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^ Return from a block?
125237 [hlship gmail] I've had a couple of places where I really needed to just return from
+ 125238 [angus quovad] [Howard Lewis Ship <hlship@gmail.com>, 2005-01-06 00.11 CET]
| + 125241 [jamis_buck b] a = proc { |i| next i+1 }
| | + 125243 [hlship gmail] Thanks ... there it is, plain as day, on page 345 of PickAxe 2nd edition.
| | | 125278 [lists bertra] Sorry, where are the page numbers in the online version?
| | | 125279 [Dave PragPro] If you're looking at it online, it's probably the first edition.
| | | 125298 [lists bertra] What a surprise.
| | | 125327 [    v vsu.ru] This C code may illustrate how "next", "break", "redo" behave
| | | 125338 [lists bertra] The question was not where execution continues but what
| | | 125465 [    v vsu.ru] Sorry, I did not undestand you clearly :)
| | + 125308 [eero.saynatk] For just returning control, throw...catch should work, for returning
| |   + 125312 [gfb tonesoft] throw...catch can be used for returning a value as well, by the way. A
| |   + 125358 [sstephenson ] Another way to do it is to rescue LocalJumpError.
| |     125361 [sstephenson ] irb(main):001:0> foo {return "hello"; "this is not returned"}
| + 125293 [bob.news gmx] "Carlos" <angus@quovadis.com.ar> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 125605 [georgesawyer] By returning control to "the method," I think you mean as below. A
+ 125606 [georgesawyer] By returning control to "the method," I think you mean as below. A

^ How to close a DB connection in postgres-pr?
125244 [alex verk.in] Probably I am asking a silly question here... but maybe not too silly.
125289 [mneumann nte] Good question. Thanks! It's implemented in 0.3.3.

^ postgres-pr
125247 [erne earthli] I've installed the windows version of ruby-1.8.2 with the latest
125287 [mneumann nte] I fixed that. put a "include PostgresPR" after the requires and it
125345 [erne earthli] Thanks Michael, I'll give it a whirl and let you know how things worked out.
125373 [erne earthli] Something's still fowled up.  I installed postgres-pr.0.3.3 using gem
125398 [mneumann nte] DBI via gem is not (yet) available.
+ 125401 [nospam nospa] I think some code was added to ActiveRecord 1.3 which might break
| 125539 [mneumann nte] Not sure either. Please report if there are problems.
+ 125405 [erne earthli] Thanks Michael
  125424 [mneumann nte] Ah, okay. I think it's not bundled with the Windows-Installer, as you
  125425 [erne earthli] I haven't had a problem with smtp or gets or posts with httpAccess2 so I
  125532 [mneumann nte] Could you patch message.rb of postgres-pr with the following patch, and
  125601 [erne earthli] The p length statement yields
  125661 [mneumann nte] That sure is the problem.

^ [BOUNTY] Re: Shopping cart ...
125248 [aredridel nb] * A shopping cart
+ 125251 [jamesUNDERBA] Are there any security considerations, and what might they be?
| 125275 [aredridel nb] Should be reasonably secure, but I'd love something I can offer my
+ 125252 [sarahtanemba] Is it because Ruby a) can't handle such application, b) not ready for
| + 125256 [mneumann nte] It's for sure NOT a) NOT b) and NOT c).
| + 125276 [aredridel nb] None of the above. Just hasn't been done in anything but a one-off sort
| + 125324 [carlwork ycs] This could easily be done in Ruby.  He's just offering a bounty because
+ 125286 [rff_rff remo] ah, bounties, cool :)
| 125325 [aredridel nb] It's easy and available to everyone. Other systems would be nice, but
+ 125299 [flgr ccan.de] Not that I'm likely going to take part, but still, how would it receive

^ Ruby Install/Upgrade OS X Panther 10.3
125270 [jonathan.ott] I have Mac OS X 10.3 or Panther if you will. I am looking for
125281 [Dave PragPro] When you installed, did you install into /usr/local/bin? If so, is it
125309 [jonathan.ott] Yes, it definitely is 1.8.2 in /usr/local/bin. What does it mean to add
+ 125317 [sroberts uni] Your path is the value of the PATH environment variable. It is a list of
| 125321 [james graypr] And bash is now the default OS X shell.  See Jim Menard's response if
| 125341 [jonathan.ott] Thank you for all your help. Here is the process for future reference.
+ 125318 [ jimm io.com] The file ~/.bash_profile gets executed when you log in and the file ~/.bashrc
+ 125371 [ryand-ruby z] It is twofold. Fix your path ala the other email in this thread. You

