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TCPSocket.new blocks other threads
127790 [christoph.he] when trying to connect to an ip address, from within a thread, that
+ 127819 [bob.news@gm ] <christoph.heindl@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 127834 [christoph.he] robert,
| 127843 [eero.saynatk] # test.rb
| 127864 [christoph.he] but you are joining the first thread (a)... that means thread b won't
+ 127868 [martin.anker] This is a serious problem! Try this code without an internet
  + 127871 [mulperi@cc h] Works ok with
  | + 127880 [martin.anker] require "socket"
  | + 127881 [christoph.he] well actually it does work.
  + 127876 [drbrain@se m] With Thread.abort_on_exception = true
    127889 [christoph.he] thanks for your reply.
    127890 [mulperi@cc h] require "socket"
    127895 [christoph.he] thanks for your reply Ville.
    + 127916 [eero.saynatk] The thing is, it seems to be a problem only on an unreachable local
    + 128056 [p_bossi_AGAI] The following script works fine on Win2K SP4.

[ann] aeditor-2.2 (future release)
127801 [neoneye@gm i] aeditor is a programmers editor. Before newyear I began from scratch.
127809 [neoneye@gm i] lypanov pointed out that the url were wrong.

[ANN] Ruby 2.0!
127803 [cpine@he lo ] Big news!
+ 127805 [tom.rathbone] Had me going for a second.. Congratulations to you both!
+ 127807 [flgr@cc n. e] Congratulations!
| 127810 [cpine@he lo ] Thanks!
| 127812 [jamis_buck@b] Okay, this has to be the coolest thread on this list in a while. :) No
+ 127816 [rff_rff@re o] congratulazioni!
| 127897 [jamesUNDERBA] Well, it's early.  There may yet be Ruby 3.0
| 127985 [Harry_Ohlsen] I'm sure that's what Chris and Kathrine will be doing quite often for
| + 128003 [jamesUNDERBA] Yes.  There will be quite a few change requests, I'm sure.
| + 128133 [zdennis@mk e] If this was /. I would give you all points possible.... =)
+ 127818 [myfirstname@] Congratulations to both of you!
+ 127846 [lyle.johnson] Congratulations on this wonderful addition to your family! I'd also
+ 127860 [martindemell] Congratulations! Note that child processes, once spawned, are
+ 127862 [premshree.pi] Heh, I was about to check for downloads. :)
+ 128162 [craig.m.mora] Congrats, Chris!  I have a child due on 14 MAR.  Hope you don't mind,

Re: Ruby 2.0!
127813 [cyberco@gm i] HHH!

[SOLUTION] Paper Rock Scissors (#16)
127817 [florgro@gm i] ...

127822 [matju@sy pa ] After "Linux Devices For Ruby", version 0.1.1, released in 2002.07, I am

Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
127824 [thomas_leitn] help

Re: rubywebdialog
127829 [snowzone5@ho] ok, slightly OT, but i just discovered your rubywebdialogs...

RDoc and blocks in class definitions
127831 [paul@lu n. e] I use an ExceptionFactory to create some custom exceptions. These

[ruby-dl] unexpected type 'N'
127848 [neoneye@gm i] My program (aeditor) works ok on my setup (ruby-1.8.1, linux).
127852 [flgr@cc n. e] I think I've been experiencing similar trouble with evil-ruby. I thought

nuby threading on threads
127856 [botp@de mo t] This is my first touch on threads, so be gentle pls :-)
+ 127857 [assaph@gm il] Sounds like you need an implementation of thread-pool.
| 127887 [bob.news@gm ] "Assaph Mehr" <assaph@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 127879 [eule@sp ce c] (In response to news:20050124005127.F2A9982B3@mx2.delmonte-phil.com by
  127929 [drbrain@se m] tlist =3D ThreadGroup.new
  127994 [botp@de mo t] To Assaph/Kaspar/Robert/Eric,

