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Combining RPA and RubyGems
132965 [bg-rubytalk@] I said I was *preparing* my happy dance of joy.  I haven't started doing
132966 [chadfowler@g] I hope you have a digital video recorder.

[rails] Problem installing/using rails (NameError)
132968 [cschorn@gm p] My problem started when I wanted to upgrade RubyOnRails to 0.10 - I got

[ANN] Ruby-VUG - Project Team Nopaste Underway!
132981 [zdennis@mk e] Project "Team Nopaste" has been underway for around a week now. The

Array uniq
132983 [tone_hole@ya] Howdie,

building rdocs for Rake
132989 [vjoel@PA H. ] I'm trying to build the rdocs for rake (0.4.15, from gem, ruby 1.8.2),
132990 [vjoel@PA H. ] Btw, it's ok when I copy jamis.rb into
132993 [jim@we ri hh] That is the correct fix.
132995 [jim@we ri hh] I've just updated CVS to only use the jamis template if it is available.
132996 [vjoel@PA H. ] But it is available: it comes with rake! Is it possible to use the local
132997 [jim@we ri hh] Duh!  For some reason I thought it had to be installed in the rdoc template

(Ab)using class CGI as non-CGI HTML generator?
132992 [ jupp@gm .d ] If not running as CGI, Ruby programs using class CGI expect name=value
+ 132994 [jim@we ri hh] You might consider using Builder::XmlMarkup for generating HTML.
+ 133005 [lists@be tr ] First, I think CGI handling should be derived from HTML
  133007 [jel@tu dr .a] Hmm... but CGI can generate lots of things besides HTML.  PNGs and PDFs, for
  133032 [lists@be tr ] I'm thinking of small classes with functionality limited to

plruby bug with postgres 8.0 composite types / ref count leak?
132998 [Stephen.L.Mo] ...
132999 [Stephen.L.Mo] create type t as ( name text );

Re: plruby bug with postgres 8.0 composite types / ref count leak - FIX?
133000 [Stephen.L.Mo] ...
+ 133003 [decoux@mo lo] You are right, but write it like this
+ 133172 [tom@in oe he] +1 !!
  133201 [botp@de mo t] //>  Ruby and postgresql seem like a good fit.

ruby-dev summary 25741-25780
133002 [aamine@lo er] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 133004 [dblack@wo bl] Wouldn't this require empty || for blocks that don't take arguments?
| 133006 [matz@ru y- a] Yes.
| 133010 [dblack@wo bl] OK, second question :-)
| 133012 [matz@ru y- a] Maybe, maybe not.  It's very subjective matter.
| 133014 [mailing-list] Definitely.  I'd write it as
| 133030 [dblack@wo bl] I'm trying to figure out why I don't like this (including the {||...}
| 133115 [bg-rubytalk@] I'm not sure if it's the "visual backtracking" aspect, but I agree, I
+ 133009 [chneukirchen] Does this mean that  foo { |a| ... }, { |b| ... }  will work?
  133011 [matz@ru y- a] No.  foo {|a| ...} itself works as a method invocation with a block,
  + 133013 [ruby.brian@g] I like that!
  | 133015 [chneukirchen] It's fine with me.
  | 133018 [ttate@tt ky ] In my opinion, foo{|a|...}{|b|...} had better be semantically equivalent to foo(){|a|...}(){|b|...}
  | + 133035 [chneukirchen] Convinces me, although I was thinking of foo(lambda{|a|..}){|b|...}.
  | + 133049 [matz@ru y- a] Syntax error.
  |   133092 [ttate@tt ky ] Would you like to use foo{|a|...}{|b|...} instead of foo(){|a|...}(){|b|...}?
  |   133106 [matz@ru y- a] I'm not sure what you mean by the above sentence.
  + 133031 [joaopedrosa@] Cool. Ruby won't lose its closures king position to Perl 6 anymore... hehe. :-)

Something like Snakelets in the ruby world?
133016 [ljz@as as .c] I recently have been looking at a piece of Python software called
133239 [csaba-ml@be ] While I'm not in te position of making comparisons between the two
133248 [ljz@as as .c] Well, I'm not trying to make comparisons ... I'm just looking for

Compiling Ruby 1.8.2 on OS X Tiger
133017 [lon@sp ed ma] Has anyone been successful? It looks like the readline extension will
+ 133020 [daniel@bo en] Is Tiger already available?
| 133025 [brianm@ap ch] It is early access only, from what I hear.
+ 133034 [ryand-ruby@z] Agreed. I was going to work on getting that cleaned up and send a patch

[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.12.0
133019 [mutoh@hi hw ] Ruby-GNOME2-0.12.0 is out. Enjoy!

