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^ ruby-dev summary 25373-25479
127406 [maki rubycol] This is a ruby-dev summary in these days.
127416 [flgr ccan.de] Does anybody know what is wrong with these? Are they not working
+ 127482 [timsuth ihug] See [ruby-talk:95953].
| + 127520 [james graypr] I don't think that's the "only" place.  :)  There have been examples
| | 127551 [billk cts.co] Yes, I used to believe that the accept() race condition
| + 127624 [akr m17n.org] IO#read doesn't lost.
+ 127484 [akr m17n.org] The non-blocking IO itself is not deprecated.

^ Fwd: OSCON Call For Proposals Now Open
127407 [chadfowler g] Source Convention call for participation.
127487 [andrew walro] The rubyx gnu-linux distro uses a concise ruby script to build and maintain
+ 127496 [ptkwt aracne] Perhaps you should submit a Rubyx presentation for the Linux track.  I
+ 127543 [chadfowler g] I think it would be completely appropriate and interesting.  Phil had

^ [ruby-dl] extern a global variable?
127410 [neoneye gmai] I am wrapping ncursesw for ruby.
+ 127414 [neoneye gmai] I have made some more progress.. but still I cannot access the value..
+ 127418 [flgr ccan.de] Does this work?
  127421 [neoneye gmai] No, it seems to return a PtrData instance.

^ [Ruby Forum] Ruby Jobs category
127426 [alex verk.in] Following some inquiries on this list, we have created a Ruby Jobs

^ [Ruby Forum] Problems building OpenSSL for Ruby on a Win32 platform
127427 [alex verk.in] Unanswered question from http://ruby-forum.org/bb/viewtopic.php?t=340

^ Re: OSCON Call For Proposals Now Open
127433 [david loudth] I just submitted my proposal for a 3-hour tutorial with Ruby on Rails.
127630 [vanweerd gma] Cool.

^ Ta-da list (Was: Re: OSCON Call For Proposals Now Open)
127437 [jordi bunste] Much like I did, I suspect many Ruby loving folks signed up just to
+ 127439 [sera fhwang.] I'm one of those folks. I have to say that I was quite impressed by how
| + 127441 [jordi bunste] You're right, it is fairly academic, maybe except for the fact that if
| | + 127444 [sera fhwang.] Yeah, it's a tough call, especially as we see more web apps that use
| | | 127446 [rampant gmai] Note that it isn't a case of "can't do", but more of "takes time to
| | | + 127447 [sera fhwang.] Right, I think that avoiding this trouble is part of why some people
| | | + 127466 [itsme213 hot] Or, someone smart could use Ryan's parse tree to write a translator from
| | | | 127639 [tsawyer gmai] Far too large a project for a quiz, I would think. It is interesting
| | | | + 127644 [jamesUNDERBA] Well actually, there is at least one browser that is multi-language
| | | | | + 127645 [tsawyer gmai] Very promising. I did not know IE coudle do this. Too bad IE isn't
| | | | | + 127706 [ryand-ruby z] Any macintosh browser that supports applescript (all of them to some
| | | | + 127716 [rampant gmai] Most of the interface runs on Javascript - so it wouldn't be possible
| | | + 127723 [hramrach cen] If you do not use too much javascript the site can be diplayed in links,
| | + 127451 [vanweerd gma] I've told that it's also a requirement for certain large customers-
| |   127457 [rampant gmai] Douglas
| + 127450 [jamesUNDERBA] "What web browsers are compatible with Ta-da List?
+ 127443 [rampant gmai] Nice, 7 people for each line of code :)

