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^ Re: [Rails] NYC Meetup?
137996 [pat.eyler gm] Actually I'm no where near NYC, so I didn't see you at the last meeting.  ;^)
137998 [pelletierm e] (i just joined the ruby-talk list and am forwarding this post since it's
+ 138005 [sera fhwang.] Hey all,
| + 138007 [pelletierm e] I'm in full agreement here. I'd rather everyone get together in one
| | 138008 [pelletierm e] You should sign up for both NYC groups.
| + 138023 [pat.eyler gm] You've obviously never seen my hairline Francis.  ;^)
+ 138018 [zedshaw zeds] I'm in NYC too and keep planning to show up, but for whatever reason a

^ Re: NYC Meetup?
138002 [ljz asfast.c] I live in NYC and I'd love to attend Ruby meetups here when I can.

^ Good community
138003 [bertrandmusc] I just want to point out how great the Ruby community is in attitude. I
138012 [dblack wobbl] Having a great community *is* success :-)
138029 [sy1235 gmail] Frankly, the community is what held my interest over most of the
+ 138055 [bob.news gmx] "Sy" <sy1235@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 138070 [halostatue g] ... now I just have to find a Sunday when I'm not otherwise busy.
  138090 [sy1235 gmail] Aah, I remember this name.  =)
  138092 [halostatue g] Good. Maybe I can demonstrate PDF::Writer ;)

^ RubyOnRails-NYC group
138004 [pelletierm e] I've created a new Yahoo Group for RoR in NYC called rubyonrails-nyc
138006 [sera fhwang.] Looks like our emails crossed one another out in the internets. Ah,

^ Elapsed time -- tiny code snippet
138011 [hal9000 hype] Here's a poor man's profiler -- only good for finding the
138013 [florgro gmai] I'd suggest converting the times to floats (via .to_f) before
138015 [transfire gm] Tried it with and without floats, and yes float give more precision.
138050 [lyndon.samso] You may find this

^ [ANN] KirbyBase 2.1
138014 [jcribbs twmi] I would like to announce version 2.1 of KirbyBase, a simple, pure-Ruby
138041 [botp delmont] #Subject: [ANN] KirbyBase 2.1

^ ruby in developer.com
138016 [botp delmont] Gilmore authors a php and mysql book, and is a frequent contributor of open
138031 [transfire gm] Indeed, nicely written.

^ Ruby port of Nilsimsa?
138021 [crf sbox.tu-] ...
+ 138048 [lyndon.samso] Is this your homework young Martin :-) Maybe you should post it to rentacoder.
| 138061 [crf sbox.tu-] ...
+ 138253 [crf sbox.tu-] ...

^ Ruby Java Bridge: Are there any?
138027 [rcole itee.u] in Java that I want to communicate with from a Ruby: send queries get
+ 138046 [lyndon.samso] Sockets would probably be easiest with strings. However if the jruby
+ 138062 [avik.sengupt] It is possible to compile java bytecodes to native objects via gcj, and
+ 138069 [dcorbin mach] Depending on the application, you might consider JRuby. (A ruby implementation
+ 138075 [ttate ttsky.] Try rjb,
| + 138079 [lgalea gmmso] Wow,
| | 138433 [dcorbin mach] I"m not familiar with RJB, but JRuby can work "both ways".  In fact, I use it
| + 138184 [rcole itee.u] Wow, cool library. That was just what I was looking for :). Can you
|   138193 [rcole itee.u] Don't know where SIGHUP is coming from, but putting a signal handler in
+ 138191 [horacio.lope] SOAP4R comes standard with Ruby 1.8.x

^ Scope in Method Definitions
138035 [cjs cynic.ne] Presumably there's some theory behind this, but this is a seeming
+ 138039 [gfb tonesoft] Here method1's local variable (as there's no foo() method so far) is
| 138043 [cjs cynic.ne] Bingo! After a bit more playing, it looks like the "class" statement
| 138057 [bob.news gmx] "Curt Sampson" <cjs@cynic.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 138044 [pit capitain] Your code can be reduced to

^ Meetup.com changes
138038 [robby planet] Perhaps this would be a good time for the community to build something
+ 138071 [sera fhwang.] Interesting of them to make those changes. It'll be interesting to see
| 138078 [curt hibbs.c] It's not particularly bad that they are charging for their service, but
+ 138102 [russ igeanet] Yeah, I saw this yesterday and I wasn't too happy. I would also like to
+ 138224 [kellan gmail] Bah, and just as I was trying to get a Boston.rb meetup started.
  + 138236 [pat.eyler gm] We could use 43 Things 'teams' to represent the groups, with
  + 138237 [pat.eyler gm] Forgot to mention this in my first response ...

