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ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
139890 [fu.limin.tao] Dear all,
+ 139893 [ilias.lazari] I will prepare some questions, if you do not mind ...
| + 139895 [joaopedrosa@] [Here put some Hitchcock or Shark suspense music...]
| | 139901 [surrender_it] I have been laughing for ~4 minutes withouth any stop, thank you :)
| + 140007 [fu.limin.tao] Or simply send me email :)
+ 139964 [knode.wants.] In all sincerity, sounds like you described PHP.  What does Tao have that
| + 139976 [none@no e. a] Best defined as an AFL ( Another F&%$ing Language ).
| + 139982 [chernyshevsk] + Some C++ types are provided for transparent passing Tao types to C++
+ 140003 [julian@we pu] That logo cracks me up. A button with a pair of underpants on it!??
+ 140039 [spamtrap@li ] How nice. What does it have to do with Icon?
| 140043 [lists@ha ff ] And what does *that* have to do with Ruby?  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
+ 140049 [cbbrowne@ca ] From what I can see, most of the interesting features of Icon are left
| 140052 [donal.k.fell] That's funny because I see generators and continuations in there, at
+ 140290 [ jupp@gm .d ] Up to now I thought that scripting languages by definition have
  + 140293 [djberge@qw s] I think that's a bit harsh.  While I've never created my own programming
  | + 140295 [lists@so rc ] Exactly.  And if everyone had taken the "improve existing" attitude, we'd
  | + 140420 [ jupp@gm .d ] I do not criticize(sp?) the invention of a new programming language.
  |   140439 [lyndon.samso] Lucky Matz didn't think like that :-)
  + 140402 [fu.limin.tao] Yes I also think text processing is a basic and indispensable feature
    140493 [ jupp@gm .d ] Yes, I think so. Tao is meant to be a bioinformatics swiss army knife
    140583 [fu.limin.tao] Yes, I forgot to mention their drawbacks.  Now I
    140637 [fu.limin.tao] Yes, there are mailing list and forums on sourceforge.net for

Re: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
139892 [Daniel.Berge] Interesting.  Sorta looks like a cross between C++ and Perl, though less
+ 139921 [NOSPAM.Lhota] What! No backtracking and goal-driven evaluation?!
| 140006 [fu.limin.tao] Currently no.
+ 140005 [fu.limin.tao] In some sense, yes, in some aspects Tao is similar some other

training for Ruby in NYC or Chicago area?
139905 [shahbazc@gm ] I wasn't able to find any training for Ruby (and Ruby on rails) on the
139906 [jeremy@bi sw] I (and many others) highly recommend Tobias Luetke for a Ruby on Rails

Another Perl/Java take on Ruby
139912 [pat.eyler@gm] I've known Phil for a long time, but kind of missed his foray into
139948 [daniel.amela] Dan

Clearing StringIO
139916 [james@gr yp ] I'm working with StringIO to write some test code and it is behaving
+ 139917 [ruby-ml@ma i] Le 26/4/2005, "James Edward Gray II" <james@grayproductions.net> a
| + 139919 [binkley@al m] truncate - truncate a file to a specified length
| + 139922 [james@gr yp ] Thanks for the tip.
| + 139967 [alex@ve k. n] rewind is slightly better than seek 0
+ 139923 [Ara.T.Howard] [ahoward@localhost ~]$ env PAGER=cat man truncate | grep pointer
  139924 [binkley@al m] This is highly system-dependent (although I am unable to tell if the

How to neatly handle multiple checkboxes with Rails
139927 [ehames@gm il] This weekend, I have a written my first Rails application to handle
140430 [gavin@re in ] The functionality of checkboxes is the same as that of a
144935 [michael.camp] Quite a bit, yeah.  Gavin, I'm old, so go slow, but you've completely lost me.
144944 [info@my we s] I think the name should be object[method][] or something like that,

Reporting Ruby Bugs
139930 [mls83@pa be ] Where do I report Ruby bugs? I checked the FAQ for this news group,
+ 139933 [tom@in oe he] an email is automatically sent to the ruby-core mailing list with a link
| 139934 [tom@in oe he] Of course, if you don't receive a followup, you may want to subscribe to
| + 139939 [mls83@pa be ] Thanks,
| + 140017 [martindemell] And don't forget to demand an apology.
+ 139936 [sastph@sa .c] One place is http://rubyforge.org/

Re: One-Click Ruby Installer 182-15 for Windows
139937 [doodpants@ma] Ok, I downloaded the installer .exe file. I double-clicked the file to
+ 139940 [mailinglists] You only need one click to do the installation - after you finished
+ 139944 [curt@hi bs c] Yep, I've had the same thought myself... I just decided not to point it

