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Segmentation fault in todays 1.9 cvs checkout
111991 [th.uehlinger] uehli@localhost ruby $ make test-all

LaTeX and RDoc
112015 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I need to put some mathematical equations in my documentation.  I am
112039 [dave@pr gp o] Yeah - I want to add dot support as well. Last time I looked at this,

RDoc and generated classes
112017 [jgb3@em il b] I've got a set of about 26 classes that are all very similar, and I'm
112018 [dave@pr gp o] I'm resisting the temptation to let RDoc run code during the
112020 [jgb3@em il b] Probably not, at least, not in my case. Each class has different

[BUG] Kernel#syscall on x86_64 linux
112019 [andrew@wa ro] My ruby init scripts for the 'Rubyx' linux distro fall over trying to do syscalls
112124 [nobu.nokada@] syscall assumes all arguments to system calls should be
112137 [andrew@wa ro] Sizeof short: 2
112162 [nobu.nokada@] Isn't sizeof(void*) 8?
112173 [andrew@wa ro] Yes. But ignore my mail; I was mislead by 'man syscall' which gives the
112174 [andrew@wa ro] Actually, now I went away and checked out what you meant by ext/dl, I'll be
112176 [andrew@wa ro] And, of course, it worked flawlessly ;) Thanks for the tip!

[OT] BItTorrent: A Force for Good or Evil? (Re: Videos of Ruby Conference)
112025 [jamesUNDERBA] What are the reasons people do not use bittorrent?
+ 112030 [agorilla@gm ] fear of having to learn a new tech
| 112048 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I have termed this "aggressive incompetence" based on some comments made
| + 112051 [tom@in oe he] I've noticed a fair bit of overlap between the Ruby and XP lists.
| + 112066 [agorilla@gm ] There's definitely some truth to that.  Sometimes it's the simple
+ 112035 [jan.sabbe@st] In my case the campus network blocks it, because the admins think that
+ 112043 [the.chrismo@] One potential reason is losing seeders in the 'cloud' once something
| + 112046 [tom@in oe he] Yup.  Hopefully a few folks could keep Ruby-related seeds running most
| | 112060 [aredridel@gm] Or just keep a seed going on the servers -- the server should, in
| + 112083 [jamesUNDERBA] Um, what does this mean in English?
|   112093 [the.chrismo@] No. If there's always someone seeding, this shouldn't ever be a
|   112105 [jamesUNDERBA] Thanks, I think I understand now.
|   112127 [the.chrismo@] There should be a way to set the server's seeding to "super-seed' or
+ 112074 [carl.youngbl] Almost invariably for me the problem is firewalling.  Opening all of
| + 112078 [tom@in oe he] True, although in both these situations you can leave the BT client
| + 112134 [martindemell] There was something posted to slashdot a few months back about a service
+ 112107 [drossruby@ya] Torrent is a good way yes, but I would only consider

RDoc: kilmer template
112027 [jgb3@em il b] Sorry for the deluge of RDoc messages lately, but it's what I'm working
+ 112038 [dave@pr gp o] Thanks - applied and checked in
+ 112058 [rich@in oe h] We got the patch...thanks.

Re: rexml help
112033 [ser@ge ma e-] that

[ANN] SQLite/Ruby 2.0.0 BETA
112055 [jgb3@em il b] SQLite/Ruby is an interface for Ruby into the SQLite database engine. It
+ 112061 [rff_rff@re o] Please, when the final version come out,  could you make a mswin copy
| 112064 [jgb3@em il b] I'd be happy to make a mswin version available somewhere, but I'll need
| 112076 [shanko_date@] After modifying the sqlite-api.c includes slightly, I
| 112109 [justin.rudd@] sqlite_progress_handler and sqlite_commit_hook aren't exported in the
+ 112090 [Ara.T.Howard] you are an animal jamis!
  112094 [jgb3@em il b] _Homo sapiens_, to be precise. ;)

Listening for Keypress while Working
112057 [james@gr yp ] I have this long running process which shows output as it goes.  I need
112075 [james@gr yp ] Hmm, I don't appear to be able to select() over STDIN.  Now I'm really
+ 112080 [rcoder@gm il] require 'io/wait'
+ 112085 [billk@ct .c ] Which operating system?
  + 112089 [billk@ct .c ] Wow it actually seems to work (!)
  + 112092 [james@gr yp ] That was the trick I needed.  Thank you.

