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[ANN] ParseTree 1.3.0 Released
122895 [ryand-ruby@z] ParseTree version 1.3.0 has been released!

ruby-talk.org still under maintenance
122902 [gsinclair@so] Folks,

[ANN] RubyScript2Exe 0.2.0
122918 [pan@er kv en] I just want to say that RubyScript2Exe 0.2.0 [1] has been
+ 122927 [flgr@cc n. e] Is a change list available somewhere? I couldn't find one on the homepage.
| 122935 [pan@er kv en] It's there, really... The Download section [1] has a link to
| 122988 [flgr@cc n. e] Thanks, while this is not exactly what I was looking for it is still
| 123022 [pan@er kv en] api = Win32API.new(newlocation("file.dll"), "proc", %w(P P P P), "V")
| + 123024 [pan@er kv en] Long lines... Sorry.
| + 123032 [flgr@cc n. e] Not doing either of those though. I'm just require()ing a Ruby library
+ 122937 [itsme213@ho ] Will this support all manner of 'require'd files, including those loaded by
  122949 [pan@er kv en] Never worked with gems before...
  + 122952 [gsinclair@so] require 'rubygems'
  | + 122955 [itsme213@ho ] Will this allow nested (gem and non-gem) requires within 'progressbar' to
  | | + 122961 [batsman.geo@] require 'foo' will always load the version from RubyGems, if you're
  | | + 122978 [jim@we ri hh] If you don't care what version you get, just do a normal require.  In
  | |   122984 [itsme213@ho ] Which would have gem's loadpath manager give me the latest gem-installed
  | |   122992 [jim@we ri hh] Yes.
  | + 122968 [pan@er kv en] $ grep * -wie def | grep -wie require
  + 122969 [jim@we ri hh] require_gem does not search for progressbar.rb.  It searches for the
    + 122982 [itsme213@ho ] Do you think tt may be good to have a gem-recommended way of dealing with
    | 122994 [jim@we ri hh] Coincidently, on the rubygems-dev mailing list we just had a discussion on
    + 123248 [pan@er kv en] RubyScript2Exe executes the application, in order to trace it,
      123247 [pan@er kv en] module Kernel

[ANN] Jabber-RPC
122923 [mmirra@li er] Ever thought it would be nice to call objects located anywhere in the
+ 122944 [raphael.baud] Cool! Testing this has just been added to my todo list ;-)
+ 123010 [aredridel@gm] mkdir lib/jabber -p

[ANN] Ruby/Extensions v0.6.0
122924 [gsinclair@so] I am pleased to announce the release of v0.6.0 of Ruby/Extensions
+ 122928 [flgr@cc n. e] Same question as with RubyScript2Exe here: What was added and changed?
| 122931 [gsinclair@so] 2004-12-09  Gavin Sinclair <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au>
| 122990 [flgr@cc n. e] Thanks, I was fearing that there would be name clashes with the
| 123030 [gsinclair@so] You might be interested to know that 'extensions' is careful about
| 123034 [flgr@cc n. e] Oh, that's quite a nifty feature. Well done!
| 123037 [gsinclair@so] OIC.  Yes, when dabbling in these waters I tend to be explicit, so I
+ 122942 [batsman.geo@] Not always: in some cases the packaging task is pretty involved and can
  122948 [gsinclair@so] I meant that RPA support for 'extensions' usually lags only one day,
  122976 [aredridel@gm] And thank you for that. It took me eight minutes to package up the new

[Ann] RPA completion for bash: 12/08/04
122934 [ruby@br an s] Announcing a new version of programmatical completion for bash.
122945 [batsman.geo@] Thank you! It has just been included in the 0.2.3-4 revision.  One can
122950 [ruby@br an s] Impressive response time. Are you now a full time rpa employee ;)

Getting Rails to work on WinXP
122939 [robo@ma s. o] I'm trying to the 10min Setup video tutorial, but the video's slightly
+ 122947 [gsinclair@so] Have you tried the Windows-specific videos at
+ 123008 [vanweerd@gm ] Does rails still require mod_rewrite for pretty urls in Apache?
  123012 [tobias.luetk] Using apache you need mod_rewrite for pretty urls. If you go to
  123064 [robo@ma s. o] I've already got mod_rewrite enabled prior to installing Rails. Using
  123082 [Chris.Willia] ...

