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gems installation problem
135595 [amitraok@gm ] I am having problems installing gems.

rake with net/ssh = problems?
135597 [samuel_x_win] The net/ssh code below works fine in irb, but dies when inside a rake
+ 135598 [vjoel@PA H. ] How does this work in irb? What does "out.stdout" do?
| 135602 [samuel_x_win] shell = session.shell.sync
+ 135633 [jim@we ri hh] [... example elided ...]
  135635 [samuel_x_win] Given the size of FileUtils, seems like such a top-level inclusion (is
  135637 [jim@we ri hh] True.  Its definitely a tradeoff.  In the 2 years that rake has been around

ruby 1.8.2  + dev-utils/debug + ^D  or ^Z
135600 [itsme213@ho ] I was using dev-utils/debug breakpoint with ^D (EOF) to resume after the
135608 [flgr@cc n. e] First of all: This is outdated. There's now a stand-alone
135656 [itsme213@ho ] That was it. Both 'exit' and ^Z<Ret> work from a breakpoint/irb.
135672 [flgr@cc n. e] irb(main):001:0> [RUBY_VERSION, RUBY_PLATFORM, RUBY_RELEASE_DATE]
135697 [itsme213@ho ] Ah, that part was apparently due to my shell (not the standard command.com).

Ruby / AstroSpeak
135606 [ news@ja .f ] I've been reading the Pickaxe, and creating a few sample apps in rails,
135643 [james_b@ne r] Wouldn't that be "Rastrospeak"?
+ 135648 [eliahhecht@g] I suspect the rule is only meant to apply to initial consonants or
| 135693 [wyhaines@gm ] Nope.  If there is no consonant at the start of the work, R us simply
+ 135684 [ news@ja .f ] says...

ANN: KirbyBase 2.0
135610 [jcribbs@tw i] I would like to announce version 2.0 of KirbyBase, a small, pure-Ruby,
135626 [agorilla@gm ] Having read the docs, I love the api for it.  Very cool stuff :)
135630 [jcribbs@tw i] Currently, no.  The default is ascending.  However, if there is a need
135634 [agorilla@gm ] No "need", just like to explicitly declare things when I can.  I seek
135683 [Daniel.Berge] Please do two things for me.  First, please create a zip file that

[ANN] Syck 0.53 -- unstable ruby+yaml gettin stronger
135614 [ruby-talk@wh] I know it's only been a day since the last release... but what a day!

[ANN] KirbyBase 2.0
135616 [jcribbs@tw i] Sorry for the re-post, but the first one didn't seem to go through properly.
135618 [botp@de mo t] //Subject: [ANN] KirbyBase 2.0
135624 [jcribbs@tw i] Not at this time, but, if you look at the structure of a KirbyBase table

135631 [adelle@bu le] Being able to create constants at run-time using Object.const_set is neat

[QUIZ SOLUTION] English Numerals (#25)
135636 [phurley@gm i] well. It supports using and and commas -- the and has a significant

135639 [glenn.parker] It is actually Module.const_set, and there is also Module.remove_const,
135649 [neoneye@gm i] irb(main):003:0> Object.const_set(:C, 42)

$6.00 to $20,000 in 4-6 weeks.* Legal Home Business!!!
135645 [1DAMNYANKEE@] Internet Home Business

zip a directory, unzip a zip file
135653 [itsme213@ho ] I have a directory that I want to compress/uncompress using any or zip,
135661 [langstefan@g] Look at archive-tar-minitar. It's available on RAA and as a RubyGem.
135671 [ts_news1@so ] Or try my rubyzip (http://rubyzip.sourceforge.net). It's available as a
135701 [itsme213@ho ] Does rubyzip directly support zipping up a directory into a file, and vice
+ 135716 [halostatue@g] It uses the .tar format, but Archive::Tar::Minitar does.
| 135909 [itsme213@ho ] Perfect! Thanks, austin & thomas.
+ 135807 [ts_news1@so ] Nope, but maybe I should add such methods :-)

Ruby FCGI website by Tatsuki Sugiura (place to find patches to ruby-fcgi 0.8.5)
135654 [nospam@no pa] It is a good place to find patches to fix issues in ruby-fcgi 0.8.5.
135685 [wilkesjoiner] I get a 403 Forbidden error when accessing this site.
135889 [karlin.fox@g] ...

Problem with gems behind a corporate firewall
135657 [glenn.ruby@g] Not sure if this is something that can be sorted by gems or is a
135662 [botp@de mo t] //Not sure if this is something that can be sorted by gems or
+ 135664 [glenn.ruby@g] Sounds like I need to talk to our technical support people.
+ 135666 [mirko@li ik ] Couldn't this be done, as an improvement, with a "Cache-control" header

Re: remove_const
135659 [adelle@bu le] Thankyou both.  That's working perfectly!

