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^ nuby question: question marks in method names
110935 [haaktu gmail] it's a bit hard to search for answers to this question so here goes.
110937 [assaph avaya] Correct. You can also specify ! as part of the method name, and also =,
110940 [msparshatt y] This won't work though
+ 110941 [assaph avaya] but
| 110946 [haaktu gmail] thank you very much. :-)
+ 110958 [nobu.nokada ] class Module
  111224 [wmorgan-ruby] It's a minor issue, but I think this is more consistent with the
  111241 [haaktu gmail] thank yopu all for the replies. these gave me more insight

110936 [Roland.Schmi] require "openssl"

110944 [tad.bochan b] ...
+ 110947 [Roland.Schmi] I think that is exactly what the method ** in class BN of OpenSSL does.
+ 112022 [barry anglei] My work load lightened considerably, so I went back to the problem of
  + 112044 [evan falling] As a side note, check out Crypt::RSA (http://dark-ruby.org). It uses MBignum
  + 112053 [purple.dot_m] ...

^ Questions about ruby under AIX
110955 [victor.reyes] 1) Have anyone out there compiled ruby under AIX 5.2? If so, which
111082 [haaktu gmail] this is more of a *nix Q.  i usually do this for similarly configured hosts.
111120 [nesius speak] Most AIX 4.3.x binaries run on AIX 5.1 and 5.2, though when sharing

^ Flexible operations for a collection class
110960 [ehames gmail] I'm writing a collection class, which looks like this (by heart, don't
+ 110972 [g_ogata optu] It seems like a bad idea to me to have the constructor take _either_ n
+ 111017 [bob.news gmx] "Edgardo Hames" <ehames@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 111018 [bob.news gmx] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 111021 [ehames gmail] That's ok. I won't need them right now anyway.
  + 111020 [ehames gmail] From The Pickaxe Book, in the Enumerable Module
    111073 [bob.news gmx] "Edgardo Hames" <ehames@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Database email frameworks & Rails killer app?
110965 [tim-ruby sub] I'm a big fan of the Email::Store framework by Simon Cozens.  Is
110969 [khaines enig] Seems like it's a good match for an ORM library (of which there are several

^ fileutils and  preserve
110971 [brett_willia] With ruby 1.8 I was glad to see fileutils, as ftools had some annoying

^ [OT] Re: Ruby Web Hosts
110982 [rcoder gmail] Jamis,
110985 [drossruby ya] Yes yes. The code overview that is done regularly by

^ (Revised) [PATCH] Subtle bug in bignum.c
110990 [markus reali] Guy --
111081 [decoux moulo] ...
111108 [markus reali] Yes, of course...that is why I said "fixes" (in quotes).  This usage may
111109 [decoux moulo] ...
111110 [markus reali] I am confused again.  I thought the problem was not with the
111111 [decoux moulo] ...
111115 [markus reali] Ah yes.  Thank you.  I had not realized (but should have guessed) that
111117 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Searching Directories
110995 [jzakiya mail] I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this task.
+ 111000 [markus reali] Pseudo-code is your friend.  What you say you want to do is something
+ 111022 [rocioestrada] require 'find'
  111197 [jzakiya mail] Thanks for the suggestions.
  + 111217 [nobu.nokada ] Don't you want to check if it is a file?  Many file systems
  + 111219 [rocioestrada] unless I didn't understood You, there's no real point for this 2
    111323 [jzakiya mail] Taking everyones suggestions into account here is my new version.

