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Compile stand-alone non-installed ruby
129882 [see@me sa e.] Is it possible to compile Ruby so that it doesn't need to be installed
129885 [eero.saynatk] Have you taken a look at Erik Veenstra's Rubyscript2exe?
129897 [see@me sa e.] I'd rather do it as a custom job myself, thanks.  That will allow

installing rubydevelop
129889 [moma@ex mp e] I try  to install "rubydevelop" (
129896 [moma@ex mp e] Do not bother,

ruby ncurses advices
129892 [rb@ra hi ou ] Looking further at ncurses and projects using it (raggle and aeditor

Re: [ot] Re: 15 Invites Available
129894 [snowzone5@ho] and here...

[ANN] LXL (Like Excel) 0.2.0 - A mini-language that mimics Microsoft Excel formulas.
129913 [kh@ne cl ar ] Version 0.2.0 has been released

patch - for resolv.rb to support mDNS "cache flush" bit
129921 [sroberts@un ] mDNS uses the high-bit of the CLASS of a resource record to store a

Readline doesn't work no matter what I do
129924 [katsura@ms x] I've spent hours reading the related threads at the ruby-talk archive and
129967 [demerzel@gm ] Have you tried starting irb as "irb --readline" ?
129975 [katsura@ms x] Thanks for replying!!!  Yes, I've tried both methods, and still with no
129980 [rasputnik@he] I had this trouble on netbsd2.
+ 129981 [katsura@ms x] Thank you so much!!!  That's *exactly* what I wanted to know!!!  It's
+ 129984 [katsura@ms x] I had one more question.  If I build Ruby from the source, which I did, do I
  + 129985 [rasputnik@he] I don't think so, just for some reason the readline extension did'nt find
  + 129987 [r_mueller@im] there is a file 'ext/Setup' in which you can choose your favorite extension (readline,win32,...)
    129989 [katsura@ms x] Thanks Dick and Ralf!  It's all very clear now!  It was my first time

[ANN] Net::SSH 1.0.0
129930 [jamis_buck@b] June until now, there have been many, many changes and new features,
+ 129938 [robert.mcgov] Congrats on reaching 1.0 Jamis, this is a great and very useful package!
+ 129939 [tobias.luetk] Thanks jamis,

Ruby and maildir
129932 [mithrandir20] I checked RAA but I found nothing :-(
+ 129942 [dido.sevilla] I use rubymail (http://www.lickey.com/rubymail/). Maildirs are a
| + 129955 [matt@li ke .] RubyFilter (at http://www.lickey.com/rubyfilter/ ) can deliver new
| + 129990 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Sounds interesting... are there any utilities to translate mailboxes of
|   129995 [chneukirchen] mbox to maildir conversion is usually done with formail(1) and
+ 129998 [bob.news@gm ] <mithrandir2003cz@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Stopping a thread
129949 [batkins57@gm] Say I have a thread in variable @thread.  Is it possible to stop that
129950 [assaph@gm il] @thread = Thread.new {
129951 [batkins57@gm] Brilliant!  Thanks!

Re: Feedback and developers for Win32 Utils
129953 [djberg96@ho ] added
130017 [djberg96@ho ] Well, I hate to co-opt someone else's code, especially since I'm pretty
130086 [botp@de mo t] Daniel Berger [mailto:djberg96@hotmail.com]

a Ruby pdf writer that supports images
129954 [arthur.olano] I am developing a site page where there's a link that create an invoice
+ 129956 [martindemell] Since this is server side, you could probably call out to an external
+ 129994 [dan@ep rk ab] Arthur,
| 130003 [arthur.olano] I really appreciate your suggestion thanks! I did go digging into it
+ 130006 [jagenheim@gm] Get the CVS snapshot though, Austin has integrated a couple of patches
| + 130036 [halostatue@g] Mmm. I thought that I had released a new version. I will add this to
| + 130099 [arthur.olano] How  did you do it? if you wont mind telling me what method you're
|   130100 [jagenheim@gm] cv.add_jpeg_from_file(textDB['Picture']['name'], 40, cur_y - 210, 155, 201)
+ 130027 [rff_rff@re o] HTH

delayed string interpolation
129959 [navindra@cs ] I'm generating an HTML header as a String that makes heavy use of
+ 129961 [navindra@cs ] To add to that, I thought about leaving a few "%s" in the string and
| 129964 [cmills@fr es] $ irb
+ 129963 [billk@ct .c ] I dunno if this counts as elegant or not, :)
| 130022 [navindra@cs ] I have to say this is such a really neat hack...  it says so much
| 130030 [billk@ct .c ] Thanks!  And, indeed: thanks Matz !!  =D
| 130039 [navindra@cs ] Oh, hmph.  I didn't even know that.  It's not really documented is it?
| 130042 [zdennis@mk e] \n will only be converted it you allow string expansion,
| 130045 [navindra@cs ] Well, I'm using heredoc because I don't want to specify \n and the
+ 129971 [bob.news@gm ] "Navindra Umanee" <navindra@cs.mcgill.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 129978 [martindemell] By this point I'd have switched to a proper template engine, just to
| 129997 [james@gr yp ] This was my first thought when reading the original message as well.
+ 130015 [navindra@cs ] Thanks a lot for both eval solutions (exactly what I was looking for)
  130136 [james@gr yp ] Sorry, I missed this message when you posted it.

