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^ gem-newbie's first attempt...
131831 [wybo servaly] Attempting local installation of 'fxri'
131833 [martin.anker] installed, which are required for fxruby. I don't know which
131841 [wybo servaly] Attempting local installation of 'fxri'
131842 [martin.anker] You need fox 1.2
131858 [wybo servaly] I tried fox-1.2.13.tar.gz : same result (pointing to fxruby 1.2.3)

^ [ANN] FreeRide 0.9.3 - The Free Ruby IDE
131838 [laurent mold] Version 0.9.3 of FreeRIDE has been released and is available for download!

^ [ANN] RubyToDot
131843 [martin.anker] Ah, this was a productive weekend.

^ [Q] include shell script in my RubyGems package
131844 [kwa kuwata-l] I want to include a shell script into bin/ directory.

^ communicate with named pipe
131849 [jsli ict.ac.] I am a newbie of this mailing place but I want to draw a gui for other
131870 [wmorgan-ruby] If the C++ program is creating the pipes, you can simply open them as

^ Lock on some special file reading within XML-RPC
131862 [pterjan linu] I was having a timeout in a client/server program using xml-rpc under
131871 [wmorgan-ruby] This is a known problem with no solution, only workarounds.
131872 [pterjan linu] Thanks for the explanation and URL

^ YAML/RedCloth Question
131863 [mikeleonard ] I'm very new to Ruby, so appy-polly-loggies in advance if the answer to
131866 [jamis_buck b] Use triple line breaks to indicate paragraph breaks. It's just the way
131894 [ruby-talk wh] Unless you use a literal block.
131896 [jamis_buck b] Gah! Now *that's* something I wish I'd known six months ago. Would

^ Modules and classes have a 'load' private method?
131864 [ay1204 qazi.] If I do a 'class C; end; C.load' I get something about a private
131865 [flgr ccan.de] It's in all objects because Object includes Kernel. See Kernel#load.
131869 [ay1204 qazi.] Ah... good to know :-)

^ [ANN] CAST -- Ruby's C parsing dog.  Woof.
131867 [g_ogata optu] What Is

^ CGI strange behaviour
131868 [jvalencia lo] I have a set of ruby cgi scripts, that works when trying in localhost.

^ Re: [SOLUTION] [QUIZ] 1-800-THE-QUIZ (#20)
131876 [ruby brian-s] i once again found the time to do the ruby quiz. I liked the quiz
131877 [ruby brian-s] This version loads the dictionary a lot faster (3 times as fast as the old
131998 [jordi bunste] Must be something wrong with my old iBook, because here it takes
132033 [ruby.brian g] you found a bug. Your number makes my code enter into an infinite
132035 [ruby brian-s] Thanks to Jordi who found a testcase that broke my code I reworked the solution. Now I use a different approach to skipping numbers. I create the possible skips for a given number, ignore the skipped numbers, search a real solution for the rest and reinject the skipped numbers into the solution.
132097 [lmarlow yaho] charset="US-ASCII"
132171 [james graypr] Just FYI, I get some pretty unusual output when I run this on the quiz
132180 [lmarlow yaho] charset="US-ASCII"

^ [ANN] rblex 0.0.1 - parser/lexer for ruby source
131878 [ruby-lists l] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Re: Kwartz-ruby 2.0.0-beta2 - a language independed template system
131883 [kwa kuwata-l] is
131887 [james.cromwe] Kwartz-java are now being developed.
131927 [kwa kuwata-l] Reason1. Ruby-C binding or PHP-C binding is too hard for me to

^ Including problems
131884 [thedcm gmail] I have a file (index.rb) that includes head.rb. head.rb has a class
131888 [ruby brian-s] If you are inside of another modules namespace, maybe you'd need to directly address the Page class you want. Otherwise, please try to cut down the code to a minimal example and post it here.
131892 [vjoel PATH.B] This is sending the #start method to Page. In other words, it is calling
131893 [thedcm gmail] That works, thanks :)

