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^ Recursive flattening (was RE:  MetaRuby 0.5)
11089 [crippel prim] I should have been more specific the native Array implementation

^ Ruby BOF at OSSCON
11092 [matt sergean] I asked Nat about having a Ruby BOF at the Open Source Software Convention.

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)You are added automatically
11096 [chiayk singn] unsubscribe yk chia

^ TCPSocket.open() lasts 2 minutes (was: rwiki *hangs* in send())
11104 [wys helbling] require 'socket'
+ 11103 [wys helbling] ...on the other hand "" (instead of "localhost") finishes
| 11109 [Dave Pragmat] It sounds like you system is trying to resolve 'localhost' using DNS,
| + 11111 [decoux moulo] You have a problem with your DNS
| | 11116 [aleksi.nieme] You might be experiencing the same problem I have. My system is RH 7.0
| | 11159 [wys helbling] me too
| + 11162 [mulperi iki.] Or /etc/nsswitch.conf something like
+ 11106 [decoux moulo] Verify that you don't have a problem with your DNS, see the file
  11108 [WYS helbling] in send())

^ Auto-magically determine your class/method in Ruby
11113 [bryan_zarnet] Is their a way to auto-magically determine the class
+ 11118 [feldt ce.cha] There are probably much easier and nicer ways (using Kernel#caller?) but
+ 11119 [Dave Pragmat] This is Ruby. Of _course_ there is... :)
  + 11120 [feldt ce.cha] See, I told you. I never should have posted... :-)
  | 11123 [bryan_zarnet] I agree, having the calling class as part of caller
  | 11127 [feldt ce.cha] BTW, here's my solution. Difference to Daves solution is that it doesn't
  | 11129 [bryan_zarnet] My caller only version is regex nasty and relies upon
  + 11121 [bryan_zarnet] Thats great. I would write a long reply but I gotta
    11122 [ben_tilly ho] Call the caller function.

^ trying to use ruby-libglade
11124 [tjabo unix-a] I'm trying to "compile" ruby-libglade on my linux box.
+ 11125 [tjabo unix-a] /opt/gnome/lib/libglade.so.0 -> libglade.so.0.3.1
+ 11160 [avi beta4.co] Try using --with-glade-include-dir=/path/ --with-glade-lib-dir=/path/ ?

^ One source tree for Ruby & modules
11130 [spwhite char] Or invent an upgrade mechanism to take care of any language changes that
11139 [schneik us.i] # > J> I must say that despite the fact that this would change
11149 [gnhurst hurs] I think this issue is significant.
11166 [spwhite char] That sounds like an excellent way of handling this. If this were made
11172 [john_van_v y] It is, this is how I do perl.  If you do gnuplot, it is absolutely necessary,
11174 [gilc shoploo] nerumerology?

^ Problem compiling in MySQL support
11132 [carlyoungblo] I'm trying to install MySQL support for Ruby on my redhat 7.0 linux box.
11169 [glen enabled] Carl...
11176 [cyoungbl leg] Thanks a lot, Glen!  After investigating the issue on the web for a day, I
11179 [glen enabled] Actually, Carl, creating a symlink is the "proper" way to do it. However,

^ Exciting to see "matz". [was Re: stopping a thread instance]
11134 [jdf pobox.co] I am an experienced Perl user who has discovered Ruby through the DDJ
11146 [matz zetabit] Nice to see you too.
+ 11156 [jdf pobox.co] I do not at all doubt that Larry is still a nice guy.  My impression
+ 11182 [john_van_v y] Perl is great, Larry will always be cool; he showed us how to do it.  My only

^ Ruby - regular expressions - multiline
11136 [Alain.FELER ] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
11137 [chadfowler y] Look at putting "/m" on the end of the regex.

^ Ruby success stories?
11141 [ptkwt shell1] This is kind of a followup to the thread I started last week "How to
11161 [harryo zipwo] There's a third-party Java library for regular expressions that
+ 11167 [aleksi.nieme] We use gnu regexps with Java.
+ 11184 [ptkwt user2.] Yes, I know there are several regex libs for java.  One problem would be
  11287 [harryo zipwo] Fair enough.  Horses for courses, I guess.

