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Is compatibility important for us?
129195 [zoso@fo on e] First of all, I love Ruby and I'm _not_ trolling with this message :-)
+ 129198 [sera@fh an .] I'm not a Rails user, so maybe somebody can clarify: Where is that
+ 129199 [jamesUNDERBA] Good start!
| + 129200 [rasputnik@he] to OP: I feel your pain (netbsd didn't have 1.8 until very
| | 129748 [beast@sy te ] It might not be that simple. I would love to get 1.8 on our production
| + 129204 [sera@fh an .] But "been a long time coming" is not the same thing as "has been
|   + 129207 [drbrain@se m] 1.8.1
|   | 129209 [sera@fh an .] Sure. And since I'm not smart enough to have programmed the Marshal lib
|   | 129214 [transfire@gm] Francis,
|   | 129216 [sera@fh an .] Not all programmers are operating in an environment in which they have
|   | 129698 [zoso@fo on e] I had this on "postponed", and I just realized. Sorry.
|   | 129718 [jamesUNDERBA] That's, um, crazy.  Writing new code and checking that it runs in both
|   | + 129727 [rampant@gm i] Anything with OO won't work :)
|   | + 129808 [zoso@fo on e] Yes, that is what I mean. Are there really so much performance-boosting
|   |   + 129813 [halostatue@g] Yes. One of the main features in Ruby 1.8 over 1.6 was the
|   |   + 129820 [ian.hobson@n] It may be what you meant, but I don't think this is the important point.
|   |   | + 129821 [ian.hobson@n] whoops - I meant to write "when you or any other user, upgrade to later
|   |   | + 129824 [jamesUNDERBA] While Rails is quite good, and deserving of attention, it may be a
|   |   |   129872 [david@lo dt ] Rails had a huge change going from 0.8.x to 0.9.x. It required a whole
|   |   |   129876 [jamesUNDERBA] I don't think anyone has said that Rails shouldn't be promoted before
|   |   |   129877 [sera@fh an .] I can imagine being on the fence about Rails, and Ruby in general, and
|   |   |   129936 [david@lo dt ] I'm definitely seeing a ton more people come over from PHP and Java
|   |   |   130011 [adrianh@qu e] That's odd. I've know a lot of people who're spending time playing with
|   |   + 131222 [comp.lang.ru] _ Perl was not always this way. There was a big change from
|   + 129243 [rasputnik@he] But surely if they'd made that bump when you were away they'd only have
|   | 129259 [ruby.talk.li] * Code that works for version x breaks *without prior warning* when
|   + 129256 [rampant@gm i] Douglas
+ 129750 [georgesawyer] Esteban Manchado VeláÛquez <zoso@foton.es> Feb 1, 2005

Get and Post at the same time
129202 [rampant@gm i] Here's a script to retrieve Get and Post as the same time. I've had a

Binding precedence for first symbol arguments
129206 [transfire@gm] I've been thinking about the last thread on module methods and
+ 129208 [drbrain@se m] IthinktheresareasonwhyweputspacesinsentancesToomanywordsinarowmakesforve
| 129211 [transfire@gm] Eric,
| 129212 [drbrain@se m] Yes... but it encourages bad habits of not putting spaces and commas.
| 129213 [eero.saynatk] I think this in itself is pretty nice.
| + 129215 [transfire@gm] partial function application! I suppose this could already be
| + 129222 [transfire@gm] It just occured to me that there is already one "method" in Ruby that
|   129228 [ryand-ruby@z] I personally can't stand alias' syntax. Since we are discussing syntax
+ 129225 [ryand-ruby@z] I gotta say wrt your original motivation, to me the need for this
  + 129230 [transfire@gm] maintainability
  + 129245 [martindemell] thought provoking read on adding-to-the-api versus adding-to-the-arglist
    + 129291 [transfire@gm] Thanks martin,
    + 129299 [aredridel@nb] Hm. I think that in a language where you can't have any keyword-like

