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^ apology
131014 [Ian.Hobson n] I have just been informed that my recent posts to this newsgroup were in

^ Re: SQLite3/Ruby 1.1.0
131024 [google erikv] I have a problem when using SQLITE3. I think it's a bug in the
+ 131028 [google erikv] /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/sqlite3-ruby-1.1.0/lib/sqlite3/translator.rb:85:in
+ 131037 [jamis_buck b] Thanks for the bug report, Erik. Must be something about announcing

^ Ruby as a domain specific language?
131030 [cnmaclean ho] In my company, we're looking at creating a domain-specific language.
+ 131032 [jim freeze.o] define_data {
| 131055 [cnmaclean ho] Define File 1234
| + 131060 [jim freeze.o] Sorry, but I don't know of any write-ups on this. However, it
| | 131071 [alex verk.in] Actually, quick and dirty domain language in Ruby is very easy. E.g.,
| + 131064 [martindemell] ...
+ 131108 [assaph gmail] was
+ 131139 [ptkwt aracne] ...
  131144 [mneumann nte] I actually split the DSL into two parts. The "clean"-part, where I use

^ FAQ for comp.lang.ruby
131035 [hal9000 hype] ...

^ ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 2 released
131043 [ryand-ruby z] We've released ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 2!
131095 [spoooq gmail] I just want to ask if
+ 131098 [hal9000 hype] I'm not sure it *could* be smart enough to catch that.
| 131250 [ryand-ruby z] Sure it can!
+ 131249 [ryand-ruby z] It _should_ fail, but currently doesn't. We don't do RTTI, we do type

^ [ANN] FaceToFace 0.1.0
131046 [listen marcr] "FaceToFace" available as gem.
+ 131052 [pit capitain] Very nice. One question: how is the return value of the conversion code used?
| 131128 [listen marcr] well you can see it in the examples: it depends on how you register your
| 131200 [pit capitain] I'm no native English speaker, too, so I think I'm no big help here, but what
| 131209 [listen marcr] well I think that "Gateway" is misleading. It reminds me of network related
+ 131057 [alex byzanti] By the usual nomenclature this is an adapter framework -- why not call a
| + 131067 [rff_rff remo] Id did not took the time to check this.. but I proposed something like
| | 131130 [listen marcr] I quickly checked it and there a lots of similarities. I will dig into it
| + 131129 [listen marcr] thanks for the info: I didn't knew that ( being musicologist ).
+ 131233 [g_ogata optu] Have you seen http://rcrchive.net/rcr/show/280 ?  There might be ideas
  131318 [listen marcr] gabriele renzi pointed me to that one. Seems like we had lot of similar
  131492 [spoooq gmail] Ive written a similar thing in C++, and for implied conversions I had a
  131616 [listen marcr] Although I am pretty sure that you were refering to data loss, I first

^ How to overwrite while doing recursive copy
131054 [qewrty netsc] I've been trying to use FileUtils to recursively copy files from 1 dir
131099 [contact_us h] FileUtils.cp_r( "C:/source_dir", "C:/dest_path", :preserve => true )
131257 [qewrty netsc] Thanks!  I've added some small modifications so that it can overwrite

^ Gem # 200 (was Re: [ANN] FaceToFace 0.1.0)
131076 [chadfowler g] Congrats on being the author of gem #200 (not counting multiple

^ Reading mp3 files
131080 [slr2777 cs.r] I've been writing some simple music collection management scripts in ruby
+ 131140 [mail s-holst] i've already written a wrapper which might suit your needs. it is
| 131175 [slr2777 cs.r] Stefan,
+ 131259 [florgro gmai] ...
  131280 [slr2777 cs.r] Totally awesome, that's perfect.  Thanks!

131083 [YANOF WANADO] ...
131091 [shalev simpl] ...
131097 [spoooq gmail] He is responsible for the first piece of spam to get into my gmail

^ Combining IOs and Strings?
131088 [lewisd f00f.] I've been experimenting with some modifications to WEBrick, and came
131123 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Curious regexp behavior
131101 [lewisd f00f.] On a whim, I just decided to try an experiment with regexps, to see how
+ 131105 [cmills frees] how
+ 131122 [drbrain segm] ...
+ 131133 [ryand-ruby z] Use ParseTree and you can see why!!!
| 131156 [wmorgan-ruby] Very nice answer.
+ 131136 [bob.news gmx] "Derek Lewis" <lewisd@f00f.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  131210 [lewisd f00f.] I did, actually, and it was very slightly faster.  Still slower than an