Ruby Montr٬l Users Group
127858 [matju@sy pa ] Reply (in private) if you are interested in starting a "Ruby Montr?al

Re: ruby openssl documentation
127869 [bitserf@gm i] Thanks,

Is overloading of the "! operator" possible or not
127875 [Neulinger.Ex] I'm tying to overload the "! operator", which should be possible due
+ 127878 [matz@ru y- a] No, you can't.
+ 127891 [Stephan.Kaem] Do you mean "overload" or "override"?
| 127903 [flgr@cc n. e] IMHO these terms are equivalent in Ruby. What the C++ / Java guys
+ 127920 [lists@be tr ] Further, the 1.4 Manual
  127922 [zdennis@mk e] All I had to say is wow. Could I have you on my research/debugging team?
  127968 [lists@be tr ] I would like to. But first I have to process the dozens and

[ANN] DBus/Ruby 0.1.10
127884 [bitserf@gm i] This is a bugfix release, it removes an unnecessary build-time

RMagick jpeg quality change
127886 [merke@ju it ] I recently discovered, that my gallery generating script
127997 [cyclists@nc ] According to http://www.imagemagick.org/www/ImageMagick.html#options the

A question (and answer) for the Ruby FAQ: override and overload
127892 [Stephan.Kaem] before I go ahead and post my proposal directly to the FAQ site, I
127894 [mneumann@nt ] void my_method();
127896 [Stephan.Kaem] Yes, I know that. I just suggested to have this question (and answer)

This is wierd...
127898 [sigzero@gm i] I just installed 1.8.2 to get a feel for Ruby. I tried the hello.rb
+ 127900 [joaopedrosa@] You are probably on Windows, right?
+ 127901 [jamis_buck@b] Both versions worked for me. :(
+ 127907 [as@co pu er ] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-07-29) [i386-mswin32].
+ 127908 [csaba@ph ny ] Just a simple test, to avoid unnecessary hairtearing.
+ 127911 [eban@os ri .] % ruby-1.8.2 -e 'def initialize @msg'

127899 [transfire@gm] In the upcoming release of Ruby Carats I have a little lib called
+ 127902 [jamis_buck@b] Well.... claiming that it is "basically never used" is dangerous. I've
| + 127904 [transfire@gm] I suppose, but first let me explain. It used to be called #def_attr for
| | 128089 [dblack@wo bl] `find . -name "*.rb"` | wc
| | 128114 [transfire@gm] Could you rerun with /^\s+attr\s+\:/' since attr can be used for other
| + 127930 [jeff@op nd m] You know, this is commonly called "aspect oriented programming" if I am not
| | 127952 [transfire@gm] I wouldn't exaclty call it AOP, although I can understand some analogy
| + 128086 [rubyzbibd@ub] I fully agree, unless you have access to all the source code ever
| + 128319 [transfire@gm] I've now fixed #attr to be backward compatible. The only caveat being
+ 127915 [bob.news@gm ] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 127923 [transfire@gm] Becasue that would be the exact same as 'attr :a'. What would be the
| | + 127940 [bob.news@gm ] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | 127949 [transfire@gm] this?
| | | 128041 [bob.news@gm ] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | 128238 [transfire@gm] Well, that wasn't my reasoning when I did it that way. I just thought
| | | 128277 [bob.news@gm ] "Trans" <transfire@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | + 127957 [csaba@ph ny ] That's right, but what's the use of such a method? Could you show me a
| + 130436 [gavin@re in ] def a?
|   + 130464 [transfire@gm] Nice, thanks.
|   | 130549 [transfire@gm] Oops. Except that with Ruby it's not a simple as true and false, there
|   | 130553 [zdennis@mk e] I have failed to see when using three state's is needed. Could you
|   | + 130561 [discordantus] I think he means nil to be the maybe. For instance, in the ri
|   | + 130811 [heron@jp .n ] If a set of documents need to be "approved" for
|   | + 130833 [martindemell] It'd be nice to have an operator like || that only failed for nil - that
|   |   130834 [bob.news@gm ] "Martin DeMello" <martindemello@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   |   130839 [martindemell] That's a lot more verbose, though. And personally, I've only ever used
|   + 130546 [bg-rubytalk@] Ick.  I know it's easy to add, but I really think there should be a
+ 127938 [glenn.parker] Clever stuff for golfing, and possibly useful as a way to illustrate the
| 127950 [transfire@gm] Thanks Glenn,
| 127958 [glenn.parker] I would probably guess correctly about ":a=", but not ":c?".
+ 127961 [flgr@cc n. e] Quite nifty, all that. I don't quite understand the people who think it
  128226 [transfire@gm] Thanks for the support Florian.
  + 128232 [dblack@wo bl] But think of that from the point of view of someone using the class,
  | 128236 [transfire@gm] Thanks David,
  | 128237 [zdennis@mk e] There is already a use, followed by a verb the ! signifies that the
  | 128240 [dblack@wo bl] It often does signify that, but it doesn't have to.  Matz has
  + 128297 [flgr@cc n. e] That's perl style. It does not make sense in Ruby.
    128307 [transfire@gm] Sure, but it is occasionally useful, especially when creating classes

