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net/ftp issue
118480 [elbart0@fr e] I am having problem with the 'net/ftp' library (ruby 1.8.2 (2004-08-24)
118482 [decoux@mo lo] Try it with
118496 [elbart0@fr e] Shame on me!

AppConfig, a configuration container class
118494 [martin.anker] to have all configuration parameters centralized, and seperated from
+ 118497 [feldt@ce ch ] require 'ostruct'
| + 118498 [feldt@ce ch ] I forgot to say: but with freeze as a substitute for your fixate it
| + 118508 [martin.anker] Oh, I was not aware of ostruct
+ 118522 [rff_rff@re o] it is nice, thanks for sharing.

[ANN] win32-ipc 0.3.0
118509 [djberg96@ho ] The Win32Utils Team is pleased to announce the release of win32-ipc

undef_method cutting off subclass's method lookup?
118510 [transami@ru ] class Numeric
118512 [dblack@wo bl] Module#undef_method
118515 [transami@ru ] Sigh. So I should use #remove_method then. Okay. That's bit me again. Yes, I

Problem getting tiny RAILS demo working
118511 [duncan@ny ap] I've been following the instructions provided in
118562 [vfoley@gm il] Is config/database.yml properly configured?  An authorization error
118595 [duncan@ny ap] It is.  I can't figure out why ident authentication (postgres) doesn't
118928 [duncan@ny ap] psql -h localhost <database> postgres
118959 [drbrain@se m] I don't believe postgres accepts connections on the TCP socket by
118964 [duncan@ny ap] It hadn't occurred to me that specifying localhost implied using a TCP
118973 [tobias.luetk] Please add it on the wiki where you see fit.

RDOC: including from an included file?
118518 [cyclists@nc ] I _can_ use the :include: directive in a file that has been included, can't
118529 [dave@pr gp o] I don't believe RDoc supports nested includes--I've never had the need

Re: problem with CGI, multipart forms, images and MSIE Mac OS X
118519 [patrick@he a] Francis,

Nuby Tip for the Day : Memoization
118527 [john.carter@] So you have written your ruby app.
+ 118528 [vjoel@PA H. ] Just a little correction to a worthy post...
+ 118533 [flori@ni e. ] class BigExpensiveMadeOften
  118545 [rff_rff@re o] and you can write your own memoize() method or Memoized class, to
  118555 [mneumann@nt ] I think Robert Feldt's implementation in AspectR (?) is much more

Correction and another Tip. Re: Nuby Tip for the Day : Memoization
118532 [john.carter@] thanks
118538 [binary42@gm ] Possibly you meant a string literal. A reference is what the variable

gem installations getting Killed
118535 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I just set up my laptop with Debian (via Knoppix - very easy, BTW) and
118539 [Stephan.Kaem] With gems you need to
+ 118546 [rff_rff@re o] the reason is that rubygems uses require_gem to load a gem with a
+ 118605 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Oh, right.  For some reason I thought that you didn't have to require

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Re: Sokoban (#5)
118540 [burtdav@ho m] Well, that was fun.
+ 118576 [james@gr yp ] This looks like the makings of a Sokoban level solver to me.  I was
+ 118577 [dennis.ranke] Here is my very simple solution, you controll the player using WASD for
+ 118586 [james@gr yp ] i - move up
+ 118958 [t_leitner@gm] ...
  118966 [james@gr yp ] A nice submission as always Thomas, but just FYI, there is a subtle bug
  118980 [t_leitner@gm] Thanks for pointing out that bug, James! I really enjoyed this quiz because I played Sokoban a lot and always thought it would be difficult to implement ;-)
  118989 [james@gr yp ] Look at you creating more work for me.  Shame on you.  Thomas, if I
  119000 [t_leitner@gm] No problem. Thanks to you for making the Ruby Quiz!!!

erb: undefined local variable
118541 [mhtang@cs in] This is my first time into the world of Ruby. I was interested in erb and so
+ 118543 [tamc2@ca .a ] May just have been the way it arrived in my email message,  but ruby
| 118549 [mhtang@cs in] Yup, that did the trick... And now, after I reread the relevant page in the
+ 118548 [B.Candler@po] Unfortunately, Amazon haven't dispatched mine yet, so I can't see exactly the
  + 118571 [james@gr yp ] Just FYI, I am currently documenting the erb module.  I've been asking
  + 118728 [fritz.heinri] the % ruby-line syntax is unfortunate IMO, it prevents using ERB with
    118757 [james@gr yp ] That's an option (off by default) in the ERB class.  The stand-alone

Ruby Weekly News 25-31st October 2004
118547 [timsuth@ih g] Here is the Ruby Weekly News for the past week.
118885 [timsuth@ih g] I have exams Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday...
118926 [rff_rff@re o] well, I'll add something

118558 [keithn1234@y] If you are a US Govt "PROGRAMMED SLAVE and MORON"  OBSESSED with tin
118621 [mickeyb@co c] Help, Help..... The paranoids are after me....

[ANN] Nitro 0.3.0
118566 [george.mosch] a new version of Nitro was released on

ActiveRecord + NDB = Og
118567 [george.mosch] after releasing the NDB Object-Relations mapping library some time
+ 118568 [george.mosch] class Comment; end
+ 118610 [transami@ru ] I stripped Active Record's database adapter code out and made it into its own
  118613 [george.mosch] and NDB

fastcgi + eruby
118582 [jd@no pa .c ] What is the best way to handle .rhtml (eruby) documents using fastcgi?
+ 118585 [patrick@he a] Maybe use the erb interpreter, and use fcgi instead of cgi?  I think
| + 118590 [Ara.T.Howard] fastcgi works as a cgi out of the box without any code changes or
| | 118671 [patrick@he a] The best case for continuations I have seen is demonstrated by Matz in
| + 118592 [jd@no pa .c ] Thanks, you're right about erb!
| + 118638 [mneumann@nt ] Is this still true? I did some tests with the newest ruby-stable, and it
+ 118593 [B.Candler@po] Tricky, because it's a different way of working.

Re: Rounding error
118584 [transami@ru ] Speaking of the cost of Rounding errors.

Re: is this an open-uri bug?
118597 [todd.bradley] That's what I guessed at first, but when I open that URI in either

[ANN] Updated - Ruby on Rails presentation added to the WhyRuby repository
118607 [curt@hi bs c] I incorporated all of the changes and corrections that everyone suggested

[ANN] rq-0.1.7
118611 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

OS X Tiger still including ruby 1.6
118612 [carl.youngbl] I'm not sure who to talk to about this, but in my correspondence with
+ 118614 [dross@co e- ] Ouch, I hope they fix the problem with having a old version. Really its
+ 118616 [jan@sp m. pa] Are you sure it is 1.6? The source code for darwin 8 (tiger) has been
+ 118620 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Tiger still having 1.6 would be really bad.  When are they looking to
| 118624 [carl.youngbl] The question is, who do we talk to to change it?
| 118642 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Has anyone out there ruby-talk-land signed up for the Tiger developer
| + 118649 [Gavin.Kistne] Who do we talk to to first ensure that the information starting this panic is correct?
| | 118780 [carl.youngbl] I based my supposition on the fact that a developer on the carbon-dev
| + 118650 [michael.deha] I wonder what we could do to get Apple to throw in some extra bells
|   + 118654 [mike@cl rk a] I expect Apple will track the latest Ruby version available during
|   + 118748 [eeklund@gm i] I think I know who to talk to (their release engineer).  However, I
|     + 118754 [jan@sp m. pa] * a working ftp module on osx (it has been fixed in 1.8.2-preview, maybe
|     | 118765 [dross@co e- ] This would be a bad for anyone to do. When you include a library into
|     | 118935 [michael.deha] "When you include a library into
|     | + 118947 [dross@co e- ] Rpa-base is also self-upgradable, and has a decent package count. Sure,
|     | + 118954 [batsman.geo@] Both RubyGems (admittedly not 100% automatically) and rpa-base (from the
|     + 119499 [gltewalt@ya ] The shiny Tk working out of the box would be huge. Tk has never worked on
|       119596 [michael.deha] "*Me thinks Apple should replace applescript with Ruby. One can
+ 118745 [roberto@RE O] My contact at Apple and the people I know who have tried the

Ruby Planet, anyone?
118622 [zoso@fo on e] AFAIK, there is no Ruby Planet/centralized RSS site for Ruby anywhere..=
+ 118628 [flgr@cc n. e] active. They also provide an RSS feed.
| 118662 [jamesUNDERBA] Yes, it works quite well.
+ 118630 [dross@co e- ] A site of what you describe is getting worked on =]
| 118633 [flgr@cc n. e] I think he actually meant sites like planet.gnome.org and planetkde.org
| + 118635 [dross@co e- ] Oh, I'll never visit planetgnome again.. the sites which have peoples
| + 118637 [zoso@fo on e] =20
|   118640 [jason.sweat@] It will be the top hit in google if you search for "ruby buzz", as
+ 118641 [batsman.geo@] MoonWolf used to host Planet Ruby: http://devlog.moonwolf.com/ ...
| 118656 [rff_rff@re o] ...for japanese blogs
| 118657 [batsman.geo@] And summaries of ruby-talk threads, etc... in Japanese.
+ 118661 [jamesUNDERBA] James Britt

[ann] symbol solver.. early experiments
118651 [neoneye@ad l] I have been writing some code that can differentiate expressions.
118653 [binary42@gm ] I like how short it is. Quite amazing what ruby can accomplish.
118655 [neoneye@ad l] Thanks.. Yes.. Ruby is energy.
119654 [ jupp@gm .d ] This strongly depends on the way you represent polynomials. To give an
+ 119656 [ruby@br an s] Hey, I'm just now preparing for my CS exam and refreshing my algorithm-threorie stuff. There we learned, that polynom product should be done using fft to get (point, value) representations, multiply these, and use fft again to interpolate and get the original results back.
| 119662 [batsman.geo@] (inverse)?
| 119696 [ruby@br an s] Thanks for answering this. Now that you explain it, it becomes clear. They should have motivated it in class like that, because I'm shure 90% of my colleges have no idea for how many usefull things you need the FFT.
+ 119749 [neoneye@ad l] [snip diff, mul]

Re: OS X Tiger still including ruby 1.6 [NOT]
118665 [rich@in oe h] Apple pulls the latest stable from OSS projects it includes at a fixed point
118668 [Steven@ru y-] I've got it from good authority that it will ship with 1.8.1.

location of core *.rb source files?
118666 [corey_s@qw s] I'm brand new to ruby - just got a copy of the pickaxe II and am working
118667 [halostatue@g] A lot of things, such as Array, Enumerable, and Object are implemented
118673 [corey_s@qw s] Ok - that makes sense;  thanks!

[OT] Re: Another scrach on head
118669 [Ara.T.Howard] ah yes - that bug is actually fixed in a bunch of similar code - in reality it
118670 [halostatue@g] Actually, not at all. By using SolarElevFile, the value of

Debugger breakpoints work?
118674 [duncan@ny ap] Back in Feb & Apr 2003 there was some ruby-talk regarding breakpoints
118782 [todd.bradley] I'm just now learning Ruby, making my way through the
+ 118797 [duncan@ny ap] Ohmigod!  That would have never occurred to me in a million years.
+ 118802 [mailinglists] I would guess you mean debugger for compiled languages not script
  118803 [todd.bradley] I guess that's why I'm in QA.
  118806 [todd.bradley] That is correct.  Now that I think about it, I can't

fastcgi performance problems and ruby
118675 [andrew.stuar] I have recently embarked upon the process of getting FastCGI to work
+ 118678 [Ara.T.Howard] [ahoward@www htdocs]$ cat env.fcgi
+ 118683 [jd@no pa .c ] Sometimes, limiting the number of fastcgi processes that get created can
| 118725 [rff_rff@re o] a little suggestion: try to quote a little less if the quote is not
| 118755 [jd@no pa .c ] Oops. I will use your suggestion.
+ 118705 [rubyzbibd@ub] Note, that the FCGI.each_cgi method is slower than the FCGI.each method.
| 118706 [patrick@he a] It would make sense for each_cgi to be slower.  I think CGI adds alot
+ 118727 [B.Candler@po] I think that may be your problem. The 'out' methods of cgi are inefficient,
  118751 [transami@ru ] I'm also curious about Singleton Class, i.e. I recall (it was a while ago)
  118760 [B.Candler@po] That sentence doesn't make much sense to me - can you define what you mean
  118768 [transami@ru ] Ah yes, the old name confusion. Sorry. I'm _not_ referring to Virtual class
  + 118793 [B.Candler@po] OK, the 'Singleton pattern'. Always seemed rather pointless to me; if
  | 118874 [transami@ru ] In fact I asked about that (albeit not in relation to CGI) on the list a
  | 118981 [ksibilev@be ] No. all apachecgi extension does it removes parsing of request
  | 118990 [transami@ru ] Ah, okay. Thanks, now I don't have to figure it out myself :)
  + 118862 [patrick@he a] This is leads to a nice api, ie CGI::params.  I think it's more of a

[OT] US Presidential Election
118679 [transami@ru ] Election Day is upon us!
+ 118681 [jamesUNDERBA] There are other candidates, though mainstream press prefer to ignore
| + 118688 [transami@ru ] IMHO Great choice. Although also IMHO, I'm not sure it's the best year for it.
| | 118729 [curt@hi bs c] This is my feeling exactly. Even though my overall leanings are more in line with the Libertarian and Green parties, I will vote for Kerry -- the race is to tight and there is too much at stake.
| + 118712 [corey_s@qw s] Coverage?   Like Badnarik and Cobb getting arrested in protest of
| | + 118756 [ruby-lists@l] YAY! wow! someone GETS it!
| | + 118762 [sera@fh an .] Corey, I agree with much of what you say in this matter, but I wonder
| |   + 118766 [curt@hi bs c] Ahhhh... more thoughtful discourse, the ruby community is wonderful on both
| |   | 118773 [Ryco@gm .n t] Let's see. Foreign interest...hm... wait... that's the people in foreign
| |   | 118776 [transami@ru ] Although when people act as a group it take on a life of it's own.
| |   + 118826 [corey_s@qw s] It has a profound effect within myself.
| |     + 118832 [billk@ct .c ] Huh.  I take it you have a septic tank, and pump your own
| |     | 118839 [corey_s@qw s] I pay a water bill every month.
| |     | 118844 [billk@ct .c ] Have a garage sale and list a bicycle for $25.  I'll plunk
| |     | 118858 [corey_s@qw s] That's a horribly inaccurate analogy, almost not worth responding to -
| |     | 118878 [billk@ct .c ] I don't regard it as flawed, since it was intended to
| |     | 118882 [corey_s@qw s] ...what one will contribute toward some service that is
| |     | 118905 [billk@ct .c ] It's not so much having zero problem with it, ... how can
| |     + 118903 [sera@fh an .] You have a much more idealistic assessment of the legitimacy
| + 118753 [ruby-lists@l] oh go on, let me!
+ 118682 [zdennis@mk e] Bush supporter here.
+ 118684 [dross@co e- ] I didn't get registered this year. If I don't have enough time to do
| 118693 [zdennis@mk e] I entirely agree with you here David, I see this to with the first time
+ 118685 [jason.sweat@] Vote Libertarian
| 118784 [carl.youngbl] Hear! Hear! Michael Badnarik for me too.  The only candidate who is
+ 118687 [sera@fh an .] I'm voting for Kerry this year, and have volunteered a little bit this
| 118796 [jd@no pa .c ] There is no such thing as the 'left' or the 'right'.
| 118900 [sera@fh an .] I've considered myself on the left pretty much every day of my life
+ 118689 [mrmargolis@w] Voting for Bush.
+ 118690 [Ara.T.Howard] i still haven't decided if i can bring myself to vote.  i will state an
| + 118692 [zdennis@mk e] Isn't P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" threatening enough? You dare defy the
| | 118740 [halostatue@g] It might help if (1) Michael Badnarik himself weren't a bit of a
| | + 118781 [markus@re li] I've been a registered republican for well over twenty years, but
| | | 118788 [tim@ve et .a] I've never heard my own position stated better, except with my
| | + 118799 [carl.youngbl] Actually, I found Badnarik to be a refreshing change from the other
| |   118800 [carl.youngbl] ...
| + 118708 [horacio.lope] I entirely subscribe to this opinion,  no matter where you are in this
| | 118717 [lucsky@ma .c] And why isn't the whole world allowed to vote then ? Isn't that a
| | 118719 [corey_s@qw s] Well said.
| + 118823 [bg-rubytalk@] Right on.  I bike to work every day as well, I used to own a car, but I
|   118842 [bobgus@rc .c] In the US, it isn't often we have a chance to give a thumbs up or thumbs
+ 118695 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Do you really think this is a good idea?
| + 118694 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Sorry, hit reply a bit too soon...
| + 118697 [dross@co e- ] Well, I personally think its alright talking about politics as long as
| + 118699 [dblack@wo bl] Not in any respect whatsoever.
|   118703 [transami@ru ] But why that? To see if the actual election results match real world
|   118948 [mortonda@gm ] I find it fascinating how much more Bush support there is here than on
|   118950 [mailinglists] You think that this is also true for the 40+ million US citizens
|   118952 [zdennis@mk e] There has always been a poverty line with millions of people under it.
+ 118696 [logancapaldo] I am neither a Kerry or Bush supporter. Idealy I would vote
| 118789 [carl.youngbl] I was wondering how effective my vote for Badnarik would be in our
+ 118700 [pete@pe ta t] vs.=20
| + 118704 [sera@fh an .] Sometimes you raise because you've got a bad hand and you want the
| | + 118707 [transami@ru ] Well said.
| | + 118772 [jan@sp m. pa] I don't think the goal wasn't really to sway people away from Bush or
| + 118808 [jwkenne@at g] No, it means that the monkey in the White House angers bin Laden.
+ 118701 [patrick@he a] Kerry, barring any voting machine fiaso
| 118709 [phlip_cpp@ya] I'l vote for whoever promises to hang spammers up by their nuts...
+ 118710 [hal9000@hy e] I shouldn't answer this at all, as some of my comrades here will (I know)
| + 118731 [    s@xs .d ] I just noticed that with a two-party system,
| + 118732 [daniel@da ie] Thanks Hal. I understand people's fear of this creating a division,
| | 118747 [curt@hi bs c] What a well-reasoned and thoughtful statement. I certainly don't have all
| + 118752 [transami@ru ] It might not mean much coming from me, but I commend you for saying your piece
+ 118711 [burtdav@ho m] I'm Australian, and I support Mr. Bush despite, let's say, recent foreign
+ 118723 [roelandmoors] I *think* that a lot of people here in Europe are hoping that Bush
| + 118724 [rasputnik@he] Here in the UK we certainly are. He decides our foreign policy at the
| | 118746 [robert.mcgov] Agreed (also UK), though I am unsure how much Kerry is going to be ...
| | 118749 [sera@fh an .] Kerry is swayable, whereas Bush is not. Many Bush supporters consider
| + 118738 [jan@sp m. pa] I read something that +80% of Europeans would vote for Kerry. (I'm one
|   118794 [mailinglists] No. I doubt that.
|   + 118801 [duncan@ny ap] There was an interesting article by Gabriel Kolko on the Counterpunch
|   + 118812 [jwkenne@at g] And if Europe is caught in the whirlpool, what then?
+ 118734 [rich@in oe h] Bush, with conviction ;-)
| 118744 [lists@ha ff ] Bush, with just as much conviction.
| 118759 [rasputnik@he] [ not flamebait, but will probably offend some - let me make it clear
| + 118779 [zdennis@mk e] Ok here is a quick 2 cents while I have quick 5 minute break at work...
| | + 118785 [rasputnik@he] Depending who gets in, you could just stop pissing it away on missile defence :)
| | + 118809 [halostatue@g] ... whereas I believe that healthcare should be out of the hands of
| | | 118813 [zdennis@mk e] Things may have changed....but some information I found.
| | | + 118887 [sgallagher@r] The mistaken belief that Canadians pay 50% in income tax is because
| | | + 118893 [sgallagher@r] Of course, if you're going to use that article you need to keep in
| | + 118810 [lunixlack@ya] In the "civilized US? 42 mln people without any medical insurance. The government should be
| | | 118818 [mailinglists] "You think you are so clever, class less and free, but you are only
| | | 118819 [lunixlack@ya] ...theory of Classes ...
| | | 118824 [tim@ve et .a] Next sodding bastard mentions a Lennon lyric gets a boot to the head.
| | | 118835 [mailinglists] Okay, one special for you, from Leonard Cohen. The Song for the Wim
| | + 118892 [sgallagher@r] There is a significant difference between the system that Kerry was proposing
| + 118814 [jwkenne@at g] Fifty years of propaganda saying that the US has to be
+ 118736 [peter@se an ] My hope was that this list could be free of the foreign election and
| 118750 [no-spam-uche] Lurker who never post but only this time :-)
| 118837 [hal9000@hy e] Then you must post more often. We can't let your
+ 118743 [gavin@re in ] I'm voting Kerry because I'm strongly anti-Bush, though online polls
+ 118764 [tom@in oe he] Vote for the pro-smokestack candidate - Nerf Hoffelmeyer!
+ 118767 [rubytalk@gm ] Bush
| + 118770 [roelandmoors] Confusing email address :-)
| + 118777 [transami@ru ] The _mailing-list_ is going to vote? ;)
|   118787 [tim@ve et .a] You're totally the first person to mention that! ...  And I generally
+ 118769 [joaopedrosa@] In my mind it would have been much more courageous to not go into war
+ 118771 [djberg96@ho ] I'm voting for myself.  Hail to the King, baby.
| 118775 [tom@in oe he] Tom
+ 118786 [jd@no pa .c ] Well...the day isn't over yet.
| 118822 [fgp@ph o. rg] So, who is responsible?
| 118852 [jwkenne@at g] It's not a question of not being a superman. He was warned repeatedly
| 118855 [zdennis@mk e] This goes back to a central question....was it the President who had
| 118856 [rasputnik@he] You say that as though there weren't literally millions of people around
+ 118791 [gianni@on 6i] I agree with the other posters who think this is perhaps an
| + 118805 [mailinglists] This week there was a tiny message in many major newsmagazines
| | 118811 [Ara.T.Howard] where i live, boulder colorado, this is not the case.  it __is__ the case that
| | 118850 [joey@jo yg b] This goes a long way to refuting the "100,000 dead civilians" claim
| | 118854 [mailinglists] On the given page i find the number of 183 deaths per day. This number
| + 118807 [gianni@on 6i] soldiers, many of them my own age. Like many GJ>Americans, I backed a
+ 118821 [transami@ru ] Okay, now you've gone beyond rude. You are officially an Ass. But let me show
+ 118869 [kalaky@gm il] I'm not a U.S. citizen, but I support Bush. The more he f*cks
+ 118943 [rob.02004@gm] I've lived in NYC for the past 3.5 years. Last week I brought one way
  118946 [jgb3@em il b] Well, you tied it back to Ruby, anyway. Which is more than I can say for