RubyGems for a Library
129962 [batkins57@gm] I've written a library that I plan to distribute as a RubyGem, but I
129991 [chadfowler@g] No.  You can't.  We used to install stubs, but they were messy, so we

Classes at runtime
129976 [lethalman@fy] (sorry for my poor English)
129979 [msparshatt@y] Try this
130029 [rff_rff@re o] ... and consider you can normally just use a mixin in ruby

math changes from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2?
129982 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I've got some code that does simulated fixed-point math and things like

Little Help Gif Writer
129983 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Ron Jeffries is going to write some C# if someone

129993 [lethalman@fy] What's better? What are the main differences?
129996 [mailing-list] Please search at

dual licensing of qt on windows [was Re: GTK or FOX?]
129999 [ruby-lists@l] one thing has changed about the situation today :)
130009 [aredridel@gm] Hoooray!

130000 [caleb@ae -t ] I've got a simple class that writes to a device on a serial port and then

Performance of CGI::Cookie
130001 [listen@ma cr] dear list
130239 [david@lo dt ] I made a post about this before the release of 1.8.2, but unfortunately
130243 [tom@in oe he] and the patch tracker on that project as well.

inserting image to a pdf
130002 [arthur.olano] I a developing site page where there's link that creates an invoice in
+ 130109 [ruby-lists@l] convert the image to eps. include it in the lout.
| 130130 [chneukirchen] Rather, convert the image to png or jpeg, and use pdfTeX...
| 130134 [ruby-lists@l] tex is for wussies
| 130156 [chneukirchen] Yeah, why do
+ 130178 [halostatue@g] I can't help right now, but I believe that PDF::Writer 0.2.0 (when
  130388 [arthur.olano] Thank you guys! I have converted my image to eps then iserted it on

How come this doesn't work as expected?
130004 [canyonrat@ma] I'm just curious. I already found a work-around.
+ 130005 [zdennis@mk e] each doesn't modify the element in place. Use map or collect instead.
+ 130007 [samgoldman@j] String#to_i doesn't mutate the string.
  130014 [canyonrat@ma] Sam and Zach,
  + 130016 [james@gr yp ] You miss understand what each() does.  It does return the array, but
  | 130023 [canyonrat@ma] Yes, you and Sam and Zach finally helped me see the light. Thanks so
  + 130018 [ruby.talk.li] Because the return value of 'each' is the (unchanged) receiver, not
  + 130024 [listen@ma cr] testAry = ["5", "7", "9"]

130012 [zdennis@mk e] Caleb,

FWIW ATI demo S/W named Ruby
130013 [springer@si ] I just stumbled across this today.
130021 [martin.anker] Ruby is the name of their readhead mascot, not the graphic cards. And

Serialport problems in multi-threaded application
130019 [caleb@ae -t ] (I posted this a little earlier, but apparently it got sent with no
130125 [akr@m1 n. rg] It seems that write buffer should be flushed before select for reading.
130161 [caleb@ae -t ] I tried flushing with File.flush, but it didn't help.  Or should I be using
130198 [akr@m1 n. rg] It's strange.  file.flush should call write system call.  sample

RDoc Reference
130033 [the.chrismo@] Probably a bone-headed question, but I seem unable to find a quick
130037 [drbrain@se m] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
130038 [the.chrismo@] Wow -- who'd a thunk it? :-)  On behalf of someone who forgot their

Re: Performance of CGI::Cookie / SimpleDelegator fix
130040 [listen@ma cr] just saw this thread on google
130071 [matz@ru y- a] I will merge the fix to 1.8.  Apply the patch or wait for 1.8.3

