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ruby2c and dynamic typing
125064 [jeffm@gh st ] How does ruby2c handle or plan to handle ruby's dynamic types? I've
125101 [drbrain@se m] We won't, not in the subset we will be translating.  If it doesn't fit
125141 [jeffm@gh st ] Thanks, with trying to work, changing jobs, study and everything else
125146 [ryand-ruby@z] not stupid at all, and something we need to work on in our doco. Thank

need some Ruby/Tk resources
125065 [ruby@3c .c m] need some Ruby/Tk resources to write GUI applications

Seeking info on keyword parameters
125066 [itsme213@ho ] Will 2.0 make the names of keyword parameters available via reflection?
125067 [matz@ru y- a] Unlike your expectation, 2.0 keyword arguments will look like
+ 125073 [rff_rff@re o] maybe I'm reading too much in this message, but did you left the idea of
| 125075 [matz@ru y- a] I assume you are suggesting Smalltalk style
| + 125079 [rff_rff@re o] sorry for being unclear.
| | 125087 [matz@ru y- a] Ah, they will be separated (unlike Python).
| | 125093 [rff_rff@re o] ah, thanks for clarifying :)
| + 125118 [pit@ca it in] I think in Objective-C and Smalltalk the method name would be "move:from:to:".
|   125137 [itsme213@ho ] "move:from:to:".
|   125189 [matz@ru y- a] Yes.
|   + 125211 [aredridel@gm] Oooh. I see great potential here. . . Selector namespaces, though. ..
|   + 125235 [itsme213@ho ] When defining a method (via def... or define_method) we need to indicate
|     + 125250 [itsme213@ho ] If the selector had keyword arguments
|     + 125255 [mneumann@nt ] Why not use blocks that change what the current namespace is?
|       125264 [itsme213@ho ] This looks nice, but how would #send determine the current namespace? Would
|       125283 [mneumann@nt ] It's not just #send. Any method call would need that information. Yes,
|       125902 [itsme213@ho ] Would
+ 125076 [flgr@cc n. e] Moin.
  125078 [itsme213@ho ] Thanks for the clarification regarding overloading, Matz. I can live with
  125081 [flgr@cc n. e] Well, I was talking about Methods in general e.g. both bound methods and
  125082 [itsme213@ho ] they
  + 125085 [flgr@cc n. e] I think that's outside the scope of the above request.
  | 125274 [itsme213@ho ] possibly
  + 125529 [bg-rubytalk@] """Read Code Composer data file
    125557 [langstefan@g] That reminds me a bit of C# attributes. Attributes are
    125592 [vjoel@PA H. ] Could be done...

Extending Ruby with C++ How-To`s
125071 [asbjoert@if ] ...
125119 [jeremy@ch os] Thanks, but I already found that.  I included a link to it in my

[ANN] QtRuby 1.0.6/Korundum 3.4 beta1/KDevelop HEAD
125080 [Richard_Dale] URIS

[ANN] Rails 0.9.3: Optimistic locking, dynamic finders, Ruby 1.8.2 compatible
125084 [david@lo dt ] Rails is now fully compatible with Ruby 1.8.2, which we advice all to

Composition or Module
125088 [greentea@fa ] Let me hear your opinions, composition or module.
+ 125090 [batkins57@gm] Module seems more natural to me, but maybe "Representable" would be a
| + 125091 [rampant@gm i] Or something like "Pretty_s" because to_s exists anyway.
| | 125094 [batkins57@gm] Well, he wants to_s so that when you run "puts Domain.new" Ruby wil
| + 125169 [rhkramer@fa ] I'm just a newbie/lurker, but I wonder why you suggest that, particulary
|   + 125179 [zdennis@mk e] Modules create a namespace for functionality that doesn't necessarily
|   + 125192 [batkins57@gm] Modules generally add functionality to another module or class.  Since
|     125208 [rhkramer@fa ] Bill (and Zach),
+ 125096 [bob.news@gm ] "Tomoyuki Kosimizu" <greentea@fa2.so-net.ne.jp> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

[ANN] Ruby/GSL 1.6.0 released
125092 [ytsunesada@y] Ruby/GSL, a Ruby binding of GSL (GNU Scientific

CRUD in ruby
125099 [p_bossi_AGAI] Have you ever needed to develop quickly some CRUD views over RDBMS
+ 125103 [khaines@en g] The desktop GUI is the piece that is missing.  One can use Rails, IOWA, or
| 125153 [p_bossi_AGAI] Yes
| 125441 [khaines@en g] Equally is a tricky word.  No.  Some definitely have more features, or are
+ 125106 [alex@ve k. n] If you don't care about what kind of GUI it is, prototyping a CRUD
  125154 [p_bossi_AGAI] I'll give it a try. Thanks

[OT] maybe of interest: ideas for optional typing in python
125100 [rff_rff@re o] well, IIRC matz was looking for ideas about optional type hints/checks

Problems with RUBY 1.8.2 and RUDL 0.8
125102 [centrepins@g] While learning RUBY a while ago I used RUBY 1.8.1 and RUDL 0.7.1 to
125608 [batkins57@gm] Yeah, this happened to me too.  It's related to the new version of
130096 [billk@ct .c ] I'm seeing this problem too.

