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^ irb problems on one-click windows installer
119006 [Robert.Feldt] I have a couple of students that use Ruby in a course and they've run
+ 119007 [curt hibbs.c] Are you using a non-english keyboard? If so, I know there are issues here
| 119008 [ryco gmx.net] ...
| 119010 [Robert.Feldt] Thanks to both of you.
| 119014 [ryco gmx.net] If they are using the latest One-Click-Installer, the instructions given
| 119023 [rff_rff remo] agreed, they work for me, even if from time to time I end up typing some
+ 119013 [Stephan.Kaem] That was discussed here
+ 119020 [flgr ccan.de] Another problem is that Ctrl-Left/Right don't do word-wise cursor
  119024 [rff_rff remo] I strongly agree, FWIW.
  119034 [curt hibbs.c] I'm adding this to my to-do list.

^ Toronto Ruby User Group meeting 7 Nov 2004
119009 [mike ratdog.] Sorry for the late notice.  The Toronto Ruby User Group is having

^ Brian Schroeders chat example on windows
119011 [Robert.Feldt] Has anyone been able to run the chat example from Brian Schroeders "A
119097 [ruby brian-s] nice to hear, that you are using the course. In my course there was one person with a windows system, and his problem was, that the console only drew the received text, when he hit return. So not usable as a chat client. cmd seems to cache printed text while it is reading with gets.
119144 [rff_rff remo] isn't this an example of the know threading issues on windows?
+ 119185 [feldt ce.cha] Yep, that's it. Thanks to both of you for your answer.
+ 119187 [discordantus] This may be a dumb question, but if it's blocking IO that's the

^ Re: SyncEnumerator
119018 [flgr ccan.de] I wonder how an implementation using .zip with a block would compare? Or
119300 [discordantus] Hmm... I don't have the OP's message in my archives...
119303 [tom infoethe] That'll send an email of the patch summary and description to ruby-core
119382 [ggg ser1.net] charset="iso-8859-1"
119399 [matz ruby-la] If you think the change is to fix the bug (i.e. difference from the
119424 [rff_rff remo] n to RCR. :-/
119436 [matz ruby-la] I thing making something faster without changing behavior would do

^ [SUMMARY] Sokoban (#5)
119025 [james graypr] Well, how far did you get?  I'm stuck on level 28 myself.
+ 119027 [flgr ccan.de] It depends. Linux support is there in case you have Ruby compiled with
| 119047 [james graypr] Sorry, should have specified.  My platform is Mac OS X.
+ 119029 [burtdav hotm] "Ruby Quiz" <james@grayproductions.net>...
| 119049 [james graypr] This is probably better for controlling it programatically too.
| 119162 [burtdav hotm] This is the second time this has been told to me. I think I will, you know.
| 119163 [james graypr] Just don't forget to share when you're done!
+ 119203 [dennis.ranke] Speaking for myself, I decided to try to write the most simple solution

^ [RDOC] patch for vararg require
119031 [jgb3 email.b] I'm doing something funky in my code, where I have a custom #require
119037 [dave pragpro] Thanks for the patch. However, I believe that the latest CVS RDoc's
119041 [jgb3 email.b] Good to know. Thanks, Dave!

^ [OT - debian/ruby] [WAS] Re: rails: gem install rails is bombing
119035 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm thinking of switching to debian but am kind of a tar.gz kind of package
+ 119040 [jgb3 email.b] If tar.gz's are your thing, Ara, you might enjoy Gentoo
| 119052 [Ara.T.Howard] you are the second person to mention gentoo this week - i'll check it out.
| 119068 [tobias.luetk] Consider me the thrid, gentoo would be the right choice.
| 119070 [jason.sweat ] I dearly love Gentoo as a distro, but I did have one issue with the
| 119073 [jgb3 email.b] Jason,
| 119080 [jason.sweat ] Here is what my "ri Array" command returns, is that more or less than
| 119083 [jgb3 email.b] That is the minimum that I expected. (It's what ri used to return until
+ 119056 [jim weirichh] I use Debian for my major Ruby development.  I like the platform,

^ [ANN] Needle 1.0.0
119038 [jgb3 email.b] Needle is a dependency injection (a.k.a. "inversion of control")
+ 119055 [ gm navel.gr] Congratulations and thank you very much :)
+ 119505 [jason jvoege] What is the relationship (if any) between Copland and Needle?  Is Needle
  119508 [jgb3 email.b] Copland and Needle are two independent projects. They are unrelated
  + 119511 [mailing-list] Yeah.  When I saw Copland, I thought that it seemed a bit much to do
  + 119515 [jamesUNDERBA] Are both under active development?
    119516 [jgb3 email.b] Please, I'm only one man, James! :)
    + 119519 [jamesUNDERBA] But legend has it you have the strength of 10 men.
    + 119590 [jason jvoege] Thanks for the explanation re: Needle and Copland in your previous mail.
      119643 [mailing-list] Exactly why should a user be forced to mess around with configuration

^ Re: completing the puzzle
119050 [listen marcr] dear list,
119051 [listen marcr] Indeed, I am: that was to be proven. I meant "dumb" of course.

^ class variable and singleton
119057 [mkhan lextra] class Foo1
+ 119058 [jgb3 email.b] It is difficult (though not impossible) to do initialization code on a
+ 119078 [dblack wobbl] Do you mean 'value' rather than 'data'?

^ Will ActiveRecord support Berkeley DB?
119059 [jd nospam.co] Are there plans to have ActiveRecord support Berkeley DB?
+ 119061 [jgb3 email.b] I can't speak for David, but I wouldn't think BDB would be a valid
| + 119065 [Ara.T.Howard] sure it does - it's called mysql.  ;-)
| + 119071 [jd nospam.co] Do you know if sqlite 3.x will be supported soon?  I just guessing you'd
| | 119072 [jgb3 email.b] SQLite3 support is on my TODO list, but I'm waiting for sqlite3 to
| | 119077 [Ara.T.Howard] what you need is some more projects ;-)
| | 119079 [jgb3 email.b] lol :) no kidding. I'm quite motivated to get Net::SSH stabilized,
| | 119081 [jgb3 email.b] Gah! I don't even have time to finish my sentences! :) What I *meant* to
| | 119087 [Ara.T.Howard] obviously to manage the terrific influx of paypal donations right?
| + 119145 [rff_rff remo] well, anyway I think an ActiveRecord-like api is possible.
+ 119173 [david loudth] The plan is that I'm open to contributions :)
  119232 [jgb3 email.b] Keep in mind, though, that much of the functionality that AR::Base adds
  119237 [david loudth] Active Record's niche is the close relationship with SQL. I see that as

^ gems rdoc failure with Rails
119060 [itsme213 hot] Ruby 1.8.2, gem 0.8.1 with update, on Win xp
119127 [chadfowler g] #{gempath}\doc\rails-0.8.0
119172 [itsme213 hot] documentation.
119174 [itsme213 hot] twice
119284 [chadfowler g] This warning isn't anything to worry about (in fact, we're going to

^ Any generic object browser
119063 [itsme213 hot] Is there any generic object browser that will let me interactively browse a
+ 119090 [mneumann nte] I just ported the ObjectSpaceBrowser example from Borges to Wee and
| 119103 [itsme213 hot] If there is a way to point it at some starting object(s) and browse through
+ 119139 [ jimm io.com] Sounds like a great Ruby Quiz.
  119142 [james graypr] I agree and I haven't seen your submission yet Jim, so...  ;)
  119207 [ jimm io.com] It's on its way.
  119307 [itsme213 hot] Some great ideas at http://www.wiresong.ca/OmniBrowser/ :-)

^ Re: Debugger breakpoints work?
119066 [todd.bradley] OK, so since nobody has spoken up otherwise, let's call
+ 119074 [curt hibbs.c] Curt
+ 119075 [duncan nycap] What Todd is suggesting, i think, is that the (relatively) minor problem
  119082 [todd.bradley] Correct.  I filed this as a bug at
  119085 [tom infoethe] Yup, me and Rich Kilmer admin it.

^ Ruby/TK Question
119067 [Greg.Kujawa ] I am new to Ruby and trying to create a basic application using Tk.
+ 119086 [michael.deha] I'd consider hiding the root window after the input is provided, so
+ 119135 [nagai ai.kyu] I recommend you to define a binding to the listbox for more

^ what's the latest on JAXB-like functionality for Ruby?
119076 [todd.bradley] I found a couple references to a Ruby JAXB, most notably

^ [ANN] dirwatch-0.0.6
119088 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