^ Net::HTTP
131895 [w3gat nwlaga] The folowing is a program from The Ruby Way page 441
131897 [jamis_buck b] Can you be more specific? Do you get a raised exception? If so, what
132023 [w3gat nwlaga] The version of Ruby running on both machines is Ruby 1.8.2 <2004-12-25>
+ 132024 [lyndon.samso] Try and do something similar with a socket, see if that behaves the same way.
+ 132040 [wmorgan-ruby] Put a "puts 'hello'" statement between each line, and count how many
+ 132302 [w3gat nwlaga] Try and do something similar with a socket, see if that behaves the same
| 132315 [mulperi cc.h] try to run your ruby script with -d option in other words, ruby -d script.rb
+ 132349 [djberg96 hot] <2004-12-25>

^ problems with rubycocoa on macosx 10.3.8 w/ ruby 1.8.1
131902 [jeffm ghostg] $ ruby -v
131908 [acharlieblue] /Users/gg/ulocal//lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/osx/cocoa.rb:12
131922 [ruby-lists l] could someone with a clue just make a .dmg? :)
+ 131924 [Richard_Dale] Well a .dmg of QtRuby would be pretty useful, if you know how to do one.
| 131926 [ruby-lists l] agreed. wanted to postpone until qt4 though on which
+ 131956 [laurent.sans] See hdiutil(1).  It is pretty easy.
  131962 [sroberts uni] Making a .dmg is easy, building ruby cocoa can be hard, and making a
  132010 [jeffm ghostg] Thanks to all those who made suggestions.

^ libitunesdb bindings for Ruby
131904 [daniel night] I recently got an iPod and have been fooling around with some of the

^ trying to build self-contained RubyCocoa apps
131912 [doug beaver.] i've written a RubyCocoa app, but i would like to be able to distribute

^ YAML and hash
131925 [merke jupite] is there a possibility to recognize multiple keys while
+ 131932 [bob.news gmx] "Artur Merke" <merke@ls1.cs.uni-dortmund.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 131936 [navindra cs.] I would hazard a guess that YAML is deferring to the Hash constructor
| | 131945 [bob.news gmx] "Navindra Umanee" <navindra@cs.mcgill.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 131959 [merke jupite] I have looked into this and yaml/rubytypes.rb
+ 131974 [ruby-talk wh] You're right.  This should throw an error or a warning (according the
  131975 [a.r.ferreira] I've spent some time trying to write code to make such a thing work.
  132056 [gavin refine] Heh, that's a cute name :)

