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^ New P.O. application I'm working on...
139039 [greg.kujawa ] I am starting the task of moving a purchase order application from a
139081 [drbrain segm] ...
139167 [greg.kujawa ] I know how to user WIN32OLE to invoke applications and whatnot, but I

^ [NEWBIE]:  Example from Pickaxe2 gives errors... (p. 31)
139052 [Simon.Mullis] Greeting all,
+ 139053 [batkins57 gm] ...
+ 139054 [tanner.burso] On 4/20/05, Simon.Mullis@equinoxsolutions.com
+ 139055 [dblack wobbl] You have to build up the example cumulatively -- see the #initialize
| 139058 [james graypr] Page 325 would be jumping quite a bit forward.  ;)  Try page 25, since
| 139061 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, where did I get that '3' from? :-)
| 139062 [tanner.burso] It's usually right between the '4' and '2' on your keyboard ;)
+ 139056 [kyu console-] class Song
| 139057 [Simon.Mullis] OK... Thankyou all.
+ 139089 [chneukirchen] class Song < Struct.new(:name, :artist, :duration); end
| 139093 [threeve.org ] For future reference, typing the code straight out of the book will
+ 139138 [r_mueller im] I think, you should add the 'initialzie' function from page 25. Otherwise, the Class Song inherits its Constructor from 'Object'.

^ Another(!!) Newbie question
139063 [kyu console-] learned about ruby so far.
139066 [mrcode netro] Here is a very simple (maybe naive) regular expression to use to parse
+ 139069 [lukfugl gmai] As a general rule, remember that .* is "evil"[1]. There are times when
| 139076 [mrcode netro] did to purposely keep it simple. But he should definitely use something
+ 139072 [kyu console-] Thanks alot! It always seems so simple after someone answers your

^ Linear complete variation of MatchData#to_a, possible?
139064 [transfire gm] I have a it bit of a puzzle for Regexp engine hackers out there. The
139071 [pit capitain] Do you really think that you want this nesting? I'd expect something like
+ 139073 [transfire gm] like
| + 139075 [dblack wobbl] You could probably do something with MatchData#offset.  The offsets of
| + 139077 [pit capitain] md = /(1)(2(3))(4)/.match( "012345" )
|   139106 [transfire gm] Amazing Pit Capitain! Your hunch was right on the money. Not only was
+ 139281 [dbatml gmx.d] class MatchData
  139374 [transfire gm] Dominik,
  139529 [dbatml gmx.d] Sure, use it for whatever you want :-)

^ No Rescue from RubyGem's require__ ?
139074 [transfire gm] I have the latest version of RubyGems installed and I seem to be
139078 [discordantus] begin
139079 [transfire gm] Oh! I thought rescue without a specified error would catch all errors.
139083 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Ruby License Question
139087 [Mail Jonas-H] Someone pointed me at FSDB, and that one points back to the ruby
139129 [matz ruby-la] Yes, unless you distribute your modified version as named "Ruby".
139239 [Mail Jonas-H] Thank you!

^ Newb CGI Question
139094 [michael.buff] I want use Ruby to dynamically serve an image. The image tag would
+ 139095 [joost zeekat] Shouldn't that be
+ 139097 [mrcode netro] require "cgi"
  139100 [michael.buff] Still doesn't seem to nail it. Firefox reports the page as
  139115 [pbattley gma] I have found that you need to write the header manually, despite what
  + 139116 [pbattley gma] Oops - I referred to the file as both 'croakcgi' and 'cgicroak'.
  + 139119 [michael.buff] This is really great - seeing Ruby errors definitely makes things more clear.
    139121 [michael.buff] #! /usr/bin/ruby
    139123 [pbattley gma] You are reading the data, but not actually sending it to the client.
    139124 [michael.buff] Adding print produces the same result - can't display the image due to errors.
    139125 [pbattley gma] I just ran up a similar example using a jpeg I had to hand (yes, it

^ Internet Problem Solving Contest
139099 [james graypr] As the resident programming challenge junkie, I feel the need to point
139101 [warrenb Time] Uhhhh,
+ 139103 [james graypr] Oops.  Thanks for the correction.
+ 139105 [mrcode netro] Hehehe, that is what I thought I read in the original email...funny how

^ New York -- Singer Britney Spears...
139102 [DavidRoss gm] ...

