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11291 [johnt@ms gl ] ...
+ 11325 [Dave@Pr gm t] I ran the file, and it worked fine on my Linux box using
+ 11421 [masaki.suket] Did you run this script from RubyWin?

Re: Learning Ruby -- oops, forgot some details
11293 [daniel@he en] Oops, forgot most of the details :-) Programming Ruby is written by "the

Win32 build is broken.
11295 [jdf@po ox co] I cannot build the Ruby "stable snapshot" on Win32 using the Microsoft

First meeting in Gothenburg
11301 [robert.gusta] Norway)!

dRuby problem with Threads
11304 [ptkwt@sh ll ] This is a strange one - then again It's about 11:20PM so everything is
11300 [wys@he bl ng] ...for me it's 11:20am

Time without seconds...
11305 [bombadil@wa ] I want to get a Time instance without seconds (round minutes). I have
11310 [dblack@ca dl] class Time
11313 [elderburn@mi] Except that you might want to name the method 'floor' in that, by always
11361 [sent@qu li y] class MyTime < Time
11369 [decoux@mo lo] Warning you can have a problem

subscribe Pedro Mel˝¤dez
11306 [pedrolista@m] subscribe Pedro Mel?ndez

Bottles of Beer finally in Ruby
11316 [jimm@er s. o] The following URL contains a collection of programs to print the words to
+ 11317 [chadfowler@y] I don't think he's maintaining that site.  I sent him
| + 11345 [neumann@s- i] I have made a similar page, but with *only* about 100 languages.
| + 11414 [wscott@ic ip] I also summitted a version last October with no response.
|   + 11415 [mitch@ve ux ] So I guess I shouldn't submit my TI99/4a Assembly version? :-)
|   + 11556 [robert.gusta] First I must say that this is no critique on your way of coding Ruby. I just
|     11560 [ms@ia ta e. ] Okay, my turn.
|     11724 [nickb@fn rd ] I think I can make one that better expresses the song.  Well, maybe.
+ 11319 [matju@sy pa ] No luck. I submitted a Ruby version over 6 months ago and it's still not

HP-UX executable?
11318 [ms@ia ta e. ] Does anybody have an HP-UX (11.0) executable of the ruby interpreter? It
+ 11343 [barry_shultz] Barry
| 11374 [ms@ia ta e. ] That advice can apply only after gcc is installed -- anyway I finally
+ 11346 [neumann@s- i] Yes, I have.
+ 11627 [bdelmee@ad a] Help yourself at: http://hpux.connect.org.uk/

ruby-mode.el quirk
11322 [jdf@po ox co] It seems that an attempt to use the division operator / in a ruby
11349 [w.l.kleb@la ] fwiw, i have noted the same problem...

ruby-model.el quirk #2
11323 [jdf@po ox co] In the source

numerical limits
11334 [raja@cs in i] Is there a way in Ruby to determine the largest/smallest representable
11336 [ben_tilly@ho] You could add a method to do it for Fixnum based on
+ 11337 [decoux@mo lo] Well, I don't know perl, but ruby has a nice module Config
+ 11362 [raja@cs in i] So it seems.

Is there a central repository for Ruby Modules
11338 [SAT@MU TI EC] Is there a central repository for Ruby Modules (not modules in the language
11342 [chadfowler@y] The Ruby Application Archive on

What happened to comp.lang.ruby
11339 [SAT@MU TI EC] What has happened to comp.lang.ruby? There were active messages on it until
11340 [Dave@Pr gm t] You might want to check with your newsfeed. It's being updated here.
11341 [schneik@us i] # What has happened to comp.lang.ruby? There were active messages on

Re: dRuby problem with Threads(still need solution - Threads problem?)
11347 [ptkwt@sh ll ] OK, I'm gonna try posting this for the third time...  could be duplicates, but it

? anybody here?
11350 [binit@lo tc ] anybody here?
11352 [harryo@zi wo] Hoping not to start a trend, but ... yes :-).