Lisp tool(sort of not a ruby question)
125105 [berlin.brown] I may need help with this project, if you are bored and know Win32, it

ParseTree 1.3.2 Released
125107 [ryand-ruby@z] ParseTree version 1.3.2 has been released!
+ 125108 [ryand-ruby@z] *sigh*
+ 125149 [george.mosch] This looks VERY cool :) thanks for releasing!
  125151 [ryand-ruby@z] Dependencies.html

Announce SiSU - publishing for e-documents, books, libraries, relational databases
125110 [ralph@am ss ] 20050104 SiSU is released

Ruby JOBS all around the world
125114 [ mig@19 4. z] I'm a czech Ruby fan, now looking for a new job.. It's not possible to
+ 125122 [mailinglists] Yes we are more and more going back 100 years in time and start
| + 125130 [bitserf@gm i] This approach seems to work. We're primarily a C#/Perl shop, but I
| | 125132 [dido.sevilla] In which case you should try to find another place to work as soon as
| + 125152 [premshree.pi] Absolutely agree with you. Language is only a tool that one uses to
|   + 125155 [eustaquioran] on a
|   | + 125156 [premshree.pi] Very right. But I *tend* to call people who don't use dynamic,
|   | | + 125157 [eustaquioran] That's your opinion and I can't do anything about that unless say you'll be
|   | | | 125158 [premshree.pi] I have had bad experiences in the past. I used to find it terrible
|   | | | 125160 [eustaquioran] Kind of talking about religion and soccer, at least here on Brazil. :-)
|   | | + 125161 [mailinglists] Can you please give me a hint about the language you have in mind.
|   | |   + 125162 [premshree.pi] I'm a strong proponent of Ruby, I wouldn't say anything like that.
|   | |   | 125164 [premshree.pi] And just to clear things up, I wasn't very serious anyway, that's why the ";)".
|   | |   + 125163 [gavri.fernan] Resources which claim that Ruby/Python are strongly dynamically typed languages
|   | |     125165 [premshree.pi] Ruby checks for type constraint violations. Strong typed behaviour.
|   | + 125166 [mikael@ph bu] compare Java to Ruby.
|   |   + 125167 [joaopedrosa@] LOL. ;-)
|   |   | 125173 [eustaquioran] Hey. :-)
|   |   + 125172 [eustaquioran] Oh, I agree with you. They are very different.
|   |     + 125175 [premshree.pi] Heh, right you are. The kind of domain determines which languages can
|   |     + 125182 [mikael@ph bu] Good day!
|   |       + 125187 [zdennis@mk e] I dont think you need to clarify or apologize for anything. Stereotypes
|   |       | 125188 [mikael@ph bu] You have a good chance of being employed by the hugely successful Mikael
|   |       + 125196 [eustaquioran] No need for apologize. :-)
|   + 125201 [lispamateur@] Add ...alone, and I agree.
|     125202 [premshree.pi] Yes, knowledge of the domain language is _important_, but _secondary_.
|     125205 [bob.news@gm ] "Premshree Pillai" <premshree.pillai@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     125207 [premshree.pi] Yes, of course! In such cases knowledge of the language alone might
+ 125123 [dido.sevilla] Given that Ruby is nowhere near as mainstream as Java or Perl or even

error message when installing.
125115 [mittime@gm i] I am trying to install ruby on my account at school.
125231 [vjoel@PA H. ] Are you sure you don't want
125352 [mittime@gm i] Thats what I did actually-- but I just did a string replace with emacs

[ANN] Logtails 0.1
125116 [rb@ra hi ou ] I'm happy to announce the first public release of logtails, a graphical

Possible ruby bug involving threads and IO
125125 [lucas@lu as ] #!/usr/bin/ruby
125127 [wmorgan-ruby] The upshot is that certain files in /proc/ seem to hang on a select()
125129 [lucas@lu as ] true

Think I need an Array#split
125131 [lists@be tr ] ['a','b','','c','d','','e'].split ''
125133 [bitserf@gm i] I had a look, perhaps it could emulate String#split by performing an
125200 [bob.news@gm ] "leon breedt" <bitserf@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
125372 [lists@be tr ] Very nice ideas, indeed. I widened my function.

Q: Scripting WebSphere 5.1 with (J)Ruby
125134 [jamesUNDERBA] I'm on a job where J2EE WAR/EAR files are deployed on WebSphere 5.1

Re: [SOLUTION] Cryptograms (#13)
125135 [glenn.parker] ...

