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^ ActiveState Ruby?
13415 [djberg96 hot] I would really like to see an ActiveState Ruby and it could happen with your
+ 13417 [ben_tilly op] I wouldn't.
| + 13451 [james jamesb] "There is persistent speculation in the Perl world that
| + 13470 [furifilo901 ] You are writing this as an April Fool thing, arenĄ¨t you ?
+ 13472 [olczyk inter] misapprehensions about Python.
  + 13496 [sholden hold] Not, perhaps, strictly true. They employed Mark Hammond, who has labored for
  + 13561 [snowzone hom] so python will fork if activestate starts polluting it?

^ SV:  Dynamic instantiation of classes
13416 [dennisdecker] #  I've been trying this morning to dynamically

^ singleton and regular method ?
13418 [sol123 msn.c] Can someone explain the difference between a singleton and a regular decl=
13430 [matz zetabit] Regular methods are shared among objects of the class (and possibly of

^ Incoming refugees from Parrot...
13419 [ben_tilly op] Even Matz thinks this is a good idea. :-)
13420 [hal9000 hype] Oh, gosh, Ben. That is hilarious.
13427 [lists.ruby-t] Unless I'm mistaken, "April fools" started in Europe, like around

^ Ruby limericks
13421 [hal9000 hype] These are a product of too much insomnia, too much caffeine,

^ [OT] Re:  Re: Using Antlr for Ruby?
13440 [avi beta4.co] Sad to see, prominently at the bottom of the page, "Powered by Java..."

^ Where to publish ruby code?
13446 [pit capitain] I've written a small utility that I'd like to share with the rest of the
13448 [Dave Pragmat] This is the kind of thing that RubyGarden will eventually handle. If

^ SV:  Re: Multidimensional arrays and hashes?
13447 [dennisdecker] Couldn't Hash#default be used in this case also?
13453 [ljz asfast.c] Well, `get' with one parameter would indeed be pretty much the same as

^ Toronto RUG Meeting
13449 [bryan_zarnet] Evening All,

^ Asking ruby to provide valid list of signals.
13450 [ljz asfast.c] Is it possible to somehow retrieve the names of all the signals that
13457 [matz zetabit] Not now.  It's pretty easy to implement it, I think.  We have to
+ 13459 [Dave Pragmat] Or...
| 13460 [gnhurst hurs] I like this idea, and it also sounds like an a solution for the
+ 13562 [ljz asfast.c] This sounds very good to me.

^ Ruby code for attr, attr_accessor, attr_reader, attr_writer ?
13452 [duff omelia.] Is there Ruby code out there to accomplish what these methods on the Module
13454 [avi beta4.co] class Module

^ jobs
13456 [todd designs] Is there a place that lists jobs for Ruby programmers?
13458 [schneik us.i] # Is there a place that lists jobs for Ruby programmers?

^ Small Gnus snippit for following ruby-talk references
13461 [huber alum.w] Hey everyone,
+ 13462 [aaron hinnis] Feel free to add your extension up there.
+ 13463 [huber alum.w] Ugh, I hate replying to myself, but...it looks like you're going to

^ redirecting $stdin
13464 [ptkwt shell1] I'm trying to be able to write to STDIN - yeah, its a strange thing to do,
13467 [aaron hinnis] Sorry I don't have too many details for you here, but hopefully this will

^ cut operator
13466 [danny frouke] A while ago, there was a discussion about a "cut" operator, which was to

^ Announcement:  open interview with Bertrand Meyer
13468 [claird starb] Check out

^ News reading libraries ??
13471 [graeme unico] Howdy,
13477 [kjana os.xax] <http://homepage1.nifty.com/arima/ruby/nntp-0.5.tar.gz>

^ how do you re-require?
13473 [hvrosen worl] I want to re-require a file, so that I can re-include an updated module.
+ 13474 [matz zetabit] If your reloading library is written in Ruby, use load().
+ 13475 [tammo.freese] Does using 'load' instead of 'require' help,
+ 13476 [hipster xs4a] According to the Great Pickaxe[tm], require does not load a feature if

