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^ Re ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140059 [fu.limin.tao] Well, I think the most distinctive feature is the integration of powerful
140256 [donal.k.fell] Ah, the dilemma between whether to create your own or extend what is
140410 [fu.limin.tao] powerful

^ Re [OT] Re: ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140078 [fu.limin.tao] I planed to support native multithreading with pthread libraray, but not too soon.

^ Re: Arachno Ruby IDE 0.5.5 for Linux
140082 [basiibarra y] one potentially dumb question: how do i compile or run ruby scripts
140096 [rob.02004 gm] I haven't implemented those features in the Ruby Editor Plugin for

^ [ANN] Shipping for Ruby
140101 [lucas rufy.c] Shipping is a module that connects APIs for various shippers like UPS
140105 [joevandyk gm] Great!  Does this include tracking?

^ Re ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140103 [fu.limin.tao] There is generator in Tao, but I didn't intend it to be main feature

^ Re: Comments Are More Important Than Code
140110 [dfayram gmai] I actually sat down and read this artcile. I'm blown away by some of
+ 140116 [sy1235 gmail] Well said.
| 140118 [barry anglei] Wow, and I was wondering where the phrase "code monkey" came from!
| + 140122 [dfayram gmai] Well, Barry. I can understand what you're saying, but....
| | 140128 [barry anglei] But the place for whys is not in the code. The
| | + 140130 [dfayram gmai] If you've got requirements that extend to that level of the software,
| | | 140133 [barry anglei] The legacy code I've worked with comes mostly without comments and
| | | 140153 [dfayram gmai] Go to http://ar.rubyonrails.com/classes/ActiveRecord/Base.html and just
| | | 140165 [james_b neur] Hence the five or so Rails books due this summer.
| | | 140170 [mrcode netro] Most people prefer paper to a computer monitor, and since Rails has become
| | | 140203 [james_b neur] Oh, I'm sure there's some money to be made,  but the books are not
| | | 140212 [botp delmont] fwiw.
| | + 140131 [agorilla gma] But can't ya do that without going to ALL CAPS?  Lighten up, it's a
| |   140150 [peter.kwangj] I think this illustrates the difference between "comments are evil" and
| + 140126 [billk cts.co] ... "Yeahbut."  I'd take a completely undocumented codebase
+ 140137 [james_b neur] Hmm.  I often see code as being documentation dumbed-down enough for
| 140141 [dfayram gmai] I am sitting on a bench at a train station next to you. We are both
| + 140146 [james_b neur] I generally find argument by non sequitur unpersuasive.
| | + 140149 [peter.kwangj] Yes, but this code does not lie about what it *does*.  (Though, in all
| | + 140152 [jim freeze.o] I don't follow this from the previous comments. Unit tests are code,
| |   140155 [dfayram gmai] tests?
| |   140161 [jim freeze.o] So, I assume I was incorrect when I described 'code not expressing
| |   140162 [jim freeze.o] If you will permit me to philosophize for a minute here.
| |   140168 [mrcode netro] I was not wanting to jump into this thread, but I found Jim's message
| |   140177 [jim freeze.o] Come on in. The water's fine.
| + 140160 [jeremy chaos] ...
| | 140163 [dfayram gmai] Well played!
| + 140221 [peter semant] However code is only authoritive about what it does, not what it should
+ 140147 [james_b neur] Yeah; I've written lots of code that, um worked.   It just  worked at
  140154 [dfayram gmai] So documentation would solve this problem? I don't think so. Unit tests
  140166 [james_b neur] Maybe.  Certainly, running code is no proof of anything other than that
  + 140176 [dfayram gmai] Which is more proof than anything documentation an ever give you. I can
  | + 140201 [james_b neur] Just so we're clear, my positing a situation, asserting an observation,
  | + 140325 [emschwar pob] How will you know if it's the test or the code that's broken?  Without
  |   140326 [lorenzo_jorq] ...
  |   140329 [lorenzo_jorq] ...
  |   140358 [snail objmed] Lorenzo Jorquera <lorenzo_jorquera@yahoo.com> writes
  |   140416 [lorenzo_jorq] ...
  |   140533 [dfayram gmai] At what point did such a claim become fact? As much as I may believe
  |   140534 [pete petta-t] I don't think he's talking about development philosophy; it looks like
  |   140588 [ jimm io.com] No, it's not. Comments tell you what the programmer thought the code
  + 140200 [maslists cox] I agree.  Steve McConnell in "Code Complete" illustrates the idea of
    + 140230 [adelle bulle] That sums up my policy.
    | 140245 [snail objmed] Yes. I think one of the things that gets commenting a bad name is stupid
    + 140284 [dfayram gmai] That
    + 140577 [twa post.com] On the other hand having the loop in a method called report_formatter
      140579 [jlsysinc all] Actually you touch on an interesting point.  At thet time of the change