^ Array.insert_at
11153 [mdavis sevai] Has anyone created a method called insert_at(index, value) for the Array
+ 11154 [matz zetabit] a = [1,2,3,4,5]
+ 11155 [Dave Pragmat] a = [1, 2, 3]		# => [1, 2, 3]
  11157 [mdavis sevai] Thanks for the quick response.  Nice solution!  I am surprised that I
  11163 [mdavis sevai] ruby.  I am surprised this was so easy.  As it turns out, the c version was

^ trace_func RCR?
11158 [feldt ce.cha] The thread on getting the class and method of the caller brought up an

^ THE solution to:  TCPSocket.open() lasts 2 minutes
11164 [wys helbling] I had to reduce (not to say *castrate*) resolv.conf to contain a single
11165 [eban os.rim.] Try to add this in /etc/hosts.
11203 [  zak ale.cx] This "::1" one worked for me. Many thanks eban.
11213 [matz zetabit] IPv6 transition.

^ Ruby and the world
11173 [david Jazzne] I'm a new ruby user, and I would like to say that I find it a truly
+ 11180 [john_van_v y] It occured to me that it might be nice to be able to just embed perl libraries
+ 11187 [andy toolshe] hoping to get back to it and polish it up after Dave and I got the book out.

^ Re: Ruby and the world;   DBI
11175 [jsmall laser] Check out http://fairfax2.laser.net/~jsmall/rubycorner.html

^ ANN: RubyCHannel -> Rwiki w. Online Ruby Interpreter
11185 [wys helbling] RubyCHannel (http://www.ruby.ch) now has yet another demo/test-"service".
+ 11208 [nahi keynaut] I wish I could help you...
| 11221 [wys helbling] To be honest, I hacked rw.cgi to get this thing running. Of course your
| + 11225 [schneik us.i] # RubyCHannel (http://www.ruby.ch) now has yet another
| | 11234 [Dave Pragmat] Well, Clemens page is linked from
| | 11240 [wmwilson01 h] <plug>
| + 11823 [nahi keynaut] I'm very sorry for long silence.
|   11834 [wys helbling] <<snip>>
|   11838 [nahi keynaut] Sorry for RWiki specific topic...
|   11854 [wys helbling] and long ;-)
|   + 11863 [toshirok yb3] As the author of RDtool, I've planed to change RDtool available to
|   + 11929 [nahi keynaut] and late X-(
+ 11241 [dblack candl] Absolutely.  For one thing, I could see this playing a role in the

^ better "gets"?
11188 [nop1 cornell] I am a Ruby newbie and would like to know if there is a way to get user input
+ 11197 [nickb fnord.] Or, for that matter, any platform-independent way of getting a single
+ 11212 [cjc26 nospam] You can use the readline built-in function.
  11215 [nop1 cornell] irb(main):001:0> readline
  11216 [Dave Pragmat] What does 'stty' show as your erase character?
  11218 [nop1 cornell] Thanks Dave. The problem was entirely with my stty. Both gets and readline
  + 11224 [nickb fnord.] Actually, if anyone deserves to be shot, it's anyone who contributed
  + 11246 [matju sympat] On most terminal emulators configured a la mode de 1975, you may press
    11259 [nop1 cornell] Neither Ctrl+Backspace not Delete works as an alternative for me without that

^ C scripting using Ruby (instead of Perl)?
11189 [schneik us.i] FYI && FWIW,
11194 [ben_tilly ho] [description of Inline.pm]
11204 [wmwilson01 h] I'm not completely sure of whether you're talking about doing the Ruby
11228 [decoux moulo] The problem is here
11229 [ben_tilly ho] Our definitions of "very" differ.
11230 [decoux moulo] From [ruby-talk:11189]
11237 [ben_tilly ho] I found that to be an unfair slam.
+ 11238 [crippel prim] Hm,
+ 11249 [elderburn mi] The 'answer' may be we've misconstrued the issue.  Ruby already has good
+ 11252 [ptkwt shell1] Quite true - it's easier to extend Ruby with C than it is to extend Perl
  + 11256 [ben_tilly ho] It really is as easy as it looks.  At least for small
  + 11279 [john_van_v y] I agree, it will be a long while before I'm as good at ruby as I am at perl.  I

