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^ Comparison Caching
11739 [ben_tilly ho] OK, this is my latest entry in the "solve testing
+ 11759 [decoux moulo] This is what it do, except here
| 11771 [ben_tilly ho] Why the swap?  It buys you the ability to see the
| 11772 [decoux moulo] To reduce the number of entries.
| 11775 [ben_tilly ho] If the original data structures being compared do
| 11776 [decoux moulo] 3 C lines
+ 11803 [crippel prim] As discussed in a private email your and my (optimisitic) algorithm are
  11810 [crippel prim] Soorry Ben,
  11814 [ben_tilly ho] I hate the phrase "simply feels more robust".  And my

^ Aleksi, my apologies
11744 [aaron cybers] Aleksi, my apologies for incorrectly spelling your name in my previous post.

^ How do I reach members from a Proc?
11745 [eventi nyic.] class Hello
+ 11748 [Dave Pragmat] class Hello
| + 11774 [eventi nyic.] This belongs in the Garden!  Is there a way to plant it now?
| | 11778 [Dave Pragmat] Regards
| + 11783 [eventi nyic.] How do I pass parameters to @action?  Code's modified below
|   11785 [Dave Pragmat] Currently you can't (although that was an extension that was briefly
|   + 11793 [eventi nyic.] class Hello
|   | 11798 [Dave Pragmat] If 'help' is all you want to call, you could pass in a closure that
|   | 11808 [eventi nyic.] Bleach! If you've gotta go through all the trouble of passing *anything* in,
|   + 11829 [matz zetabit] Someone proposed me in ruby-list (Japanese list) that "instance_eval"
|     11831 [Dave Pragmat] Can I go for the method name with the most underscores?
|     11862 [wmwilson01 h] Shall I add this as an RCR?
|     11881 [matz zetabit] Yes.  FYI, "instance_yield" was proposed in ruby-list.
+ 11749 [matz zetabit] # self here is different from h.

^ very telling experience with Ruby
11747 [green FreeBS] (bear with me if you want; this is a personal informal kind of case study =)

^ A little emacs gimmic for getting help from 'ri'
11751 [colin webg2.] See below.  Lifted from man.el; tested only briefly with xemacs 21.1 -

^ ANN: "Programming Ruby" INTERACTIVE
11752 [wys helbling] it was a great pleasure for all of us to get "Programming Ruby" online.
11839 [wys helbling] Would it be of general interest to have code and results in one window
11840 [jo totland.o] [ Clemens Wyss ]

^ Seeking Ruby/Tk sensei...
11756 [hal9000 hype] May I ask who are the most knowledgeable people here
11830 [schneik us.i] # May I ask who are the most knowledgeable people here
11884 [sent quality] I experimented with Ruby/Tk for a few weeks, and
11932 [ronjeffries ] Dave Thomas mentioned Gtk to me briefly yesterday (please note
+ 11940 [sent quality] In case you don't realize it, out here in the non-
| 11941 [gsemones pri] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 11949 [avi beta4.co] Gtk+ is the toolkit used in the GNOME desktop, and a lot of linux
  11958 [avi beta4.co] I sent this a while ago and never saw it come through... if it did, sorry
  12000 [schneik us.i] # >Dave Thomas mentioned Gtk to me briefly yesterday (please note
  + 12008 [ronjeffries ] Most Smalltalks that work cross platform have their own built-in GUI
  + 12013 [noel.rappin ] Squeak does not attempt to mimic native look and feel at all (or for the
    12016 [feldt ce.cha] I haven't followed the gui-for-ruby threads but shouldn't we learn from
    12022 [noel.rappin ] I'd definately suggest learning from the design -- it's a nice design, and
    12038 [sent quality] Oh. Wow. I thought Smalltalk had that issue

^ inheritance and mixins
11757 [max malva.co] module Downloader
11761 [decoux moulo] Perhaps I've not understood but #initialize is called when a new object is
11770 [max malva.co] [ skip ]

^ AW:  A little emacs gimmic for getting help from 'ri'
11758 [WYS helbling] Any hints (additional .el files I need)?
11964 [colin ska.we] Sorry for not responding sooner - mail problems.  Off the top of my

^ RUBYLIB variable
11762 [max malva.co] /home/max/.rubylib/optparse.rb
11763 [decoux moulo] It try to load the file `print 1'
11769 [max malva.co] Sigh. I'm growing older... ;-)

^ SNMP module in RAA
11781 [bash.r ems-t] This module is the beginnings of a Ruby extension to the UCD-SNMP library.
11784 [fukusima got] Did you check the permission of the directory itself?
11796 [bash.r ems-t] That was it.  It works now.  Many thanks!