Any way to control order in which objects are GC'd?
11354 [ljohnson@re ] I fear that I already know the answer, but I'll go ahead and ask. But first,
11355 [Dave@Pr gm t] Would it be possible to have the Ruby GC manage you C++ objects? That
11356 [ben_tilly@ho] Well as you see, gc and reference counting are not friends.
11380 [ljohnson@re ] Dave & Ben,

binding to callers namespace.
11357 [joe@vp p. et] Am I using caller wrong here?  Basically I want to give
11358 [Dave@Pr gm t] 'fraid so.  Caller returns an array containing the call stack, not the
11416 [joe@vp p. et] Yes.  very messy.  OK, here's another question.  Is it possible
+ 11417 [Dave@Pr gm t] You could pass it in as a symbol. Would that help?
| 11418 [joe@vp p. et] perhaps close.  I can't seem to get the value when passed in as a symbol.
| 11420 [ben_tilly@ho] Your question strangely reminds me of a classic thing you
+ 11423 [crippel@pr m] I came up with the following example when playing

Using an object as a variable
11366 [spwhite@ch r] a = 45
+ 11370 [decoux@mo lo] Well it depend what you want to do, but you can take a look at complex.rb
+ 11373 [harryo@zi wo] I guess what you're looking for is the equivalent of C++'s

Palindromes, $/, chomp, and lesser surprises.
11367 [jdf@po ox co] I have written my first Ruby program, a translation of a Perl program
11375 [mike@st k. o] ARGF.each { |line|
11376 [mike@st k. o] give or take a couple of .downcases for case insensitivity.

11378 [noel.rappin@] I'd really appreciate it if somebody could give me a pointer on how to get
11379 [gc@ma dr ke ] Basically you need to have the el file distributed with ruby in emacs
11382 [noel.rappin@] Thanks -- I'm using XEmacs, though (sorry for not making that clearer
11384 [Dave@Pr gm t] With xemacs, you need to load the font-lock package before the

Re: Time without seconds (updated/fixed)
11381 [sent@qu li y] Thanks. You are correct. Fortunately, that is
11383 [dblack@ca dl] Why do the two ways of doing this (which I've stashed into
+ 11386 [decoux@mo lo] The response is in the source, with #+ and #- ruby call
| + 11393 [matz@ze ab t] It's for consistency, for example
| + 11396 [decoux@mo lo] because in the example I expected A :-)
|   + 11457 [matz@ze ab t] Ok, then
|   + 11459 [decoux@mo lo] Array
|     + 11575 [matz@ze ab t] <and examples snipped>
|     | 11578 [matju@sy pa ] It seemed to me that Guy expects the class of the result to be the
|     + 11580 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% cat b.rb
+ 11388 [Dave@Pr gm t] Because Time defines an operator '-' which returns a new Time
+ 11394 [elderburn@mi] FWIW
  11397 [dblack@ca dl] Indispensable, even :-)  But I don't see the connection with my question.  But see
  11410 [elderburn@mi] Er, no it doesn't :-) (That's what I get for reading the output and not how
  11426 [sent@qu li y] This whole thread points out to me that the Time
  11531 [matz@ze ab t] Mike, please.
  11537 [matju@sy pa ] Mutable, you mean. It is immutable right now. I'm against. It's the kind
  11541 [sent@qu li y] I guess I don't understand the issue. What code
  + 11545 [wmwilson01@h] It's there.  Just a note, I got a little busy on Friday and forgot to post
  + 11570 [matju@sy pa ] Old code that assumes that Time is immutable, when it enters in contact

Re: C scripting: Inline.pm model-- just a toy
11385 [john_van_v@y] I spent about an hour looking over the Inline.pm faq on perl.com last night.
11402 [elderburn@mi] Which means that, for distributed use a Ruby 'inline.rb' would have to be