^ ANN: 2005 International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC)
131940 [iorcc yahoo.] Dear Fellow Rubists,
+ 132095 [ jupp gmx.de] 1st price: "Advanced Obfuscation: Perl for Ruby Programmers"
| + 132099 [ruby-lists l] you're just annoyed cus you can't write crap code!
| | 132276 [ jupp gmx.de] It only seems more natural to use C for that. The following is a quick
| | 132327 [ruby-lists l] dunno why anyone would find that wierd...
| + 132102 [matz ruby-la] Well, it is a good chance to prove them we can write pretty unreadable
| | + 132104 [sroberts uni] Powerful languages allow obfuscation. Weak languages only allow garbage
| | + 132105 [dblack wobbl] Is that "pretty" as in "somewhat", or "pretty" as in "nice-looking"?
| | | + 132107 [agorilla gma] How about "pretty" and "pretty unreadable"?
| | | | + 132109 [shalev simpl] WoW
| | | | + 132143 [chneukirchen] Don't tell me you can't read base64! :P
| | | | | 132151 [navindra cs.] I agree, you did some really clever work, including a generator
| | | | | 132159 [chneukirchen] puts [926381,23200231779,1299022,1045307475].map{|n|
| | | | | + 132169 [ruby.brian g] $ uname -a
| | | | | | + 132170 [chneukirchen] Very interesting...
| | | | | | + 132183 [navindra cs.] So ruby -e 'srand 52019; puts rand(16)' prints 6 for you, not 11?
| | | | | |   132205 [ruby.brian g] $ ruby -e 'srand 52019; puts rand(16)'
| | | | | |   132270 [caiot1 ibest] 11 for me (WinXP).
| | | | | + 132184 [navindra cs.] puts [1360991028827446, 591861].map{|n| n.to_s(?$
| | | | |   132185 [navindra cs.] Ugh.  Thank god my horrible horrible typo is encoded and the whole
| | | | |   132214 [chneukirchen] Why, thank you. :-)
| | | | + 132335 [matju sympat] Here's mine.
| | | |   132336 [jason.sweat ] $ ruby -e'p (1..36).inject(0){|a,b|a+b}'
| | | |   + 132337 [mulperi cc.h] ruby 1.9.0 (2005-02-14) [sparc-solaris2.8]
| | | |   + 132338 [neoneye gmai] '-NEON-EYE-'.unpack('C*').inject(0){|a,b|a+b} #-> 666
| | | |     132342 [flori nixe.p] Ok, let's golf that down a bit, shall we? :)
| | | + 132112 [matz ruby-la] Both, of course.  I'm glad you've found the pun.
| | + 132111 [matt technor] There are already too many Ruby books that I can't read.  :-)
| |   132144 [chneukirchen] Now, "Ruby, the language where the documentation is more unreadable
| |   + 132145 [dblack wobbl] I think the books Matt is referring to are perfectly readable, if you
| |   + 132155 [matt technor] Personally, I find the book on Ruby Internals to be impossible for me to
| + 132106 [ochronus gma] 1, the flexibility of the target language
| + 132141 [chneukirchen] I wonder how the perl community reacted on books like "Object-oriented
|   + 132147 [ruby-lists l] as far as i can tell more people (e.g me) in the ruby community
|   | 132157 [chneukirchen] Now, *that* would explain lots... }:-) Excellent book, btw.
|   + 132275 [ jupp gmx.de] "Who needs yet another way to do it?" I suppose.
+ 132188 [ljz asfast.c] ruby -e 'def x(n,m)z=n;(m-1).times{|x|z*=n};z;end
  132215 [chneukirchen] Now, that's a lotta code to calculate 6*9. :-)
  132300 [ljz asfast.c] Hey, this is nothing.  They had a planet-sized computer working for

^ multi-language code -> html w/syntax highlighting--start me out
131949 [rpardee gmai] Hey All,
132045 [wmorgan-ruby] I don't think you necessarily need any libraries. "puts" and some

^ London (UK) Ruby meeting, February 28
131955 [dblack wobbl] For people in or near London who are not on the London Ruby mailing
+ 131979 [ruby.talk.li] Racking up those frequent-flier miles, aren't we?
| 131982 [robert.mcgov] Mmm, one wonders where he is going to end up next. I wonder has David
| 132012 [matt.mower g] We'll let you know that when we see how quickly he gets his round in :-)
| 132021 [robert.mcgov] Heh, wife permitting I'm going to be there myself to find out :)
+ 132632 [robert.mcgov] and David did indeed see us there, 11 of us in fact which apparently
  132672 [rob.02004 gm] Here are some brief notes from the Feb 2005 London Ruby Group meeting.
  132674 [robert.mcgov] That was me ....

^ Re: FreeRide 0.9.3  problems...
131965 [snowzone5 ho] installed this version.
131967 [curt hibbs.c] Laurent will need to look at the actual problem, but in the meantime you can
131991 [snowzone5 ho] yeah, last time it happened that was the solution...unfortunately it

^ Temporary Outage of ML <-> NG Gateway
131966 [dennis lausc] Dear list,
132210 [dennis lausc] The gateway is now up and running again. All queued mails have been mirrored
132232 [ruby.brian g] The good news is, that I could for once cope with the volume on the
132241 [chneukirchen] Yeah, I was thinking about that too... }:-)
132244 [bob.news gmx] "Christian Neukirchen" <chneukirchen@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 132252 [chneukirchen] Better subscribe quickly! :-)
+ 132988 [bg-rubytalk ] Is the Mailing List <-> Newsgroup gateway gone again?  Ruby-talk seems a
  133038 [ jupp gmx.de] This would require that only one of the media is a lot quieter than
  133039 [ruby-ml magi] Wonder what the typical ML-NG post ratio is? It does seem that the ML

^ Problems with Mondrian
131971 [paniagua pcm] format my harddrive and then I installed Ruby 1.8, followed by Mondrian.