Rails question: changing individual attribute data
125138 [sven_schott@] I've started the tutorials on rails and I've really enjoyed it so far.
125254 [sven_schott@] Sorry about the noise. I scoured the API docs and found the answer.

Ruby Weekly News 27th December 2004 - 2nd January 2005
125140 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 27th December 2004 - 2nd January 2005

what's the Ruby way to do this?
125142 [mileskeaton@] What's the Ruby way to do this?
+ 125143 [pan@er kv en] def snippet(thought)
+ 125144 [flgr@cc n. e] def snippet(thought)
+ 125180 [mileskeaton@] Beautiful.  Thanks guys!
+ 125285 [w_a_x_man@ya] def snippet(thought)
| + 125458 [georgesawyer] This is a good way, seriously, for a Perl programmer moving to Ruby to
| | 125485 [w_a_x_man@ya] to
| | + 125505 [belorion@gm ] If you take the sentence in full context, you will see that I am
| | + 125512 [belorion@gm ] Sorry to post again so soon after my last post -- my reply box lost
| | + 125561 [discordantus] owch. Did that raise you up a notch?
| | + 125562 [flgr@cc n. e] def snippet(thought)
| |   125591 [eero.saynatk] Many things could be considered the 'Ruby Way', but none moreso than
| + 125461 [belorion@gm ] That is most certainly a precise and accurate solution, but to me the
|   125466 [rampant@gm i] Shorter too.
|   125522 [gfb@to es ft] Works differently, though ;-) -- it adds "..." to any result, while the
+ 125515 [georgesawyer] a ='The quick  red fox jumps over the lazy brown fat hog.'
  125530 [georgesawyer] To be frank, in my last message I was learning. Finally, I suggest this

RDoc::usage_not_exit bug
125148 [johan.nilsso] I believe I've found a bug in RDoc::usage_no_exit that manifests itself on
125246 [Dave@Pr gP o] Many thanks for the analysis and the fix. I've applied it i the 1.8 and

Installing ruby extensions/lib
125150 [johan.nilsso] I'd be grateful for some hints on how to install a Ruby extension library
125170 [sdate@ev re ] I use it precisely for this kind of packaging my app into a single
125825 [johan.nilsso] Took some time, but I've now tried it and it didn't work. I get the

[ANN] foxGUIb - Interactive Fox GUI Builder and Code Generator
125159 [meinrad.rech] foxGUIb is an interactive gui builder for fxruby written entirely in Ruby.
+ 125171 [lgomez@vf ne] `require__': No such file to load -- fox (LoadError)
| + 125183 [meinrad.rech] obviously ruby doesn't find FXRuby. it might not be installed on your
| + 125184 [eule@sp ce c] Have you installed the Fox GUI library successfully ? Did you try running a
| | + 125190 [lymans@gm il] Do you have any screenshots?
| | + 125191 [mrmargolis@w] I can run foxGUIb fine but I can not run the generated code.  I get an
| |   125193 [meinrad.rech] you find "FX.rb" in the directory foxGUIb/FX/fxrelease. This is my
| + 125197 [curt@hi bs c] If you have FXRuby 1.0.29 or earlier, you do a require "fox". If you have
| | + 125199 [meinrad.rech] Thanks for pointing this out. foxGUIb is currently based on FXRuby
| | | + 125220 [martindemell] FWIW, it doesn't currently work with 1.2 - I got the following (after
| | | | 125245 [maslists@co ] Looks familiar.  Had the same problem this week when playing with my own
| | | | 125262 [maslists@co ] ERROR -- FXTreeList is the same constant -- it was FXTooltip that needs
| | | + 125273 [laurent__nos] Actually it's not that big a task. I went through the same migration
| | + 125214 [mneumann@nt ] That doesn't work with RubyGems! I've installed fxruby (1.2.2). Does
| |   125217 [curt@hi bs c] If your using the RubyGems version of FXRuby, then you also need to require
| |   125221 [mneumann@nt ] Sure, I do that. I'm running RubyGems 0.8.4.
| |   125222 [mneumann@nt ] No sorry. It does not work. It loads the gem, but not the fox12.so.
| |   125230 [jim@we ri hh] Michael,
| |   125232 [mneumann@nt ] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-22) [i386-dragonfly1.1]
| + 125593 [snowzone5@ho] this isn't bad. i need to get a interface up and running quickly, and
|   125676 [nagai@ai ky ] Ruby/Tk can load Tcl/Tk script files.
+ 125194 [meinrad.rech] The wiki is probably the best place for feedback.
| + 125195 [batkins57@gm] Very well done.  The UI is well-designed, the code generator works.
| + 125218 [jim@fr ez .o] % ruby -I .:./FX:./gui foxGUIb.rbw
|   125228 [meinrad.rech] class FXScintilla is part of FXRuby and therefore i don't understand the
+ 125212 [mailinglists] Can you pleaaaase implement Drag & Drop in the Widget Tree.
  125216 [meinrad.rech] thanks for that suggestion. i didn't do it until now because it is not
  125223 [lymans@gm il] 'drag-and-drop'.