^ Re: Shipping for Ruby
140111 [lucas rufy.c] It will soon. Feel free to chip in patches by working on the subversion
140125 [ruby-ml magi] I will note it here, just in case: I tentatively promised

^ Rdoc constants annoyances...
140123 [halostatue g] I'm wondering if others are experiencing these and if you've found a

^ wxRuby and wxWidgets 2.6.0
140129 [nospam nospa] Is anyone successfully using wxRuby with wxWidgets 2.6.0 (new stable

^ Ruby/SDL + OS X 10.3
140134 [kig misfirin] Is there any reasonably simple way to get ohai's Ruby/SDL working on
140314 [ryand-ruby z] Last time I tried it didn't work, but it has been at least 6 months...

^ Rails: Multi-Column Primary Key for ActiveRecord
140135 [brian.takita] Is there a way to set an ActiveRecord object to point to a table with a
+ 140279 [brian.takita] I get the impression that the current implementation does not support a
| 140281 [brian.takita] This is regarding ActiveRecord 1.10.1
+ 140320 [david loudth] Not really, no. Active Record was designed for a single column
  + 140833 [brian.takita] David,
  + 140834 [brian.takita] David,

^ [RubyConf] CORRECTION: hotel phone number for reservations
140139 [dblack wobbl] Francis H. spotted a mistake in the phone number I posted.  I'm

^ Newbie question: Simple Ruby Date Question
140142 [matthias.lue] ########
+ 140158 [mrcode netro] class Date
+ 140252 [kjana dm4lab] Rather functional than rubyish though....
  140342 [matthias.lue] Thanks !
  140351 [ruby.brian g] The version of Kazuhisa is not that hard to understand.

^ cursor/stream/c++ iterator class?
140148 [eric_mahurin] I've read a few discussions/comparisons between enumerators
140208 [neoneye gmai] Simon Strandgaard
140262 [eric_mahurin] Thanks Simon.  I just looked through what you have.  You gave
140289 [neoneye gmai] True, I didn't made mine for speed.
140302 [eric_mahurin] For collections that can contain nil, you'll have to pass the
140304 [neoneye gmai] Watch out not putting too much behavior in a single function :-)
140328 [eric_mahurin] I know.  I've been thinking about which way (many methods or a

^ Re: [SOLUTION] HighLine (#29) [LONG]
140156 [sean pytyger] # This solution provides a framework for handling user input at a higher level
140194 [james graypr] Wow.  I'm looking through this a bit to see what you've done here.
140346 [sean pytyger] require 'highline'
140443 [james graypr] [snip great examples]

^ Rake help required
140157 [probertm acm] I am not sure how to create a set of Rake rules to do the following.  Can
+ 140169 [langstefan g] desc "Build foo."
+ 140193 [jim weirichh] I think the following Rakefile will do what you want.  I added extensive
  + 140196 [ruby-ml magi] This subfolder-sourcing seems like a common usage pattern,
  + 140205 [probertm acm] Many thanks, Jim.

^ General Questions
140167 [jason smiths] I have a couple general questions about Ruby.
+ 140171 [mailinglists] If the page is lightweight and does just af few simple string
+ 140172 [james graypr] For ten hits a minute?  A very, very slow language can keep up with
+ 140173 [ruby-ml magi] A recent test by a Java developer showed that the Rails framework
  140174 [jason smiths] ...
  140368 [jason smiths] I am not a developer and am looking for other people's experiences.
  + 140369 [james graypr] It is and I'm afraid you can't honestly expect much of an answer.
  + 140371 [ezra yakima-] If you are talking about some medium scale dynamic php/mysql websites
  + 140457 [joevandyk gm] Generic answer: No.

