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^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.0.0 Released
119807 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.0.0 has been released!
+ 119810 [sdate everes] Cool !
| 119811 [drbrain segm] ...
+ 119815 [mailinglists] Thanks for the release.
  119819 [drbrain segm] // these are things we know we do not need to translate to C.
  119823 [mailinglists] Okay thanks this was not clear from the comment.
  + 119824 [brianwisti y] After looking at the various software packages out there including open
  + 119845 [ryand-ruby z] I'm sorry we didn't meet your expectations of quality on a dot-oh

^ Scnaf Patch?
119818 [takaoueda ju] It seems pos is undefined for STDIN.
119822 [dblack wobbl] I believe this broke some time after 1.6.8, when pos was removed from

^ Arachno users?
119825 [itsme213 hot] Any Arachno IDE users out there? Do you mind sharing your opinion of the
119908 [nightphotos ] I've been programming in Ruby for 3 years, and using ArachnoRuby for
120298 [snowzone5 ho] does arachnoruby have code folding?
+ 120314 [curt hibbs.c] What platform are you running on? If windows, are you running it with your
| 120332 [snowzone5 ho] that's a darn good question. i have two  different ruby's  installed.
+ 120317 [mailinglists] Not yet but i'm working on it.
  120324 [curt hibbs.c] Thanks for the stats, I hadn't actually tried it!
  120329 [transami run] Is Arachno open-source?
  120334 [chr_mail gmx] Mondrain is probably the nicest (FreeRide never really worked on Windows
  + 120338 [curt hibbs.c] I'm not familiar with Ruby in Ruby, where can I find it?
  | + 120340 [chr_mail gmx] A Ruby IDE (written)  in Ruby :-))
  | + 120341 [rff_rff remo] I guess he meant 'mondrian is the nicest ruby in ruby ide'
  |   120353 [transami run] Well when it is I'd like to see a Gem or RPA package.
  + 120365 [sdate everes] After your strong endorsement, I have downloaded Mondrain and will be
    120387 [chr_mail gmx] No Mondrain is de-facto already an open source project (if you read the
    120434 [shanko_date ] Oh, I see. I saw that and took it to mean that the

^ ruby idiom for attribute definition?
119826 [corey_s qwes] Hey!
+ 119827 [dave pragpro] Have you considered using Struct for this? It creates the initialize
| + 119920 [jim freeze.o] class A < Struct.new(:a)
| | 119922 [dave pragpro] That's why I said you have to use the accessor methods. Structs cheat.
| | 119987 [matz ruby-la] I don't consider it cheating.  Accessing instance variables is sort of
| | 119992 [dave pragpro] Except in structs you still have the instance variables (the state has
| + 119928 [corey_s qwes] I can see the usefullness in this, thanks for the heads-up - but I
|   119969 [jamesUNDERBA] I suspect that "common idioms and oop practices" are very
+ 119833 [neil hakubi.] Try using attr_accessor, which makes an attribute readable and writable.
  119929 [corey_s qwes] Cool - I hadn't run into that in the Pickaxe yet; I think I like it a little
  119930 [james graypr] For what it's worth, I think the Struct is better OO design.  I'm
  119936 [dave pragpro] Exactly - that's what made me suggest it. A class with a large number
  + 119943 [corey_s qwes] And from the perspective a new ruby user, I'm in the "ask for help _and_
  + 119946 [jim freeze.o] Below is an example that speaks to your comment about structs not being
  | 119948 [dave pragpro] I'd argue that using the IVs of a parent class is probably not the best
  + 119947 [hal9000 hype] Now *that* is food for thought. It makes me have second thoughts
    + 119955 [dave pragpro] A class encapsulates behavior and state. It uses that behavior to
    | 119958 [hal9000 hype] [snip excellent discussion]
    + 119960 [james graypr] I didn't make the comment, but I'll take a crack at the answer, if

^ Is this a ruby bug?
119829 [jd nospam.co] In the following code, the line marked #bad# only finds '.' and '..'
119835 [matz ruby-la] I fixed several bugs in file globing.  Try CVS ruby_1_8 branch or
120097 [jd nospam.co] Thanks matz!

