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Unless - elsif & protected
13007 [crippel@pr m] I often use unless (I am pretty negative;-) in clauses like

gsub! & other in-place functions
13011 [imarsman@ya ] Is there any reason that in-place functions like gsub! and strip! return either
13014 [gnhurst@hu s] methods with '!' are considered dangerous - only use them if you
13152 [mrbrianturne] I'm not sure I follow the logic that you need to know that something changed

3 by 3 Matrix
13013 [rashworth@ma] Could you define for me a 3 by 3 matrix?
+ 13018 [mlsemon@se a] a=[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
+ 13024 [matju@sy pa ] require 'narray'

ANN: Scarf - Self Contained Archive of Ruby Files
13017 [Dave@Pr gm t] OK, so the title's longer than the code :)

instrumenting system resources
13020 [ristad@mn mo] It would be great if Ruby would instrument system resources, such as
+ 13022 [Dave@Pr gm t] Have you come across Ruby's profile facility?
| 13025 [ristad@mn mo] Have you come across Ruby's profile facility?
| 13029 [Dave@Pr gm t] I guess my point was that profile.rb demonstrates that you can get
+ 13023 [matju@sy pa ] beginning of object accounting and memory accounting and such, but did not

Gtk and Windows (was: Re: TextBox ListBox)
13021 [sent@qu li y] Tammo Freese sent me this link (in January), and

Re: SWIG and Ruby
13026 [horie@sm il ] I'm using SWIG to make Ruby binding for Qt library.

Borland C++
13027 [luigi.ballab] before I try to reinvent this wheel: did anybody manage to compile C++

mkmf question
13028 [luigi.ballab] sorry for bothering you all again, but I didn't seem to find any
13030 [Dave@Pr gm t] You can add to the Ruby global variables $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS.
13040 [luigi.ballab] self.blush { puts 'Oh. That simple.' }

How do I properly munge stdout and stderr when using IO.popen?
13033 [sharpd@ci co] Or alternatively is there a better way to do this?
13035 [henryso@ea t] Try ``pipe = IO.popen( "/usr/atria/bin/cleartool 2>&1". "r+" )''
13036 [sharpd@ci co] I can't force the end user to choose a particular shell.
+ 13037 [matt@li ke .] popen() will use /bin/sh regardless of the user's login shell, so you're
| 13038 [henryso@ea t] I think cmd.exe is doing it as I remember typing those sorts of commands into cmd.exe back when I was working in NT.  I don't think it works under Win95 though.
+ 13051 [hal9000@hy e] when using IO.popen?
  13056 [sharpd@ci co] I appended 2>&1 to the endo of the cleartool line.  Once I

Why failed the Marshal-test in nmake test?
13034 [Ssmoller@no ] First I've build ruby on Windows NT 4.0 with Visual C++ 6.0.

extending existing classes.
13039 [hgs@dm .a .u] I've run up against something I thought I knew how to solve, but...
13041 [matju@sy pa ] I'd recommend against doing such tricks of renaming methods. I'd keep
13062 [hgs@dm .a .u] [my code trimmed]
13345 [matju@sy pa ] Well, I don't call it an idiom... merely a builtin operator... :-) btw it

kernighan and pike's markov chain coding challenge
13043 [w.l.kleb@la ] in chapter three of kernighan and pike's _the practice of programming_ they

Philosophical question: extension v. pure ruby
13046 [colin@we g2 ] I got to wondering today - what design philosophies/heuristics are
13050 [hal9000@hy e] Colin,
+ 13052 [mlsemon@se a] What a nice start!  I consider platform as an argument.
+ 13059 [feldt@ce ch ] This is a good reason although in the long run we might be better off

ruby wiki / using mbox or maildirs?
13047 [phillidNOSPA] Does any such thing exist?

FTP with win32ole
13048 [rkim@co mu i] I am developing with Ruby 1.6.2 on WinNT.

Pipes and such
13053 [hal9000@hy e] Actually, Donald's question makes me think of one
+ 13057 [matju@sy pa ] bug(s).
+ 13058 [matz@ze ab t] stdio are process global resource so that I don't think it works.