^ Re: Ruby Web Hosts [sadly]
111013 [rocioestrada] Thankfully snipped

^ Building latest Ruby on HPUX?
111033 [nesius speak] I'm trying to build Ruby 1.8.1 on HPUX 11.00 and am running into a

^ Re: TeX (was Re[2]: Typos (Was: performance comparison))
111035 [mailinglists] Excuse me but there are two worlds. Denying this means to ignore

^ [OT] Group visuals
111041 [carl.youngbl] Incidentally, and totally off-topic: has anyone else besides myself
+ 111042 [sean celsoft] With or without skin?
| 111052 [carl.youngbl] I'm sorry--try as I might, I don't get it.  What do you mean?
| + 111055 [drossruby ya] He is asking if you see then physically or as a mental
| + 111056 [hal9000 hype] I assume it was a macabre but interesting joke. Dunno.
| + 111061 [sean celsoft] I forget not everyone is exposed to the same brand of humor I am.  It's from a
|   111063 [drossruby ya] Humor.. what is it?
+ 111062 [markus reali] Occasionally.
+ 111072 [mikael phubu] Yes.  I'm picturing you as the cop in that show with Steve Urkel.  For
| 111095 [drossruby ya] Hehe..
+ 111079 [Stephan.Kaem] No and yes.
+ 111096 [dblack wobbl] Are those options mutually exclusive? :-)  Actually I do know exactly
+ 111107 [djberg96 hot] If you want to see what some of us look like, you can always visit Orkut. :)
+ 111134 [ptkwt aracne] ...

^ List Control (Re: Ruby Web Hosts)
111045 [jamesUNDERBA] I think the most democratic thing to do is not respond to people who you
111046 [sean celsoft] Or perhaps even precipitated by it.  It's quite possible for a group of people

^ Followup on HPUX build issue
111049 [nesius speak] It looks like the problem is that the Makefile for ext/pty defines in
111054 [nobu.nokada ] It should be done by have_library("util", "openpty") in
111144 [nesius speak] Sorry - I did not know about the mkmf.log until you pointed me at it.
+ 111146 [nesius speak] To follow up my own post, here's the problem with gcc.
+ 111156 [nobu.nokada ] Thank you, I got it.  RUBY_CPPOUTFILE in configure.in seems not
  111163 [nesius speak] Thanks, I will try that out.
  + 111164 [nesius speak] -Rob
  + 111170 [nobu.nokada ] I guess that you can give those flags to latest configure.in.

^ [OT] Re: [ANN] aeditor 1.7
111051 [Ara.T.Howard] ...

^ Two issues with webrick - both threading & OS related
111053 [rdlugosz.104] All -
111104 [ysantoso-rub] class SleepServer < HTTPServlet::AbstractServlet
111138 [rdlugosz.104] WEBrick 1.3.1
111141 [ysantoso-rub] Hm.. I tested the problem on linux because you mentioned that you and
111148 [rdlugosz.104] build for win32 should he be using?
111150 [jgb3 email.b] For what it's worth, I took the script you posted and ran it on my linux
+ 111153 [ysantoso-rub] No, it isn't. My ruby is 1.8.1, as shown in earlier posts.
+ 111157 [jim weirichh] Actually, that works on all the platforms I've tried.
  + 111160 [jim weirichh] Odd ... Ryan and I tried this at work on several machines and the second
  | + 111161 [rdlugosz.104] I've >tried.
  | | 111168 [jgb3 email.b] Just tried it with several nearly-concurrent requests to /sleep, and
  | + 111177 [jim weirichh] Ok, this looks like its not a webrick issue at all.  When using wget in
  |   + 111178 [rdlugosz.104] Now that makes sense; all of my tests were run in firefox.
  |   | 111186 [discord mac.] Sounds to me like firefox is playing nice :) In the olden days,
  |   + 111244 [cjs cynic.ne] Use tcpflow or tcpdump to see what's going on. I suspect that Firefox
  + 111167 [jgb3 email.b] Ah, I see. I misunderstood. However, I just tried the scenario you

^ [BUG] mod_ruby
111060 [patrick hexa] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-08-04) [powerpc-darwin]
+ 111064 [drossruby ya] hmmm...
+ 111473 [patrick hexa] I solved this problem, and wanted to share the fix.  I found a note on

^ [ANN] BlueCloth-1.0.0fc3
111069 [ged FaerieMU] ...

^ fastcgi & continuations (Re: Idea: Webshare)
111070 [patrick hexa] I wasn't able to make this continuation trick work for me.  It flip
111379 [matz ruby-la] Need more info.  Operating system, interpreter version, Apache version
111387 [patrick hexa] class Server
111955 [patrick hexa] continuation = []
111964 [transami run] Hmm...you may want to take this up on ruby-core.