^ [ANN] win32-file 0.3.0
119834 [djberg96 hot] The Win32Utils Team is happy to announce the release of win32-file

^ How to POST HEADERS along with COOKIES
119836 [compsci.isi ] can any one please tell me how to post cookies; shud it be placed in the header
+ 119837 [haaktu gmail] i'm not flying. i'm falling... in style.
| 119915 [drbrain segm] e header
+ 119850 [eule space.c] Quoting from: http://wp.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html

^ Re: [Ruby] [ANN] ParseTree 1.0.0 Released
119844 [ryand-ruby z] Not really, but we may be able to hack it out. On the other hand, we'd

^ Freaked out man!
119848 [see message.] Its odd - if I place a comment at the end of a program I'm writing,
+ 119852 [mailing-list] Wow!  Thanks for the lengthy description of the problem.  We've got 10
+ 119858 [angus quovad] [Asfand Yar Qazi <see@message.body.com>, 2004-11-11 10.38 CET]
+ 119860 [ruby brian-s] Please try to cut down your program to a minimal example, and post the minimal example here.
  120552 [see message.] Just to let you know, I cancelled this post after posting - obviously

^ Writing a looping, low-configuration script in Ruby
119866 [sera fhwang.] So I'm writing a one-file Ruby program that will generate an RSS feed
+ 119869 [flori nixe.p] You can install a new crontab with
| 119904 [sera fhwang.] Cool! Funny that stuff isn't in the man page. Thanks much.
| 119940 [logancapaldo] Well if you don't want to fiddle with crontabs and keep it
| 119957 [dave burt.id] This is a generally useful thing to do.
| 119966 [logancapaldo] I had thought that Process.fork works out of the box on windows, am I
+ 120035 [kristof vlee] FYI, on unix you can start a process with nohup, so that logging out

^ #scan with or'd (`|`) subexpressions.
119872 [transami run] Does the new Ruby regexp engine do this?
+ 119885 [WBrown isoft] T.,
| 119891 [transami run] I see. Perhaps there is good reason for this. But I just don't see it. IN
| 119896 [Peter.Vanbro] If those nils are stripped, you loose information about which "or"
| 120003 [transami run] Well, I'm not sure how it helps. What I ended up doing was making sure all my
| 120016 [neoneye adsl] I don't know if this helps..
+ 119893 [matz ruby-la] You will never know which subexpression is matched, if you get your
  + 119897 [Peter.Vanbro] This matches 14 and 32 too. /(1(?=2)|3(?=4)(2|4)/ is better but more
  + 119899 [transami run] Actually, trying to figure out which subexpression is matched is _exactly_ my
  + 119925 [discordantus] This reminds me... when will Ruby support named subexpressions?

^ [Q} MySQL & Ruby
119874 [npolizotis g] Has anybody got any clues how to make the mysql bindings work with MySQL 4.1.7?
119890 [ceaser rome.] have you looked at the mysql ruby package that doesnt require
119892 [npolizotis g] I was hoping for a native version of the driver
119905 [npolizotis g] Unfortunately neither driver works for Mysql 4.1.7 .
119912 [curt hibbs.c] I just got over this one yesterday (thanks to the help on the Rails ML).

^ How to use PrettyPrint?
119876 [erik solidco] Has anyone got some simple examples they could share?
119898 [alex verk.in] require 'pp'

^ Thinking About Java Interfaces In Ruby
119878 [james graypr] I'm currently reading "Holub on Patterns", an excellent volume on
+ 119881 [mailinglists] Unfortunately yes. And it is of course a huge source of errors.
| 119889 [dave pragpro] Strange - that's not my experience.
| 119894 [jamesUNDERBA] Nor mine.  But there are some number of people who believe this to be true.
| + 119902 [haaktu gmail] nor mine. so far.
| | 119906 [sera fhwang.] I suppose one of the things that becomes evident in a learning process
| | 119910 [haaktu gmail] right on.
| + 119913 [michael.deha] Yep, Weak-typing isn't a source of errors for me either.
|   119923 [mailinglists] Most of my errors came from the time when i had to work on dynamically
+ 119882 [sera fhwang.] In the RDoc, you usually say "Pass in an object of X class." RDoc
+ 119887 [rff_rff remo] notice that there is a Interface  module that allows you to have
+ 119903 [halostatue g] Yes, indeed, I do. If I want something that responds to #<<, I'll
| 119907 [jgb3 email.b] I'm completely with Austin on this. I do the same thing: "this method
| + 119909 [sera fhwang.] If you want to be really far out, you can write code that infers this,
| | 119914 [jgb3 email.b] True, and I considered that (the approach, not the PhD :-P). However,
| | 119924 [sera fhwang.] I assume you don't want to instantiate the service because
| + 119921 [rff_rff remo] well, but once you write it up as documentation would'nt you be happy if
+ 119918 [sellberg goo] Another way, which I personally feel is neatier (if nothing else because

^ Fwd: [SUMMARY] GEDCOM Parser (#6)
119880 [james graypr] My scripts should have sent in this quiz summary about an hour and a

^ [SUMMARY] GEDCOM Parser (#6)
119883 [james graypr] This quiz generated some interesting discussion on Ruby Talk.  Some details of