^ Re: [Rails] ONLamp article on Rails
127455 [curt hibbs.c] Thanks for the kind words!
+ 127460 [curt hibbs.c] It was written a little over two months ago -- eons ago in rails-time! About
| 127477 [dubois kavi.] Wonderful! Thank you! I might get through this without trowing my hands
| 127485 [curt hibbs.c] The recent changelogs for Rails say that it now works with MySQL's new
| 127583 [twa post.com] I have, it does :-)
+ 127479 [dubois kavi.] I submitted an article to slashdot with the first paragraph of YOUR
| 127486 [curt hibbs.c] Thanks!
+ 127497 [braempje net] Submit it to slashdot yourself, article authors have more authority...
| 127506 [dubois kavi.] I think that is a really good suggestion. It's easy to get an account on
| 127517 [curt hibbs.c] Ok, I'll give it a shot.
+ 127510 [dubois kavi.] Ah, it didn't take long for this beginner to get stuck ;-)
| 127516 [curt hibbs.c] The database.yml  file originally used "rails_development" as the db name
| 127521 [dubois kavi.] Thanks, Curt, restarting the web server did the trick. I should have
| + 127522 [curt hibbs.c] Luc Dubois [mailto:dubois@kavi.gr]
| | 127533 [lyle.johnson] Yes, Curt, and if your ego isn't just completely inflated at this
| | + 127647 [curt hibbs.c] I appreciate your two cents!
| | | 127685 [lyle.johnson] Ah, yes, good old Slashdot. You'll always get your assorted trolls.
| | | 127689 [curt hibbs.c] I know... I got a good laugh out of that.
| | + 127651 [martindemell] Agreed - I found myself mentally taking "how to write a good tutorial"
| + 127532 [vanweerd gma] I second that. The prose is fantastic- lean, clean, and enthusiastic.
+ 127552 [sastph sas.c] The article just got posted to /.
| + 127555 [bg-rubytalk ] And I was going to post about tadalist.com in response to how useless
| + 127560 [tom infoethe] [tom@rubyforge tom]$ tail -5000 /var/log/httpd/gems-access_log | grep
|   + 127563 [belorion gma] Arg! My project has been scooped! ;)  Looks like I've run out of
|   + 127688 [tom infoethe] [tom@rubyforge tom]$ grep "21/Jan/2005" /var/log/httpd/gems-access_log
|     127725 [belorion gma] What I find equally exciting is the number of Ruby downloads of even
+ 127556 [braempje net] I hope you like my thank you message. It will be read by thousands of

^ to_tex method for RedCloth
127459 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I didn't get a rise from the poignant-stiffs list,

^ Recovering from failure of a Rinda ring server
127464 [dido.sevilla] I'm in the process of designing a fault-tolerant distributed
127648 [drbrain segm] Yup.

^ Xpath like syntax
127465 [lgalea gmmso] curious if there is a nice ruby way to express an xpath like navigation of an
+ 127509 [tsawyer gmai] Something like this certainly would be nice. Can you think of a nice
+ 127525 [itsme213 hot] an
| + 127545 [itsme213 hot] You should treat [:countries], {:name=>"London"}... as convenient sugar for
| + 127549 [tsawyer gmai] itsme213 your Q class is promising.
|   127559 [itsme213 hot] Yes, I'd do roughly what he did to evaluate the queries.
|   127564 [tsawyer gmai] Gabriele's? Do you mean Gavins? Or is this another set of extensions I
|   127572 [itsme213 hot] My mistake. Yes, Gavins. Thanks for the clarification.
+ 127527 [vanweerd gma] I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago, and there was
| 127615 [lgalea gmmso] Actually when I posted the original question I had something like JXPath in
+ 127546 [aredridel nb] I was planning on implementing something like this this week!
  127565 [tsawyer gmai] Common wavelengths are amazing common around here :-)
  127571 [aredridel nb] I was thinking of doing that as well, so I certainly would. I was
  127574 [tsawyer gmai] Traversable mixin! That would be great!
  127577 [aredridel nb] Would a single method, traverse_component be sufficient to build an
  + 127581 [itsme213 hot] My thoughts ... suppose query was based on 2 kinds of procs, traversers and
  + 127585 [vanweerd gma] I'd like a simple addition to Enumerable. Also, maybe combine the
  + 127586 [tsawyer gmai] the

^ [Newbie] Use FXRuby to move an image on a canvas?
127472 [_ebuffer_ ho] As a learning exercise, I'm planning on writing a simple card game in Ruby,
127534 [lyle.johnson] There is no such widget in FXRuby at this time, and I'm not aware that
+ 127541 [shanko_date ] May be I am over simplifying this, but can we not get
+ 127653 [martindemell] I don't know why frameworks after Tk haven't embraced the desperately
  127704 [vjoel PATH.B] Ditto. It's the one part of Tk I miss. I wonder how hard it would be to

^ SVG::Graph
127478 [8904invalid ] Guys I have tried SVG::Graph... my goodness, this is so great.
127493 [tom.rathbone] Looks like the header from a HTTP transfer.. obviously this script was

^ Inserting a blob using the oracle driver
127490 [george.mosch] I am not experienced with Oracle and I have to insert a blob
127492 [mneumann nte] With the Oracle7/8 driver I used for the DBD::Oracle, you just had to

