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^ Job openings for scientifically-oriented programmers
140266 [bior_jobs ya] and Outcomes Research, Washington University School of Medicine, St.
140288 [damorgan x.w] Spamming comp.databases.oracle.server is not appropriate.

^ Re: thread question
140267 [Peter.Fitzgi] I hope that every programmer truly realizes that Win*, Mac* and *nix are NOT real-time-os.  On all of these os', a second is not the standardized second, and the practical 'clock tick' is by no means absolutely a specific count of milliseconds.
140280 [bob.news gmx] "Peter Fitzgibbons" <Peter.Fitzgibbons@lakewoodhomes.net> schrieb im
140287 [ruby.brian g] Yes, and additionally I meant that I only proposed a one second pause

^ Re: TIMTOWTDI letter permutation
140270 [Peter.Fitzgi] Within each block of 6, you have 2 permutations starting with each of
140312 [martindemell] ...

^ string#fmt - breaking lines (no indent)
140291 [ jupp gmx.de] After some trouble with mail programs not supporting "format=flowed" I
+ 140300 [Ara.T.Howard] for anyone wanting to make a really robust version i'm contributing my code to
+ 140375 [nobu.nokada ] wrap.rb <http://www.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/rough/lib/wrap.rb>

^ tulsa.rb
140301 [timmorgan.or] We're looking for Tulsa Rubyists to create a Tulsa Ruby Brigade. This
+ 140305 [tanner.burso] Is Stillwater close enough? :)
| + 140308 [pat.eyler gm] That depends on you.  :)   I used to live in Joplin, MO and would have
| + 140322 [james graypr] That's pretty close to me in Edmond, OK.  About a 45 minute drive.
| + 140324 [timmorgan.or] As pate said, that's up to you. It's "Tulsa" in name, but I don't think
+ 141166 [timmorgan.or] A Google Group has been set up for Tulsa.rb. If you're even remotely

^ Deep copy?
140306 [andrew walro] Is there a deep copy function that I've missed somehow? (dup and clone are
+ 140310 [lyndon.samso] The idiom of choice seems to be to use Marshall instead.
+ 140311 [vjoel PATH.B] Marshal is a little less wrong than YAML, and it is AFAIK the most
  140316 [transfire gm] ruby-talk:64146 is from over 2 years ago. I wonder if any progress on
  140448 [bob.news gmx] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Installing all gems
140307 [google infor] I've tried a couple of times to install all the rubygems packages.
+ 140333 [lyle.johnson] I don't doubt your word that you've run across some broken or
+ 140343 [agorilla gma] Somebody's gotta ask the obvious question... Why would you want to?
  140624 [google infor] My goal is not just to make trouble, nor do I just want to have more toys

^ Seattle.rb Meeting Tonight
140309 [ryand-ruby z] I've been on a weird tear the last couple of days... as a result, I

^ ruby-gnome2 website down
140313 [joevandyk gm] (eval):3782:in `load': compile error
140317 [tokikenshi g] That happens once in a while. It's up again.

^ Debugger performance
140315 [jlam iunknow] ruby -r debug -rubygems foo.rb
140357 [mailinglists] There is no real chance for the ruby debugger. But you can try the
+ 140530 [usenet andre] How much slower than ruby without a debugger is that?
| 140573 [llothar web.] Do the simple test. Just assign an empty trace function via the
+ 140623 [google infor] I have looked at the performance problems with debug.rb, (the slowness

^ [ANN] Su Doku 0.0.2 (beta2) in Ruby
140323 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Su Doku (Numbers Solitary) puzzle implemented in Ruby with ANSI/console