Noob:Objects as key in hash
133021 [tom.willis@g] I didn't want my first bit of participation on this list to be
+ 133022 [ruby-ml@ma i] Hash normally goes by object equality; i.e. whether the reference
| 133024 [jim@we ri hh] Good points.  I see the example uses .freeze on the x and y attributes.  This
| + 133028 [ruby-ml@ma i] Yep, that would certainly work for a simple solution. For a more complex
| + 133029 [tom.willis@g] Thanks for the replies.
+ 133023 [jim@we ri hh] You are very close.  In order to use an object as a hash key, it must support
| 133026 [jamesUNDERBA] Isn't this the same value as
| + 133036 [vjoel@PA H. ] That's ok, as long as #eql? says they are different. In fact, many
| + 133040 [jim@we ri hh] Yes.  As Joel points out that to some degree you expect things to occasionally
|   133044 [tom.willis@g] LOL I should learn to read. or get a bigger monitor or glasses.
|   133167 [rampant@gm i] Good job :)
|   133169 [tom.willis@g] Whoa that's crazy, I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up returns yet.
|   133170 [jel@tu dr .a] lol.. agreed, it seems strange to me too.  Doesn't read well, and feels like
+ 133037 [vjoel@PA H. ] One approach to this problem that saves some typing (but isn't terribly

IRC channels list updated
133027 [horacio.lope] I added only active channels on irc://irc.freenode.net as of today,

Re: [SOLUTION][QUIZ] Roman Numerals (#22)
133041 [azrael@de on] ...
+ 133051 [james@gr yp ] Well, if you're new (heck, even if you're not), I'm impressed.  Nice
| + 133052 [tjf500@yo k.] ...
| + 133093 [azrael@de on] Thank you :)
+ 133054 [mailing-list] Very nice.
  + 133055 [logancapaldo] Cheater. ;)
  | 133071 [botp@de mo t] //I'm new to ruby so this was quite a fun little thing to help
  | 133095 [azrael@de on] nope :) this is it.
  + 133109 [chneukirchen] Does it exist at all? I *want* that!
    133110 [mailing-list] I'll create a gem one of these days...
    133111 [chneukirchen] No need for that.
    133160 [dave@bu t. d] Me too... having to join a hundred-plus-messages-per-day mailing list that
    + 133163 [ruby.brian@g] That is a neat trick! Thanks a lot for sharing.
    + 133171 [flori@ni e. ] @@ -135,7 +135,7 @@

YAML to objects - how?
133042 [agorilla@gm ] I'm trying to read in a YAML file that has a list of database specs
133043 [vjoel@PA H. ] Is the YAML file something like this?
133045 [agorilla@gm ] Pretty close (should've included it)
133046 [vjoel@PA H. ] Oh, not at all. I just did that because I tend to use symbols rather
133085 [agorilla@gm ] I ended up going with your first suggestion (after getting a slightly

What is reason for callcc{|c|c}?
133047 [john.carter@] The excellent article in callcc at
+ 133048 [vjoel@PA H. ] 1. So you can implement throw/catch-style control structures.
| 133050 [vjoel@PA H. ] Duh. Of course you can do that with
| 133053 [spoooq@gm il] The block usually wants to return a useful value itself.
| 133056 [vjoel@PA H. ] Just to clarify, this is how c can be assigned a return value other than
+ 133198 [wmorgan-ruby] The author of that article clearly didn't understand continuations as

WEBrick for a local application?
133058 [jeremy.bear@] I'm considering writing a dream journaling program for a small group
+ 133060 [joaopedrosa@] WEBrick rocks.
| + 133062 [joaopedrosa@] I could have asked, do you know Wee already? It's very capable in
| + 133063 [jeremy.bear@] Ah, okay.  This seems simple enough.  My question regarding this,
|   + 133065 [spoooq@gm il] is the standard loopback address, it works on windows and unix,
|   + 133066 [agorilla@gm ] 127.0.01 is the IP for 'localhost' (ie: "this machine"), so it's a
|   | 133068 [contact_us@h] Is Webrick can be use for single point of entry (every request served by
|   | 133070 [jeremy.bear@] Eko,
|   | 133073 [contact_us@h] Actually, I believe in the single point of entry power.
|   | + 133074 [horacio.lope] Jeremy, the confusion arises because Eko is asking about a completely
|   | | 133076 [contact_us@h] Ok, here is my code
|   | + 133075 [agorilla@gm ] What are you doing in index.rb?  I'd think a simple 'include' would do
|   |   133078 [contact_us@h] index.rb is the gate off all the module. inside module there are
|   + 133067 [joaopedrosa@] is suitable as well, but this is accessible from the same
|   + 133069 [horacio.lope] yes, is your safest bet.
+ 133061 [horacio.lope] Bind the webserver to the IP address and it will be only
+ 133089 [jel@tu dr .a] Ruby has GTK and Qt APIs too.