^ Ruby design question: lazy construction of object graph containing forward references
125271 [itsme213 hot] Seeking help, Ruby gurus ...
+ 125277 [itsme213 hot] Oops, typo: should have been "..., or [x, y, ...], but lazy for y.f1".
+ 125301 [flgr ccan.de] I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something, but I'd use blocks for this.
| 125306 [itsme213 hot] laziness
+ 125320 [angus quovad] [itsme213 <itsme213@hotmail.com>, 2005-01-06 08.01 CET]
+ 125388 [assaph gmail] Here's an implementation of lazy forward references. Notice that if you
  125454 [itsme213 hot] Wow! Self-modifying code makes my head spin. It seems to almost do logical
  125768 [assaph gmail] Here's a (rather naive) implementation of what you specify. Please note

^ Re: [Ann] SiSU - document generator, "atomic" search etc.
125272 [ralph amissa] SHA1(sisu_0.1.1-0_2005w01-4.tgz)=

^ Mailing list gateway getting reportted at SpamCop
125280 [dennis lausc] during the last few days we are receiving SpamCop-reports concerning the
+ 125292 [bob.news gmx] "Dennis Oelkers" <dennis@lauschmusik.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 125875 [dennis lausc] I already used their supplied response form, to tell both the submitter
| 125880 [sroberts uni] I might be in outer-space here, but the gateway shouldn't be the first
+ 125295 [craig.m.mora] I'd like to add a piece to this puzzle.  Maybe this will help to
| 125296 [robert.mcgov] I have seen this as well, its possible. I've had to mark a few
+ 125357 [jared.RMOVE_] I don't know if this is an option for most people, but I use the newsgroup,
  125362 [sroberts uni] That would make a number of folks very unhappy, I suspect.
  125392 [jaredRMV-ric] I agree with you... I only mentioned it as it sounds like the hosting

^ HACK : Mixin in PHP5
125282 [zimba.tm gma] I've done some PHP hacking after reading all the ruby doc.

^ Slightly OT: Re: [BOUNTY] Shopping cart ...
125288 [eule space.c] I somehow do get the feeling that you have been biased negativly towards
+ 125314 [alang cronos] A likely even more offtopic question...  (total Ruby noob and list
| 125353 [khaines enig] My familiarity with Horde is not much deeper than what you just summarized,
+ 125335 [sarahtanemba] Just to rephrase it, since Web Application such as shopping cart has
| + 125340 [eero.saynatk] No.
| + 125342 [mneumann nte] Wrong! It's only that you have to install the libraries, as they are not
| + 125346 [pat.eyler gm] No, this is not really a correct statement.  Ruby has strong core
| + 125408 [martindemell] The thing is, quite apart from the language, there are a bunch of fiddly
|   125409 [sarahtanemba] In other word, it is a bit tedious to do it in Ruby, whereas in PHP
|   + 125413 [martindemell] Are you deliberately misinterpreting me? I said it was tedious to write
|   + 125422 [msparshatt y] No, in other words it's a bit tedious to do in any language. Since the
|   + 125423 [invalid inva] I'm not a Rubyist, it's the first time I post here, I'm learning Ruby
|   | 125431 [alang cronos] This is why I mentioned Horde in another part of this thread.  I'm
|   + 125447 [carlwork ycs] I know what you are saying, and I myself would have agreed with you at
+ 125376 [aredridel nb] Sounds familiar; A good example of right, or at least close, is Paypal's
  125377 [sarahtanemba] I thought it would be easier than PHP and perhaps smaller code because
  + 125378 [carlwork ycs] Not at all.  The reason is, people scratch their own itches.  Nobody has
  + 125381 [sstephenson ] Sarah,
    + 125385 [eero.saynatk] Strange shopping cart, that :)
    + 125395 [sarahtanemba] Forgive me if I gave you that impression. I was so glad that someone
      125404 [botp delmont] //Again, if I offended anyone, I'm sorry, but my real intention is to

^ What's missing? (was Re: Best ways to accelerate Ruby's popularity)
125294 [halostatue g] So ... what's missing, from your perspective?
+ 125305 [rampant gmai] Raw output from Ruby to the console is easy, but getting output to a
| + 125313 [vanweerd gma] What of eruby (http://www.modruby.org) or the cgi library?
| + 125315 [aglarond gma] r = Apache.request
|   125403 [nospam nospa] Great idea!  Very useful for debugging.
+ 125336 [mailinglists] A good reliable and fast MIME parser that supports all the MIME
  125339 [eero.saynatk] I've found www.narf-lib.org a good simple framework.

