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^ threaded serialport issues
130117 [caleb aei-te] I posted an strace under [ruby-talk:130019], and it shows that indeed select()
130124 [wmorgan-ruby] Interesting. In my experiments with files on /proc, sysread() still

^ extracting data from mail?
130122 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I have a large mail folder full of data.
+ 130140 [aredridel nb] You might try the TMail package -- it has a "Port" (reader library) for
+ 130141 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Nevermind, just found standard library, mailread.

^ [ANN] Daemons 0.0.1: control your daemon scripts with start/stop commands
130123 [uehli bluewi] I'm proud to release the first version of Daemons,

^ Error messages and CGI
130152 [hen_WEG_dami] is it possible to let ruby print error messages directly as text to the
+ 130200 [matt lickey.] This approach will cause any exception in my main() function to be
+ 130329 [patrick hexa] Henrik,

^ embed ruby in windows c++
130153 [ spam mol.mn] I've seen documentation for embedding the ruby interpreter inside c++
130330 [patrick hexa] ~ Patrick

^ cgi problem
130155 [tigrezno log] Most of them are working, but one is not working. The problem is that
130162 [tigrezno log] I can't get it working, if i use the script directly, it works, but if

^ Announcing a re spawned rcairo
130158 [islewind gma] Announcing a re spawned rcairo
+ 130186 [ruby brian-s] I'm shure it is a nice project, but my in-head spam deletion algorithm nearly send my finger to the delete button, because the header line seemed to contain so much noise. "a re spawned rcairo" seemed a bit like "a re you hav1ng your dose of v1agra" to me ;)
+ 130193 [aredridel nb] Packaged up in PLD's CVS tree. Delightfully easy to make an RPM of. Good

^ Re: [QUIZ] Solving Tactics (#18) (SOLUTION)
130160 [bob.sideboth] ...

^ Re: [NON-SOLUTION] Solving Tactics (#18)
130164 [james graypr] ...
130237 [malte harder] I tried to build the tree too, I think there are 2^16/8 possible boards

^ Object#to_ruby and Object#to_c
130167 [bg-rubytalk ] In case you missed it, on RedHanded, I spotted was an interesting
130685 [kig misfirin] I hacked some on the original RubyToRuby class of Ryan Davis. Now it
130687 [kig misfirin] Oh, forgot to mention, it does indentation too :)

^ Map keys and values behavior
130168 [enebo acm.or] I am working on the JRuby project and I was running some of the tests
+ 130174 [cmills frees] something
| 130176 [cmills frees] tests
+ 130227 [bob.news gmx] "Thomas E Enebo" <enebo@acm.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Object#caller and Exception#backtrace
130169 [bg-rubytalk ] Seeing the wonderfulness of the 'to_ruby' method I mentioned just
130188 [flgr ccan.de] ...

^ cgi sessions
130172 [tigrezno log] Well, after some brain sucking, i've got the solution, i have been
130196 [ksibilev bel] You can install a cron job to periodically delete session files.
130199 [billk cts.co] find ~/my-session-dir -type f -amin +60 | xargs rm

^ Ruby users in India?
130180 [premshree.pi] I have been using Ruby for quite some time now -- I use it for most of
+ 130187 [zdennis mkte] Kinda vulgar IMO, at least in the first sentence, it made me not want to
| 130236 [premshree.pi] Umm, vulgar is subjective. Well....
+ 130240 [yogi.kulkarn] We have a few budding rubyists at ThoughtWorks, Bangalore. We've been
| + 130242 [premshree.pi] Don't you think a dynamic languages user group would quickly
| | + 130246 [martindemell] ...
| | | 130323 [yogi.kulkarn] How many people would we need to sustain a user group?
| | | + 130325 [drbrain segm] ...
| | | | 130460 [premshree.pi] Ah, that should help. :-)
| | | + 130326 [martindemell] ...
| | | | + 130333 [yogi.kulkarn] Great... what time? Sundays are best for me, anytme after 1pm. I could
| | | | | + 130403 [martindemell] ...
| | | | | + 130462 [premshree.pi] Yes, weekends are best. I'm not here this weekend, though -- I'm
| | | | |   130570 [botp delmont] Premshree Pillai [mailto:premshree.pillai@gmail.com]
| | | | |   130580 [premshree.pi] Thanks! :-)
| | | | |   130581 [premshree.pi] Ah, I realised I had posted the link before already. :-|
| | | | + 130335 [demerzel gma] Count one more for the Bangalore group(just a newbie, but rearing to
| | | | + 130351 [avik.sengupt] there
| | | + 130461 [premshree.pi] Well, at least 3-4 people would be a good number, methinks.
| | + 130255 [kingsley ice] You could always join the Dynamic Languages TWIG ;)
| |   130337 [yogi.kulkarn] I have... and I'm still waiting for the ruby nuggets you've promised!
| + 130245 [martindemell] ...
+ 130244 [martindemell] ...