Questions about ruby
13054 [ rtan@vt ed ] 1. blocks: differences with Smalltalk. If you want to pass blocks in
13055 [matz@ze ab t] Invoking a method with a block is something like giving it an implicit
13076 [ rtan@vt ed ] I don't understand why blocks are not objects in Ruby. The fact that you
13078 [Dave@Pr gm t] A block is a proto-object. My understanding is that for efficiency
13126 [matz@ze ab t] Efficiency is one good reason.  In addition, I believe this

List message id
13063 [jason_watkin] Any chance of moving the list message id to the end of the subject line

Lapidary questions
13064 [ppladijs@ca ] It's great to have a new testing framework, especially for Ruby. It's
+ 13080 [aaron@hi ni ] This assert is consistent with the model of the other xUnit asserts which
| 13082 [ntalbott@ro ] Hmmm... you're right. Now I'm not sure which it should be, since
| + 13090 [jjthrash@po ] I agree with the latter.  It's consistent, as Aaron said, with
| + 13097 [aaron@hi ni ] Just to add more fuel to the consistency thing, RubyUnit uses the (klass,
| + 13106 [jweirich@on ] I vote for the second option, again in the name of consistancy.
|   13173 [duff@om li .] too.
+ 13081 [ntalbott@ro ] You're welcome! Hope it makes your life easier.

Weirich's polymorphism coding challenge
13065 [w.l.kleb@la ] While searching for some information on polymorphism, I came across another
+ 13068 [w.l.kleb@la ] class Shape
+ 13070 [jweirich@on ] Wow.  Someone actually reads this stuff!

Re: How can I draw class hierarchy
13067 [ppladijs@ca ] etc.)

Broken makefiles
13073 [bkline@rk ys] I see that I'm not the first to report this problem [1], but although
13075 [bkline@rk ys] [1] http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/11295
13077 [jeromg@ho ma] I got the same problem here and couldn't find a proper way to fix it, I'm

Thread Safe
13079 [gene.rogers@] ...
13112 [matz@ze ab t] Not stupid at all.
13114 [matju@sy pa ] Ruby on Java?
13124 [matz@ze ab t] No, I meant Ruby Java interface by MAEDA Shugo.
13142 [gene.rogers@] ...
13160 [schneik@us i] # Implementations of TCL are said to be thread safe (as in AOLServer)

ANN: ri 0.6
13085 [Dave@Pr gm t] I've put ri v0.6 up at
13088 [pate@gn .o g] In a classic fit of poor timing, I'd just finished downloading the older

Amusing contrast
13086 [bkline@rk ys] I was struck by the discrepancy between this quote from the Ruby man
+ 13092 [mlsemon@se a] There isn't much discrepancy, though.  Most of my Perl scripts look like I
+ 13153 [r2d2@ma .a c] Most of the ugliness here is caused by regexps. Regexps are inherently
| 13155 [bkline@rk ys] No argument from me, I use them all the time.  I just found it
| + 13156 [bryan_zarnet] This presumes that you think regex is ugly.
| + 13365 [nickb@fn rd ] Right.... ugly code can be written in any language, just as you could
+ 13157 [Dave@Pr gm t] FWIW, I agree that's an ugly piece of code. So, here's a challenge for
  13163 [sent@qu li y] Well, I tried, but the code is so hard (for me)
  + 13165 [Dave@Pr gm t] No, but clarity and conciseness are not competing goals. I
  | 13167 [gnhurst@hu s] Ok, I tried it...  but there were ten lines, not twelve to start.
  | 13170 [dblack@ca dl] str = "s%@blah@%%g"
  + 13172 [bkline@rk ys] You mean Ruby doesn't support embedded documentation for regular
    13174 [Dave@Pr gm t] I suspect not, as Ruby supports both (?#...) and /x.
    13175 [ben_tilly@op] The /x modifier for regular expressions was one of the things

Win32 error 1157
13089 [dae_alt3@ju ] Does gtk.so work in Win98?
13091 [petemcbreen@] (LoadError)
13096 [ljohnson@re ] I agree, this sounds similar to the problem I was seeing. A good utility

Re: [ANN] alias method
13093 [kom@ma l1 ac] Because what alias actually does is making an alias :-)

System capabilities
13094 [henryso@ea t] Is there currently a way in Ruby to query the capabities (i.e., if something

ANN: FXRuby-0.99.166-1 Now Available
13095 [ljohnson@re ] This is a minor update from FXRuby 0.99.166; its primary purpose is to fix a

13098 [jcturner@ma ] ...

xmlparser installation woes
13099 [phil@fi sa n] Can't quite get xmlparser to work. Any ideas?
+ 13100 [Dave@Pr gm t] what does
| 13104 [phil@fi sa n] [phil@kawa i686-linux]$ pwd
| + 13109 [Dave@Pr gm t] And you're sure that libexpat.so.0 was correctly installed? Do you
| + 13110 [johnson2@hi ] Well, this is Linux telling you that xmlparser.so depends on three other
|   13125 [phil@fi sa n] Yay, it works!
+ 13102 [kentda@st d.] I remember having some problems like this myself, but in my case, I
  13105 [phil@fi sa n] Kent--