^ Wee web-framework. It's great!
131103 [joaopedrosa ] For the last couple of days I've been deepening my knowledge of Wee.
+ 131106 [demetriusnun] Joao,
| + 131113 [shalev simpl] What do you mean by "continuation-based" framework? Does that indicate
| + 131116 [joaopedrosa ] Wee does not need continuations to work, which is a good thing because
| | 131160 [mneumann nte] Not quite right ;-)
| | 131167 [joaopedrosa ] I stand corrected. :-) Thanks for jumping in.
| + 131158 [mneumann nte] In short, you can write web-applications as you would write normal (e.g.
+ 131111 [vfoley gmail] You know, I think Wee could become really hot if someone could mix it
  + 131114 [jason_watkin] My immediate thought as well upon watching those wee video's linked the
  + 131153 [mneumann nte] That's *very* simple to do. But note that you can already use Wee with
    + 131157 [zdennis mkte] Is it pronounced, "Ohhhgggg" or "Oh - G"?
    | 131161 [mneumann nte] I pronounce it Ogg (like Egg with a leading O ;-).
    | 131162 [george.mosch] Hmm, I pronnounce it 'Ohh G' but Ogg sounds nice too :)
    | 131164 [mneumann nte] Ooops. But there is already Ogg-Vorbis... well, I would simply pronounce
    | 131169 [george.mosch] Nope, Og sounds cooler, and I have this oohh-soo-nice og-logo :)
    | + 131178 [joaopedrosa ] I think it's important to say that the dynamic nature of Ruby
    | | 131297 [mneumann nte] r.text_input.callback{|@original_value|}.value(@original_value)
    | | 131342 [matt.bowen f] Can I use Wee to access Oracle? I recently checked out Rails and was pretty
    | | 131345 [george.mosch] Hmm writing an RDBMS adapter for Og is realtively easy. Perhaps someone
    | + 131183 [jamesUNDERBA] But does  'Og' rhyme with 'log' and 'frog'?
    |   131197 [george.mosch] Another one excited with why's/chad's posts about haiku,
    |   131218 [ruby.talk.li] Um, noooooo ...
    + 131274 [itsme213 hot] ...

^ any SF Bay Area Rubyists around?
131104 [dblack wobbl] I've sort of lost track of who's in the Bay Area... but I'm coming to
131112 [poboxbot-thr] Welcome!

^ Re: utilizing ++ and -- for comments
131120 [botp delmont] //> Since ++ and -- wont see the light of day in ruby, can we
131134 [at <"neo.mat] it's so funny ;-)
131186 [binary42 gma] Part of that can be done by well written AND explained unit tests.

^ adding a dynamic method handler? (long post)
131127 [discordantus] I've been using method_missing overly much in my code lately, and it's
+ 131137 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Hubbart" <discordantus@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 131236 [discordantus] Basically this is for any time that you want the code re-use and ease
| | 131305 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Hubbart" <discordantus@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 131387 [discordantus] Maybe stubborn, but that's not always a bad thing. There are many
| | 131530 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Hubbart" <discordantus@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 131697 [discordantus] That's an interesting way of doing it. I suppose if at a later time
| + 131266 [sroberts cer] I think I see what Mark was getting at. As I understand it, if I defined
|   131388 [discordantus] Yes, that's the general rationale I had for this. Getting more of the
+ 131596 [listen marcr] I am not sure what you mean by dynamic methods. But in case only Structs are
  131595 [listen marcr] Oh, I am sorry: this was kind of stupid, since method_missing belongs to
  131597 [listen marcr] I had expected it to be part of Object (would be way more flexible IMHO)

^ ri strangeness
131131 [martin.anker] available on rubyforge, if it gets approoved :-). I have noticed some
131243 [flgr ccan.de] Class.new { define_method(:"!") { ... } }

^ Ruby + end user applications
131132 [martin.anker] Ruby definitely needs more cool, simple to use, end user applications.
+ 131145 [martindemell] ...
+ 131146 [tone_hole ya] I may just be in line to write one of these "cool, simple to use, end
+ 131221 [rhkramer fas] Yes! ;-)
+ 131227 [ruby.talk.li] Here's something I've just started on, but may not ever get around to finishing.
+ 131267 [shalev simpl] Ideas? I never have a shortage of ideas for cool/useful apps. Just tell
| + 131289 [martindemell] ...
| + 131298 [cmiller past] The problem with this is that it relies too heavily on a single central
| | 131315 [rasputnik he] If anybody actually wants to do this, there is a similar mechanism on the
| + 131299 [martin.anker] I think you should call your invention 'newsgroup'
| + 131301 [rff_rff remo] is'nt this a usenet client? :)
+ 131306 [martin.anker] fxri (FXRuby interface to ri) and rtd are almost finished and will soon
  + 131308 [rff_rff remo] about rtd: did you considered that we have a dot.rb thing in the
  | 131312 [martin.anker] I noticed it when rtd was almost finished, so I did not use it :-(
  + 131329 [rhkramer fas] Good idea--TWiki supports creating such pages, perhaps requiring the use