^ Telnet/SSH service
11191 [nickb fnord.] I'm among a group of people who are trying to get a simple BBS server up,
+ 11193 [mitch venux.] Telnet is basically a server that spawns a shell, it's really not all that
+ 11248 [gilc shoploo] Using a lovely thing called inetd, you don't have to worry about sockets. It
  11250 [mitch venux.] Inetd could be a solution, sure, it really depends on the purpose of coding
  11262 [john_van_v y] I cant help jumping in.
  11392 [nickb fnord.] (1) I don't know XML.

^ Packaging, bytecode, and archives.
11192 [schneik us.i] FYI, this is a Perl6 issue that may be relevant for future implementations

^ RCR: Enumerable#hashify
11195 [dblack candl] Ruby Change Request -- new method
11206 [wmwilson01 h] SNIP LOTS O' GOOD STUFF
11211 [sent quality] Seems reasonable, but I wince every time I read
11231 [dblack candl] I steered away from to_h and to_hash partly because I felt that to do

^ Re: Fw: Re: [agenda-dev] Python
11200 [mfp students] I have just recently acquired a PDA that runs linux, the Agenda VR3.

^ Re: to_s and <<
11210 [sent quality] I just got back from vacation, and wanted to make
11233 [dblack candl] Not quite, I think.  In general, to_str isn't defined.  You have to
11242 [jonas.bulow ] If there is a Ruby FAQ, the answer below should be in it. IMHO...

^ ruby and ncurses
11214 [snowzone hom] it's interesting that ncurses support colour terminals but neither the
11222 [ttate jaist.] how about http://kt-www.jaist.ac.jp:8000/~ttate/ftp/curses-20000924.tar.gz?
11495 [snowzone hom] bingo. this is perfect, this really should be part of the ruby sources.

^ Ruby threading
11217 [wy2lam stude] Since Ruby supports threading even in operating systems without native threading
11219 [hal9000 hype] threading

^ 国内最大級、最低料金のメール配信サービスのご案内
11223 [maildsb glbg] 国内最大級、最低料金のメール配信サービスのご案内

^ array1 << array2
11235 [jim freeze.o] a = [1,2]
+ 11236 [aleksi.nieme] I guess something like
| 11243 [ppladijs cag] a + b
| 11244 [ppladijs cag] I'm sorry that's not correct, it should be
+ 11247 [dfan harmoni] Try

