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^ Re: MiniRubyWiki 1.0.0
136222 [phlip_cpp ya] ...
136235 [martin.anker] There seem to be quite a lot of crackers who automatically scan lots of
136280 [phlip_cpp ya] ...

^ [ANN] QtRuby 1.0.8/Korundum 3.4.0/KDevelop 3.2.0
136224 [Richard_Dale] URIS

^ [ANN] color-tools 1.0.0
136225 [halostatue g] I am pleased to announce the first release of color-tools. What, you
136226 [halostatue g] Oh. Yeah. How do you get color-tools?

^ ebay searching
136227 [joevandyk gm] Are there any Ruby libraries out there that will search ebay?
+ 136228 [hal9000 hype] Not that I've heard of... but it does sound like a cool idea.
| 136389 [joevandyk gm] Ebay does offer an API for seaching and buying and whatnot, but it
+ 136245 [cc1 cec.wust] I had something that could parse out the price history given an id
+ 136419 [jeff opendbm] Ebay has web services that I've written libraries for...

^ fxirb + breakpoint -> hangs
136229 [itsme213 hot] ...
136902 [martindemell] ...

^ how to simulate self-style delegation
136233 [itsme213 hot] ...
+ 136282 [bob.news gmx] "itsme213" <itsme213@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 136345 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 136396 [bob.news gmx] "itsme213" <itsme213@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 136518 [csaba phony_] ...

^ ActiveScriptRuby security problem !?
136236 [  cg_ gmx.de] I just installed ActiveScriptRuby on my WinDoze box.

^ Nice blog entry about Ruby on Rails and Ajax
136237 [pat.eyler gm] "The web development world is about to enjoy one of those

^ Smallish Code
136242 [lyndon.samso] I've got a one class pure Ruby XBase reader that I've had to write, it
136263 [Seb no_spam.] Ruby Forge has a code snippets section.

^ Re: color-tools 1.0.0
136252 [george.mosch] We are more pleased to download this :) Thanks!

^ [ANN] emerald 0.1
136254 [matz ruby-la] I'm pleased to announce you the first public release of emerald at
+ 136255 [botp delmont] //I'm pleased to announce you the first public release of emerald at
| 136256 [r_mueller im] strike!
+ 136258 [aredridel nb] Thank you for this amazing new language!
+ 136262 [hal9000 hype] Very nice... but will it scale?  ;)
| + 136267 [Roland.Schmi] Yes, until christmas!
| | 136276 [peter semant] Remember what happened the last time someone joked about a programming
| | 136277 [johans gmail] ba-dam-bam-pssh! :)
| + 136288 [ljz asfast.c] I don't know.  There's something fishy about this.
| | 136304 [tom infoethe] With this language, Ruby is fin-ished.
| | 136307 [dblack wobbl] Then please clam up.
| | 136317 [james_b neur] Stop carping.
| | 136318 [cribbsj oakw] These jokes are making me eel.
| | + 136321 [Stephan.Kaem] Then why did you zander posting shorter than you'r "Confidentiality
| | + 136326 [lucsky mac.c] ...
| |   136328 [agorilla gma] If it produces clean cod, I'll be hooked.
| |   136331 [walter mwsew] ...
| |   136335 [dblack wobbl] Thanks for putting us in our plaice.
| |   136343 [demerzel gma] Come on now, don't get all guppy about it..
| |   136347 [alang cronos] Let's all cool off and go out to lunch for some nice gourami cooking.
| + 136313 [gavin refine] (heavy groan from the audience)
+ 136275 [jonraphaelso] Haha. :P
| 136322 [john-mason s] (from http://www.infoplease.com/spot/aprilfools1.html)
+ 136565 [ jupp gmx.de] IMHO it should support utf-9 and utf-18 which are defined in RFC 4042.

^ Amrita 1.0.2 + XML + amrita_id fix
136257 [aredridel nb] ...

^ mod_ruby breaks php
136259 [cjs cynic.ne] Apache 2.0.53
136270 [cjs cynic.ne] The tests that are failing are failing in a consistent way, and I wonder
136677 [cjs cynic.ne] Well, if anybody's curious, the reason that my PHP code broke after

^ File.fnmatch and **
136264 [ts_news1 son] Dir.glob('**/*') matches directories recursively, but
+ 136298 [nobu.nokada ] $ ruby18 -v -e 'p File.fnmatch("**/*", "a/b/c")'
| 136603 [ts_news1 son] Yes, well the following returns true as well, which is not desirable. I
| 136623 [matz ruby-la] (a) fnmatch conforms POSIX standard which does not contain **
+ 136625 [ocean m2.ccs] (2005/04/01 18:54)
  136698 [ts_news1 son] Yes, that's perfect!