Partial function application (was: Re: Binding precedence for first sym...)
129218 [eero.saynatk] Oh, I was serious. Partial function application (also referred to as
+ 129220 [transfire@gm] Ah, forgive me! I have heared of curry. I like to eat it :-) I have
| + 129223 [eero.saynatk] Maybe 'problem' is too strong a word. Let's say it's not altogether
| | + 129224 [ummaycoc@gm ] May the force be with you.
| | + 129227 [transfire@gm] Yet, I think one could tackle the problem with a method probe. A
| |   129229 [eero.saynatk] Excellent stuff! I must admit, though, I was slightly confused by
| |   129283 [ummaycoc@gm ] Can you elaborate?  This is the kind of grading I never got in school
| + 129290 [rampant@gm i] def fun(z)
|   129292 [transfire@gm] Nice.
|   129298 [ummaycoc@gm ] This isn't even what he was asking for, though.  The OP wanted a
|   + 129305 [rampant@gm i] I thought that Trans was posting a target for the generated code after
|   | 129312 [transfire@gm] class << self
|   | 129330 [eero.saynatk] Here's a naive, slightly more straightforward implementation
|   + 130085 [cjs@cy ic ne] Indeed. Count me in as a user of this when you come up with it.
|     130115 [robert.feldt] I'm also interested in this since they are my main languages (real
|     + 130120 [martindemell] I think merd was intended to be a Ruby/Haskell middle ground. Not
|     + 130664 [matju@sy pa ] have you read "Constructive Deconstruction of Subtyping" by
+ 129364 [david@sl to ] This isn't exactly what you were asking for, but it fills some of the
  129397 [ummaycoc@gm ] One thing to make noteworthy are the subtleties bugwise that changing

Behaviors (Re: Should every method have a module method?)
129219 [pit@ca it in] is your Behaviors package available somewhere? (The link in RAA isn't valid
129241 [dblack@wo bl] I've fixed the link (thanks for pointing it out).  The other packages
129246 [pit@ca it in] Vielen Dank!

[ANN] Nitro + Og 0.9.3
129236 [george.mosch] new versions of Nitro and Og were just released.
129254 [vanweerd@gm ] I haven't tried it yet, but "Og" is my favorite Ruby library name.
129267 [george.mosch] Great! Give it a go, and if you face any problems, just post a message

CamelCase link in Instiki
129240 [gavri.fernan] I'm using Instiki and I need to display a Wiki link in CamelCase.
129327 [assaph@gm il] [[TheLink|\TheLink]]

require upper/lower case filenames on a Windows box...
129244 [Stephan.Kaem] I'm running the latest one-click-installer (1.8.2-14) on a WinXP box.
129277 [djberg96@ho ] "Date" != "date", even on Win32.  Plus, NTFS supports case sensitive
129278 [halostatue@g] Mmmm. Case preserving, not case sensitive. One of the things that MS

[OT] post-structuralist object oriented system
129247 [petite.abeil] Cheers
129253 [vanweerd@gm ] That's great! If they added ice canons, robots, and illustrations to
129257 [petite.abeil] Cheers

unit/test : I don't want to automatically run all tests
129249 [raphael.baud] I'm writing some unit tests and the plan is to let them run each night, and producing a little
+ 129269 [gfb@to es ft] When you terminate your test runner with exit!, test/unit will not have
| 129276 [raphael.baud] yep, that's what I've found as solution, but I thought there was a better way :-)
+ 129333 [rasputnik@he] Look at the (source of ) TestTask in rake (http://rake.rubyforge.org), that provides a
| + 129339 [aero6dof@ya ] If you define test sets in different files, yet another way is
| + 129340 [aero6dof@ya ] If you define test sets in different files, yet another way is
+ 129375 [nathaniel@ta] That's what the built-in runners do.

Problem seems to be fixed
129255 [boris@bo is ] The problem seems to be fixed with the latest fedora update

Controller for MVC?
129258 [hgs@dm .a .u] It seems to me that some of the characteristics of the controller in MVC
129271 [vjoel@PA H. ] If you're considering obervable attributes (the poorly named
129273 [hgs@dm .a .u] [nice example trimmed]

Small and simple database?
129260 [slr2777@cs r] Ok, I want to make a program that requires a database.  But it only requires a
+ 129261 [zdennis@mk e] SQLite is pretty small and easy to use,
| 129275 [rasputnik@he] +1, it's fast too.
| 129329 [lymans@gm il] Amen to SQLite - I  use it all the time for almost any type of local
+ 129263 [ehames@gm il] You should probably consider XML or YAML. Would that suit your needs?
+ 129265 [cribbsj@oa w] I have a DBMS called KirbyBase that might fit the bill.  There is a
+ 129266 [bob.news@gm ] "Scott Rubin" <slr2777@cs.rit.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 129268 [hgs@dm .a .u] dbdbd
+ 129337 [lispamateur@] I find QDBM easy to use.

c.l.r posts lost?
129264 [raphael.baud] I'm reading the newsgroup, and i seem to miss some posts. Eg, I saw Nicholas Van Weerdenburg's
+ 129270 [rff_rff@re o] I'm also reading the NG and I don't notice this problem
+ 129272 [george.mosch] I used GoogleGroups to make the announcement, perhaps this has
+ 129274 [george.mosch] I used GoogleGroups to make the announcement, perhaps this has
  129303 [eero.saynatk] I've got the same issue with my webmail account: it may be the

Re: Arachno Ruby IDE 0.1.1 (for SUSE 9.1/9.2 and Ubuntu Linux)
129279 [   a@ag i. s] This version runs fine on archlinux (Previous one did not).