Ruby on Windows
112069 [justin.rudd@] Is it just me, or is getting anything other than standard ruby a true
+ 112072 [justin.rudd@] Also...just so know one thinks I don't know how to use Google...
+ 112079 [agorilla@gm ] well, not _everyone_, but I'd bet quite a few.
+ 112168 [zdennis@mk e] I prefer cygwin over mingw when going for the unix feel. All mingw has
  112170 [curt@hi bs c] The One-Click Installer for Ruby has been pushing close to 150 downloads a

SQLite/Ruby -- one more thing
112070 [jgb3@em il b] One more thing I should have mentioned in the announcement: the license
+ 112077 [carl.youngbl] Thanks.  It does to me.
| 112108 [catcher@li u] In what way? Just curious...
| + 112110 [justin.rudd@] I can't speak for Carl, but for me it means I can use SQLLite/Ruby
| + 112117 [carl.youngbl] If for some odd reason I ever want to sell a product that uses
|   112123 [lymans@gm il] Thanks for switching to the BSD license.
+ 112178 [electricmew@] Thanks Jamis, you are awesome ;)

[OT] Re: Videos of Ruby Conference
112071 [vjoel@PA H. ] Hehe.
112101 [gsinclair@so] He's probably right, but you should never listen to a Kiwi on Aussie

OpenGL on MacOS X (again)
112096 [gavin@re in ] I'm trying to get Ruby/OpenGL working for just me on my MacOS X box;
+ 112142 [casuj@sh ll ] It would be nice if there were a binding that didn't use GLUT, because for
+ 112160 [james@gr yp ] I'm extremely interested in this as well.  Please keep us looped, if
  + 112169 [hramrach@ce ] I installed freeglut from portage and it mostly works.
  + 112184 [vincent.isam] I just build Ruby/OpenGL 0.32f with glut on my Mac. Just replace the
    + 112190 [vincent.isam] The previous version of Ruby/OpenGL was not working with Ruby/GtkGLExt,
    | 112223 [hramrach@ce ] Great, this one works.
    + 112271 [james@gr yp ] I'm going to try this at some point this weekend, but just to be clear,
      112281 [vincent.isam] My extconf.rb uses the GLUT from Apple (framework in
      112304 [james@gr yp ] Actually, it was me who asked initially, but I do appreciate all your
      112305 [drossruby@ya] How is the OpenGL performance for Ruby bindings on
      + 112306 [james@gr yp ] I didn't run any benchmarks, but it seemed downright zippy from my very
      + 112349 [hramrach@ce ] Do you know about something like ruby-glxgears?

IOWA again
112097 [probertm@no ] Another IOWA issue but more likely, a "me" issue.
112102 [khaines@en g] Yeah.  You can see an example of this in the webrick demo.  However, your
112111 [probertm@no ] Got it.  Thanks.
+ 112112 [david.naseby] setup()
| 112115 [probertm@no ] Thanks, David.
+ 112119 [khaines@en g] That would be setup().

Win32API GetCurrentThreadID
112100 [guslist@fr e] $ irb
112114 [ocean@m2 cc ] Last 'D' should be lower case. Try 'GetCurrentThreadId'.
112159 [guslist@fr e] Douh!

Ruby, MySQL, and Windows
112121 [justin.rudd@] If you see any obvious errors in my thinking, please leave a comment.
112164 [robo@ma s. o] When I had to connect to MySQL4 using Ruby on WinXP couple weeks ago, I

Names for these setting helper methods
112125 [transami@ru ] Can anyone think of better names for these?
+ 112126 [transami@ru ] make that "@{m}="
+ 112165 [markus@re li] In my code I call the first one (or rather, its analog, which takes a
  112210 [transami@ru ] Hmm... you give me idea!

RubySIdebar and Mozilla
112129 [hal9000@hy e] These don't seem to play together.
+ 112130 [jamesUNDERBA] I had this error with firebird 0.7, and I believe this installer is for
| 112378 [horacio.lope] in another thread it was stated that it will work for Firefox 0.9 and 1.0 only
| 112407 [brianwisti@y] Hold on a second, I just realized that I have the sidebar working with
+ 112387 [k@v2 tu io c] It relies on the new install system that uses a RDF file instead of a

the power of Ruby and #ruby-lang
112132 [agorilla@gm ] Two days ago, I mentioned I'd like to be able to read .dbf files.
112180 [horacio.lope] [snip good stuff]

Q: ruby-stable-snapshot -> make install
112133 [Meino.Cramer] I have a question concerning the files, which will be installed

Oracle DBI problem
112140 [wirianto.dju] ...
112141 [bob.news@gm ] robert
112143 [curt@hi bs c] I can confirm that it *was* compiled with with oracle 8.1.
112239 [wirianto.dju] ...
112283 [usenet1@no p] I'm interested in a compiled 9i version too. So if you get it compiled
187464 [keilhofer@we] Did anyone do this? Is there a Oracle 9.0.2 Client version of oci

Aliasing a singleton method of a Class object
112145 [y.leikind@sa] class QQQ
+ 112148 [decoux@mo lo] class QQQ
+ 112150 [dblack@wo bl] You have to get into the class where the singleton method is defined
  112152 [y.leikind@sa] Ah yes, thank you!