^ Question on Singleton Classes (was: Seeing Metaclasses Clearly)
139110 [jim weirichh] A question for those familiar with Ruby internals ... does an object's
139112 [dblack wobbl] I'm pretty sure it springs into existence for the purpose, just to
+ 139114 [peter.kwangj] That would be very hard on GC, since you'd also be creating 10000 new
+ 139118 [glyconis gma] Well, it would be worse than that, actually, since singleton classes

^ Does Rublog support inline images or image links?
139117 [jim freeze.o] Does Rublog (using rdoc format) support inline images or image links?
139126 [chadfowler g] It should work.  A validate URL for an image should generate the right tag.
139183 [jim freeze.o] Well, that worked for me too, but, I guess the real question
139229 [chadfowler g] Ahhhhh....unless you mount that directory with the webrick file
139285 [jim freeze.o] Thanks. Now that I know what rublog is doing, that was easy.

^ [RubyConf] Conference Hotel/Venue info for RubyConf 2005
139122 [dblack wobbl] Dear Rubyists,
+ 139140 [james_b neur] Nice.   Care to venture any crowd estimates?
| 139159 [dblack wobbl] We have 115 "definite" or "likely" preregistrations.  Plus a few
+ 139165 [marcel verni] Thanks for your efforts.
+ 140132 [sera fhwang.] Quick correction: The phone number for the hotel is wrong in this email.

^ accessing a ms exchange server
139139 [botp delmont] Anyone here knows how to access/edit the directory of a microsoft exchange
139148 [jabber_chat_] I seriously don't know what I'm talking about, but I would assume that
139149 [botp delmont] Arafangion [mailto:jabber_chat_at__arafangion@jabber.zim.net.au]
139215 [ira.burton g] I am currently doing it via LDAP.  My need is to populate an SQL table
139302 [botp delmont] #I am currently doing it via LDAP.  My need is to populate an

^ [ANN] Stemmer 1.0.1 - Porter Stemmer Gem
139152 [matt.mower g] With thanks to Ray Pereda (who ported the Perl code to Ruby) I have
139156 [botp delmont] #With thanks to Ray Pereda (who ported the Perl code to Ruby) I

^ Gem add_dependency failing
139154 [matt.mower g] I am about to release a newer version of Bishop which depends upon the
139160 [chadfowler g] This is a new bug.   Thanks for pointing it out.  We'll look into it
139161 [chadfowler g] Fixed in CVS.  I've sent it to Jim for a review.  Hopefully we can
139240 [matt.mower g] Cool.  Thanks for fixing it so fast! :-)

^ Re: Bishop 0.3.0 - bayesian classifier for Ruby ported from Python
139155 [lucas rufy.c] The subversion trunk of projects/classifier (see

^ Installing RubyGems as non-root user on MacOS X
139162 [noway nohow.] I'm trying to install RubyGems on MacOS 10.3.9 in my home directory as a
139163 [noway nohow.] That did the trick.  Only downside seems to be that readline support
139164 [zdennis mkte] Yeah, I can't get readline support to work in irb on my Mac either. If
139192 [noway nohow.] This may not be the best way but I used the following script to build my