evil XML?
125174 [mark@oc we .] I changed the subject because this has really gone off topic.
+ 125176 [eustaquioran] Yeah, agree! Is the way you do things. :-)
+ 125177 [petite.abeil] Cheers,
+ 125178 [premshree.pi] Well, you can't attribute that as _XML's_ fault, can you? I mean it's
  125185 [mark@oc we .] Exactly right.  Pretty much any tool can be abused.  I'll bet it's even possible
  125204 [vanweerd@gm ] Also, document versus data markup are recognized as having different
  125219 [rasputnik@he] I think that's the clincher in a lot of the Java uses of XML.
  125225 [petite.abeil] It's started life as a data description format and is now a full


[ANN] SQLite3/Ruby 0.9.0
125198 [jamis_buck@b] SQLite3/Ruby is a set of bindings to allow Ruby programs to interact

Re: [ANN] RubyGems 0.8.4 and Rails
125203 [drejewic@lo ] error stops the installation, and Rails isn't properly installed.
125210 [jim@we ri hh] I actually saw this while helping a friend install Rails last night.  It

Ruby Data Structure Query Abstractions/Patterns
125206 [vanweerd@gm ] I've written a small ruby application that uses YAML and the
+ 125209 [petite.abeil] Not quite sure how well this would fit with Ruby, but you may want to
| + 125258 [vanweerd@gm ] Thanks. Both links are very interesting.
| + 125284 [rff_rff@re o] also, JXPath allows XPAth to be applied to generic graphs, maybe of interest
+ 125226 [bob.news@gm ] "Nicholas Van Weerdenburg" <vanweerd@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 125259 [vanweerd@gm ] I like the idea of using Ruby, and have been extending my code in that
| 125291 [bob.news@gm ] "Nicholas Van Weerdenburg" <vanweerd@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 125310 [vanweerd@gm ] That looks pretty good.
+ 125249 [sroberts@un ] This is why you might want to consider XML... then you can just USE
  125260 [vanweerd@gm ] This is looking like the most reasonable choice at the moment- though
  125265 [sroberts@un ] I don't know, what's not fun about XML?
  125268 [itsme213@ho ] Since you did not include any smileys ...
  125304 [sroberts@un ] I don't know what (3) is talking about. The syntax of XPath isn't XML.
  125311 [itsme213@ho ] is
  125331 [vanweerd@gm ] I had trouble understanding point 3, but I'm guessing your point was
  125337 [itsme213@ho ] structures

SWIG and Ruby/DL
125213 [usenet2@no p] Just thinking out loud, but wouldn't it possible to generate Ruby/DL
+ 125215 [jamis_buck@b] I'm no SWIG expert, but I should think it would be possible.
| 125240 [carlwork@yc ] Any word on when that is going to be?
| 125242 [jamis_buck@b] Not anytime soon, according to the author. Although you can follow his
+ 125227 [lyle.johnson] You might be able to get something to work for some limited cases,
  125253 [rff_rff@re o] it does not, DL is for C, not c++. IIRC a related note from the author

125229 [martindemell] I'm in the process of moving

"Parameter not optional" error using WIN32OLE
125233 [dino@no my e] Perhaps someone has run into this problem before me and can offer a solution.
125646 [vanweerd@gm ] Have you tried directly using win32ole instead of the generated

Shopping cart ...
125234 [sarahtanemba] Is there any good(secure) Ruby shopping cart program example? Thanks

Image decompression, eruby
125236 [belorion@gm ] I am working on a website with a MySQL  backend.  The site allows
+ 125239 [angus@qu va ] [Belorion <belorion@gmail.com>, 2005-01-06 00.01 CET]
+ 125290 [eule@sp ce c] (In response to news:a48d774d050105150167c9244@mail.gmail.com by Belorion)
  125307 [belorion@gm ] Yes, it should, and it is in my code ;)
  + 125316 [angus@qu va ] [Belorion <belorion@gmail.com>, 2005-01-06 16.37 CET]
  | 125319 [belorion@gm ] I just tried dumping fromfile.read to a file and then viewing the
  | 125322 [Roland.Schmi] you can try to convert the binary data to base64 and then store the
  | 125326 [belorion@gm ] I've tried that once with no success, but maybe I'll give it a shot again.
  | 125328 [belorion@gm ] I feel dumb.  the Base64 was one of the first approaches I used.  I
  + 125333 [rocioestrada] let me guess! The image starts OK but then horizontal lines start to
    125334 [belorion@gm ] That was precisely the problem!