New (?) Ruby Web Book by Bruno R. Preiss
127905 [as@co pu er ] "Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented
127939 [ruby.talk.li] I think I've seen his before, and was struck by how little Ruby there
127980 [david@sl to ] It's pretty obvious that the author has warmed over an existing book
127986 [vanweerd@gm ] Actually, it looks pretty good to me.
+ 127990 [vanweerd@gm ] Is a listing of the code examples with a link to the code.
+ 128068 [decoux@mo lo] Well, read this page

Running unit tests with rubygems
127906 [johan.nilsso] I've finally managed to create a .gemspec and successfully build/install my
127963 [chadfowler@g] Johan, can you provide a pointer to an archive of all this?  I'd like
128039 [johan.nilsso] Would it be ok if I send the built gem to you directly as an e-mail

127910 [matju@sy pa ] Just a quick note to French speakers.

Ruby WikiDocs?
127912 [wbrown@is ft] In response to the recent posts on the ruby-talk ML about where
127942 [ruby.talk.li] This is something I have on my growing ToDo list for ruby-doc.org and
127971 [johnwilger@g] The real sweet spot, of course, would be to figure out how to automate
+ 127974 [eero.saynatk] I've found that a Wiki somehow works best when unrestricted. For this
+ 128078 [johnwilger@g] I wasn't thinking quite _that_ automatic. More like: the

Complex Library Object/Class and its Interface
127914 [transfire@gm] Been beating my head against this one for far too long now, and I think
+ 127917 [kig@mi fi in] This is the first thought that entered my mind: turn the configuration
| + 127921 [kig@mi fi in] @class_ivar, that way they'd be inherited.
| + 127924 [transfire@gm] Thanks Ilmari Heikkinen,
|   127964 [csaba@ph ny ] Make those methods instance methods, but...
|   127970 [eero.saynatk] I think you may be making this more difficult than it is. What
|   128087 [transfire@gm] " I think you may be making this more difficult than it is. What
|   128120 [transfire@gm] Ugh! No, it is a ONE-TO-MANY between class and object.
+ 127931 [aredridel@gm] Sounds like you probably want to make those methods be macros,
| 127941 [transfire@gm] Aredridel,
| 127960 [vjoel@PA H. ] This inheritance will not be updated when you change the value in the
| 128119 [transfire@gm] Does seem like that's something there should be a reasonbly straight
+ 127959 [glenn.parker] What exactly do you mean when you say you "lose the definitions"?  The