^ [ANN] Needle 1.1.0
119901 [jgb3 email.b] Needle is a dependency injection container for Ruby, employing many of
119916 [mailing-list] Awesome!
119919 [jgb3 email.b] Thanks, Nikolai. :) I've been doing this stuff so much that I've
119945 [hal9000 hype] Hal

^ How to "open" a file in its default application - Windows XP
119931 [itsme213 hot] How do I open a file in its default windows application on XP?
+ 119933 [logancapaldo] system("#{filename}") should do it, IIRC
| 119949 [itsme213 hot] That would make sense, but it does nothing. Return value is false.
| 119954 [flgr ccan.de] Try using system("start", filename) instead.
| + 119963 [itsme213 hot] That did the trick, thanks.
| + 119965 [timsuth ihug] As an alternative, the ShellExecute win32 function
+ 119953 [rff_rff remo] maybe system("start filename")
  119956 [merkoth gmai] start text.txt

^ small useless little classes...
119950 [ceaser rome.] I am writing a small app which needs to know what platform its running

^ advice for a class implementation?  ( ugh, long... )
119964 [corey_s qwes] Ok, as I'm getting up to speed w/ ruby, I decided to write an absurdly
119967 [flgr ccan.de] I think the problem is that you want to make the SQL adapter more
120121 [corey_s qwes] Affirmative.
+ 120154 [flgr ccan.de] require 'test/unit'
+ 120184 [johnwilger g] The most "transparent" way of doing things that I can think of that

^ non-nil, etc.  (was Re: true? & false?)
119971 [hal9000 hype] You put a smiley, but in all seriousness I've thought of this.
+ 119972 [vjoel PATH.B] Why not just define #empty? for Fixum, File, NilClass, and Object, and
| 119973 [hal9000 hype] Yes, nnull? is a pretty ugly name, isn't it? But I dislike long names
| 119982 [dblack wobbl] How about ull?  :-)
+ 119976 [gsinclair so] require 'extensions/object'
| 119977 [transami run] if not a.nil?
| + 119979 [logancapaldo] Flow I guess. If I am reading source, it feels better to say "if a is
| + 119983 [dblack wobbl] unless a.nil?
| + 119984 [hal9000 hype] Nothing, really. I'd ordinarily use that, especially in public.
+ 120100 [timsuth ihug] nil.nil?	# true
  120118 [dblack wobbl] nil.il?   # false

^ warning: redefining Object#initialize may cause infinite loop
119974 [ceaser rome.] Is there anyway I can supress this warning?
+ 119980 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, how about an alias instead?
+ 119981 [brian pocket] Unless I'm minsreading what you want to do, wouldn't it be
| 119986 [logancapaldo] class SomeNewClass
| 119988 [transami run] (IMHO) I've always wished it were just #init.
| + 119989 [hal9000 hype] I can live with initialize.
| + 120029 [rff_rff remo] me too, then I realized that :init is a name that is better to leave to
+ 119991 [matz ruby-la] At the risk of what warning message says?
| 119994 [logancapaldo] This makes me want to ask (after playing with $VERBOSE) why $VERBOSE =
| 119995 [matz ruby-la] a1) No, even though false and nil are false values, they are not same,
+ 120074 [drbrain segm] Redefine Object.new, not Object#initialize
  120110 [discordantus] That would do it. But it still seems better to learn the correct

^ searching for docs on ruby1.8's RSS lib...
119993 [sroberts uni] I'm not having any luck, can anybody point me the way?
120030 [rff_rff remo] did you saw this? http://www.cozmixng.org/~rwiki/?cmd=view;name=RSS+Parser

^ RegEx bug in 1.8.2?
120000 [batkins57 gm] bill@kaitain ruby $ ruby --version
120001 [jason.sweat ] I believe you need to excape the / with a \
+ 120004 [james graypr] You shouldn't have to with the /x modifier.  It allows comments in the
| 120006 [jason.sweat ] Oh right, skipped right over that sublty :(
+ 120005 [logancapaldo] he shouldn't have to since he's using the /x modifier. Unfortunately I

^ rdoc error (Re: using the RSS standard lib)
120011 [jamesUNDERBA] It appears that 1.8.2 preview 3 has an rss/maker section, but when I
+ 120014 [sroberts uni] Ok, I still don't know what happened, but I think the darwinports version of
+ 120067 [dave pragpro] warning about an unexpected token in xml-stylesheet.rb, but no
  120109 [sroberts uni] I installed ruby from cvs, I don't see any problems with it, just a few
  120181 [dave pragpro] Those warning were caused by

^ Re: trouble with rails :./script/new_controller  error
120012 [sdmitry lrn.] error on

^ forking (etc) on windows (was Re: Writing a looping, low-configuration script in Ruby)
120017 [dave burt.id] ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mswin32]
120032 [curt hibbs.c] It probably should be. I'll put this on my todo list.