^ Building Ruby on Win32- [ATTACHMENT(S) : 6kb]
11786 [jeromg hotma] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
11787 [mdavis sevai] I have Ruby and cygwin running on my Win2000 box.  Works great!  Did you
11789 [decoux moulo] I know nothing about win2000, but all missing symbols are defined in
11790 [jeromg hotma] Ok, me dumb, parse.c was empty... re-ran bison and everything runs smoothly

^ building n-grams
11788 [aerpenbe uos] Greetings everybody,
+ 11792 [dblack candl] Quick first try (I know nothing about any ngram theory that may
+ 11794 [Dave Pragmat] One solutoin is simply to index slices out of the string. Here's an
+ 11799 [gotoken math] class Integer
| 11800 [aerpenbe uos] I'm impressed: Ready-to-run solutions in practically no-time!
+ 11813 [spwhite char] % a="The man sees the boy with the telescope."

^ Looking for Steve Coltrin
11791 [dennisn pe.n] He contributed a Ruby Class for th SHA-1 algorithm (similar in concept

^ $SAFE 4; can't load?
11801 [colin webg2.] Programming Ruby states that at $SAFE>=4, "Can load only wrapped

^ list classmethods of a class
11802 [wys helbling] I tried, but didn't find out how to get the list of classmethods of a
+ 11805 [gotoken math] Object#singleton_methods is available.  Remember a class is an
+ 11809 [ronjeffries ] Dummy.methods lists all the methods Dummy class understands. Is that
  11812 [wys helbling] "Ron Jeffries" <ronjeffries@acm.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Same method name in same class with diff params?
11804 [gsemones pri] A RubyNuby friend has a question, and being a RubyNuby myself, I
11825 [matz zetabit] Yes.  Method overriding may cause serious troubles in dynamic language

^ Using RAA SNMP module
11811 [bash.r ems-t] OK, got SNMP module made, but run into the following
11828 [rdbash bigfo] I have tried all I know to do.  Can anyone help with what this

^ problems with DBM module
11815 [ristad mnemo] 1. DBM module is inconsistent with Ruby design
+ 11820 [dgjs acm.org] I think that you're just coming up against the limitations of the
| 11821 [joe vpop.net] I'd reccommend bdb over gdbm or cdb. Of course I'd recommend
+ 11826 [matz zetabit] might be.  let me consider this.
  11841 [ristad mnemo] Reply-To: ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org

^ Relockable Mutex
11816 [mike lepton.] I read in the mailing list archive that John Small proposed a solution to allow a mutex to be locked many times by the same thread. He replaced @locked = true by @locked = Thread.current and allowed new locks if @locked == Thread.current.
11847 [kjana os.xax] Standard distribution has sync.rb, it defines Sync object and Sync_m

^ Thread-local $> and $<
11819 [nickb fnord.] Having just learned that $-variables, while often considered to be global,
11851 [decoux moulo] Not all $-variables are thread specific

^ RCR: Input XML support in the base Ruby
11822 [Dave Pragmat] Following the raging success of my last RCR, here's other.
+ 11832 [schneik us.i] # Following the raging success of my last RCR, here's other.
| 11833 [Dave Pragmat] Ah, but it wasn't an RCR. :)
| 11835 [joe vpop.net] If we're backdating good ideas, then I'll claim the one that matz
| 11852 [Dave Pragmat] I don't believe it! 0 for 2.
+ 11836 [aaron cybers] Pardon my naivety, but why wouldn't it be desirable to implement a full
+ 11855 [maki inac.co] Apart from this library's size, I think there are more two issue.
| 11857 [Dave Pragmat] If that's what it takes, I'd say 'yes' (although during the build
| + 11858 [dblack candl] That would be my major concern -- the implications for the build
| | 11859 [Dave Pragmat] Agreed (although expat has pretty minimal system dependencies).
| | 11860 [gsemones pri] This is one of the first things I looked for when a friend turned me
| | 11864 [brk jenkon.c] [Bryn Keller]
| | 11866 [wmwilson01 h] Actually, Conrad's RCR has been up since it was suggested.  See #U012 at
| | 11867 [Dave Pragmat] Dave hangs head in abject humiliation. I looked before I
| | 11868 [wmwilson01 h] No biggie.  You managed to bring new life to a topic that deserves it ;)
| | 11874 [schneik us.i] #
| | 11885 [sent quality] Any speed pain points could be optimized and/or
| + 11926 [   xm w3d.ru] /skipped/
|   11998 [schneik us.i] # > From: dave@thomases.com [mailto:dave@thomases.com]On Behalf Of Dave
+ 11894 [matt sergean] A warning about this...
| 11905 [vputz nyx.ne] I must agree.  To put a different slant on this: The lack of XML as a native
| 12009 [matt sergean] Static linking is *exactly* what has caused the problem in the
+ 12125 [maki inac.co] I forward this RCR to ruby-list and asked Japanese Rubyist