Switching off warnings temporarily
112147 [Stephan.Kaem] although always running code with '-w' is a good idea, you sometimes
+ 112302 [Stephan.Kaem] This happens on both Linux and WinXP, BTW. It's a recent Ruby snapshot
+ 112318 [angus@qu va ] [Stephan K?mper <Stephan.Kaemper@Schleswig-Holstein.de>, 2004-09-10 12.20 CEST]

A simple NARRAY question
112153 [caili@cd wb ] VALUE x0;
112313 [masa@ir is s] Here should be;
112316 [caili@cd wb ] Thank you,it's just what i need
112317 [caili@cd wb ] but your code will raise a segmentation fault.

REXML: Got stuck...
112154 [Meino.Cramer] I want to reorder my bookmarks, a xbel document  generated by KDE's
112156 [ryco@gm .n t] This sounds a little bit like what Martin Fowler did with Ruby instead
112182 [Meino.Cramer] ..short question: Since I dont know the solution of my problem, I
112189 [jamesUNDERBA] James
112192 [Meino.Cramer] *THANK YOU* !
112203 [ryco@gm .n t] When I reread my message a second ago, I realized it is not the kind of
112241 [Meino.Cramer] No problem at all ! No need to feel sorry! :)

methods in eruby
112157 [csshsh@st uc] <% def foo %>
112187 [discord@ma .] First problem: in your example, foo doesn't return a string. It would
112218 [alex@ve k. n] Oh... I was wondering about the same question, thanks a lot for the
112219 [ksibilev@be ] No, it's proc keyword which is deprecated.
112221 [mikael@ph bu] To be utterly pedantic, proc and lambda aren't keywords: they're
112227 [discord@ma .] Kernel#proc is deprecated, because it is different from Proc.new, which

112171 [tad.bochan@b] Being aruby-nuby myself, and having next to no experience of C/C++,

Variable scoping
112177 [B.Candler@po] I've been away from this list for a while, so I don't know what the current
+ 112179 [decoux@mo lo] This is because you have never read ruby-man-1.4, and it's very bad :-)
+ 112186 [B.Candler@po] You mean very bad of me not to read it? Fair enough. I _have_ read quite a
  112188 [Ara.T.Howard] well - not guy really ;-)
  112211 [B.Candler@po] It solves the wrong problem. My server has a pool of objects, and the

what if rb_eval_string_protect() takes too long?
112185 [phlip_cpp@ya] Just out of curiosity, suppose a C++ host wants to evaluate a Ruby string,

Test::Unit can't handle Exceptions ?  (neither IRB)
112191 [rff_rff@re o] I have a strange behaviour I can't explain
+ 112217 [alex@ve k. n] I have the same behavior on Linux. Don't have time too look at the root
+ 112252 [B.Candler@po] And if you look at line 70 of that file and its vicinity, you'll see that
  112255 [rff_rff@re o] Thank you, I supposed Test::Unit worked this way. But I wonder why.

[Slightly OT] Martin Fowler demystifying closures
112193 [Gavri_F@in o] gavri
112199 [cmills@fr es] Nice write up!
+ 112201 [lyle.johnson] Heh, I was just blogging about Martin's article and wishing that he'd
+ 112204 [mikael@ph bu] ...

[ANN] SQLite/Ruby 2.0.1 BETA
112194 [jgb3@em il b] Another beta release for SQLite/Ruby is available, hard on the heels of
112200 [vincent.isam] Great job for SQLite/Ruby. It is really great to be able to prepare
112208 [jgb3@em il b] Thanks, Vincent! Great feedback--I'll get your suggestions incorporated
+ 112212 [vincent.isam] It would be great ^o^
+ 112214 [justin.rudd@] I did the following...
| 112215 [justin.rudd@] HA!  Never fails.  2 minutes after I hit send I realize you are
+ 112222 [carl.youngbl] What about searching to see if there is no SELECT in the SQL and
  112226 [jgb3@em il b] insert into a_table ( a, b, c )
  + 112228 [hackerotaku@] jamis,
  + 112296 [carl.youngbl] You're right of course.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I obviously
    112297 [jgb3@em il b] A good question. Right now, it is the way it is because that's the way

