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^ Re: win32-changenotify 0.3.0
129694 [djberg96 hot] Whoops, this did show up on Google Groups after all.  Ugh - still

^ [OT] Physics of black holes (Was: RubyConf '05)
129706 [ jupp gmx.de] It is correct that it needs such a mass if the black hole is the result
+ 129709 [rasputnik he] Ah, but these ships never travel faster than light, they always do some kind
| + 129712 [emschwar pob] Not necessarily; in Vernor Vinge's stories, the only reason we can't
| | 129716 [rasputnik he] I thought Earth was in the Unthinking Deep, myself :)
| + 129744 [rff_rff remo] iirc, "pulse velocity" in star trek is up to 9.5 times faster than
+ 129710 [martindemell] ...
| + 129729 [dido.sevilla] More precisely, all black holes would, by their emission of Hawking
| + 129816 [ jupp gmx.de] IIRC he showed that *all* black holes are unstable. Something unstable
+ 129746 [drbrain segm] ...
  129907 [ jupp gmx.de] Superluminal speed ist nothing that requires a hyperspace. The relative
  129909 [tim bates.id] No, it's not. You've forgotten your elementary relativity. If you have
  + 129914 [hal9000 hype] I think he's misunderstanding certain observations that seem to indicate
  | 129915 [andrew walro] Depends how you define 'relative'. If your understanding of "the relative
  | 129916 [jperkins sne] Then I have to wonder if you and the other participants in this thread
  | 129922 [andrew walro] Had a bad day? ;)
  | 129925 [jperkins sne] Not at all, but given the volume of this list, off-topic threads that
  | + 129931 [jeremy chaos] ...
  | + 129945 [hal9000 hype] Your point is taken, but at least this one is marked OT. That automatically
  + 129937 [caiot1 ibest] I studied physics and I agreed with Josef.
  | 130220 [r_mueller im] Again special relativity: c is the highest speed possible. What about this axiom?
  + 130194 [ jupp gmx.de] Actually it is the distance as a property of space-time that increases
    130221 [r_mueller im] Isn't this just a question of definition? If A.speed(B) stands for one thing, maybe b.speed(A) should stay for the other, but this is just a language topic. What is intuitive and what is not.

^ Gtk/Gnome-Applications with Ruby or Mono
129714 [mail miketec] I'm currently thinking about writing an application for the gnome-desktop.
+ 129720 [jamesUNDERBA] Something to consider: there are Ruby tools that bundle-up a complete
| 129725 [mail miketec] thanks for your answer. Sounds really nice. Do you know benchmarks for
| 129743 [rff_rff remo] it is slower than mono, but in this case the most of the hard part is
+ 129721 [batkins57 gm] I'm not sure if gtk-bindings is the same thing, but the way to go for
  129724 [mail miketec] yes, I know this URL. But the gnome-part is not fully implemented yet. And
  + 129734 [batkins57 gm] Ah, my mistake.  I was referring only to the Gtk+ part, I've never
  + 129751 [mailing-list] Eh, not much missing though...

^ Ruby for closed source projects
129726 [mail miketec] well, open source is pretty nice. But in some cases I don't want to show
+ 129731 [flgr ccan.de] Not that I want to sound academical or religious or anything, but if
| 129747 [mail miketec] first thanks for your answer.
| + 129749 [chneukirchen] Sure there is.  For example, you simply could send the customer a
| + 130061 [emschwar pob] If your customers are thieves, then you should sue them.  Or get
| | 130074 [billk cts.co] It just doesn't work that way.  At least not in the realm
| | 130079 [emschwar pob] This is my point.  If they, with all their resources and lawyerage,
| | 130173 [shanko_date ] Apparently, even 1-employee companies can now have
| | 130175 [shanko_date ] Oops ... posted before reading.
| | 130177 [agorilla gma] Well, it doesn't solve this problem, but it's good to know about just the same.
| + 130062 [robert.mcgov] Could you export some of these parts to a c module?
| + 130083 [brianm apach] Bundle public keys for each unlockable feature and require a "key" to
|   130087 [assaph gmail] of
|   130132 [johnwilger g] Actually, this method _could_ work with Ruby. You _don't_ need to have
|   130206 [assaph gmail] (conceptual) if
+ 130204 [tclemons gma] I wondering if your best bet wouldn't be making your application

^ [ANN] Harmonium -- A distributed hash table implementation for Ruby
129730 [dido.sevilla] Some people have expressed interest in a distributed hash table

^ bug - resolv.rb dies on TXT records with multiple strings
129732 [sroberts uni] The attached patch fixes this.
129781 [akr m17n.org] It is fixed based on your patch.  Thank you.
129807 [sroberts uni] I am happy with that.