^ Method and Proc equality
13479 [EricCrampton] I'm using ruby 1.6.3 (2001-03-19) [i686-linux]. Given the following
13480 [Dave Pragmat] Neither class Method nor class Proc implement '==', so it defaults to
+ 13481 [EricCrampton] I understand this, but is there any way to actually compare two Method
+ 13482 [feldt ce.cha] Yeah, but I guess you could ask why the identities are not the same. I
| + 13483 [feldt ce.cha] Sorry for responding to my own mail but it was obviosuly flawed... ;-)
| + 13484 [Dave Pragmat] Would the identity be based on the method name, or the method
|   13485 [feldt ce.cha] On the actual code pointed to, ie. convert NODE * body to Integer say
|   + 13486 [Dave Pragmat] Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was meaning that you'd probably disappoint
|   | + 13489 [feldt ce.cha] That's what I mean to. Is this a RCR?
|   | + 13492 [matz zetabit] Hmm, making some attributes (class, name, defined_class etc.) open,
|   + 13488 [feldt ce.cha] $ diff -u eval.c.old eval.c
+ 13490 [matz zetabit] 1.7.0 provides Proc#==.  But the results are still both false.

^ avoiding network timeout
13487 [aerpenbe uos] pages from the web with multiple threads. However, the URLs given
+ 13495 [Dave Pragmat] Is this possibly happening because of a DNS timeout?
+ 13502 [tarod home.c] pages from the web with multiple threads. However, the URLs given
  13523 [wys helbling] I would double this proposal. Looks like Arno hit a low level atomic
  13541 [aerpenbe rz.] Hmm,

^ formatting source code
13491 [LuthyCraig J] I am brand new to Ruby, but like it so far.
13538 [hgs dmu.ac.u] if you can bear the pain of learning a more powerful editor you can
+ 13542 [mlb noworkin] C-x h (control-x then h) will mark (select) the whole buffer (file being
| 13543 [LuthyCraig J] Thanks for your suggestions.
+ 13544 [ms iastate.e] I would be pleased to see a separate utility, kind of like 'indent'.
  13545 [mlb noworkin] Mark,

^ C extentions: having trouble with STR2CSTR
13493 [ptkwt shell1] static VALUE m_RunWithTimeout(VALUE rStr)
13494 [ljohnson res] The first argument to a module function is always going to be the module
13497 [ptkwt shell1] Thanks for the quick reply!  That worked.  I didn't realize that you had
13498 [ljohnson res] Ditto for Python functions, BTW; first argument is always "self", though it

^ Same method, different name?
13499 [dae_alt3 jun] Is there any difference between
13513 [decoux moulo] Well, actually the 2 methods do the same thing. One is just a sort of alias

^ Ruby web hosting requirements
13500 [james jamesb] I've been looking for a web hosting company that provides Ruby (as well
+ 13501 [gnhurst hurs] bandwidth issues, server maintenance issues, security...
+ 13503 [rick beerdri] Check out aloha.net...I used to admin there and I have little doubt that
+ 13514 [danny sofer.] hosting services running relatively recent versions of bsd or linux may have
  13515 [mhelle bridg] Wouldn't this be a HUGE security hole?  I hope you're not suggesting dumping
  13520 [danny sofer.] dumping

^ Singleton bugs?
13504 [crippel prim] is this a bug?  - If not can somebody explain this to me (cygwin 1.7 (4-03) )
+ 13505 [crippel prim] The following version compiles on older version and give the same wierd result
+ 13506 [matz zetabit] A bug.  It's rare but pretty hard to fix.  I'll work on it.