Finding the location of libraries
129280 [docboobenste] Greetings fellow rubyists!
+ 129282 [zdennis@mk e] If you know what you are looking for you can search the $: global
| 129285 [zdennis@mk e] def require( what )
+ 129287 [bob.news@gm ] "Claus Spitzer" <docboobenstein@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  129550 [docboobenste] Awesome! Thanks to both you and Zach.

Accessing a struct created within a C extension
129281 [djberg96@ho ] Ruby 1.8.2
129284 [decoux@mo lo] Probably I've not understood
129286 [djberg96@ho ] That's it.  Thanks Guy.

Newbie: How to delete a Rails app (Windows)
129289 [peter.cuttin] Rails looks very neat but I need to delete some of my experiments
+ 129359 [balcer@fu ur] What gems has to do with application. If you want to delete app
| 129363 [peter.cuttin] Today.  there doesnt seem to be a problem.sorry.
| 129366 [rampant@gm i] That'll be because you turned your somputer off overnight - same
+ 129362 [rampant@gm i] If you are on XP and you can't delete a folder, it is probably XP
  129373 [caiot1@ib st] The process may be running. XP don't let you delete something which is
  129380 [peter.cuttin] yes the switching off may have helped (will try logging off next time
  + 129384 [tanner.burso] Your webserver should also be running (which could also have the files
  | 129386 [rampant@gm i] It happens when the flder apperas empty too.
  | + 129387 [rampant@gm i] ...
  | + 129666 [  eg@jn .j k] This has been my experience with Windows 2000 and Windows XP as well.
  |   129669 [Tim.Ferrell@] Explorer in Windows XP has a definite problem releasing file handles...
  + 129458 [niklas@ka i.] It tells you which process has locked a particular file or folder.

Re: [QUIZ] To Excel (#17)
129293 [graham@in a.] one of the
+ 129294 [zdennis@mk e] Answers aren't posted until Sunday. Unless someone has a question or are
| 129297 [agorilla@gm ] Sunday was two days ago, this is from last Friday.
| 129300 [zdennis@mk e] Boy how time flies...it's february already!! sheesh. Sorry Graham...my
| 129302 [agorilla@gm ] hehe, you don't want to know what year it is then ;)
| 129306 [zdennis@mk e] if i dont ask, you cant tell =)
| 129309 [james@gr yp ] I'll be disappointed if you DON'T do it.
+ 129304 [glenn.parker] It looked too much like real work.  :)
| 129308 [james@gr yp ] I suspect this was my mistake.  Should have disguised it better.
| 129317 [martindemell] I found it interesting too, I've just been swamped with *real* real work
+ 129313 [james@gr yp ] It's not too difficult, in my opinion.  We've done much harder.
+ 129374 [chneukirchen] Well, here is my try.  I wonder if that does it?
  129398 [james@gr yp ] Very interesting concept.  You dropped the "familiar format" idea, but
  129407 [chneukirchen] Well, I never seriously used spreadsheets, and I don't think the
  129409 [james@gr yp ] You are exactly right.  Those are the advantages I was speaking of.

IBM developerWorks article about Cerise
129295 [koen.vervloe] Today IBM developerWorks published an article of me about deploying a

MetaRuby, Ruby2C, and related projects
129296 [pat.eyler@gm] At our last Seattle.rb meeting (and on his blog) Ryan Davis has

Ruby concepts
129301 [joevandyk@gm] I understand C++ programming concepts (i.e. Classes, generics, etc). pretty well
+ 129323 [assaph@gm il] If you have enough time, try "Structure and Interpretation of Computer
+ 129335 [bob.news@gm ] "Joe Van Dyk" <joevandyk@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 129401 [dido.sevilla] Reflection -- The ability to perform introspection on an object
+ 129792 [matju@sy pa ] The first three concepts aren't particularly Ruby-ish, they're more
  + 129810 [ksibilev@be ] $ irb
  + 129823 [matz@ru y- a] I think you mean something more than "local_variables" method.

Requiring in a Java-like Import Way
129307 [zdennis@mk e] Since Navindra wanted to know how-to handle java-like imports I've
+ 129321 [navindra@cs ] That's actually neat...  thanks.
+ 129336 [bob.news@gm ] "Zach Dennis" <zdennis@mktec.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  129338 [zdennis@mk e] Ah...yes. thx

