadfowler g] Vincent, did you set the GEM_PATH environment variable?
  141846 [vfoley gmail] No I haven't.  I thought I didn't need to because it was specified in
  141974 [chadfowler g] Oh, my mistake.  Sorry.

^ Array#squeeze
141365 [martindemell] The recent mention of String#squeeze made me wonder if it would not be a
+ 141366 [logancapaldo] module Enumerable
| 141442 [discordantus] String's squeeze allows arbitrary numbers of character arguments. II
| 141472 [logancapaldo] String's squeeze does, but their are problems with duplicating the
+ 141379 [dblack wobbl] How close is this to what you might want, at least for Array?
  141384 [martindemell] Nope, that's not what I meant - I wanted to compress a run of elements

^ ruby-dev summary 26011-26089
141370 [ko1 atdot.ne] This is ruby-dev summary 26011-26089.
141405 [Ara.T.Howard] then does $0 too?  otherwise
141849 [nobu.nokada ] No, it is only for `require'd files.

^ Can't build Ruby 1.8.2 on Sparc Solaris 10
141371 [phasis68 hot] Solaris 10
141407 [djberge qwes] Reading specs from /usr/sfw/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.10/3.4.3/specs
+ 141500 [phasis68 hot] I had installed gcc from sunfreeware.com binary package.
+ 141804 [ryanarneson ] Actually, that particular gcc is the version that is included by Sun in Solaris 10. Sun puts the GNU type software in /usr/sfw.
  141837 [Daniel.Berge] You are correct Ryan.  I had forgotten that.  Thanks.

^ WxRuby or FxRuby
141380 [JensRie gmx.] I'm new to Ruby and now searching for the best GUI toolkit to start with.
+ 141382 [mailinglists] Take FXRuby when you are satisfied with the offered widgets (for
+ 141385 [martindemell] I like FXRuby's API, but the wx widgets look nicer.
| 141392 [lyle.johnson] To follow up on Martin's and Jamey's comments, it might be worth
+ 141389 [cribbsj oakw] FXRuby.  It is well maintained and stable.  Some people think it is
+ 141424 [gcottenc gma] Can you tell why ruby-gtk2 is excluded?
+ 141430 [spamtrap car] I've used FOX, FLTK, and wxWidgets on C++ projects in the past six
  + 141441 [curt hibbs.c] - FXRuby is the popular in the Ruby community because it is good enough,
  | + 141516 [nohmad gmail] FxRuby is a highly recommendable toolkit for its popularity and maturity.
  | | 141518 [mailinglists] FOX does only support ISO-8859-1. Thats it. Theres a patch out there
  | + 141534 [ilias lazari] wxWidgets looks very promising and has a very liberal license, which is
  + 141538 [ilias lazari] The wxWidgets adoption and thus the wxRuby project a priority for the

^ warnings as errors?
141381 [glyconis gma] Is there a way to tell Ruby to treat warnings as errors?

^ unit test
141393 [briankbuckle] In the code below the first test by itself passes. However, when I add a=20
141404 [nathaniel ta] require 'test/unit'
+ 141411 [briankbuckle] Nathaniel,
| + 141415 [caleb aei-te] One thing of note: the test cases are (at least here) executed in
| + 141426 [nathaniel ta] OK, I know what's going on now. 'pp' (PrettyPrint) adds those four
|   141429 [mrcode netro] I agree with this.
|   141431 [halostatue g] Thirded. However, if it is important to check the method count, call
|   141434 [briankbuckle] Nathaniel, Ryan, Austin, Caleb,
|   141453 [phlip_cpp ya] in
+ 141414 [briankbuckle] Oops - hang on - I'm on 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]. I'm guessing tha=

^ Re: Ruby Editor Plugin for jEdit 0.6.1 - method completion release II
141396 [doodpants ma] I like what you're doing, and as someone who uses jEdit as my primary
+ 141398 [doodpants ma] Oh, BTW, it looks as though the version of ruby.xml that you distribute
| + 141409 [rob.02004 gm] Karl, I'll merge your ruby.xml with any changes I've made. I
| | 141437 [doodpants ma] Cool. Thanks.
| + 141460 [florgro gmai] By the way: Can .rxml be added to the Ruby mode extensions? Rails uses
|   141466 [rob.02004 gm] You can manually configure which file extensions trigger an editing
|   141471 [florgro gmai] I didn't know that, but wouldn't it still be a good idea to add more
+ 141420 [rob.02004 gm] Karl, the UK political material was put on the plugin download site as

^ nil.to_?  and  ruby2.0
141399 [kgergely mcl] Then what is the reason nil.to_i and friends exists?
+ 141400 [halostatue g] b + a.to_i # I might have String, Fixnum, Float, or even nil here...
+ 141403 [msparshatt y] you'd use nil.to_i in a case like this
+ 141408 [cmills frees] Perhaps your thinking of to_int - which isn't defined for nil and why