^ Continuations, etc.
11824 [hal9000 hype] As an exercise, I was trying to figure out how to implement
11850 [decoux moulo] You have a similar example in ruby-uguide "What is an iterator?" do define

^ LDAP module problem
11837 [roberto REMO] I'm a beginner in ruby (what a great language!) and I'm trying to convert
+ 11843 [decoux moulo] I know nothing about LDAP but see the example test/search2.rb
| 11846 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
+ 11844 [ttate jaist.] the entry object is valid in the block of the search method.
  + 11848 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
  + 11849 [ttate jaist.] how about Entry#to_hash? (see also test/search3.rb)
    11865 [roberto REMO] Thanks, that works. I've already tried it but it was also outside the scope

^ ANN: RubyCHannel interpreter goes $SAFE-level 2!
11842 [wys helbling] - eval()

^ Files and Styles
11853 [ronjeffries ] I noticed that RubyUnit is divided into one class or module per file.
11856 [Dave Pragmat] One use of modules is to help prevent namespace pollution. You pay for
11861 [ben_tilly ho] This is typical in a number of languages.  Within

^ Need advice/help (can't find socket lib)
11870 [kellewic yah] Ok, first off I feel I am at least semi-intelligent
11871 [Dave Pragmat] What operating system are you on?
11875 [kellewic yah] Heh, was in such a rush at work I failed to include
11880 [Dave Pragmat] %  cd ext/socket
12141 [imarsman web] Read this posting and tried the suggestion below. Once I had done this I

^ Re: Programming Ruby is now online
11872 [bash.r ems-t] Bruce Eckel lists reasons he published his material online.
11873 [bash.r ems-t] Bruce Eckel lists reasons he published his material online.

^ Option to allow Python style indenting?
11876 [nospam 66666] Don't know whether this discussion would be better here or on the email
+ 11877 [brk jenkon.c] [Bryn Keller]
+ 11878 [ristad mnemo] Reply-To: ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org
| + 11882 [matz zetabit] It's very interesting to hear this.  I think Python people are stick
| | 11886 [ristad mnemo] Reply-To: ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org
| | 11907 [dfan harmoni] The sad thing is what a shock this is to those of us who took the
| | 11913 [brk jenkon.c] What would be *really* useful would be a package which provided an Abstract
| + 12280 [furue coaps.] This is one of the very few points that I wanted Ruby to have done
+ 11879 [dblack candl] comp.lang.ruby and the ruby-talk list mirror each other, so it's on
  11887 [nospam 66666] Well, exercise-wise, I could probably write something external that did
  11906 [dfan harmoni] I've thought about this a little in the past, and I think it might not
  11942 [charleshixsn] My personal experience is that Python indenting is a real pain.  To an extent

^ ANNOUNCE: RubyConf.new(2001)
11883 [gnhurst hurs] Announcing  RubyConf.new(2001)
11890 [feldt ce.cha] Wow, amazing...

^ Future Tk status.
11888 [schneik us.i] Conrad Schneiker

^ ANNOUNCE: RDBrowse (RD search & display)
11889 [rise knavery] Simple little script to search $: (plus supplied paths) for files matching

^ ANN: MethodInfo
11891 [avi beta4.co] This module simplistically parses ruby source files as they

^ rewrite with Ruby
11892 [max malva.co] def Mutt.afterConfigure
+ 11893 [decoux moulo] &block
| + 11896 [max malva.co] It works, but do not make changes to the file itself.
| + 11897 [decoux moulo] Sorry, I've not understood.
|   + 11899 [max malva.co] Yes, I've figured that out.
|   + 11900 [decoux moulo] $? is nil when ruby begin (not yet executed an external command) or when
|     11911 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat aa
|     11912 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That was my point -- is there/should there be a way that this is done
|     11924 [decoux moulo] -i make inline editing : it copy the file then all modifications are made
+ 11895 [hgs dmu.ac.u] How would one make it really generic?  Ruby has -i as well, so how can one
  11898 [max malva.co] patchFile('/tmp/config.h', {

^ Class Destructor?
11901 [jim freeze.o] I have a class where the initializer takes a filename
11904 [Dave Pragmat] One trick, if you have fairly localized access to the file, is to use

^ Class Destructor?
11902 [WYS helbling] How about using define_finalizer in your initialize method.
11903 [ben_tilly ho] When using true garbage collection the destruction

^ TCPSocket
11908 [lists theori] I'm working on the networking core for a client/server, and am just working on
11909 [dblack candl] require 'socket'
11910 [decoux moulo] The server wait for a request (GET, PUT, POST, ...), it will not give a

^ SysV IPC
11914 [joe vpop.net] Has anyone written an interface to SysV IPC?

