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^ A possible Ruby IDE. Help needed.
13820 [Dave Pragmat] I've got some interesting news.
13823 [sma 3plus4.d] While this is great news, it seems that it's available for Linux only.
13836 [gsemones tre] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
13843 [Dave Pragmat] That's my understanding.
13844 [wys helbling] I would volunteer for "phase 1" being the provision of the Ruby Scintilla
+ 13868 [gsemones min] There are other types of scintilla information at the site.
| 13875 [avi beta4.co] On the topic of scintilla - I hacked out a quick bindings generator to let
+ 13874 [nobody.home ] Clemens,
  13876 [gsemones tre] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  + 13877 [gsemones tre] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  | 13894 [wys helbling] ...see python.properties which also does the Ruby mapping.
  + 13899 [nhodgson big] The best starting point for a Ruby lexer is the C/C++/Java/... lexer

^ Ruby DBI forum
13825 [murphyv stud] a handful of people have expressed an interest in working on a database

^ All In A Row?
13834 [jkaurin home] I made some modifications to the code supplied by
13837 [dblack candl] You might want to refactor a little so that you don't have (almost)
13910 [jkaurin home] I originally sent this to David offline, but he suggested

^ EBADF on Windows
13835 [vjoel path.b] But if I put it in a file...
13878 [nobody.home ] Joel,
13891 [vjoel path.b] Thanks, Bernard!
13892 [nobody.home ] Not on Win9x, I'm afraid (I think it's an NT/2000 extension)

^ xmlscan (Re: Problems with racc rule definitions)
13842 [maki inac.co] I tried to translate README into English.
13855 [neumann s-di] Wow, that's great!  XPath works perfectly!
+ 13861 [Dave Pragmat] There's an extension that interfaces to sablot in the raa
| 13869 [neumann s-di] Yes, I know of that.
+ 13919 [maki inac.co] Not me, but UENO-san, as described in README.
  13945 [dcorbin impe] Coolness.  I was just contemplating doing this one as my first Ruby

^ number to string to number
13845 [rnajlis cs.i] Am I doing something wrong (maybe - I am pretty new to Ruby)?  it seems
+ 13846 [matju sympat] if count.class == String, then you don't need to do "#{count}", you
+ 13847 [wys helbling] Are you sure "count" is a Number? I would claim it is (many times) a
+ 13851 [tjabo unix-a] try "puts count.type" to see the type of count.
| 13898 [rnajlis cs.i] Thank you all for your help
+ 13900 [rnajlis cs.i] Thank you all for your help
| 13904 [dblack candl] [later:]
| 13937 [ben_tilly op] (and this is about having to use .to_i...)
+ 13942 [rnajlis cs.i] Sorry for being absent from this discussion.
  + 13943 [huber alum.w] OK...so far...
  | 13949 [rnajlis cs.i] Right that's what I wanted to do.  I tried it but it did not work.  I
  + 13948 [billk cts.co] The beautiful thing about languages like ruby, (or Smalltalk, or Perl, etc.)

^ Sockets-- using readlines versus gets
13848 [makoto uclin] I've just started using ruby.  I'm currently using sockets but I've run into
13850 [matz zetabit] readlines read everything until the end of file.  In this case, client
13906 [makoto uclin] Thanks for the quick reply.
13908 [matz zetabit] closing (or shutting down) a file descriptor.

^ BlackAdder for Ruby (scintilla rules)
13849 [WYS helbling] Shawn,
+ 13867 [shawn thekom] That would be terrific :).
+ 13870 [akuchlin mem] ...
+ 13879 [paulp Active] Just to be clear: Scintilla does not use rules files. It uses lexers
  13893 [wys helbling] Paul,
  13903 [paulp Active] I think Ruby's a pretty nice language. If there ever comes a day where

^ modruby ML
13853 [shugo ruby-l] modruby ML is available now.

^ 'use strict', nested data structures ... ??
13859 [Tarael200 ao] I've recently wandered over from the Perl side of the programming world,

^ use strict + nested data structures in Ruby
13860 [tarael200 ao] I've recently come over from the Perl side of the programming world, and am
+ 13862 [decoux moulo] Look at the thread "Multidimensional arrays and hashes?"
+ 13863 [Dave Pragmat] Welcome!
  + 13864 [in6x059 publ] Are there reasons making this impossible or did nobody really
  + 13865 [decoux moulo] You can't do this. Just an example, for bdb you have 2 classes
    13927 [in6x059 publ] This explains why it cannot be done to vivify BDB::Recnos, those still

^ ANN: FXRuby-0.99.167 Now Available
13880 [ljohnson res] I am pleased to announce the latest release of FXRuby, the Ruby