^ [QUIZ] Amazing Mazes (#31)
141402 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 141901 [markus stber] here is another solution. The maze generation part really took me a
+ 142366 [dave burt.id] I've spent enough time on this :)

^ Ruby on Rails question
141421 [greg.kujawa ] Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post this...
141427 [james_b neur] If you don't get an answer here, there is a Rails developer mailing list
141433 [greg.kujawa ] list

^ reading and EOF on Win2K vs. OS X
141428 [marick visib] I'm writing a book on Ruby for testers. The first example is writing a
+ 141491 [danj 3skel.c] To my recollection, 'tail' is written with 3 different strategies for
+ 141527 [akr m17n.org] It depends on stdio implementation.

^ [Nitro] [OG] - 0.16.0 with automated table evolution
141448 [ilias lazari] I've finished a non-intrusive extension to og (addition of one file,
+ 141456 [aredridel gm] Interesting. I'll try if if I get a chance.
| 141459 [ilias lazari] ok.
| 141464 [aredridel gm] Aha. I'm interested to see how it integrates.
+ 141463 [aredridel gm] Is there a place I can download the extension to try? It's a very good
| 141481 [ilias lazari] anyone intrested can get the file, simply by droping me a private email.
+ 141562 [ilias lazari] The OID column is generated as the _first_ field (instead of the last as
+ 141678 [ilias lazari] [Nitro] Schema evolution

^ Redefining inheritance?
141449 [caleb aei-te] class A
141455 [tibbettj ver] Do your mock classes define their own tests? If not, I'm not sure why
+ 141461 [caleb aei-te] A defines some methods which need to be overwritten during tests, which is why
+ 141462 [bob.news gmx] "jason r tibbetts" <tibbettj@verdi.iisd.sra.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ ruby-gtk?
141478 [kgergely mcl] I hope you don't count it as an advertisement, but ruby has a gtk2
+ 141524 [spamtrap car] Thanks for the tip.
+ 142255 [charleshixsn] Where does one write for assistance on this?  I'm having trouble getting
  142256 [laurent.sans] Laurent
  142300 [charleshixsn] Thanks.  I much appreciate the pointer.

^ Re: Thesaurus library?
141482 [Nuralanur ao] Dear thesaurus-hunters,

^ AIX Status?
141484 [ober linbsd.] I looked over the listings for status of Socket support on AIX.
141654 [kubo jiubao.] How about a patch at
142201 [kubo jiubao.] OK. It works on AIX 4.3.3.

^ new to ruby - please help w/ code structure?
141492 [corey_s qwes] I'd like to make the following code more terse... i.e. more expressive w/ less
141501 [zdennis mkte] if free||os and line=~new_re
141505 [corey_s qwes] Heh - that's ok, neither do I!
141506 [james graypr] Funny, I was thinking just the opposite.  :D  Us Ruby guys love
141509 [corey_s qwes] <snippage>

^ [ANN] MuraveyWeb 0.2.2 -- Emergency Release
141507 [sdmitry lrn.] This is an emergency release of MuraveyWeb. There's a problem with

^ unless baltimore.rb?
141514 [samgoldman j] If anyone wants to set up a ruby meet-up in Baltimore I can get us a
142888 [ganderso gma] I'd be interested, Sam.  Have you heard from anyone else?
143678 [adam.thorsen] I'd be interested as well.

^ Ruby Weekly News 24th April - 1st May 2005
141517 [timsuth ihug] Here it is, all the latest news from two weeks ago ...
142293 [rob.02004 gm] How useful are jEdit users finding the type-based method completion in

^ [OG] [NITRO] - Mr. George Moschovitis applies Censorship on Public Project Forum
141529 [ilias lazari] To understand further the _real_ difference between Nitro/Og and
+ 141551 [nospam lunac] Ilias, your personal problems aren't relevant for us folks, so keep it
| 141553 [ilias lazari] Your (whoever "us folks" is) [faulty] interpretation of what is "my
+ 141556 [glenn.parker] The sooner we all ignore Ilias completely, the sooner we can all flush
| 141559 [ilias lazari] A very essential demonstration of how to ignore people on public media.
+ 141587 [paulha aracn] Ilias-- One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over
  141589 [ilias lazari] [...] - (off-topic babbling)