^ Re: Emacs vs. VI vs. IDE
140332 [mailinglists] As a 10 year hardcore emacs user (and with my academic background in
140355 [aredridel gm] anything out
140359 [kyu console-] One feature i find vi/nvi/vim/whatever is lacking is the ability to have
+ 140365 [tsuraan xyon] That's definitely a weak point of vim.  There's a python script that
| 140456 [joevandyk gm] Perhaps you mean something different, but wouldn't
| + 140462 [ksruby gmail] You can do :shell, but currently it's impossible to switch between the
| + 140480 [tsuraan xyon] What emacs lets you do is have a split screen, where one buffer is
|   140486 [imifumei ima] what features do a "properly embedded shell" have that a simple
|   + 140503 [tsuraan xyon] Probably not a lot.  Sometimes when I'm coding, I'll have the screen
|   | 140513 [Ara.T.Howard] open up a screen session (man screen) and you can have both a console and vim
|   | 140739 [wmorgan-ruby] Well now. This is about the most useful thing I've seen all year.
|   + 140725 [wmorgan-ruby] For languages with an interactive environment (like Ruby (irb) and R), a
|     140734 [msparshatt y] You can do this using inf-ruby.el
+ 140370 [ysantoso-rub] (defvar ys::eshell-wins nil)
| 140461 [kyu console-] That's 1000000000000x better, thanks! :)
+ 140380 [martindemell] ...
| 140391 [horacio.lope] ...
| + 140392 [martindemell] ...
| | 140405 [Richard_Dale] As it's a Kate part you can use it in KDevelop as well as Kate. I haven't
| | + 140435 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Yes! kate has ruby syntax highlighting.
| | | 140436 [Richard_Dale] Yes, but I meant the kyzis Kate plugin, not the standard Kate KPart.
| | + 140511 [langstefan g] It has the same syntax highlighting files as Kate, including one for Ruby.
| + 140400 [malteNOSPAM ] I'd really love to see something like this for Gnome and Ruby instead of
| + 140491 [langstefan g] AFAIK this project is abandoned :(
+ 140795 [aredridel gm] That's what C-z is for!
  140796 [aredridel gm] That's what C-z is for!
  140875 [chneukirchen] Except vim won't interpret that if in insert mode, or is that configurable?
  140977 [snowzone5 ho] all my code is text so yes, i want to edit it efficiently.

^ stupid question
140334 [joevandyk gm] How can I neatly iterate from 0 to some number (either pos or neg)
+ 140335 [hal9000 hype] I think there's a Fixnum#step or something.
+ 140336 [rasputnik he] rasputnik$ ri Numeric#step
| 140338 [james graypr] rng.step(n=1) {| obj | block }    => rng
| 140352 [joevandyk gm] But that only goes up, right?
| 140433 [rasputnik he] Apparently so -
| 140451 [kristof vlee] Worthy of a RCR?
| + 140453 [joevandyk gm] I dunno.  In my case, I have to check to see if what I want to iterate
| + 140454 [ksruby gmail] irb(main):001:0> 100.step(0, -10){|i| puts i}
+ 140337 [me jasonyano] 0.step(550,100) { |i| puts i }

^ ruby static typing
140340 [google infor] typing system for ruby. I never quite finished it all, but I'd appreciate
+ 140344 [cmills frees] appreciate
+ 140348 [dblack wobbl] Please look at: http://www.rcrchive.net/rejected.html#rcr120.  The
| 140393 [lyndon.samso] It would be nice to have a statically typed Interface of some sort
| 140404 [dblack wobbl] I question whether a tool can analyze the capabilities of an object
| + 140409 [lyndon.samso] Thanks for the dense ( in a good way :-) ) response.
| | + 140422 [florgro gmai] It has been suggested before that the right way of doing interface
| | + 140586 [kero chello.] Anonymous classes, remove/undef_method, method_missing (and eval to
| + 140516 [ggg ser1.net] extent
+ 140446 [bob.news gmx] "caleb clausen" <google@inforadical.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  140458 [mrcode netro] I agree. Let me segway into a story related to this that I hope you will
  + 140459 [lyndon.samso] Well to be fair, I never asked for the entire language to change its
  | 140483 [mrcode netro] This is probably a naive implementation of what you described above (and
  + 140517 [tom infoethe] I'm sure Hal would agree with that!  :-)

^ instance/class_eval
140350 [lists bertra] how can I find out what my current class context is?
140429 [transfire gm] C.instance_eval { self } == C.class_eval { self }

^ Cloning SWIG wrapped C++ classes
140354 [gfb tonesoft] I have a simple C++ class that I want to use in Ruby. I wrapped it with

^ RubyGems and RDoc
140360 [james graypr] Is it possible to set RDoc options, like main and title, in a Gem
140363 [assaph gmail] spec.rdoc_options << '--title' << 'Rake -- Ruby Make' <<
140428 [james graypr] I was hunting all over the wiki for that exact link, but just kept

^ Performance question: Rational
140366 [rcole itee.u] I've got a ruby program that's running quite slowly. I ran the profiler
140367 [ruby.brian g] well, just remove the line
140381 [rcole itee.u] I wasn't including 'rational'.
+ 140395 [surrender_it] yes, and we love that :)
| 140397 [timsuth ihug] ...
+ 140396 [timsuth ihug] ...