^ Programming Ruby is now online
11251 [Dave Pragmat] A first version of the book Programming Ruby is now available, both
+ 11253 [huber alum.w] Really cool...but, are you going to make the LaTeX available?
| 11258 [Dave Pragmat] I _could_ but I'm not sure you'd be able to use it. It's wired into
| 11261 [huber alum.w] I figured as much...
+ 11255 [mjais web.de] Thanks a lot.
| 11257 [schneik us.i] # A first version of the book Programming Ruby is now available, both
+ 11260 [gc mandrakes] That's odd: I got the paper version of the book under my eyes right now,
| 11264 [Dave Pragmat] The book was printed before all this happened. I'm not a lawyer, but I
| + 11267 [dblack candl] I'm also not a lawyer -- I'm the child of lawyers, which is far
| | 11270 [ben_tilly ho] IANAL also, but I do know it is possible for the copyright
| | 11273 [Dave Pragmat] OK, for (as we non-lawyers say) the avoidance of doubt...
| | + 11281 [jim freeze.o] I have been using Perl since 1991 and have used it in my last two
| | | 11405 [robert.gusta] motor
| | + 11637 [frios udea.e] ..."I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not really that worried, to
| + 11271 [jim freeze.o] This is a great resource. I have the printed book, but it is nice to have
| | + 11275 [john_van_v y] Easy to cut and paste too.
| | + 11307 [andy toolshe] Quite the opposite, I think.  I've been lured by a number of openly
| |   + 11308 [wmwilson01 h] Just curious, has anyone submitted this news to any websites (i.e. slashdot,
| |   | 11348 [ptkwt shell1] I submitted it to lwn.net (Linux Weekly News).  Today they mentioned the online
| |   + 11311 [elderburn mi] At the risk of using incitive language, Jupiter Research, pretty much
| + 11280 [elderburn mi] I am not a lawyer either, but have been bitten by several so do suffer a bit
| | 11284 [Dave Pragmat] My understanding is that under the terms of the Open Publication
| | + 11286 [elderburn mi] Of course, with electronic publishing even the HTML could be used.  I was
| | + 11294 [jdf pobox.co] As they say in #perl (where there's a bot that keeps track of karma),
| |   11296 [barry_shultz] I second that! Great news for all of us. It'll be a big help in stirring up
| + 11496 [snowzone hom] either way, it's an excellent resource to have in your hands or online.
|   11498 [jim freeze.o] This sounds good. Do you have this stored as a macro, and would you like
|   + 11523 [harryo zipwo] I second that!  Now that "ri" is out, you could maybe whip up another
|   + 11951 [snowzone hom] au BufReadPost *.rb map <F12> :!lynx /<path_to_ruby_docs>/index.html<cr>
+ 11277 [carlyoungblo] This is awesome!  I think it will really help to promote widespread adoption
| 11500 [snowzone hom] maybe some  kind of quick announcement on slashdot wouldn't hurt either...
+ 11282 [jweirich one] Bravo!
+ 11289 [harryo zipwo] I downloaded the .tgz file (twice) and am having problems unzipping
| + 11292 [ben_tilly ho] Depends what you mean by first.  Several O'Reilly books
| + 11298 [gt intracus.] FWIW, I got a similar problem this morning using Netscape to download the
|   11314 [harryo zipwo] Absolutely bizarre!  IE 4.x produced a working .tgz file.  I wonder
|   11315 [Jan.Matejka ] It is a bug on a server side and "Microsoft artifical intelligence" on
|   + 11321 [ben_tilly ho] And whatever markets could be made around Ruby, having
|   + 11329 [Dave Pragmat] That should have been fixed this morning. Could you try again?
|     11332 [Jan.Matejka ] Yes, now it seems to work.
|     11335 [WYS helbling] book?
+ 11302 [wys helbling] Great (as the paper version is)!
| + 11324 [Dave Pragmat] That would be very cool. Does anyone want to take this on?
| + 11638 [frios udea.e] That is wonderful, add interaction with the object of study, very important
+ 11303 [raja cs.indi] To borrow a phrase I came across in your book:  Domo arigato gozaimasu !
+ 11353 [harryo zipwo] I add my thanks to Dave, Andy and AWL for making this available.
| 11372 [harryo zipwo] No-one seems to want to talk about what I suggested.  Fortunately, I
| 11377 [Dave Pragmat] True 'nuf. Planting the <a name=>'s is easy. The problem comes in
| 11412 [harryo zipwo] Yep, that's pretty horrible.
+ 11363 [tarod home.c] This is an incredible gift.  Thank you to everyone with the vision and faith
  11365 [hal9000 hype] faith

^ Visual Test in Ruby/Tk
11263 [thucdat hotm] I would like to write a program in Ruby running on an AIX to trace and
11266 [schneik us.i] # I would like to write a program in Ruby running on an AIX to trace
11268 [Dave Pragmat] If you want to capture mouse events for all applications, then you'll

^ Interest in Ruby hosting?
11265 [gilgsn earth] I was wondering if there is some interest in Ruby Hosting?
11276 [elderburn mi] Yes! I, for one, live in an area for which there is neither DSL or cable

