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^ Visual C++ Run-time error with rubyw.exe
132042 [matt.mower g] I hope someone can help me with this.  I'm using the latest one-click
+ 132128 [devel nicrea] Make sure you don't have any stray 'puts' in your code for debugging -
| 132213 [matt.mower g] Thanks for replying.  At the moment I am trying to get the recently
| 132307 [devel nicrea] Well, since FreeRIDE is a FXRuby app, I would say yes.
| 132328 [matt.mower g] Thanks for your reply.
+ 132352 [matt.mower g] I just updated to FXRuby 1.2.4 and that hasn't altered the problem.  I
  132355 [sdate everes] I will like to work with you on this ... how does your weekend look like?

^ converting HTML to Textile?
132067 [sera fhwang.] Is there any decent way to convert HTML to Textile? I saw there's a

^ amrita and mod_ruby
132091 [jvalencia lo] Have any of you run amrita on mod_ruby?
132093 [ruby.talk.li] My recollection of working with mod_ruby is that I had some issues
132094 [jvalencia lo] My problem is that SecurityError is raised from amrita code, not mine.

^ mod_ruby is making me CRAZY
132108 [jvalencia lo] I'm just crazy, i can't understand anything.
+ 132113 [cameron.mcbr] Don't really have time to investigate, it's been a while since I toyed
+ 132133 [pit capitain] I've never used mod_ruby myself, but it seems that menu.rb is run in an

^ My second Wee example, together with some more things.
132127 [joaopedrosa ] I was just itching I guess to create my second Wee example. This time
132134 [mneumann nte] One minor thing: If you show a discussion on the right, you can no
+ 132135 [mneumann nte] this should be "left"!
+ 132137 [joaopedrosa ] Not really. I tried to "answer" for the thread component from the
  132139 [mneumann nte] Well, you call @tread in Topics. If you do this, then of course the
  132142 [joaopedrosa ] Done, thanks. :-) Pretty easy once we have decided about it. hehe. 6
  132146 [mneumann nte] I'm not sure what the best way of doing this. Seaside has an updateUrl
  132206 [mneumann nte] There probably an easier way to accomplish that. Wee already supports

^ Temporary redefinitions
132132 [aredridel gm] ...
+ 132150 [rampant gmai] Nice! where can I download >:-)
+ 132152 [logancapaldo] Quite interesting. I never thought of AOP in that manner before. (Not

^ WEBrick: Tofu and Filehandler (was: Virtual hosts and inherited directory mappings)
132138 [ljz asfast.c] Thank you.

^ Another "using Ruby to do stuff" article...
132153 [tom infoethe] Good times!

^ SOAP4R Help?
132154 [Chris.Willia] ...
+ 132166 [gavri.fernan] You might want to post this on the SOAP4R Google Group too
+ 132199 [nakahiro sar] Thanks Gavri.  Feel free to post any question to ruby-talk or soap4r

^ surprising: class A; end; A === A  ==> false
132156 [sroberts uni] I'm used to thinking of === being MORE useful
132160 [jamis_buck b] case t.name
+ 132163 [azrael demon] I'm thinking you can get what you want by
| 132164 [jamis_buck b] The problem is that A.class == B.class == Class. Apparently, the case
+ 132165 [jim weirichh] [... code elided ...]
  + 132167 [ruby.brian g] Surprising, that the ruby way comes up at last. Quack ;)
  | 132168 [ruby.brian g] The above shall read: came up in the last message. I'm not shure if I
  + 132194 [sroberts uni] I think thats the best suggestion so far.
    + 132197 [lists bertra] Of course.
    + 132200 [jim weirichh] I'm not sure if you are saying that won't work because (1) the do_something
      132308 [sroberts uni] Isn't part, and *shouldn't* be part.
      132314 [jim weirichh] Because the services are open ended ... got it.

^ parsing a time in a specific timezone
132161 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> require 'time'
132173 [steven.jenki] ENV['TZ'] = 'UTC'
132177 [navindra cs.] Or just the full timezone name (appending "UTC", "EDT", "PST" will all

^ [ANN] FileSystem re-released as MockFS
132162 [sera fhwang.] Last week, I released FileSystem 0.1.0, only to be told that there's

^ Re: [SOLUTION] 1-800-THE-QUIZ (#20)
132175 [james graypr] I must have gremlins today.  I'm breaking all kinds of programs.