trial balloon: Ruby desktop?
11391 [aseltine@cs ] I have been thinking about something for some time now, and I wanted to
+ 11395 [neumann@s- i] Great idea.
| + 11398 [glen@en bl d] 1) There was a window manager written in Python (whose name escapes me at the
| + 11399 [Dave@Pr gm t] We had a window manager that used components written in Ruby, mostly
| | 11403 [SAT@MU TI EC] This sounds like a very interesting idea (to me) if the goal was to use it
| | 11406 [spwhite@ch r] Just a brief side-track... but I'm seeing "XML" everywhere and I just don't
| | + 11408 [johann@ph si] Well, the Lisp bigots are sure that it's just an overly-verbose
| | | 11563 [john_van_v@y] I heard Philip Wadler of Lucent say that XML _is_ Lisp.
| | + 11411 [elderburn@mi] Back in the first half of the last century there werre a number of movements
| | | + 11419 [dblack@ca dl] Mixing and matching a couple of posts....
| | | | 11427 [sent@qu li y] Obviously several people are very interested. I
| | | | 11444 [aseltine@cs ] Exactly! I don't have all the answers, but as a collective we may be
| | | | 11453 [sent@qu li y] Ok. A collection of applets is something I can
| | | | 11455 [aseltine@cs ] I don't know too much about MFC -- is it something like OpenStep? I was
| | | | 11456 [sent@qu li y] That sounds a lot like MFC, which I refer to as
| | | | 11482 [avi@be a4 co] Maybe, but OpenStep (or GNUstep) is a much better model, particularly
| | | + 11565 [john_van_v@y] Kent Starr, elderburn@mindspring.com
| | |   11571 [Dave@Pr gm t] Having just spent three weeks translating XML back and forth for the
| | + 11413 [tarod@ho e. ] don't
| + 11442 [aseltine@cs ] QT is GPL now, so no license problems.
|   11474 [neumann@s- i] As far as I know only for UNIX/X11.
+ 11407 [john_van_v@y] You could be crazy... but thats not the issue.
+ 11409 [elderburn@mi] Oviously, from other responses, people _are_ interested.  I am curious,
  11443 [aseltine@cs ] Mostly technical reasons. First, I think that writing solid applications

Suggestion: Slow RE mode
11400 [ben_tilly@ho] I would like to see an optional way to force all RE

Parentheses around method arguments
11401 [robert.gusta] Since reading the book Writing Solid Code a couple of years ago I've always
+ 11404 [Dave@Pr gm t] Of course this doesn't always do what you mean in C or C++... I'd
| 11429 [sent@qu li y] I always put parens around parameters to function
+ 11554 [  zak@al .c ] One note I'd like to give is that I read the topmost better as

Dir#each -- include '.'?
11422 [nconway@kl m] I'm still a Ruby-newbie, so if this is silly, just tell me.
+ 11424 [dblack@ca dl] That's "Nuby" -- save yourself some typing :-)
| 11434 [nconway@kl m] Interestingly...
| 11437 [aamine@dp u-] Dir.glob('test\\ directory/*')
| 11445 [ben_tilly@ho] It appears that Ruby is a little closer to standard glob
| 11449 [Dave@Pr gm t] I think this probably counts as a bug.
| + 11451 [ben_tilly@ho] Which, splitting on the space or not following the
| | + 11452 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% ls -al
| | + 11462 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ben gets his wish, I update
| + 11458 [matz@ze ab t] I've already fixed this in 1.7.x.  But it has not been backported to
|   11460 [sent@qu li y] Pretty much every language uses backslash as an
+ 11425 [green@Fr eB ] Better than Dir[]/Dir.glob since it actually includes all files :)
| 11428 [dblack@ca dl] Yes, I've led him down the path of ignoring hidden files.  Whoops.
+ 11431 [gnhurst@hu s] Is this better?
+ 11435 [jdf@po ox co] What's odd is that there was recently a thread in c.l.perl.misc about

Re: XML (was: trial balloon: Ruby desktop?)
11430 [sent@qu li y] My basic view is that XML is a big step up from
+ 11450 [dblack@ca dl] There *really* is (much) more to expat than finding tags.  I have
| 11454 [sent@qu li y] Sorry if I offended. I am thrilled that James
+ 11467 [lists.ruby-t] The March 2001 issue of Linux Journal has an interesting article on
  11472 [sent@qu li y] If you're interested in soap, also take a look at

