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Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension
12540 [paul_c@pa st] I have been beating my head against the monitor for a couple of days with a
+ 12542 [paul_c@pa st] I know it is probably bad form to reply to oneself however I just wanted to
+ 12547 [matz@ze ab t] Could you provide us the stacktrace of segfault, probably using where
  12549 [decoux@mo lo] What is missing is the source of ZipLocalEntry_new, to see how you create

Accessing caller of include or extend...
12557 [pascal@pa ca] I'm fairly new to Ruby and OO in general, but have read the pickaxe
+ 12559 [decoux@mo lo] ruby call append_features in this case
+ 12561 [pascal@pa ca] My apologies, I seem to have slaughtered the case..when...end
+ 12717 [pascal@pa ca] Using the info that Guy Decoux sent me about Module.append_features

12558 [matju@sy pa ] interrupting your hair-pulling session with the most wasteful use of
+ 12577 [crippel@pr m] Nice ...
+ 12596 [hal9000@hy e] Merci, matju... and mercy!

Re:Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension  [stacktrace]
12565 [paul_c@pa st] Matz,
12602 [matz@ze ab t] Thank you.  Normally I find a bug from this information, but this time
12631 [paul_c@pa st] Matz,

bug in String#hex and String#oct
12572 [tammo.freese] by scanning through the reference in the pickaxe book and

ruby.properties for SciTE?
12573 [Ssmoller@no ] Has anybody already seen the ruby-lexer and the ruby.properties-file for the
12953 [Roberto@lu i] Ssmoller@norcom.de says...

Re: Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension - the plot thickens
12580 [paul_c@pa st] Having played around a but more it looks like the behaviour of the module
12581 [Dave@Pr gm t] Does it ever fail if you disable garbage collection?
12585 [paul_c@pa st] Dave,

irb and CPU usage
12584 [johann@ph si] I'm finding that on Solaris irb maxes out the CPU.  It's clearly a
12644 [masa@st rs g] I find that the CPU idles in the irb session,
12658 [johann@ph si] Ah, that fixed it.  Thanks.

Who's minister of propaganda this week?
12586 [claird@st rb] Sure; Bruce "Mr. Java" Eckel says Python's his favorite language.
12625 [phlip_cpp@my] Robert C. Martin meant two things. A> If you write wall-to-wall unit tests
12667 [schneik@us i] out in *.ruby but continues on in *.python) had/has some interesting stuff
12767 [claird@st rb] ... as did the interview

Re: Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension [source] LONG
12587 [paul_c@pa st] For some reason my news account doesnt seem to like me posting attachments
12588 [schneik@us i] # For some reason my news account doesnt seem to like me posting
12616 [decoux@mo lo] It was not possible, for me, to reproduce this problem

Good book for learning Tk (w/ Ruby)?
12590 [jdonner@sc e] From Andy & Dave's book I understand it's easy to translate
12749 [nnakamur@mx ] I translated some Tcl/Tk and Perl/Tk scripts to Ruby/Tk.

FXRuby question
12593 [jjthrash@po ] I'm having trouble getting the following to work.  For some
12632 [ljohnson@re ] This is a bug that has been fixed for the next release of FXRuby, which I

Thread bug
12600 [hal9000@hy e] I noticed something the other day.
12603 [matz@ze ab t] Yes.  Thank you for finding another bug.

http page download question
12601 [imarsman@we ] I am writing a script to download webpages from a favourite radio program
12645 [aamine@dp u-] In this case what ruby is saying is all. connection is reset by
12748 [imarsman@ya ] Your explanation and help are very nice. However, the page in question is

Order, chaos, and change requests :)
12606 [Dave@Pr gm t] I've been following the 'my' variable thread with a lot of interest
+ 12608 [matz@ze ab t] <snip all great explanation>
| 12609 [hal9000@hy e] As another great Eastern philosopher (Lao Tzu) once said,
| 12626 [  ddj@km .d ] who
+ 12615 [see_signatur] As the one who started the "'my' variable thread" let me throw in my 2 cents:-)
| + 12623 [dblack@ca dl] What I find particularly compelling about Dave's analysis is that it's
| | 12633 [hgs@dm .a .u] sub("sandbox", "quarantine")?
| | 12634 [andy@to ls e] Well, I can't speak for Dave, but I rather liked
| | 12636 [hgs@dm .a .u] Any more specific refs for this -- there is an Edgeware Road
| | 12641 [andy@to ls e] Brenda Zimmerman, Ph.D., Curt Lindberg and Paul Plesk
| | + 12656 [schneik@us i] # And as another poster mentioned, Gabriel's
| | | 12657 [schneik@us i] #
| | | 12680 [hgs@dm .a .u] Maybe they just don't have it in the UK then; I used amazon.co.uk, but
| | | 12682 [andy@to ls e] Anytime...  although the PDF isn't the same without
| | + 12674 [feldt@ce ch ] Thanks for the pointers.
| + 12627 [  ddj@km .d ] the same name
| + 12660 [matz@ze ab t] I like this except that I feel name duplication like the following is
|   + 12661 [huber@al m. ] I'd really like to put my vote in for something like
|   + 12664 [gnhurst@hu s] hmm..
|   | 12668 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm.
|   | 12684 [gnhurst@hu s] That surprises me, based on your comments in ruby-talk:12599
|   | 12714 [matz@ze ab t] What I want is not exporting, but flat scope by default.
|   + 12711 [see_signatur] I think this is not a duplication of names because the semantics and
|     12713 [matz@ze ab t] I know what you meant.  But it's still messy.
+ 12617 [feldt@ce ch ] Wow, Dave, a breath-taking post. May I ask what books you've been reading

RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-02-17)
12618 [schneiker@ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-02-17)

O'Reilly book
12619 [pate@gn .o g] I'm new to Ruby (and ejoying every moment of it).  I just wanted to pass
+ 12622 [mjais@we .d ] this is very cool.
+ 12649 [snowzone@ho ] i never did get a response back when i emailed them, but that's good news.

The Ruby Way
12620 [schneiker@ju] Thanks for your last post.
12629 [jfn@en er ct] Your sarcasm really isn't neccesary.  If you give it just a little bit
12648 [snowzone@ho ] it was also the fidonet way of quoting.
12650 [schneik@us i] # >Thanks for your last post.

Strangs warning
12630 [ppladijs@ca ] The following code takes a fixnum and transforms it to a string.
12637 [matju@sy pa ] if str.size==1 then str[0, 0] = "0" else str end

email address regexp
12635 [dfung@mu ti ] i would like to locate probable email addresses in a bunch of text files,
12639 [jjthrash@po ] /\w+@\w+(\.\w+)+/
+ 12652 [rise@kn ve y] Short version: Take a look at the last example in "Mastering Regular
+ 12653 [pete@vi ya d] +> i would like to locate probable email addresses in a bunch of text files,
| 12663 [sent@qu li y] I'm not a regex expert, but that appears to
| 12665 [hal9000@hy e] files,
+ 12675 [luigi.ballab] Hmm. It matches "ballabio@mac.com" and "ballabio@tsl.uu.se", but crops
+ 12678 [kentda@st d.] ?@domain.no
+ 12753 [merlyn@st ne] Nope.  Totally your hallucination.
  12779 [claird@st rb] [109 lines of
  12780 [matju@sy pa ] If you look at Merlyn's post, you'll notice that the big regexp validates
  12815 [merlyn@st ne] Oh, how embarassing!  I posted the URL matcher, not the Email matcher.
  12958 [matju@sy pa ] Ok. And somehow, the URL matcher's email matcher is more simple than the
  12969 [merlyn@st ne] Yes, it's just the syntax to get the RFC822 payload into the URL.  It
  13066 [ppladijs@ca ] files,
  13149 [merlyn@st ne] You're wrong. :)
  13205 [ppladijs@ca ] I'm sorry. Although I had been reading the rest of the

How to access Ruby file pointers from C code?
12642 [ljohnson@re ] For my Ruby extension module (written in C/C++) I need to be able to get to

Stepping off, be back later
12643 [john_van_v@y] I had expected to be able to start Ruby programming with a lot of energy a

police warns you -- Perl is dangerous!!
12646 [see_signatur] I just read this story on Slashdot
12651 [pete@vi ya d] +I just read this story on Slashdot
12691 [elderburn@mi] The tie-in of an error caused by mis-stating a perl expression to "police

Re: Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension
12669 [paulch@me ap] I didn't consider that the problem might be OS dependent, however on testing
12671 [decoux@mo lo] Try in your source to don't mix C++-try with rb_raise()

How can I draw class hierarchy
12670 [max@ma va co] Is there a tool which can read Ruby code and visually (as GIF, PS, etc.)
12673 [max@ma va co] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

On-line CodeFest: Seeking subjects for small Ruby research experiment
12672 [feldt@ce ch ] I'm finishing a report on a Ruby tool I've developed. As one part of
12676 [Dave@Pr gm t] I'd be interested in playing :)
12677 [Dave@Pr gm t] And I also meant to send that privately.
12692 [wconrad@ya n] I'd like to do this, please.
12693 [wconrad@ya n] Did I really send that to the entire list?  Groan.  A thousand apologies to everyone.  I'll go generate some Rational Rose documents as penitence.