^ Developers Guide to Semantic Web Toolkits (was Re: [ANN] Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web)
130184 [ruby.talk.li] Developers Guide to Semantic Web Toolkits
130190 [lyle.johnson] Yes, and I've already contacted Chris about adding Semitar to the

^ Newbie: Load Error Problem
130202 [anthony.bake] Hey Folks,
130203 [anthony.bake] Whoops -- sorry, folks. Just realized I was posting under the ruby

^ RubyGems Load Error Problem -- Any Ideas?
130208 [anthony thin] Hey Folks,
+ 130211 [andre digira] I believe the problem is related to your controller name. Rails
| 130286 [anthony.bake] Yay!
+ 130212 [scotty.moon ] everything was fine. I don't fully understand the logic of how

^ [ANN] raleigh.rb February Meeting
130209 [nathaniel ta] The second Thursday of the month is fast bearing down on us, which

^ wee 0.7 questions
130210 [itsme213 hot] ...
130728 [mneumann nte] require 'wee'
+ 130734 [joaopedrosa ] This topic is useful. :-)
| 130739 [mneumann nte] Well, you can create a new component in Wee, render it (in a www
| 130740 [joaopedrosa ] Yes, at least partly. I still wonder if I can keep creating new
| 130746 [mneumann nte] You can modify the source code of a component and reload that, but the
| 130754 [joaopedrosa ] Ok, I'm adding it to my subversion repository. :-)
+ 131119 [itsme213 hot] ...
  131141 [mneumann nte] Those are "old" examples which I have not updated while changing Wee. I

^ Creating objects from a template
130214 [davemccabe g] I'm pretty comfortable with Python, and I just decided to give Ruby a
+ 130217 [eero.saynatk] class Object
+ 130218 [assaph gmail] interesting
+ 130230 [bob.news gmx] ...
| 130576 [davemccabe g] Robert's solution seems to do exactly what I want. Hurrah!
| + 130577 [eero.saynatk] If you have a String, you can eval it :)
| | 130578 [eero.saynatk] I thought #extend only works for instance methods, not variables?
| | 130584 [nobu.nokada ] extend_object module method will be called.
| | 130586 [eero.saynatk] Yep, sure enough it seems to work (which is obviously a very good
| + 130593 [bob.news gmx] "David McCabe" <davemccabe@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 130571 [nobu.nokada ] module Unit
  130575 [nobu.nokada ] Forgot ".new"

^ A couple of Ruby API questions
130215 [jammer weak.] I'm working on wrapping a C library, and I've got a couple of things I
+ 130219 [eero.saynatk] Wrapping how? Should these be callable from Ruby? Ruby can define a
| 130247 [jammer weak.] It's not quite that easy. Ruby lets you define a method that takes a
| 130250 [lyle.johnson] You're not the first person to run into this, but most people punt on
+ 130238 [cyclists nc.] If you have created a VALUE by wrapping a structure with Data_Wrap_Struct or

^ Memory leak??? (top reporting high memory usage under Solaris)
130222 [probertm acm] Has anyone seen anything like this?
+ 130224 [billk cts.co] Sorry if you already were aware of this; but you should
| 130264 [probertm acm] Unfortunately, the customer here is really strict about software on their
+ 130231 [tamc2 cam.ac] With my multithreaded web-rick apps an exception thrown somewhere in
  130232 [llothar web.] Correct. Exceptions and the heavy use of ccalloc can result in this
  130265 [probertm acm] Thanks.  I'll see what I can do.
  130340 [tamc2 cam.ac] Not sure, because 1) it hasn't been that repeatable for me and 2) I'm

^ embedded ruby extension loading problem on linux
130225 [GGarramuno a] I have an embedded ruby that is loaded into a main application as a .so
130585 [nobu.nokada ] Does the main application call dlopen() with RTLD_GLOBAL flag?