Why is webrick sooo slow?
127919 [george.mosch] I just finished the first working version of the new abstract rendering
127925 [george.mosch] Whats makes this performance difference more amazing is that I used the
+ 127926 [george.mosch] Well,
+ 127928 [mneumann@nt ] hm, what are you doing that you only get 30 req/sec? On my Centrino 1300
  + 127932 [george.mosch] I hit a page with that session (reads session cookie), there is some
  + 127933 [george.mosch] Well, not only webrick is slow, so is my laptop :)
    127935 [joaopedrosa@] I'm afraid that total independence of the webservers is not possible
    129109 [ruby-lists@l] with large files the difference is theoretically
    129126 [chneukirchen] Note that for raw IO, a well-tuned server can use OS-depended calls
    129127 [ruby-lists@l] but a quick 5 minute ruby/inline job would
    129135 [chneukirchen] ruby/dl should be enough for that.

RubyConf '05
127936 [brianm@ap ch] Any news on RubyConf '05 yet?  ;-)
+ 127943 [mneumann@nt ] Hehe, and EuRuKo '05? ;-)
| 127953 [Stephan.Kaem] I vote for stating planning it. (Planning _them_ actually, although I
| 127954 [mneumann@nt ] Oh yes, Hamburg is damn cool... I am open for any suggestions. Of course
+ 127962 [chadfowler@g] I think we've got date and time figured out, but I don't want to
  127978 [Harry_Ohlsen] But no location, eh?  Sydney's nice ... any time of year ;-).
  128000 [dblack@wo bl] But no location, eh?  Sydney's nice ... any time of year ;-).
  + 128035 [premshree.pi] Damn, we should have it in India sometime. For one, there'll be more
  | 128442 [martindemell] +1
  | + 128449 [premshree.pi] Yipee! :)
  | | + 128458 [tom.rathbone] Few Qs...
  | | | 129761 [Stephan.Kaem] For the EUROKO? That would be fine for me. Haven't been to the UK for a
  | | + 128469 [martindemell] I admit, I keep waiting for someone else to start up a Bangalore RUG :)
  | |   128722 [premshree.pi] Damn, are you from Bangalore?! (I am, btw.) We should start some kinda group.
  | + 128644 [gavri.fernan] +1
  |   128723 [premshree.pi] yipee^2! :-)
  + 128081 [chadfowler@g] Aren't you all in my mind with me?  Wasn't it obvious that "time"
    128094 [jim@we ri hh] Well, obviously you were speaking four dimensionally and meant a point in
    128122 [halostatue@g] Range, not point. ;)
    + 128130 [vanweerd@gm ] Really? Why is that?
    | + 128137 [halostatue@g] A point in spacetime is a single location and instant; a range
    | | 128211 [vanweerd@gm ] Of course. I should have thought before posting.
    | + 128526 [martin.anker] Consider all Rubyists compressed in one point in space time - this
    |   128647 [r_mueller@im] Well,
    |   128673 [mneumann@nt ] Isn't that the proof that there are at least 2.3501502e+14 Rubyists out
    + 128239 [hal9000@hy e] Well, I for one will be there. Last time was some of the best thousands
      128251 [matju@sy pa ] If you use the Minkowski-Einstein principle that distance = time * speed

[Announce] JRuby 0.8.0
127944 [enebo@ac .o ] Jruby is a project to provide a Java implementation of the Ruby language and
+ 127946 [zdennis@mk e] Very very very cool. I thought this project was dead! I check it out
+ 127948 [alex@ve k. n] Wow! Like many other people, I was under impression that JRuby is dead.
+ 127983 [vanweerd@gm ] Would it be possible to make JRuby a rubygem? Maybe a simple wrapper
+ 128043 [george.mosch] Thank you for this release!
+ 128055 [lyndon.samso] This is excellent news, now we need a volunteer to implement a j2ee
  128269 [just-for-new] are you kidding? Ever considered paying for some services?
  128273 [lyndon.samso] I dont get you, please explain.