^ Ways of obtaining a remote peer's IP address from distributed ruby?
132176 [dido.sevilla] Is there a way to let a method called via druby over TCP/IP learn the
132178 [aengstrom gn] I had the same question a couple of months ago - and thanks to

^ Wee Tutorials - Missing In Action
132179 [shalev simpl] While it's really great that Michael Neumann has taken the time to
132181 [ra016681 ic.] HTH,
+ 132182 [mneumann nte] thanks...
+ 132189 [agorilla gma] and I'm seeding them.  seems somebody got a copy of 2 and 3 :)

^ Lighting the candles on the cake?
132186 [jamesUNDERBA] Don't want to eat birthday cake too soon, but I know that someplace it's
+ 132187 [mneumann nte] Yeah! Lots of congrats from me too.
| 132195 [navindra cs.] Wow, matz certainly makes me feel old and stupid now.
| 132196 [joaopedrosa ] Dude, this has got to be on purpose, because it was funny..... as hell. :-)
| 132212 [blaumag gmai] Congratulations, Matz, and a huge thank you for the most beautiful
+ 132190 [paniagua pcm] Feliz Cumplea?os!!! Happy Birthday!!
+ 132193 [dblack wobbl] Isn't that "Congratz"? :-)
| 132229 [ruby.talk.li] Wise guy.
+ 132238 [flgr ccan.de] Danke, Matz, und herzlichen Gl?ckwunsch!
| 132251 [chneukirchen] Viele Gre auch von mir,
+ 132242 [ruby brian-s] Herzlichen Gl?ckwunsch!
+ 132255 [martin.anker] Wow, 12 years already. Congrats!

^ [ANN] Ruby Virtual Users Group
132198 [tanner.burso] After some discussion on the list the last couple of days, I decided

^ kde.rb: why you should use ruby
132203 [navindra cs.] Cheers,
132216 [flgr ccan.de] Thanks a lot for the kind mention of ruby-breakpoint. :)
132230 [navindra cs.] Thanks a lot for ruby-breakpoint! :)

^ [ANN] Amrita2 initial release
132204 [tnakajima br] I released Amrita2 1.9.1, the first version of new Amrita.

^ ruby-dev summary 25709-25740
132207 [ttate ttsky.] Here is a summary of articles posted to ruby-dev ML last week.
132220 [djberg96 hot] string, and
132221 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Rubyonrails
132208 [jvalencia lo] Have you used ruby on rails?
+ 132219 [lyle.johnson] Sorry, never heard of it.
| 132225 [bob.news gmx] "Lyle Johnson" <lyle.johnson@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 132231 [lyle.johnson] Yes.
+ 132233 [balcer futur] If not troll?(javier_valencia) then
+ 132234 [ruby.talk.li] Yes.
| 132240 [george.mosch] This page is outdated, the home of Nitro and Og
+ 132236 [lyle.johnson] If you are simply serving up static web page content, Rails is
  132237 [jvalencia lo] thanks all, i'll stick to rails :)
  132274 [agorilla gma] I've yet to play with Rails, but I'm planning to some time in the near
  132278 [lyle.johnson] Ta-da List (http://www.tadalist.com/) is one, although it's sort-of a
  132289 [curt hibbs.c] There is also SnowDevil (http://www.snowdevil.ca/), a full blown ecommerce

^ Re: [RCR proposal] "Map" mixin analogously to "Enumerable"
132209 [surrender_it] see the existing RCR, #277 IIRC. Maybe I should add your code (if you
132358 [olaf.klischa] [Map mixin]

^ Re: Zip Files as deployable Components (was: Re: "module model", how to call it properly?)
132211 [csaba phony_] ...
132222 [bob.news gmx] "Csaba Henk" <csaba@phony_for_avoiding_spam.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 132228 [ruby.talk.li] I like the idea of bundling resources a s a single entity in a way
+ 132283 [google erikv] If you're interested in bundling several files into a single,

^ [SUMMARY] 1-800-THE-QUIZ (#20)
132217 [james graypr] ...
+ 132239 [ruby brian-s] Thanks for all your effort James. It is always interesting to read your
| 132256 [james graypr] Welcome back Brian.  I've missed being teased about the effort I put
+ 132295 [dave burt.id] ...
  132296 [james graypr] I posted all the problems I found to the list.
  132301 [dave burt.id] ...
  132304 [james graypr] Dave, would you please resend your message so it will show up on the
  132306 [dave burt.id] ...