^ [OG] [NITRO] - Mr. Moschovitis Revolutionary Redefinition of an Open Source Project
141530 [ilias lazari] ok
+ 141532 [agorilla gma] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
| 141536 [ilias lazari] you are a little confused, aren't you?
| 141539 [sdmitry lrn.] Definitely! You are an *idiot*
| 141543 [james_b neur] And I was hoping  this list could avoid the same stream of crap that
| 141547 [ilias lazari] Whow!
+ 141585 [paulha aracn] Is there a way of moderating Mr. Lazardis' comments to the group so that
| + 141595 [ilias lazari] wake up.
| + 142498 [shalev simpl] Sorry, just read this.
|   142535 [mailing-list] „Ž•Á
|   142642 [ilias lazari] ...
|   142649 [thomas eduli] It's a pity -- you should also include the sporadic posts you held on
|   142652 [ilias lazari] I would not call it 'sporadic'.
+ 142643 [ilias lazari] And when those 5 people stuck giving feedback, Mr. Moschovitis cames up

^ RCRs that can be implemented in Ruby (was: Re: Prove me Wrong! Re: RCR 303: nil should accept missing methods)
141542 [dblack wobbl] I'm a little puzzled by this (the idea that changes that can be
141549 [matz ruby-la] There's no such official rule for RCRs; actually there's no official
141552 [dblack wobbl] Yes, although there are cases (core changes, mostly) where people

^ FXRuby on OS X Tiger
141558 [fugalh gmail] I'm new to the OS X scene, and while I used Panther for a week or two
+ 141566 [lymans gmail] or
| 141646 [fugalh gmail] The only thing new there was the idea to compile fox with
+ 141582 [rich infoeth] Have you patched the rbconfig.rb file that comes with Tiger?  It is
| 141622 [fugalh gmail] Thanks for that, I hadn't done it. That makes my sed step unnecessary,
+ 141599 [rf.oodanaw s] As far as I know, there is no Cocoa/Aqua version of Fox on Mac OS X.
  + 141643 [fugalh gmail] Yeah, I'm expecting just X11, and I'd be happy with it. Thanks
  + 141644 [fugalh gmail] Yeah, I'm expecting just X11, and I'd be happy with it. Thanks
  + 141656 [mailinglists] Sorry but this is not true. Of course if you only look at something

^ Ilias, Ilias...
141561 [spamtrap car] Ilias,
+ 141567 [ilias lazari] [...] - (unbelievable)
| + 141572 [ryco gmx.net] See, this is why you don't put a 'validate referer' link on your page.
| | 141578 [ilias lazari] Congratulation for gaining the most relevant essence out of the above links.
| + 141590 [paulha aracn] You should take counsel from Friday Ilias.  This is very much the same
| | 141596 [ilias lazari] [moved into context]
| + 141594 [paulha aracn] And what do they mean?  I see that you have self-initiated "evaluation"
| | + 141604 [ilias lazari] [moved down]
| | + 141609 [bob.news gmx] "Paul Hanchett" <paulha@aracnet.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 141608 [florgro gmai] From what I can tell you have essentially been doing nothing productive
|   141610 [ilias lazari] Of course.
+ 141588 [paulha aracn] ROFL!

^ An extension to Rational - friendlier with Floats and Strings
141563 [dave burt.id] I borrowed a bunch of code from the Python Sourceforge CVS, because there is

^ Re: [OG] [NITRO] -Ilias kicks puppies and smells bad
141564 [jlsysinc all] Open source manifesto

^ [ANN] HighLine 0.4.0
141576 [james graypr] =======================

^ Rails and fine-grained treats
141579 [rampant gmai] Read some comments at the end of this article about "fine-grained

^ Library or external programs
141584 [mail miketec] I wanna write a ruby application. But I also want,
141593 [spamtrap car] You might want to look into the unix way of doing things.
141603 [mail miketec] This shows, how to use ruby-code in C. But not sure, if this is the wrong

^ Wrapped Modules
141592 [halostatue g] Last night, I was asked about loading objects into a namespace.

^ Vacation - email me when Ilias is gone or people FINALLY stop responding to him
141598 [ryand-ruby z] The signal:noise ratio on this list is terrible. I'm taking a
141602 [ilias lazari] could someone please show this guy how to use an "filter thread"