^ Announcing a Payment Processor for Ruby
129737 [lucas rufy.c] for Ruby.
+ 129738 [aredridel nb] Sweet! I'll be trying this first thing tomorrow morning.
+ 129740 [zdennis mkte] I am very very interestd, tomorrow I am supposed to setup a paypal

^ Range three dots (was Re: Range#length?!?!?)
129752 [georgesawyer] shorter interval, but it's way too late to change now, and knowing what I
129756 [dblack wobbl] .. has two letters, so the upper value is "in"
129765 [martindemell] ...

^ ncurses howto examples available
129763 [rb raphinou.] I looked for some example code of ruby with ncurses and didn't find any.
129825 [tpeters inva] Thanks for translating these. I'll have a look soon.
129855 [rb raphinou.] Ok, thanks. I missed that indeed, but it's quite normal as higher in the
+ 129865 [tpeters inva] I see. Sorry about that. At one point, I became tired answering basic
| 129867 [neoneye gmai] AEditor 0.x uses your ncurses lib.
+ 129910 [tpeters inva] example1.rb: mvaddstr would work (there was a typo)

^ [ANN] mrplot-0.0.1
129764 [malte harder] I just released my first ruby project: mrplot
+ 129769 [robert.feldt] This looks very nice. Thanks, this will be useful.
| 129774 [malte harder] Good idea, why not. I think it would not be as hard as it looks at
| 129847 [robert.feldt] Sorry, don't know about OSX (though I'm thinking about getting a Mac
+ 129782 [tobias.luetk] Amazing!
| 129802 [   a agni.us] Images looks beautiful, code is small. Great work. Can you add some
+ 129809 [cyclists nc.] Sweet! Pretty good for somebody who claims to be new to Ruby :-)
+ 129839 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Excellent, thanks for sharing!

^ Dispatching a function based on a message
129766 [ehames gmail] I'm back writing my small network app (IM client) and I need to
129770 [msparshatt y] You could try using the send method
129886 [bob.news gmx] "Mark Sparshatt" <msparshatt@yahoo.co.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Hello Ruby, bye PHP
129767 [dostep2 op.p] ...
+ 129786 [tobias.luetk] Checkout www.snowdevil.ca, 43things.com etc.
+ 130393 [spam rassler] I'm fairly new to ruby, but old to c/c++ (and therefore by default,

^ I am an evil cultist
129768 [gactimus xrs] As a player of many vile, satanic RPG's, including the insidious

^ Pretty Print error with File.stat
129771 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.2
+ 129776 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 129826 [akr m17n.org] OS dependent?

^ Ruby, Windows, and PNG creation
129772 [aaron dalton] I am running Ruby in Windows (not via Cygwin.)  How can I generate PNG
129777 [Stephan.Kaem] You could, for example, dig for RMagick: http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/
129789 [aaron dalton] Oooo!  I didn't know ImageMagick could draw too.  Thanks for the tip.
129800 [cyclists nc.] Aaron, if you want to use RMagick for drawing, check out

^ Korundum: error when overriding a KDE::RootPixmap method
129778 [martin fuego] I'm experimenting a bit with Korundum, but I'm having some problems. I have
129793 [Richard_Dale] That means that 'KSharedPixmap*' is an unknown argument type, and can't be
129988 [Richard_Dale] <posted & mailed>

^ Email API
129779 [hash_bang re] I want to build an internet email server into my Ruby BBS project.  Does
+ 129798 [matt lickey.] Are you talking about an SMTP server?  Try looking at the code for
| 129805 [hash_bang re] What I'd really like to do is use sendmail on this slackware box, and
+ 129799 [aredridel gm] POP, IMAP, SMTP or otherwise?
  129804 [hash_bang re] Ok.  Here's the plan.
  + 129835 [matt lickey.] For sending email, Ruby has that built in.  Check out Net::SMTP.  Your
  + 129966 [aredridel nb] One could have sendmail inject messages into the BBS, with an alias to a
    130148 [hash_bang re] Thanks guys!
    130157 [matt lickey.] Do you fully qualify the From: header in the message you send?  If you