^ a new delegation technique :-)
132218 [dblack wobbl] This probably lies somewhere between obfuscated and pointless, but I
+ 132224 [ruby.talk.li] Ah.
+ 132227 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 132235 [ptkwt aracne] ...

^ Re: Question about Array.new(ary)
132223 [djberg96 hot] have

^ Re: "Map" mixin analogously to "Enumerable"
132226 [djberg96 hot] be
132316 [surrender_it] actually, RCR261. But I definitely support your RCR :)

^ Re: AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) for Ruby?
132243 [transfire gm] Feedback is welcome.

^ [ANN] Rails 0.10.0: Routing, Web Services, Components, Oracle
132245 [david loudth] We're plowing through the road map at lightning speed with the release
+ 132254 [linguist gma] I noted this on the Rails list, and I should probably note it here
+ 132258 [shalev simpl] Well, it seems like version 0.10 still has some bugs to work out.  I
  132269 [david loudth] This is not a Rails issue, but an issue with the database on the web

^ Simple HTML Renderer / Browser?
132246 [rhkramer gma] I need a simple HTML renderer (to get started--eventually, I want to be able
+ 132291 [spoooq gmail] Im hopelessly biased of course, but Qt really is very easy to learn.
| + 132292 [vjoel PATH.B] Tk's Ok,
| | 132361 [jeremy chaos] ...
| + 132443 [detlef.reich] absolute bullshit...
|   + 132445 [ruby-lists l] dear good sir.
|   + 132447 [no spam.plea] Frustrating, isn't it. Because almost every time I use it, I
+ 132323 [ruby-lists l] rendering a piece of html with korundum/khtml is a
| 132333 [rhkramer gma] Alex,
| 132351 [ruby-lists l] hehe :)
+ 132426 [rhkramer gma] Yup!
  132439 [rhkramer gma] Thanks, that's helped--make has been chugging along for close to 3 hours now.
  132440 [ruby-lists l] next time use a distribution with a prebuilt package :)

^ Comments on starting with Ruby
132247 [umptious gma] Very quickly, with no attempt at eloquence at all...
+ 132248 [agorilla gma] #   irb.rb - intaractive ruby
+ 132253 [rasputnik he] Have a look at ruby-doc.org, there should be contact information there.
  132267 [ruby.talk.li] ruby-doc.org is managed by James Britt (that would be me), though I am

^ regexp help sought
132249 [rpardee comc] Hey All,
132250 [bob.news gmx] <rpardee@comcast.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
132344 [rpardee gmai] Awesome--that's exactly what I needed.  And much more readable than

^ ruby-talk.com Expired?
132257 [james graypr] I use http://ruby-talk.com/# style links on the Ruby Quiz site and I
+ 132262 [alang cronos] whois ruby-talk.com
+ 132263 [chadfowler g] My apologies.  I should have announced this.  Use ruby-talk.org and

^ Re: Optimisation help needed
132259 [martindemell] ...
132264 [martindemell] ...
132266 [martindemell] ...

^ MD5 Password creation
132260 [cmueller byc] replacing the users pass in the /etc/shadow file. I unfortunately cannot
+ 132261 [jvalencia lo] The salt is not only $1$, $1$ is used by crypt system call to say to use
+ 132265 [ryand-ruby z] STOP! STOP creating new threads by hitting reply to an existing message
| 132325 [ruby-lists l] tells you a lot about the quality of the mail clients most
+ 132279 [ian caliban.] Can you show me your output?
  132281 [enebo acm.or] Should they both output the same length digest (128 bit)?
  132282 [enebo acm.or] Whoops I just noticed this is prepending the salt :)

^ 100,000 gems [was RE: ruby-talk.com Expired?]
132268 [curt hibbs.c] [snipped all content]
132346 [chadfowler g] Yea!!!  We have more to cheer about right now, too.  More details this
132347 [robert.mcgov] Sounds intriguing ...

