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^ Strange behavior with SimpleDelegator and its Idioclass
139673 [transfire gm] Have a look at this. Run it as is, then unremark the comment section.
+ 139682 [chr_mail gmx] Brownings the source of  the Delegator.rb is becomes clear that
| 139689 [transfire gm] partly that's because it is a simplification of a more generalized
+ 139686 [angus quovad] [Trans <transfire@gmail.com>, 2005-04-25 02.04 CEST]
  139688 [angus quovad] [Carlos <angus@quovadis.com.ar>, 2005-04-25 04.06 CEST]
  139692 [transfire gm] Perhaps I should point out that the strange thing about this is that
  + 139695 [chr_mail gmx] You really have to look at the source code in delegator.rb.
  + 139696 [angus quovad] [Trans <transfire@gmail.com>, 2005-04-25 04.54 CEST]
  | 139698 [transfire gm] Carlos and Christoph,
  + 139697 [chr_mail gmx] ...
    + 139699 [transfire gm] Cranky! Thanks Cristoph! I was just about to take a look at that
    | 139700 [chr_mail gmx] I suppose it wouldn't mess up any thing - but why not create a patch
    | 139743 [transfire gm] Okay, now I'm trying to better understand how delegate.rb works b/c I
    | 139748 [transfire gm] Well, looks like it's a trick of #inspect being redirected (also #to_s,
    + 139734 [transfire gm] def self.#{method}(*args, &block)
      139832 [chr_mail gmx] Yes sorry ...

^ Eclipse... RDT the only game?
139679 [michael.camp] When using eclipse, if I want to do something with Ruby, is RDT the
139683 [djberg96 hot] The only other Ruby related plugin I'm aware of is "Web Publisher".

^ Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
139680 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
139685 [james_b neur] Oh, no doubt.

^ Re: - E04 - Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby's Weakest Point)
139687 [staypufd mac] Slience may lead a quiet mind, but being rude yeilds contempt. From

^ Lalr(n) parsing with reg
139701 [google infor] Yesterday, I introduced my the Ruby Extended Grammar, a pattern
139887 [fgp phlo.org] ...

^ Ruby on the Smalltalk VM?
139703 [vfoley gmail] I just wanted to know if somebody had informations concerning the post
+ 139710 [kig misfirin] That seems to be the project page.
+ 139807 [peter.kwangj] Active development.  We are currently working on a RubyParserInRuby,
+ 139812 [peter.kwangj] Vincent,
  139818 [pat.eyler gm] Are you aware of the Ruby Refactoring Browser?
  139821 [curt hibbs.c] This initial effort was quite laudable, but the project seems to have
  139848 [peter.kwangj] Whereas the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser is extremely powerful, and

^ [ANN| Classifier 1.2 with Bayesian and NEW LSI classification
139706 [lucas rufy.c] You may remember that I announced the Bayesian classifier a couple of
+ 139717 [george.mosch] Thanks for this library! I 'll test this on the first opportunity and
+ 139765 [cc1 cec.wust] This is kind of off topic, but does anyone know if there is an
  + 139771 [lucas rufy.c] If you would like to start this within the classifier framework, shoot
  + 139776 [dfayram gmai] Actually Charles, PCA and LSI are mathmatically related.

^ [EVALUATION] - Closed
139714 [ilias lazari] [EVALUATION] - E04 - Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby's Weakest Point)
139719 [listen marcr] Well, I was pleased to see that your strange postings were often turned into

^ Good rubynewby resource
139715 [lyndon.samso] PLEAC contains a cookbook of common tasks for many different

^ How are Ruby iterators implemented?
139721 [roshanj micr] ...
139727 [halostatue g] What I'm getting ready to tell you is as far as I understand it; it
+ 139737 [bob.news gmx] "Austin Ziegler" <halostatue@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 139756 [chneukirchen] And too slow in the 5% where you need them? }}:-)
  139759 [halostatue g] I wouldn't know. I've not yet needed them ;)

^ Array::new
139724 [jamiehodkins] Just had something unexpected - is this the correct behaviour?
+ 139725 [dave.baldwin] foo = Array.new(3){Array.new}
| 139726 [jamiehodkins] Brilliant, thank you.
+ 139728 [a.r.ferreira] I think these are just the same. Indeed, the object creation ([] or
  139733 [bob.news gmx] "Adriano Ferreira" <a.r.ferreira@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  139735 [gavin refine] Though even then, it would appear (to someone wanting the specific
  139739 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Kistner" <gavin@refinery.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  139805 [dg cs.brown.] Better yet, I think Array.new in the -w mode should check if it got

^ thread question
139742 [joevandyk gm] Every second, a function in the class that's being made available via
139744 [ruby.brian g] update_thread = Thread.new(server) do | s |
139746 [joevandyk gm] I wasn't sure about how the interactions between the threads would
139751 [ruby.brian g] One difference from your whish is, that this calls the function with a
139752 [bob.news gmx] "Brian Schr?der" <ruby.brian@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
139757 [joevandyk gm] That's not an issue.  It seems to work great.  Thanks!