Re: Deja vu? [OT]
13101 [kentda@st d.] Uhm, both me and my kid brother tried some of the dry kibbles kind

Re: alias method
13108 [ntalbott@ro ] Seems
13111 [Dave@Pr gm t] Dave
13113 [ben_tilly@op] =====

Static versus dynamic typing [long]
13115 [schneik@us i] FYI--This topic has come up a number of times in the past, and it usually
13118 [elderburn@mi] Indeed, to my imbecilic little mind this actually kind of "says it all".
13136 [Dave@Pr gm t] (not that I'm trying to be provocative or anything)
13159 [schneik@us i] #
13161 [ben_tilly@op] [long discussion snipped]
13164 [crippel@pr m] That's a pretty nice and concise summery. I thought that  the

New Online Python Cookbook
13116 [schneik@us i] FYI. More ideas and news....

ZPT, a next-generation template technology (repost)
13117 [schneik@us i] FYI. Thought some Rubies might be interested in this.
13120 [avi@be a4 co] I can't help but to point out that we already have an implementation of

Open minds, err, open books... (repost)
13119 [schneik@us i] FYI.
13141 [pate@gn .o g] Another interesting set of free books is "How to Think Like a Computer

Block form of Dir.chdir
13121 [   xm@w3 .r ] Just one question - is warning "chdir during chdir block" really
13123 [matz@ze ab t] Oh, first of all, I should have mentioned that I already implemented
13233 [   xm@w3 .r ] /skipped/
13259 [matz@ze ab t] Avoid the block form if you don't like the warning.

IOWA (Was Re: ZPT, a next-generation template technology (repost))
13122 [aseltine@cs ] Iowa is great! I am using it for a real, deployed application. Avi calls it a
13127 [kentda@st d.] I started looking at it a while back, but a few things made me archive
13131 [avi@be a4 co] That behavior is actually pretty flexible; you were probably playing with

Does anyone actually use the Java Ruby Interface (Re: Re: Thread Safe)
13128 [tammo.freese] Is there anybody out there that got the java ruby interface compiled

[ANN] SOAP4R/1.1.0 and RAA XML interface
13129 [nahi@ke na t] I posted SOAP4R/1.1.0 to RAA.  The new version has

Template with Ruby [was IOWA]
13130 [kktos@el ct ] ...
13132 [avi@be a4 co] Well, the driving force behind IOWA was actually to strip *all* non-html

Re: Embedding ruby in another application quest ion #1
13133 [decoux@mo lo] Use rb_load(), or better rb_load_protect()

Examples for a presentation?
13134 [harryo@zi wo] I may be giving a quick introduction to Ruby to a Linux user group
13150 [ray@ha kf o.] I gave a presentation to the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group. The
13158 [mlsemon@se a] If you need to throw something basic in there as well--like to show
13162 [rashworth@ma] linear regression.

Open Source Conference talks
13135 [matt@se ge n] I just got word back about what talks I had accepted for O'Reilly's open
13137 [Dave@Pr gm t] I got rejected too (although to be fair I confused their deadline with

How would Ruby say this?
13138 [ljohnson@re ] One group of C++ functions I'm wrapping for FXRuby have signatures like
+ 13139 [Dave@Pr gm t] A third option would be to return 'nil' on no input (as presumably nil
| + 13144 [dblack@ca dl] Although... 1.6.3 still gives the "found = in conditional, should be ==" warning
| | 13145 [Dave@Pr gm t] I think that warning is only given if the value being assigned is a
| | 13146 [dblack@ca dl] Whoops, I tested in a lazy way (ruby -we "if a = 1 ...")
| + 13147 [ms@ia ta e. ] There are times when returning multiple values in an array makes sense,
|   13148 [luigi.ballab] I suppose cancelling is a perfectly legal choice for an user. If this is
+ 13151 [ljohnson@re ] Thanks to all who responded. Because it's more consistent with the way Ruby

Re: Order, chaos, and change requests :)
13143 [w.l.kleb@la ] Most excellent!  Thanks.

[ANN] xmlrpc4r 1.6
13154 [neumann@s- i] I have just release XML-RPC for Ruby, version 1.6.

