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SV:  Re: Library packaging
12784 [dennisdecker] Agreed! It's simple, but works. This solution would have helped me on more

scope stuff
12789 [lists.ruby-t] This morning while I was still lying in bed, I was trying to see if
12792 [rashworth@ma] What is the reference for the "pickaxe book" ?
12819 [Stephan.Kaem] Thomas. Hunt. Programming Ruby. Addison Wesley. ISBN 0-201-71089-7

Re: running Tk example (was library packaging)
12793 [Dave@Pr gm t] I just downloaded the code from the web site and ran it. It put up the
12795 [rashworth@ma] The input text is exactly as printed on page 153 of your book.

Explicitly giving block/proc binding?
12794 [kentda@st d.] Seeing the threads on blocks and scope, I was wondering if there is any
13171 [kentda@st d.] Obviously not, since there aren't any comments so far...

Deja vu?
12803 [roy@pa ix co] After years of reading people on c.l.python interject comments about Ruby,
+ 12822 [elderburn@mi] Or, some things are prophetic? :-)
+ 12890 [andy@to ls e] "Eating one's own dog food" is always good advice in technology...
  12897 [hal9000@hy e] Yes, I love that quote... who said that originally?
  12985 [andy@to ls e] Not too sure -- it's quoted in "All I Really Need to Know in Business
  12987 [jim@fr ez .o] I was at a MS Exchange conference several years ago, and the server team
  12999 [elderburn@mi] I read this aloud to the female at the next computer station and her first
  + 13002 [schneik@us i] A somewhat off-topic coffee break...
  + 13006 [jim@fr ez .o] I think my sig says it all!

units of measure
12821 [matju@sy pa ] now, so I post it in case someone wants to pick it up. It's a system so
12839 [masa@st rs g] Oh, I have same idea, too.
13177 [masa@st rs g] I put the product at

a couple of online interpreter buttons for IE5
12824 [hvrosen@wo l] That online interpreter seems like a nice thing, so I made a couple of

Floating point performance & Garbage collection
12825 [jean-sebasti] I recently came across a little performance problem I have difficulties
12830 [ale@cr ms n.] You almost got it. The reason is just what you thought it to be. It's
12838 [jean-sebasti] <Pine.LNX.4.21.0103181711090.22091-100000@crimson.propagation.net>,
12912 [matju@sy pa ] If Fixnums were constrained to the -2**29..(2**29-1) range, it would
12920 [jean-sebasti] There is a single precision float class in Ruby ?
12966 [matju@sy pa ] no
12975 [jean-sebasti] and speed
13239 [matju@sy pa ] You could try designing an hybrid model... For example, if some resource

Volunteer Board Members Wanted for the Plex86 Software Foundation
12827 [keith@ca al ] Volunteer Board Members Wanted for the Plex86 Software Foundation

converting a string to a class
12829 [dae_alt3@ju ] I want to concatenate strings which
12831 [ale@cr ms n.] I'm not entirely sure what you're after based on your description, but I
+ 12835 [ppladijs@ca ] I'm not very sure what you mean. I guess you want
+ 12841 [dae_alt3@ju ] My original subject line wasn't very accurate.
  + 12842 [rise@kn ve y] eval "p \"\#\{self.#{method}\}\""
  + 12847 [ryand-ruby@z] I _think_ what you are looking for in Object#send, it allows you to tell

Porting to MetaRuby 0.6
12832 [matju@sy pa ] Here is the list of changes in the programming interface of MetaRuby; they

MetaRuby 0.6
12833 [matju@sy pa ] MetaRuby 0.6

ruby concepts
12834 [dae_alt3@ju ] #conceptual questions abound
+ 12836 [ppladijs@ca ] The explanation is a bit informal, though...
+ 12837 [johann@ph si] Well, for Bar and Foo, you don't seem to understand the semantics

Looking for a decent compression scheme
12840 [Dave@Pr gm t] I want to implement a compression scheme for some text, and I want to
+ 12843 [elderburn@mi] The Unisys patent, I believe, prevents the use of LZW in _any_ distributed
| 12846 [Dave@Pr gm t] Thanks, but I've been there. I'm looking for a scheme that can be done
| 12851 [spwhite@ch r] This is the best known compression algorithm. Here it is in Ruby...
+ 12844 [matju@sy pa ] Wait 2 more years and the patent will expire. Unisys/IBM never
+ 12850 [feldt@ce ch ] If you haven't checked this page out you might find something useful
+ 12852 [neumann@s- i] bzip2 uses BWT (I don't recall what that stands for).
  12853 [feldt@ce ch ] BWT is Burrows-Wheeler transform.
  + 12875 [mdavis@se ai] I would be interested in the source code.
  + 12876 [neumann@s- i] The source is below.
    12884 [mdavis@se ai] What are rle_compress() and rle_decompress() supposed do?   Is it true that
    12887 [neumann@s- i] rle_compress and rle_decompress was a quick hack of RLE (run length encoding) compression.
    12891 [petemcbreen@] Dave,
    12893 [Dave@Pr gm t] I hadn't heard of it. Thanks!

problem with cvs access
12854 [max@ma va co] What did I do wrong?
12857 [matz@ze ab t] It's "anonymous", not "guest".