[ANN] Rails 0.10.1: FCGI stability, WS generator, tons of fixes
133059 [david@lo dt ] This is the point release to tie up the various loose ends introduced
133064 [agorilla@gm ] uninitialized constant ActionView::Base

[RCR] Object#blank?
133079 [ruby-talk@wh] After some pretty even pro v. con discussion on RedHanded [1], I've
+ 133081 [navindra@cs ] I can't believe people don't like "vapid?"...  it's such a great name!
+ 133091 [mailing-list] How about Float#nan??  Makes more sense than having 0 as blank, but

aliasing an external method from within a method definition?
133080 [sera@fh an .] Is there a way to define a method that aliases some external method
+ 133082 [vjoel@PA H. ] x = 1
+ 133083 [spoooq@gm il] Im a long way from a wizard, but how about this...
| 133084 [spoooq@gm il] Missed the final..
+ 133162 [pit@ca it in] m = Module.new

Using (x)gettext with Ruby files
133086 [se@di it le ] I want to localize some Ruby files and was trying to use xgettext. It
+ 133108 [chneukirchen] How about definining _() to log all occurring strings?
| 133118 [se@di it le ] I don't understand exactly what you mean by that. I want to be able to
+ 133121 [laurent.sans] In Alexandria (alexandria.rubyforge.org) I use rgettext from
  133133 [se@di it le ] I will have a look at that, but what if you have lots of <ruby_files>?
  133134 [laurent.sans] I do not think there is a limit (except your shell's, or maybe Ruby
  133144 [se@di it le ] The shell has the limit I think. That is the reaons for programs like

Re: [Solution] [QUIZ] Roman Numerals (#22)
133087 [ruby.brian@g] I chose to change the Integer class for this.
133090 [botp@de mo t] //Then we will come to the core. I implemented integer to roman

Re: [QUIZ] [SOLUTION]Roman Numerals (#22)
133088 [heron@jp .n ] I think the additional stipulation for "subtractors"

ncurses ruby and utf-8
133094 [ruby.brian@g] I'm writing a small application using ncurses and I wonder how to make
133096 [mailing-list] You need ncursesw (configure --enable-widec).
+ 133099 [jel@tu dr .a] What is the general state of unicode support in ruby?
| 133102 [mailing-list] There is none, beyond a very hackish one for regular expression
| + 133105 [jel@tu dr .a] Ahh.  Is there an official guess on when 2.0 will happen?  Best estimate I can
| | 133107 [mailing-list] That sounds like a wishful estimate.  However, if I get the time (which
| + 133199 [csaba-ml@be ] I just wonder how is it possible that a language which originated in
|   133200 [dido.sevilla] No. Before Unicode there were already several different ways of
|   133241 [csaba-ml@be ] This is interesting, thanks for the pointer! But then, how are these
|   133243 [matz@ru y- a] Ruby Regexp can handle these encodings (i.e. EUC-JP, Shift_JIS, UTF-8).
+ 133112 [neoneye@gm i] Simon Strandgaard
  133165 [ruby.brian@g] Thank you, that is very helpfull.

Google Mini and Ruby?
133097 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Does anyone have experience in hooking Ruby
133098 [Bil.Kleb@na ] 1. They give you access to the raw XML feed, an

Rails routing question
133101 [ochronus@gm ] Alas I upgraded to the newest rails - and of course problems started to
133203 [ochronus@gm ] I have to reply to my post - what a strange situation :)

[Job] Ruby Developers in Tokyo, Japan
133103 [rubyzbibd@ub] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 133113 [Tim.Ferrell@] Now that is just too cool :-)
| 133117 [tom.willis@g] That's what I was thinking.
+ 133119 [bg-rubytalk@] @@ -101,11 +102,11 @@
| 133120 [bg-rubytalk@] @@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
+ 133140 [drbrain@se m] I like this better, much cleaner than puts with ',', which I don't see
| 133311 [john.carter@] Whats wrong with just...
+ 133164 [rubyzbibd@ub] Thanks for all the comments and improvements to the coded request for

regarding -rails installation help me
133116 [rumyaiyer@gm] Iam Ramya.I'am totally new to ruby.I'am a fresher and i have just
133123 [agorilla@gm ] btw, you'll also want to install mysql, but that's covered in the tutorials.

