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^ irb configure options
113946 [james graypr] Where is a good source I can learn irb configuration options from?
+ 113961 [james graypr] Well, hurry up and get it to me then!  <laughs>
+ 114005 [ruby brian-s] regards,
| 114045 [james graypr] Thanks for the link.  I'm trying to get tab completion going on Mac OS
| 114047 [ruby brian-s] I don't run Max OS but it seems to me that you are missing the readline
| 114049 [james graypr] Yeah, that must be it.  I can't load that module from Ruby.  I
| 114062 [ruby-talk wh] In case, you're still strugglin...
| + 114064 [james graypr] Thanks.  This link explains the Mac OS X problem.  Unfortunately, it's
| | + 114080 [discord mac.] Mac OS X usually has a readline library installed; and if it is
| | | 114087 [james graypr] GNU readline did the trick for me and I now have tab completion is irb.
| | + 114114 [cmills frees] This is a little old but it was helpful the first time I installed ruby
| + 114083 [alex verk.in] There are still some people who don't have auto-completion in irb
|   114674 [rasputnik he] Is there an '--enable-readline' configure flag or similar? That would strike
+ 114874 [sera fhwang.] RubyGarden has a good page on this: http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?Irb/TipsAndTricks
  114877 [james graypr] Wow, great link.  I liked every trick posted there.  Thanks!

^ Wish list for 2.0
113965 [Becker004 gm] In ref to http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/31099
+ 113968 [matz ruby-la] str.delete(" ")
| 113971 [Becker004 gm] does that work for end lines in the middle of a string? or a tab? I
| + 113972 [phlip_cpp ya] What's wrong with str.gsub!(/\s/, ''), or similar ?
| + 113981 [matz ruby-la] str.delete(" \n\t")
|   113988 [gsinclair so] Perhaps String#delete could take a regex as well?
|   113993 [matz ruby-la] Interesting idea.  What if pattern match overwrap, e.g.
|   114002 [gsinclair so] That makes sense.  Might as well implement it like that so it can be
|   114116 [neoneye adsl] Maybe model the behavior after #scan, so that it deletes the matches that scan
|   114386 [Becker004 gm] how about isprime, nextprime, preprime?
|   + 114390 [markus reali] Heck, why not a Numeric#factors (it should work on Bignums too)...
|   | 114401 [ruby brian-s] thats easy. Just guess the correct factorization and validate. Only need
|   + 114441 [vfoley gmail] It's not something one would use extremely often, now would it?
|     + 114444 [horacio.lope] Right, similar methods are provided as part of Evan Webb's MBignum lib
|     + 114587 [Becker004 gm] no they are not. They are in the Mbignum but that is not standard i
|       + 114590 [horacio.lope] You are right, MBignum is not standard, still very useful for the
|       + 114604 [B.Candler po] require 'openssl'
+ 113997 [B.Candler po] str = "  abc  def  \n  ghi  jkl  "

^ RubyConf2004 - list of attendees' interests
113967 [rob_02004 ya] RubyConf2004 attendees, let's give serendipity a hand.
113974 [jamesUNDERBA] Nice idea.  Just added me self.
+ 113975 [matt technor] I just added an entry as well.  Since I'm _totally_ clueless about Wikis,
+ 113978 [gsinclair so] What a surprise.  Jim Weirich has patched his instance of UseModWiki

^ Binding of the Caller (redux)
113969 [gavin refine] I'm trying to use Florian's Binding.of_caller, and it ain't working. In
113995 [batsman.geo ] The message is quite explicit *g*
114018 [gavin refine] Perhaps, but confusing to me :)
+ 114050 [batsman.geo ] Exactly.
+ 114074 [flgr ccan.de] It is this way because otherwise the statements would get executed
  114195 [gavin refine] Er, to which sample are you referring?
  + 114232 [flgr ccan.de] The old one, but it might have been a bit unclear.
  + 114241 [transami run] +1