^ Object#undef_method ???
111071 [gsinclair so] Folks,
+ 111074 [nobu.nokada ] class << X
+ 111076 [batsman.geo ] class << X; undef_method :foo end

^ Ruby for system administration
111083 [martindemell] ...
+ 111089 [" (remove)ya] I never had the need for this, but I think a nice binding to rpmlib
+ 111093 [angus quovad] [Martin DeMello <martindemello@yahoo.com>, 2004-08-31 11.40 CEST]
| 111099 [martindemell] ...
| + 111100 [drossruby ya] It is often quite hard and what I also have found with
| | 111105 [james graypr] If a system administrator maintains 30+ similarly configured boxes and
| | 111121 [nesius speak] No sane sys admin would administrate an environment this way.
| + 111106 [Ara.T.Howard] this is a great idea!  our sysads are the same.  if ruby came with redhat in
| + 111116 [mortonda dgr] oof. I'm exactly opposite.  RedHat screwed up so many packages with
|   111142 [drossruby ya] I am partly the same way, except what I need to get on
+ 111124 [nesius speak] Now that I've read the rest of the thread and added a few comments, I'd
  + 111128 [james graypr] I don't believe Perl passes his test either.
  | 111132 [rcoder gmail] As a matter of fact, on recent Red Hat systems, only Python is likely
  + 111143 [drossruby ya] Yes that is true, but think about how those languages
  + 111149 [Ara.T.Howard] was in alpha when i left for another job, there were no docs.  a friend (perl
  + 111906 [ian caliban.] I went through exactly the same problem at my place of work.
    112034 [keith_hodges] Being subversive tip - dont forget to change the name of your
    112042 [ptkwt aracne] ...
    + 112047 [hal9000 hype] Then rename it to Perl6.  ;)
    | 112116 [horacio.lope] or... perl++ ?
    + 112059 [aredridel gm] #! /usr/bin/ruby

^ RŮ«. : Dereferencing pointers returned by syscall
111085 [tad.bochan b] Thanks very much for your tip. It does intrigue me how you came to know

^ [OT] Belgium (Was: Re: Typos (Was: performance comparison))
111087 [kristof vlee] It is, isn't it?  But no, I am from Antwerp, which is a very

^ I'm confused about $LOAD_PATH
111088 [tad.bochan b] I'm confused about how to update this $: variable in a ruby program.
+ 111090 [bob.news gmx] <tad.bochan@bnpparibas.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 111091 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 111092 [hal9000 hype] $LOAD_PATH << "mydir"

^ RŮ«. : I'm confused about $LOAD_PATH
111097 [tad.bochan b] Thank you all.   Ca marche!

^ widget modifs after calls to Tk.mainloop
111112 [nicolas.deco] I'm new to ruby and used to Tcl/Tk.
+ 111162 [nagai ai.kyu] For example,
+ 111169 [phlip_cpp ya] ...

^ Re: [Ruby-DBI-devel] Common Last Index Method
111122 [danj 3skel.c] Postgres returns an OID as a result of INSERT statements. It is in-band
111140 [pit capitain] Since many, many years, in Oracle-SQL you can do

^ (Final) [PATCH] Subtle bug in bignum.c
111123 [markus reali] This is a repost of the original problem description (edited to take
+ 111165 [botp delmont] I _cannot_ reproduce the problem (running winxp). I have run it and even
| 111171 [markus reali] correct explanation) the problem only arises when garbage collection
+ 111172 [nobu.nokada ] Already fixed in CVS.