New user questions
127951 [chris.schoen] I have been a production Perl programmer for about 10 years, and am
+ 127955 [Stephan.Kaem] Can't tell you, sorry. As far as I am concerned I tend to make the
+ 127956 [flgr@cc n. e] I can not say much about this as I'm not a Linux user by myself, but it
| 128046 [bob.news@gm ] "Florian Gross" <flgr@ccan.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 128049 [premshree.pi] Yep. Perl's OO sux0r. Ruby = bestOf(Perl, Python)
| + 128058 [rasputnik@he] Definitely, that's the seller. A lot of the gurus on the list build awesome
| | + 128065 [premshree.pi] Heh, but that's no reason realy, is it? ;-)
| | + 128194 [flgr@cc n. e] Heh, good comparison. I'm pretty sure I'll have to steal it. :)
| + 128358 [bg-rubytalk@] Does anybody know offhand if Python's OO was retrofitted?  I used Python
|   + 128371 [mneumann@nt ] Uhm, I used Python 1.5, somewhere in 1997 or 1998. At that time, not
|   | + 128373 [zdennis@mk e] If we get lucky, Gabriel Renzi will post to this topic...
|   | + 128374 [bg-rubytalk@] Oh, I know that not everything was an object up until Python 2.4 (or
|   |   128400 [jos@ca no k.] Since I thought it odd too, I asked Guido about the self parameter at an SVLUG
|   + 128381 [ruby.talk.li] Accordin to http://www.network-theory.co.uk/docs/pylang/ref_103.html
|   | 128405 [glenn.parker] Why does this description remind me of another (infamous) language... COBOL?
|   + 128482 [invalid@in a] In Python "everything is an object" from release 2.2 and the
+ 128146 [mkhan@le tr ] When I was introduced with ruby by my boss, I was using Perl for about
  + 128166 [bob.news@gm ] "Mohammad Khan" <mkhan@lextranet.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 128231 [csaba@ph ny ] Where can one get a job with such a boss??

Convert a Hash into an Array
127966 [eustaquioran] h = {"a"=>"111","b"=>"222"}
127967 [mneumann@nt ] h.to_a.flatten will do the trick.
+ 127969 [eustaquioran] THANK you very much! :-)
+ 128004 [dblack@wo bl] However, if any of the hash values are arrays, they'll get flattened
  128042 [bob.news@gm ] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 128053 [richard@zy o] Cool!  I was wondering how to convert a hash to an array, dropping the
  | 128054 [pit@ca it in] h = {"a"=>"111", "b"=>"222"}
  | 128073 [richard@zy o] Even better!  I thought there must be a method for that but my (very
  + 128676 [georgesawyer] (Wistfully) Even though 'inject' is the name in Smalltalk, I feel it were
    128681 [sellberg@go ] I don't have anything against #inject, but I could see the case for an
    + 128728 [georgesawyer] incorrect)
    | 128770 [ruby-lists@l] the main problem i've had with inject is the naming.
    | + 128780 [eero.saynatk] Well, since #foldr and #foldl are not offered, it may be better to
    | + 129011 [bob.news@gm ] "Alexander Kellett" <ruby-lists@lypanov.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    |   134037 [gavin@re in ] although I'm
    |   + 134040 [tone_hole@ya] Is not #reduce the name we're looking for?  Or is it not faithful enough
    |   + 134048 [ruby-ml@ma i] I'm convinced there were two main creators for Lisp. One designed the
    |   | 134056 [bob.news@gm ] "ES" <ruby-ml@magical-cat.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    |   | 134219 [gavri.fernan] Perfect! I'm surprised no-one thought of this before!
    |   + 135396 [matju@sy pa ] And even shorter,
    |     135413 [bob.news@gm ] "Mathieu Bouchard" <matju@sympatico.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    |     135501 [guslist@fr e] "Mathieu Bouchard" <matju@sympatico.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    + 128765 [rff_rff@re o] #fold would be better imho (even if slightly incorrect)