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^ I need an advice on formalizing address
121095 [ssk chol.nos] My company has a database with customer information (SQL Server 7.0).
121150 [jim freeze.o] 190 N 200 W
121174 [ssk chol.nos] Hmmm. I've never seen such type of address.
121176 [dga lcs.mit.] Although one is a street and one is a street address.
121177 [halostatue g] 200-55 University St.
121184 [aredridel gm] 81432-0471

^ Subtle bug: Telnet / socket / thread?
121100 [probertm nos] I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to debug the following
121101 [billk cts.co] Sorry I can't be of more help.... I just wanted to mention that
121106 [probertm nos] Thanks, Bill.
+ 121107 [james graypr] This sounds like the Threads are sharing this String resource.  Did it
| + 121108 [probertm nos] I don't think so.  The telnet object is completely wrapped in a class and
| + 121109 [sroberts uni] I had a bug recently with strings being corrupted, it was because
+ 121117 [billk cts.co] To the best of my (limited) knowledge, #send and #recv
  121151 [james graypr] My big confusing stems from both of these approaches.  Isn't one of the

^ RPA and iowa
121103 [ljz asfast.c] This question has to do both with RPA and with iowa.
+ 121105 [ljz asfast.c] the string "SourceForge" to "RubyForge".
+ 121130 [batsman.geo ] The documentation is installed under $prefix/share/doc/rpa0.0; this is
  121131 [ljz asfast.c] Aha!  Yes, what I'm looking for is there.
  121135 [batsman.geo ] All the useful information from the upstream tarball should be preserved
  121136 [bitserf gmai] Erm, who wants to write some RewriteRules using a RewriteMap to lookup
  121182 [tom infoethe] Could be done... it's a bit tricky, though, because some projects have

^ binary reading
121111 [rubytalk gma] a=File.open("c:\\1.txt")
121112 [zdennis mkte] a=File.open("c:\\1.txt")
121113 [rubytalk gma] hmm... i really wanted the binary. is there a to_b?
+ 121115 [batkins57 gm] Are you sure you want the binary?  You can use the bitwise |, ~, and &
+ 121119 [drbrain segm] I think you want to look at String#unpack.
  121138 [rubytalk gma] I looked at the unpack example
  + 121142 [hgs dmu.ac.u] - a=File.open("c:\\1.txt")
  | 121159 [rubytalk gma] 10000010 65 01000010 66
  | 121161 [batsman.geo ] It's printing the LSB first. unpack("B8") would do what you expect.
  + 121144 [bob.news gmx] "ruby talk" <rubytalk@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Question about the behavior of reopening a module and including another module.
121118 [rubyzbibd ub] Recently a colleague and I discovered that our understanding of how
121191 [pit capitain] the paper version see also figure 19.4 on page 247).
121245 [rubyzbibd ub] Thanks for the link, it certainly helps describe how it is implemented.
121261 [transami run] It is a rather fundamental problem, so is not likely to get addressed.

^ Ruby+Tk+HTML Example
121120 [takaoueda ju] The following is a simple example of how Erb can be used
+ 121302 [takaoueda ju] Change "Both of ... do not display ..." into "None of ... displays ..."
+ 121304 [takaoueda ju] Change "Both of ... do not display ..." into "None of ... displays ..."
  121384 [takaoueda ju] It seems the syntax of Ruby+Tk in Erb is more rigorous
  121409 [takaoueda ju] We can also use TkText to display the client's message
  121557 [takaoueda ju] We can also use class CGI within

^ algebra calculator ...
121121 [kh.wild wico] I do some mathematics studys at school.
+ 121125 [ruby brian-s] Look for mathomatics. Its not ruby, but its nice.
+ 121179 [unet rexx.co] The algebra package in the RAA by Shin-Ichiro Hara is *very*

^ PostgreSQL (Postgres-pr) + Rails = Unexpected EOF error?
121122 [abe_ml bozem] I'm running XP, Ruby 1.8.2RC3, Rails 0.8.5, PostgreSQL 8BetaRC3, and
121127 [rasputnik he] I had it last night for a bit, it was a bad database.yml setting.
121155 [abe_ml bozem] Thanks for the helpful instructions Dick. :)

^ immed. values, classes w/o new(), non-marshallables
121123 [lostboard200] Posted to Rubyforum, I thought I'd try here too.  I'm trying to