^ FW: FXRi in FreeRIDE (done!)
131989 [curt hibbs.c] Laurent Julliard just took Martin Ankerl's FXRI and massaged it into a

^ Constructor overloading???
131995 [pkarvou gmai] Does Ruby support constructor overloading?
+ 131996 [halostatue g] Ruby does not support method overloading at all, only overriding.
+ 131999 [ruby.talk.li] No; Ruby desn't support method overloading.  But you can pass a
  132078 [eliahhecht g] I've run into this before when (for instance) I want initialize() to
  + 132088 [ruby.talk.li] You may do better using a hash and named arguments.  The
  + 132092 [ruby.brian g] If the initializers are totally different, then it may make sense to
    132096 [pkarvou gmai] Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

^ Anyone run rbbr on OS X?
132000 [jim freeze.o] Before I go off and try to install rbbr on OS X, I thought I would
132022 [shalev simpl] Well, it shouldn't be that hard.  You can install the ruby-gnome
132062 [jim freeze.o] That's good to hear. You seem to imply that Gnome is optional.
132076 [shalev simpl] # ruby 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

^ Constructor overloading???
132003 [pkarvou gmai] I am not trying sth special.I am testing language features that I use with Java.
+ 132004 [halostatue g] class Rectangle
| 132007 [pkarvou gmai] What about this one?
| 132015 [ruby-ml magi] What I would do is just use 'one' constructor,
+ 132006 [sroberts uni] Trying to program in one language like it is another language is
  132009 [flori nixe.p] And using lots of constructors in Java loses a lot of its attraction,

^ Any "Powered by Rake" button out there?
132008 [ jupp gmx.de] There is a lot of 'Powered by Ruby' buttons that allow you to show you
132026 [halostatue g] Try the 80x15 "brilliant" PNG button that I created; the file is
132273 [ jupp gmx.de] Good idea but the font does not seem too readable to me. Attached[1] is

^ Looking for docs
132011 [jvalencia lo] I'm looking for cgi docs, there are lots of things undocumented, as
132061 [ruby.talk.li] There are numerous element methods that are not individual described

^ WEBrick: Virtual hosts and inherited directory mappings
132013 [ljz asfast.c] I posted the following query to the webrick mailing list, but that list
132098 [gotoyuzo not] I'm really sorry to post this too late.
132101 [ljz asfast.c] There is no apology necessary.  I posted here a short time after I
132121 [gotoyuzo not] Yes. Some utility methods (get_instance for servlets, #[]

^ CSS integration with CGI objects
132014 [jvalencia lo] I think that the CGI class is still in development, isn't it?
132027 [halostatue g] environment, such as Amrita or even the RDoc templating included with
132029 [jamesUNDERBA] I believe you can pass a hash of attribute name/values to the method
132037 [jvalencia lo] mmm but using other methods means that cgi forms will not use
132049 [jvalencia lo] I've tried amrita, but it gives me lots of Security Errors, i've tried

^ About "constructor overloading"
132019 [hal9000 hype] Panagiotis...

^ any ideas on how to get readline support in OS X 10.3?
132025 [sroberts uni] I just got this working for ruby1.8 on OS X 10.2... then upgraded.
132048 [gavin refine] I just re-installed everything on a brand new machine. I forgot about
132103 [sroberts uni] Thanks, I know I can install my own copies of things that the OS already
132120 [doug beaver.] hmm, can you even build against the system's readline?  there's a
132125 [sroberts uni] Did a little more digging, and I now see my error!