^ Why I bought a second copy of The Book.
11915 [jfn enteract] It was the book that exposed me to ruby and caused me to absolutely fall
+ 11917 [joe vpop.net] If it's a hassle bringing it back and forth, then I would do it.
+ 11923 [mrbrianturne] I myself, have been pondering buying a second copy, for much the same
  11925 [Dave Pragmat] I like Beck's SBPP book, and find much of it applicable to _all_

^ Smalltalk idioms / patterns and Ruby
11916 [gsemones pri] Greetings,

^ problem with threads and fastcgi
11918 [bhilton vpop] I am fairly new to ruby and also at writing multi-threaded apps, and I was
+ 11922 [matz zetabit] fcgi is not thread-safe.  Unlike other IO facilities, it does not try to
+ 11927 [jdf pobox.co] You've created a thread, but you do not wait for it to finish what it
  11934 [bhilton vpop] FCGI.each is the equivalent to a never-ending while loop, so the main

^ eruby on Windows via MS Internet Explorer?
11921 [mdavis sevai] Does anyone know how to install eruby on Windows NT so that an .rhtml document with embedded ruby code will run in MS Internet Explorer?

^ Ruby, vim and indentation
11930 [ps radiac.mi] In the DRYOO (Don't Repeat Yourself, Or Others) spirit I would like to ask if
11938 [gsemones pri] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ SV:  Ruby, vim and indentation
11933 [dennisdecker] See [ruby-talk:11532] for mappings to run ruby and ri (the online ruby index
11962 [eventi nyic.] index

^ SV:  Smalltalk idioms / patterns and Ruby
11935 [dennisdecker] I've got a copy of it at my desk at home. Just like the GoF-book, it will
11939 [gsemones pri] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ text-processing with ext. characterset
11937 [hvrosen worl] text-processing with ext. characterset
11974 [matz zetabit] As of Ruby 1.7, it supports only UTF-8, not Unicode (you know I

^ Checking if a file is a directory? with eruby
11943 [mdavis sevai] I get an insecure error with the following code when it is viewed in a

^ Gtk resources (was: Re: Seeking Ruby/Tk sensei...)
11944 [sent quality] Originally I had Havoc's Gnome programming book.

^ singleton classes?
11945 [johann physi] Could someone either explain singleton classes to me or point me to a
+ 11946 [sent quality] ml
| 11948 [Dave Pragmat] Actually, the word 'singleton' in Ruby has two totally different
| 11950 [ben_tilly ho] (talking about private classes for objects, and their uses)
| + 11954 [crippel prim] Since methods are not objects you will have hard time
| + 11955 [Dave Pragmat] Ben,
|   11957 [ben_tilly ho] I just found a way.  I don't really like it, but I
|   11959 [ben_tilly ho] Erm...
+ 11953 [crippel prim] Each Ruby object comes with a type (in Class)
+ 11961 [crippel prim] Since there is difference between ``Class method'' and

^ memory management and object finalization in Ruby
11947 [ristad mnemo] 1. How is object finalization handled in Ruby?

^ ruby icons
11952 [rashworth ma] Using Win95 Operating System, I find in the Sample folder
11977 [Dave Pragmat] The green box is supported to remind you of a DOS window, and
11980 [rashworth ma] Thank you very much.  ERA

^ Pre-release announcement for Lapidary
11956 [ntalbott rol] I've been working on a unit testing framework for Ruby for a while now, and

^ Not Ruby, for me, for the moment at least
11960 [mkreuzer mai] Ruby as a scripting language.  I thought I'd post the results of that
+ 11963 [nconway klam] Last I checked, Perl is dual-licensed under both the GPL and the
| + 11966 [sent quality] And thank you very much for doing so!
| | + 11967 [ben_tilly ho] Ruby likewise, but Ruby's license differs in at least one
| | + 11968 [elderburn mi] FWIW the GPL does _not_ restrict commercial distributions; it restricts
| + 11976 [matz zetabit] According to the fact, he posted to comp.lang.ruby, not to the
| + 11992 [snowzone hom] the only interesting thing is that it was written by a member of
+ 11971 [jo totland.o] [ Michael Kreuzer ]
| 11972 [ben_tilly ho] Yes.
+ 11993 [claird starb] !  Thanks for the tip; I had no idea Spider
+ 11997 [wys helbling] Michael, what do you intend to do? I.e. what is the domain of your
  + 12053 [BgPorter NOa] Don't forget Macintosh support, which is one factor keeping me in the Python
  + 12075 [cas exis.com] Speaking from my own perspective, I wouldn't underestimate how big how much
    12085 [rdbash bigfo] much
    12100 [schneik us.i] # Not sure if newbie experiences mean anything to regular readers of