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^ Is there any larger open source rails example
138704 [mailinglists] does anybody have a link to a rails example application that is using
138718 [se digitale-] Rforum is a little bit more complex than others. Maybe you find what you
138743 [mailinglists] Yes, this looks a little bit better for evaluation of what kind of

^ Undocumented behavior related to Hash::default_proc
138711 [carl.baldwin] I found a behavior in Ruby 1.8.2 in using Hashes with a default_proc.

^ object.["somepropertyOrmethod"] == object.somepropertyOrmethod ?
138715 [shahbazc gma] Does Ruby allow javascript like invocation of methods (or access to
+ 138716 [msparshatt y] The way to do this would be to use the send method
| 138725 [bob.news gmx] "mark sparshatt" <msparshatt@yahoo.co.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 138735 [shahbazc gma] Thanks all for the replies.  I checked to see if my message was posted
+ 138719 [wannes oeani] If i understand your question correctly, you could do something like
+ 138722 [james_b neur] module ECMAtronic
+ 138747 [itsme213 hot] Hal's SuperStruct will fit the bill.
  138790 [hal9000 hype] But if you try it, be aware it has bugs. And if you see

^ emacs ruby-mode statement modifier indent problem?
138723 [mshire voice] Greetings,
+ 138759 [ruby.brian g] is not the only case where indentation is broken. I hope there will be
| 138762 [fluido fluid] I add that indentation is broken with slashes and percentages. With
| 138823 [ruby.brian g] In fact I think there are enough emacs users, as far as I know even
+ 138883 [mshire voice] Here is the code substitution that I made to ruby-mode.el that
  138915 [nobu.nokada ] It is OK here but unified diff will be welcomed.
  138994 [fluido fluid] I got revision 1.89 from www.ruby-lang.org (apparently modified only

^ String.sub strangeness
138724 [belorion gma] Forgive me if my Monday fog is preventing me from seeing the simple
138727 [msparshatt y] This is because when the string is created \\& is converted into \&. In
+ 138728 [belorion gma] Ugh, silly me.  Thanks Mark!
+ 138754 [bob.news gmx] "mark sparshatt" <msparshatt@yahoo.co.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ How do I decode strings?
138732 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Dear friends!
+ 138740 [a.r.ferreira] The "Q" means it uses the encoding known as "quoted-printable". This
| 138757 [bsd.SANSPAM ] def decode_q(str)
+ 138776 [sroberts uni] Yes, its not base64, its RFC2047.
  138807 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Thanks a lot! that's what I needed :)

^ How to get Ruby-tk
138734 [allen.bethea] Greetings.
138763 [allen.bethea] never mind.

^ ruby-dev summary 25962-26010
138753 [maki rubycol] This is a suumary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ exclude min value in Range
138760 [briankbuckle] Is there a way to create a Range object which excludes the min value when=
138765 [dave burt.id] Floats aren't that accurate - be careful when comparing them (see recent
138777 [briankbuckle] Dave, Thanks for that. I understand, as least for the most part. The EPSILO=

^ Store erb block and alter scope of erb block eval?
138768 [ruby digital] I tried posting this in the Rails list, and didn't get any responses, so
138781 [gavin refine] class Foo
138792 [ruby digital] Is there something special erb does when you capture a block from an rhtml
+ 138898 [ruby digital] After some more experimenting, I have made a little more progress, but I'm
+ 139042 [gavin refine] Can you be more specific about what you are doing? I don't understand
  139107 [ruby digital] Hmm, okay. As you will see from using the below. The <%=@title%> value will
  139109 [ruby digital] The primary goal of this all is to be able to use the variable from the

^ Problem compiling extensions
138774 [tiefox gmail] Im having a problem when trying to compile extensions for ruby.
138775 [aredridel gm] Have you compiled ruby with a different compiler than you're now

^ non-constant class names
138779 [glyconis gma] Out of curiosity, why are we prevented from making non-constant class
+ 138780 [assaph gmail] I think it's a design issue - Ruby (well Matz :) is trying to make you
+ 138783 [ruby-ml magi] class Foo

^ Re: how do you know which class pars belong to?
138782 [botp delmont] #Hello,

^ Ruby getting in the lead
138788 [rcs bgoark.n] "Code Generation in Action" ( http://www.manning.com/herrington/ )
+ 138789 [halostatue g] Funnily, I reviewed this for the author two years ago ;)
| 138799 [curt hibbs.c] My understanding is that the publisher did not want him to use Ruby (too
+ 138861 [tom infoethe] Yup, Jack Herrington is a playa; he's on three RubyForge projects!

