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^ File loading problems using rdf-redland gem
115690 [rob.02004 gm] When I try to run a ruby script that uses rdf-redland I get the
115735 [chadfowler g] Looks like you've found a RubyGems bug.  I think we have seen
115744 [rob.02004 gm] Chad, are there any work-arounds you can suggest in the meantime? I'd

^ [ANN] win32-open3 0.1.0
115700 [djberg96 hot] We are happy to announce the first release of win32-open3!
115758 [botp delmont] I thought I would never see the light of day of open3 in windows this year.

^ TempFile
115707 [ummaycoc gma] [ummaycoc@localhost ummaycoc]$ ruby -v
115771 [Ara.T.Howard] a) your process forks and the exiting child calls exit, not exit!, and
115881 [ummaycoc gma] Nope :-(
+ 115915 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm not sure how, but your tempfile is being garbage collected from somewhere
+ 115929 [kjana dm4lab] For my eyes @done, @error, @debug and @add are a some object which has
+ 115933 [matz ruby-la] Can you show us error reproducing "whole" script?
  116017 [ummaycoc gma] You asked for it :-)
  116043 [matz ruby-la] I couldn't reproduce a bug even using ruby 1.8.2 (2004-06-21) [i386-linux].
  116046 [ummaycoc gma] [ummaycoc@localhost timepoint]$ uname -a
  116186 [ummaycoc gma] Problem fixed, I think (let's hope this doesn't introduce new issues)
  116208 [matz ruby-la] You've found and fixed a bug in tempfile.rb.  I will merge it in

^ [Ruby Forum] 100 registered users
115710 [alex verk.in] Ruby Forum has crossed the 100 registered users threshold in less than a
+ 115729 [lyle.johnson] Lyle
+ 115766 [gsinclair so] Congratulations, Alex.  I've been impressed with the range of

^ Ruby Conf '04 reactions
115721 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I thought I'd wait until the honeymoon feeling died down a bit..
+ 115727 [jim freeze.o] Good suggestions. ++1
| 115730 [matt technor] Sign me up!  Also, I may be able to offer a few UML systems for people to
+ 115734 [chadfowler g] Bil, thanks for the comments and suggestions!  We're taking notes.  I
  + 115756 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Actually, that was one suggestion I forgot:  The New Orleans XP/Agile
  + 115759 [sera fhwang.] + Rob McKinnon had started a rubygarden page where people could post
  + 115930 [gmiller bitt] I'd also like to thank the organizers again for the labor of love that
    116038 [djberg96 hot] This is why I think it might be best to have two tracks next year.
    116041 [matt technor] I would rather see the conference extended by a day.  Also, slightly

^ Ruby on Open BSD ?
115748 [joao teaser.] I wanted to know if anyone has tried/managed to compile Ruby on Open
+ 115749 [dross code-e] Ruby should compile fine. Many people who use OpenBSD have compiled it.
+ 115750 [jk microgala] cd /usr/ports/lang/ruby
+ 115753 [jeremy hineg] yup.
+ 115754 [rasputnik he] Are you sure it loops? I've had a similar problem with the CVS build
  + 115823 [joao teaser.] Thank you all for the suggestions. If I have time, I will indeed
  + 115862 [hackerotaku ] i seem to recall having to install libiconv, flex, bison...not sure if

^ Help with a C extension
115760 [cyberlync gm] I am slowly working through creating a C extension for ruby. There
+ 115812 [just-for-new] I may missing something but what about
| 115870 [cyberlync gm] see inline ->
| 115877 [kristof vlee] The VALUE for String is rb_cString, and is defined in ruby.h.
| 115890 [cyberlync gm] Ah! thank you so much!
+ 115896 [rcoder gmail] You should be able to define extension methods for built-in classes the
  115909 [cmills frees] VALUE rb_path2class _((const char*));

^ Two rescues?
115762 [Becker004 gm] begin
+ 115803 [flori nixe.p] begin
| 115827 [Becker004 gm] end.each do |dir|
| 115859 [drbrain segm] Maybe you want to use Find.find.  (require 'find')
+ 115857 [drbrain segm] $ ruby

^ ARGV || something
115764 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I used to do this with VERSION < 1.8,
+ 115770 [Ara.T.Howard] i can't figure that it ever would have worked?
| + 115775 [transami run] components = ARGV[0] ? ARGV : %w[ Adjoint Design FUN3D_90 GetGrad                          GridMove HRefine LibF90 Mixed Party                          PHYSICS_MODULES Rad ]
| + 115779 [markus reali] components = *ARGV
| + 116277 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I thought I did, but upon some CVS log checking, this bit of
|   116315 [hal9000 hype] Maybe you meant to say:   ARGV[0] || stuff
+ 115813 [B.Candler po] I don't see how it would have worked before, but perhaps
+ 115825 [bob.news gmx] "Bil Kleb" <Bil.Kleb@NASA.Gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 115894 [rcoder gmail] In Ruby 1.8, ARGV is always an array. Since the truth value of an empty

^ Ruby/Oracle9/HPUX
115767 [jgb3 email.b] I searched the archives and only encountered a brief thread started by
115801 [alex verk.in] And so am I, with exactly the same problem.