[ANN] Wee 0.7.0 + Tutorial Videos
129316 [mneumann@nt ] Wee 0.7.0 is out! In addition, I've recorded three tutorial sessions (screen
+ 129354 [ksibilev@be ] I'm playing with the wee and so far it looks very interesting. I hope
| 129365 [mneumann@nt ] Thanks. Either your patch solves this, or put a require
+ 129433 [ljz@as as .c] Thank you for all your great work on wee.
  129437 [mneumann@nt ] First argument of app_for is the root-component class, not an object
  129439 [ljz@as as .c] Thank you very much ... but sadly, I did this and got the same error
  129468 [mneumann@nt ] ruby -rubygems  -e 'require "wee"; p Wee::Md5IdGenerator'
  129559 [ljz@as as .c] -e:1: uninitialized constant Wee::Md5IdGenerator (NameError)

mkmf.rb Documentation
129319 [ruby@br an s] does there exist a mkmf.rb documentation except for the page in the pickaxe? The code is not very readable and I have found nothing so far?
+ 129343 [steven.jenki] It's not exactly what you asked, but have you seen
+ 129344 [cmills@fr es] Brian,
  129346 [cmills@fr es] s/you cleaverly/you can cleverly/

Re: [SOLUTION] To Excel (#17)
129324 [james@gr yp ] This will probably get me some hate mail from people who like pretty
129424 [spam@sp m. p] Great!  So the Ruby quiz has something that even a COBOL code-grinder like
129427 [james@gr yp ] There are some nice ideas in this solution.  Especially this class.  I

optparse problem
129325 [scott_mccask] require 'optparse'
129331 [assaph@gm il] the

[OT] Now that January is over...
129328 [tom@in oe he] Wow.  If this trend continues, we'll have to get a Sun E10K to run
+ 129341 [dennis@la sc] If there are any problems regarding bandwidth, cpu-, space- or other
| 129352 [tom@in oe he] Thanks much for the offer!  Contacting you off-list...
+ 129349 [docboobenste] Even though I'm glad that Ruby saw this increase in activity in
  + 129350 [zdennis@mk e] Yeah, but the point is still that more people are downloading Ruby. Who
  | 129367 [docboobenste] Oh, there are more users, I'll grant you that (I actually mentioned in
  + 129353 [halostatue@g] Well, I run a major mirror for RubyForge. This is the stats that
  + 129361 [rff_rff@re o] hei, A started drinking champagne when the bar for march/2004 was the
    129378 [martin.anker] Unfortunately the *really* interesting  information is not in the logs,

mysql-ruby help needed please
129334 [listaction@d] I'm having difficulties trying to install mysql-ruby-2.5.1 on OS X and am
129347 [lyle.johnson] OK, Matt, I really, *really* hate asking this question, but: Do you
129360 [listaction@d] question, at least in this instance - this is my first Mac and I've been on

ANN: ParseTree 1.3.3 and ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 1
129345 [ryand-ruby@z] Actual announcements are on http://blog.zenspider.com/
+ 129368 [george.mosch] This is what I 've been waiting for a LOONG time :)
| 129455 [ryand-ruby@z] You are very welcome. We look forward to your feedback.
+ 129369 [benjovi@gm .] [This is just my personal opinion, and is not meant to be mean]
| + 129370 [ruby-lists@l] not my place to say really as i'm not involved
| | + 129376 [benjovi@gm .] I understood this point. So RubyC would be a better name (i.e. a high
| | | + 129381 [michael.walt] How about PreRuby? [1] :-)
| | | | 129460 [ryand-ruby@z] Dood. Thanks. I'll have to check that out.
| | | + 129531 [ryand-ruby@z] I'm not going to play semantics here. I don't see any real distinction
| | + 129529 [ryand-ruby@z] I'm torn. On one hand I'd like to solely focus on metaruby (keep the
| + 129406 [drbrain@se m] We're only human.  Getting Ruby2C as far as it is has been a very large
| | 129412 [benjovi@gm .] I had read it, but I missed that page at the end. Sorry for that.
| | + 129532 [ryand-ruby@z] Yes, inlining and full translation of an application are two different
| | + 129542 [ryand-ruby@z] Having now read this, I officially hate you. :)
| + 129530 [ryand-ruby@z] While I respect your opinion, your statement is loaded. You admit (in a
+ 129371 [ruby-lists@l] congratulations on the release!!!!
| 129456 [ryand-ruby@z] Thank you!
+ 129377 [martin.anker] This is very cool. Would it be possible to use PraseTree for a
| + 129382 [ksibilev@be ] AFAIK, rrb project which adds some refactoring capabilities to emacs
| | 129461 [ryand-ruby@z] Whoa. You give ParseTree a lot more credit than it deserves. Ripper is
| + 129457 [ryand-ruby@z] Hrm. Not having written a refactoring toolkit, I can only speculate.
+ 129379 [glenn.parker] Care to offer any comparisons with Python Pyrex?
  + 129383 [rff_rff@re o] pyrex can use type hints, and actually usese a slightly different syntax
  + 129459 [ryand-ruby@z] I've only taken a brief look, but from what I can gather Pyrex is a lot