Is Ruby grammar context free?
139941 [peter.kwangj] Something that came up while discussing Ruby parsing brought this to my
+ 139942 [binkley@al m] Ye, gods--it's Perl!  :)
+ 139945 [peter.kwangj] Okay, this part is probably context free.  I can come up with a context
| 139949 [emschwar@po ] X -> S2
| 139953 [peter.kwangj] No they're not!  The whole point is to show that you can have a
| 140095 [emschwar@po ] Okay, I freely confess to maybe just being pig-ignorant here, but if I
| 140112 [peter.kwangj] c is matched with d.  If there is no c, there is no d, and vice versa.
| 140115 [emschwar@po ] But they're both optional-- you can generate the string 'aa bb' from
| 140144 [peter.kwangj] Oh, I thought you were saying, it was *only* that language.
+ 139946 [jlsysinc@al ] I just noticed it also breaks operator continuation.
| 139986 [jim@we ri hh] myfunc(<<"THIS", 23, <<'THAT') +
| 140004 [jlsysinc@al ] Oh it is actually consistent then.
+ 139960 [mailing-list] C isn't context-free either,

Ruby is the "Most Loved" programming language
139943 [curt@hi bs c] Ruby is loved 3 times more than Python and a whopping 50 times more than
139996 [lyndon.samso] my my, what would Jung have to say about loving an abstract entity
140056 [hal9000@hy e] Heh heh... Well, I'm not Jung (IANCJ) but I am Jung at heart...

Ruby CVS and YARV
139950 [daniel.amela] I've got a job for YARV, but it seems that I have to wait until ruby
139962 [nobu.nokada@] cvsup is alive.
139963 [daniel.amela] Hey Nobu,
+ 139965 [daniel.amela] Whoops, just realized that you meant 'use cvsup instead'. Gotcha.
| 139969 [daniel.amela] Anyone interested in getting YARV working with ruby via cvsup, email
+ 139968 [nobu.nokada@] Not cvs, cvsup.

Precompiling Ruby programs
139954 [lists@so rc ] Guys,
+ 139959 [david.mitche] We have an internal tool with a lot of dependencies: wxRuby, SSL
| 139961 [david.mitche] One problem, just realised the ruby source is stored verbatim inside the
+ 140090 [pbrannan@at ] [pbrannan@zaphod tmp]$ cat test.rb
  140102 [discordantus] cheers,

[OT] Re: Precompiling Ruby programs
139966 [Ara.T.Howard] this doesn't make me feel too comfortable
139974 [lists@so rc ] Yes...you're right.  Bytecode is essentially reversible.  However, note I
139977 [mailinglists] Don't use the exe converters that other persons mentioned. In a previous discussion
140026 [lists@so rc ] So essentially, you're saying yes, it is possible, but man...not easy ;).
140029 [lyndon.samso] There is a ruby to c converter, native binaries are much harder to
140065 [sy1235@gm il] Use a ruby to windows executable (i.e. tar2rubyscript[1] and

"Metaclass" Name Survey
139972 [transfire@gm] I'm taking a vote/survey on what would be the best method name for
+ 139973 [lthiryidontw] I voted for
| 140001 [ruby-talk@wh] Come on: catself.
| + 140002 [lucsky@ma .c] Sure, but I'll need an aspirin first... :p
| + 140057 [hal9000@hy e] Sorry, but they all just had aneurysms.
|   140066 [ruby-talk@wh] Having an aneurysm during an argument has got to be the OLDEST strawman
+ 140018 [martindemell] I voted for #sclass ('self class', 'special class', 'shadow class',
| 140020 [lyndon.samso] gumbyclass
+ 140114 [g_ogata@op u] Does any other language have this feature?
| 140117 [agorilla@gm ] In honor of Ilias, I propose....
+ 140151 [wmorgan-ruby] I voted for awesomeclass. Because they're awesome.