^ RubyGarden Spam
113976 [jamesUNDERBA] The rubygarden wiki has been over-run with spam links.
+ 113980 [drossruby ya] You should create a way to generate images with text
| + 114001 [robert.mcgov] I think it would slow them down but it wouldn't eliminate them completely.
| | + 114009 [transami run] I Disagree. With a little cleverness, this would stop it completely.
| | | 114019 [robert.mcgov] It all hangs on whether its bot spam or manual spam. I never believe
| | + 114028 [jamesUNDERBA] If the spam is entered by a script, then the wiki code should be able to
| |   + 114040 [james graypr] I'm glad to see you're on the lookout for ideas, James.  I haven't seen
| |   + 114043 [gsinclair so] X number of links to _any_ site should be good enough.  Automatic spam
| |   + 114069 [halostatue g] That's more or less the idea behind an "entropy" value that gets saved
| + 114006 [halostatue g] Captchas can generally be defeated by programs and violate usability
| | + 114007 [drossruby ya] Yes. Captcha analyzers would work on it, but only to
| | + 114026 [dave pragpro] How about displaying a trivial line of Ruby code and asking the user to
| |   114070 [halostatue g] That works for Ruby developers' wikis, but not for the general case.
| + 114135 [patrick hexa] The only way to stop wiki spam is to have a dedicated admin.
|   + 114136 [patrick hexa] I said domain.  I meant subnet.  You can just put a whole isp on
|   | 114137 [dross code-e] adding a whole isp to a probation list can lead to full scale lockout. I
|   | 114138 [patrick hexa] No.  It goes further.  You set up a trigger to recognize vandals by IP
|   | 114139 [dross code-e] Superb idea Patrick. Very interesting. I think that is the better idea
|   + 114145 [halostatue g] I'm approaching it, again, from a slightly different perspective. My
|   | 114147 [patrick hexa] Austin,
|   | 114160 [halostatue g] As of right now, a tarpit would actually be a little too difficult to
|   | 114161 [patrick hexa] Austin,
|   | 114168 [botp delmont] From experience (as admin of email), spam is very difficult to combat
|   + 115134 [patrick hexa] # == Configuration ====================================
|     115183 [chadfowler g] Great, thanks!  Now I've just got to find the time to insert it and
+ 114012 [chadfowler g] I've got a list, but it has become obvious that maintaining a list
  + 114013 [dross code-e] As much as I like the idea of having authenticatoin, I don't think it
  | 114015 [robert.mcgov] If you think these are being performed manually be morons why did you
  | 114020 [dross code-e] Sorry, I didn't explain well. I mean sites are targetted manually. Most
  | 114033 [transami run] Here's an idea.
  | + 114035 [curt hibbs.c] That's a very good idea!
  | + 114039 [dross code-e] This would certainly throttle the spammers who post links, but what
  + 114017 [robert.mcgov] I'd certainly be against it, I know spam is a bad thing and indeed my
  | 114032 [daniel danie] interesting thought:... I wonder if a sort of ruby Passport service
  + 114037 [gsinclair so] There are other, less intrusive, ways of combatting wiki spam.  Why

^ Smalltalk comparison
113979 [matt technor] Well, I don't know Smalltalk, but I have read up on it and its
113985 [markus reali] I've loved smalltalk from my first encounter with it back in 1980.

^ [info] rpa auto-updates; first time experience
113989 [botp delmont] This is my first experience on rpa's autoupdate feature.
114129 [batsman.geo ] Self-upgrade isn't atomic yet, but nobody has complained about that
+ 114131 [dross code-e] Thats because the atomicity has prevented problems that would have been
+ 114159 [aredridel nb] Nobody cares until they hit the interrupt key and have to go clean up.
  114169 [botp delmont] +1

^ RubyGarden Spam
114030 [curt hibbs.c] It certainly would be tolerable if a wiki is only spammed from time-to-time.
+ 114031 [curt hibbs.c] Curt Hibbs [mailto:curt@hibbs.com]
| 114046 [gsinclair so] See Jim's patch for UseModWiki at http://onestepback.org.  He's
| 114048 [curt hibbs.c] I sent that patch to Tom Copeland yesterday. He's looking into incorporating
| 114051 [gsinclair so] As Mr. Burns would say, "Ex-cell-ent".
| + 114055 [agorilla gma] which led to the odd thought, ok, make it case insensitive (which got a chuckle)
| + 114059 [tom infoethe] The tricky bit is that we're running UseMod 0.91 on RubyForge and the
|   114066 [jim weirichh] Tom,
|   114100 [tom infoethe] That'd be cool!  Actually, I should give it a whirl myself... at one
|   114118 [dross code-e] So is that the plan of action? I know I could talk over irc but you
+ 114057 [usenet andre] I am using MediaWiki (the Wikipedia software), and because I can
  114067 [curt hibbs.c] That's a very nice feature and, perhaps, its the kind of thing we could get
  114068 [halostatue g] I'll have to look at the MediaWiki software to see how this is done;

^ rindex with array of arrays
114053 [Becker004 gm] Should rindex work for an array of arrays? I am starting the playfair
114061 [dblack wobbl] If mat is an array of arrays, then none of its elements are "b", so
+ 114096 [Becker004 gm] One day i will program in a ruby way. I am searching the CHM file that
+ 114164 [Becker004 gm] (a.split(//).concat(('a'..'z').to_a) - ["j"]).uniq.join