Ruby regex lexing
12679 [hvrosen@wo l] This is from comp.lang.python; Raymond Hettinger asks about regex lexing,

12686 [adam_thorsen] subscribe

DBC problem
12687 [ppladijs@ca ] First, thanks to the Andy for developing the Design By Contract
12741 [andy@to ls e] Paul,

Re: Strange segmentation fault problem with C++ extension [fixed]
12688 [paulch@me ap] It worked !

refactoring ruby code
12689 [pate@gn .o g] To help myself learn more about Ruby, I'm starting to translate

literal array syntax
12694 [matju@sy pa ] 42,
12695 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, it is part of the algorithm for "not needing semicolons to terminate

Keyword arguments?
12696 [johann@ph si] What's the status of the discussion of keyword arguments?  I found
12697 [neumann@s- i] I am not aware of that being in the todo list, I think matz will tell you soon.
12699 [johann@ph si] Why does that work?  I must have missed that in the specs.  That's
12701 [Dave@Pr gm t] I don't know about specs, be it's documented in our Language Reference
+ 12703 [johann@ph si] Again, kudos to you for that resource.  But, well, seeing as this is a
+ 12719 [decoux@mo lo] It's documented, see "Pseudo BNF Syntax of Ruby"

Application Facade Example in ruby (was:  refactoring ruby code)
12698 [dennisdecker] Also with the purpose of learning, I'm working on Martin Fowler's
12700 [hvrosen@wo l] I would like to take a look!

RCR: Public C APIs for accessing File objects
12702 [ljohnson@re ] Since there was no response to my question a few days back I'm assuming that
12707 [matz@ze ab t] It's OK for you to use the stuffs from <rubyio.h>.

So is Ruby's source always visible?
12705 [cl@no pa .c ] I am looking at Ruby for the first time and was wondering if I made an app
12728 [feldt@ce ch ] For windows with cygwin you might want to check out rbwrap. Its in RAA and

Library packaging
12706 [ntalbott@ro ] I have a project that I'm working on that needs to live two different lives,
+ 12708 [Dave@Pr gm t] What happens if you organize your source files into directories that
| 12743 [ntalbott@ro ] Hmmm... that'll work. I already have my directories structured like that, I
+ 12729 [feldt@ce ch ] install script changes "require 'my1'" to "require 'myproject/my1'" etc.
| 12750 [neumann@s- i] I have done it just another way.
+ 12759 [ianm@ac iv s] Would it be possible to use some sort of jar style packaging - ie distribute
  12769 [matz@ze ab t] Intresting.  Let me add it to the ToDo list.
  + 12772 [Dave@Pr gm t] Before you do, let's discuss this a bit.
  | + 12774 [cas@ex s. om] This is probably not the place to go into a big discussion of Java, but
  | | 12775 [Dave@Pr gm t] All true, but... with a typical application, I'm bringing in classes
  | | + 12777 [chadfowler@y] Actually, I believe you can throw jar files in
  | | + 12809 [cas@ex s. om] So this is more about how classes are found and loaded, than about packaging
  | + 12776 [matz@ze ab t] Of course.  I'm not in a hurry in any sense.
  |   12786 [Dave@Pr gm t] ruby  <path_to_rb>  <options>
  |   + 12791 [rashworth@ma] What is the correct procedure to run this example?
  |   + 12845 [matz@ze ab t] There's the third case.
  |     12848 [Dave@Pr gm t] Oh, but I wasn't suggesting using argv[0] to pick up the name. Using
  |     12849 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm.
  + 12778 [matju@sy pa ] I'll make a more general request.
    + 12781 [matz@ze ab t] Since both "load" and "require" are methods, not syntax constructs,
    | 12974 [matju@sy pa ] Hmmm, maybe it's entirely reproducible from inside ruby, but I really
    + 12979 [kom@ma l1 ac] If we can design new package format rather than adopting
      12983 [Dave@Pr gm t] OK, I'll confess.
      + 12996 [elderburn@mi] Ok, that explains your posts re compression :-)
      + 12998 [ntalbott@ro ] Sounds cool... just a quick warning before everybody starts using rar to
        13003 [Dave@Pr gm t] It's now called Scarf: Self Contained Archive of Ruby Files

[OFFTOPIC] Re: police warns you -- Perl is dangerous!!
12709 [spwhite@ch r] Without getting into an extended off-topic discussion, I'm from another
12712 [none@no he e] Police are not allowed to interrogate a suspect once he asserts his right to
12716 [hal9000@hy e] dangerous!!
12744 [lists.ruby-t] What a wonderful programming language we have that is able to settle
12799 [samantha@ob ] Huh?  Since when is the book open source?  As far as I known it is only
+ 12800 [rise@kn ve y] BTW, thanks guys!  It's nice to not have to carry my copy of the Pickaxe
| 12808 [Dave@Pr gm t] And Clemen's Windows Help version is great too: it has all the
| 12818 [nobody.home@] Well, Clemmens' site (www.ruby.ch) sure is a useful resource, but it doesn't
| 12820 [Dave@Pr gm t] My apologies: wrong attribution.
+ 12801 [hal9000@hy e] dangerous!!