When will the Stable snapshot become ruby 1.6.3?
12855 [lars_holowko] By sheer chance I tried to compile the so called stable snapshop on HP-UX 11
12856 [matz@ze ab t] I'm working on it right now.  It will be released today.

Porting to Mac possible?
12858 [luigi.ballab] I started playing with Ruby on my Linux and WinNT boxes at work, and I
12862 [matz@ze ab t] Ruby 1.1c9 could be compiled on Mac using MPW.  Since then, Ruby has

SWIG and Ruby
12859 [luigi.ballab] I'm cross-posting this to both interested lists, so I guess I'll apologize
12860 [feldt@ce ch ] Ruby is supported in latest Swig distributions.

bug in Socket.getservbyname and Socket.getaddrinfo?
12861 [tammo.freese] Socket.getservbyname seems not to find http.
+ 12864 [Dave@Pr gm t] My guess is 'http' is not in your system32\drivers\services file.
+ 12865 [matt@li ke .] Ruby just calls your system's getservbyname() function, which in this
  12866 [tammo.freese] Dave, Matt,

SV:  Re: Looking for a decent compression scheme
12863 [dennisdecker] Don't know anything about compression algorithms, but the design smells like
12869 [matju@sy pa ] So what is that jargon applied to Ruby? "Oh I guess we'll have to use...
12871 [feldt@ce ch ] So maybe we need a distinction between StreamCompressor and
+ 12933 [r2d2@ma .a c] No. The algorithm should know whether it needs the entire file (and read it
+ 13257 [matju@sy pa ] Oh probably yes.

RE: [Swig] SWIG and Ruby
12867 [ljohnson@re ] Luigi,

RAA submission bug?
12868 [hdstich@co m] just tried a submission to the RAA and got the following
12870 [matju@sy pa ] matju

Marshal.load and Bignum ( was RAA submission bug?)
12872 [decoux@mo lo] this is unrelated but
12873 [matju@sy pa ] "%x"%(123456789012345678-2788225870)
12877 [decoux@mo lo] shortlen which is false, it must return the number of short written
12898 [matz@ze ab t] Thank you!  I'll apply the patch.  1.6.4 should be released soon.

How do I send messages with SMTP with an additional name?
12874 [tammo.freese] smtp.sendmail(msg, '"Tammo Freese" <tammo.freese@offis.de>',
12878 [aamine@cd xd] SMTP-From is different from From: field of email.
12903 [sent@qu li y] In other words, put your fancy "from" information

[ANN] NQXML v4.0.1
12880 [jimm@er s. o] NQXML, a pure-Ruby XML parser (well, Not Quite), is now up to release

That's 0.4.1 (was Re: [ANN] NQXML v4.0.1)
12881 [jimm@er s. o] [Um. the subject should have read 0.4.1, not 4.0.1]
13031 [roberto@RE O] And it is nqxml not nqcml :-)
13032 [jimm@fn rd i] You are correct. The URL should read

remove me from ruby mailing list
12882 [don_wanless@] can you please remove me from the ruby mailing list.

ruby-lang site
12883 [ray@ha kf o.] Everytime I hit a link on the applications archive on ruby-lang.org I get
+ 12885 [ray@ha kf o.] seems fixed up now..must have just caught things in progress.
+ 12886 [knu@iD em ns] Just fixed.  The error was caused because of the discrepancy of the
  + 12888 [knu@iD em ns] obviously.
  + 12902 [nahi@ke na t] It's me.  I'm very sorry.  I tested SOAP-CGI-RPC-RAA

12892 [tgw@at e. et] and iterators are very useful.