^ [ANN] Server Maintenance
138056 [shugo ruby-l] It may be down briefly.

^ FireRuby 0.2.2
138058 [peter njini.] == FireRuby Version 0.2.2

^ Really quick question - How do I convert a string to a date
138080 [glenn.ruby g] I need a 'Date' object which is converted from a string value
+ 138081 [gcottenc gma] Pleac?
+ 138082 [james graypr] This isn't a particularly brilliant answer, so hopefully someone will
+ 138083 [eban os.rim.] % ruby -rdate -e 'puts Date.strptime("13/04/2005", "%d/%m/%Y")'
| 138085 [james graypr] I knew there had to be a clever solution.  Nice!
| 138087 [glenn.ruby g] Thanks guys - I'm getting jumpy about my demo tomorrow!
+ 138084 [farrel.lifso] ParseDate? It's in Ruby's Std Lib -
| 138089 [neil hakubi.] Nope, that assumes month/day/year when it sees that style.  It can only
| 138215 [glenn.ruby g] It was exactly this problem I was having Neil (ie. using ParseDate on
+ 138086 [neil hakubi.] require 'date'

^ On motivating a Ruby nubie
138097 [sy1235 gmail] Hey all.  I wanted to dive into a topic that's been on my mind for
+ 138100 [james graypr] That's a pretty personal issue and I doubt I have any helpful advice.
| + 138104 [rob.02004 gm] I agree: write code
| + 138105 [dave burt.id] ...
| | 138111 [sy1235 gmail] I'm thinking along the lines of keeping a learning journal / snippets database.
| | + 138116 [tanner.burso] Strangely enough, I often find that re-inventing the wheel is exactly
| | + 138133 [ruby-talk wh] Can you spell out any of your criticisms further?  I've never written a
| |   138152 [sy1235 gmail] The tone of the writing somehow changes.  It's very difficult to put a
| |   138153 [sy1235 gmail] Why I want to learn Ruby is a pretty complecated topic.  There are
| |   + 138164 [glyconis gma] Oh, good!
| |   + 138203 [dave burt.id] ...
| |     138211 [assaph gmail] things
| |     138219 [sy1235 gmail] Faith isn't so good with someone who's just starting out.  Everyone
| + 138120 [glenn.parker] Let's not forget: Read good existing code.
| | 138125 [sy1235 gmail] That's exactly what I was thinking myself.  There's always some piece
| + 138230 [chneukirchen] Write less code.
|   138240 [martin.anker] Write no code.
|   + 138241 [bob.news gmx] "Martin Ankerl" <martin.ankerl@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   + 138248 [chneukirchen] Yet another one of these MDA guys. ;-)
|     138865 [sy1235 gmail] Just to follow up on this topic, I've finally begun my quest into
|     139399 [sy1235 gmail] This email seems to have bounced.  My apologies if this is a duplicate post.
+ 138118 [joevandyk gm] Why do you want to learn Ruby?  Why do you want to learn to program?
+ 138127 [glyconis gma] Well, I did create a tutorial especially for nubies (people who have
+ 138129 [jamesvtoomey] In my experience, the motivation comes from choosing something that you
+ 138168 [paulha aracn] Hey Syeed--  Welcome to the fray!  ;-)
+ 138182 [rocioestrada] As a non programmer I decided to learn Ruby and in the past a bit of c

^ installing fxruby under Cygwin (was Re: [ANN] fxirb 0.2.0 - Multiline Edit (and request for help))
138098 [binkley alum] Here is how I did it.

^ pattern matching question
138106 [Automat.Svet] newbie here... sorry for the annoying question... I'm working on small
138108 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 138109 [Tony.Targons] I' mtrying to match a pattern like this one : 297,12^[2 where 297,12 is
| 138114 [mailing-list] Are you sure all numbers will be formatted in the \d+,\d+ format?  What
+ 138222 [Automat.Svet] Hey thank you very much for all your replies!