^ ruby on windows
13881 [gpalmer-remo] Saw the discussion on slashdot the other day about Ruby so I thought I'd try
13882 [Dave Pragmat] For now, install it into a path that doesn't have a space in the name.
13941 [gpalmer-remo] Thanks!  It's working fine...  I'm planning on going through the tutorials

^ File exist?
13884 [jim freeze.o] How do I check for a file's existense via ruby without using exceptions?
+ 13885 [brucedickey ] include FileTest
| 13887 [jim freeze.o] My version of ri gives me garbage for FileTest. I guess I should upgrade
+ 13886 [gnhurst hurs] FileTest.exist? ( aString ) -> true or false
| 13888 [jim freeze.o] Thanks much. You would think I would have been able to find that one
+ 13889 [Dave Pragmat] Would you believe

^ IRC channel #ruby-lang at irc.openprojects.net
13890 [gnhurst hurs] For those of you who do not yet know, you can

^ Net::HTTP basic authentication
13897 [dsharp2 nc.r] I'm having trouble making basic authentication work.
+ 13911 [decoux moulo] You have forgotten ' ' after Basic
| + 13970 [dsharp2 nc.r] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
| + 13971 [decoux moulo] RFC 2617
|   13972 [dsharp2 nc.r] Thanks!!!
|   13978 [erne powerna] Try this for doing basic auth.
+ 13912 [kjana os.xax] Here, enc is assigned to `BASICencodedword' but what's needed is

^ Ruby/GUI option: Ruby/Apollo (Delphi VCL)
13902 [schneik us.i] I'm not familiar with it, but for those of you who are interested, I am
13907 [gnhurst hurs] I don't know why I didn't check this out back then.  I must say I agree
13918 [mzh portnet.] "bin\apollo.rb" may be "bin\apollo.exe".

^ Accesing attributes/methods from nested blocks
13913 [karl_lopes y] attributes & methods of an outer class?

^ Ruby/GUI option: Ruby/Apollo (Delphi VCL)
13914 [jilanik tin.] Well, but I can't find the source code of Phi (phi.pas), so I can't
+ 13915 [hal9000 hype] Suggest you email the author: mailto:moriq@moriq.com
+ 13917 [moriq.kazuhi] The source code of Phi.dll is Phi.dpr.

^ Ruby/GUI option: Ruby/Apollo (Delphi VCL)
13920 [jilanik tin.] You are right. It is there and everything works almost fine.
+ 13939 [gnhurst hurs] I agree with this.  I downloaded the current mailing list
+ 13959 [moriq.kazuhi] If you know easy-to-use free service, I want you to prepare it in that.

^ File permissions
13921 [flifson cs.u] When I call
+ 13923 [Dave Pragmat] Are you on a Unix box? If no, what is your umask set to? I'd guess
| 13929 [flifson cs.u] I am on a FreeBSD box. I just ran umask and there it is "022". Oh well. Time to pay the sysadmin a visit...
| 13932 [in6x059 publ] Why? You can set it yourself.
+ 13930 [matz zetabit] I think you're working on UNIX.  see "man umask".  From Ruby, you can

^ SOAP4R with NQXML (was Re: xmlscan)
13922 [nahi keynaut] I tested SOAP4R(client/server) <-> Apache-SOAP/2.1(client/server)

^ Austin, TX gathering 25 Apr 2001
13924 [mike stok.co] There will be an informal social meeting of the Austin Group in Austin, TX

^ FW: Ruby DBI forum
13925 [SAT MULTITEC] Oops, didn't mean to post this to the ML.

^ Re: CONFIG["prefix"] ?
13926 [rashworth ma] Can you send me the Ruby code to make a small icon?

^ Re: Question on gsub with a block
13928 [rashworth ma] Dear Mr. Zagorodnikov,              Friday, AM
+ 13933 [rashworth ma] Thank you for your reply.   ERA
+ 13977 [   xm w3d.ru] There is no problem, given russian text is in KOI-8, ISO-8859-4 or Win-1251 (most common case) encoding.

^ PTY question [long]
13931 [henryso eart] I'm trying to use the PTY extension to run ssh to communicate with a program

^ [ANN] xmlrpc4r 1.6.1
13934 [neumann s-di] I have just release XML-RPC for Ruby, version 1.6.1.