Hash-Hash - behavior clarification?
12894 [crippel@pr m] I have been investigating and using Hash-Hashes and their behavior
12900 [Dave@Pr gm t] While I agree that this may be unfortunate, in what way does having
12908 [crippel@pr m] It violates the rules because of
+ 12910 [Dave@Pr gm t] a = {}		# => {}
| 12913 [crippel@pr m] Quite likely I am running a virtual version -
| 12914 [Dave@Pr gm t] All eql?'s use Object#eql? unless otherwise overridden (by Array,
| 12916 [crippel@pr m] I guess have been overriding too many eql?'s these days ...
+ 12911 [henryso@ea t] On my system, a.eql? b is false so I don't see how that breaks the rule.

differences between range and array
12895 [dae_alt3@ju ] This code comes from the online code examples for
12896 [phasis@ha an] I think it's difference in operator precedence.
12899 [jim@fr ez .o] Can you explain this?
+ 12901 [Dave@Pr gm t] Remember that method calls take parameters in parentheses. The
| + 12904 [sent@qu li y] Ah. As I've mentioned, I prefer to put parens
| + 12907 [jim@fr ez .o] Hmmm..., yes, that makes it clearer.
|   + 12909 [Dave@Pr gm t] a = 2.4/0.2             # => 12.0
|   + 12918 [hal9000@hy e] It's called "fuzzy math"... you just have to understand the
|     12950 [elderburn@mi] This was rich _and_ clever! :-)
|     + 12965 [matju@sy pa ] find / -iname '*java*' -exec rm -rf '{}' ';'
|     | 12970 [knu@iD em ns] That's not Ruby way.  Try this instead. :)
|     + 12976 [rise@kn ve y] within a keyboard.  If not your cup will get emptied.
+ 12924 [matz@ze ab t] This is one of the remaining pitfalls of Ruby.
  + 12927 [gnhurst@hu s] Perhaps it could be improved by making the '.' bind more
  | 12992 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm, I'm not sure whether yacc allows this.
  | 12993 [Dave@Pr gm t] For which I'm grateful :)
  + 12956 [henryso@ea t] These are flagged as Ruby warnings (ruby -w), so it might be a good idea to
    12959 [sent@qu li y] I thought about that. But then we have problems
    + 12961 [gnhurst@hu s] I don't see a problem here, because I only meant
    | 12986 [nickb@fn rd ] I think this makes sense.  After all, since we're giving the option
    | 13000 [elderburn@mi] To construe any meaning whatsoever from whitespace (or lack thereof) is
    + 12962 [Dave@Pr gm t] I've started a style guide on the Wiki, and this is one of the (two)

Native/pthreads in Ruby
12905 [petrilli@am ] I read everything I could find in the archives talking about
12925 [matz@ze ab t] The conservative GC which Ruby is using does not work well with
+ 12977 [sharpd@ci co] pthread_attr_setstackaddr();
| 12981 [marc.butler@] pthread_attr_setstackaddr();
| 13049 [matz@ze ab t] Giant interpreter lock like Python's may solve this.
| 13060 [henryso@ea t] I'm no thread expert either, but to this I would like to add that, even when
+ 13045 [petrilli@am ] I'm pretty sure you can do mark and sweep with pthreads, as Python

RubyConf 2001 update
12906 [gnhurst@hu s] RubyConf 2001 Update
12946 [feldt@ce ch ] So is there some way to find out ones Ruby number? :-)
12948 [Dave@Pr gm t] self.to_i
13010 [hal9000@hy e] LOL!

Passing multiple blocks to a method
12915 [Dave@Pr gm t] Just an observation (and I'm waiting for six people to quote previous
+ 12919 [gnhurst@hu s] neat, except the first thing I would expect ruby
+ 12922 [hipster@xs a] def mcall(*fs)
| 12939 [Dave@Pr gm t] I just like the lack of syntactic clutter of being able to omit the
+ 12967 [matju@sy pa ] also...

fork problem???
12921 [hal9000@hy e] One says "fork do" and the other says "if not fork"
+ 12928 [tammo.freese] It is not a bug.
| 13008 [hal9000@hy e] Of course!
+ 12931 [matz@ze ab t] It shouldn't.  Try
  13009 [hal9000@hy e] Yes, I see now.

animal is onion as show stopper
12923 [fritz.heinri] This p animal -> onion thing is a complete show stopper in using ruby.
+ 12926 [hal9000@hy e] Oh, come now.
| 12929 [schneik@us i] # >
| 12971 [nickb@fn rd ] "their"?  Or an 's operator?  :)
| 12972 [knu@iD em ns] Perl 5.6.x has "our".
| 13019 [tarod@ho e. ] Ah!  Cultural sensitivity!  Was that added after Larry moved to Japan?
+ 12930 [gnhurst@hu s] Not for me, it isn't...  It is part of the ruby way of doing things
| 12934 [fritz.heinri] OK i see, that is good!
| 12940 [Dave@Pr gm t] My suggestion would be to try it.
+ 12932 [matz@ze ab t] I'm not sure if it's THAT bad.  I'm willing to solve this anyway, but
+ 12945 [matt@li ke .] Perhaps I missed something, but what is the "p animal -> onion" thing?
+ 12954 [decoux@mo lo] This is this example [ruby-talk:12718]
  12968 [ben_tilly@op] Yes.