13166 [khalidsarfar] unsubscribe

upgrading process
13176 [NoSpamedmund] I installed the tar file v 1.6.2 to linux, and

self in blocks used with tk methods
13178 [skeeler@si i] How do the ruby tk methods arrange to have self refer to the object
+ 13179 [avi@be a4 co] class Test
+ 13180 [Dave@Pr gm t] Dave
  13190 [skeeler@si i] Thanks! Nice web site, by the way.
  13194 [Dave@Pr gm t] I _think_ what it says is that is you use a form of object

Re: email address regexp (fwd)
13182 [paul.pladijs] (I'm sorry if this gets posted twice but the
13200 [merlyn@st ne] Yes.  "Randal L. Schwartz"@stonehenge.com does not match the first

Request for additional Lapidary assert methods
13183 [duff@om li .] think about
+ 13191 [jweirich@on ] What's the difference between Same and Equal?
| 13196 [duff@om li .] assertEqual(expected, actual) calls expected == actual
+ 13305 [ntalbott@ro ] method

SV:  Re: units of measure
13184 [dennisdecker] #  >   Units(3,'cm') + Units(2,'inch') #=> Units(8.08,'cm')
13201 [neumann@s- i] Perhaps something like MeasureUnit.
13214 [schneik@us i] # #  >   Units(3,'cm') + Units(2,'inch') #=> Units(8.08,'cm')

Reading a file backwards
13185 [djberg96@ho ] Old Perl programmer, new to Ruby.  Is there a method/module out there for
13192 [dsafari@pa a] perhaps something like this is what you want?
+ 13197 [djberg96@ho ] Ah, crud - I forgot to mention that I *do not* want to read the entire file
| + 13199 [bkline@rk ys] Here's the logic (but not the ruby code - I'm not that familiar with the
| | 13202 [neumann@s- i] If you're working under Unix, "tail -n" would be a simple solution.
| + 13203 [matju@sy pa ] class IO
| | 13210 [djberg96@ho ] file
| | 13211 [matju@sy pa ] Well, I'm reading a max of 4k at a time; there is no limit on the length
| | 13212 [djberg96@ho ] Ah, I see.  Thanks.
| | 13346 [matju@sy pa ] Okay. I charge 70$/hour for consulting work.
| + 13207 [paulch@me ap] Dan,
|   13209 [paulch@me ap] This should of course be 'lines = []' - looks like the 'e' got
+ 13198 [erne@po er a] - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----

Advice on installation philosophy needed
13186 [Dave@Pr gm t] Right now, the 'ri' package installs itself into
+ 13189 [dblack@ca dl] My general sense is that if a package's role on the system is fully
+ 13213 [cas@ex s. om] I've got one question. What is supposed to happen when you have multiple

question on threads
13187 [joe@vp p. et] The following snippet exits immediatly after the threads try to
13188 [joe@vp p. et] Never mind... I just read that threads are automatically killed
13208 [harryo@zi wo] I'm no threads expert (having written my first UNIX pthreads program
13206 [harryo@zi wo] join each of the threads it creates.

instance_eval magic and parameters [was: self in blocks used with tk  methods]
13193 [kentda@st d.] Neat.
13195 [Dave@Pr gm t] You can't, currently. I think that functionality was discussed

Randal in Ruby-land? (was: email address regexp)
13204 [gt4556a@pr s] nice to see you "on the other side" (but not on the dark side) :)
+ 13217 [merlyn@st ne] Why a need to "switch"?  I'm always looking for the best tool for a
| 13219 [hal9000@hy e] regexp)
+ 13222 [claird@st rb] There have been several schemes designed and
  13226 [ben_tilly@op] My understanding is that Perl 6 will separate out the parsing
  + 13228 [ben_tilly@op] You mean you FINALLY got chat2.pl killed?
  | 13241 [matju@sy pa ] <rant>
  | 13246 [schneik@us i] # But one thing MetaRuby can"t do yet is make the delusions go away. I
  | 13249 [ben_tilly@op] ???
  + 13238 [claird@st rb] You're right in all you write.  I understand that
    + 13251 [gt4556a@pr s] Please do so.  I would be interested to hear about that.
    | 13254 [claird@st rb] While it's not particularly styled for public consumption yet,
    | 13261 [decoux@mo lo] What do you call _works_ ?
    + 13269 [elderburn@mi] Speaking for myslf, yes this would be interesting. Unlike many of the other
      13281 [ben_tilly@op] By works I would mean that people solve real problems with it,
      13316 [decoux@mo lo] Good luck ...

[ANN]  Ruby - LibGlade - Glade - GTK+ Howto
13215 [dae_alt3@ju ] Ruby - LibGlade - Glade - GTK+

Re: (OT) Re: How would Ruby say this?
13216 [tjunier@pc s] How about "idiomata" ?
13258 [jdf@po ox co] Or, in Hebrew, "idiot".

Help with time.
13218 [ tjp@vb .n t] I am hoping that you will be able to help me a problem I am having. I am
13220 [hal9000@hy e] There is more than one way to approach this.