Status of (un)freeze?
12730 [crippel@pr m] I am currently in desperate need for a freeze/unfreeze facility for untangle
12736 [matz@ze ab t] Uh, do you need it to be an extension?
12762 [crippel@pr m] Well,
12773 [matz@ze ab t] If you are going to make recursion error, I don't think it's worthy to
12826 [crippel@pr m] I whole heartedly agree with your comment about the stack-level check ...

Fw: (My) Thread bug - sync != lock/unlock
12731 [hal9000@hy e] While my ISP had major mail server problems (statewide)
12733 [feldt@ce ch ] october or november showing a bug in Queue; I don't know if it has been

ModuleModifier.rb - An interesting idea...
12732 [pascal@pa ca] ...

Re: Nonblocking Read]
12737 [Milan.Gardia] ...

12738 [hgs@dm .a .u] Has anyone written a parser for Ruby in Ruby?
12739 [feldt@ce ch ] I have one coming up but I need to work on it some more. It'll be at
12742 [jjthrash@po ] If I may ask, what does your parser allow/do?

Re: Parser? (a bit long)
12745 [feldt@ce ch ] Short answer: Parses Ruby code in a string to an abstract syntax tree
13627 [ekliao@pa be] Robert,
13631 [feldt@ce ch ] Eric,
13642 [deveiant@Fa ] [...snip...]

Where to put extensions for public access
12746 [jim@fr ez .o] I have written several ruby libs (classes) and would like for other ruby
+ 12747 [Dave@Pr gm t] Can you set RUBYLIB in your /etc/profile?
| 13012 [gnhurst@hu s] [ruby-talk:02133]
+ 12751 [dgjs@ac .o g] Isn't that what '<installation prefix>/lib/ruby/site_ruby' is for?

Undo for Arrays
12752 [matju@sy pa ] load "../samples/UndoableArray.rb"

assert_exception question
12754 [pate@gn .o g] Okay, I'm reading along between several docs and now I'm confused ...
+ 12758 [kom@ma l1 ac] The message argument is the message displayed when the assertion
| 12763 [pate@gn .o g] Thanks for the answer, but things still don't seem to work the way I would
| 12764 [avi@be a4 co] I think you want assert_exception(RuntimeError, "test failed")
| 12782 [pate@gn .o g] I tried it both ways and got the same error.
| 12802 [masaki.suket] I guess it should be RaiseException.
+ 12765 [masaki.suket] assert_exception does not check message of exception.

ANN: FXRuby 0.99.166 Now Available
12756 [ljohnson@re ] I am pleased to announce the latest "alpha" release of FXRuby, the Ruby

Tk Demo in Windows
12766 [ronjeffries@] I've been through the newsgroup and the web sites and could use some
+ 12768 [decoux@mo lo] See the message
| 12787 [ronjeffries@] Thanks ... this edit makes the demo at least try to run. However ...
| 12788 [Dave@Pr gm t] I believe that 'type' is built in to the windows command processor, so
| + 12797 [rashworth@ma] What is the correct procedure to run the Ruby example on page
| + 12804 [ronjeffries@] Using cmd /c makes it type OK but it still doesn't DO anything. Am I
| | 12823 [elderburn@mi] In the Unix world, things like ls (win=dir) and cat (win=type) are separate
| | 12889 [schneik@us i] # I've been through the newsgroup and the web sites and could use some
| | 12917 [schneik@us i] # Is there anyone out there who would like to assume 'ownership' of
| + 12805 [ronjeffries@] OK, I did
| | 12807 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ron,
| | 12812 [ronjeffries@] Then what's all that weird eval stuff in the widget demo about?
| | 12813 [Dave@Pr gm t] translation from the original Tk tests). I recoded the eval line as
| | 12817 [ronjeffries@] The join trick doesn't work on Windows (at least on my setup) because
| + 12806 [ronjeffries@] OK, I took one of the short demos, label.rb, inserted require 'tk'at
+ 12785 [hal9000@hy e] Ron,
+ 12814 [jkaurin@ho e] Hope this is what you are looking for, I translated the python example for