^ OSX drag and drop with ruby?
140178 [tsuraan xyon] I'm wondering if there's a global variable or something that can tell
+ 140207 [logancapaldo] Well just for kicks I tried to figure out if there is one.... I then
| 140218 [dave.baldwin] Change it's extension name to command (i.e. test.rb becomes
| 140361 [schlu-do gmx] ...
+ 140248 [feet att.net] tsuraan,
  140259 [tsuraan xyon] I'm not sure what that means, but I'll ask google :)  It sounds
  140260 [feet att.net] I think you can find an example in the sample chapter of Adam

^ Scanning a String
140179 [basiibarra y] How do I scan a string for a pattern and process it when found? For
140183 [nseckar gmai] some_string.gsub(/([aeiou])([aeiou])/) {|match| $1 + "'" + $2}
140186 [dblack wobbl] (You don't really need the block arg (match) :-)
+ 140189 [basiibarra y] David,
+ 140191 [nseckar gmai] Good point :-)
| 140217 [bob.news gmx] "Nicholas Seckar" <nseckar@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 140232 [dblack wobbl] Why do you consider that more correct?
| | 140234 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 140240 [dblack wobbl] If you're talking about double quotes then clearly it has to be "\\1".
| | 140244 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 140261 [ruby-ml magi] Single quotes, herr Klemme! '\1\'\2' works fine.
+ 140231 [dblack wobbl] I managed to omit the " before pious... and also, I didn't actually

^ Re: Reporting Ruby Bugs
140180 [botp delmont] #And don't forget to demand an apology.

^ [ANN] Omaha, NE Ruby User's Group First Meeting
140181 [blainebuxton] I am proud to announce a new user group, Omaha, NE Ruby User's Group. Our
+ 140182 [pat.eyler gm] Makes me wish I was in Omaha.
+ 140508 [brian.wisti ] I'm tempted to tell my Dad and brother about this, since they both

^ Rails + Amrita, Rails + XTemplate?
140185 [greg puyo.cj] Has anybody thought about putting Amrita/XTemplate support in Rails?
140199 [jeff.barczew] I believe David has added support for templating into rails based on
140204 [greg puyo.cj] Aha! I see the hooks now. Yes, these could be used with XTemplate quite

^ Hash as Checklist
140187 [basiibarra y] I need to check if a word is in a list. I'm using hash because the
+ 140190 [assaph gmail] array).
+ 140192 [jeremy bitsw] require 'set'
| 140198 [basiibarra y] Thanks to both Assaph and Jeremy for the quick reply. This is just what
+ 140211 [bsd.SANSPAM ] A hash have to store "key" => value pairs, how will be more efficient
  140253 [ruby.brian g] because Array lookups are O(n) and Hash lookups should be O(1). To

^ I need a formula parser
140202 [djberg96 hot] I'm slowly but surely working on the next major release of my
+ 140215 [lyndon.samso] Sounds like another fine RubyQuiz!!!
| 140242 [james graypr] I miss Parse::RecDescent myself, but porting it is not exactly a quiz
| 140249 [lyndon.samso] I meant a generic formula parser
| 140250 [james graypr] Okay, that makes more sense.  Write it up and send it in...  :)
+ 140246 [sdmitry lrn.] Did you check http://rubyforge.org/projects/lxl/ ?
| 140264 [kh newclear.] ...
| 140271 [eric_mahurin] I posted this message a couple weeks ago.  The example contains
+ 140282 [cmills frees] enjoy,
+ 140319 [vjoel PATH.B] Might help...
  140414 [g_ogata optu] I have a more complete C parser at cast.rubyforge.org, if it's not too