^ Re: QtRuby 1.0.8/Korundum 3.4.0/KDevelop 3.2.0
136268 [google erikv] This "hack" caused a problem in RubyScript2Exe when trying to
136272 [Richard_Dale] Yes, my mistake was to think of 'include Qt' being just like a 'using

^ RDoc warning
136278 [george.mosch] RDoc is overreacting and emitting the following warning when

^ && Syntax
136283 [lyndon.samso] Yes, I'm a rube-noob
+ 136285 [r_mueller im] irb(main):018:0> if 1 == 1 \
+ 136291 [phurley gmai] Ruby has a very relaxed parser -- that often (unlike C/Java/etc) uses
+ 136296 [nobu.nokada ] The interpreter knows the conditional finishes at the end of

^ Re: Ruby RDF-Redland
136287 [dom sisna.co] Sorry to everyone for not responding or working on this library lately.

^ [QUIZ] Code Cleaning (#26)
136302 [james graypr] ...
136306 [dblack wobbl] It's not private -- see the earlier mentions of the idea of a
136323 [james graypr] To be fair, I did enter the IORCC, as is now known.  That was my first

^ IORCC 2005 entries
136312 [vfoley gmail] I just would like to point out that the 2005 IORCC entries are
136346 [florgro gmai] I think the most messed up entry is that of Cash Erler. Have a detailed

^ rxml instead of rhtml for the views
136325 [spambak hotm] I'm looking for some sort of tutorial that uses rxml instead of rhtml
136363 [david loudth] See http://ap.rubyonrails.com/classes/ActionView/Base.html under

^ Kernel.load() behaviour
136329 [andrew walro] I want to wrap a pile of classes, which are defined in their own files, inside
136334 [bob.news gmx] "Andrew Walrond" <andrew@walrond.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
136357 [andrew walro] Thanks - I'll do a search.
+ 136362 [aredridel gm] eval "module Packages\n" << `cat *.rb` << "\nend"
| + 136385 [andrew walro] You are a _very_ twisted individual  ;)
| + 136390 [binary42 gma] module Packages
|   136394 [andrew walro] Packages.module_eval( IO.readlines('glibc.rb').join, 'glibc.rb')
|   + 136400 [binary42 gma] class Glibc
|   | 136404 [ruby-ml magi] This will still pollute the namespace, though, at
|   | + 136407 [andrew walro] Not with
|   | | 136414 [andrew walro] c.rb
|   | | 136417 [andrew walro] My final puzzle before sleep; How to throw an exception if any of the package
|   | | + 136421 [binary42 gma] This should give you the general idea if you want to prevent it.
|   | | + 136457 [bob.news gmx] "Andrew Walrond" <andrew@walrond.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   | | + 136657 [vjoel PATH.B] If you can arrange that the context in which those nested require/load
|   | |   136707 [andrew walro] This is useful. Thanks!
|   | + 136409 [ruby-ml magi] Meh. Obviously ignore that.
|   + 136495 [jim freeze.o] Packages.module_eval( File.read('glibc.rb'), 'glibc.rb')
+ 136388 [bob.news gmx] "Andrew Walrond" <andrew@walrond.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  136392 [andrew walro] Essentially, I have lots of package files in a directory, each with a single

^ ruby-dev summary 25781-25961
136330 [ksaito uranu] Here is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.
136333 [dblack wobbl] class C

^ For you eXtreme Programmers...
136352 [matt technor] Nothing great was ever accomplished without _passion_
136360 [itsme213 hot] ...

^ Admiring Apple (was Re: Respect and Disappointment)
136353 [david loudth] Apple gained ground in court not because the bloggers couldn't be
136517 [sera fhwang.] And yet California state law specifically states that the journalistic
+ 136533 [patrick.spen] Some of the most even-headed analysis of the recent Apple cases have
+ 136543 [rhkramer gma] In general, I agree with what you say, but I would point out that a competitor
+ 136570 [ruby-talk wh] I think we can see where this is going.  I'm not a pre-eventualist (yet)
  136597 [lyndon.samso] On Apr 3, 2005 7:39 AM, why the lucky stiff