^ Compressing or modifying exception backtraces
140373 [ruby-talk le] In PageTemplate, a project of mine with Brian Wisti, we provide a
140418 [ruby.brian g] #!/usr/bin/ruby

^ A minor bugfix to irb.rb irb 0.9(02/07/03)
140377 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Here is minor bugfix patch for irb version 0.9(02/07/03) contained in

^ determining when inside 'class << self'
140378 [Ara.T.Howard] i like a method like this
+ 140389 [assaph gmail] Would you settle for testing if you're inside an anonymous class?
| + 140390 [discordantus] To expand on that... metaclasses have a peculiar inspect value. This
| | 140423 [florgro gmai] I'm not sure if you consider this safer, but while you can subclass
| + 140438 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm.  that will probably work.  what i want is something for my attributes
+ 140407 [angus quovad] ["Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov>, 2005-04-29 06.04 CEST]
| 140408 [angus quovad] [Carlos <angus@quovadis.com.ar>, 2005-04-29 12.33 CEST]
+ 140419 [g_ogata optu] #include "ruby.h"
+ 140442 [lthiryidontw] Sorry for the newbie question, but what does this mean?
| 140467 [florgro gmai] class << obj enters the idioclass of an object which is a class that
| 140499 [discordantus] The class << obj notation can be used in ways that you might not
| 140514 [lthiryidontw] Yeah, great. :)
+ 140445 [bob.news gmx] "Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 140498 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm.  i like this more than the pure matching version - which seemed a bit
| 140535 [dave burt.id] ...
+ 140509 [transfire gm] Have not tested thouroughly but...

^ GeoIP gem updated.
140379 [no spam.plea] Folk,
140399 [mneumann nte] This is because here in Karlsruhe is one of the biggest (the biggest?) hosting

^ Math::Infinity and Math::NaN
140383 [martindemell] ...
+ 140384 [transfire gm] The new version of Facets (0.7) has an Infinity class. Of course due
| 140385 [martindemell] ...
| 140417 [florgro gmai] Having them implemented in a custom way would let you use them portably.
+ 140387 [discordantus] This has been talked about a few times before on the list... I think I

^ Inverting a regular expression?
140388 [Harry_Ohlsen] A colleague of mine just asked me whether it was possible to invert an
+ 140403 [wonado donne] ...
| 140421 [eric_mahurin] The problem with trying to do this is the length to consider a
+ 140424 [florgro gmai] /(?!#{re}).{#{match_length}}/
+ 140427 [james graypr] Switch from =~ to !~?  :)
+ 140434 [mailing-list] Well, we have to remember that regular languages are closed under
| + 140440 [warrenb Time] Harry,
| + 140466 [mailing-list] And it can be done with String#split, as Warren Brown pointed out,
| + 140502 [glyconis gma] Hmm...  I'm not sure this is true.  As I recall, a language accepted
|   140522 [mailing-list] Sure, they're equivalent.  That parentheses was false, sorry.  However,
+ 140800 [assaph gmail] an

^ Error in profiler
140401 [matt.mower g] I have some code which I wanted to run under the profiler but it's
140449 [ocean m2.ccs] This error was reported at [ruby-core:4775], and I posted patch at [ruby-core:4793].
140464 [matt.mower g] Thanks for your answer and sending the patch.  I'm afraid that I
140537 [ocean m2.ccs] ...
+ 140548 [ocean m2.ccs] ...
| 140595 [ocean m2.ccs] ...
+ 140590 [matt.mower g] Many thanks, the patched version works a treat ;-)

^ {installer} Why is zlib.so under site_ruby?
140413 [curt hibbs.c] ...

^ [QUIZ] Barrel of Monkeys (#30)
140425 [james graypr] ...
+ 140538 [dave burt.id] ...
| 140547 [gavin refine] Ooh, that would be another cool flavor, aye.
+ 140552 [agorilla gma] Any suggestions for an easy to use XML library?  Or for that matter,
  + 140554 [gavin refine] Certainly you can move the library to any format you want, or come up
  | 140555 [mrcode netro] I decided to use REXML as I started working on this quiz, and I must say
  + 140556 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for OT & advertising.
    + 140563 [agorilla gma] Some very cool stuff.  Glad I asked.  I'll poke into it, and REXML as
    + 140622 [ezra yakima-] ...