^ rails is awesome
121126 [rasputnik he] Couldn't help sending a big 'thank you' to DHH for Rails.
+ 121134 [david loudth] Thanks, Dick. Oh, and do stay tuned. The upcoming release (0.9)
| 121194 [halostatue g] David,
| 121196 [david loudth] Yes, this issue is that Active Record dictates you to use lower-case
| 121217 [halostatue g] Erm. SQL databases *are* case-insensitive on the names. MySQL may
| + 121225 [jamis_buck b] I'm definately not a DB expert, but I believe in this case Oracle, at
| | 121303 [djberg96 hot] In theory your are correct.  In reality, no one does this.  In
| + 121243 [david loudth] Active Record places a number of naming constraints of your database.
|   + 121247 [gsinclair so] I was suprised with Jamis's Oracle examples; I always thought Oracle
|   | + 121260 [halostatue g] That's the point -- SQL92 introduced the quoted format to specifically
|   | + 121321 [carlwork ycs] PostgreSQL does the same thing if you put the table/field names in quotes.
|   + 121262 [halostatue g] When you select the metadata from Oracle, if you have not quoted your
|     121337 [klausm0762 y] when you select the metadata from Oracle (user_tab_columns), you can
|     121339 [halostatue g] Yes. That still doesn't fix that MySQL is broken as an application,
|     121352 [    s xss.de] I wish people would stop exaggerating. Choosing the right job
|     + 121355 [batsman.geo ] I for one will keep looking for a job that suits my hammer.
|     + 121358 [glenn.parker] Of course, the right tool for the right job, but what if I handed you a
|       121393 [    s xss.de] I'd try to preserve it as a sample of craftmanship.
+ 121412 [mail miketec] yeah I only can agree. I've started learning ruby a few weeks ago and read
  121421 [david loudth] The next release is a MAJOR step forward in the speed department for
  + 121426 [mail miketec] thank you for your answer! Sounds really great! Can't wait installing and
  | 121434 [david loudth] It's already possible now, today, to taste... THE FUTURE!!!
  | 121485 [nick activeh] I just installed the beta on my Mac OS X G4 450MHz box, and I'm ecstatic.
  | 121489 [tobias.luetk] thats awesome news, nice to see that it works *that* well.
  + 121429 [lucsky mac.c] And I can't stop thinking that, somehow, a "Programming Rails, The
    + 121433 [david loudth] Be careful what you wish for... ;)
    + 121439 [rasputnik he] Rails has got the mindshare at the minute, I'd expect
      121476 [nick activeh] What would the relationship be between Struts (servlet-based) and FCGI
      121496 [rasputnik he] Well, I'll leave aside the lightweightness of Struts, I never got into it
      121499 [david loudth] That would be auto-reload.rb. I'm not using that here as it had a bunch
      121504 [rasputnik he] Sorry, by mistake - I meant for  fastcgi not modruby, should have typed

^ Ruby Weekly News 15th-21st November 2004
121133 [timsuth ihug] (NB: I fixed all the google groups links in the previous weekly news editions.
121192 [timsuth ihug] Whoops, this should be 11 December 2004. Thanks to the person who corrected
121193 [pate gnu.org] Well, if I can make the mistake in the actual announcement, not catching

^ Generalizing and Organizing Code
121153 [transami run] I am finding it difficult to properly generalize and organize my code. Perhaps
+ 121154 [dblack wobbl] I don't think I'd characterize module-wise organization as a name
| 121388 [transami run] Fair enough. I think it gets the reputation b/c of how it looks --it looks
+ 121157 [bob.news gmx] "trans. (T. Onoma)" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  121389 [transami run] Good point.

^ [ANN] Nitro 0.5.0
121160 [george.mosch] a new version of Nitro was just released.
121165 [ gm navel.gr] Btw the REST/XML dispatcher is especially intersting. With zero lines

^ adding class-methods via modules
121167 [johnwilger g] I have a module which, when a class includes the module, I would like
121238 [bob.news gmx] "John Wilger" <johnwilger@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
121269 [johnwilger g] Awesome! This is exactly why I love Ruby---not just the flexibility of
121272 [bob.news gmx] "John Wilger" <johnwilger@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Managing exectations (Re: Instiki problems)
121169 [jamesUNDERBA] I sympathize with your problems; I've had issues with various free, OSS
121171 [Ryco gmx.net] Please note that I was _not_ expecting a complete patch, immediate help or

^ Most popular wiki in Ruby seeks kind maintainer
121173 [david loudth] Okay, okay, okay. Instiki does need a new maintainer. At least a
+ 121178 [alex verk.in] David,
+ 121195 [halostatue g] I recommend *not* using YAML. In my experiences with Ruwiki, YAML support is
  121242 [ryco gmx.net] Being the one who has been bitching about it (sorry again @all), I