Please tell me what this means? self.<method> in a class
135667 [glenn.ruby@g] Not entirely sure I understand this (it's a newbie-ruby question).
+ 135668 [dcorbin@ma h] The self.foo method definition is redefining Test.foo.  It's kind of a
+ 135669 [dblack@wo bl] def some_object.some_method
  135670 [glenn.ruby@g] Ah.  That's what confused me.  I couldn't find it in pickaxe2.
  + 135673 [bob.news@gm ] - Preferably use "self" instead of the class name in order to minimize
  + 135813 [B.Candler@po] ...

net/http question
135676 [kanvas75@we ] def ret
135678 [aamine@lo er] require 'net/http'

SSL session id context in WEBrick
135679 [magnus@bo in] I have what I believe is a strange OpenSSL-error in WEBrick: When doing

SOAP Server WSDL generation
135687 [phurley@gm i] I have successfully (not that it was at all difficult) setup a ruby
135762 [bitserf@gm i] ActionWebService in Rails does WSDL generation (RPC-style).

[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-0.8.1
135694 [mutoh@hi hw ] Ruby-GetText-Package-0.8.1 is now available.

FreeBSD Rubyists? Do Remote Objects work for you?
135699 [mileskeaton@] Looking for any Ruby users on FreeBSD.
+ 135703 [rasputnik@he] Yeah, fine here (yesterdays stable on client and server).
| 135704 [brianm@ap ch] Works fine for me as well under 5.3 and ruby 1.8.2 from ports.
+ 135719 [probertm@ac ] Worked fine on my FreeBSD (5.3-RELEASE) with ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25)
+ 135765 [mileskeaton@] Thanks for the replies, guys.     I've spent about 12 hours on this so
  135773 [probertm@ac ] Your problem is in here, somewhere, I would think ;-)
  135775 [mileskeaton@] I would have thought so, except that everything else in DRb works
  + 135777 [drbrain@se m] I had a similar problem, the server was connecting back to a client on
  + 135815 [B.Candler@po] It would :-)
    135816 [B.Candler@po] Oh, and one other thing: the client side machine will read its own system
    135872 [mileskeaton@] Oh... my.... god.

attr :<symbol>?
135708 [goseigen@co ] What is the proper term for things like attr :<id> and belongs_to
+ 135709 [glenn.ruby@g] A similar thing has just been discussed on the RubyOnRails list, and
+ 135710 [glenn.ruby@g] A similar thing has just been discussed on the RubyOnRails list, and
| 135729 [flgr@cc n. e] class Meta
| 135730 [binkley@al m] What is the difference between these two approaches?
| + 135736 [halostatue@g] Florian's will only work on Ruby 1.8 or later and avoids some of the
| | + 135737 [binkley@al m] Being new to Ruby, what sorts of concerns?
| | | + 135739 [phurley@gm i] I would take a stab, that minimally "public data" (e.g. web
| | | + 135746 [ptkwt@ar cn ] 1) security.  What is someone malicious code that gets eval'ed?
| | |   135761 [glenn.parker] 3) editing.  If your editor understands Ruby syntax, it will highlight
| | + 135738 [phurley@gm i] So does there exist (as I cannot find it) a way to access @@vars via
| |   135749 [flgr@cc n. e] No, probably because they are not supposed to be used too frequently.
| + 135741 [ptkwt@ar cn ] The second approach would generally be considered 'better'.  eval must be
+ 135711 [johnwilger@g] You're absolutely correct that they're just class methods. In Ruby
| 135712 [goseigen@co ] That's what i was thinking.  So anything in between class Foo ... end
+ 135713 [phurley@gm i] I am not a Ruby expert (yet :-), but the first thing to realize is
+ 135822 [timsuth@ih g] They are simply methods.

Re: Great Computer Language Shootout
135715 [igouy@ya oo ] We've made it somewhat easier to contribute programs.

Re: open files in a dir then gsub all of them?
135720 [ezra@ya im -] ...
135742 [billk@ct .c ] ruby -i~ -pe 'gsub(/foo/,"bar")' *.baz

Rake newbie needs help
135722 [bugmenot@wo ] I've read the rake docs online and I've got a very simple rakefile to work.
+ 135725 [tilman@co e-] Because rake doesn't see the need to invoke the "newzip.zip" task.
+ 135728 [jim@we ri hh] Let me rewrite your Rakefile and then talk about the changes ... I think
| 135745 [bugmenot@wo ] Thanks Jim (and thanks for the tool). I've made changes to my rakefile and
| 135891 [bugmenot@wo ] Found the problem. My bad. I assumed *.rb would catch *.RB and of course it
+ 135731 [langstefan@g] task :default => ["newzip.zip"]
  135734 [langstefan@g] Sorry. Should be: FileList["*.rb", "data/*.dat"]

[ANN] FastCST 0.6.5 (Mergerific Indexer Release)
135727 [zedshaw@ze s] Just announcing yet another release of FastCST to the world: version
135732 [zedshaw@ze s] Thanks.