^ tk_optionMenu bug in 1.8.2 (WAS: Re: ruby tk: ruby 1.8.2 bug in TclTkIp with "exit 0" ... ? )
139749 [brett_willia] Many thanks!
139837 [nagai ai.kyu] This is a kind of autoload trouble on Tcl/Tk.
139840 [ocean m2.ccs] Can you show us the script code causing error? (if you don't mind)
+ 139845 [ocean m2.ccs] Sorry, I had to try before asking you.
+ 139846 [nagai ai.kyu] _invoke doesn't call '::unknown' command when the target command
  139873 [nagai ai.kyu] How about the following patch?
  + 139899 [brett_willia] Can't try as anon CVS is locked.  In the 1.8.2 release, wasn't this file
  + 139918 [brett_willia] Ok tracked down the new file and applied the patch.
    + 139989 [nagai ai.kyu] Could you show me your code?
    + 139994 [ocean m2.ccs] Maybe because second argument of TclTkIp.new is nil?
      140010 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm... If so, that is a matter of course.
      140079 [brett_willia] ...
      140106 [ocean m2.ccs] I couldn't reproduce the same error, but another error occured.
      + 140109 [ocean m2.ccs] Sorry, forget about this. bgerror fails anyway ;-(
      + 140119 [brett_willia] Makes no difference, I get the bgerror problem (it happens during the
      + 140188 [nagai ai.kyu] I couldn't too. And couldn't reproduce the another error.
      | 140206 [nagai ai.kyu] Sorry. My tcltklib.so was replaced with 2005-04-26 version.
      | + 141074 [brett_willia] Well, we compiled a much more recent version of tcl, compiled ruby
      | + 141111 [brett_willia] #########################################
      |   141182 [nagai ai.kyu] I can't. (;_;)
      |   141238 [brett_willia] ncc1701d:homes/brettw> ruby -rtk -e 'puts TclTkLib::COMPILE_INFO'
      |   141325 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report.
      + 140197 [nagai ai.kyu] "wait_visibility" is a little danger.

^ irb question
139753 [joevandyk gm] I'd like to be able to run a ruby program that would initialize a few
+ 139755 [ruby.brian g] have a look at breakpoint.rb.
| 139761 [joevandyk gm] % cat t.rb
| 139762 [joevandyk gm] Nevermind... need the extension library.  :-)
| 139823 [assaph gmail] ...
+ 139777 [bob.news gmx] "Joe Van Dyk" <joevandyk@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Get the Current Domain Name in Windows
139758 [brian.takita] I am trying to find out the domain name for the current user.
+ 139770 [mrcode netro] Here is the main problem. You need to pass 0 (or nil) for reserved. If you
| + 139773 [Daniel.Berge] require "win32ole"
| | 139785 [brian.takita] Thank you Dan,
| + 139794 [brian.takita] Thank you for your response Ryan.
+ 139786 [craig.m.mora] require 'win32ole'
  139795 [brian.takita] Awesome!! Thanks Craig.

^ Days in month
139763 [dan eparklab] Is there a method of Date or Time that gives the number of days in a
+ 139766 [dblack wobbl] Funny you should ask :-)
+ 139769 [james.cromwe] class Date
| + 139781 [dan eparklab] JC,
| + 139783 [briankbuckle] ...
| + 139790 [kennethkunz ] class Date
+ 140184 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'date'
  140209 [botp delmont] #   harp:~ > cal 2 2005
  + 140364 [logancapaldo] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  + 140376 [ksruby gmail] require 'date'

^ Marshal / memcache "can't dump anonymous module"
139772 [listen marcr] I want to use the ruby memcache client
139798 [evanwebb gma] anonymous module's can't be dumped because there is no name associated