Pointer of pointer with Ruby/DL
122941 [guslist@fr e] int auth(char *user, char *passwd, char **msgp);
122965 [ksibilev@be ] msgp = DL.malloc(DL.sizeof('P'))
123042 [guslist@fr e] Works great, thanks.

count unique records
122958 [pustoi@sp ls] Is there method in ruby like "uniq -c" command in Unix ?
+ 122959 [ruby-lists@l] me bored
+ 122964 [ruby@br an s] #!/usr/bin/ruby

Apache Request Object Method Undefined?
122960 [ironsoup@gm ] /home/http2/public_html/randomimg.rhtml:7: undefined method
122987 [ksibilev@be ] document_root is the method of Apache::Server.
123078 [ironsoup@gm ] Yup, that fixed it. Thanks a lot!

Require Gems (was Re: [ANN] RubyScript2Exe 0.2.0)
122962 [james@gr yp ] Hmm, is this a good thing?  If Ruby Gems replaces the require(),
122967 [batsman.geo@] I didn't phrase that correctly. require 'foo' will load preferentially
+ 122972 [james@gr yp ] That makes a lot more sense to me.  Thanks for setting me straight.
+ 122973 [jim@we ri hh] Actually, this isn't accurate either.
  122977 [aredridel@gm] Wow. That's delightfully polite. I like it!

irb crash (1.8.2, WinXP)
122971 [itsme213@ho ] The last instance_variable_set in the following makes irb 0.9 on Ruby 1.8.2
+ 123018 [rff_rff@re o] I tried (I think I have the same setup, given that your winxp is pro
+ 123256 [sellberg@go ] I can attest that something is fishy in irb under windows (XP, SP2 if
  123260 [rff_rff@re o] there is already a bug report for it, I guess curt hibbs would love to

Overloading a module method?
122983 [dwerder@gm .] module Math
122989 [dblack@wo bl] I think what you want is to alias the old method.  super takes you up
+ 123107 [dwerder@gm .] I can call the new method now with Math.cos, but: If an other script
| 123110 [zdennis@mk e] module Math
| 123116 [dwerder@gm .] Math.cos 2
| 123117 [zdennis@mk e] module Math
| 123118 [zdennis@mk e] module Math
+ 123109 [dwerder@gm .] I found some things on the path to the solution that I wanted to share.
  123132 [zdennis@mk e] I dont see why you have to do this. Unless I understand you wrong I do
  123174 [dwerder@gm .] Yes, this works perfectly as long as you don't "load" the module

122995 [    s@xs .d ] Are there any plans to make IOWA XHTML-aware?

Shield Pattern (was Re: Freezing Variable Assignment)
123000 [vanweerd@gm ] Thanks for the inputs and code samples. They are very helpful.
123006 [drbrain@se m] I've used unit tests for this more that immutability.  Your same
123028 [flgr@cc n. e] I agree heavily with this. Specification by testing is a great way of
+ 123041 [vanweerd@gm ] I never though of actually including tests into documentation until I
+ 123050 [rff_rff@re o] +1, even if I think overloading is little different from mmd and I also
  123071 [flgr@cc n. e] I'm not sure about the specific nuances that the terms cover -- I've so

binding question
123005 [email55555@g] b = binding
+ 123007 [drbrain@se m] "name =" creates a local variable in Ruby, and you have defined no
+ 123014 [email55555@g] (1) Why it works on irb and not on "ruby pgm.rb" ?
| + 123025 [drbrain@se m] irb is written in Ruby, so it is not 100% identical to ruby itself.
| + 123035 [flgr@cc n. e] IRB wraps everything you do in eval(). It also does a bunch of other
| + 123036 [email55555@g] I am learning Tk from the book "Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk".
|   123038 [flgr@cc n. e] Yes, I'd use an Array like in your sample. Tk is a bit more chaotic in
|   123062 [ruby@br an s] Or even (Warning: Typed directly into the mail)
|   123074 [flgr@cc n. e] I'm always a bit skeptic about using .inject with in-place operations --
|   123080 [ruby@br an s] Thats obviously a matter of taste. I like this code, because I'm injecting a
+ 123039 [angus@qu va ] Because ruby determines at compile time if `x' should be treated as a

"RSS, Ruby, and the Web" is an article in this month's Dr. Dobb's Journal...
123019 [tom@in oe he] ...by Dave Thomas, may his beard never fall out!  If he has one, that
+ 123021 [pragdave@gm ] It's the hair at the other pole of my head that I'm worried about :(
+ 123044 [robo@ma s. o] meh...have to register to read it...
  123048 [jamesUNDERBA] Is it free after registration, or do you may have to register to then
  123061 [elvstone@gm ] You need a premium subscription to read the article, I think I'll just

[ANN] Jabber-RPC (fixes)
123020 [mmirra@li er] [Ok, I'll get into a versioning scheme soon, promised! just wanted to
123023 [aredridel@gm] And thanks for the amazingly fast fix.  I've got trivial jabber-rpc

