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^ Garden Wiki page Deleted?
110733 [transami run] I had a page on the Garden Wiki called ThoughtsOnRubyShortcomings. While it
110747 [mental gmail] FYI, it's still in the google cache, and I just saved it for you in
110751 [agorilla gma] Restored a more recent revision from the wiki itself (with minor edits)
110776 [transami run] Bless you both!
110787 [agorilla gma] Happy to help.
110788 [transami run] Yes, I imagine so. But its a crazy world! Actually, my guess is this: somet

^ Implementing an Online Book Store
110738 [mrmargolis w] I will be implementing a medium sized online book store over the next
+ 110752 [linse428 stu] Just as a warning. If you target people that is not american, paypal is
| 110755 [hal9000 hype] Not entirely true, I think. I have certainly exchanged money with
+ 110753 [khaines enig] Using an object/relational mapping layer can make things SO MUCH easier to
+ 110810 [david loudth] I know that there's at least a couple of people working on shops with
  110824 [mrmargolis w] Excellent news, I have been looking all over for a Ruby IPN wrapper.

^ Perldoc Equivalent?
110758 [james graypr] Does Ruby have a bundled documentation reader?
110763 [jamesUNDERBA] In general, you can run 'ri' at the command line, along with the name of
110764 [james graypr] This sounds exactly like what I'm looking for, but when I tried it...
+ 110769 [dave pragpro] Did you install Ruby from source. If so, go into the lib directory and
| + 110772 [dblack wobbl] Is that supposed to be rdoc --ri-system and/or rdoc --ri-site?  I
| | 110791 [dave pragpro] Cheers
| | 111596 [james graypr] I'm still not getting along with rdoc and ri.
| | + 111598 [batsman.geo ] You might want to try to install the pre-generated RI data-files
| | | + 111619 [dave pragpro] I'm an OSX user and have no problems with ri/rdoc :)
| | | + 111653 [james graypr] I wanted to say thank you for trying to help me twice now.  I wasn't
| | + 111618 [dave pragpro] You are using an out-0of-date ri.
| |   111623 [james graypr] That was it.  You fixed my problem.  I finally have Ruby doc available
| + 110779 [james graypr] I did, yes.
|   110792 [dave pragpro] You want to go to the source distribution's lib/ directory.
+ 110805 [batsman.geo ] Many people have a hard time generating the documentation from the
  110832 [dave pragpro] I do wish folks would tell me when they see this happening: if there's
  110850 [jamesUNDERBA] Dave,
  110854 [dave pragpro] They can contact me, or mail to this list.
  110859 [jamesUNDERBA] Well, these are already FAQs; what remains is what to tell people when

^ Typos (Was: performance comparison)
110771 [alex verk.in] Not in static languages. But it is by far the most common mistake I make
110800 [gsinclair so] Programming Java without a *really* good IDE is awful.  Programming
+ 110807 [mailinglists] I think it is better to start with test cases and improve small programs
| + 110809 [rcoder gmail] I honestly think that the issues surrounding code analysis and
| + 110813 [bye mailinat] I'm seeing something different actually. Students in my class (computer
| | 110816 [drossruby ya] I try not to go with "fad" languages like Java. It was
| + 110815 [drossruby ya] You noticed that too, eh? :)
| + 110828 [kristof vlee] So you know most programmers using script languages, AND their skills as a
| | 110864 [drossruby ya] I might disagree with lothar on some points, but this
| | + 110870 [mikael phubu] You assume that most C software is well-designed and secure.  The
| | | + 110875 [aengstrom gn] Well said. +1
| | | + 110880 [drossruby ya] well. I didn't include a bit of information of the
| | + 110871 [daniel danie] Hmmm... this sort of reminds me of a post I saw once of someone stating
| | | + 110877 [mailinglists] No this was not exactly my the point.
| | | | + 110879 [alex verk.in] I'd say, in any language with exceptions support, handling an exception
| | | | | 110886 [mailinglists] One of the problems are that far to many Java exceptions are not
| | | | + 110882 [daniel danie] Ok, I get your point and agree with it. I guess what was important for
| | | |   110884 [drossruby ya] I don't put on my
| | | + 110883 [drossruby ya] hehe, well writing programs that are massive in
| | + 110892 [probertm nos] For me, programming languages are like tools.  A good tradesman uses the
| |   + 110895 [    s xss.de] And of course, "The Story of Mel".
| |   + 110896 [drossruby ya] This is where I don't understand most people. You can
| |     + 110905 [discord mac.] As someone who has done plenty of woodworking and carpentry, I submit
| |     + 110981 [probertm nos] Of course you are right.  Ruby is written  in C .. QED.
| |       + 110984 [drossruby ya] I agree on all points. It is humans who make errors.
| |       | 111026 [mikael phubu] I love C.  I think it's great for implementing designs.  On the other
| |       | 111034 [drossruby ya] I always spend a couple weeks on design before coding.
| |       + 111019 [probertm nos] Ok.  It doesn't work for you.  I assume that you have tried it then?
| |       | 111023 [mailinglists] I looked at it about 10 years ago.
| |       | 111032 [kristof vlee] It is called literate programming.
| |       | 111084 [bob.news gmx] "Kristof Bastiaensen" <kristof@vleeuwen.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |       | 111086 [mailinglists] Once again, i don't know anybody working with TeX. And i don't know
| |       | + 111098 [dblack wobbl] Sorry to dwell on the OT stuff, but I'd like to clarify this a little.
| |       | | 111101 [mailinglists] Sorry you missunderstand something. I don't blame anyone. I'm just
| |       | | + 111103 [dblack wobbl] TeX isn't developed any more; that's official.  It's interesting that
| |       | | + 111135 [probertm nos] Backing up a little, and leaving the words "literate programming" aside.
| |       | |   111137 [cmills frees] Seems like Lothar is doing most of his coding in Eiffel which uses
| |       | |   111166 [mailinglists] In my university i got a lot of courses where
| |       | |   111174 [probertm nos] Another option is to use generators.
| |       | |   111184 [tom infoethe] Good times...
| |       | + 111125 [nesius speak] Every book published with LaTeX is published with TeX.  It is not
| |       + 111028 [barry anglei] I believe that Knuth invented and programmed Tex.  I wish that I could
| |       + 111029 [mikael phubu] Indeed.  For one, he's a genius and you're not.  He's a technical writer
| + 110876 [alex verk.in] Try "irb --noprompt".
|   + 110878 [mailinglists] My Arachno Ruby IDE will have this feature in it's 0.4 version. But it
|   + 110881 [flgr ccan.de] I've done a quick implementation of breakpoints that will spawn an irb
|   | 110885 [alex verk.in] LOL. Next time I make a wish on ruby-talk, I should remember that
|   + 110921 [rubyzbibd ub] In addition, to Florian Gross' nice technique, you could also use the
+ 110812 [jan.sabbe st] Heh, that's funny, I mostly do the exact same thing :-) But I whished