^ Re: [Re: Emacs vs. VI vs. IDE
140426 [snowzone5 ho] everytime the vim  vs emacs thread comes up i like to make these two
+ 140437 [Ruben.Vandeg] Actually, if you just do M-x eshell, you already have a shell. The
| 140455 [joevandyk gm] I try to keep an open mind about trying new things all the time.  But
| + 140460 [ksruby gmail] I've been long time user of emacs, but finally switched over to using
| + 140582 [Ruben.Vandeg] I've heard before that some people have this problem...
+ 140463 [kyu console-] Err, in emacs to delete 5 lines i would type: C-u 5 c-k, which isn't

^ [ANN] HighLine 0.2.0
140441 [james graypr] =======================
140481 [itsme213 hot] ...
140495 [marcel verni] Yeah, that's what I was thinking this morning...Next time I jump into Cmd I'm
140504 [james graypr] [snip link]

^ SER+Ruby
140447 [mkhan lextra] Is anybody working on SER+Ruby?

^ Creating arbitrary objects
140465 [mithill telu] I've probably overlooked something, and hopefully someone can help me
+ 140473 [james graypr] irb(main):003:0> class_obj = Object.const_get("Array")
| + 140477 [mithill telu] Yes, that is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
| + 140478 [joevandyk gm] Don't you mean Module.const_get()?
| | 140494 [james graypr] Yes, my bad.  Module.const_get() called on Object, is what I meant.
| | 140501 [discordantus] actually, Module#const_get, or Object.const_get, IMHO :)
| | 140506 [kig misfirin] Whoah, how did this escape me for so long!?
| + 140482 [christopher.] If your class is nested in a module or other class, you might want to do
+ 140505 [Ara.T.Howard] def klass_stamp(hierachy, *a, &b)
+ 140527 [mithill telu] Thanks for the responses everyone. I have plenty of new ideas to work

^ method_missing question
140469 [joevandyk gm] Currently, I have a class that has a bunch of methods (that a GUI does
+ 140470 [technoweenie] Why not just call @display.zoom(500)?
| 140472 [joevandyk gm] Because when a GUI button is clicked, I need to call a particular
| 140474 [joevandyk gm] app_window = AppWindow.new
| 140476 [joevandyk gm] Nuts, I tried that, and AppWindow#execute_method is being run at
| + 140489 [curt hibbs.c] How about going back to you method_missing idea, and then in
| + 140492 [pit capitain] You should be able to use method_missing, but you could also do
|   140542 [joevandyk gm] DING DING DING.
+ 140485 [mrcode netro] class Display
+ 140523 [me somewhere] def method_missing(methodname, *args)

^ Fox FXProgressBar refresh issue
140471 [craig.m.mora] ...
140621 [lyle.johnson] No. ;)

^ [ot?] Per-project RubyGem stats
140484 [tom infoethe] Howdy -
+ 140510 [lyle.johnson] Huh. What are these "Rake" and "Rails" gems that are getting so many downloads?
| + 140512 [djberge qwes] Clearly *someone* setup an automatic program to pump their own download
| | 140524 [jim weirichh] I confess.  My autodownload program is called Rails.  Every time someone
| + 140518 [ruby-talk wh] You've got a lot of nerve, Lyle.  This is EXACTLY the kind of trolling
+ 140515 [chadfowler g] Nice, Tom!
  140519 [tom infoethe] Hm, you know, I'm not capturing that in the HTTP logs now... but GForge
  140545 [chadfowler g] What I was hoping for is stats on gems.rubyforge.org.  We report user
  140608 [tom infoethe] Ah, nope, we don't capture that yet in the HTTP logs.  Hm.  I wonder if

^ Realtime Ruby/Tk image display?
140490 [imifumei ima] I have a matrox frame grabber, from which I can grab a 640x480x24bit
+ 140525 [kig misfirin] OpenGL should do pretty well here I think.
+ 140651 [nagai ai.kyu] If you have a video library which can be embedded into the

^ Ruby TK opengl?
140496 [imifumei ima] Possible to use Tk's OpenGL widget?
140652 [nagai ai.kyu] Probably, yes.

^ library for doing html escaping...
140497 [sean ardismg] ...
+ 140500 [phlip_cpp ya] ...
+ 140507 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> CGI::escapeHTML %Q( " )