How to add accessors dynamically?
12935 [mulperi@ik .] I trying to do simple thing like this
+ 12936 [decoux@mo lo] This is expanded to
| 12937 [decoux@mo lo] eval "@bar = baz"
+ 12957 [matju@sy pa ] send(name+"=", value)

Re: email address regexp
12938 [ben_tilly@op] I forget the trick that does it, but in Perl 5.6 Ilya finally

rubicon version?
12941 [hgs@dm .a .u] ISTR that Rubicon was going into the CVS base of Ruby.  Now 1.6.3 is out
12947 [Dave@Pr gm t] That comment referred to a discussion that was going on about the
12949 [hgs@dm .a .u] Thanks.  I was expecting to find something in the change log about Rubicon
12952 [Dave@Pr gm t] No idea :)
12955 [hgs@dm .a .u] ! Well, I think that is the most authoritative answer I could ask for, as

[Ann] rbXPCOM (interface to Mozilla's component)
12942 [kom@ma l1 ac] I have just registered XPCOM interface extention library to RAA.

SV:  How to add accessors dynamically?
12943 [dennisdecker] #  class Foo  < Module

ruby compile bombs
12944 [ray@ha kf o.] Have an issue I hope someone can just point me to the problem.
12951 [decoux@mo lo] username_completion_function is declared in readline/readline.h, and

TextBox ListBox
12960 [ronjeffries@] Attached is a little Spike that Chet and I are doing. It is a
+ 12964 [decoux@mo lo] For these 2 points, try
+ 12973 [rise@kn ve y] I assume you mean dictionary-as-in-hash?  Looks like a convenient widget
| 12980 [ronjeffries@] At the moment, it looks like the state of Ruby/Tk is such that we
| 12982 [avi@be a4 co] Has anyone built Ruby/Gtk on windows?  I've in general found Gtk far, far
| + 12984 [ntalbott@ro ] Yes, I've written a Lapidary test runner using GTK on Windows 2000. It took
| | 12997 [elderburn@mi] If I'm not mistaken, while the "OOP-like C code", as well as Ada and Perl
| | 13001 [ntalbott@ro ] Gtk.
| | 13004 [avi@be a4 co] Do.  It's great.  Use Ruby/LibGlade from the RAA, which doesn't generate
| | 13005 [schneik@us i] #
| | 13015 [sent@qu li y] I haven't built it, but I did successfully
| | 13016 [avi@be a4 co] From where?  The link seems to be broken on the Ruby/Gtk page...
| + 12994 [elderburn@mi] Unfortunately, Gtk and Windows don't get along all that well. And, from what
| + 12995 [ljohnson@re ] Although the Ruby language bindings are still under development, they're
+ 12990 [ronjeffries@] OK, the qualifying trick didn't work ... I can't figure out what the
+ 13140 [decoux@mo lo] Use something like this (see selfi and selfi.keyListbox)

Embedding ruby in another application question #1
12963 [SAT@MU TI EC] I plan to use Ruby as a scripting language inside of a testing tool that we
12978 [SAT@MU TI EC] FYI

Win32:  Wrapper functions?
12988 [mlsemon@se a] way, I've found myself writing simple wrapper objects so I don't have to

Re: TextBox ListBox (Access to @vars)
12989 [ronjeffries@] OK, here's what's confusing us now. we have code like what's included

[ANN] Lapidary 0.2.0
12991 [ntalbott@ro ] Well, here's my first major contribution to the Ruby world: Lapidary. It's a
+ 13042 [aaron@hi ni ] How is this different from RubyUnit?
| 13044 [ntalbott@ro ] It's largely implementation, although the differences in implementation
| + 13061 [w.l.kleb@la ] sounds like a great idea!
| | 13072 [ntalbott@ro ] Well, this was tough. Obviously, runit was already taken, so I had to come
| + 13069 [w.l.kleb@la ] Recently, in a thread entitled "IT World Interview with Robert C. Martin"
|   13103 [ntalbott@ro ] know.
+ 13071 [jweirich@on ] No snide remarks here!  Just a few comments.  In looking over the
| 13074 [ntalbott@ro ] Actually, assert_equal() will work fine. Any method in Assertions can be
| 13083 [jimm@fn rd i] I haven't looked at the code yet, but wouldn't it be much more efficient to use
| 13084 [ntalbott@ro ] but
| 13087 [jimm@fn rd i] I didn't realize that. A re-read of the documentation in the Pickaxe book
+ 13107 [ntalbott@ro ] Matt Armstrong has pointed out that I had the links (partially) wrong for