FXRuby - handling Alt+F4
130041 [the.chrismo@] I'm trying to properly write a way to capture an Alt+F4 keystroke, and
130050 [Stephan.Kaem] menu_bar = FXMenubar.new( self, LAYOUT_SIDE_TOP | LAYOUT_FILL_X )
130051 [lyle.johnson] I haven't tried this, but what happens if you just add the accelerator
131336 [lyle.johnson] I think you must be using FXRuby 1.0, and I was using the FXRuby 1.2

web testing with Ruby
130044 [jason.sweat@] Does anyone have suggestions for projects/libraries to web test code
+ 130049 [ruby.talk.li] Take a look at Michael Neumann's WWW::Mechanize.  He has made it very
| + 130053 [jason.sweat@] Thanks, I will have a look at it.
| + 130149 [jason.sweat@] I seem to be running into difficulty with mechanize.
|   130165 [ruby.talk.li] I wonder if the issue is the use of "https" ?
|   130170 [jason.sweat@] After creating page I can do
|   130181 [ruby.talk.li] Now this sounds familiar Ithough  don';t tink I ever told Mike of my problems )
|   130185 [jason.sweat@] Changing all .downcase to .to_s.downcase worked for me.
+ 130098 [timsuth@ih g] Works with IE, Mozilla, Safari.
| 130147 [itsme213@ho ] This looks great. Thanks for the pointer!
+ 132638 [bret@pe ti h] _____________________
  135380 [alex_f_il@ho] Look at  SWExplorerAutomation

gems changes?
130047 [itsme213@ho ] Anyone having trouble with rubygems-update? I'm trying to update to 0.8.4 to
130056 [chadfowler@g] I haven't seen this one.  Can you add "--backtrace" to the command and
130057 [itsme213@ho ] [C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems]gem install rubygems-update --backtrace
+ 130063 [Harry_Ohlsen] Reading this thread, I thought I'd update my rubygems, too.
| + 130067 [assaph@gm il] a. You should run update-rubygems after the gem-install to actually
| | 130093 [Harry_Ohlsen] I guessed that, and tried typing "update-rubygems" (sic) and that didn't
| + 130146 [halostatue@g] Remember to run "update_rubygems".
+ 134054 [thomasNEWS1@] Was a resolution ever found for this problem?

Re: [QUIZ] Solving Tactics (#18)
130052 [bob.sideboth] That was a good try, Sea&Gull. Your attempt does have some of the
130135 [    v@vs .r ] I was lucky :)))

[ANN] Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web
130058 [ruby.talk.li] I just came across this via Lambda the Ultimate, and thought it was
130059 [ruby.talk.li] Ah, I now see this was already posted here.

threading question, are ops on builtins atomic?
130065 [sroberts@un ] Can I do Array#push from multiple threads at the same time, and know
130066 [flgr@cc n. e] AFAIK yes, because there are usually no Ruby thread context switches in
130070 [cmills@fr es] know
130094 [matz@ru y- a] No.
130131 [glenn.parker] Matz, could you please elaborate just a little bit?  I *think* what you
+ 130159 [cmills@fr es] you
+ 130197 [matz@ru y- a] It's hard to assure what would be atomic under the pthread

Grid computing with Ruby?
130068 [alex@by an i] I have an interest in distributed computing and so-called grid
+ 130076 [dave@bu t. d] rq is a tool used to build instant linux clusters
| 130082 [alex@by an i] Interesting. Unfortunately, the dependency on a central NFS mount rules
| 130112 [ptkwt@ar cn ] There's also TaskMaster (I think it's still on the RAA), but I haven't
+ 130101 [r_mueller@im] Maybe it's not what you meant, but there is a MPI-API in Ruby.
| + 130143 [jim@fr ez .o] Hmm, there is MPIRuby that was presented at the very first
| | 130144 [r_mueller@im] I read about Emil's mpiruby in a book from 2002, found the given url still active and nothing under rubyforge. i posted the url for Alex.
| | 130163 [cameron.mcbr] an updated copy it appears.
| + 130192 [alex@by an i] I'm not familiar enough with MPI to say whether it suits my purpose;
|   130223 [r_mueller@im] Take a look at LAM = Local Area Multicomputer, its a full implementation of MPI (http://www.lam-mpi.org). I used it to test geophysical simulation (in C ,about 5 years ago) and was very satisfied.
+ 130195 [comp.lang.ru] _ If by "grid" you mean Globus, then I don't think there are any

Delayed string interpolation
130077 [hal9000@hy e] I just wanted to make sure people don't overlook the
+ 130078 [navindra@cs ] Unless I'm mistaken, this recomputes the whole string every time
| 130080 [hal9000@hy e] Yes, I'm sure there are some efficiency concerns. I've never
| 130089 [eero.saynatk] +1
+ 130105 [w_a_x_man@ya] * Patchworkstr = Struct.new( "Patchworkstring",:start,:middle,:end)

trap() block signal mask, esp. CHLD
130081 [danj@3s el c] In managing many sub-processes and using trap() with SIGCHLD, there is

Re: your mail
130088 [wmorgan-ruby] This might be related to [ruby-talk:109668] [ruby-talk:125125], in which