^ BUG?: HP-UX 10.20 and IO#gets followed by IO#puts
13507 [barry_shultz] I get the following behavior for Ruby 1.6.1,1.6.2 and 1.6.3
13508 [decoux moulo] Seems normal for me :-)))
13509 [barry_shultz] Thanks, Guy.
13510 [decoux moulo] Does NT follow a standard ? :-)
+ 13511 [barry_shultz] OK, at least the Unix case is clear now. Thanks again.
+ 13512 [Dave Pragmat] In this case though Ruby is abstracting the underlying calls, so I'd
  + 13516 [matz zetabit] I'm considering vague possibility of throwing stdio away from Ruby,
  + 13526 [matju sympat] Well, if Ruby abstracts the underlying calls such that the Ruby's IO

^ Re: Newbie Question
13517 [sbalu nyx.ne] I am brand new to Ruby, and I have been reading Programming Ruby.
+ 13518 [decoux moulo] ruby don't create automatically new entries for a hash
| 13527 [wys helbling] << SNIP >>
| 13528 [matju sympat] Well, Ruby's #[]=(key,value) is not an equivalent to #at:put: method.
+ 13519 [feldt ce.cha] Depends on what you want to do. One way would be to do

^ eruby segmentation fault under win98
13521 [backlund nos] I can't seem to run eruby (from the 1.6.2 installer version 3 from

^ narray  and undefined symbol
13522 [r.kochhar01 ] I am new to ruby.  I compiled narray on linux box (Mandrake 7.1).  When I
13539 [masa stars.g] Please describe how did you compile NArray and install it.
13635 [r.kochhar01 ] Sorry for the delay because of computer problem.  Here is the process
13664 [masa stars.g] I do not find, from your log, what causes the problem.
13791 [r.kochhar01 ] I tried what you suggested.  But
13821 [masa stars.g] That is why "undefined symbol" error occured.

13524 [jkaurin home] Some confusion on ARGV.
+ 13525 [   xm w3d.ru] This is not an anomaly - it is the correct shell behaviour.
+ 13529 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]

^ Wrapping library that uses pthread
13530 [danny frouke] I'm writing a Ruby interface for SDL, but I can't go on right now because
+ 13531 [decoux moulo] Well, it depend how you use it.
| 13532 [danny frouke] I'm avoiding everything pthread, since Ruby has its own threads. However,
| 13533 [decoux moulo] Well, it was possible for me to quickly write the example testwm.c in ruby
+ 13586 [mlb noworkin] The ruby interpreter is not thread safe.  If you are accessing it from

^ List of all instances of a class
13534 [rtexier elik] Is there a way to get a list of all instances of a class (and its
+ 13536 [Dave Pragmat] If this is a class you've written, you could keep a collection in a
+ 13537 [neumann s-di] class InstClass

^ gets and select
13535 [cout wd40.lo] In some languages, it can be hazardous to one's health to use gets and select
13546 [matz zetabit] Yes.  At least, I've tried hard to provide it.

^ Reading a Serial port portably
13540 [imak imakhno] I'm trying to write some portable ruby code (linux/solaris/NT) to read a

^ odbc.dll
13547 [jimm fnord.i] Does anyone know where I can find a pre-compiled version of the Windows

^ #U017 "partition" method -- followup
13548 [gnhurst hurs] In  [ruby-talk:12816] "Re: Haskell goodies, RCR and challenge",
13599 [dblack candl] Here, just for the sake of seeing it (in some form) in action, is an

^ Pragmatic programmers guide to ruby
13549 [vangaurd8 ao] My question actually refers to the pragmatic programmers guide. I do plan on purchasing it. I work at Barnes and Noble so at 30% it has my name written all over it. Well actually from the look of my living quarters  it seems most books have my name written all over it =). I was just wondering if there is a printable format anywhere. I have to ask that it is printable from Windows because its my families printer and I dpn't have one (I use GNU/linux Debian). Hopefully someday I will try to do a SAMBA printer\file server, but that is neither here nor there. The point being I would need to use windows to print it.
13550 [Dave Pragmat] The book's available for download at
13551 [patrick .zet] Yes, I have seen that my question now I guess is not really related to ruby in any way other than the fact that it is the ruby book I would like to print in part. How would I print the XML document?
+ 13552 [Dave Pragmat] You'd typically write an XSLT 'program' to transform it into whatever
+ 13558 [gsemones tre] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| 13560 [mghall enter] Another great book along these lines is 'The Practice of Programming',
+ 13569 [jkaurin home] you actually
+ 13573 [ljohnson res] ruby in any way other than the fact that it is the ruby book I would like to