^ Ruby & MF Cobol
111126 [tad.bochan b] I know this must sound very odd, but has anybody any experience
111129 [gfb tonesoft] Some time ago when I used to work with HP-UX, I managed to build GCC
111130 [nesius speak] And if there isn't a C compiler, you can download a pre-built gcc, and

^ RŮ«. : Ruby & MF Cobol
111131 [tad.bochan b] I'm afraid that it's not an issue of cost,
111133 [gfb tonesoft] Sorry, it looks like I am missing something. What does cost have to do

^ ruby-dev summary 24054-24170
111139 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML these days.
111181 [djberg96 hot] For those operating systems (e.g. Solaris) that don't have the
111182 [decoux moulo] ...
111215 [djberg96 hot] So, are you saying that we don't need it, or that the daemon()
111257 [decoux moulo] ...
111283 [Ara.T.Howard] i always use a double fork - you feel this is enough though?
+ 111285 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 111286 [matz ruby-la] Since the calling process dies in the daemon(), there's no need for
  111293 [Ara.T.Howard] here's a snip from some code i'm running as we speak - i stole the code from
  111378 [matz ruby-la] When you understand the reason for double fork, things will be clear.
  111518 [akr m17n.org] There is another reason for a fork after setsid: prevent unexpected

^ Problem with File::Tail (no new lines getting processed)
111147 [josh endries] I just started learning Ruby a couple days ago. It's pretty cool! I
111154 [flori nixe.p] I could confirm this behaviour on a local FreeBSD installation. I think
111158 [josh endries] ...

^ IOWA -- another newbie question
111155 [probertm nos] ...
111159 [khaines enig] There should be no difference between running an external script from within
111173 [probertm nos] ...

^ OT: Eric Hodel's datafy in ruby stars in Linux Journal NewsWeekly (announcing in the spirit of ruby's advocacy)
111175 [botp delmont] Linux Journal Weekly News Notes -- September 1
111561 [drbrain segm] AAA

^ Non-Blocking sockets on win32 patch
111179 [rff_rff remo] I wonder what happened to the patch in ruby-core:3154, further refined
111183 [jean-francoi] I'd like to know too since I'm the author of the patch. The patch works well

^ Object Pool Implementation & drb
111180 [ehames gmail] even looking at RAA (shame on me!). When getting a new object from the

^ accessing superclass variables
111185 [nicolaj cs.a] How do I access an outer variable from within a nested class?
+ 111187 [mkhan lextra] I am not sure what you wanted to know from your question.
| 111249 [nicolaj cs.a] Exactly!
| 111252 [bob.news gmx] "Nicolaj Soendberg Madsen" <nicolaj@cs.aau.dk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 111189 [Ara.T.Howard] class Outer
  111190 [dblack wobbl] Those are (Ruby's somewhat variable :-) constants, though, not

^ anyone seen this before? (long)
111188 [stillflame F] i haven't been able to get a very minimal reproduction for this,
111254 [decoux moulo] ...

^ invisible Infinity
111191 [rff_rff remo] => Infinity
+ 111192 [cmills frees] => Infinity
| 111193 [mkhan lextra] irb(main):004:0> a == b
+ 111194 [spam0504 bss] I also was surprised, that Infinity is no predefined constant, as I used
| 111195 [mkhan lextra] If you take a look in numeric.c
| + 111196 [mkhan lextra] I meant,
| | 111198 [kristof vlee] (10.0/0).class
| | 111200 [mkhan lextra] irb(main):001:0> a = 10.0/0
| | + 111201 [kristof vlee] So it is not what you meant then :-)
| | + 111203 [flgr ccan.de] Yes, that's exactly the objection of the original poster. He wants it to
| + 111205 [discord mac.] What is displayed are just string representations of the value, but
+ 111216 [matz ruby-la] Considering non IEEE platform, there's no portable way to generate
  111227 [Ara.T.Howard] is it an impossible idea to map the various Nan's to some singleton like
  + 111281 [mkhan lextra] Just curious,
  + 111291 [nobu.nokada ] Isn't it Eternity rather than Infinity? :)
    + 111292 [halostatue g] No, Eternity is the amount of time one has to wait when one is in line
    + 111298 [Ara.T.Howard] i like that!