^ escape special charactor
139774 [sinkanti gma] I write script to send password to unix shell.
139791 [vjoel PATH.B] Are you using #system? If so, you can prevent the shell from expanding
139793 [sinkanti gma] i use
139853 [bob.news gmx] "sin kanti" <sinkanti@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [ANN] Arachno Ruby IDE 0.5.5 for Linux
139775 [mailinglists] Arachno Ruby IDE is an integrated development environment for the
+ 139778 [djberge qwes] Any chance of a Solaris version anytime soon?
| 139779 [mailinglists] Do you mean Solaris for x86 or for SPARC workstations ?
| 139782 [djberge qwes] Either, but I was thinking sparc.
| 139789 [mailinglists] Sorry, no chance for sparc hardware support.
| 139852 [Richard_Dale] And KDevelop works fine on Solaris too.
+ 139806 [dmertz onlin] The splashscreen says 30 days trial edition  ?
| + 139808 [Daniel.Berge] How does the chipset matter?
| | 139811 [mailinglists] It's not a chipset but another operating system with a lot of
| + 139810 [mailinglists] It will not count down :-)
+ 139824 [ news jay.fm] mailinglists@scriptolutions.com says...
| + 139826 [mailinglists] The first arachno users maybe remember that during the 0.1 and 0.2
| | 139929 [no noemail.c] Under Linux or OS X I think OpenSSH is probably the way to go.  There is a
| | 139938 [mailinglists] Yes, cygwin took less then 15 min to install the whole thing, generate
| | + 139952 [daniel boven] On your Website I see you working on a Mac OS X Version. What is the current
| | | 139955 [mailinglists] You can take a look at http://www.ruby-ide.com/downloads/ruby/ArachnoRuby-0.4.12.dmg
| | | 139957 [daniel boven] Thanks a lot for this fast reply. Are you intersting in Bugreports? Or
| | + 140072 [no noemail.c] Oh gosh yes, too many acronyms for everything  :)  Is there really such
| | | 140238 [ news jay.fm] SFTP (Simple File Transfer) is, IIRC, either a precursor or an
| | + 140236 [ news jay.fm] mailinglists@scriptolutions.com says...
| + 139869 [rob.02004 gm] Jay, what jEdit quirks are causing you problems? I'm working on the
|   140237 [ news jay.fm] @gmail.com says...
+ 139872 [tiefox gmail] ...
| 139910 [mailinglists] Yes i see. Will fix this soon.
+ 139891 [dmertz onlin] Very nice, like i already said.
  139909 [mailinglists] No. It's using the FOX toolkit and the current version does not

^ Rubyists in Houston unite with your CopyNight brethren!
139792 [binkley alum] <<

^ plruby on Windows
139803 [ruby digital] Does anyone know if it's possible to build plruby for the native version of

^ [ANN] sys-proctable 0.7.0
139804 [djberge qwes] After many moons, I am happy to announce the release of sys-proctable 0.7.0.

^ long conversion ...
139819 [zdennis mkte] I am reading in more binary data. This time I get 4 bytes with the
139825 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> printf "%32.32b\n", 50
139833 [zdennis mkte] I was afraid of that...I was hoping there was something I was missing...
139835 [Ara.T.Howard] network ordered longs?
+ 139844 [heron jpl.na] Or - with the same rows array...
+ 139849 [jos catnook.] p bytes.pack("C4").unpack('N')
+ 139875 [zdennis mkte] Awesome, thank you so much Ara!! After you mentioned that I have been

^ Re: Ruby Refactoring [Was:] Ruby on the Smalltalk VM? -
139827 [mailinglists] Yes. It would be nice if the maintainer could write a few lines if the

^ get class instance from name?
139828 [kevinwmcconn] What's a good way to get at a Class instance, from a string containing
139830 [james graypr] You're looking for Module.const_get().  Use it to get the class object,
139839 [kevinwmcconn] Yep, that's exactly what I needed.

^ [ANN]  Su Doku 0.0.1 (alpha) in Ruby
139831 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Su Doku (Numbers Solitary) puzzle implemented in Ruby with ANSI/console
139843 [jim freeze.o] Works for me.

^ Serial Port Programming
139847 [cc1 cec.wust] I have an application that needs to talk to a serial port.  I was trying

^ net/imap retrieve list of folders
139851 [robby planet] I am playing with Net::IMAP and trying to figure out how to retrieve the
139888 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):016:0> imap.subscribe('mail/ruby')

^ rdoc external include...
139854 [rosejn gmail] I'm working on a README file and I'm having trouble getting rdoc to do
139855 [tilman code-] The attached patch should fix this, didn't try it though.
+ 140124 [rosejn gmail] This patch is a little better, but still not quite there.  It includes
+ 140891 [bsd.SANSPAM ] ...