^ [SUMMARY] Cryptograms (#13)
125297 [james graypr] by Glenn Parker
+ 125302 [cedric.foll ] my solution!
+ 125414 [heron jpl.na] Late response, with a question about the solvabilty of these
| 125428 [james graypr] As I told Glenn, I was insanely busy this week and couldn't quite steal
+ 125571 [mcl-ruby-tal] [LONG POST that is short on Ruby specific content, apologies]
+ 125648 [dave burt.id] I'm sorry I didn't have time to give this a go.
  125662 [mcl-ruby-tal] Using letter frequencies really was not something we could do for the

^ FXRuby: Reading keystates
125323 [martindemell] How do I read the pressed state of the shift, ctrl etc keys from within
125332 [neoneye gmai] def onKeypress(sender, sel, event)
125351 [lyle.johnson] I would change one thing, and that is to check the event.code field
125407 [martindemell] Thanks to both of you!

^ Killing ftp connection in ruby
125329 [mithrandir20] I have a service written in ruby, which uploads large files to remote
125330 [batkins57 gm] Have you tried killing the thread?

^ Socket.new question
125347 [markusjais y] Socket.new(Socket::PF_INET, Socket::SOCK_STREAM, 0)
+ 125348 [sroberts uni] The protocol specifies a particular protocol to be used with the
| 125349 [eero.saynatk] It's to denote a particular protocol within the type. For
+ 125350 [guslist free] "An   IP  socket  is  created  by  calling  the  socket(2)  function  as

^ Konfabulator Clone Supports Ruby
125354 [curt hibbs.c] I haven't yet verified this myself (although I plan to), but I just finished
125363 [ruby-talk wh] Ruby is supported through ActiveScriptRuby

^ Using of tkextlib in ruby-182-14
125356 [markus.liebe] I have a problem in using the tkextlib extensions. I have found in the
125396 [nagai ai.kyu] Because One-Click-Ruby-Installer has standard Tcl/Tk libraries only.
125449 [markus.liebe] I'm just downloading a 8.3 version, and will have a look at it.
+ 125452 [markus.liebe] just to give a fast feedback to everyone which wants to do something
+ 125475 [curt hibbs.c] I would very much like to upgrade the Tcl/Tk support in the one-click
+ 125675 [nagai ai.kyu] Ruby/Tk is already tested with the latest Tcl/Tk8.4.9 and 8.5a2.

^ MySQL DBD now working on my Windows XP box
125359 [ jimm io.com] I've been struggling with getting MySQL working on my work box running Windows
125366 [curt hibbs.c] I'm not sure why you had to go to all that trouble... for me, I just
125380 [sarahtanemba] Not really! Is this okay or I did something wrong ..
125382 [curt hibbs.c] Those are just warning messages from RDoc when the RDoc documentation was
125384 [sarahtanemba] Thanks for the info. I guess I can just ignore them.

^ [ANN] Logtails 0.2 : a totally usable version
125367 [rb raphinou.] I'm happy to announce the second public version of logtails. This
+ 125368 [curt hibbs.c] Does this work on Windows?
| + 125387 [Richard_Dale] Yes, in principle. PerlQt has been ported to windows, and it is a sister
| + 125741 [snowzone5 ho] i couldn't get it to work, but i didn't work that hard on it...
+ 125411 [raphael.baud] No, no, I didn't think everybody put logtails' page on rubyforge as their homepage,
+ 125613 [ jupp gmx.de] It's a good idea to either make reference to earlier announcements

^ ipaddr.rb and CIDR
125369 [un swbarnes.] I don't see a way to retrieve a subnet in CIDR (net/prefix) format from

^ FXRuby: Canvas and plotting
125386 [parisnight s] I've been trying to use the Canvas widget to plot J1939 data
+ 125624 [georgesawyer] If you decide ultimately to use FXaddTimeout, I think better not queue the
+ 125635 [georgesawyer] If you decide ultimately to use FXaddTimeout, I think better not queue the

^ Re: Any bug/issue trackers written in Ruby?
125391 [steve.brumba] With luck, an English version will be available next week.

^ approach to solving a problem
125397 [rubylang usm] I can't decide how much detail to provide for this question.  I don't want to
+ 125560 [flgr ccan.de] While I'm not generally sure of what the best design for compilers or
+ 125619 [georgesawyer] Let me strongly urge you to use Divide and Conquer. Also,