IMAP + SSL hangs
135733 [lucas@lu as ] I have a problem when using net/imap with openssl.

[QUIZ SOLUTION] English Numerals (#25)
135735 [byrd.timothy] The writeup is coming later.  For now, here is my solution.
135769 [mailing-list] [QUIZ SOLUTION] English Numerals (#25)

Implementing COBOL style number formatting (Was: Any guides for good coding in Ruby?)
135743 [ jupp@gm .d ] From Arfin's question on formatting numbers I conclude that there is a
+ 139612 [jlsysinc@al ] This would make an excellent addition and possibly foundation for Ruby
| 139625 [jim@fr ez .o] Hmm, could this be emulated with a wrapper around BigDecimal?
| + 139637 [alex@ve k. n] In the office I have a little something to parse or generate
| + 139645 [jlsysinc@al ] Certainly.   It's only practical purpose would be to automatically keep
+ 139651 [michael.camp] Looks good.
  139903 [ jupp@gm .d ] According to my COBOL tutorial (I currently don't have a COBOL

Gateway(?) spamcop.net issue
135744 [mailing-list] neutron.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE is listed in spamcop.net's database as a source

Re: attr :<symbol>
135747 [james_b@ne r] James prefers Florian's way for real-life usage.

typical application structure
135750 [joevandyk@gm] Is the typical rails application structure like the following?  (For a
+ 135751 [james@gr yp ] $ rails my_app
| 135755 [joevandyk@gm] What the...
| 135756 [james@gr yp ] Okay, I'll try again.  :)
+ 135758 [drbrain@se m] README

rake help
135754 [probertm@ac ] I have just started using the excellent Rake tool (thanks, Jim!) and I am at a
+ 136181 [jim@we ri hh] solved this already, but I'll post for the general education of all Rake
| 136192 [probertm@ac ] Many thanks, Jim.  First, Rake is excellent!  There is one part of the
| 136292 [jim@we ri hh] Rules can be based on more than just file extensions.  The target can be a
| 136423 [probertm@ac ] rule( '.exe' => [
+ 136198 [sroberts@un ] This is a little off-topic, but you might find that GNU make has had a

135767 [james@gr yp ] Quick question:  What package/gem installs the CodeStatistics object
136026 [david@lo dt ] David Heinemeier Hansson,
136079 [james@gr yp ] Thanks much.
136182 [david@lo dt ] If you dig into it, I'd love to see it as a generic Rake task. Just

instiki question
135768 [joevandyk@gm] I've got a document on a network drive that I want to share on our
135774 [joevandyk@gm] I've tried "link name":\\shared_drive\directory\another directory\note
135780 [assaph@gm il] directory\note
153631 [joevandyk@gm] That's too bad about Firefox actually... it would be nice to be able
153646 [lyndon.samso] ...

Open letter to anyone developing a Ruby IDE
135770 [adelle@bu le] It has been said that features like "intellisense" or "autocomplete" are
+ 135778 [mailinglists] The difficult thing is not really gathering of information. It is the
| + 135783 [vfoley@gm il] I don't know if people who develop FreeRIDE, ArachnoRuby or other
| + 135789 [drbrain@se m] Uh....
| | + 135793 [vfoley@gm il] Unless I'm misunderstanding what Lothar is saying, there's no way to
| | + 135794 [mulperi@cc h] Lothar probably forgot that arachno ruby has this feature already 8).
| | + 135796 [mailinglists] Unfortunately this is not what people expect, at least when they come
| | | 135803 [drbrain@se m] Have you used Readline tab completion in irb?  It is far from useful,
| | | 136475 [csaba@ph ny ] irb-completion-enhanced.rb
| | + 135798 [drbrain@se m] Also, this[1] or something similar could probably get you those hints
| | | 135805 [news.home.nl] It would be nice to see this somehow integrated in IDE's, but this still
| | | 135809 [drbrain@se m] From Chad's description, I believe that is correct.
| | | 135810 [mailinglists] But unit tests sometimes use other objects (Mock classes) then the
| | + 135819 [jussij@ze se] Zeus for Windows uses ctags as it's source of tags information
| | + 135838 [zedshaw@ze s] Weird, I was just working on this problem this morning in the index
| + 135797 [adelle@bu le] I'm writing code against an ORM layer, so the attributes of my object
+ 135821 [timsuth@ih g] How do you know which class is associated with a particular variable?
| 135830 [demerzel@gm ] What about the IDE doing eval("a.methods")? Won't that cover the
| + 135834 [flgr@cc n. e] What if a is `rm -rf /`? It might not always be possible to execute code
| + 135843 [james@gr yp ] But you need to execute the entire program right down to the line where
|   135849 [demerzel@gm ] Yeah, I realise that. Thanks!
+ 135824 [rob.02004@gm] I've got *naive* method completion working in a development version of
  135829 [itsme213@ho ] What a nifty and simple heuristic! How well has it worked so far?
  135832 [rob.02004@gm] It works. Obviously the more unique method names are, the better the
  135848 [news.home.nl] Very nice, can't wait to test this. :)