^ W3C Ruby
11269 [dblack candl] I happened to notice these announcements on the WWW Consortium Web
11299 [oliver faker] Well, "Ruby" is a normal japanese word describing exactly what this Working
11360 [matz zetabit] It should be "Ruby" because the name came from the English name of the

^ musings about Hash#each_with_index
11272 [dblack candl] Just wondering....  What uses, if any, have people found for
11274 [Dave Pragmat] I think it could also be the other way around: each_with_index returns
+ 11283 [dblack candl] But what does each_with_index add, functionally, to Hash, given that
| 11285 [Dave Pragmat] each_with_index seems to me to be largely a convenience method,
+ 11309 [jmichel schu] Watch out  here! The fact  that you can consider  an array as  a special
  + 11312 [spwhite char] Are there any theoretical papers which explain this property, and hopefully
  + 11327 [Dave Pragmat] I agree it's an important paradigm: interfaces are the best thing
    11330 [dblack candl] Rubella?
    11331 [ben_tilly ho] Indeed.  An interesting essay on the importance of late

^ Learning Ruby
11278 [j.griffing g] In researching the latest (scripting) languages, Ruby became an obvious
+ 11290 [daniel helen] Programming Ruby, announced yesterday on the list. Available online or on
+ 11328 [gsemones pri] obvious

^ Array bugs?
11288 [crippel prim] I believe that there are issues in the way the Array
11297 [crippel prim] I think the problem is with the hashing algorithm. All array
11320 [decoux moulo] rb_ary_hash() I think
+ 11326 [crippel prim] Actually #== and #- and #delete are effected too ...
| 11333 [decoux moulo] Apparently only #== (#delete and #- use #==)
| 11364 [crippel prim] ruby -e 'a={};a[a] = a; b ={}; b[a] = b; b == a'
| 11368 [decoux moulo] no problem with this but I've a patched version of ruby
| + 11371 [decoux moulo] Try this
| | 11436 [crippel prim] Object (in)equality is an extremely subtle issue (un-decidable
| | 11447 [decoux moulo] I'll try to explain what do ruby actually
| | 11553 [crippel prim] to be exact
| | 11555 [crippel prim] Sorry has usual ..
| | 11557 [ben_tilly ho] I have not been following this discussion, but here is a
| | + 11558 [ben_tilly ho] [much stuff, including 2 possible solutions to
| | | + 11559 [ben_tilly ho] You know, some days it is better to not try to
| | | + 11576 [crippel prim] No Ben this is not reasonable (practical at least;-)
| | |   11581 [decoux moulo] If you can wait a little, I think that it's possible to write it as an
| | |   11585 [ben_tilly ho] When I had time to think about it I realized that it
| | |   11586 [decoux moulo] WARNING : this is my first version, this mean that it has BUG and probably
| | |   + 11589 [ben_tilly ho] I hate following up to myself but...
| | |   + 11600 [crippel prim] Thanks!
| | |     11602 [decoux moulo] A little patch, I've forgotten to re-define Array#<=>
| | |     11704 [crippel prim] Before anything you probably should know (easy to
| | |     11705 [decoux moulo] Yes this is why I think that it will be slow
| | |     + 11708 [ben_tilly ho] Could you repost this b.rb script that you are using?
| | |     + 11753 [crippel prim] You can do the same thing (this way you also get === of course) - once
| | |       11760 [decoux moulo] I've not understood, how do you define the hash value of
| | |       11806 [crippel prim] Not tested ...
| | |       11807 [crippel prim] protected_hash
| | |       11845 [decoux moulo] With this algorithm
| | |       11869 [crippel prim] Ops
| | + 14251 [unet MOOMOOr] Not in *certain types* of set theory. Some recently
| + 11387 [crippel prim] What is the output of  ``p pl == pr''?
|   11389 [decoux moulo] true
|   11390 [crippel prim] true
+ 11344 [matju sympat] def f(x); [x,x]; end
  11351 [eventi nyic.] Forgive me if I'm misreading this, but doesn't g(x) produce 512 objects?
  11359 [matju sympat] No, it produces a chain of 8 arrays where each has two links to the