^ [EVALUATION] - E03e - The Ruby Object Model (Summary)
139166 [ilias lazari] [EVALUATION] - E03d - The Ruby Object Model (End Game)
+ 139170 [halostatue g] [Fair warning to those who plan on emailing me regarding this
| 139185 [ilias lazari] [...] - (babbling, justifying, talkaround)
| 139187 [tanner.burso] [...] - (repeating questions already answered)
+ 139172 [james graypr] Pretty sure you mean "horizontal arrows" not "vertical arrows".
| 139174 [ilias lazari] yes, of course.
| 139178 [ryco gmx.net] Strange, first you complain about somebody else not following your
| 139180 [ilias lazari] [...] - (even more hairsplitting)
| + 139182 [tanner.burso] Since you are no longer contributing to this thread, and have been
| | 139191 [lyndon.samso] Crikey, I woke up one morning and ruby-talk was a dictatorship...
| | 139196 [alang cronos] The various Ilias threads are funnier if you envision the "Argument
| + 139199 [matz ruby-la] I may be the responsible person.
|   + 139205 [ilias lazari] "may be" is not an answer that I would expect from an PL designer.
|   | 139207 [matz ruby-la] the English doc team members.
|   | 139210 [ilias lazari] where can I find a list of the english doc team members?
|   | + 139213 [batkins57 gm] ...
|   | + 139216 [matz ruby-la] I don't think I could read through all of your post and reply _before_
|   | | 139297 [ilias lazari] Feeling sorry for 'you've missunderstood' is irrelevant.
|   | | + 139300 [lyndon.samso] could stop working on it tomorrow if he felt like it.
|   | | | 139308 [ilias lazari] please let Mr. Matsumoto speak for himself in this issue.
|   | | | 139316 [lyndon.samso] Ok but are you not a little curious as to why you seem to be
|   | | | 139322 [ilias lazari] amen.
|   | | | 139329 [lyndon.samso] Well, IANAP but a sane person, such as myself, views your persistent
|   | | | 139330 [ilias lazari] your finding is false, Mr. Cyberdoctor.
|   | | + 139309 [matz ruby-la] The figure in "object.c" describes internal structure.  Each object
|   | | | 139314 [ilias lazari] [...] - (selective answering, with incoherent quotes)
|   | | | + 139317 [jlsysinc all] No you are really on the wrong track.   After some research, and at great
|   | | | + 139323 [foobar fuzzb] I believe in co-existence. I don't think people should be silenced to
|   | | | + 139324 [foobar fuzzb] your behaviour is not polite. please stick to the point and let the
|   | | |   139325 [ilias lazari] sorry, no time for such games.
|   | | + 139313 [mailing-list] Man, it's time for you to realize when to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
|   | + 139253 [jlsysinc all] The U in UML is also deceptive and incorrect.   Please notify those
|   |   139261 [jlsysinc all] Please remove me from the "Ilias warning" mailing list.
|   |   + 139265 [ruby-ml magi] [snip] incoherent   babbling
|   |   | 139275 [jlsysinc all] ROTFL.  Now I'm going to have to start an Eero warning list.
|   |   | 139283 [jlsysinc all] Once again I am not interested in receiving any more solicitations via email
|   |   | 139284 [batkins57 gm] ...
|   |   + 139286 [jlsysinc all] Once again I am not interested in receiving any more solicitations via email
|   |     139293 [steven.jenki] Thanks for the heads up.
|   |     139301 [jlsysinc all] -1, it's bad form to splice a poster mid sentence and thereby quote them out
|   + 139219 [lyndon.samso] I wonder how JRuby implements it? Any takers for a code-walk?
|   + 139246 [angus quovad] [Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@ruby-lang.org>, 2005-04-21 17.46 CEST]
|   + 139248 [dblack wobbl] What would: (class << obj; self; end)  give you if there's no
|     139259 [matz ruby-la] In that case, it would give you a (perhaps one-time only) class-like
|     139264 [dblack wobbl] So....
|     139267 [matz ruby-la] Perhaps.  And the latter question is hard to answer, since it still is
|     + 139268 [florgro gmai] Hm, Modules can not be instantiated (so it would be one less special
|     | 139272 [dblack wobbl] ...
|     + 139269 [dblack wobbl] I didn't express that thought very clearly.  I was thinking: modules
|       139271 [matz ruby-la] Yep, singleton class is a long lived object under the current
|       139274 [dblack wobbl] Maybe the best thing (easy for me to talk about since I don't have to
+ 139200 [ilias lazari] ISBO = Instance Specific Behaviour Object
| 139201 [tanner.burso] introduction of more confusing non-standard acronyms for your
| 139209 [ilias lazari] dsc  = dedicated singleton class
| 139295 [ilias lazari] obj.exclusive_singleton_class
| 139326 [ilias lazari] obj.xclass
| 139379 [ilias lazari] Customizes Object
| + 139382 [robert.mcgov] I thought you wanted to close the thread?
| | 139385 [ilias lazari] I cannot.
| | 139474 [jlsysinc all] I find greek letters and fruit useful to move on beyond recursive analysis
| | 139476 [ilias lazari] I do not.
| | 139483 [lyndon.samso] I apologise to the gentler readers of this list for contributing to
| + 139475 [ilias lazari] Virtual
+ 139237 [Mail Jonas-H] Apology? Read the ruby license again. Hint: you did not buy "ruby".
| 139310 [ilias lazari] It's a matter of degnity.
| 139311 [ilias lazari] dignity.
| 139312 [batkins57 gm] ...
+ 139238 [ehames gmail] The heck, no. Can we expect an apologoy from you for being such an asshole?
+ 139332 [ilias lazari] confirmed by: the general-validity term "metaclass".
  + 139336 [mailing-list] So very, very true,
  + 139388 [lucsky mac.c] ...
    139391 [lyndon.samso] I think Mick Jagger and David Bowie are almost ready to kick off...
    139406 [glenn.ruby g] Sorry, I think I have just core dumped with laughter at this thread.
    139473 [ilias lazari] He is 'rude'.

^ [SUMMARY] Madlibs (#28)
139169 [james graypr] ...