^ [ANN] SQLite3/Ruby 1.0.0
129794 [jamis_buck b] Here it is, at last. Bright, shiny. I think I'm going to cry.
+ 129797 [eero.saynatk] I'd been waiting for this! The manual is excellent, too. Many thanks
+ 129803 [george.mosch] Great timing,
| 129815 [jamis_buck b] I'll be very interested in your experience writing an Og backend for
| + 129848 [george.mosch] I had some problems yesterday with SQLite2 (some strange table locks).
| + 129849 [george.mosch] I had some problems yesterday with SQLite2 (some strange table locks).
+ 129843 [Bil.Kleb NAS] The error message is little oblique,
  129875 [andre digira] I had to do a
  + 129900 [Bil.Kleb NAS] No such trouble here.  After I saw ~64 of of ~2500 tests fail
  + 129917 [jamis_buck b] *grumble*
    129923 [andre digira] Cool, thanks.
    129927 [jamis_buck b] Yup, I think I know why this happens. I'm currently in the middle of
    129929 [andre digira] Great, thanks!
    129947 [botp delmont] //The most exciting part of this release (to me) is the
    129948 [jamis_buck b] A very valid concern, but unfortunately, HTML is the only real option.
    + 129952 [martindemell] ...
    | 129968 [martindemell] ...
    + 130069 [carlwork ycs] Isn't this really just a matter of turning off syntax highlighting and
      130072 [jamis_buck b] Well, part of it is that I don't WANT to turn off syntax highlighting.
      130075 [carlwork ycs] Sounds cool.  Actually I totally expected creating a PDF to be

^ Arachno with webrick apps - question
129811 [itsme213 hot] ...
129838 [llothar web.] Have you tried the builtin apache. It is designed for normal cgi

^ gem_server and rdoc question
129814 [itsme213 hot] ...
129819 [jim weirichh] I doubt it is anything you have done. I suspect that whoever created the gem

^ rdoc for date.rb doesn't distinguish instance methods
129818 [ljz asfast.c] I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but I just noticed it

^ Module intercepts containing class's initialize method?
129827 [ljz asfast.c] module Intercept
+ 129828 [flgr ccan.de] I think the only way of doing that without putting the include() behind
| 129830 [ljz asfast.c] Could you explain how this could be done with a method_added hook?
| 129834 [flgr ccan.de] require 'thread'
+ 129920 [assaph gmail] class,
+ 129974 [bob.news gmx] "Lloyd Zusman" <ljz@asfast.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Ruby Weekly News 31st January - 6th February 2005
129829 [timsuth ihug] ...

^ Benchmark Mono - Ruby
129831 [mail miketec] because of my interest in mono and ruby I have done a small benchmark.
+ 129833 [jamis_buck b] At the risk of sounding defensive...
| 129977 [cmiller past] time ruby -e 'puts (999999999 ** 2 + 999999999) / 2'
| + 130025 [martin.anker] And proves once again that the best optimizer sits behind the ears :-)
| + 130084 [rubylang usm] Wow!  I didn't realize that ruby could be executed from the command line
+ 129836 [navindra cs.] 1000000000.times --> 1000000000 method calls to block
+ 129837 [ksibilev bel] $ cat t.rb
| + 129841 [alex byzanti] To be fair, the type of the variable in the Mono example is "double",
| | + 129844 [eero.saynatk] The kind of magnitude in difference that the OP cited is certainly
| | | 129851 [moma example] Source code in Mono (as in the Microsoft .Net tool) is first
| | | + 129853 [rff_rff remo] we don't "need it", imo. It would be a really nice thing, but not
| | | + 129854 [langstefan g] AFAIK they are already working on it.
| | | + 129857 [mulperi cc.h] I agree it is pointless to compare apples to oranges.
| | | | 129869 [glenn.parker] I think the OP makes a valid point, if only because the performance
| | | | + 129870 [ruby-lists l] check out the performance of beautiful code in python or perl.
| | | | + 130229 [w_a_x_man ya] I was surprised to discover that Ruby was slower at parsing
| | | + 129858 [ruby-lists l] this is FUD
| | |   129859 [Richard_Dale] I think dynamic type systems, such as in ruby, are easier to understand and
| | |   + 129860 [ruby-lists l] i don't care about interoperability though :)
| | |   | 129862 [eero.saynatk] I think it's fair and most prudent to compare programs written in
| | |   | 129965 [mulperi cc.h] No, you can choose whatever is most suitable for your needs. I just say
| | |   | + 129969 [ruby-lists l] just a technical correction, python at the
| | |   | | + 129970 [mulperi cc.h] Thanks for correction. I didn't know that. Has python always had bytecode
| | |   | | | 129972 [ruby-lists l] for a long time already afaik. 1.5.x at least
| | |   | | + 130010 [adrianh quie] Perl too.
| | |   | | | 130046 [ryand-ruby z] Yes, technically it is, but that is done on every run, so it isn't
| | |   | | + 130035 [onurb xiludo] try psyco...
| | |   | |   130043 [ruby-lists l] i'm working on that for ruby :P
| | |   | + 130034 [onurb xiludo] Just for the record, Python is compiled to bytecode... (I think Perl is
| | |   |   130127 [eule space.c] ...
| | |   + 129891 [drbrain segm] ...
| | |     129911 [Richard_Dale] There are different ways of interfacing languages to each other. You can
| | + 129845 [ksibilev bel] That's true, but this example is meaningless anyway. The point is that
| | + 129905 [caiot1 ibest] Squeak Smalltalk:   01m48,60s
| |   + 129908 [ruby-lists l] with c+llvm it is instantaneous.
| |   + 129919 [michael.walt] Is that with optimizations on (for C)?
| |     129935 [caiot1 ibest] No optimizations on. I never used it and the code someone posted here
| |     129940 [michael.walt] OK. It makes no sense comparing times, then.
| |     129941 [caiot1 ibest] The optimizations are hard to do.
| |     129943 [michael.walt] I'm talking about compiler switches. :-)
| + 129846 [zdennis mkte] Kent,
| + 129850 [george.mosch] WOW,
| + 130145 [mail miketec] great! Really great!!
+ 129868 [sroberts uni] Ruby is an interpreted language. Its strengths are speed of development
+ 129918 [eule space.c] ...