^ Definitive method for managing ruby installations
115787 [carl.youngbl] It seems like most ruby programmers build and install ruby from
+ 115789 [transami run] Might Ruby itself be a Gem one day?
+ 115799 [matt enlevem] I have a question about rpa-base and gems. What's the difference between
| 115815 [chadfowler g] There are a lot of differences between the two under the covers, but
| 115843 [james graypr] Just curious.  I think I read in the Pickaxe II that RubyGems uses
| + 115875 [rasputnik he] Last I heard that had been taken out again, largely for that reason.
| + 115882 [jim weirichh] RubyGems 0.8.0 and later do not use library stubs.  They were abandoned
|   115905 [batsman.geo ] AFAIK RubyGems pre-0.8.0 could manage simultaneous versions fine.
|   115912 [jim weirichh] Right. Prevented was too strong.  But they didn't interact well with
+ 116045 [aredridel gm] I use RPMs. Cleanest way on my RPM-based systems.
+ 116089 [curne curnom] Sitting on an OS X box (darwin), I make a package from source of
+ 116565 [emschwar pob] I use the pre-packaged debs.  Saves time and worry on my part.
  116681 [charleshixsn] I use the pre-packaged debs too, but when they get stale, I like to

^ net-ssh hanging?
115794 [carl.youngbl] Okay, I set up ruby again and net-ssh appears to be working properly.
115977 [jgb3 email.b] Carl, my apologies for not responding to this sooner.
115987 [carl.youngbl] Makes perfect sense.  Thanks Jamis!

^ Rake RDocTask fails on Win XP
115795 [tksano m3.kc] I have a problem with Rake on Windows XP. Rake is 0.4.8 installed by

^ Greetings from EuRuKo 2004
115804 [jamesUNDERBA] The 2nd European Ruby Conference has just kicked off here in Munich.

^ Re: Ruby is a slow performer
115806 [rff_rff remo] I guess there are :)
+ 115866 [ptkwt aracne] ...
+ 119298 [szegedy t-on] You are correct. I would say that the shootout is extremely
  + 119302 [dga lcs.mit.] Why is that unrealistic?  You could do the same in Ruby by
  | + 119306 [mneumann nte] We have a superfast matrix class: NArray (not in standard lib).
  | | + 119311 [ptkwt aracne] ...
  | | + 119317 [dga lcs.mit.] This looks great, btw.  Not having looked at the code
  | |   119326 [dga lcs.mit.] I've added the requisite sanity checks to the code and
  | + 119366 [szegedy t-on] Great! Then put all C-solutions from the shootout into
  |   119370 [dga lcs.mit.] This doesn't follow.  Ruby _already_ has a matrix convenience
  |   119379 [szegedy t-on] ======================================================
  |   + 119380 [szegedy t-on] Just a side remark: one can use
  |   + 119395 [rff_rff remo] well, there is a reason the ranking system is named CRAPS :)
  + 119368 [szegedy t-on] I personally find it extremely valuable.

^ [ANN] Ruwiki Presentation Slides (RubyConf 2004)
115826 [halostatue g] For those of you who remember that my computer died, I finally got it
115966 [rff_rff remo] emh.. the .pdf link brings me a ruwiki.exe file..
116004 [curt hibbs.c] Strange... I pick up the PDF just fine.
116029 [rff_rff remo] then I guess it is a problem with my mozilla /on windows/ that getting

^ split file into 2D array
115835 [pustoi spils] #
+ 115837 [B.Candler po] Useful debug tool: put at the end
| 115838 [B.Candler po] I mean puts a[2][0], a[2][1]
+ 115839 [cyclists nc.] words = Array.new
+ 115864 [discordantus] The problem, as others have shown, is that you did more array

^ FTP Server Questioin
115841 [w3gat nwlaga] The following is a slight modification of the ftp server example in
115842 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [ANN] Ruby Course 1.0
115855 [ruby brian-s] I just finished giving my ruby course. I removed all the bugs in the
+ 115863 [jgb3 email.b] Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for a great resource--I'll be forwarding
+ 115893 [curt hibbs.c] I know I asked this once already, but I just want to be sure... I would like
| 115956 [ruby brian-s] yes. Please add it to the repository. It would be nice though, if you
| 116003 [curt hibbs.c] Absolutely!  I always credit the authors -- at a minimum by name, plus
+ 115931 [gavin refine] Very nice work, Brian. (I especially like the progress bar at the