^ Problem using 'net send' via WinAPI
120021 [wsdngtmp onl] Cheers

^ dup and finalizers
120022 [mneumann nte] Is it intended behaviour, that #dup will assign the same finalizer to

^ win32-guitest
120036 [Paul.Allton ] anyone have any experience of this library? -
+ 120038 [Ryco gmx.net] Even though it's not strict gui testing per se but acceptance test, maybe
+ 120040 [chadfowler g] I have used it and its Perl equivalent.  It worked fine for me.  I
  120048 [Paul.Allton ] Thanks, that's good to know.  Is there any chance you could post some
  + 120053 [phlip_cpp ya] Write tests on a GUI using a standard Ruby::Unit, and using calls directly
  + 120057 [shanko_date ] Paul,
    120063 [todd.bradley] We use the Perl version a lot here in the QA department

^ [ANN] Copland to Needle article on RubyGarden
120037 [chadfowler g] For those not subscribed to RubyGarden's rss feed[1], Jamis Buck has

^ ppc powerpc open desktop workstation standard
120044 [raphael.baud] ...
120062 [raphael.baud] I wondered where this "mail" went and now I understand: in Firefox I chose to write a new

^ Using .NET web service with soap4r
120049 [Roland.Schmi] i try to call a ASP.NET based web service with soap4r.
+ 120050 [Roland.Schmi] sorry, made a mistake!
+ 120052 [dross code-e] I've never used soap4r with ASP.NET services, but I believe there might
| 120054 [Roland.Schmi] I would be lucky, if i could say the same...
+ 120358 [rpardee gmai] Web.Services.Protocols.SoapRpcMethod()

^ [ANN] RubyPants 0.2
120051 [chneukirchen] My library RubyPants 0.2 has been released.  This is the first public

^ [QUIZ] Countdown (#7)
120056 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 120064 [ruby brian-s] I suspect that this means, each may (not be used or used exactly once)?
| 120069 [james graypr] That's how I read it.
| 120070 [jamesUNDERBA] So, if the target is 101, and among your numbers are 100  and 1, an
| 120092 [james graypr] Absolutely.
+ 120104 [hans fugal.n] Is the input interactive, or whitespace-delimited, or what? YAML perhaps?
| 120106 [james graypr] The quiz didn't specify an input format.  Personally, I'm using
+ 120120 [james graypr] Anyone find a tricky example?  I doubt my algorithm, but I can't find
| 120149 [dooby d10.ka] p (75 - 5 + 8) * (2 + 10) - 10   #-> 926
| + 120156 [ruby brian-s] My Program found
| | 120162 [dooby d10.ka] "... all the steps to the solution must be whole numbers.
| | 120178 [james graypr] This is interesting information, especially to someone like me who is
| | 120183 [ruby brian-s] I conlude from this, that it is allowed to calculate using fractions.
| + 120208 [james graypr] This example is ruining my day.  Thanks a lot.  ;)
+ 120198 [fgp phlo.org] I just starten thinking about an algorithm to solve this - and I
  120201 [ruby brian-s] Knapsack is a maximization problem.
  + 120202 [ruby brian-s] Should have been Knapsack is reductible on countdown. (It seems impossible, not to make this error ;)
  + 120216 [steven.jenki] I need a faster computer or a faster brain. I've got a brute force
    + 120217 [dennis.ranke] I expect this quiz to yield a great amount of different solutions and
    + 120235 [dga lcs.mit.] 3 minutes is doable - you'll get it.  Mine takes either 110 seconds

^ why does rss/maker not raise errors?
120061 [sroberts uni] There are lots of mandatory attributes (yes, which are mandatory is
+ 120113 [sera fhwang.] Looks like "image" is a non-mandatory tag. Personally I haven't seen
| 120116 [aredridel gm] Go RSS 1.0 and don't look back!
| 120119 [sera fhwang.] Well, as far as I know every single version of RSS has at least one
| + 120123 [jamesUNDERBA] Don't CDATA sections do it for you?
| | 120126 [sera fhwang.] CDATA works, and it doesn't, more or less like escaping markup works,
| | 120150 [aredridel gm] RSS 1.0 defines that. rdf:parseType='xmlliteral', or enclose in CDATA
| | 120167 [sera fhwang.] Aredridel,
| | 120233 [aredridel gm] Yup. It's a standard RDF thing (as evidenced by the namespace).
| | 120260 [sera fhwang.] Does RDF, and hence RSS 1.0, specify what to do with tags that look
| + 120157 [rff_rff remo] you mean  ATOM::Parser and ATOM::Maker are ready for inclusion
+ 120242 [kou cozmixng] In <20041112151406.GA5309@ensemble.local>