^ array question
13553 [  tk hcsd.de] arr = Array.new
+ 13554 [neumann s-di] This is expected behavior!
+ 13555 [crouton weat] An Array automtically enlarges its capacity to the given index, and
| 13556 [neumann s-di] But then arr[1000] results in nil !!!
| 13557 [crouton weat] compact and compact! are different. I use them in different way in my
+ 13559 [bmccoy chape] If you put a value into element 1000, it will automagically create an

^ Mysterious error messages
13563 [casillas sta] I've recently started coding in Ruby, and I must say that I'm very
+ 13564 [Dave Pragmat] Here's your problem. You are adding an Array into the $: array, rather
+ 13565 [neumann s-di] $: << (DIRROOT + "/Ruby/")

^ compilation question, xfree, etc.
13566 [johann physi] I just tried to get Ruby 1.6.3 to compile on Mac OS X.  It worked
13712 [johann physi] [snip linkage problem involving xfree, xmalloc, and xalloc]

^ Ruby equivalent of Perl's h2ph?
13567 [colin webg2.] Is there a Ruby equivalent of Perl's h2ph (the utility that converts

^ persistent ruby?
13568 [philmi plioc] Are there any persistence frameworks for ruby that are truly object-oriented and
13578 [gnhurst hurs] A good question.
13584 [philmi plioc] Thanks, Guy.
+ 13587 [hal9000 hype] I don't know about ObjectDBM... but there should be a dbm library as
+ 13595 [ndrsbngtssn ] Does anyone know how ObjectDBM compares to PStore?
  13602 [matz zetabit] It uses DBM, read/write cache, plus it allows nested transactions.
  13608 [ndrsbngtssn ] Nice idea with the MD5 sums, that should make PStore a really nice
  13609 [avi beta4.co] I occasionally wonder about writing a Ruby interface to something like

^ ruby-talk volume info?
13570 [feldt ce.cha] My inpression is that the volume on ruby-talk has decreased after the rush
+ 13579 [Dave Pragmat] Here's by-month volume from my own archives: I can't guarantee to have
| 13581 [dblack candl] Probably some wearing off of post-pickaxe rush, which I imagine is inevitable,
| 13582 [Dave Pragmat] Post pickaxium, hacker triste
+ 13591 [schneik aust] (1) Slashdot
  + 13592 [avi beta4.co] Gee, I'm already in Vancouver... now all I have to do is pretend that I'm
  | 13598 [sol123 msn.c] Is this a Hoax ?
  + 13883 [mike stok.co] Linux.com: What made ActiveState look into Python?

^ basic UNIX command and Ruby
13571 [y.fujino ucl] Dear Rubyists
+ 13572 [bmccoy chape] I don't know of any specific books targeted to Windows Users, but you
| 13574 [bmccoy chape] [Answering my own post...]
+ 13575 [jimm fnord.i] Part of the Linux HOWTO documentation includes the files
+ 13585 [dgjs acm.org] In English, the books by Sobell

^ about the the scope of a local variable
13576 [rpg xs2all.n] In the Dave/Andrew book it says (on page 215): ``However, the scope of
13577 [decoux moulo] +----------------+   +--------------------+
13580 [matz zetabit] Yes, but this behavior will be changed in the future.