^ [ANN] Su Doku 0.0.2 (beta) in Ruby
139856 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Su Doku (Numbers Solitary) puzzle implemented in Ruby with ANSI/console

^ Ruby Weekly News 18th - 24th April 2005
139859 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 18th - 24th April 2005
140219 [ryand-ruby z] I did a very poor job of writing up the description for the changes...

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer 182-15 for Windows
139860 [curt hibbs.c] I had hope to simultaneously release installers
+ 139867 [lyndon.samso] I noticed SQLite was included as a RFE, any word on whether thats
| 139885 [curt hibbs.c] My longterm goal is to replace actually including more extensions with a
+ 139876 [matt.mower g] Just thought i'd let you know that installing this package doesn't
| 139880 [the_mindstor] [quote Matt Mower::on 4/26/2005 4:16 PM]
| 139882 [curt hibbs.c] This one is gong to drive me crazy! This happened to a handful of people
| 139900 [matt.mower g] Yes, more puzzling still since I'm one of the ones for whom it worked
+ 139928 [jlsysinc all] Which compiler is used to produce this version?
| 139947 [curt hibbs.c] VC++ 7.1
| 139951 [nobu.nokada ] Have you confirmed that all extensions are built by VC++ 7.1,
| 139990 [curt hibbs.c] All releases of the one-click installer in 2004 and 2005 have been built
| + 139992 [jlsysinc all] I do see the VC 6.0 RTL and STL are in the distro (msvcrt.dll and
| + 140046 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, definitely.  Mixing usage of runtime DLL causes unexpected
|   140083 [curt hibbs.c] Hmmm.... looks like I need to start building *all* extensions from
|   140089 [mailinglists] Use a tool like the "depends.exe" from older MSVC versions and look
|   140386 [nobu.nokada ] $ ruby -e 'Dir["**/*.{dll,so}"].each {|so|
|   140411 [curt hibbs.c] Good question... I'll find out. Thanks for the list.
+ 139932 [sellberg gma] Yay! Thanks a lot :D
+ 140566 [endy_c deads] I tried to hide the DOS box by appending '.rbw' to 'fxri' in the 'bin'
  + 140567 [ksruby gmail] I see the same thing on my windows box. It seems that rubyw.exe is
  | 140569 [curt hibbs.c] I wouldn't expect ri under rubyw.exe, its a console app that expects to
  | 140570 [ksruby gmail] It seems it doesn't matter whether it's a console or a window app, it
  | 140572 [curt hibbs.c] Ok, that a very good indication that the problem is in the build of
  | 140589 [nobu.nokada ] Maybe, msvcrt.dll mismatch between ruby and fox?
  | 140634 [curt hibbs.c] Since your original post on this subject, I've been thinking of this
  + 140568 [curt hibbs.c] There is currently a known problem in the one-click installer running
    140581 [Stephan.Kaem] I'd be interested in the reason(s) for this.
    140633 [curt hibbs.c] I think its probably reasonable to create the start menu items for "all

^ Have you tried these?
139862 [flaig sancta] ...
139866 [lyndon.samso] Lua's a sweet little language with plenty of meta-mechanisms for the
139886 [bg-rubytalk ] Hey!  Don't insult Wolverine.  He's one of the good guys.  Maybe you meant

^ OpenGL/GLUT for Mac OS X, packaged
139863 [james lazyat] I've just packaged up the latest revision of Yoshi's OpenGL/GLUT

^ rdoc: how to add readme.rdoc as index.html?
139864 [none none.ne] I'm finishing the documentation for a package I've written. I've written
139865 [langstefan g] % rdoc --main README.rdoc README.rdoc [other files/directories...]

^ Mixins for *objects*?
139868 [jlam iunknow] I'm trying to do something somewhat esoteric. I'm trying to mix in some additional functionality to WIN32OLE objects to avoid having to create a wrapper object that simply delegates functionality.
139870 [halostatue g] dir = WIN32OLE.connect("some moniker that returns a directory")
139874 [jlam iunknow] Thanks, Austin! There's just so much to love about Ruby. This feature really blows me away.

^ ruby postgres problems
139871 [will willj.n] I have some problems with dbi which could be down to a problem
+ 139877 [dave.lee.wil] after running make, do you have a postgres.so file in your directory?
+ 139879 [Ara.T.Howard] possibly you have two rubys - perhaps 1.6 and 1.8.  you may have installed it
  139894 [will willj.n] Yes, the 1.8.1 and 1.8.2, /usr/local/bin/ruby is 1.8.2.