^ Needle and Parameterized Services
138107 [ruby roblall] I've been using Needle to try to create an iBatis like framework in Ruby. I want register parameterized blocks but when
+ 138113 [jamis 37sign] First off, I'm not familiar at all with iBatis--could you give a little
| 138140 [ruby roblall] iBatis is an OR mapping tool from the Java world based on the DAO pattern. I mentioned it more for colour than because
| 138169 [jamis 37sign] Ah, I understand now. Yah, currently there is no option to prevent
| 138221 [ruby roblall] I'm not exactly sure what makes me uncomfortable about it. I think that it is the lack of symmetry; if you want 0
| 138239 [jamis 37sign] Well, actually, if you want 0 parameters, you can define 2 parameters,
| + 138242 [pat.eyler gm] Another good option might be to write it for Linux Journal.  You'd get paid
| + 138260 [ruby roblall] I will dig out my writers hat and see what I can put together. If people here think it is worthwhile I'll see if it's
|   138355 [chadfowler g] RubyGarden welcomes you. :)
+ 138906 [vjoel PATH.B] It's not Needle, but MinDI does have parameterized services with the
  138911 [rasputnik he] *please* tell me there is a library in the pipeline called mork :)
  138932 [vjoel PATH.B] Na.new
  139098 [rasputnik he] mork = Proc.new { |o| puts "come in, #{o}" }
  139111 [hal9000 hype] Well, Mork used to call him Laserbreath sometimes... and the original

^ newbie question re: variable assignment
138110 [Simon.Mullis] I am curious as to the general concensus and reaction to me asking a
+ 138112 [phurley gmai] On 4/13/05, Simon.Mullis@equinoxsolutions.com
+ 138115 [usenet2 nosp] This doesn't work because "puts ?#{x}" isn't a valid statement. If you
| 138117 [Simon.Mullis] Thanks Patrick.
| 138217 [martindemell] ...
+ 138119 [transfire gm] Dont; worry this is a low bite board :-)
  + 138121 [bob.news gmx] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 138122 [Simon.Mullis] This is it... Many thanks.
  | 138135 [gfb tonesoft] Pickaxe ("Programming Ruby" by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt).
  | 138159 [lukfugl gmai] Just to show one more way to do it (probably not the best depending on
  | 138163 [Simon.Mullis] Just ordered the 2nd Edition (good old Amazon)...
  | 138187 [botp delmont] #Just ordered the 2nd Edition (good old Amazon)...
  | 138188 [botp delmont] #Just to show one more way to do it (probably not the best
  + 138123 [rampant gmai] 1.upto(9) { |x| puts x.to_s[0] }
    138124 [rampant gmai] puts (1..9).collect {|x| x.to_s[0] }

^ Fixnum playing cards
138126 [rampant gmai] I've been playing with ruby's playinc cards,and to make life easy my
+ 138128 [surrender_it] just a thing: you don't need to convert 1..54 to an array before you use
+ 138155 [lukfugl gmai] It looks like 53 (Red Joker) would be classified as black (53.black?
  138216 [martindemell] ...
  138294 [eliahhecht g] There are big and little jokers, at least, that are differentiated for
  138297 [adelle bulle] I've had some packs of cards that had red and black jokers.  I've never

^ What's beyond Rails?
138130 [jamesvtoomey] Somewhat off-topic rant: This isn't so much a dig at Rails but a
+ 138134 [rampant gmai] That's what Macromedia is trying to sell you!
| + 138136 [binkley alum] What about interpreting XUL in Ruby?  A Google search on <<ruby xul>>
| + 138160 [ezra yakima-] ...
|   138170 [peter.kwangj] What would be really cool would be a way for a server-side Ruby program
|   + 138173 [james_b neur] I believe this thread has already mentioned the Alph project.  And you
|   + 138177 [mark markros] ...
+ 138137 [sera fhwang.] There's an inherent trade-off: Compared to desktop apps, web apps are
| + 138143 [rich infoeth] Yes indeed I am...but first...
| + 138330 [Bil.Kleb NAS] For those non-web developers (like me) that still
+ 138141 [jeff opendbm] Yeah we all hate HTML I'm sure, us programmer types (ruby programmers no
+ 138145 [pelletierm e] The underlying issue is that HTTP was never designed to do what it is
| + 138148 [goseigen com] I've been real impressed with the mozilla framework.  I wonder if
| | 138154 [curt hibbs.c] It was started, but it has not been active for a couple years. From what
| + 138157 [partenon gma] ...
| + 138165 [sera fhwang.] For those of us who don't know, care to post a quick explanation of
|   + 138172 [james_b neur] I take it you either do not use the XmmlHttpRequest object, or are paid
|   | 138178 [stephen exig] Microsoft does have some docs on remote scripting, but "postback" in ASP.NET
|   | 138180 [james_b neur] <snip/>
|   | 138269 [Peter.Fitzgi] and
|   | 138272 [james_b neur] I *believe* that a Laszlo client just needs to exchange XML messages
|   + 138176 [pelletierm e] Here goes.
|     138179 [james_b neur] Ah.
+ 138333 [dblack wobbl] Rub(e)yon(d)rails....
+ 138397 [jason_watkin] (especially
| 138403 [michael.camp] What's beyond rails?
+ 138405 [jason_watkin] 1.) You could do photoshop via http.
  138413 [kig misfirin] The problem is that there are no high-performance libraries for
  138420 [jason_watkin] You're missing the architecture. Html+javascript for just the UI layer.
  138447 [sera fhwang.] Intriguing. But leaving aside the issue of whether it would be
  138457 [jason_watkin] The web client issues the command to the server, the server churns on
  138473 [sera fhwang.] Okay, but that portion itself represents a significant enough time lag
  + 138485 [billk cts.co] That's 5 mega bits, not bytes right?  So more like 4.6 seconds,
  | + 138497 [tom infoethe] First person shooters are _always_ on topic :-)
  | | 138536 [Peter.Fitzgi] From one who used first-person-shooters to do only one thing...
  | | 138538 [billk cts.co] Primarily along the lines of keeping cheaters off.  It
  | + 138543 [jason_watkin] Regarding, "and human beings are surprisingly tolerant of latency",
  |   138595 [billk cts.co] I haven't read the darpa papers; sounds interesting.  However,
  + 138542 [jason_watkin] Maybe you know more about this than I do, but how much data does a FPS