Esperanto (was: trial balloon: Ruby desktop?)
11432 [sent@qu li y] Ok. I've been waiting for an excuse to mention
11438 [elderburn@mi] One of the reasons Esperanto did not really catch on was the fact that it was
+ 11471 [binit@lo tc ] Do you have a reference to this?
| 11507 [elderburn@mi] This was in the issue #19 of the Perl Journal in an article by Omri Schwartz
| 11529 [binit@lo tc ] Thanks
+ 11476 [nickb@fn rd ] I believe Zero Wing was translated into Basic English.
  11483 [ben_tilly@ho] OK, this is going to be seriously OT, though I find
  11539 [matz@ze ab t] You might know Japanese is inflected language too.
  11614 [nickb@fn rd ] I can find at least oen feature that is quite the opposite of Japanese
  11645 [matz@ze ab t] Well, it's seldom, but it can be.  "print suru no wa x == 3 no baai desu."

Ruby OpenGL && Mesa "bug"
11433 [elderburn@mi] Apparantly, sometime last July the Mesa developers  played around with gl.h

Translating Ruby documentation
11440 [nasakai@un x] I'm new to the list and to Ruby, but I am fluent in Japanese and English.
+ 11446 [  tk@hc d. e] I don't know of a docs translation project, but I tried to translate some
| 11473 [neumann@s- i] Because you mentioned german, I have once begun to translate the Ruby User Manual (from GOTOKEN)
| 11566 [schneik@us i] #
| 11572 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks, Conrad...
| 11671 [njohnson@fi ] Sorry for my short absence from this topic.
| 11707 [JCA02266@ni ] I hope you translate it.
+ 11448 [Dave@Pr gm t] Thank you for offering. This is a big need.

Ruby on PalmPilot?
11441 [harryo@zi wo] I just read a post on Slashdot about a Python port to the PalmPilot.
11502 [snowzone@ho ] unfortunately they excluded a whole lot of palm/visor users who only have
11519 [harryo@zi wo] I think it has more to do with the heap size.  The earlier/cheaper

French Translation
11461 [matju@sy pa ] If you are interested in using French translations of Ruby documentation,
11463 [Dave@Pr gm t] A Suggestion. Rather than create a separate page, what about adding a
11464 [matju@sy pa ] Because it's really not for who is translating something nor even for who
11465 [Dave@Pr gm t] True, but I still feel there's benefit in having it all in one

Finance Equations
11466 [jim@fr ez .o] Is there a class that does finance equations (ie, loan calculations) in
11497 [ben_tilly@ho] The usual place to look is

multidimenstional arrays?
11468 [ rtan@vt ed ] 1. How do you instantiate multidimensional arrays?
+ 11470 [masa@st rs g] for example...
| 11573 [schneik@us i] # 1. How do you instantiate multidimensional arrays?
+ 11603 [jfn@en er ct] Here is the implementation I'm currently using for a 2d array.  This
  11606 [dblack@ca dl] Hmmm.... looks like something you could do with the Matrix package shipped

11469 [schuerig@ac ] Ruby has an XML-RPC package and KDE has the XmlRpc Daemon. See
11477 [neumann@s- i] require "xmlrpc/client"
+ 11479 [chadfowler@y] Worked for me.
+ 11490 [schuerig@ac ] Thanks, it does.
  + 11493 [chadfowler@y] <http://www.s-direktnet.de/homepages/neumann/xmlrpc4r/index.html>
  | 11499 [chadfowler@y] <snip-my-bad-code/>
  | 11506 [schuerig@ac ] Now, that's very cool. Thanks!
  + 11528 [neumann@s- i] Yes, that can be done.

eval-context problem (bug?)
11475 [wys@he bl ng] content = '
11492 [dblack@ca dl] content = '
11494 [dblack@ca dl] I mean "not class Module", not "not of class Module".