^ Dynamic object construction
138793 [jlam iunknow] charset="US-ASCII"
138795 [batkins57 gm] @obj =3D Object.const_get(klass).new
+ 138796 [jlam iunknow] Thanks guys! const_get() works like a charm.
| 138847 [david loudth] If you're working with Rails, or just have the Active Support gem
+ 139000 [george.mosch] does this work if klass == My::Namespace::Klass  ?
  139113 [transfire gm] Assuming you mean the string value
  + 139168 [george.mosch] I was expecting the negative answer ;-)
  + 139204 [nseckar gmai] Or the ever popular

^ [ANN] Rails 0.12.0: Eager associations, new Base.find API, assertions revisited, more Ajax!
138794 [david loudth] The time had come to butcher the piggy-back query and introduce real

^ [ADVOC] - Tag for Ruby Advocacy Related Topics
138805 [ilias lazari] may I ask the community to introduce a tag, e.g. "[ADVOC]" or "[ADVO]"
+ 138815 [batkins57 gm] Request granted. The community has officially introduced these tags.
| 138839 [ilias lazari] very.
+ 138851 [mailing-list] I thought we were using [ADV] for that, but perhaps it [ADV] actually
+ 138852 [halostatue g] You can ask.
| + 138853 [ilias lazari] obvious
| | + 138856 [halostatue g] You misspelled "author". Do get your terminology right -- but you have
| | | 138954 [ilias lazari] I have a problem with masses of non-categorized topics, which makes
| | + 138860 [martin.anker] What makes Austin's comment irrelevant? He certainly is a reader. You
| |   138955 [ilias lazari] please keep the coherence of my writings, if you want me to take your
| |   + 138964 [batkins57 gm] You are tiresome.
| |   + 139030 [lists halffu] I can't resist anymore.  Keeping the coherence of your writings would
| |     139034 [sera fhwang.] I have to say that I have no idea what the big fuss is about. If you
| |     139044 [lists halffu] =20
| |     139049 [sera fhwang.] No, I haven't even had the pleasure of dealing with him in this
| + 138919 [neil hakubi.] Some of us just get annoyed at the people who clog us this list with stuff
|   138942 [ilias lazari] I understand your frustration.
+ 138859 [sdmitry lrn.] Can we please introduce tag [TROLL]?
| 138871 [mailing-list] Yes.  Lately it seems that the need for a [TROLL] tag has increased
+ 138862 [horacio.lope] there seems to be some consensus among a number of users of this maillist.
| + 138901 [batkins57 gm] How about "[I LIVE UNDER A BRIDGE] Tag for Ruby Advocacy Related Topics" ?
| + 138941 [ilias lazari] sender = ilias@lazaridis.com
+ 138912 [ jupp gmx.de] Problem in all cases is that the initial 'ADV' may result in false UCE
  138938 [ilias lazari] I understand.

^ Ruby vs Java experiment
138809 [alex verk.in] It is obvious to anyone on this list that Ruby is more expressive than
138816 [gcottenc gma] Can you post the code somewhere?
138899 [Tony.Targons] Can you post the code somewhere?
+ 138902 [pete petta-t] Actually, regexes are part of the standard C library, for POSIX at
+ 138974 [alex verk.in] I could do that, but I should ask ThoughtWorks people first. Not sure if

^ Planet RubyOnRails
138814 [braempje net] Does anyone know how manages the RoR planet? My RSS reader does not show

^ Obtaining Hal's "The Ruby Way" in the UK
138848 [glenn.ruby g] Tried ordering "The Ruby Way" from Amazon, but after 6 weeks they have
138877 [greg.kujawa ] I bought mine used off eBay for something like $10 US. This is a great
138891 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Glenn,
+ 138896 [greg.kujawa ] Here's one that might be cheaper if they ship to the U.K. -->
+ 138910 [rasputnik he] Ack! You can have mine for 15 quid if you want it, drop me a mail if you do..
  138923 [hal9000 hype] O'Reilly has a thing called Safari -- don't have a link handy. Anyhow,
  + 139011 [snowblink gm] You can trial safari for a bit I think. It's also much easier to
  | 139012 [glenn.ruby g] Well I'm buying Tom's book so thanks everybody.  But I'd forgotten
  + 139096 [rasputnik he] Oh, ahem, hi Hal.... that obviously should have read

^ ActiveRubyscript
138868 [adelle bulle] Has anyone here made ActiveRubyscript work with ActiveDebugging?