^ Hypergraph?
115856 [hal9000 hype] I've looked a little at Hypergraph (http://hypergraph.sourceforge.net) and I
+ 115883 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| + 115884 [hal9000 hype] I wasn't aware GraphViz could do hyperbolic trees?? If it can, that's great.
| | 115906 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| | 115910 [hal9000 hype] I may be misusing the term a little. Not sure.
| | 115920 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| | + 115922 [jgb3 email.b] I agree. Hal, drop what you're doing and write a Ruby implementation,
| | | 115943 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| | | 115949 [hal9000 hype] I'd love to have something like this on a PDA. (drool)
| | + 115948 [hal9000 hype] That would be good, but I'm not the guy to write it. :/
| + 115897 [sean.zuzu gm] from the same organization who brought us CROWDS (perl based
|   115900 [hal9000 hype] Well, again I have some familiarity with GraphViz, but I still don't see any
+ 115899 [eule space.c] Rjb (http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/rjb/) does a very good job of
  115904 [hal9000 hype] I don't think I knew about that one... I will give it a try. (inserts in
  115959 [armin xss.de] I might be confusing sth, but I think there are patent issues
  + 115992 [sean.zuzu gm] patent monopolies on MATHEMATICS; what a fine time we live in.
  + 116019 [hal9000 hype] <sigh> So far, I have stayed away from this issue and have not been
    116033 [armin xss.de] Software patents and patents in general are perverted .. and total
    116037 [hal9000 hype] I'm sure it was great. I hope to be able to afford to go next year.

^ ruby-talk content (was Re: ANN: Free-form-operators patch)
115865 [hal9000 hype] I concur. As an aside, I'm additionally frustrated by the inverted nature

^ Ryby vs Squeak
115869 [place4oracle] I like ruby and squeak. But I don't know which language to use for a project.
115898 [drbrain segm] ...
115901 [dross code-e] There are also other Web frameworks you can use with ruby. Located at

^ Unofficial quiz: Here's an algorithmic question for you
115874 [hal9000 hype] This is actually related to an interesting problem given to me in college
+ 115876 [mikael phubu] ...
+ 115913 [batsman.geo ] This implies that the sources have different characteristic properties ---
  115970 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Ruby VM Projects
115885 [mwassel bigp] ...
+ 115886 [dross code-e] Not to sound mean, but its more of a phase people(community) go through.
| 115902 [drbrain segm] ...
| 115903 [dross code-e] I seriously don't see why people are wanting to recreate the wheel, its
| + 115937 [ruby-lists l] well neither of the two projects that appear
| + 115947 [drbrain segm] The wheel is broken.  matz says so, and if you look at eval.c, you'll
|   + 115957 [matz ruby-la] It's not broken.  It's just creaking.  I agree with rest of your
|   | 115999 [matt technor] Just remember, it doesn't have to be round to roll.
|   | 116030 [rff_rff remo] and actually, on a road made of half circles a squared wheel goes way
|   + 115972 [dross code-e] Use C for speed. Yes, eval.c is not so great, and a syntax error which
|     + 115993 [Richard_Dale] We don't need extra 'Managerial super-heroes' to help co-ordinate limited
|     | 115995 [dross code-e] Many hackers are coordinated. There are many projects which have a team
|     | 116090 [ruby-lists l] your fatal flaw is your "what a VM team should have"
|     + 115996 [mailinglists] What makes you think that there are a lot of people working on it ?
|     + 116010 [drbrain segm] There is no need to use C to be fast.  Read the Squeak paper.
|     + 116069 [lists zara.6] Use C, ah yes. And spend 10x more time coding the same amount of code.
|       116086 [ruby-lists l] assuming that this rubydium project really
+ 115888 [hal9000 hype] I sympathize with what you're saying, but there are problems with it.
+ 115919 [rff_rff remo] - some things on that page are hust suggestions so the list gets smaller
| + 115926 [mailinglist_] ...
| | 115965 [rff_rff remo] I'd say 'not only'. As an example, YARV would allow compilation of ruby
| + 115938 [ruby-lists l] nod. i'm re-using robert feldt's ruth parser for example.
|   115952 [msparshatt y] You're right that Cardinal uses Ripper as it's parsing component, but it
|   115953 [ruby-lists l] oops. thanks mark. sorry minero :(
+ 115940 [ruby-lists l] just based on my own experience and my own development model /