^ DesignByContract (was RE: utilizing ++ and -- for comments)
131138 [botp delmont] // > The closest connection bw code and comments I can think of
+ 131151 [jason jvoege] Jason Voegele
+ 131244 [flgr ccan.de] Yup, it's a bit out-dated, though. I'll have a look at integrating
  + 131270 [botp delmont] //http://www.rubycentral.com/downloads/dbc.html
  + 131272 [itsme213 hot] ...
    + 131278 [botp delmont] ...
    + 131304 [rff_rff remo] I guess florian would overwrite the method #pop with a new one which
      131327 [flgr ccan.de] This would be the basic way of doing it -- note that I'm not sure about

^ Re: (ruby-talk: Re: can anyone verify this code as correct?)
131143 [spoooq gmail] I added memoizing and then tried being lazy about my input..
131309 [spoooq gmail] Heres another funny little function. Next is getting a list of all

^ Meetup.com [was SF Bay Area Rubyists around?]
131147 [curt hibbs.c] I wasn't aware of meetup.com until I saw the posting below. Looks like a
131182 [neoneye gmai] Ah.. nice.

^ DBI and postgres
131148 [dwerder gmx.] Is there a way to get the numerical error codes when using postgres with
131199 [mneumann nte] It would only be possible if the underlying postgres C library provides

^ Nitro apache2 question
131154 [ochronus gma] I'd like to use apache2 to serve a nitro based app, let's take the
131163 [george.mosch] you can run Nitro applications under apache using the FastCGI adapter.
+ 131165 [ochronus gma] Thank you for your quick reply!
+ 131166 [ochronus gma] Also I'd be very glad if you mailed me those apache confs, just to be
  131172 [george.mosch] Ok, will do, just be patient :)

^ Rails question
131159 [ochronus gma] It's me again :)
131231 [david loudth] You can use :application_prefix. You can even set this as a default
131235 [ochronus gma] Thanks for your help, I did what you adviced, but the result is weird.
+ 131238 [tanner.burso] Make sure to set the <base href=""> attribute in the HEAD section of
| 131241 [ochronus gma] Wow, that's a fine solution, thank you... I should have thought of it
+ 131239 [ochronus gma] Ok, I found out...
  131247 [ochronus gma] Hmmmm nope... not good

^ [ANN] FileSystem 0.1.0: Beta for me, Alpha for you
131168 [sera fhwang.] Greetings!
+ 131171 [rff_rff remo] better name? when I first saw this on rubyforge I thought it was some
| 131173 [sera fhwang.] Thanks! It's already been pretty helpful for me, hopefully it'll be
| + 131192 [pit capitain] It would be nice if you could implement it in this way. Then the code under test
| | 131246 [flgr ccan.de] Heh, I implemented that on the real Time class once as well as setting
| + 131201 [rff_rff remo] mh.. but I have the feeling that it /should/ be distracting.
|   131228 [sera fhwang.] Well, it's interesting, I think some of us would like something like
|   131291 [martindemell] ...
+ 131176 [ndrsbngtssn ] Very cool! I was looking for something similar to this some time ago,
| 131189 [sera fhwang.] I've actually done this, in half-hearted ways, three separate times in
| 131193 [ruby-lists l] (sorry for breaking threading)
| 131229 [sera fhwang.] At Rhizome, we send out lots of customized emails, with templates. So
+ 131177 [bg-rubytalk ] I like the idea, and the idea of mocking out things like filesystems is
  + 131180 [kig misfirin] Robots, man, robots. Preferably small dancing ones.
  + 131190 [sera fhwang.] Yeah, good points. This may all be mooted if I decide to just replace

^ flock doesn't work with exec'd files ?
131170 [han.holl inf] ...