^ Protected instance variables
127494 [mystifier us] charset="us-ascii"
127500 [dblack wobbl] module M
127501 [mystifier us] By going with C++ convention, currently @vars are protected, new ones will
127503 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure whether it maps onto C++, but I don't think that's a
127507 [tsawyer gmai] So having them be [protected,private] (not sure which is
127515 [dblack wobbl] If you want.  Or they may just be used to store state privately.
127550 [tsawyer gmai] Okay, that makes sense for public attribute methods. Does it apply as
127554 [dblack wobbl] class C
127558 [tsawyer gmai] I see. Thanks. (And a good reason to be sure to document even ones

^ download ruby-talk postings?
127499 [martin.anker] somewhere?
+ 127561 [alang cronos] Alan Garrison
+ 127570 [ruby briac.n] You can send a mail to ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org with the following
  127576 [discordantus] It should be pointed out that there are a lot of messages. Just since

^ RubyScript2Exe and RubyGems
127505 [google erikv] Although I added RubyGems support to RubyScript2Exe, I'm not

^ StringIO <-> File repos after eof discrepancy
127511 [robert.feldt] $ ruby -v -rstringio -e 'f = StringIO.new("a\n"); p f.read(2); p
127524 [matz ruby-la] EOF flag should be cleared by StringIO#pos=().  Thank you.
127531 [robert.feldt] Yes (at least if new pos is less than the size?).

^ [QUIZ] Paper Rock Scissors (#16)
127512 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 127672 [avi.bryant g] Why use prefixes on the class names, rather than a module?  Wouldn't it
| 127680 [james graypr] It's a fair style issue you raise and you're probably right.  But, I
+ 127758 [benjovi gmx.] I would suggest that you need at least 55% to win. (45%-55% is draw)
| + 127762 [avi.bryant g] Well, how is this competition going to be scored?  A strategy trying to
| | 127764 [chneukirchen] I think the latter is more preferable, because else it's just
| | 127771 [neoneye gmai] In the bottom of this mail are my 7 bots.
| + 127793 [james graypr] Looks like we are seeing some strategies that do better than 50%
| | 127825 [benjovi gmx.] This is impossible for players which do not cheat.
| | + 127832 [flgr ccan.de] This is similar to my solution, but mine does also copy the state of its
| | + 128016 [lukfugl gmai] class RandomPlayer < Player
| |   + 128020 [james graypr] Still, it's a mighty clever trick against many strategies.
| |   | 128147 [banano.fisi.] An alternate solution to the Rock, Paper, Scissors problem.
| |   + 128188 [flgr ccan.de] Still, even in that situation you will pick an attack against a random
| + 127800 [dennis.ranke] Here is my history based solution. It tries to guess the most probable
|   127826 [benjovi gmx.] SYMBOLS = [ :rock,
+ 127770 [chneukirchen] First, congratulations to this great quiz.  It was a great fun for me
| 127797 [james graypr] Any interesting discussion occur on the channel you would like to share
| 127811 [chneukirchen] 11 o'clock and later.
| 127814 [james graypr] lypanov notes that the quiz is a bit silly as the reason many good
+ 127776 [avi.bryant g] Here's my submission.  I take no credit for the basic idea, which is
+ 127779 [jannis harde] This is my first player (Markov chain based)
+ 127784 [batkins57 gm] My 12-line solution has so far won 100% of the time against every
| + 127792 [jannis harde] # Start
| | 127796 [james graypr] Protecting yourself, eh?  That looks like a challenge.  Anyone want to
| | 127802 [flgr ccan.de] Use .freeze or the method_added etc. hooks. :)
| + 127795 [james graypr] My own was pretty much identical.  ;)
+ 127815 [jannis harde] #		   Name      Score
+ 127844 [lmarlow yaho] charset="US-ASCII"

^ Refernce objects
127513 [richard zygo] I'm new to Ruby, so I'm still learning the Ruby Way.  I'm also reading
+ 127518 [dblack wobbl] Welcome!
| 127523 [richard zygo] Thank you :)
| + 127526 [james graypr] Yes, but less Javaish and more Rubyish.  ;)  We're not a wordy bunch
| | 127530 [richard zygo] Fair enough :)  I'd shy away from it because to me (at least, at the
| | + 127535 [james graypr] names = { :james => "Gray" }  # define a Hash
| | | 127540 [richard zygo] I think my brain's been melting today!  I knew that, but somehow forgot
| | + 127539 [flgr ccan.de] hash = { 1 => 2 }
| | + 127593 [aengstrom gn] I agree :)
| |   127654 [lukfugl gmai] class Section
| |   127669 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):003:0> def x; 1; end; x = 2
| |   127996 [lukfugl gmai] Good to know. I saw the possibility in my head but had never
| + 127528 [news.home.nl] There are several things you can do (I think).
+ 127536 [flgr ccan.de] Moin.