^ [ANN] iTunesTagger.rb 0.1 - a simple script to make use of the grouping field in iTunes
138869 [scott.parker] "What this thingy will do is allow you to treat the arbitrary
138886 [belorion gma] This sounds very neat!  Do I understand correctly that you can use
+ 138889 [florgro gmai] Hm, this is interesting. So basically you would need a way of converting
+ 138892 [scott.parker] Actually, you have to have iTunes open while running the program (it

^ Authoritative URLs for c.l.r and Ruby lanagauage FAQs?
138882 [james_b neur] What are the primary locations for the assorted Ruby FAQs?

^ [ANN] French Version of Learn To Program
138904 [glyconis gma] Guess what I just found out!  Jean-Pierre ANGHEL translated my
138909 [james_b neur] Yeah, that's been listed on ruby-doc for, like, forever.  Or something.

^ ANN: RubyInline 3.2.1 Released
138913 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.2.1 has been released!
138918 [discordantus] Thanks!
138931 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline has been distributed as a gem for over 6 months.
138940 [discordantus] good grief. I hadn't noticed. I think the last time I installed it, it

^ ANN: ParseTree 1.3.5 Released
138914 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.3.5 has been released!

^ further information :
138920 [pascal guich] To Saynatkari

^ The Ruby Way:  Second Edition (was Re: Obtaining Hal's "The Ruby Way" in the UK)
138925 [james graypr] What *I* want to know is when do we get an updated copy, Hal?  Surely
+ 138927 [pat.eyler gm] I saw the subject line without a '?' and thought this was an announcement.
+ 138929 [cyclists nc.] This might be a good question to ask the publisher instead of Hal. We
+ 138930 [hal9000 hype] Ha... it's still a possibility. I've got other projects that keep me
  + 138949 [aredridel gm] If well indexed, I'd buy that as a PDF.
  | 138950 [botp delmont] #It would be a tough update, of course... 30% of the work would be
  + 139082 [chneukirchen] I, for one, would enjoy having a "The Art Of Ruby Programming". :-)
  | 139084 [pat.eyler gm] But only if it's produced on a tighter schedule.  I'm not sure I could
  + 139277 [robert.mcgov] Hal if Sams didn't go with a 2nd edition, or the volumeisd way

^ [ANN] Rails 0.12.1: No major update without a bit of pain
138928 [david loudth] There's nothing like pushing a new major update in order to find bugs
138978 [ehames gmail] I will be writing a small web app this weekend, I wondered if there is
139007 [david loudth] That site is the way to go. http://api.rubyonrails.com is automatically

^ Re: [ILIAS|TROLL|LOON] - Tag for Ruby Advocacy Related Topics
138933 [ryand-ruby z] Likewise, there is another group that believes that nobody should
138934 [james_b neur] Thank you.
138943 [ryand-ruby z] Yes, but some of us 'superstars' would like to filter out everyone who
138951 [ilias lazari] if (sender==ilias@laz..) do (thread.ignore)

^ CGI->WEBrick?
138935 [objectuser g] I have to work in a traditional (i.e., fork/exec) CGI environment.  I
+ 138939 [james_b neur] Nitro works under CGI, FastCGI,  WEBrick, and ligHTTP.  Migration from
| 138952 [objectuser g] Yeah, traditional CGI sucks, but I'm stuck with it for the time being.
| 138969 [res0i3sf nos] You might want to check out sqlrelay (http://sqlrelay.sourceforge.net/)
| 139085 [objectuser g] That looks cool, too, but I can't even run a server.  These are all
| 139132 [aredridel gm] Ah, fun.
+ 138948 [aredridel gm] It sounds like WEBrick is too low-level for what you want -- though

^ [LOON]: 'Ignoring Lazaridis'-proposal
138966 [ruby-ml magi] How about everyone stops responding to Lazaridis?
+ 138988 [martin.anker] I dont think this works, Ruby's community is just too nice I propose to
+ 139009 [lyndon.samso] He's not a troll. People who try to label other trolls are more
| + 139018 [mailing-list] No, but his postings are still attracting predictable responses and/or
| + 139021 [snail objmed] <lyndon.samson@gmail.com> writes
|   + 139086 [chneukirchen] I'm trying hard to keep this my last post on Ilias,
|   + 139135 [john.carter ] Hmm, definitely not a troll. Something, as Shakespeare would say, more
+ 139091 [peter.kwangj] Yes, these creatures share the quality of Boggarts from the Harry
  139104 [ryand-ruby z] Thank you Peter, I totally agree. Yes, we should ignore him. With this
  139120 [ruby-ml magi] While I grant yours is much more entertaining, I maintain
  + 139141 [ryand zenspi] I agree that a two pronged approach is probably best. I just worry that
  + 139142 [ryand-ruby z] I agree that a two pronged approach is probably best. I just worry that
    + 139143 [billk cts.co] Were we lucky this time?  Meaning it seems like because of
    + 139144 [lyndon.samso] This lynch mob/clique mentality is disapointing, and doesn't fit in
      139145 [pit capitain] +1