^ Shiny balls with OpenGL
136358 [kig misfirin] Made some lit spheres: http://dark.fhtr.org/light2.rb
+ 136359 [kent darkwin] Very cool!
| 136365 [barry anglei] 3 changes made it more comfortable for me to look at:  I changed the
+ 136393 [james lazyat] I did some reasonably neat stuff for my PhD software using Ruby, C++
  136469 [kig misfirin] Ehehe, it looks fun
  136660 [james lazyat] Yeah - I particularly enjoyed creating the bees :)

^ win32ole not all methods work
136366 [BArmstrong d] Can someone explain what's going on here, and if there is a fix?  Looks
+ 136397 [rpardee comc] Both of those are working for me.  I'm on win2k & WSH 5.6.  What
+ 136720 [masaki.suket] It seems to me the correct behavier.
  136766 [BArmstrong d] Excellent.  Thanks.  Adding an if drive.isReady to our code filters out

^ Fwd: Translation into spanish of Ruby Quiz
136368 [james graypr] Just thought I would share this nice piece of news.  Ruby Quiz is now

^ what password obfuscation options are there in standard ruby on windows?
136370 [rpardee comc] Hey All,
+ 136375 [cribbsj oakw] the next version of KirbyBase.   The Vignere cipher is a substituion
+ 136376 [phurley gmai] Check out digest and use your choice of md5, sha1, sha2, etc...
| 136381 [rpardee comc] Hmm... to quote ri: "Nothing known about digest." 8^)
| 136387 [demerzel gma] Looks like you'll need the openssl for that, though.
| 136391 [rpardee comc] Aye--thanks.  I actually saw that & followed the openssl rabbit down
| + 136399 [demerzel gma] Dunno about that, but there seem to be some entries under the
| + 136426 [djberg96 hot] The one-click installer for windows comes with openssl builtin.  From
|   136427 [rpardee comc] and
|   136432 [djberg96 hot] irb(main):001:0> require "openssl"
|   136521 [rpardee comc] Bingo--that did it.  Many thanks!
+ 136403 [lists bertra] Do you mean this?
+ 136778 [bg-rubytalk ] There's also 'cyphersaber' on RAA.  It adds methods to string to encrypt

^ tk fails to work with TkVariable
136371 [erazor mitoc] i have here some compressed code from my would-be-application that doesn't
136455 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report.

^ counter object / ++ lookalike
136372 [john-mason s] Am I missing a part of the standard library that already does something

^ private inner class
136374 [john-mason s] In ruby is it possible to have a private innner class? Using private
136380 [glenn.parker] p A::B.new.hw => "hello world"
+ 136398 [surrender_it] I guess he meant this is not private.
+ 136401 [bob.news gmx] "Glenn Parker" <glenn.parker@comcast.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  136497 [glenn.parker] Sorry, I completely misunderstood John-Mason's question.  I thought he

^ Module.nesting and module_eval
136395 [binary42 gma] I was wondering why Module.nesting is not consitent when called from
136473 [matz ruby-la] Module.nesting uses compile time information if it's available.  The

^ how to read output of shell command to variable?
136405 [sinkanti gma] In perl, we can do
+ 136406 [dblack wobbl] output = `file filename.txt`
+ 136408 [andrew walro] $output = `file filename.txt`
  136456 [bob.news gmx] "Andrew Walrond" <andrew@walrond.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  136653 [ jupp gmx.de] $output = qx{file filename.txt}
  136654 [james graypr] output = %x{file filename.txt}

^ Synchronous but different iterators
136411 [belorion gma] (somewhat contrived example:) Say I have 2 different data structures
+ 136413 [surrender_it] <snipall>
+ 136458 [bob.news gmx] "Belorion" <belorion@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  136546 [belorion gma] Much appreciated! Thanks!

^ module / class best practices
136412 [joevandyk gm] I'm writing some code that generates an image file based off either a
136424 [halostatue g] I think that you're looking at it wrong. The way that I'd do it is

^ Testing ActiveRecord in console
136416 [spamerom nie] How to import and test ActiveRecord using Interactive Ruby Shell? It is not
136418 [threeve.org ] look at script/console from your rails dir.
136425 [lists allotr] Yes, script/console is great if you have a Rails environment set up,

^ Getting binary data
136420 [joevandyk gm] I've got a file that has some floats and ints at the beginning of the
136422 [byrd.timothy] That doesn't sound like binary data to me.  For example, this C

^ Re: Code Cleaning (#26)
136428 [byrd.timothy] Help!
+ 136431 [phurley gmai] I have not looked at the code, but it sure sounds like a CGI script
+ 136443 [agorilla gma] I'm guessing you're running on Win, if I'm guessing right... type
+ 136444 [james graypr] There are multiple ways to find this out.  That's one of the steps of
  136561 [byrd.timothy] Perhaps, I should rephrase.
  136969 [james graypr] * To practice my refactoring skills.