^ A Slashdot article on Ruby-KDE integration via Korundum...
114054 [tom infoethe] Some good discussions there...
114063 [ruby-lists l] yup. plenty of interest from the kde developer camp now
114088 [Richard_Dale] Yes, I loved your Rubydium announcement, maybe Korundum/Rubydium will be a

^ [ANN] EventTarget 0.8
114056 [gavin refine] EventTarget is a simple module which mimics a subset of the W3C DOM 2

^ http://s4f.com/admin/
114058 [jeff shiftme] user = EXTENDAPOP
114078 [jeff shiftme] Oops... Password's been changed already.  Man, I'm an idiot... ;-)

^ NYC Ruby job listing
114065 [ jimm io.com] Senior Ruby Developer
114086 [ptkwt aracne] The cool thing about this listing is that Ruby is actually in the job title
114125 [sera fhwang.] Another interesting thing is that this is for a financial firm, not a
+ 114126 [dross code-e] I myself don't believe in business technology standards. If they are
+ 114140 [bg-rubytalk ] Interesting, but you'd think that if someone is serious enough to have a
  + 114148 [ptkwt aracne] I've run into rubyists out there who never posted to comp.lang.ruby or
  | 114187 [Becker004 gm] At college (East Stroudsburg University) I am taking a programming
  | 114188 [mccallister ] The adoption rate for most languages is about ten years (without huge
  + 114228 [sera fhwang.] Though you never know. At small companies, "Senior" sometimes means
    + 114231 [khaines enig] The lion's share of work that I do, I do for mutual funds and a large US
    + 114236 [dilinger vox] 9010700@infofiend.com>...

^ setup.rb and/or gem assist
114072 [hal9000 hype] I am rather package-phobic and usually just offer a .tgz and a readme.
+ 114076 [jim weirichh] There are two steps to creating a gem ...
| 114084 [hal9000 hype] Reminds me of the old recipe for elephant stew. Or -- was it Carl Sagan
+ 114090 [batsman.geo ] If you point me to your .tgz, RPA might repackage it for you ;-)
  114098 [chadfowler g] "problem" is an overstatement, butyou're generally right.  It's
  114482 [eeklund gmai] Will there be anybody at RubyConf that has experience with packaging
  114506 [horacio.lope] Especially being Mr Matz absent from it this year...
  114526 [dblack wobbl] Open source does not mean that every person in the world is present at

^ weird behavior pushing an array onto an array
114089 [jalotta inva] Greetings,
114091 [flgr ccan.de] Moin.
114094 [B.Candler po] Beware that may not be enough by itself, because the array contains strings;
114095 [flgr ccan.de] Thank you for the correction, you are right of course.

^ [BUG] Bus Error in kstat extension
114092 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.2 (2004-09-22)
+ 114178 [decoux moulo] I don't understand this when you have a nice Data_Make_Struct()
| + 114205 [djberg96 hot] This didn't make any difference.  Although, you're right, I should
| | 114206 [decoux moulo] no, but I've an old ruby
| | 114208 [decoux moulo] nasun% ruby -v b.rb
| + 114217 [djberg96 hot] Argh!  I forgot to mention that I built Ruby with the
|   114225 [decoux moulo] I change the order of include in rkstat.c (ruby.h in the first place)
+ 114222 [cmills frees] If you were going to take a very conservative approach...
  114262 [djberg96 hot] Yes, I think so.
  114271 [cmills frees] It is probably a rare case where the arguments of ULL2NUM() and friends

^ autoconf for ruby
114099 [order intrag] are there any ruby bindings for autoconf?
+ 114120 [ruby-talk pc] ruby interpreter.  It's usable (hopefully) when wanting to embedd ruby.
| 114194 [order intrag] Thank you!
| + 114209 [B.Candler po] From this, I guess you want to modify your xxx.rb file so it contains the
| | 114216 [Ara.T.Howard] ~/tmp > find
| | + 114293 [order intrag] or better freeze because the compatibility is, as i see,
| | + 114826 [B.Candler po] That's smart. Would be nice to make "ruby setup.rb uninstall" do that
| |   114860 [Ara.T.Howard] sure seems that way to me too - i always assumed the InstalledFiles list was
| + 114215 [ruby-talk pc] Hm, dunno how to do that in a good way.
+ 114183 [B.Candler po] I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but there are several
+ 114309 [eeklund gmai] Please let me chime in on the side of cutting the head off autotools.
  114376 [steven.jenki] This is a little harsh. You may have issues, as I do, with the usability
  + 114377 [aredridel gm] Yup.
  + 114486 [eeklund gmai] Let me just state that the main point here is that it is better to
    116246 [aredridel gm] Yeah, it's a nasty space where you can't guarantee any tools but sh
    116287 [horacio.lope] From 'the goat book' on 'autotools'
    116417 [aredridel gm] Heartily agreed. M4 is ugly.