^ openssl compilation fails for ruby-1.8.2-preview2 on redhat 7.2
115887 [Bil.Kleb NAS] gcc -fPIC -g -O2  -I. -I/mnt/local/md/d0/local/pkgs/ruby-1.8.2.S -I/mnt/local/md/d0/local/pkgs/ruby-1.8.2.S -I/mnt/local/md/d0/local/pkgs/ruby-1.8.2.S/ext/openssl -DHAVE_UNISTD_H -DHAVE_SYS_TIME_H -DHAVE_ASSERT_H -DHAVE_OPENSSL_SSL_H
+ 115889 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Never mind, I just chucked the ext/openssl directory.
+ 115945 [mulperi iki.] This error comes from the fact that installed openssl is too old.
  116278 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I am mostly autoconf-ignorant.  I this version dependency something
  + 116282 [mulperi cc.h] Autoconf should detect correct OpenSSL compilation defines, so that
  + 116536 [comp.lang.ru] ...

^ dev-utils gem... How do I require_gem 'dev-utils/debug' ?
115892 [eh mad.scien] I love the escape to irb idea and I have need of it.  I'm new to gems,
115911 [jim weirichh] require 'rubygems'        # Might not need this if already required
115924 [eh mad.scien] Jim Weirich's fix worked perfectly for me.  Thanks, Jim!
115951 [gsinclair so] Just for completeness, the middle step is unnecessary with RubyGems

^ How to exit properly with a signal?
115916 [bob proulx.c] How are signals properly handled in ruby?  (I am new to ruby but
+ 115923 [rff_rff remo] trap("INT")  { puts "interrupted" }
| 115934 [bob proulx.c] Thank you for your reply.  Unfortunately that does not work either.
+ 115942 [cmills frees] $ ruby -e 'trap("INT") { |s| exit(s) }; sleep 10'; echo $?
  115946 [ljz asfast.c] This works, but is it possible within the signal handler to get a

^ Installing Alph (Flash/Actionscript on Ruby), Help!
115927 [mailinglist_] ?So, I ran across this guy who's trying to make it so the flash VM
116159 [bg-rubytalk ] This does sound interesting.  Who made the package?  Where can you find
116189 [chadfowler g] Rich Kilmer.  http://alph.rubyforge.org.  It bridges flash and ruby

^ Gtk::Text is deprecated (apparently) so now how does this tutorial work?
115928 [mailinglist_] Some great tutorials out there that are a bit difficult to learn from if these things keep getting deprecated. Ugh. Can anyone offer some guidance on what the current way to do the following is in Gtk2?

^ split with negative limit
115935 [transami run] lines = self.split("\n",-1)  # boy oh boy was that -1 a pain to figure out!
+ 115939 [discordantus] ???
| 115944 [transami run] irb(main):001:0> str = "one\n\ntwo\n\nthree\n\n"
+ 115960 [B.Candler po] split /PATTERN/,EXPR,LIMIT

^ ANN: ver 0.3 of free-form-operators patch
115941 [markus reali] I've just posted ver 0.3 of the acclaimed and controversial free-form

^ DI service change notifications (Syringe)
115954 [bitserf gmai] i'm playing around with Syringe (http://ruby.jamisbuck.org/syringe/),
+ 115967 [bitserf gmai] i am aware that there will have to be a link between env and container
| 115975 [jgb3 email.b] Arg. After my last rambling message, I realized I might have missed the
| 116021 [bitserf gmai] I'm not sure I was clear enough, and I am still of the opinion (A)
| 116040 [jgb3 email.b] Hmmm. But there's still the issue of the reg.config.filename invocation
| + 116074 [bitserf gmai] Sounds workable, easier to understand as well. I don't mind having to
| | 116121 [jgb3 email.b] I actually thought of that detail after I posted the email, so I
| + 116143 [eeklund gmai] I get a feeling you're overengineering here.
|   116152 [jgb3 email.b] My head hurts. :)
+ 115974 [jgb3 email.b] Wow. I'm surprised -- I haven't even made an announcement about it,
  116022 [bitserf gmai] Understood :)
  116024 [bitserf gmai] Goes without saying that for this to work, all classes must use

^ DRb Return Cant Jump Across Threads
115961 [tamc2 cam.ac] I'm experimenting with adding DRb access to a wiki.  When a method is
116008 [drbrain segm] callcc

^ How to disable stack-trace shortening?
115962 [alex verk.in] Below is a typical Rails exception thrown from within functional tests.
115963 [B.Candler po] I had the same issue a couple of years ago, and I ended up grepping through

115973 [vickyp679 ya] THREE YEARS of and continuing MENTAL TORTURE, TERRORISM, SADISM and