^ ruby-mode.el
130226 [ay1204 qazi.] font-lock doesn't turn on by default unless I replace the line in
+ 130228 [matz ruby-la] ruby-mode.el does not always require font-lock, for example, it should
| 130383 [ay1204 qazi.] It's been a recurring problem for me, actually.  I'll see if I can
| + 130395 [regexman gma] Has a paren-mode kind of thing been considered for ruby-mode where
| | 130398 [mulperi cc.h] Arachno ruby 0.4 has very good feature (control-d control-m) that shows
| + 130418 [g_ogata optu] require-ing 'font-lock doesn't turn it on.  To have your ruby files
+ 130404 [bg-rubytalk ] Does the new ruby-mode.el handle indentation of hanging um... whatsits
  130416 [g_ogata optu] if foo
  130420 [bg-rubytalk ] If the strings are longer than "foo" does it still start 2 (or maybe
  + 130421 [g_ogata optu] Yes.
  + 130433 [ruby brian-s] While we are at it, is it possible to make xemacs always indent arrays as if they were contained in brackets?
    130477 [guslist free] +1

^ Re: OSCON Call For Proposals Now Open
130235 [chadfowler g] The clock is ticking, everyone.  You have until SUNDAY to get your proposals in!

^ Ruby Sybase
130252 [kingsley ice] is anyone currently working on any Ruby Sybase connection code?
130352 [lgalea gmmso] Seems like there are a fair number of people out there crying for this..

^ mkmf and enum values
130253 [djberg96 hot] What's the best way to tell if an enum member contains a particular
130391 [nobu.nokada ] Enum values are used as just integers, so it would be difficult

^ extra Seattle.rb meeting
130257 [pat.eyler gm] Since there are some Seattle.rb folks who live south of Seattle, we've

^ DBI INSERT with variables
130259 [barry anglei] I am using the Ruby DBI Module with Access on a Win 2K machine.  I
130262 [gavin refine] I'm on WinXP, using Ruby 1.8.2 with DBI to connect to a MSSQL2k DB via
130263 [barry anglei] Thanks for the quick response, Gavin, but I don't see how you are making
130271 [gavin refine] I'm sorry, I completely failed to see the problem you were facing, so

^ REXML XPath not iterating in Source Order
130260 [gavin refine] I'm using REXML with XPath queries to parse a (horrific, ugly, nast)

^ Ruby developers in Argentina
130261 [blaumag gmai] For a number of projects, I would like to have a contact list of

^ Catching exceptions
130272 [probertm acm] Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong here?
+ 130274 [ksibilev bel] def alive(host, port=80)
| 130298 [probertm acm] Many thanks. The t.close() in the ensure is out of scope, so that the final
+ 130275 [gfb tonesoft] Have you tried to move your TCPSocket.new clause inside begin/rescue/end
  130300 [probertm acm] Yes.  The close() in the ensure is then out of scope.  Moving it into the
  130307 [gfb tonesoft] This will not be executed.

^ [ANN] rubydium 0.3 and nanovm 0.1
130276 [ruby-lists l] as i reached a target speed last night here's another long delayed
130281 [rff_rff remo] thanks for releasing. I dare to ask: why did you left libjit?
130285 [ruby-lists l] unmaintained (no release since aug last year).

^ How to mimic Perl's `s///' in Ruby?
130280 [jos catnook.] Given Perl's
+ 130282 [james graypr] I don't think I understand the question.  Ruby supports replacement
| 130294 [jos catnook.] Somehow I didn't realize the significance of the $ in $1.
+ 130283 [djberg96 hot] pid, line = "123 foo".split
+ 130287 [glenn.parker] line = "123 foo"
| + 130288 [enebo acm.or] Even a little closer to the original perl...Though I am sure you are
| + 130289 [flgr ccan.de] line = "123 foo"
| | 130295 [jos catnook.] and
| | 130303 [flgr ccan.de] Not sure why you'd want to do that (.slice!() works better IMHO), but
| | 130331 [jos catnook.] Yes, that works too. And I just tried the slice! version and it is more
| + 130292 [jos catnook.] Duh, for some reason I didn't realize that $1 etc. are available _outside_ the
|   130321 [glenn.parker] Not truly global, but per-thread instead.
|   130332 [jos catnook.] Oops, you're right. Thanks Glenn.
+ 130297 [bob.news gmx] "Jos Backus" <jos@catnook.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 130302 [assaph gmail] One thing I've wondered about: is this thread safe? Is there a chance
| 130304 [flgr ccan.de] They are thread-global variables. The same applies for $_.
| 130316 [assaph gmail] chance
+ 130299 [wybo servaly] irb(main):001:0> $_='123 foo'

^ redefine Kernel method
130284 [daniel.fluec] I would like to redefine the method Kernel#rand inside a test method, and
130293 [zdennis mkte] def meth
130426 [daniel.fluec] It moves in the right direction, yes, thanks.
+ 130427 [zdennis mkte] I'm going to repost after i figure this one out, the problem with my
+ 130428 [zdennis mkte] Ok, here's what you want Daniel;
  130591 [daniel.fluec] Just used your new version, it works now. Thanks a lot for your help.