Someone, Aredridel has invited you to open a Google mail account
123026 [aredridel@gm] I've been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here's
+ 123027 [carlwork@yc ] Don't mean to sound curt but can we please stop talking about gmail
+ 123152 [gbinas-o@lo ] u still have invites? could i have one if u still have?
  123167 [ruby@br an s] Could you please discuss this kind of not ruby-related threads off-list.
  123168 [binary42@gm ] I believe there is a OT thread on the Ruby forum

Something like Nuke?
123031 [steven_todd_] I looked at rails (very cool) but I was wondering if their is something
+ 123158 [onurb@xi ud ] Hopefully no.
+ 123164 [rff_rff@re o] not really like phpnuke, being based on different ideas, but msaybe of
  123181 [transami@ru ] I've never used plone. Does a web-based bulletin-board count? If so there's

Function pointer with Ruby/DL
123043 [guslist@fr e] Yet another question about this amazing library.
123079 [ttate@tt ky ] If the function_hook is globally defined variable, I mean it should be

Inheritance, mixins and initializers
123063 [johan.nilsso] I've got a question regarding inheritance, mixins, order of initialization
123065 [bob.news@gm ] "Johan Nilsson" <johan.nilsson@---.esrange.ssc.se> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 123066 [bob.news@gm ] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 123469 [johan.nilsso] That's most elegant (the "fields Foo, Bar" stuff). I still need to be able
+ 123067 [johan.nilsso] Thanks for your reply(s), I'll check them out.
  123069 [bob.news@gm ] "Johan Nilsson" <johan.nilsson@---.esrange.ssc.se> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

[SUMMARY] Crosswords (#10)
123076 [james@gr yp ] Go read all submitted solutions until you understand them.
123081 [ruby@br an s] Nice summary, thanks you again. Did you benchmark the solutions, I would be
+ 123086 [james@gr yp ] I didn't benchmark this time no.  Everything I ran was "faster than I
| 123089 [ruby@br an s] Well, you're right. I can't imagine anybody wants to solve a crossword of the
| 123091 [transami@ru ] ...
| 123092 [ jimm@io co ] Ouch. Of course, I don't plan to generate 1,000 crossword puzzles any time
| + 123095 [james@gr yp ] I suspect we're misreading those results.  I believe that's only T.'s
| | 123101 [transami@ru ] Oops. Yes, I did mean Jamis' layout.
| + 123097 [transami@ru ] Nay, nay. That's _my_ solution running your layout. Not your solution.
+ 123108 [ajohnson@cp ] Out of interest, I downloaded the zipfile of solutions from the Quiz
  123115 [transami@ru ] Thanks Andrew. I appreciate this. My solution faired a good bit better than I

Tk dialogs
123077 [mark@oc we .] How can I add widgets like TkEntry to a TkDialog?  I've written a class that
123143 [nagai@ai ky ] It is possible, but a little difficult.

Darwinports and rubygems Re: installing ruby on MacOS X
123087 [arthur8@bo r] rb-rubygems.

Timeout Idiom
123088 [Killian2422@] require 'timeout'
+ 123096 [ruby@br an s] Some little style improvements. Note that you automatically have a codeblock in
| 123161 [Killian2422@] Sorry about the (lack of) indentation. That's what I get for using
+ 123133 [vjoel@PA H. ] Here's a class I've found useful (I use a C version, as well). It avoids

Dynamic Java: Sun explores dynamic languages
123093 [jamesUNDERBA] This [0]  looks sort of interesting.   No mention of anyone representing
123098 [zdennis@mk e] Very cool, but they forgot a very important japanese man at the meeting...
123155 [balcer@fu ur] Do not blame them, they were just afraid....

Re: String#split behaves odd
123100 [iumarumohamm] what's wrong with using Array#delete ?
123103 [transami@ru ] Right. I was thinking #delete only removed the first match it came to. But no,
123106 [dblack@wo bl] Small caveat: remember that Array#delete returns the thing deleted,
123114 [transami@ru ] Good catch. Enough reason to have something for it, I think. I may add a
+ 123120 [iumarumohamm] Array#reject
| 123124 [transami@ru ] Except that takes a block. Hmm, could change reject to also accept a
+ 123122 [gsinclair@so] Array#compact
  + 123125 [transami@ru ] Fair assessment. I think I'll go this route then. (Although I'll leave #delete
  + 123131 [halostatue@g] a = %w(a b c d a b c d a b c d)
  + 123136 [dblack@wo bl] I would just as soon have things remain as they are (with the possible
    123139 [transami@ru ] I wouldn't say it doesn't communicate anything at all. Compact does make one
    123144 [dblack@wo bl] I don't think that's all there is to it.  The presence of unwanted

migrating a usemod Wiki from CamelCase to [[spaced links]]
123111 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] We have an internal usemod Wiki that prodominately uses
+ 123113 [halostatue@g] Not yet. Soon, I hope, but not until after the new year unless I get a
+ 123123 [ruby@br an s] I don't now nothing about usemod wikis, but if you can pipe the pages through
+ 123134 [cameron.mcbr] I thought Dave's rublog could grok usemod data.  I'm just reciting