Helpers in Rails
135771 [vacindak@gm ] Ok, so, I have a method that I need to use in several models and two
135776 [pnmale0@bi w] I have run into the same problem.  I'll give you two ways (that I can

Getting process status
135781 [joevandyk@gm] If I have the id of a process, how can I get a Process::Status object for it?
+ 135782 [joevandyk@gm] Actually, what I'm trying to do is create an application that will be
+ 135787 [ruby-ml@ma i] Calling Process#wait should set $? which is the Status object
  135792 [joevandyk@gm] That's not quite what I asked for.  I have the pid of a specific
  135799 [bitserf@gm i] On Linux at least, you can send signal 0 to determine whether a
  135855 [Daniel.Berge] It works on all platforms, including Windows (with Ruby 1.8.x).

Blah-Blah List (and why line counts are a bad metric)
135784 [bg-rubytalk@] So, I did a search for Ruby on Rails today, and my interest was piqued
+ 135785 [hal9000@hy e] A chuckle? Call it a belly laugh followed by a small tear in the
| 135913 [chaotrope@jp] I thought you people might get a chuckle
| + 135961 [michael.camp] Very much perl code can be considered obfuscated by running it through
| + 136316 [adrianh@qu e] Stunnix has an.... erm... interesting attitude to the world. His
|   136337 [adrianh@qu e] Or, alternatively, I could have fallen for the April Fool joke running
+ 135786 [james_b@ne r] I have a (probably unrealistic) hope that the Rails/Java sniping can be
| 135788 [hal9000@hy e] It doesn't bother me greatly as long as it's not cross-posted.
+ 135817 [mailing-list] Not to mention all the xml-files that seem to litter this project tree.
+ 135818 [snail@ob me ] Giddings <bg-rubytalk@infofiend.com> writes
| 135837 [navindra@cs ] Firefox is being a bit stupid.  It's just a Java source file, not even
| 135839 [peterreilly@] The site is an https site with an unthrusted certifiate, which  firefox
+ 135831 [chneukirchen] At first I thought, "wow for Java(!) this is really concise... only 10

Re: [Rails] Helpers in Rails
135791 [vacindak@gm ] What if I have both class and instance methods in my module?

[USENET] - Time for "comp.lang.ruby.announce" ?
135806 [ilias@la ar ] I've noticed a high ammount of announcements ("[ANN]") on this group.
+ 135854 [Daniel.Berge] I wouldn't necessarily mind it.  That, or a comp.lang.ruby.packages
+ 135902 [sera@fh an .] Personally, I'd be fine if we _didn't_ have a separate announce group.
| 135903 [robert.mcgov] +1
| 136056 [chneukirchen] +1, but a newsgroup (or Gmane mirror) of all messages matching /^\[ANN\]/
| 136076 [sera@fh an .] I think this is the sort of thing that PubSub is good for. I just made
| 138947 [sera@fh an .] You can get an RSS or Atom feed giving you all ruby-talk postings with
+ 136208 [ryand-ruby@z] As much as I hate to agree with this guy, I'd love to have this list
| 136221 [billk@ct .c ] Just FWIW, I counted up [ANN] headers (omitting Re:plies)
| 136241 [surrender_it] to me it is a little thing which is almost unvaluable. If the split
+ 136239 [ilias@la ar ] I've read in some answers wonderfull acronymes and processes of how to
| + 136243 [martin.anker] I strongly dissagree to make any decision based on prestige. Either do
| | 136248 [ilias@la ar ] Prestige is a nice side-effect.
| | 136295 [halostatue@g] Aha. There's the problem.
| | 136320 [ilias@la ar ] of course.
| | 136338 [rampant@gm i] End of thread?
| | 136344 [ilias@la ar ] yes, for now.
| + 136294 [halostatue@g] You know, I haven't been on a Usenet newsgroup in two years. I'm
|   136481 [csaba@ph ny ] In fact, there is no longer usenet as such.
+ 136351 [sastph@sa .c] I'm surprised that throughout this entire thread nobody thought to ask
+ 136369 [ jupp@gm .d ] According to a quick statistics 1.5% of all messages are announcements.
+ 136464 [ilias@la ar ] [from several answers in this thread]

[OT]Re: Java for Rubyists
135808 [nicolas.dels] I think I may be a good evangelist for that ;-)