^ Collecting list of most wanted libraries and apps to port to ruby
125399 [nospam nospa] I think it might be a good idea for us to collect feedback on the most
+ 125402 [bitserf gmai] +1
| + 125462 [steve.zich g] +1
| + 125654 [chneukirchen] And please make it general and flexible enough to support other
|   125665 [eero.saynatk] Working on it...
+ 125420 [rff_rff remo] if you look in the archives you could find some threads about it, mostly
| 125439 [djberg96 hot] A good place to start would be to look at the top downloads from CPAN
| 125444 [mneumann nte] I'm working on a Packrat parser, similar to XTC.
| + 125448 [james graypr] That sounds very interesting to me.  Do you have a project page?
| | 127239 [mneumann nte] Sorry for my late response...
| + 125516 [itsme213 hot] Zounds. It would have been great if Ruby 2.0 had such an extensible grammar
+ 125450 [petite.abeil] ...
+ 125451 [petite.abeil] ...
| + 125455 [rff_rff remo] ah, this would indeed be cool
| | 125480 [petite.abeil] After a quick glance, they seem to only deal with RFC822/2882 and
| | 125488 [halostatue g] Right. Rubymail and tmail are to be layered on top of Net::IMAP
| | + 125491 [petite.abeil] I see. What about TLS/STARTTLS support? Are there server side
| | | 125510 [rasputnik he] have a look at ruby-ldap, it's well-featured -and fast too,
| | + 125507 [rasputnik he] yes, and it's very good.
| + 125457 [mailinglists] No please not. Not this stupid overengineered library that tries to
| | 125459 [petite.abeil] Hmmm... don't take it too literally. What I wanted to hint at is that a
| | + 125463 [rff_rff remo] IIRC we have rendezvous implementation floating on rubyforge cherk it
| | | 125468 [petite.abeil] This one?
| | | 125471 [rff_rff remo] mh, I just recalled it, I don't know anything aboiut it.
| | + 127193 [bg-rubytalk ] mDNS / Rendezvous is at the top of my list.  Although there is a ruby
| + 125573 [se digitale-] gem install actionmailer
| | 125649 [hensleyl gma] There isn't actually any usable code in that project.  I have however
| + 125732 [lutz.horn gm] +1
+ 125467 [regexman gma] Perl's HTML::Mason - http://masonhq.com/
| 125469 [rff_rff remo] I don't know how usable is it, but maybe you can cooperate :)
+ 125481 [petite.abeil] And another one!
| 125513 [rasputnik he] That's just a crypto lib, though, isn't it?
| + 125559 [flgr ccan.de] WEBrick's Filehandler has TODOs for those. So maybe you could work
| | 125823 [rasputnik he] Cheers, but I was really looking for clientside - I'll look into Sams
| | 125839 [mailinglists] Remember that since we don't have native threads neon will block your
| | 125879 [rasputnik he] Thanks for the warning, but I'm really just after a publishing tool
| + 125576 [sroberts uni] Have you tried it?
+ 125536 [dblack wobbl] for an existing grant program to support library development
+ 125538 [jamesUNDERBA] Why ported?  Why not a list of just the top whatever apps and libs

^ Simple Graphing Library
125406 [batkins57 gm] I'm looking for a Ruby library that can generate line, bar, and pie
125421 [rff_rff remo] sis you try svg::graph ?
125429 [batkins57 gm] I looked into it, but I'd rather use PNG or some other image format,
+ 125433 [halostatue g] What about RVG? It's a Ruby library, using RubyMagick and ImageMagick,
| 125552 [sarahtanemba] There are problems for DisplayViewer with RMagick and ImageMagick for
| 125644 [halostatue g] Right; I was involved with those discussions and proposed that RMagick
+ 125434 [rff_rff remo] Well, you can, for sure, but I'm not sure if there is an automatized
  125435 [braempje net] imagemagick, runs ons windows and unix/linux
  125456 [sastph sas.c] ImageMagick will convert SVG to other image formats, but its

^ POP3 over SSL
125410 [bighead user] So I was experimenting with Net::POP3 and my GMail account. I was
125418 [decoux moulo] It's in 1.9.0

^ [RUBYGEMS] Instiki gem packaging - need help
125416 [alex verk.in] Dear Rubygems experts,
+ 125477 [alex verk.in] seems to be doing more or less OK (please email me if it's not working
+ 125483 [chadfowler g] Great, Alexey!  I installed it fine on Windows but ran into some
  125490 [rff_rff remo] and in general is nice to see that instiki gets an 'official' update,
  125495 [tom infoethe] Yup, nice to see movement here again!

^ [Long, Detailed] Re: Image decompression, eruby
125419 [eule space.c] (In response to news:a48d774d0501060737414a8a92@mail.gmail.com by
126201 [belorion gma] Okay ... so everything was working fine and dandy in my Firefox
126215 [eule space.c] (In response to news:a48d774d05011213552552e222@mail.gmail.com by Belorion)
126219 [belorion gma] Thanks for the suggestion.  My problem, it turns out, was much