^ Problem Installing GTK+ / WindowsXP
138131 [Pafo007 wana] Just a small problem, installing GTK+ under Windows.
138132 [joaopedrosa ] For the supported GTK+ packages. :-)
138139 [Pafo007 wana] Thank you, i tried these packages, and replaced my dropline one by
138156 [joaopedrosa ] Sorry about that.
138261 [Pafo007 wana] I thank you for your help. I tried yesterday "2.6.4 rc3" whitch gave

^ Ruby introduction
138138 [carlwork gma] I'm planning on giving an introductory ruby tutorial at a Ruby users
138150 [curt hibbs.c] Check out the publicly available presentations in the WhyRuby? project
138431 [daniel.amela] You'll find the pdf there. I highly recommend it.

^ Newbie : scripting windows execute?
138144 [Peter.Fitzgi] ...
138146 [Daniel.Berge] system
138147 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, and IO.popen
138149 [Peter.Fitzgi] Thanks.  I didn't even know those.  See.  Newbie.

^ Weaving Arrays
138151 [galizur gmai] Any suggestions on a quick way to weave two arrays?
+ 138158 [djberge qwes] Perhaps Enumerable#inject or Enumerable#zip are what you're looking for.
+ 138161 [discordantus] # interleave lines from STDIN with lines from foo.text, printing to STDOUT
+ 138214 [martindemell] ...
| 138251 [discordantus] (1..4).weave('a'..'d') #==>[1, "a", 2, "b", 3, "c", 4, "d"]
| 138255 [martindemell] ...
| 138268 [discordantus] Empty spaces get filled with nils; elements beyond the number in the
| 138319 [martindemell] ...
+ 138235 [vrajmohan co] Have you looked at Array#zip?
+ 138267 [kennethkunz ] Take a look at the SyncEnumerator class from the generator standard
  138771 [kennethkunz ] Note performance problems with Generator and SyncEnumerator... see

^ Definitive Ruby/Tk guide?
138166 [jeremy.bear ] I've seen some documentation on Ruby and Tk in places like Pickaxe and
+ 138167 [zdennis mkte] That should get you started...
+ 138401 [dbatml gmx.d] I think there is no real definitive Ruby/Tk guide out there, but the
+ 138653 [nagai ai.kyu] Can the following help you?
| 138688 [greg.kujawa ] I found this reference --> http://www.jbrowse.com/text/rubytk_en.html
+ 139157 [jacek devgui] Not sure if it will be a definitive guide, but there is one book on
  139158 [botp delmont] #Not sure if it will be a definitive guide, but there is one book on

^ Mocking out a class object
138181 [Avdi_B_Grimm] Okay, I'm trying to mock up a class object.  It needs to do two
+ 138185 [dblack wobbl] You're actually dealing with two classes: MyMockClass, and
| 138234 [Avdi_B_Grimm] Thanks, that looks exactly like what I was looking for.  It reveals
+ 138223 [bob.news gmx] "Avdi Grimm" <Avdi_B_Grimm@raytheon.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag