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^ The real Ruby vs. Python.
117929 [mailinglist_] What it comes down to is what it's coming down to for
+ 117931 [james graypr] This is a very strange comment, in my opinion.  A library may simply
+ 117934 [dross code-e] Binary releases are sometimes a problem, most of us are unix users,
+ 117937 [ruby-lists l] you make the point excellently.
| + 117942 [matt.mower g] As a windows user I feel I should chip in here.  I don't think I'm
| | + 117948 [dross code-e] Would you be willing to help me package binaries for RPA? :) I can help
| | | 117964 [matt.mower g] If you can put up with teaching me I would be happy to contribute some
| | | 117965 [mailinglist_] users?
| | | 118041 [rff_rff remo] but we support ruby/cygwin ruby/mswin ruby/mingw ruby/djgpp ruby/lcc and
| | + 117950 [ruby-lists l] the main problem is that even while i was on
| |   + 117951 [mailinglist_] for me...
| |   + 117957 [dross code-e] You can use mingw32. Help out you blasted lypanov. :P I told earlier you
| |     118036 [rff_rff remo] actually you can use MS' stuff as it is available free as in beer
| |     118037 [dross code-e] I'm aware, but I usually compile win32 program on my bsd machine with
| + 117953 [justin.rudd ] I've tried a bit.  I've got MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite/Ruby
|   118039 [rff_rff remo] the win32 binary contains every ruby extension library that is included
+ 117939 [hlship gmail] I tried using the basic Ruby for windows package and got a few
| 117949 [transami run] Are there downsides to this approach for Windows users?
| + 117952 [ruby-lists l] cygwin is huge has an awful interface and
| + 117954 [justin.rudd ] Licensing?  If you are interested in just writing programs to use
| + 117960 [jk microgala] Cygwin adds a something like a gnu/linux/posix layer between the
| | 117963 [hlship gmail] My background is Java, which is typically "build on windows, deploy on
| + 117973 [halostatue g] Yes. IIRC, you lose all Win32 API interaction, especially Win32OLE,
+ 117945 [transami run] Ironically that should be a good thing!
| 117947 [mailinglist_] library may
+ 117972 [halostatue g] I don't have much to disagree with here -- I think that Ruby's support
+ 117975 [joaopedrosa ] The grass is greener at the neighbor's. :-)
+ 118004 [djberg96 hot] Ruby has these, too.

^ OT: Where? (was: Errors in line numbers reported?)
117940 [transami run] I'm wondering, given some of the talk about a bug reporting and mailing lists

^ RubyForge.org is down
117944 [dave pragpro] Rich asked me to pass on that rubyforge.org is currently down--he's
117981 [tom infoethe] 'twas a Washington DC area wide problem with our network provider, and

^ Unix vs Windows [was: The real Ruby vs. Python.]
117959 [curt hibbs.c] I am a big proponent of being cross-platform *and* making things as easy as
+ 117966 [dross code-e] I don't have anything against windows, but now I will get a team
| + 117974 [aredridel gm] I can get interested developers a terminal account on windows server
| + 118084 [eule space.c] Count me in. Power to the people.
+ 118347 [dross code-e] mmm... Perhaps we can have a long list to a wiki, I'd like to get an

^ [ANN] Ruvi 0.4.12
117961 [ruby-lists l] Latest Ruvi release can now be found at

^ Gems as key? Re: The real Ruby vs. Python.
117967 [itsme213 hot] ...
+ 117968 [dross code-e] RPA and RubyGems have different aspects in implementation, so it would
| 117976 [michael.deha] Dare I say it, but cloning CPAN near-exactly wouldn't be a bad way to go.
| + 117978 [curt hibbs.c] This is not quite the same thing, but...
| | + 117979 [curt hibbs.c] Oh yeah, and we also working on an installer for OS X that will contain the
| | + 117986 [transami run] And use the same GUI for both?
| | | + 118003 [dross code-e] This would not work. I'm creating a GUI for Windows, I have more
| | | + 118042 [rff_rff remo] there are philosophical and practical differences in approaching
| | + 117989 [dross code-e] Curt, I will hope that we can maybe release a version with RPA even
| + 117988 [dross code-e] *shrug* RPA isn't trying to mock CPAN exactly. We are trying to implement
+ 117992 [eeklund gmai] The latter is a property of package repository administration, not of RubyGems.
| + 117997 [eeklund gmai] ... oops - lost the end of this - "but we presently do not have the
| + 118026 [itsme213 hot] ...
|   118046 [batsman.geo ] RubyGems installs packages in separate directories; it supports multiple
|   118054 [transami run] Then it sounds like that RubyGems needs to adopt the framework of RPA, and
|   + 118058 [dross code-e] You can create your own packages with RPA as well. RPA doesnt have an
|   | + 118059 [dross code-e] A small detail I forgot. When you create your own RPA source files, you
|   | + 118073 [usenet andre] "Note that, although packaging stuff for RPA is very easy (we designed
|   |   + 118074 [dross code-e] There could very well be documentation, and my work queue is currently
|   |   + 118097 [batsman.geo ] mmm the FAQ is outdated, since right now there is indeed some
|   |     118098 [dblack wobbl] Clarification, in case anyone misunderstands:  I don't know what your
|   |     118106 [batsman.geo ] "Strong dependency management" means that the system ensures no invalid
|   |     + 118109 [Ara.T.Howard] ...
|   |     | 118144 [batsman.geo ] It is easy to rebuild the graph on uninstall, based on the stored
|   |     + 118111 [chad chadfow] # >
|   |       + 118128 [agorilla gma] ... unlike Mauricio (and the rest of the RPA team).
|   |       | + 118134 [gsinclair so] Not every sentence by a discussion participant needs to add something
|   |       | + 118148 [chad chadfow] # > We trust  that you'll make the right decision,
|   |       + 118136 [horacio.lope] First of all, this email is written by me, Horacio L?pez and doesn't
|   |       | 118187 [hal9000 hype] I don't believe Chad's remarks were in the context of comparing gems
|   |       + 118143 [eeklund gmai] Heh.  This seems to be a preference issue: I strongly prefer that
|   + 118100 [eeklund gmai] Would it help you if we added the ability to "fall back to" gems for
|   + 118214 [ggarramuno a] ...
+ 118062 [chadfowler g] This is the vision.  Above all, "really freaking easy".  That's our focus.

^ igraph
117969 [transami run] Might make a nice addition to dev-utils if Florian Frank agrees to it.
118027 [rubytalk gma] I like it, and it was easy to setup everything to get it on a server

^ Rounding error, (100.0 * 9.95).to_i == 994
117982 [danj 3skel.c] I can understand floating point errors, but this one seems too small
+ 117983 [jgb3 email.b] a = 100 * 9.95
| + 117991 [dga lcs.mit.] $f = 100.0 * 9.95;
| + 117995 [danj 3skel.c] $ ruby -e 'puts (100.0*9.95).to_s'
|   + 118001 [flgr ccan.de] The value is even less exact. .to_s automatically rounds to 15 digits.
|   + 118018 [hal9000 hype] - to_i doesn't round, it truncates;
+ 117984 [walter mwsew] flt.to_i       => integer
  117987 [batkins57 gm] OK, that would make sense if v's value was 994.5, but it seems to be
  117993 [jgb3 email.b] But it isn't 995.0. It is 994.99999999883 or something. IRB displays it
  118005 [  jd ods.org] I'm confused now..  100.0 * 9.95 is clearly 995.  So what exactly is the
  + 118006 [dga lcs.mit.] You can't represent all floating point numbers accurately in
  | 118020 [hal9000 hype] I'm not sure it's *just* in the multiplication... 0.95 can't
  | 118053 [markus reali] It can, but not using only a (binary) mantisa & (binary) exponent.
  | 118055 [transami run] That was I was thinking. Do you know where your read it?
  | 118126 [markus reali] No.  I think it was an ACM or IEEE paper from the early eighties.
  | 118215 [transami run] No doubt, there are some difficulties, but it certainly seems completely
  | 118216 [hal9000 hype] If you volunteer to pay for it, great things will happen.
  | + 118341 [transami run] Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have to slow down! In fact I still
  | | 118344 [hal9000 hype] It's not a matter of computer science, but of economics.
  | | 118349 [transami run] Ha ha! When the spacecraft crashes and burns b/c of an overlooked rounding
  | | 118355 [hal9000 hype] I'm not overstating or undervaluing anything.
  | | + 118356 [transami run] Why are you getting so pissy about it? What grade are you in, Hal?
  | | + 118358 [transami run] And by the way, pg. 41 of your book the Ruby Way, has a couple of those
  | |   118418 [hal9000 hype] I am always glad to be informed of errors or misstatements
  | |   118422 [transami run] Cool. Sorry for getting a little short with you.
  | + 118342 [transami run] Unfortunately I only have 2 cents ;)
  + 118007 [jgb3 email.b] It's a problem caused by the fact that floating point numbers cannot be
  + 118008 [flgr ccan.de] Floating point numbers are expressed in base 2. 9.95 has an infinite
  + 118009 [volkard norm] 9.95 can not exactly put into a floeating point number with base 2.
  | 118016 [  jd ods.org] Thanks for your responses.  I actually did hear about this a long time ago
  + 118019 [hal9000 hype] Here's the short explanation.
    118025 [transami run] Not exactly, '1/3' is finite. Rational numbers can be expressed. Irrationals
    + 118028 [hal9000 hype] Expressed as a single number in either base 10 or 2, 0.333... requires an
    | 118038 [transami run] Well, some group in San Fran is busy screwing it up (IEEE-754r) and have been
    + 118029 [jgb3 email.b] ... That's not what I learned in school. How many decimal digits does it
      + 118032 [transami run] One, if you put a line over it --that's my point, any rational can be
      + 118086 [discordantus] Reconfigure your misconceptions: decimal numeric notation has no basis
        + 118113 [danj 3skel.c] I just want to thank all of you for a stimulating, interesting and, in
        | + 118116 [jim freeze.o] There's always Rational and BigDecimal.
        | + 118125 [transami run] all those strange and wondrous PIC declarations.
        | | + 118132 [cmills frees] IMHO a good Money class would be priceless :)
        | | | 118152 [transami run] Alas, I don't have that class of Money to subscribe :( ;)
        | | + 118189 [aredridel gm] Ruby needs a good Money class.
        | |   118204 [gavin refine] This may be yet another case where the suggested way of implementing
        | |   118207 [transami run] I take it that BigDeciaml is techincally immutable then.
        | |   118314 [aredridel gm] BigDecimal works by default on my ruby 1.8.2pre2 on PLD.
        | |   118319 [transami run] Hmm.. I'm running debian. Perhaps it is a separate package. I'll see.
        | + 118127 [gsinclair so] I'd like a class that does fixed-point.  Never heard any consideration
        + 118141 [guslist free] Another funny failing of the notation is that not everything that looks
          + 118150 [volkard norm] you prooved, that 0.999999...=1
          + 118160 [ehames gmail] 0.9999... (infinite serie of 9s) is the standard (not IEEE, but plain
          + 118230 [ysantoso-rub] YS.
            118248 [transami run] "Clearly 0.9* = 1 + 0Ħħ, so 0Ħħ is a sort of negative infinitesimal. On the

^ Help with new project
117996 [ehames gmail] little GUI script to stop and start bootup services in Gentoo. In the
117999 [batkins57 gm] You can create a project for it on RubyForge and store the files
+ 118002 [tom infoethe] +1, sounds like a good one for RubyForge...
+ 118065 [chadfowler g] Ruby 2nd Edition (http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/ruby/ --
  118067 [ehames gmail] I've been reading the online edition of Programming Ruby and found it
  118099 [chadfowler g] Ed, please let me know personally if you'd like help with packaging

^ Get password Or no echo
118011 [rubytalk gma] I looked at the IOConsole.tar that was posted last time, I don't think
118052 [Ara.T.Howard] -a
118066 [rubytalk gma] sorry, cant get termios.h to be found on my windows system. Is this
+ 118068 [Ara.T.Howard] probably - as far as i know that is no portable way to manipulate the terminal
+ 118112 [paul.rogers ] try this for windows: (im sure I got some of this code from this list,

^ Railing the FUN3D website (was Re: [ANN] New RubyGarden article: "Reflections on Rails")
118014 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I don't know.
+ 118024 [batkins57 gm] My impression was that Rails was best for database-intensive
+ 118333 [horacio.lope] Sounds more like a job for Ruwiki.
  118350 [halostatue g] -austin

^ Why can I extend, but not include, DL::Importable?
118022 [djberg96 hot] Windows XP Pro
118091 [decoux moulo] ...
118145 [djberg96 hot] So, DL automatically tries to convert externs into module functions?
118205 [nobu.nokada ] What will you decide, whether instance methods or module
118339 [djberg96 hot] Class methods.

^ Another erb Question
118030 [james graypr] Can anyone explain the practical purpose of the final arg to ERB.new()
118031 [jgb3 email.b] class ERB
+ 118034 [james graypr] I'm with ya to there.   What would you use that for?  Filling a
| 118040 [dave pragpro] Perhaps so you can have two independent erb runs in the same scope?
+ 118035 [jgb3 email.b] I see now that you asked about the practical purpose of that argument.
  118044 [james graypr] My thanks to you both, Jamis and Dave.
  118048 [batkins57 gm] So, is the conclusion that puts's and print's in ERB source will go to
  118051 [james graypr] Concat to eoutvar?  Use <%= ... %> liberally?
  118088 [cc1 cec.wust] I noticed this other other day while doing some testing as well, and I
  118108 [james graypr] I'm confused.  What's the problem here?
  118122 [cc1 cec.wust] Well in Pickaxe 2 it says -d = set $DEBUG to true, so I'm guessing this
  118131 [james graypr] Egad, you're right.  I totally overlooked the typo.  My bad.

^ Ruby/DL (was Re: The real Ruby vs. Python.)
118043 [jgb3 email.b] True. However, Ruby/DL has a compile-time limit (defaults to 10) on the
+ 118047 [batkins57 gm] Is there a significant difference in speed between a straight C
+ 118049 [rff_rff remo] well I can only remember the htmltidy library, never looked at it, anyway :/
| 118102 [michael.deha] Speaking of Ruby/DL, I have a question ...
| 118120 [jgb3 email.b] Ruby/DL does support callbacks, but only a fixed number of them (10, by
+ 118137 [guslist free] ...

^ Re: Rounding error, (100.0 2000 2001 Desktop Money Projects Protege.png Protege_2.1 Q3.DIR Quicken RCS Screenshot-1.png Screenshot-2.png Screenshot-3.png Screenshot.png afs-backup afshome amixer.works b basic.edl bin bruin-woods c4isr.owl c4isr.pprj cellphones.sxc comedi comedilib config config-n6uni config.austin conv-factors.sxc debian drvinfo.txt dry.xml ds-tools emachines evolution float.sxc fnfix foomatic-db-current.tar.gz grp-backup iFog-Aqua20-1.tar.gz id_dsa.pub income jimo-core-sjenkins job-search ken-cole latex2docbook letters lfront log mbse modules n6uni-etc.tar.gz n6uni-home.tar.gz n6uni.tar.gz nasa nisotr old-ruby-tools openafs photos pickaxe2.pdf rdtmerge resume rexml.sxc ruby-bug ruby-oscon.sxi ruby-tidal ruby-tools smbmount.3.0.7 software themes tidal-3-11 tidal-3-5-patches tidal-cvsroot-archive tidal-data tidal-head tidal-poster-corrected.ppt tidal-poster.ppt tidal-web tidal-xdemo tidalsim.tar.gz uuid vim-ruby-snapshot-2003-10-12 wet.xml yepp 9.95).to_i == 994
118045 [steven.jenki] It's been done. Google for "matula floating slash". As a graduate
118153 [steven.jenki] Sure it does. As you just showed, .9999... == 1.0.
118169 [guslist free] True, the power serie somme of 9*10^(-n) does converge to 1. But the
118386 [ruby brian-s] Don't want to be picky, but what about: 1, 01, 001, 0001, 00001...

^ Re: Rounding error
118050 [transami run] Nice. I'm impressed. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything very detailed on
118151 [steven.jenki] Kornerup published a few papers, but I don't know whether they're on the

^ Ruby Tuesday
118057 [batkins57 gm] There's a neat trick that I like to do when eating at Ruby Tuesday,

^ Dave's Ruby, Rails, and TextMate Blog Entry
118060 [Bil.Kleb NAS] PragDave's just posted a nice summary of his updated ruby talk...

^ Cooperation between RubyGems and RPA (Ruby Production Archive)
118064 [batsman.geo ] That's something the RubyGems team will have to decide upon but it
118172 [batsman.geo ] Cooperation between RubyGems and RPA (Ruby Production Archive)

^ [ANN] SQLite/Ruby 2.2.0
118069 [jgb3 email.b] SQLite/Ruby 2.2.0 is now available for download. A Windows binary
+ 118070 [mailinglist_] Windows binary
| 118071 [jgb3 email.b] Nope. SQLite3 support will be a separate project, since the API's are
| + 118075 [Ara.T.Howard] i've been following the discussions - it's still seems a bit volitile to spend
| + 118154 [carl.youngbl] I would rather see Net::SSH worked on than SQLite3, especially
| + 118556 [curne curnom] I would probably not upgrade to SQLite3 this very instance, but that is
+ 118072 [dross code-e] Might you be able to rpa'ify it, or perhaps the rpa team can, but its

^ [ANN] Earlybird entries are about to close for OSDC
118076 [graeme osdc.] G'day folks,

^ [OT] Opus
118078 [vjoel PATH.B] Opus lives! At least in the SF Chron, on Sundays. Here's one from B.B.'s
118101 [bob.news gmx] "Joel VanderWerf" <vjoel@PATH.Berkeley.EDU> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Finding Libraries in Non-standard Places
118079 [cjs cynic.ne] I want to get my ruby readline extension working, but my readline
+ 118081 [mulperi cc.h] Does --with-readline-dir=/usr/pkg/lib work?
+ 118082 [eban os.rim.] If readline.h is in /usr/pkg/include/readline and
  118085 [cjs cynic.ne] That's it. How does one figure out these options?
  + 118092 [eban os.rim.] % ruby -ne 'print if /^ dir_config/ .. /^Return/' README.EXT
  + 118093 [rasputnik he] look at extconf.rb - see the online pickaxes description of it

^ Mysterious Date Parsing Failures: NaN
118087 [cjs cynic.ne] I've got an application that goes through apache log files, and one of
118089 [rubyzbibd ub] That is quite odd, I cannot recreate it on my machine. Although,
118094 [cjs cynic.ne] Did you try calling it a lot. It happens only once every few hundred
118095 [rubyzbibd ub] Ah, no I did not.  Although, I just tried it with the following code
118232 [hramrach cen] Tried to put it into irb, no problems found.

^ [ANN] Wee goes public
118103 [mneumann nte] Wee is another "Web Framework". My concentration was to get the core
+ 118105 [mneumann nte] svn checkout svn://ntecs.de/public/Wee
+ 118167 [djberg96 hot] I did this on my Windows XP box.  The first time it worked fine.  But,
  118173 [mneumann nte] Yes. By default, when you shutdown the application/webserver, all data
  118176 [Ara.T.Howard] this shouldn't happen using pstore right?  it's transaction should work
  118185 [mneumann nte] Yes, I probably should (and will) use pstore. But corruption has never
  + 118195 [rff_rff remo] maybe the usual lack of the binaty flag on file operations?
  | 118196 [mneumann nte] Oh yeah, that's it. Thanks very much.
  | 118225 [rff_rff remo] nice to be useful :)
  + 118263 [tom infoethe] I'm not sure, but I've seen the same thing on my WinXP box.  I ended up