[OT] Re: ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
139975 [Ara.T.Howard] integrated objects for numerical processing.
140015 [mailinglists] Do you really think that somebody uses PHP for numerical processing.
140611 [tobias.luetk] Oh. like linux?
140617 [james_b@ne r] Does this language-that-is-not-Ruby have its own mailing list or

rewriting method_missing
139978 [teeler@gm il] I'm not even sure if this would be possible but I think I need some
139980 [dblack@wo bl] Ruby goes from left to right, so you'll get the nil message if

A little COM, mixins and Ruby go a long way ...
139979 [jlam@iu kn w] ...
139985 [james_b@ne r] Man, ASP.net sites aren't big on friendly URLs, are they?
139988 [jlam@iu kn w] Thanks for the URL! The use of GUIDs is my fault not ASP.NET's :)

memory leak
139981 [joevandyk@gm] Got a memory leak in the following code.. not sure if DRb is necessary
139983 [joevandyk@gm] eek.  copy/paste borked.
140069 [joevandyk@gm] FYI, you'll need SysVIPC installed
+ 140073 [Ara.T.Howard] can you run it under electric fence?
+ 140075 [decoux@mo lo] xcalloc() called without a free(), no ?
  140087 [joevandyk@gm] I saw that.  But I didn't see how it could be free'd (but my C-fu sucks).
  140088 [decoux@mo lo] perhaps use alloca() (with memzero()) rather than malloc().
  140092 [joevandyk@gm] Is that standard practice with Ruby extensions?
  140093 [decoux@mo lo] Only the author of the extension know the response to this question ...
  140097 [joevandyk@gm] Thanks for your help.  I think I fixed it.  I haven't given it hugely

Starting and stopping a child process in Windows
139984 [alex@ve k. n] What is the best / most reliable / most obvious way to start and kill a child process under Windows?
139995 [jlsysinc@al ] You might use CreateProcess from Win32api.
139999 [jlsysinc@al ] Here's a bit of code that partly works.  That is it does get the process id.
+ 140040 [Daniel.Berge] require "win32/process"
| 140047 [nobu.nokada@] $ ruby -v -e 'pid = spawn("cmd.exe"); sleep 3; Process.kill("TERM", pid); puts; p Process.waitpid(pid); p $?'
| 140048 [Daniel.Berge] Which of the many flavors of spawn are you using on Win32?  And how does
| 140050 [nobu.nokada@] Which?  I just use built-in method, and it works on other
| 140051 [Daniel.Berge] _spawn, _spawnl, _spawnle, _spawnlpe, _spawnv, _spawnve, _spawnvp,
| 140054 [nobu.nokada@] Ah, you're talking about the implementation?  None of them.
+ 141337 [alex@ve k. n] Jon, thank you very much. Your post pointed me at the right direction.

[ANN] ] MemoryProfile A memory usage profiling module. (was memory leak)
139987 [john.carter@] Try
139991 [Ara.T.Howard] very cool.  thanks for this.

Opposite of id2name
139997 [adelle@bu le] I would like to know if there is an opposite of id2name?
139998 [daniel.amela] "string".to_sym
140000 [adelle@bu le] Thankyou.  I had been searching the documentation for over an hour, but not
140042 [Ara.T.Howard] string.intern

Re ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140008 [fu.limin.tao] Honest saying, I didn't intend to draw people from other languages, I
140012 [donal.k.fell] In what ways is your language distinctive? How does developing your own
+ 140023 [asnd@tr um .] If it means exponentiation, I'm in favor!  (I haven't looked.)
| 140035 [donal.k.fell] He's doing that, but that means there's no bitwise xor (or other bitwise
+ 140099 [eFGHgrieda78] Yes, my personal opinion is we need less languages, not more.  This industry
  + 140100 [lyndon.samso] Yes, a single implementation of a turning machine made by IBM and
  | 140107 [ruby@cr zy e] Do you mean Turing Machine?
  | 140214 [lyndon.samso] Correct! But no prize sorry. I'd say Doh! but Im too embarassed :-)
  + 140220 [peter@se an ] But then again I'm not too happy with the 'One Ring' approach to

Re ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140009 [fu.limin.tao] I'm glad to know there is somebody like this feature:). This is one of the features

vim-ruby broken?
140011 [ruby.brian@g] Following all the discussion on vim here recently, I wanted to try it
+ 140094 [tilman@co e-] The Vim releases already contain syntax/indent files for Ruby, so you
| 140108 [joevandyk@gm] Doesn't vim-ruby embed a ruby interpreter into vim?  So you can run
| 140113 [langstefan@g] This feature comes with the vim source distribution. You just have to
| 140127 [ruby.brian@g] Thank you all for your answers. I can imagine that vim is not too bad,
| + 140136 [tilman@co e-] set sw=4 " no of spaces for indentation
| | + 140140 [ruby.brian@g] Thanks for the fast reply, but I meant pressing tab to indent a line
| | | + 140143 [tilman@co e-] imap <TAB> <ESC>==i
| | | + 140145 [joevandyk@gm] Generally in vim, stuff just automatically indents itself correctly.
| | |   140195 [spoooq@gm il] Another way to do it is to use visual mode to highlight what you want,
| | + 140226 [bagfields@sp] softtabstop	if non-zero, number of spaces to insert for a <Tab>
| |   140415 [ruby.brian@g] Thanks everybody for your answers. The good thing about editor wars is
| |   140804 [spoooq@gm il] One more, in support of my editor "fetisch"...
| |   140806 [logancapaldo] I always thought a good way to practice playing nethack was to use Vi,
| + 140138 [langstefan@g] set smarttab
| + 140210 [andrew@wa ro] Ctrl-w Ctrl-w  moves between the windows (There are more specific directional
+ 140835 [andrew@wa ro] I assume you are not on Windows? In which case, yes, it is broken. I have