^ Ruby DL::Importable struct issue
121175 [khowe perfne] The ruby182-14RC9.exe (one click installer) version of Ruby breaks some DL
+ 121231 [timsuth ihug] Try "char* bp" or "unsigned char* bp".
| 121233 [khowe perfne] "char* bp" produces the same error, but with type 's' instead of type 'p'.
| 121237 [timsuth ihug] Okay, this is a bug in newer versions of the dl extension.
| 121305 [ttate ttsky.] I fixed that.
| 121309 [khowe perfne] types.rb:236:in 'encode_type': unknown type: uint (TypeError)
| 121398 [ttate ttsky.] Could you try again?
| 121423 [khowe perfne] That seems to have done it, thanks!
+ 121256 [dubois kavi.] Kevin,

^ [ANN] Net::SSH 0.5.0
121189 [jgb3 email.b] Project page: http://rubyforge.org/projects/net-ssh
121378 [guslist free] Is getting private keys from pageant (putty agent) on Windows part of
121638 [jamis_buck b] I currently do not plan to support pageant, primarly because I am not a

^ Fwd: Ruby quiz suggestion - Countdown
121190 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Fwd: Ruby quiz suggestion - Countdown
121200 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [Ann] Checkpointing Ruby applications (DragonFlyBSD only)
121203 [mneumann nte] With DragonFlyBSD (www.dragonflybsd.org) it's now possible to checkpoint
+ 121204 [mneumann nte] require 'checkpoint'
| 121211 [mailinglists] Did you any measurements how much time is saved for startup of a
| 121248 [mneumann nte] Not yet. I never had timing problems with lots of requires...
| 121253 [mneumann nte] It's not possible to restore freeride (or any GUI programm, I guess), as
| 121259 [mailinglists] Right, but you can set a checkpoint before connecting to X11.
+ 121208 [dross code-e] I'm glad there are others who appreciate BSDs. What made you interested?
  121250 [mneumann nte] In BSD in general or in DragonFly? Well, with DragonFly it's a bit like

^ How to avoid inheriting Object?
121205 [itsme213 hot] How do I create a class that does not inherit from Object?
+ 121216 [matz ruby-la] You can't.  But if you describe what you really want, it might be
| 121219 [itsme213 hot] I am creating classes to model a domain and want to start with a 'blank
| 121221 [matz ruby-la] Undefining methods may accomplish what you want.  But I think you have
+ 121218 [halostatue g] You can't. All objects inherit from Object.
  + 121229 [jim weirichh] Builder 1.2.2 is available as a gem and includes the most recent version of
  | 121257 [transami run] Nice work Jim. Builder looks quite useful and might prove useful to those
  + 121246 [batsman.geo ] Actually, evil.rb does provide objects which do not inherit from Object.
    121263 [transami run] Might we expect a real "kernelless" object in Ruby 2 ?
    121350 [matz ruby-la] No.  We are not going to abandon "single class tree" model.
    121366 [transami run] I think that's good. But you can have "kernelless" object without loosing
    + 121369 [matz ruby-la] I don't think I understand what you mean.  What does ObjectShell mean?
    | 121377 [jim weirichh] I'm guessing that ObjectShell is the ultimate blank slate.  It is the root of
    | 121382 [transami run] I do not know if there is a saying in Japanese like we have in English: "shell
    + 121379 [pragdave gma] Or have the ability to uninclude a module...
      121431 [halostatue g] I'd *love* to have that. Then I could make Transaction::Simple's
      121432 [decoux moulo] yes, and then just uninclude Kernel from a class and all classes will lost

^ override []
121206 [rubytalk gma] How can i over ride [] in a class?
121214 [gavin refine] class Foo
121234 [rubytalk gma] def = (n)
121239 [bob.news gmx] "ruby talk" <rubytalk@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ 3 Errors in Ruby Gems
121207 [mailinglists] While tracking a bug report for ArachnoRuby i found three errors in the
121285 [chadfowler g] Thanks, Lothar.  These will be fixed for the next release.

^ [ANN] Pimki
121209 [assaph gmail] ** About
+ 121270 [stoyan gmail] Take a look on [ http://bgjap.net/code/ruby/gems/ ] 0.9.1-3.gem have
| + 121277 [chadfowler g] I think we have crossed wires here. I'll send you and David a separate
| + 121375 [assaph gmail] Thanks for the links, I'll take a look at your mods later.  Have you
+ 121501 [rasputnik he] Attempting local installation of 'pimki'
  121877 [assaph gmail] There a few threads recently on ruby-gems and a ''null byte'' error. I
  122103 [rasputnik he] Thanks, saw them - I'll try the patch.