Re: String#split behaves odd [Array#delete confusion]
123128 [iumarumohamm] I agree. Something doesn't seem right with Array#delete. When I first

[ANN] ruby-sphere-0.1.0 for planning astronomical observations
123130 [d_tomono@ya ] Dear All,
123138 [botp@de mo t] //I would like to announce a first release of ruby-sphere: a

Nuby: config problem on solaris--net/smtp file not found
123135 [rpardee@co c] Hey All,
+ 123145 [djberg96@ho ] I would say your sysadmin borked the installation.  I would ask how he
+ 123156 [decoux@mo lo] This is libcrypto.so.0.9.7, not md5.so, that it can't find at runtime.

[ADV] Want to Write a Book?
123137 [dave@pr gp o] I'm hoping to launch a new series of books from The Pragmatic
+ 123140 [botp@de mo t] //
| + 123142 [pragdave@gm ] The way of the book world is that folks sign up to write, then
| + 123334 [ jupp@gm .d ] Especially the 'Writing Ruby Extensions' part. There still isn't very
+ 123153 [markusjais@g] although I lack the time to write
+ 123154 [martin.anker] I want this!
| 123157 [    s@xs .d ] Then write it!
| + 123170 [martin.anker] With my current knowledge about semantic web, i could not even write a
| | 123172 [daniel@da ie] I have been extremely busy recently, however, luckily it was time spent
| + 123176 [mneumann@nt ] Stefan, did you have taken a look at Wee? Or are you using IOWA due to
|   + 123180 [    s@xs .d ] Well, Iowa is production quality, and I needed something right away.
|   | 123184 [mneumann@nt ] Sure, Wee is some steps away from production quality, just because
|   | 123208 [    s@xs .d ] The fewer, the better!
|   + 123253 [itsme213@ho ] Michael,
|   + 123258 [itsme213@ho ] Michael,
|     123573 [mneumann@nt ] (forwarded to Avi)
|     123576 [rff_rff@re o] well, if you do some live update stuff with javascript using
|     + 123577 [mneumann@nt ] okay, I'll implement it ;-)
|     | 123579 [rff_rff@re o] I just noticed that through the blog post referenced from itsme123 you
|     + 123691 [rasputnik@he] these guys never cease to boggle my mind when I try to guess how many acres
|       123725 [rff_rff@re o] even google-groups2 uses a similar interface. And even if nobody "hyped"
+ 123165 [lucsky@ma .c] I KNEW IT ! :))
+ 123210 [pat.eyler@gm] While I lack the chops to write it (which is why I want it so badly),
+ 123288 [neoneye@gm i] I think im interested in contributing to the Regexp book. I have some
+ 123376 [dga@lc .m t.] Using Ruby in Scientific Applications
  + 123377 [cameron.mcbr] yes, yes.  it'd be lovely.
  + 123384 [steven.jenki] I have a proposal in to IBM for an article for developerWorks on "Data
  + 123387 [vjoel@PA H. ] I'd be interested in reading that book, and maybe helping out with it.
  | + 123389 [dga@lc .m t.] Steven's point about SWIG is well integrated into such a book,
  | | 123441 [steven.jenki] Yes, Ruby/GSL is the one I meant. Sorry about the confusion.
  | + 123395 [ruby@br an s] +1 From me
  | | 123629 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] +1
  | + 123557 [matchbo@gm i] I'd really like to read this book - a year ago. Seriously, this would
  + 123394 [martindemell] I wouldn't mind seeing that either :)
  + 127370 [steven.jenki] Maybe we should start a wiki and see where it goes. I'll contribute
    + 127467 [benjovi@gm .] A wiki on this topic would be very interesting indeed.
    + 127468 [eule@sp ce c] (In response to news:41EFE49C.5000107@ieee.org by Steven Jenkins)
    + 127469 [rff_rff@re o] maybe start a wikibook on hieraki :)
    + 127537 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I thought Ara Howard was working on this book?

FTTreeList example?
123141 [scott_mccask] I've been pouring over FTTreeList for some time now, trying to figure
+ 123146 [lymans@gm il] FXTreeList?
| 123178 [lyle.johnson] He may be talking about the FTTreeList class from Joel VanderWerf's
+ 123235 [vjoel@PA H. ] Scott,
  123538 [scott_mccask] didn't