^ Compiling qtruby
127542 [diparfitt gm] I'm trying to compile qtruby and I'm having some issues.
+ 127568 [ruby-lists l] make -k
| 127578 [diparfitt gm] Alexander -
+ 127650 [Richard_Dale] The shared library 'libruby.so' is missing, so you need to build ruby with
  + 127663 [ruby-lists l] LIBRUBY => libruby.so.1.8.2
  + 127937 [diparfitt gm] Even by recompiling Ruby 1.8.2 with --enable-shared, I still have the

^ Re: [Rails] Slashdot article - Rolling With Ruby On Rails
127553 [curt hibbs.c] Fantastic!

^ [ANN] Ruby/ManageSieve 0.2.0
127557 [andre digira] I have just released Ruby/ManageSieve 0.2.0. This is a pure-ruby library

^ Getting the version number of the ruby interpreter
127566 [kboruff opto] Is there a way to get the version number within a ruby script of the
127567 [wenn0029 tc.] irb(main):001:0> VERSION
+ 127569 [kboruff opto] Thanks! that did it. Also, thanks for the link.
+ 127587 [w_a_x_man ya] # prints lines starting at 'start' and ending at 'end'
| 127591 [vanweerd gma] That's no longer supported as of 1.8, but unfortunately gives no
| + 127595 [vanweerd gma] Did some testing, / / will operate on $_ implicitly, so that's not why
| | 127598 [james graypr] Which is exactly why the old behavior still works there.  ;)
| + 127617 [w_a_x_man ya] /start/,/end/
+ 127625 [nobu.nokada ] Note that the constant VERSION has been obsolete.  Use

^ disabling method caching
127573 [m44rt3n yaho] I am trying to compare a few algorithms, but there's a rather
127594 [neoneye gmai] 5 times is not enough to tell how much time that average is spend in
+ 127597 [alex verk.in] It's sometimes a good idea, when profiling something, to execute it once
+ 127601 [m44rt3n yaho] well, the total testing already takes half an hour, so doing it 1000
  127676 [bob.news gmx] "Maarten Boonen" <m44rt3n@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Catching TCPSocket errors
127579 [christoph.he] since i started network programming in ruby i wondered about the
127627 [nobu.nokada ] 1)
127662 [christoph.he] thanks,

^ [Rails] Installation trouble
127580 [nospam lunac] I am new to ruby and trying to install rails but I encounter some
+ 127582 [wenn0029 tc.] The 'action_controller' section suggests that it may have something to
| 127588 [nospam lunac] In fact, I was trying to install each dependency manually because I was
| 127592 [wenn0029 tc.] That's very strange.  Does running 'gem -v' report '0.8.4'?  If not, you
+ 127590 [rasputnik he] What version of rubygems and ruby ? I had some wierd errors with cvs ruby
+ 128083 [nospam lunac] I've found what the problem was.
  128101 [nospam lunac] The missing package was libdrb-ruby.
  + 128157 [adelle bulle] You might want to mention this on debian-ruby.  A similar matter was raised
  + 128160 [emschwar deb] Debian, and most distros derived from it, try to factor out
  | 128185 [halostatue g] That's a fine sentiment, but there are plenty of demonstrable cases
  + 128167 [emschwar pob] A full list of required ruby packages for manually installing
    + 128172 [emschwar fc.] Also, when installing rails, I got a NameError that ActionView::Base
    + 128186 [halostatue g] Wrong. This is not -- and never will be -- a RubyGems bug. This is
      128203 [emschwar fc.] It doesn't matter.  If the application needs a library, and cannot
      + 128205 [emschwar fc.] Okay, I peeked at the ruby install process, and this isn't likely to
      + 128212 [nospam lunac] I totally agree on this point. The error message I was getting had nothing to
      | 128215 [emschwar fc.] There is a bug open now, #286400, which requests the creation of such
      | + 128283 [ruby-lists l] i wish i could. its far from wishlist imo.
      | + 128286 [ruby-lists l] chatting to the ubuntu devels for a while brings up the following
      |   + 128287 [ruby-lists l] oh and, thanks for making the report Eric :)
      |   + 128289 [zdennis mkte] apt-get install $(grep-available -n -s package -F source -X ruby1.8 |
      + 128242 [halostatue g] Mmmm. I haven't looked at this specific portion of the RubyGems
        + 128280 [nospam lunac] You're right. It's the Action Pack that requires drb, not rubygems.
        + 128342 [emschwar fc.] At least in my case (and I believe in the OP's), it *was* during a