Squeak like environment for Ruby
130090 [logancapaldo] Lately I've been playing around with Squeak (http://www.squeak.org/),
+ 130091 [caiot1@ib st] Yes. But Ruby is yet a lot imature for this.
| 130108 [ruby-lists@l] immature? in what sense?
| + 130110 [rff_rff@re o] maybe he meant that we do not have, yet, a rubyish standard gui[1] or
| | 130113 [ruby-lists@l] i can't stand squeak personally
| | 130114 [robert.feldt] With Trolltech releasing qt4 for windows it would be interesting to
| | 130116 [ruby-lists@l] yup. works fine on mac os. however i've not yet
| | + 130118 [robert.feldt] I am, but the little time I have for ruby vm/interpreters has gone
| | | + 130121 [ruby-lists@l] hehe. ruby compilers? how goes with that?
| | | | 130129 [robert.feldt] Yes, it is also GLR with embedded regexps. It works with 1.8 and a
| | | | 130137 [ruby-lists@l] shall do so :)
| | | + 130126 [ptkwt@ar cn ] So how is your Ruby compiler work going?
| | |   130128 [robert.feldt] Still work left to do... 8-)
| | + 130119 [Richard_Dale] All I've done is download Qt 4.0 and have a look at how slots/signals are
| + 130150 [caiot1@ib st] IRB, which is the thing more likely to squeak workspace doesn't work
|   130151 [ruby-lists@l] have you tried the mingw32 1.8.2 windows install that eban
|   130171 [caiot1@ib st] mingw32? I use the one-click installer the rc14.
|   130179 [ruby-lists@l] try the mingw32 download then. look at raa.
+ 130233 [llothar@we .] Can we please add this to the FAQ.
+ 130234 [llothar@we .] Can we please add this to the FAQ.

[patch] Socket::SO_REUSEPORT for socket.c
130092 [sroberts@un ] I need SO_REUSEPORT, but there seems to be a bunch of unsupported socket
130095 [matz@ru y- a] Yes, preferably to the ruby-core list.
130139 [sroberts@un ] Will do.

[ANN] Syck 0.50 -- The new YAML is here for testing
130102 [ruby-talk@wh] Finally, I can go back to drawing ponies out on the bridge by the old
130104 [ruby-talk@wh] Sorry.  Beaver tales,
130182 [aredridel@gm] Congrats! Nice Stats! And are you planning on making the URL a second
+ 130191 [drewmills@gm] I think that would properly be known as a process.
+ 130205 [ruby-talk@wh] I am.  And here is the third e-mail in my streamlined process, which
  130266 [g_ogata@op u] I dare ask:  WTF?
  130267 [agorilla@gm ] Ours is not to reason _why,
  130268 [g_ogata@op u] Yeah, but that doesn't result in me knowing the answer to the
  130269 [agorilla@gm ] Having visited his site (http://www.whytheluckystiff.net/), I've
  130270 [g_ogata@op u] Oh, I know about _why and his literary anomalies.  This is the third
  130273 [ruby-talk@wh] It's a popular slogan amongst the Merchant Marine.  They say it all the
  + 130277 [lyle.johnson] Not to be confused with "Duck Tales"
  + 130278 [g_ogata@op u] Oh.  My condolences.  Thanks for clearing it up, though; I can

Problem Installing Rails from Gem 0.8.4
130103 [anthony.bake] Hey Folks,
130107 [drbrain@se m] You will need to upgrade to at least ruby 1.8.1 to get Rails to run.
+ 130133 [jamesUNDERBA] I'm not a Mac  person, but after installing Ruby 1.8.2, how does one
| 130138 [zdennis@mk e] No. When compiling and installing from source on OSX, ruby installs it's
| 130166 [ruby.talk.li] But there seems to be a  /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/ directory,
| 130183 [anthony.bake] Okay. Here's the latest. (And boy, is this a pain in the ass.)
| 130189 [scotty.moon@] I had the same problem. What's going on is that os x has 1.6 and you
| 130201 [anthony.bake] Solved this problem, folks. Thanks!
+ 130248 [stefan.arent] S.

Re: math changes from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2?(G4's fault?)
130111 [ptkwt@ar cn ] a followup....
130207 [ocean@m2 cc ] (2005/02/08 19:00)
130241 [ptkwt@ar cn ] To see the problem, I suspect you'll need more than the FixedPt class.
130322 [ocean@m2 cc ] (2005/02/09 23:00)
+ 130324 [ocean@m2 cc ] Maybe I misunderstood. I thought FixedPt is created for reproducing the problem,
+ 130341 [ptkwt@ar cn ] FixedPt is only part of the system.  The FixedPt class allows simulation