^ Is it possible to unread a line?
13935 [jim freeze.o] Is it possible to 'un'readline?
+ 13938 [dgjs acm.org] It would be easier to just read the whole file into core with
+ 13951 [raja cs.indi] You could subclass (or extend) File with a buffer, extend #readline and

^ From Guido, with love...
13940 [Dave Pragmat] This was the first question in the Slashdot interview of Guido van
13946 [snowzone5 ho] first off he's the leader of pythonology
+ 13947 [chris atdesk] I had been using ruby for exactly 2 days for simple scripting jobs,
+ 13968 [decoux moulo] You don't need comment when  the code is very well written.
| + 13995 [dgjs acm.org] 'A lot has been said about the benefits of comments, and little
| | 13997 [mitch venux.] I don't think that could be further from the truth... Code that is well
| | + 14001 [Dave Pragmat] Possibly this might be cause for concern...
| | | 14145 [harryo zipwo] I don't really want to enter into this debate ... partly because I
| | | 14194 [marcbutler1 ] I don't believe this is true.  Even code of the highest clarity cannot
| | + 14018 [ronjeffries ] There may be cases where well-written code is "extremely complex and
| | | + 14021 [chadfowler y] This would be fun.  The challenge is in finding some
| | | + 14024 [rcalco corte] # >> >  You don't need comment when  the code is very well written.
| | | + 14082 [ljohnson res] Please, oh please, start with the threads-related code in "eval.c" ;)
| | |   14088 [ben_tilly op] What problem space are you working in, and what problem space
| | + 14020 [chadfowler y] So, by this definitions, one could write a totally
| + 14051 [chris atdesk] Individual functions are indeed easy to read.  However, to assemble a
+ 13979 [matz zetabit] Although Python and Ruby share similar target domain, each has totally
  + 13988 [Tarael200 ao] <<
  + 14011 [snowzone5 ho] it's not just ruby they hate, they're equal opportunity language haters :/
  | + 14012 [johannh ucli] I am bit surpised at this.  I've been using Python for years now, and
  | | + 14013 [spwhite char] OK, let's wrap up on this note.
  | | + 14023 [rcalco corte] # > it's not just ruby they hate, they're equal opportunity
  | | + 14075 [rtexier elik] I'm in the same case. I'm a python user who discovered Ryby _through_ the
  | + 14039 [mtr ottawa.c] Summerfelt, you're a fucking idiot.  There's no other way to put that, I'm
  |   14054 [green FreeBS] Keep this off the lists.  If you want to attack someone, do it privately.
  + 14037 [mtr ottawa.c] And then we have Python people (like me, say) who would like to pick up

^ Ruby book to be published by Orielly Associates
13950 [niyer tampab] Week back I had requested Orielly Associates to publish a book on Ruby.

^ xml2rb (Re: xmlscan)
13952 [maki open-ne] OK. Here is a translation of README.rd.ja.

^ regexp
13953 [james squish] was hoping to use the perlisms in ruby when it came to regexps.
+ 13954 [phasis hanan] without
| 13955 [gnhurst hurs] if there is no match...
| + 13961 [phasis hanan] Another try using nil.to_a = []
| + 13962 [phasis hanan] Another try using nil.to_a = []
| + 13963 [phasis hanan] Another try using nil.to_a = []
+ 13956 [gnhurst hurs] Something like this came up before (see [ruby-talk:01871] and 01873)
+ 13967 [zippel linux] var.scan(/^(.+)=(.+)$/) do |key, val|
  + 13975 [james squish] Ooh, I like this one the best.
  + 13976 [decoux moulo] Invalid syntax actually.
    + 13980 [james squish] You think it would be too horrible if ruby allowed that syntax and called
    | 14019 [fvdelius gmx] What side effects on the existing syntax would came up it have if a regular
    + 13981 [decoux moulo] Too perlish for me (this is you that have said horrible :-))

^ Bug? retry not working properly in 1.6.3
13957 [trulsat hinu] From the example in "Ruby User's Guide", section 9, "Iterators", there is an
+ 13958 [Dave Pragmat] This seems to work on 1.6.1, but not on 1.6.3 or 1.7.
+ 13969 [decoux moulo] Probably a problem in rb_call0, wait for confirmation from matz
  13983 [matz zetabit] You're right (as always).  I'll incorporate your patch.

^ FXRuby and registering callbacks
13960 [barry_shultz] Could someone tell me the right way to register
+ 13982 [barry_shultz] Answering my own post. I found lots of examples
+ 14083 [ljohnson res] Barry and I have already discussed this a bit in private e-mails, but I
  14095 [elderburn mi] FYI, wxWindows has what IMO is a good way to do his. The wxGTK distro is