Rails database access problem
140014 [dcorbin@ma h] 1) I've configured my "config/database.xml" adapter to point
140022 [will@wi lj n] ...
140024 [dcorbin@ma h] I don't know if anyone's ever made this observation before, or if it has
140028 [dblack@wo bl] I don't know if it has a name (I never remember these "Law" names
140032 [Stephan.Kaem] This technique to find the answer is called "rubber ducking" - see Dave

[ANN] Arachno Ruby IDE 0.5.6 for Linux
140021 [mailinglists] This is fixed in the new download, there were also minor problems with

ri in irb
140025 [briankbuckle] ...
140030 [threeve.org@] On windows it needs to be ri.bat, just like you should use irb.bat
140034 [briankbuckle] ...

[OT] Comments Are More Important Than Code
140027 [sastph@sa .c] Even if this is not directly about Ruby, both Jeff Raskin and the
+ 140031 [ jimm@io co ] Yes, but...
| + 140041 [james_b@ne r] Ideally, in CDD (comment-driven development), the comments would be
| + 140045 [Ara.T.Howard] - syncing, which you're showing here
| + 140091 [ts_news1@so ] Presumably less code would break if the comment is changed rather than
+ 140036 [bob.news@gm ] "Tim Hunter" <sastph@sas.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 140044 [twa@po t. om] "I discard the radical position taken by proponents of extreme
| 140063 [snail@ob me ] <twa@post.com> writes
| 140104 [twa@po t. om] Kind of, but Raskin was distorting the XP position by putting the quotes
+ 140098 [wonado@do ne] "Tim Hunter" <sastph@sas.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:d4o1i0$bd3$1@license1.unx.sas.com...
+ 140164 [phlip_cpp@ya] I have reported this heretic to the Agile Authorities.

Rails on JRuby?
140033 [lists@so rc ] Guys,
+ 140038 [enebo@ac .o ] As far as I know, no one has looked at this yet.   I am guessing making
| 140074 [lyndon.samso] Would you believe... Rails on DotNet???
+ 140642 [dcorbin@ma h] That would be cool.  It would also make migrating Java web apps much easier.

Re ANN: A new scripting language Tao 0.9.0 beta released!
140037 [fu.limin.tao] Oops, I didn't expect you would think in this way. I wanted people to
140086 [1usa@ll nr c] [ follow-ups set to comp.lang.perl.misc ]

Rails Hosting
140053 [xsltguru@gm ] I've recently picked up a side gig I'm planning to write with Rails
+ 140055 [lyndon.samso] You mention their name 4 times, are you affiliated? :-) Places like
| + 140060 [fernandomart] ...
| | + 140064 [xsltguru@gm ] That would have definitely made this task easier for me. Especially if
| | + 140067 [robby@pl ne ] there seem to be more companies that provide support for Rails nwo as
| |   140070 [xsltguru@gm ] Thanks for the links Robby.
| + 140062 [xsltguru@gm ] hehe, no.  I didn't think I did that...actually went back through and counted.
|   140071 [fernandomart] ...
|   140077 [xsltguru@gm ] If I only had the time, I would.  Right now, the only contributions
+ 140080 [ezra@ya im -] ...
| 140085 [xsltguru@gm ] Thanks for the info Ezra!  That may be the way go.  I was thinking
+ 140120 [jeem.hughes@] Could you come talk to my bosses, please? :)
+ 140175 [horacio.lope] ...

node.h and nd_line
140058 [binkley@al m] I'm interested in adding more precise source location information to
140061 [matz@ru y- a] Line numbers are packed in the flags bits.  It's a trick to save
140068 [binkley@al m] What, then, is the purpose of the nd_line field?  I do not find access
140076 [binkley@al m] I see now.  In the 1.8.2 sources, "int node_line" is still int he
140081 [nobu.nokada@] What file are you seeing?  RNode has never had such field at
140084 [binkley@al m] Drat.  My error.  I had a bad copy from previous edits when I looked