^ Re: [OT] US Presidential Election
119092 [app1tam ups.] Sorry, but I have no respect for the man.  The office, yes. The man, no.
119094 [jgb3 email.b] Why in the world would you pray for that? Yes, I can tell you despise
119096 [msparshatt y] I think he meant he hopes that Bush won't be effective in continuing to
119098 [Greg.Kujawa ] This is bitter take. As an American I don't wish for an ineffective 4 years
+ 119099 [bg-rubytalk ] I'm sorry to add another off-topic post to this list, but I can't let
| + 119100 [app1tam ups.] Exactly.
| + 119102 [zdennis mkte] I had never seen any factual evidence or proof saying this was the case,
|   + 119107 [james graypr] "off-list" being the key term there.
|   | 119130 [batkins57 gm] +1, I'm tired of sifting through political posts to read ruby-talk.
|   + 119110 [corey_s qwes] "Man must not check reason by tradition, but contrawise, must check
+ 119101 [enebo acm.or] Well, I do not know if I believe the 'about the oil theory' or not, but
| 119109 [corey_s qwes] With all due respect, the above reasoning for the suspension of critical
+ 119104 [jos catnook.] I can't let this slide either. The oil is just a means to an end. The end is
| 119106 [todd.bradley] Do you have any friends who were active duty
+ 119112 [mailinglists] Why do you think that cheap oil prices are important for Bush ?

^ FastCGI parameters (get and post)
119111 [jd nospam.co] How do I retrieve form parameters with FCGI in a way that works for both
119114 [ksibilev bel] GET parameters you have to parse from ENV['QUERY_STRING'].
119117 [jd nospam.co] I see. So I guess, I'd have to do a $stdin = req.in and manually parse
119176 [patrick hexa] You might be able to hack something from bits of Narf.  The parsing
119208 [moonwolf moo] Nora supports CGI/mod_ruby/FastCGI.
+ 119211 [ksibilev bel] Hm, download link goes to nowhere.
| 119257 [moonwolf moo] thanx
+ 119275 [patrick hexa] We should figure out a way to work together.
  119289 [rff_rff remo] funny how things are the same in every place.. Did ruby web devs ever
  119357 [patrick hexa] The actual interface layer between different engines is a small amount
  119358 [Ara.T.Howard] i thought i was the only one still using amrita!  development seems to have
  + 119367 [naseby gmail] I still dig Amrita. So do the developer(s) of Cerise
  + 119427 [cameron.mcbr] I agree.  I keep my eyes open, but amrita is just so ... clean.
  + 119480 [rubyzbibd ub] It appears that Amrita has new maintainers and that the site has moved
    + 119498 [Ara.T.Howard] cool - thanks for the pointer - i'd missed that.
    | 119565 [rubyzbibd ub] I am make use of CSS and do not have any problems, of course I have
    + 119522 [aredridel gm] Give XTemplate a spin -- with a little work to emulate hashes in your
      119566 [rubyzbibd ub] XTemplate seems pretty close to Amrita, but I really do not want to
      120144 [aredridel gm] A fair bit, since it can use an XML parser. Not an order of magnitude,
      120160 [transami run] I've often heard Amrita is great but slow. I wonder if anyone is up to
      120161 [tksano m3.kc] Actually, the author did it. The author of Amrita released an

^ Receiving blocks in Proc?
119113 [james.cromwe] p = Proc.new { |*args,&block| }
+ 119116 [matz ruby-la] Until 1.9, yes.
| 119120 [discordantus] Will it eventually be possible to pass the block when using the
| 119137 [matz ruby-la] I have no plan to allow this.  I have alternative idea, which allows
| 119146 [rff_rff remo] (on the notes from James Brown)
| 120007 [nobu.nokada ] I tried it but it breaks many code.
| 120019 [nobu.nokada ] Well, it did just those things, IIRC.  Yes, "many" was not
| 120026 [rff_rff remo] sorry if I'm asking a stupid question, I know I am dumb.. but would'nt
| 120041 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, my patch implemented as you mentioned.  But, for instance,
+ 119118 [discordantus] Not in 1.8. 1.9 has it; it's slated for 2.0, I believe...

^ Still use 'ruby-bugs' for Ruby bugs?
119115 [ jupp gmx.de] I am presently rewriting the German edition of the c.l.r FAQ using the
119119 [flgr ccan.de] I'm not sure if the above is still valid, but as far as I know the
119122 [tom infoethe] Right on.  Also, when you file a bug or patch on the RubyForge project,

^ [ANN] lockfile-1.2.0
119121 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

^ How to enumerate nested classes
119123 [cyclists nc.] module Foo
119129 [vjoel PATH.B] module Foo
119136 [cyclists nc.] Excellent! Not only did this pretty much work right out of the box, I found

^ [ANN] SQLite/Ruby 2.2.1
119131 [jgb3 email.b] Nothing to get excited about, really, Just announcing a bug-fix release.