^ ParseTree 1.3.4 Released
130290 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.3.4 has been released!
130342 [george.mosch] thanks for your efforts with ParseTree. I was wondering if one could
130933 [ryand-ruby z] Hrm. I don't have the ability to put the modified AST back into ruby...

^ [OT] Re: SER ?
130291 [tom infoethe] When I saw that I thought of Paddington Bear and his nemesis Mr. Curry.
+ 130296 [ruby.talk.li] Oh no. *This* Mr. Curry is a very functional guy.
+ 130308 [hal9000 hype] I assumed Tim Curry, or the functional programming crowd.

^ access to process list
130301 [svenbauhan w] I want to read the actual process list from inside of a ruby script. Is
130320 [djberg96 hot] Is

^ Phone number to words
130305 [jordi bunste] Does anyone have one of those algorithms that convert a phone number to
+ 130309 [agorilla gma] Sounds like it would make a good ruby quiz, and Friday's coming.
| + 130318 [joevandyk gm] Heck yeah, that would be a great one.  I'd actually do it.  :)
| | 130358 [james graypr] You guys know how this system works by now, don't you?  :)  It somebody
| + 130344 [lists bertra] words = %w(zero one two ...)
| | 130345 [dblack wobbl] convert the numbers to their letter equivalents (2 => a,b,c; 3 =>
| | 130350 [jordi bunste] Exactly. 1-800-SUETHEM and the like.
| | 130386 [lists bertra] Seems to be no real challenge either.
| + 130346 [tom.rathbone] challenge site..  good place to strut your ruby) it hasn't been
|   130357 [gavin refine] No, I believe the OP was just looking for "what fun and memorable
|   130361 [tamc2 cam.ac] For extra usefulness I guess the quiz should give extra marks for
|   130374 [halostatue g] Yes. Q is on 7 and Z is on 9. Beyond that, it's the standard telephone key map.
+ 130339 [drejewic wsi] Speaker.say('888 999 123')

^ What a language!
130306 [listen marcr] to prevent namespace pollution from abitrary loaded files with code in it, I
+ 130310 [joaopedrosa ] It's great to see that the creativity isn't capped with Ruby. It is
+ 130312 [mailing-list] Totally off topic, but what a comment!
| + 130313 [rampant gmai] Bets that there are nocomments like that in any production Ruby app?
| | 130317 [navindra cs.] Instead we get huge mysterious memory leaks. :-)
| | 130319 [joaopedrosa ] This is a problem with all the languages, even with the garbage
| + 130430 [listen marcr] I saw this commit message on the kde cvs-digest and wanted to use it as
| | 130435 [dblack wobbl] puts "What a language!"
| | 130478 [alang cronos] And name it yakov.rb (when I saw the subject text I first
| + 130445 [dave burt.id] ...
+ 130314 [drbrain segm] ...
  + 130315 [eero.saynatk] I'm curious, are you doing something different from Kernel#load?
  | 130432 [listen marcr] sure.
  + 130429 [listen marcr] yes I know, but I needed to reuse the modules later

^ Ruby GUI on Windows PocketPC ?
130311 [horacio.lope] Is anyone using Ruby for GUI applications on

^ Building a Better Functor
130327 [ng johnwlong] def redirect(url, sys=Kernel)
+ 130328 [ng johnwlong] def test_redirect__exit
+ 130334 [jim weirichh] def +(f)
| 130348 [ng johnwlong] f = functor (:+) { |value| 1 + value }
+ 130343 [bob.news gmx] "John W. Long" <ng@johnwlong.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 130349 [ng johnwlong] Mmm, not sure. I really like the ability to use the + method. Seems like there should be a way to use "define_method" and still support the "+" method. Anybody have time to give it a go?
| + 130354 [glenn.parker] This particular trick has shown up a lot on the Ruby list lately.  It's
|   130359 [gavin refine] Apparently I haven't been paying attention. What does the above do, and
|   130364 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Kistner" <gavin@refinery.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 130381 [transfire gm] Just FYI. I do not think this is what one calls a Functor exactly,
  130441 [ng johnwlong] Interesting. So how exactly would you define a functor? What you have
  130471 [transfire gm] A good question. By standard definition, Method objects and Proc
  130479 [ng johnwlong] And a functor, by definition only handles one method? Which is why what
  130486 [transfire gm] Yes. But that not to say what you have written isn't close (and damn