^ Re: From Guido, with love... [+ Jython & JRuby]
13964 [schneiker ju] Well, IMNSHO, it also seems like a very *minor* sort of "deliberate insult",
+ 13966 [paulp Active] I was also going to say that it would be helpful to interpret his
| + 13973 [Dave Pragmat] Yes. I wasn't particularly referring to the Parrot crack. But the idea
| | 14010 [snowzone5 ho] it's 'cause the designer just didn't end up designin a python lookalike, or
| + 14008 [snowzone5 ho] he's not a political person but comments like comparing ruby to 'parrot' or
|   14042 [mtr ottawa.c] Yes.  I can see how that would stick in the craw of an asshole who gets cut
|   + 14096 [ben_tilly op] I normally reply (in classic Usenet tradition, and following
|   | + 14097 [gnhurst hurs] I'd have to agree with Mr. Tilly here.
|   | + 14185 [snowzone5 ho] gvr effectively calls 'ruby' a 'parrot' like language. i just said it pretty
|   + 14186 [snowzone5 ho] well, i rest my case about the python community <snrk>
+ 14009 [snowzone5 ho] i suppose it was minor...except it was posted on slashdot...anybody using
+ 14116 [schneik aust] So far none of the previous replies to my earlier post addressed what I
  14847 [matju sympat] First of all, it's possible to do anything computable with any computer,

^ Re: Write testsuite in Ryby
13965 [max malva.co] I'm thinking about writing testsuite for my C++/Lua application.
13974 [Dave Pragmat] In order to access your C/C++ from Ruby, you may be able to generate

^ RCR, strange things in $:
13984 [ben_tilly op] I decided to catch up on old summaries of p5p, and I ran
13985 [decoux moulo] It's finally documented ? It's in perl since 5.6.0 and voluntary not
14014 [rashworth ma] Given a plain text file with lines 1, 3, 5, .... Roman Font
14100 [ben_tilly op] Never blame on malice when you don't have to.  It is Simon
14102 [Dave Pragmat] Add to the wish the ability to have versioning at that interface.
14157 [matz zetabit] Hmm, both loading from zip archive and versioning are intersting.
14164 [Dave Pragmat] OK, just to get the ball rolling.
+ 14173 [rise knavery] Did you intend that this would apply to .so libraries as well?
| 14174 [Dave Pragmat] Yes, but using the filename instead of some variable. That's one of
| 14177 [ben_tilly op] As both versioning and loading from a zip archive are
| 14178 [Dave Pragmat] I wonder, though, how useful this will be if there are many different
+ 14207 [hipster xs4a] I'd propose to create a top-level Ruby module for this, so we have

^ 'A new ruby enthousiast' => 'Question'
13986 [wbsoft xs4al] I am new to ruby, I really like the language and I want to write a program
13999 [wbsoft xs4al] Of course, I mean: Can I use an ARGF-like class to have my own multifile

^ Weird problem with Ruby, Shared Libraries and Apache
13987 [bryan_zarnet] I'm having a strange problem with Apache and some Ruby
+ 13992 [decoux moulo] Probably the apache server don't have the same environment than you and
+ 14084 [ljohnson res] It appears that the shared library that provides the xmlparser extension
  14108 [bryan_zarnet] Ya, I noticed last night that Apache was not picking

^ FTP vs Telnet Connection Times
13989 [jkaurin home] I need to open both FTP and Telnet sessions into a
+ 14000 [Dave Pragmat] Is there a problem with reverse DNS lookups of your own address?
+ 14017 [decoux moulo] Probably a problem with SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGIN.COM or LOGIN.COM
  + 14122 [jkaurin home] This is some (most) of the problem. SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGIN.COM and
  + 14123 [jkaurin home] Trying to tackle this from a different angle using rsh,

^ Stripped-down Ruby?
13990 [cmessengerat] I need to embed a scripting language in an app I'm creating (a gaming app).
+ 13994 [brucedickey ] You might also consider Simkin at http://www.simkin.co.uk/.
| 13998 [cmessengerat] Yeah, I saw that during my investigations.  It looks very good.
+ 14104 [cmessengerat] Just for reference (for any Deja News hunters out there), I found pretty
  14158 [matz zetabit] Lua has far better embedding API, despite it has far less features
  + 14160 [SAT MULTITEC] I would like to embedd Ruby inside of a C++ program that is multi-threaded
  | 14585 [olivier vibe] I totally agree, Ruby just need this feature to make it the perfect
  + 14166 [cmessengerat] That would be excellent!  If I were able to choose between Ruby and Lua for

^ regexp problem ...
13991 [jens irs-net] I want to rip the percent values
13993 [decoux moulo] First I need to redirect stderr on stdout, i.e.
13996 [jens irs-net] I want to read from @io while the created thread is

^ Visual SlickEdit
14002 [jkaurin home] I have been using Visual SlickEdit (VSE) with Ruby since I began programming in Ruby
+ 14003 [jkaurin home] Forgot to add, Visual SlickEdit supports many emulation modes including
+ 14004 [jkaurin home] Sorry I had these in at work but not at home. Use this section rather
+ 14005 [joe vpop.net] Question on slickedit:  One feature of emacs that I find invaluable
+ 14007 [jkaurin home] This one should be right, except Visual SlickEdit will not take $" as a