^ Re: [OT] Any "Powered by Rake" button out there?
132030 [ruby-ml magi] There's something about green and red in the air...:)

^ Unicode recommendations
132034 [niklas grin.] What is the best way of dealing with unicode in ruby right now? I'm

^ Proposal for nil, 0, and "" in an if statement
132036 [dan eparklab] The following was derived from a portion of the destrutive! operations
+ 132038 [lists bertra] Maybe even "true.empty? #=> true", "false.empty? #=> false"?
| 132039 [dan eparklab] true.empty?  => false
| 132068 [mailing-list] How is 0 empty?  0 is a number representing nothing; it's not empty.
+ 132041 [david loudth] I'd be pretty happy to see that happen. It would make especially Ruby
| + 132043 [mneumann nte] But please please use a different name than "empty?", maybe "nothing?"
| | + 132070 [halostatue g] I think it was a joke, but why not #vapid? -- it came from the spawning thread.
| | + 132082 [jlsysinc all] How about "piningforcplusplus?"  ;-)
| + 132046 [pit capitain] Could anyone post examples of actual code that would be easier if 0 had a
|   132047 [gavin refine] I don't have actual code, but imagine looping through records returned
|   + 132053 [gavin refine] As I responded in the destructive! thread, if people are opposed to the
|   | 132054 [dblack wobbl] It's arguably exactly the opposite of what you'd want -- namely, to
|   | + 132057 [mneumann nte] 100% agree. I especially cannot understand (at least mathematically) why
|   | | + 132072 [mailing-list] Well, False has the value, or perhaps valuation, false.  How about
|   | | + 132080 [caiot1 ibest] Binary logic, 0 is false, 1 is true.
|   | | | 132084 [mneumann nte] In fact, those are actual symbols and not numbers!
|   | | | 132085 [binary42 gma] exactly! This issue seems to come up on the ML from time to time. I
|   | | | 132086 [mneumann nte] At least for .nil? I agree. I am not sure whether I'd like to write
|   | | | + 132089 [msparshatt y] I don't think the proposal was to replace if a with if a.true? but
|   | | | + 132090 [binary42 gma] Not quite what I meant... I left my post short as I have posted this a
|   | | + 132422 [matju sympat] In Cantor-style Set Theory, the Naturals usually get redefined in such a
|   | |   132469 [csaba phony_] That guy who has a paradox, is simply Skolem, without the umlaut.
|   | + 132059 [gavin refine] Aye, it is arguably so. But I think having a method name of
|   |   132063 [dblack wobbl] Both, but I meant specifically the concept.
|   + 132055 [peter semant] Might this not cause trouble with databases. A database record (returned
|   | 132058 [gavin refine] Yes, there are many cases where you DO want to distinguish between nil
|   | 132060 [gavin refine] To be clear - the proposal is NOT to make Ruby act like one of the many
|   | + 132065 [peter semant] As long as we are only proposing to add a new method then I am happy but
|   | + 132066 [blaumag gmai] Even though I'm not sure I love globals like $\ or $*, I think the
|   | + 132073 [eule space.c] (In response to news:41EFDE9C-84DF-11D9-8B41-0011243148CC@refinery.com by
|   | | 132079 [halostatue g] foo if bar.nil? or bar.empty?
|   | | + 132083 [c.r.mcgrath ] I'm pretty new to ruby, so may have this wrong, but if you're
|   | | + 132136 [eule space.c] (In response to news:9e7db91105022209227c70832e@mail.gmail.com by Austin
|   | + 132110 [hal9000 hype] FWIW, I once suggested the name "null?" for this.
|   + 132069 [mailing-list] How is a yearly/monthly/weekly/daily/whatever revenue of $0 not
|   | 132427 [matju sympat] In Logic, a Boolean Algebra has 2**n elements, so a Boolean value may have
|   + 132071 [pit capitain] When dealing with financial data, you often have to calculate the product of a
+ 132044 [dblack wobbl] class Fixnum