^ Marshal vs. YAML vs. something else (Re: Most popular wiki in Ruby seeks kind maintainer)
121210 [sera fhwang.] More generally, let me ask: What formats are people using to persist
+ 121212 [mailinglists] If you want a readable object file that can edited by a human
| 121215 [sera fhwang.] Why wouldn't I just use YAML all the time? Are there certain types of
| 121220 [johnwilger g] What's wrong with good old fashined XML? Isn't this sort of thing what
| + 121223 [mailinglists] Yes, it's only there because some people like the YAML flavour a
| + 121224 [halostatue g] The biggest problem with XML is verbosity and impedance mismatch with
+ 121222 [halostatue g] Well, I should qualify my statements some, because I don't want to

^ [ANN] xmlresume2x 0.1.0
121213 [t_leitner gm] here is the initial release of xmlresume2x which "converts an xml resume to various output formats"!
121255 [batsman.geo ] Thank you for thinking about us, humble repackagers :-)
121308 [t_leitner gm] xmlresume2x can convert CVs written in the XML RŮ‘um
121326 [batsman.geo ] Thanks a lot for the corrections.

^ editors/IDEs
121227 [jamie dang.c] I'm curious what people are favoring for editors and IDEs for Ruby.
+ 121230 [phlip_cpp ya] Scite.
+ 121240 [ruby brian-s] xemacs, can be configured to do everything you dream up, and has a package for everything I dreamt about ;)
+ 121249 [roberto REMO] TextMate (which I also used and have registered) does completion
| 121294 [james graypr] I'm keeping an eye on TextMate.  I'll even admit that it has some
| 121314 [jamie dang.c] My trial period on BBEdit 8 just ran out and it hasn't convinced me to buy
| 121323 [jan spam.spa] Actually you can bind a keyboard shortcut to every
| 121330 [jamie dang.c] Cool. I'll have to check it out before the trial period expires! That might
+ 121295 [mailinglists] I think that at the moment there are only 3 maybe 4 useable IDE's out
| + 121306 [zdennis mkte] 5) Eclipse w/the RDT plugin
| | + 121322 [mulperi iki.] My ruby ide/editor history is
| | | 121478 [nick activeh] ArachnoRuby is awesome. I now use it all the time on Windows. On the
| | + 121342 [Richard_Dale] Early days, but KDevelop in the KDE cvs HEAD is coming on nicely. It has a
| + 121315 [jamie dang.c] VI is an IDE? LOL!
|   121319 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Word completion based on what is in the buffer already
+ 121333 [neoneye adsl] Lots of talk in this thread about editors/IDE's.
| 121343 [itsme213 hot] JEdit is written in Java, and is scriptable in Ruby.
| 121345 [femol terra.] I may be totally off here, but isn't it possible to do something like irb
| + 121351 [sera fhwang.] Rob got it working in JEdit, but he's said it's pretty bloody slow.
| + 121353 [mailinglists] Okay i will write an article about this over christmas, because i
+ 121336 [bjsp123 imap] Dear Jamie,
  121340 [bighead user] Hey all,

^ Breakpoint/Drb (was [SOLUTION] Object Browser (#8))
121241 [jp-www dcs.g] Would you consider adding some description (such as your text below) to

^ which GUI is better
121244 [ruby 3cn.com] I am looking for a GUI library which should be easy to learn ,need few codes,and support more common visual component.
+ 121252 [dubois kavi.] Enjoy!
+ 121264 [dross code-e] Define better.
+ 121289 [Laurent.Jull] May I suggest that you take a look at FreeRIDE

^ Correct File.size
121251 [tomas_brixi ] how do I get a correct size of file larger than 4GB?
+ 121273 [nobu.nokada ] Large file support for Windows hasn't been imported yet.
+ 121296 [djberg96 hot] I don't know why we can't get 64bit support for Windows.  This bit of

^ [ANN] D-Bus/Ruby 0.1.4
121254 [bitserf gmai] I'm happy to announce the first public release of D-Bus/Ruby.
+ 121258 [batsman.geo ] You forgot to give the port name ;)
+ 121290 [mikael phubu] You are a glorious golden god and I like you very much.
  121348 [bitserf gmai] Glad you like it :)

^ Postgres adapter in RPA
121265 [transami run] No RPA?
+ 121266 [dblack wobbl] Did you have reason to think there was (broken link or whatever)?
| 121299 [transami run] Oh, no. But this seems like a pretty fundamental lib. So I just thought it a
+ 121268 [batsman.geo ] Would you be willing to test an experimental port?
  121298 [transami run] Sure.