^ Two Questions about Hash Defaults
136430 [pete petta-t] is there a way to set a default so that when the value for a key is
+ 136433 [matz ruby-la] list = Hash.new{[]}
| 136792 [pete petta-t] Wow, Matz himself!  :)
+ 136438 [ruby-ml magi] Looks like matz already provided you with a good answer,
+ 136459 [bob.news gmx] "Pete Elmore" <pete@petta-tech.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ unpacking network long that contain ints
136436 [joevandyk gm] I have a binary file that contains a bunch of unsigned longs in
136512 [kjana dm4lab] irb(main):011:0> [0x123456].pack('N').unpack('C4').map {|e| '%x'%e}

^ Re: how to simulate self-style delegation [SuperHash]
136440 [itsme213 hot] ...
+ 136441 [ruby-ml magi] I'm not familiar with Self so I'm somewhat at loss as to
| 136523 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 137069 [pit capitain] I'm also interested in this subject. What I'm trying to do is to join
| 137143 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 137165 [pit capitain] You have to consider message parameters and blocks. If you want to pass
+ 136461 [jtregunna bl] I'm not 100% sure about self, but some languages that are inspired from

^ MySQL under latest one-click installer
136445 [mark ociweb.] Can it really be this hard to access MySQL from Ruby running under Windows?
+ 136449 [mailinglists] You can use the pure ruby implementation of the mysql client. This one
| + 136450 [james_b neur] Indeed.  It is much easier to go get an editor or IDE than it is to get
| + 136452 [mark ociweb.] I think that will be fine for my needs.
|   136453 [nobu.nokada ] Nobu Nakada
|   136487 [mark ociweb.] Just to be clear, we're talking about using what is documented at
|   136496 [nobu.nokada ] It is an old version DLL.
+ 136454 [khaines enig] Yes, it is.  I have MySQL running _right now_ on a WinXP box, accessed
| 136490 [mark ociweb.] If you go the RAA and search for MySQL, there are three different packages
+ 136468 [adelle bulle] I was previously able to connect to MySQL v 4.0.12 with the Ruby one-click
  136491 [mark ociweb.] Ah ha!  Someone else feels my pain.  ;-)
  136498 [james_b neur] I've been using MySQL 4.1 on Windows with Ruby for about a month or so

^ creating a temporary directory
136465 [wybo servaly] I would like to create a temporary directory that disappears
136474 [nobu.nokada ] Once I had proposed it at [ruby-dev:21336], and this is the
136711 [wybo servaly] I took the tempfile.rb from the cvs, patched it, then moved it into the

^ Handling Timeout::Error from TCPSocket
136470 [pergesu gmai] I'm writing a little method that just tries to open a tcp socket
+ 136513 [sroberts uni] I have to wonder why you want to override the TCP protocols ideas of a
| 136520 [pergesu gmai] I don't want to override the protocol's idea of a timeout - I'd like
| 136529 [sroberts uni] The C, perl, and Java networking APIS don't support timeouts on TCP
| 136536 [pergesu gmai] Socket s = new Socket();
| 136551 [sroberts uni] Be clear that you ARE overriding the protocols idea of a timeout by
| 136555 [pergesu gmai] All I'm trying to do is see if a connection can be made or not, in a
| 136568 [sroberts uni] The code doesn't make any sense to me, you'll have to give me
| 136571 [pergesu gmai] Alright, basically this is what I want to do.
| + 136572 [glenn.parker] If you're going to be retrying the same server over and over again, you
| | 136573 [pergesu gmai] I'm going to be running this test every minute.  If it takes two
| | 136578 [glenn.parker] Then just attempt a single connection and bag it after your desired
| | 136583 [pergesu gmai] Alright, I'm understanding it more.
| | + 136587 [ruby-ml magi] You can handle those within the timeout loop. If you want to
| | + 136600 [drbrain segm] ...
| + 136582 [sroberts uni] Glenn explained this, but to restate: you didn't implement a timeout of
|   136584 [pergesu gmai] I think that a lot of machines are just dropping packets now.  I've
|   136742 [guslist free] Yes, a lot of firewall do not reply and just drop the packets to slow
+ 136741 [guslist free] This probably doesn't do what you expect. The argument to rescue for the