^ recursive brace matching with Ruby regexp
119132 [jason.sweat ] I wanted to learn Ruby, so I picked a small task of trying to write a
+ 119138 [james graypr] Ruby's regex engine doesn't yet support this, but will in future
| 119147 [billk cts.co] Just for fun,
| 119155 [jason.sweat ] Thanks Bill,
+ 119149 [discordantus] Regular expressions, by all standard definitions, aren't recursive.
  + 119161 [james graypr] Of course, you are correct.  However, recursive "Regular Expressions"
  | + 119167 [discordantus] Are you saying Oniguruma *will* support it, or *does* support it? It
  | | 119169 [james graypr] Sure does.
  | | 119175 [discordantus] Indeed it does! I just tried it out. And named subexpressions work too
  | | + 119188 [jos catnook.] A-1. Syntax depend options
  | | + 119217 [jason.sweat ] Great!!  Just comiled ruby from cvs (ruby 1.9.0 (2004-11-04)
  | + 119194 [eeklund gmai] Yes.
  |   + 119221 [james graypr] Okay Eivind, what would you prefer we call Regular Expression from now
  |   | + 119229 [ummaycoc gma] Ruby Automata?  Irregular Expressions?  Irregardless Expressions?
  |   | | 119241 [rff_rff remo] pattern matching :)
  |   | + 119230 [Ara.T.Howard] but both of those recognize only regular languages (those one can describe
  |   | + 119344 [ruby-talk pc] Call them regular expressions and stop using them for context-free
  |   + 119343 [ruby-talk pc] Well, that's not quite true.  They compile to NFAs that are linear in
  + 119197 [rff_rff remo] I wonder if someone ever looked at the ABNF module on raa. It is a tool

^ Ruby on uClinux
119133 [kapheine gma] Has anyone tried running ruby on uClinux?  I have access to a
119143 [stoyan gmail] Working here uCrux-2.0.1, ruby 1.8.1,  rubygems-0.8.1. rails-0.8.0 also is OK.

^ Cleaner way to do this?
119134 [Harry_Ohlsen] One of my colleagues asked me last night how he could do some processing
+ 119140 [nightphotos ] How about
| 119141 [Harry_Ohlsen] That's what I initially suggested :-).
| + 119160 [zdennis mkte] If your friend knows the processing he wants to do on the first element,
| | + 119164 [Harry_Ohlsen] element, why not just keep it simple...
| | | + 119195 [B.Candler po] A generic solution, which works on anything enumerable (such as lines of a
| | | + 119206 [discordantus] [1,2,3,4].do_first{|n| print n}.then_rest{|n| print ", ",n}
| | |   119218 [dblack wobbl] Hmmmm.... it's a bit of a stretch to "get" that the first call is
| | |   119285 [discordantus] I'm not claiming this is good code - I know it's not. But it was fun
| | + 119170 [zdennis mkte] "C:\ruby\bin\ruby.exe" -d harry_ohlsen.rb
| + 119212 [listen marcr] how about this?
|   + 119215 [listen marcr] or even
|   | 119219 [dblack wobbl] See the very first post in this thread :-)
|   + 119220 [listen marcr] now I saw the initial post :)
+ 119151 [Ara.T.Howard] 1048576
  119159 [Harry_Ohlsen] Thanks Ara!  That was an excellent explanation/demonstration.  I'll pass

^ Ruby 1.4.6 - trouble with require path
119148 [primehalo ho] I inherited a project that uses Ruby 1.4.6 on a RedHat Linux 6.1J. I
+ 119153 [Ara.T.Howard] i can't help you at all, but i'm dying to know: what project have you
| 119154 [dross code-e] heh, I'm suprised they kept that many scripts without adjusting to other
| 119329 [primehalo ho] Can't go into details, but it's a project from Japan that was finished
+ 119184 [drbrain segm] While I believe you, I don't see how ruby can see from /testing into
  + 119196 [B.Candler po] If you go to the list archive at
  + 119330 [primehalo ho] Well, "setenv RUBYLIB /scripts" was the right solution. I don't quite
    119333 [drbrain segm] Looking at the code for ENV.[], I don't see anything that would cause
    + 119532 [primehalo ho] My default shell is bash, but I change to csh to run their scripts (as
    + 119536 [primehalo ho] Oops, actually, my path did get messed up. I didn't notice before
      + 119549 [drbrain segm] Hrm...
      + 119570 [primehalo ho] I did more testing, and found that the path is getting truncated after

^ Dr. Dobbs Article
119150 [xsltguru gma] I just received the latest DDJ which contained an article titled
+ 119152 [dross code-e] What Vol number, etc? Tell us if its a good article, thanks. ;)
+ 119156 [logancapaldo] Well I just read it. Pretty interesting. It was about using
  119158 [lyndon.samso] To me, as a ruby slightly-post-newby, method_missing is a unique and
  119192 [aengstrom gn] Since java is a strongly typed language that won't happen :/ The method