11478 [jvyxn@ev hn ] Does Ruby already have an compare method that takes into account numbers
11480 [Dave@Pr gm t] Here are a couple of ways. The second may or may not be more
11481 [ben_tilly@ho] def sort_split (s)
11485 [ben_tilly@ho] Note that both of these just sort the strings
11509 [sent@qu li y] strings = [ "Name 300", "Name 1", "Name 10",
11510 [gnhurst@hu s] But what about for this?
11535 [sent@qu li y] Thanks for pointing this out. Of course you are
11544 [ben_tilly@ho] It gets better.  Since Array includes Enumerable,

SV:  Re: Using an object as a variable
11484 [dennisdecker] I've also been wondering about how to do the Quantity Pattern (AKA the Whole

order of terms in comparisons
11486 [dblack@ca dl] I'm probably just being inattentive, but until very recently I don't
+ 11488 [ben_tilly@ho] I don't know about other people, but it is a habit
+ 11489 [jim@fr ez .o] I first saw this in the book, "Writing Solid Code" by Steve Maguire

TCPSocket Problem?
11487 [chris@ne de ] I am using 1.6.2 on both Redhat 6.1 and Redhat 7.0.
11540 [matz@ze ab t] FYI, the latest 1.7.0 do not use call dup(2) on sockets, it uses one
11546 [jdf@po ox co] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
11552 [chris@ne de ] Thanks for the info Matz do you think I should try 1.7.0 or is it not stable enough
11561 [matz@ze ab t] It's stable right now.  But I cannot guarantee its stableness all the time.
11568 [jdf@po ox co] I'm wondering, based on this exchange, whether my detailed messages
11574 [matz@ze ab t] Unfortunately, I not a Windows person.  Without help from somebody
11596 [jdf@po ox co] I'm eager to participate... but I don't think I've got the programming

Negative Reviews for Ruby and Programming Ruby
11491 [jim@fr ez .o] I was just at Amazon looking at the reviews for Programming Ruby, and
+ 11503 [knos@fr e. r] .-
| + 11504 [mitch@ve ux ] What you have there are a few people that didn't like Ruby. What does that
| | + 11508 [elderburn@mi] Do we have the makings of a slogan, song or tee shirt here? :-)
| | | 11538 [matz@ze ab t] I'd be happy to wear T shirt with this slogan on.
| | | 11548 [mitch@ve ux ] *opens store*
| | + 11521 [jeremy@ch os] No.  What we have is a major public site giving a very negative
| |   11547 [mitch@ve ux ] I strongly disagree with you here. Matz isn't going to stop developing it
| |   11550 [harryo@zi wo] I agree with you basically, but I'll give you myself as an example.
| |   11569 [schneik@us i] # If people would put half as much effort into something constructive
| + 11505 [elderburn@mi] Well, based upon my exprerience designing, building and managing virtual
| | 11524 [jeremy@ch os] That may be true of project meetings but it's not IMHO true of Amazon.
| + 11527 [mkreuzer@ma ] Well ... as someone who's been surfing the scripting languages for a
|   + 11534 [sent@qu li y] For me, Ruby is exactly a better-Python, better-
|   | + 11928 [jeremy@ch os] Maybe.  I've not yet fallen in love with any language, so I can't say.
|   | | 11936 [matz@ze ab t] Perhaps.  You'll see it soon.
|   | + 13944 [unet@MO MO r] It worked differently for me.  Here's one pig's
|   |   14028 [jeremy@ch os] And how!  I haven't used Python in anger, but I have wrestled with the
|   |   14030 [paulp@Ac iv ] I don't want to start a Python thread but I want to point out that you
|   |   14103 [ben_tilly@op] [...]There is one and only one
|   |   14109 [paulp@Ac iv ] I wasn't clear. Your Perl problem arises because there is more than one
|   |   + 14115 [gisle@Ac iv ] There are only 2 false string values in perl: "" and "0".  "0.0" is true.
|   |   + 14137 [matz@ze ab t] 'gets' returns nil (false value) at the end of line, whereas
|   + 11583 [olivier@vi e] <SNIP>
|     + 11588 [ben_tilly@ho] You don't just insist on it, you went ahead and
|     + 11732 [mkreuzer@ma ] I'm at least that patient.  :-)  Look forward to seeing this - ta, Michael
+ 11520 [jeremy@ch os] I think a problem is that Ruby's standard thumbnail description: "an