^ Lookup, a.collect{|i|b[i]}
138970 [john.carter ] # Rubyable email..
+ 138973 [eban os.rim.] % irb
| 139033 [lankad3k hot] Why did you put a *?
| 139037 [dblack wobbl] a = [1,2,3]
+ 138975 [matz ruby-la] How about b.values_at(*a) ?
  + 138977 [transfire gm] I think #[] would have been better if it worked this way and the
  + 139133 [john.carter ] Exactly what I want! I knew it was in there somewhere, but somehow I

^ [EVALUATION] - E03d - The Ruby Object Model (End Game)
138979 [ilias lazari] [EVALUATION] - E03c - The Ruby Object Model (Revised Documentation)
+ 138984 [horacio.lope] please re-tag as [ILIAS]
+ 138989 [martin.anker] Please read this paper of matz wich has an in depth analysis of the
| + 139002 [surrender_it] great paper!
| | 139004 [Gary Lowder.] But that's just the latest thread, I've got ilias as: [USENET], [IDE],
| + 139003 [spoooq gmail] Matz should sue you for putting his name on that ;)
|   139005 [martin.anker] I hope he does not :)
+ 138995 [lucsky mac.c] Bwaaaahahahaaahaaahha-aaahhaahhahahahahaha... :)
+ 139006 [discordantus] Not so. It is perhaps a bit unclear, but not incorrect. Also, the
| 139010 [ilias lazari] please.
| + 139013 [lucsky mac.c] And it is still wrong in that respect.
| + 139019 [mailing-list] Oops, you misspelled °»diagramm°…,
| + 139020 [pit capitain] Try to carefully read and understand the answers others have already
| | 139024 [ilias lazari] Subjecting the old thread, I'm currently on inhibition, due to large
| + 139022 [angus quovad] [Ilias Lazaridis <ilias@lazaridis.com>, 2005-04-20 11.24 CEST]
|   139028 [ilias lazari] (class<<Object; self; end).superclass
|   + 139029 [ilias lazari] @Meta ||= (class<<self;      self;end)
|   + 139040 [glyconis gma] Oh. My. God.
|     + 139046 [ilias lazari] of course.
|     | + 139048 [batkins57 gm] Great!
|     | + 139059 [mrcode netro] I'm probably going to be shot by the rest of the mailing list members for
|     | | 139151 [ilias lazari] no, this just prove that you can play with the irb.
|     | + 139153 [csaba phony_] Well, see the thread
|     + 139070 [florgro gmai] I think he was not expecting to get an answer to this question. When
+ 139031 [ilias lazari] class Class
  139088 [chneukirchen] This page is incorrect.

^ Some admin question about mod_ruby
139017 [Florian.Lind] a few days ago I've installed mod_ruby for a friend on my webserver

^ Re: Facets 0.6.3
139026 [flaig sancta] AFAIK, all kinds of brackets, i.e. (),[] and {} are fine on unixish file systems, as are "+", "-", ",", "." and ";" .
139130 [michael.camp] It used to be, way back when, that 2 (ascii) chars were disallowed in
+ 139131 [aredridel gm] Still is. Just might need to tell your shell that with your shell's
+ 139171 [halostatue g] Legal doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  + 139173 [transfire gm] You're right Austin. Perhaps a good idea would be to pressure file
  | 139188 [halostatue g] It won't cause worse problems, but it won't help with the bane of
  | + 139189 [binkley alum] Actually, couldn't gem do this automagically, laying out filenames
  | | 139190 [halostatue g] Um. I'm thinking outside of gems. I'm thinking in terms of Ruby. Not
  | | 139193 [binkley alum] Of course.  For the mechanism to work, Ruby would need to know to do the
  | + 139214 [transfire gm] All too True.
  + 139273 [michael.camp] Of course not.  That's not what I was asserting; I was simply replying
    139375 [transfire gm] I find this curious becuase we dela with this kind of thing all the
    139520 [michael.camp] They *can* be escaped, but why force that need on your users when
    139524 [transfire gm] But this is a need for advance users, i.e. us progammers and system

^ [ANN] Ruby/Odeum 0.2.1 (RubyGems Enabled)
139027 [zedshaw zeds] ABOUT