^ [ANN] NQXML v0.6.0
13583 [jimm fnord.i] NQXML is a pure Ruby implementation of a non-validating XML processor. It

^ (Summary) basic UNIX command and Ruby
13588 [y.fujino ucl] Dear All
13601 [jtobler Wire] You have a nice list.  Now for some practice, you can get a free Unix shell

^ All In A Row?
13589 [jkaurin home] I thought I saw something like this in my early readings on Ruby, but I
+ 13593 [luigi.ballab] Not that I know, but you can easily add it.
| 13594 [tgw atre.net] class Array
+ 13597 [pete vilya.p] + Is there a Ruby method for arrays that will determine if all of the elements

^ forcing install dirs
13590 [ray hackfoo.] Can anyone tell me how I might be able to force installation to a
13596 [Dave Pragmat] I seem to remember we had a brief discussion about this a while back

^ Call Perl modules
13600 [dcorbin impe] I'm brand new to Ruby, and don't have as much time to work with it as I
13604 [neumann s-di] There is a Perl module by Yoshida Masato which lets you access Perl code

^ SpecRuby tangent -- SpecTcl gets maintainer at long last.
13603 [schneik aust] FYI.

^ signal handling - trap is in non-interrupt context, right?
13605 [colin webg2.] When one hands a proc to trap, and the specified signal is caught,
+ 13606 [matz zetabit] No, unless rb_trap_immediate is true.
+ 13607 [matju sympat] There are non-reentrant UNIX functions?
  13611 [colin webg2.] POSIX.1 specifies the functions that are guaranteed to be reentrant.

^ Data_Get_Struct wants a DATA... but I don't have one?
13610 [colin webg2.] I've got a headscratcher for y'all.  I have a C extension which uses
13613 [matz zetabit] You didn't redefine "new".  replace
13614 [decoux moulo] Like have said matz you have forgotten to define new, more you'll have a

^ The Sands PAYS OUT!
13612 [thepit boss.] There's always good news at The Sands Online Casino.

^ curses question
13615 [mfp students] I'm writing a simple curses based text editor in Ruby (yeah, I know, yet
13616 [decoux moulo] Well some interfaces (all ???) to curses has a function keypad() to return
+ 13621 [mfp students] Thanks, I can now catch Esc being pressed, but I'm not sure how to use
+ 13622 [decoux moulo] Here a little example

^ No such file to load -- net/ftp (LoadError)
13617 [john.cook bj] I am trying to execute a simple script from with a C program, but with
13618 [decoux moulo] On linux the file must be compiled with
+ 13637 [Dave Pragmat] Is this worth an RCR?
| 13640 [matz zetabit] use rb_eval_string("load \"get.rb\"");
+ 13638 [decoux moulo] more an RFD (Request For Documentation :-))

^ Attn: Sales Manager
13619 [erie uniteda] If you are outsourcing or need to expand your sales force for the short term or long term contract, Telexpand

^ resolver class
13620 [msnomer spam] Has anyone written one? If not, is anyone up to writing one? I've never
13623 [rise knavery] If you're on a Unix-ish[1] platform I'm working on a Ruby interface to the
13629 [msnomer spam] <Pine.LNX.4.30.0104121205590.9370-100000@leannan.knavery.net>, rise
13636 [rise knavery] I'm trying not to be a Unix chauvinist[2].  There are some poor benighted
13655 [msnomer spam] <Pine.LNX.4.30.0104122234340.4040-100000@leannan.knavery.net>, rise

^ [ANN] ruby_libgtop 0.1.0
13624 [colin webg2.] The first version (0.1.0) of ruby_libgtop is now available at

^ Toronto RUG Meeting Update
13625 [bryan_zarnet] For anyone interesting, the 2nd Toronto RUG meeting

^ getting exitcode using popen
13626 [ptkwt shell1] I'm using popen to launch a program so that I can get the stdin of that

^ Win32API: GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent not working under NT?
13630 [ptkwt shell1] Here's one for the Win32 gurus out there.