^ Ruby blog software.
111202 [ljz asfast.c] As a favor to a friend, I'm setting up a blog for her on my server.
+ 111204 [rff_rff remo] I guess the biggest players in this arena are Rublog and tDiary.
+ 111206 [jgb3 email.b] Then again, please don't. :) I'm interested in what people have to say
| + 111208 [hal9000 hype] Aren't we all. :)
| + 111211 [Ara.T.Howard] same here on both counts.
| + 111284 [mike clarkwa] Just for the record, you can use MoveableType styles with Rublog.  For
|   111287 [jgb3 email.b] Rublog looks tempting, I'll have to admit. I need to give it a try (and
|   + 111290 [halostatue g] As noted in an earlier message, Chad has a RubLog/Ruwiki converter for
|   + 111294 [dave pragpro] You probably won't see this coming from me: I'd much rather use a text
|     + 111295 [dave pragpro] ...
|     | 111296 [jgb3 email.b] your CVS approach would be wonderful. Unfortunately, all I have is
|     | + 111297 [dave pragpro] I'd happily roll that in if you wanted to add an extension. It'd have
|     | | + 111299 [jgb3 email.b] I'll see what I can do. No guarantees...hell might freeze over before I
|     | | + 111310 [Ara.T.Howard] dave-
|     | |   + 111311 [halostatue g] You'll need to get the CVS tarball from RubyForge; Dave hasn't made a
|     | |   + 111312 [dave pragpro] The sourceforge project is seriously out of date, but they won't let me
|     | + 111314 [jamesUNDERBA] Well, what would be handy all around would be a client-side tool that
|     | | + 111318 [jgb3 email.b] Good point. I alwasys forget about XML-RPC and friends... being
|     | | + 111360 [wmorgan-ruby] Emacs has ange-ftp mode, which lets you treat remote ftp servers as if
|     | + 111317 [armin xss.de] I hacked an ugly tiny cgi-script for a friend.
|     |   + 111322 [jgb3 email.b] I'd like to peek at it. Send it my way, if you wouldn't mind. :)
|     |   + 111325 [halostatue g] Armin,
|     |   + 111660 [ljz asfast.c] I would love to see these tiny cgi scripts.  Thank you very much!
|     + 111302 [chadfowler g] Same here, in general, though I kind of like the Wiki-as-blog-editor notion.
|     + 111371 [gsinclair so] That's why I commonly use http://mozex.mozdev.org to edit web page
|       + 111376 [dave pragpro] Oh - that is cool! If only they had Mac support.
|       + 111382 [jgb3 email.b] Gah! Where has this BEEN all my life?!? Thanks for pointing it out,
|         111459 [pabs pablotr] ...
+ 111207 [halostatue g] I just switched (in the last two days) from tDiary to RubLog. tDiary
| 111248 [laurent.sans] Send patch.
| 111265 [halostatue g] If one likes mucking around in the tDiary code. I didn't. I found the
| 111282 [laurent.sans] I agree with you on that point, non-japanese documentation is lacking.
+ 111209 [chrismo clab] anywhere else, so there might be lurking evil for someone else trying to
| 111661 [ljz asfast.c] I tried to download your clWiki source code from the location that you
+ 111210 [jamesUNDERBA] Blogtari is all Ruby, supports textile, markdown, and (to some extent)
+ 111213 [chrismo clab] Does Instiki have a blog view? It's been pretty well received, I believe.
+ 111229 [ljz asfast.c] Wow!  I'm happily surprised at how many of you have responded.  There
| 111236 [drewry gmail] Just to add to the list of example sites, dataspill.org is rublog-based.
| 111237 [botp delmont] mike neumann's blog is cool and very informative, too
| 111240 [drossruby ya] Oh yes, I have seen Mikes blog before. It is a very
+ 111316 [hans fugal.n] I hope I don't come across as a heretic, and I will say up front that I
  + 111320 [jgb3 email.b] Hans, I'm disappointed in you! Perl?! ;) No, I'm kidding -- if it works
  + 111324 [halostatue g] This is more or less how RubLog works, except that there's multiple
  + 111412 [sl33p3r free] You can also look at hobix (http://hobix.com - or -