^ [WANTED] Feedback and developers for Win32 Utils
129832 [djberg96 hot] The Win32 Utils Team is looking for a little help.
+ 129840 [zdennis mkte] Provide an interface to retrieving special folder paths using function
| + 129861 [sdate everes] What an amazing coincidence ! I suggested the same to Dan before he
| | 129881 [zdennis mkte] That'd be great! I've got some C code which wraps the ability for Java
| | 129893 [sdate everes] Yes, it may. Can I have a look at it please ?
| + 129992 [wsdngtmp onl] There is a file called winshell.rb included in my sourceforge project
+ 129866 [martindemell] ...
+ 129944 [paul.rogers ] There is a lirary on the raa called win32-guitest which can be used
  129946 [botp delmont] //First, we would like to ask the Win32 users out there what

^ The Making of the SQLite3/Ruby Manual
129842 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Jamis,
129864 [jamis_buck b] This time, it was all done in Hieraki (http://www.hieraki.org),
129899 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Edit in the browser?  Sounds painful.  Is there an upload option?
129904 [jamis_buck b] No upload. But if you're using a mozilla browser, there's the mozex

^ WouldntItBeNiceIf
129871 [transfire gm] Anyone know why the WouldntItBeNiceIf page was emptied on the Garden
129873 [caiot1 ibest] Someone unidentified erased it.
129898 [transfire gm] Thanks.
129906 [djberg96 hot] Sounds good.

^ RedCloth 3.0.3 -- Humane Text for Ruby
129874 [ruby-talk wh] stable as soon as possible.  This release contains a few small fixes and
129902 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Super extra nifty cool.  Thanks!

^ Ruby Interactive Shell
129878 [jenjhiz yaho] I'm looking for a Ruby interactive shell where I can paste snippet of
+ 129879 [tom.rathbone] Tried this? http://rubyforge.org/projects/fxirb/
| 129880 [tom.rathbone] Hmm no files released?
| 129895 [martindemell] ...
+ 129884 [cmills frees] haven't
| + 129903 [caiot1 ibest] irb --prompt xmp you'll have a great session for copying
| | 129928 [jeremy chaos] ...
| | 129934 [caiot1 ibest] I'm in a PC platform, WinXP as Operating System.
| | 129973 [tom.rathbone] I have this problem too.. it is very annoying. I work with Linux
| | 130026 [rff_rff remo] it is a known problem, if you look at the archives.
| | + 130028 [curt hibbs.c] If anyone has a solution, I would implemented in the one-click installer in
| | + 130031 [tom.rathbone] Agreed.. sorry, gmail doesn't seem to have a preference and this one
| + 129957 [jenjhiz hotm] Thanks for the lead. However, I can't find an .irbrc file anywhere in
|   129960 [cmills frees] I use cygwin when on windows.  With cygwin your "C:\Documents and
|   129986 [curt hibbs.c] Its the same under the one-cick installer.
+ 129887 [bob.news gmx] "Jenjhiz" <jenjhiz@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 129888 [ksibilev bel] If you are emacs user, ruby-mode provides that (C-c C-r
  129958 [jenjhiz hotm] If nothing else works, or works well, I may have to -- sigh -- look at