Text chunking?
133122 [docboobenste] Greetings! I am working on a program to extract sentences from e-mails
133141 [neoneye@gm i] Can you show an example of what you had in mind?
133146 [docboobenste] Greetings!
133147 [pennachin@gm] Claus,
133149 [docboobenste] Awesome! Thanks Cassio, I'll check it out.

Problems connecting MySQL with Ruby
133124 [paniagua@pc ] I'm using Tomita Masahiro MySQL-Ruby 2.5 Library and MySQL 4.1.  When I
+ 133125 [halostatue@g] I believe that this has to do with MySQL changing its authentication protocol.
| 133126 [belorion@gm ] Yes, if I recall correctly, Tomita Masahiro's MySQL-Ruby 2.5 library
| 133406 [matt.mower@g] I created a patch for Tomita's client (which is included as a part of
| + 133538 [paniagua@pc ] While using this unit, what would be the correct unit to require?
| | 133589 [matt.mower@g] First mysql, then mysql411.  The latter redefines a few methods from
| + 136500 [james_b@ne r] Has this patch been offered to Tomita so it can be rolled into the
|   136616 [matt.mower@g] Not at this point but it certainly was my intention.  I should take
+ 133128 [regexman@gm ] The password style has changed in MySQL 4.1.  I have seen this error

Customizing Array#uniq by defining eql?
133127 [marcel@ve ni] PickAxe II's documentation for Array#uniq says,
133150 [matz@ru y- a] It creates hash internally to remove redundant values, so that
133154 [marcel@ve ni] Thanks for the reply. Yes, indeed, I had noted that I needed to define
133161 [matz@ru y- a] hash method should return integer value.

matching regular expression
133129 [joevandyk@gm] I have a string that contains a list of keys and values.
+ 133130 [msparshatt@y] use this instead
| 133132 [joevandyk@gm] Argh, you're right.  Thanks.
+ 133131 [neoneye@gm i] try this

Rexeg help
133135 [mrmargolis@w] I am trying to match everything inside of an HTML file that is located
+ 133136 [neoneye@gm i] try this
| 133137 [neoneye@gm i] Sorry too fast.. forgot the multiline flag
+ 133138 [martin@fu go] thePage.sub!(/<!--H.*H-->/m, stuff)
  133142 [mrmargolis@w] Thank you.  I knew about the /m option but I didn't know where to put it.

Challenge for the Day - One Liners
133139 [john.carter@] Perl has justly been called the "Swiss Army Chain Saw" of Unix System
133148 [ruby-ml@ma i] I'd rather not, thanks. It takes about one minute to start up vi and save
+ 133151 [billk@ct .c ] Just curious, do you make a distinction between ruby and other
| + 133153 [john.carter@] Hmm, thats another good Idiom. I often merge that in with backtick or
| + 133155 [ruby-ml@ma i] You're invoking programs, not code :)
+ 133152 [john.carter@] Ah, but one minute is far too long. You see One Liners are developed
  133156 [ruby-ml@ma i] I don't know.. I tend to think that if one needs to think about it,

Gem install problem on FC3
133143 [jim@ji va fl] I'm on a fresh Fedora Core 3 box where my goal is to eventually have a
133145 [jim@ji va fl] I installed zlib from source, redid the Ruby install process, and it

webrick in production use?
133157 [navindra@cs ] Is anyone here using WEBrick on a production site?  Do any of the
+ 133166 [david@lo dt ] instiki.org and wiki.rubyonrails.com both run WEBrick and are doing
| 133175 [navindra@cs ] Well the site is dot.kde.org, so I need it to be able to withstand a
| 133176 [khaines@en g] You _probably_ don't want to use Webrick, then.  I count 8 static images on
| 133177 [navindra@cs ] The static images are not a problem, they can be served by an external
| 133179 [ruby-ml@ma i] Well, you could try submitting 'dot.kde.org Using Neat Ruby Library As
| 133180 [navindra@cs ] Yeah, just in case there is any confusion, dot.kde.org is running Zope
+ 133173 [khaines@en g] Depends on what you mean by "up to the task".  It will deliver nowhere near

Must .gemrc -> gemhome point to Gems installation?
133159 [ruby-ml@ma i] On my system, anything in the gemhome field in .gemrc seems to render
133168 [jim@we ri hh] The reason it is failing is that gems requires a "sources" gem be available to
133178 [ruby-ml@ma i] Thanks for the idea! I had tried it already, though, but no luck. I'm

TLS support in jabber4r
133174 [ngrant@we lw] I was wondering if anyone has had success with TLS

133181 [hash_bang@re] ...looking for some good, really retro computer equipment, at various
133182 [agorilla@gm ] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)