^ accessor for Class Variable
139175 [lfrancalanci] I know it's a stupid question, but I can't find the answer...
+ 139177 [bob.news gmx] "Leonardo Francalanci" <lfrancalanci@simtel.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 139181 [lfrancalanci] Aaargh... what is that? What does it mean?
| | 139195 [bob.news gmx] "Leonardo Francalanci" <lfrancalanci@simtel.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 139202 [lfrancalanci] I knew I shouldn't have said that ;)
| | 139353 [bob.news gmx] "Leonardo Francalanci" <lfrancalanci@simtel.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 139197 [lyndon.samso] What about situations like the following ( taken from an attempt at an
|   139354 [bob.news gmx] "Lyndon Samson" <lyndon.samson@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   139380 [lyndon.samso] Ahh, lightbulbs are going off all over the place here :-)
|   139384 [bob.news gmx] "Lyndon Samson" <lyndon.samson@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 139179 [surrender_it] AFAIK there is not, I think you're supposed to access a class variable
| 139184 [lfrancalanci] Ok, got it, I changed them into constants.
| 139186 [surrender_it] not that much, really, there are a few concepts in ruby with a lot of
| 139203 [lfrancalanci] thanks,
+ 139206 [nseckar gmai] Actually, Rails includes a mechanism to allow class attributes. I

^ Re: - E03e - The Ruby Object Model (Summary)
139176 [transfire gm] So it's "sso" now, ey? A small step to "sos", and then on to "sob" ;-)
139244 [csaba.henk g] Guys, Ilias does have a point.
139298 [ilias lazari] I have 3 points.
+ 139303 [jlsysinc all] I too was attacked and savagely beaten by a language designer in my youth.
| 139315 [ilias lazari] thank's a lot.
+ 139340 [halostatue g] You misspelled "wrong." "Ignorant" is another good alternate
  139342 [ilias lazari] point b) was _directly_ confirmed by the language designer.
  + 139350 [agorilla gma] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
  | 139368 [ilias lazari] another babbler.
  + 139369 [mailing-list] Man, I'm giving it my best, but it keeps on coming out as "Ilias
    139371 [ilias lazari] Or are you another one weak puppet?

^ [RubyConf] Formal presentation proposals now being accepted for RubyConf 2005
139194 [dblack wobbl] Dear Rubyists,
139258 [steven.jenki] Is there a way to submit more than one proposal?
139327 [dblack wobbl] No, sorry, it's one per applicant.
139347 [steven.jenki] Don't you think it makes more sense to limit the number of accepted

^ 3Cheers4David
139208 [transfire gm] Three cheers for David A. Black. For all that he's given to the Ruby
139220 [lyndon.samso] Now here's some peer group pressurised behaviour worth going along with !!!
+ 139222 [mrcode netro] def cheer(name)
| + 139230 [malteNOSPAM ] class IO
| + 139232 [martindemell] ...
|   + 139242 [glyconis gma] GOTO 10
|   + 139270 [ruby-talk wh] @tears=Infinity @heart_rate=>:swift @appreciation_class=>Bignum>
+ 139235 [surrender_it] let me join this good vibration, thanks dblack :)

^ Re: Article: Seeing Metaclasses Clearly
139211 [csaba.henk g] "birth
+ 139217 [discordantus] I think you're right about "own class". The most defining
| 139221 [transfire gm] Problem with that is a concept that has been foward for classes that
| + 139223 [lyndon.samso] ILC - Instance Local Class? A variation of Thread Local Storage.
| | 139225 [discordantus] Strangely, I didn't get Trans' message. I'll reply in the quotes. :/
| + 139224 [mrcode netro] What about "shadow class"? Because it is like it is there, but not really.
|   + 139227 [halostatue g] Star Chamber Class?
|   + 139233 [martindemell] ...
|     139236 [dblack wobbl] I think that might happen sometimes for some particular reason having
|     139243 [rampant gmai] But don't you know that random german words are "supremely chique.
|     139250 [james_b neur] So long as it has an umlaut,  I'm happy.
|     139400 [sy1235 gmail] I can't believe you invoked the heavy metal umlaut[1] .. that's hilarious! =)
|     + 139401 [hal9000 hype] +1
|     + 139415 [james_b neur] That's right!
|       139422 [ryand-ruby z] You're on! :P
+ 139228 [dblack wobbl] I don't know... it may be time for a little paleness in the
  139491 [Mail Jonas-H] "eigen" can mean much more.
  139492 [dblack wobbl] Naja, weiss ich schon :-)  I was oversimplifying.  But it still feels,
  139507 [transfire gm] I was thinking that maybe we should look at how we get at the class