^ Ruby and IDE
140216 [the_mindstor] I expect that this topic to have been discussed way to many times on the ml, so I would like to
+ 140223 [mailinglists] No they do not. I'm really surprised how hostile some ruby developers
| 140247 [lists halffu] Just to chime in my opinion... I'm not "hostile" to IDEs, I've given them=
| + 140258 [joost zeekat] My main problem with IDE's is that they take up too much resources
| + 140398 [r_mueller im] " smart mapping for tab completion
+ 140224 [tokikenshi g] We're not a craving bunch. Hacking in such a wonderful language is good
| 140227 [the_mindstor] My current project (Java) size: aprox.2000 classes. I don't think this is nice manageable in a vim
| + 140228 [Richard_Dale] I'm not sure what you mean here, which features in KDevelop were lacking?
| | + 140229 [sjc2000_uk y] Yeah, I know the syndrome. My mega app (something like
| | | 140233 [the_mindstor] I will take this as a joke for the moment ;-). Even at a scale of 1:20 lines, managing 20k lines of
| | + 140294 [paulha aracn] Isn't the thing that makes code completion difficult the fact that most
| |   + 140303 [Richard_Dale] No, the problem is that often you can't tell the type of a ruby variable
| |   | 140327 [mailinglists] Almost all PHP projects i know are functional. So you don't have a
| |   | 140330 [Richard_Dale] No, the KDevelop class browser isn't very clever at all, just some regular
| |   + 140339 [tsuraan xyon] Not sure what a "project" is in this context, but I think the real
| |     140356 [mailinglists] You are right for things like SOAP or any other (distributed) technique
| |     140372 [botp delmont] John Wells [mailto:lists@sourceillustrated.com]
| + 140272 [halostatue g] I'm working on a relatively large project in Ruby -- PDF::Writer.
|   + 140296 [chneukirchen] Well, you obviously forgot that Java forces you to use one file per
|   + 140349 [the_mindstor] Are we questioning here the value of the project? Hmmm... I think this will not solve anything. But
|   | + 140353 [mailinglists] At the moment this is difficult. When i started my IDE i looked for
|   | + 140431 [halostatue g] No. What I'm questioning is how many of those 2,000 classes are
|   |   + 140444 [ruby-talk ba] FYI, the Java version of this construct would look something like,
|   |   | 140450 [halostatue g] public class SimpleTable
|   |   | 140452 [ruby-talk ba] With the above definition, one could say,
|   |   + 140468 [rob.02004 gm] I find the keybindings to syntactic-based code-navigation and
|   |     + 140475 [ksruby gmail] I'm using Intellij IDEA on my full-time job and I definitely can say
|   |     | 140479 [rob.02004 gm] "We don't have a syntactic-based editor for Ruby yet. I think anyone
|   |     + 140487 [halostatue g] Austin Ziegler * halostatue@gmail.com
|   |     + 140488 [halostatue g] (Second try. Sorry about the first, folks.)
|   |       140574 [llothar web.] Oh i can think about a lot more. A good profiler for speed and memory
|   + 140382 [martindemell] ...
|     140432 [halostatue g] I'll have to play with glark, especially since it will work on our
+ 140225 [Richard_Dale] Have a look at Eclipse with the ruby plugin, or KDevelop 3.2 as well.
+ 140241 [rob.02004 gm] Method auto-completion for the core Ruby types will be in the next
| + 140251 [lists source] AMEN!  Everything you've mentioned above makes Eclipse such a powerful
| | + 140273 [rob.02004 gm] 1) It seemed the quickest way for me to implement the features I
| | + 140299 [joevandyk gm] In vim, I put the cursor over the method, hit ctrl-] and i'm taken to
| + 140412 [jeff.barczew] Sounds great Rob! jEdit is a wonderful editor, I've been using it for
+ 140321 [bg-rubytalk ] See, that's the problem.  When you *can* use Emacs or vi decently, the need
| 140341 [guslist free] I am a little bit in the same boat. I regularly try Ruby editors/IDE.
+ 140331 [nospam nospa] Provide specific examples of 'real IDEs'.
  143387 [jussij zeuse] And with the following extra download Zeus will also do Ruby code

^ Re: Ruby is the "Most Loved" programming language
140235 [flaig sancta] ...

^ irb command-line editing
140239 [graham rockc] please.
140255 [surrender_it] I guess you can set up your own inputrc file, since IRB is based on
140274 [graham rockc] I have a .inputrc with precisely that. ESC-k simply echoes.
140277 [graham rockc] PS Sorry to followup on y own post, but when I strace the irb binary, all
140347 [rasputnik he] You need the readline extension - you can get it by going
140394 [graham rockc] Hmmm. make in the ext/readline directory just says "nothing to do".

^ [SUMMARY] HighLine (#29)
140243 [james graypr] ...

^ initital problems with ruby after reading http://poignantguide.net/
140254 [devgmes gmai] after reading http://poignantguide.net/ruby, just installed ruby 182-15
140283 [lukfugl gmai] Both sound like problems with the FreeRIDE environment. Any FreeRIDE

^ Is there a Ruby library that does HTML entity parsing?
140263 [jlam iunknow] Simple stuff like
+ 140268 [jlam iunknow] CGI.escapeHTML and CGI.unescapeHTML are my friends now :)
+ 140269 [skellock gma] John,
  140278 [jlam iunknow] Steve, I've been using the URI lib quite a bit, but it doesn't parse entities. One feature that would be nice to add is one that calculates the URL for the directory that contains a document, given its complete URL.
  140285 [kig misfirin] File.dirname "http://foo.com/bar/stuff.html"
  140286 [jlam iunknow] Thanks for the pointer, Ilmari! Just checked and it works fine under Windows.
  140292 [joeobjo yaho] File.dirname("http://foo.com/bar/doc.html"),
  140374 [botp delmont] #File.dirname "http://foo.com/bar/stuff.html"