^ How to extend $stdout#write for system calls?
132271 [jim freeze.o] I am writing a tee function for ruby and am pretty close.
+ 132272 [vjoel PATH.B] How could this work if echo is not even a ruby program? Maybe if you run
| 132280 [jim freeze.o] It may not be possible. My knowledge of $stdout doesn't run too deep.
| 132286 [vjoel PATH.B] A child process inherits the file handle that $stdout refers to, but not
| 132288 [vjoel PATH.B] f.tee do
| 132313 [jim freeze.o] Windows shmwindows. So what?  ;)
+ 132310 [djberg96 hot] Does Sean Chittenden's io-tee package not work?  It's on the RAA.
  132312 [jim freeze.o] it this morning, but no reply.
  132359 [djberg96 hot] Ah, you're right.  In any case, if you can read Perl it's probably
  132360 [jim freeze.o] Thanks. I'll take a look

^ mailing lists
132284 [ruby-talk wh] Anyone here used a mailing list?
+ 132285 [horacio.lope] Sorry, never heard of it
| 132287 [michael.walt] That was irony, wasn't it?
| 132290 [shalev simpl] Irony? Sorry, never heard of it.
| + 132293 [robert.mcgov] Why _why?
| + 132332 [rasputnik he] Irony, noun:  'like an iron'.
|   132608 [eliahhecht g] Wouldn't that be an adjective?
|   132688 [ jupp gmx.de] It is not that uncommon to suppress the initial 'something'.
+ 132297 [agorilla gma] Yes
+ 132380 [ jupp gmx.de] Could it be that you rather mean MLM software like Majordomo, Petidomo

^ webrick help
132294 [contact_us h] Need help from you all
132322 [ruby-lists l] try using require "auto-reload.rb"
132326 [contact_us h] thanks
132532 [contact_us h] Doesn't work

^ rdoc and GNU-indented files
132298 [ian caliban.] I've just noticed that running C source files through a default
132299 [rooneg elect] ...
132303 [ian caliban.] If I'd actually waited for an answer to my question, I could have saved
132305 [ian caliban.] Actually, my patch against 1.8.2 is ever so slightly different, so I

^ increasing ri's searching capibilities and some handy snippets
132309 [cldwalker ch] I'm new to the ruby community and am fascinated with its power,simplicity and clean syntax!
132311 [spoooq gmail] Its possible to use parsetree and some associated code posted on

^ [OT] Is anyone (else) running Rubyx?
132317 [ruby-ml magi] Anyone here running the OS? Any anecdotes to share, good or bad?
132331 [george.mosch] Is this distribution still maintained?
132334 [droux tuks.c] George,
132470 [csaba phony_] ...
132472 [binary42 gma] It is going under a complete rewrite (still in Ruby AFAIK). The new
132481 [csaba phony_] ...
132513 [binary42 gma] And it just got more interesting. Some details have emerged on some
132557 [csaba phony_] ...
132560 [binary42 gma] That is my far distant target. I am hoping to get insight into it's

^ ruby + vim + rtags.rb
132318 [chris_guenth] ...
+ 132320 [eule space.c] ...
+ 132339 [sroberts uni] exhuberant ctags supports ruby, but doesn't produce as many tags as you

^ Validating XML Parser?
132319 [none none.ne] Through my employer I am involded in a rather major standardisation
+ 132321 [rubyzbibd ub] It may not be exactly what you want, but you can use xmllint from Ruby
+ 132324 [ruby-ml magi] XMLParser[1] wraps expat, don't know about validation (REXML is generally
+ 132340 [jamesUNDERBA] When you say "schema", do you mean W3C Schema?
| + 132343 [bob.news gmx] "James Britt" <jamesUNDERBARb@neurogami.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 132348 [neil hakubi.] They seemed in complete last I used them (the webpage seems inaccessible
|   132392 [ruby-ml magi] David Ashen has a C validator [1] for Relax-NG schemas [2].
|   132396 [jamesUNDERBA] There is also some beta stuff in REXML for R-NG validation, too.
+ 132480 [martin.povol] I have basic wrappers for schema and dtd validation in my version of

^ cgi sessions not working :S
132341 [jvalencia lo] cgi = CGI.new("html4")
132345 [skywizard ti] cgi = CGI.new("html4")
132356 [jvalencia lo] Yeah, it worked, thanks.
132368 [skywizard ti] Nowhere, really. Funny, isn't it?