^ [ETYMOLOGY] - Sterile Classes / Sterile Meta Classes
141615 [ilias lazari] Sterile Classes
+ 141619 [ruby-ml magi] [snipped]
| + 141620 [thomas_adam1] Hmm.  "Sterile" is not the first word I'd have used -- it has a more
| | 141679 [ilias lazari] yes, in context of a class, this becomes true.
| | 141680 [thomas_adam1] Indeed.  But even then, in the latter "definiton" as you have it, it is
| | 141683 [ilias lazari] provisionally agreed.
| + 141625 [batkins57 gm] You are my hero.
| + 141628 [jlsysinc all] It depends on whether this has a double meaning.  Has science discovered a
+ 141624 [logancapaldo] Regarding SCs (heh, one acronym fits your terminology and the current
| 141682 [ilias lazari] yes, you are right.
+ 141639 [mailing-list] [blah]
| + 141645 [jlsysinc all] Mmm... chewy etyms
| + 141687 [ilias lazari] You cannot find concise terms without etymology.
+ 141681 [matz ruby-la] Sterile means "Not producing or incapable of producing offspring",
| + 141684 [agorilla gma] unique, lone, solo, distinct, specific, custom, customized, changed,
| | + 141685 [thomas_adam1] Oh, it wasn't conditional, Ilias.  Sterile's meaning is rooted in
| | | + 141689 [mrcode netro] I personally still like "shadow class", but I admit part of my like for
| | | | 141694 [sean celsoft] From what I remember when learning what the Singleton class really was, the
| | | + 141743 [ilias lazari] yes, but _I_ just provisinally agreed (I need some time to decouple
| | + 141690 [ilias lazari] Custom Class
| | + 141894 [aredridel gm] "Eigenclass" was suggested on IRC. I like that.
| + 141686 [ilias lazari] yes, the term "Sterile" was finally bad.
| | 141717 [matz ruby-la] No other language change is planned.  I guess I have to rewrite some
| | 141730 [ilias lazari] "I'm thinking of changing thedefinition to confirm model in others'
| | 141815 [matz ruby-la] I am almost sure.  The model will be changed, after we settled "the
| | + 141818 [lyndon.samso] For the pot :-)
| | + 141975 [ilias lazari] You cannot settle on a (concise) term, when you don't know the
| + 141697 [craig-duncan] I would assume that this has already been considered and (long ago) discarded.
| + 141703 [glenn.parker] Mind you, when Ilias is active in a thread, I generally delete it
| | 141727 [agorilla gma] +1
| + 141704 [glyconis gma] How about "self"?
| | 141706 [ruby-ml magi] I would say to call it #id, but that is already taken :)
| + 141709 [angus quovad] [Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@ruby-lang.org>, 2005-05-08 17.13 CEST]
| | 141710 [hal9000 hype] I think it almost fits.
| | + 141713 [xsltguru gma] From 'singular', 'solo' popped into my head...
| | + 141715 [matz ruby-la] - singular
| |   + 141719 [dblack wobbl] But can I forgive you for not mentioning my idea? :-)  It was "own
| |   | 141748 [matz ruby-la] Oops.
| |   | 141810 [matz ruby-la] I was lost in finding proper place in RubyGarden Wiki.  Sigh.
| |   | 141838 [gavin refine] and linked it from http://rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyWishList for now.
| |   | 141841 [gavin refine] OK, I'm done throwing content into that page. Those still interested
| |   | + 141853 [ruby-ml magi] I tossed in one additional suggestion, #mu.
| |   | | + 141858 [halostatue g] ...which leads to #muumuu -- the sort of thing you only wear around the house ;)
| |   | | + 141860 [chneukirchen] Does a cow have buddha nature?
| |   | | | 141866 [ruby-ml magi] The more important question: does Buddha have a cow nature?
| |   | | + 142112 [dagbrown LAR] No.
| |   | |   142114 [ruby-ml magi] #pouch :)
| |   | |   142118 [logancapaldo] #pouch keeps growing on me. go pouch!
| |   | |   + 142119 [spoooq gmail] its not a bloody kangaroo :P
| |   | |   + 142143 [dblack wobbl] I know this is a name brainstorming thing, not an implementation
| |   | + 141988 [ilias lazari] can you please place a link to this thread (ruby-talk archives)?
| |   + 141722 [batkins57 gm] Perhaps reflexive class?
| |   + 141742 [ilias lazari] Can someone possibly create a page with the entries below and the
| |   | 141990 [ilias lazari] ...
| |   + 141756 [logancapaldo] Just to throw in another one, perhaps "personal class"?
| |   + 141759 [craig-duncan] <long list of possible name and other thoughts snipped>
| |   + 141773 [jlsysinc all] mataclass - sounds meta and but eponymously named.
| |   + 141791 [hal9000 hype] I did not realize the list was so long.
| |   + 141802 [martindemell] I like the idea of using a single, invented word rather than a two word
| |     141862 [lukfugl gmai] +1
| |     141864 [ruby.brian g] +1 ich auch
| + 141734 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Abstract \Ab"stract`\, n. [See {Abstract}, a.]
|   141735 [mrcode netro] I think that has a greater chance of confusion than the current
|   141750 [halostatue g] And, the singleton class of an object is anything but abstract -- it
+ 141731 [ilias lazari] this results in the following template, where you can insert the
+ 141771 [ilias lazari] this method is privat    - to the object
+ 142010 [ilias lazari] exclusive