hob x 0.2 .. blogink for ample abilities .. come into the arms of ..
112195 [ruby-talk@wh] ok, ruby-talk. enough.
+ 112197 [lyle.johnson] Well said. I'm looking forward to trying this out. Would I be correct
| 112198 [ruby-talk@wh] Since May, yes.
+ 112202 [vincent.isam] I just tried to install hobix and I got the following error when
| 112209 [ruby-talk@wh] Indeed, thankyou, this was a problem.  The web installer has been
| 112251 [    s@xs .d ] Maybe I deserve this for using a CVS version, but I can't create
| 112273 [ruby-talk@wh] It looks like your REXML installation is screwed up.  Go to your Ruby
| 112331 [    s@xs .d ] scary how some folks now what's happening on my computer ...
| 112332 [    s@xs .d ] However, I have a second computer ... ;->
+ 112207 [transami@ru ] Scary powerful is the Hobix'.
| 112216 [marcel@ve ni] that is, indeed, a *very* nifty installer...
| 112237 [gsinclair@so] Let's hope _why's site doesn't get hacked.  Wouldn't want to eval
| 112291 [vjoel@PA H. ] Dunno. Is this any worse than manually downloading a .tgz or .gem from a
| 112294 [jamesUNDERBA] Somewhat, in that you can first examine the source before running it.
+ 112224 [batsman.geo@] Just RPAfied it, so it's now in the preliminary Ruby Production Archive
| 112277 [ruby-talk@wh] RPA is awesome.  You are so _on_, bats.
| 112288 [martindemell] +1!
+ 112267 [ksibilev@be ] Hm,
| 112275 [ruby-talk@wh] bash-2.05b$ hobix blogs test
+ 112376 [wmorgan-ruby] Two brief problems I encountered in the installer, due to my peculiar
| 112540 [ruby-talk@wh] This is now better in 0.2c.  Up now at go.hobix.com
+ 112381 [wmorgan-ruby] Now I'm encountering another problem, and I don't think it's due to my

extconf.rb troubles
112196 [electricmew@] ~/sqlite/ext # more extconf.rb

SQLite/Ruby binaries for windows
112205 [jgb3@em il b] Binaries for windows are now available for SQLite/Ruby 2.0.1. Just go to
112254 [rff_rff@re o] wow, thank you thousands!
+ 112256 [jgb3@em il b] Great suggestion. I'll do some research and figure out how to do that...
+ 112257 [batsman.geo@] I'll try to setup the infrastructure for automated builds of RPA

IOWA binding magic (long)
112206 [probertm@no ] This one is a little tough to explain so please bear with me.

problem with CGI, multipart forms, images and MSIE Mac OS X
112213 [sera@fh an .] I suppose it's possible that I'm the only Ruby programmer ever to run
112250 [B.Candler@po] My suggestion: write a test program which does something like
112411 [sera@fh an .] filename=&quot;&quot;
112455 [patrick@he a] The boundry doesn't matter, it just has to be unique.  It may be a bug.

Does Win32 have a shot at Arrow?
112220 [agorilla@gm ] Arrow Installer Revision: 1.4

Rails and RubyGems
112229 [ jimm@io co ] I have two issues with installing Rails via RubyGems. I'm on Mac OS X.
112233 [chadfowler@g] This one is a (stupid) bug in 0.7.0 of RubyGems.  It's fixed in CVS
112238 [radsaq@gm il] I believe that's due to the incompability of rails and Ruby 1.9, but
112298 [ jimm@io co ] Could be. I'm running 1.9.
+ 112299 [radsaq@gm il] There is a known problem with Rails and Ruby 1.9; the reason I was
+ 112307 [chadfowler@g] FYI, I think David is traveling internationally right now, so he may
+ 112322 [csshsh@st uc] ...

FormValidator valid link?
112230 [zdennis@mk e] I'm trying to download FormValidator so I can start playing with
112231 [dooby@d1 .k ] library called FormValidator, which is built into Arrow."
112232 [dooby@d1 .k ] From http://dev.rubycrafters.com/arrow-manual/install.html ...
+ 112234 [agorilla@gm ] You can also get it using rpa-base, which may have a newer version.
+ 112235 [zdennis@mk e] Thanks daz
  112236 [botp@de mo t] rpa can help a lot.

Arrow and mod_ruby question
112240 [zdennis@mk e] I now have Ruby 1.8.1 preview2, modruby1.2.2 and Arrow 0.1.0. However
+ 112242 [zdennis@mk e] Ok...I got rid of the errors. I am running a Debian 3.0.2 woody box. So
+ 112243 [dooby@d1 .k ] Quoting from http://dev.rubycrafters.com/arrow-manual/install.html ...
  112244 [zdennis@mk e] I think I am going to tell myself to RTFM....(if it helps I'm really
  112245 [dooby@d1 .k ] Yeah.  It'll be easier tomorrow, though ;-)
  112247 [zdennis@mk e] Maybe I should just go to bed....I think I will.....because I can't find
  112341 [ged@Fa ri MU] I'm not sure about platforms other than MacOS X, Linux, and FreeBSD (as