^ [ANN] Syndic8-Ruby 0.2.0
114101 [pabs pablotr] I just released the version 0.2.0 of Syndic8-Ruby.  Syndic8-Ruby is a
114154 [chadfowler g] VERY cool, Paul!  First Rubilicious, now this.  Is Technorati coming next? :)
114196 [pabs pablotr] (I responded last night, but forgot to forward this response to the

^ [OT] recipes (was: Re: setup.rb and/or gem assist)
114102 [dblack wobbl] I wonder whether that's similar to the recipe for cubed moose.  I

^ metaprogramming question, alternatives to "class ..."
114103 [kevin_mcconn] Folks,
114104 [flgr ccan.de] datasource(:AddressDataSource) do
114108 [kevin_mcconn] That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
114112 [flgr ccan.de] def datasource(name, &block)

^ DRY ruby idiom
114105 [stevetuckner] I often use the ||= idiom in ruby for late initialization. But was
+ 114107 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -e 'a = b if b'
| + 114109 [dblack wobbl] Doesn't that not work?
| + 114113 [batsman.geo ] ===
| | 114119 [dblack wobbl] Ummmm, no.  Look at Steve's code again.
| + 114163 [stevetuckner] Perhaps I should clarify how I was using this. Lets say I have a
|   114165 [gsinclair so] a = foo.value || "default"
|   114167 [markus reali] I was reading up this thread (I've been in meetings & working for
|   114174 [B.Candler po] or
+ 114110 [flgr ccan.de] require 'binding_of_caller'
| 114162 [stevetuckner] It probably does the trick (though I can't understand the
+ 114124 [transami run] val = 10

^ ri Feature proposal
114122 [ruby brian-s] what do you think? I think it would make sense to include the file in
+ 114127 [rff_rff remo] agreed, but what about stuff defined in multiple files?
| 114144 [ruby brian-s] That is the one problem. What can be declared in multiple files?
| 114171 [rff_rff remo] I think that there should be someway to tel RDoc that some stuff is just
+ 114181 [dave pragpro] Excellent idea. The only problem is that, as things stand, this isn't
  114189 [ruby brian-s] that would certainly be a solution.
  114226 [discord mac.] those would be nice extensions to RDoc...

^ 'Instiki as CMS' bug?
114123 [rasputnik he] Just a quick sanity check - does anyone on list use Instiki as
+ 114141 [batkins57 gm] This is a bug.  I submitted a patch for it, but it's still awaiting
| 114176 [rasputnik he] Cheers, there are a few other headscratchers mentioned there too.
+ 114166 [aredridel gm] Did you check the box to publish the web?

^ [Ann / Help Requested] A nerdy multiplayer game "ants".
114146 [ruby brian-s] I hate to put something into the open before it is completely finished,
+ 114191 [gavin refine] I don't have either the time or expertise to fully investigate what
| 114221 [ruby brian-s] Thank you for looking into it. As written in the header, most of the
+ 114213 [james graypr] This is a fun project.  Was it inspired by this year's ICFP contest?
  114223 [ruby brian-s] Thanks for looking at the source.

^ Ruby gems crash on OpenBSD Sparc64
114152 [wildwildwes ] I attempted to run ruby gems on my 'new' Sun Ultra 5 machine which
+ 114153 [dross code-e] this is not a problem with RubyGems, its a problem with ruby. There are
| 114156 [wildwildwes ] I'm using the standard OpenBSD package which is version ruby-1.8.1. I
| 114157 [dross code-e] I would try downloading the Ruby stable snapshot. 1.8.1 might have a bug
+ 114179 [decoux moulo] _setjmp()/_longjmp() is broken on OpenBSD/Sparc, replace it with
  + 114184 [dross code-e] Obviously its broken. The libraries are slightly different. Do you know
  | 114192 [decoux moulo] I don't know who is the maintainer for openbsd/ruby
  | 114218 [wildwildwes ] I tried ruby-1.8.2-preview2 and had the same problem. I also tried
  + 114304 [cjeker dieha] This is no longer true. The sparc/sparc64 versions of _setjump/_longjump
    114306 [dross code-e] Oh, good good. So there needs to be a patch for OpenBSD 3.5 and
    114307 [wildwildwes ] Great. Thanks for the help guys.
    114308 [dross code-e] Helping is the reason why most people are subscribed to the list. You're