^ Re: FileSystem 0.1.0: Beta for me, Alpha for you
131174 [djberg96 hot] Oh, dear.  I believe we have our first significant name collision -
+ 131181 [djberg96 hot] You smell and your momma dresses you funny.  How's that?
+ 131187 [sera fhwang.] Aw, for Pete's sake. I guess that's what I guess for not checking RAA
  + 131194 [ruby-lists l] MockFS / MockFiles / FileMocker / MocktasticFileCreationWizardry??
  | 131196 [djberg96 hot] I like MockFS.  :)
  | 131220 [shalev simpl] I'll second that.
  + 131290 [martindemell] ...
  + 131903 [no spam.plea] FileSystem is the wrong name anyhow - since many operating systems can

^ [SOLUTION]  Yahtzee (#19)
131198 [james graypr] When I was young, I was in a programming club that often had us build

^ restricted evaluation
131204 [softpro gmx.] is there an easy way to restrict evaluation of code to certain
131206 [softpro gmx.] just came up with an example!
131268 [spoooq gmail] If you are sure you want them executing code in the same context,

^ Ruby Meetup Group - Saint Louis, USA
131207 [curt hibbs.c] From another ruby-talk post I just learned about http://www.meetup.com -- very nice site. If anyone is interested in starting a local Ruby user's group, this would be an excellent way to start it.
131216 [pat.eyler gm] Since I'm busily trying to create a regional ruby group to help the

^ Any Las Vegas Rubyists?
131212 [russ igeanet] I've setup a group for Las Vegas. If anyone is in the vicinity, come on

^ building a static extension
131215 [steven.jenki] I have a vendor-supplied library and some SWIG-generated wrapper code
131217 [steven.jenki] Sigh. Never mind.

^ Ruby Meetup Group - Phoenix, AZ USA
131219 [ruby.talk.li] I was motivated to look into meetup.com for Rubyists in the

^ Ruby Meetup Group - North Alabama Region?
131230 [lyle.johnson] I did establish a placeholder for a Huntsville, Alabama Ruby Meetup
131245 [lyle.johnson] Thanks for the heads-up. It didn't occur to me to cross-post to that

^ Ruby Meetup Group - Saint Louis, USA
131240 [curt hibbs.c] From another ruby-talk post I just learned about http://www.meetup.com --

^ Ruby Meetup Group - Saint Louis, USA
131242 [curt hibbs.c] From another ruby-talk post I just learned about http://www.meetup.com --
131251 [james graypr] I don't know if there's many of us in Oklahoma City, but I made a group

^ ri needs to tell me what to require
131248 [bg-rubytalk ] % ri File.copy
131302 [ruby brian-s] regards,
131337 [bg-rubytalk ] In principle then, the file 'yaml/foo.rb' should contain some kind of
131369 [ruby brian-s] Yes, you could put this comment at the end of the description of each function. But this is a lot of "repeat yourself", and who wants that?
131371 [bg-rubytalk ] Would it really need to be at the beginning of each function, or could

^ Where is Ruby headed etc.
131252 [centrepins g] A few musings/questions/dribble from an excited newbie.  And my first
+ 131253 [lyle.johnson] A quick aside: why's name doesn't need a question mark to prop it up.
| 131279 [jim freeze.o] As I understand it, Rite is the name of the VM, and Ruby (or Ruby2)
+ 131255 [rampant gmai] It is having the "Merry Christmas" message up in February that does it
+ 131256 [bg-rubytalk ] Ooh goody!  My favourite subject comes up again!
| 131283 [brianm apach] Who (aside from matz?) has access to ruby-lang.org? Good question. I'd
| 131286 [matz ruby-la] David Alan Black and others have article subscription account.  They
| + 131311 [centrepins g] First, you are quite right, Lyle.  I should not have "questioned" Why.
| | + 131319 [jim freeze.o] #die_you_low_life_scum
| | + 131325 [mailing-list] It seems I often do...,
| + 131322 [curt hibbs.c] This is great Matz!
| + 131339 [alex byzanti] The people who did the Ruby on Rails (http://www.rubyonrails.com/) site
| | 131341 [centrepins g] I agree, that ruby-on-rails site is pretty!
| + 131343 [bg-rubytalk ] That sounds like a perfect approach to me.
|   131347 [matz ruby-la] Would some one raise his hand to form the team?  It would be setting
|   + 131374 [halostatue g] I would be happy to be involved in this, Matz. I can have web space
|   | 131377 [bg-rubytalk ] Hey Austin,
|   | 131391 [curt hibbs.c] Yes, its in progress. I'm waiting for the mailing list to be created. Will
|   + 131400 [ng johnwlong] I'm raising my hand at least in part to help form a cohessive design team.
|   + 131628 [dblack wobbl] I'm in California, at a conference, and haven't been reading email for
+ 131269 [mailing-list] Really?