^ method_missing and builder objects
110795 [sean.zuzu gm] jim weirich's got a hot example of using 'method_missing' to build XML

^ tk.rb: incompatible change between 1.8.1 and 1.8.2
110820 [ferenc engar] The "can't dup Fixnum" error what I have mentioned in my previous post
110830 [nagai ai.kyu] Sorry. This changes default Tk.appname from 'tk' to
110894 [ferenc engar] I patched it, and it works now. Thank you!

^ extend self
110831 [horacio.lope] Florian Grotold me about a trick he uses in order to make module

^ FMOD - for Ruby??
110839 [lymans gmail] I am going to write an MP3 player 'in' Ruby, so...
+ 110841 [brian pocket] Richard,
+ 110842 [jgb3 email.b] Well, I'm not very familiar with FMOD, but I have done C extensions for
| 110843 [brian pocket] I retract my offer on the DirectShow extension--no way am I helping a
| 110846 [jgb3 email.b] ;) Just to show you that we here in Happy Valley are bigger than that
+ 110844 [carl.youngbl] I'm not so sure that you want to use FMOD for your app.  I looked into
  110847 [lymans gmail] That's good to know. I probably don't want it then... any suggestions
  110867 [mikael phubu] Look at GStreamer.

^ [OT] Suggesting Options
110840 [cc1 cec.wust] Kirk,
111011 [khaines enig] Thanks.  I think that the point that you bring up, that the projects that
111015 [mortonda dgr] I second that request... ;)

^ Blocking Problem
110845 [kapheine hyp] I'm having trouble with IO blocking when reading from a device.  It may
+ 110889 [bob.news gmx] "Zachary P. Landau" <kapheine@hypa.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 110914 [kapheine hyp] er
+ 110901 [kristof vlee] Since you are using Gtk, maybe the Gdk::Input.add method
| 110915 [kapheine hyp] Well, unfortunately I had the same problem.  But thanks for telling me
+ 110916 [nobu.nokada ] It sounds like as the issue mention at [ruby-talk:109668].
| 110919 [kapheine hyp] Yeah, it does sound like the same problem.  I'm using 2.4.26 patched
| 110926 [nobu.nokada ] It doesn't implement `poll' function.
| 110956 [kapheine hyp] Ahh okay, so the driver is at fault.  Thanks a lot for your help.
+ 110961 [pbrannan atd] 1. IIRC, #gets always has the potential to block, even if you are in

^ Design advice
110848 [carl.youngbl] I'm in the process of writing a ruby version of perl's Palm::PDB
+ 110852 [kapheine hyp] I would probably go with the second option, just because that method is
+ 110890 [bob.news gmx] "Carl Youngblood" <carl.youngblood@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ accessors break "no state change outside the object"?
110849 [sean.zuzu gm] from a "functional in the small and OO in the large" and "don't cause
+ 110851 [flgr ccan.de] As I understand it Ruby's accessors are just convenient ways of adding
| 110853 [sean.zuzu gm] hmm... ok.
+ 110856 [jamesUNDERBA] I tend to agree with this view, preferring to think of objects as things

^ Yaml argument error due to indention on load_documents
110855 [transami run] the following produces an error, but it will work if the two text lines are

^ Instiki question
110857 [manfred.lotz] Ho can I force Instiki to render a word like FreeBSD
+ 110858 [halostatue g] Escape it. IIRC, this is \FreeBSD.
| 110869 [manfred.lotz] Thanks. That works.
| 110872 [david loudth] Only if you use [[FreeBSD]]. And for that to work well, you need to run
| 110887 [manfred.lotz] Even with "brackets only" turned on [[FreeBSD]] looks like: Free BSD
+ 110868 [mikael phubu] I recall an option to disable WikiWords in favor of [[these things]],

^ Trapping errors within unpack?
110860 [ljz asfast.c] I'm trying to do a simple conversion between UTF-8 and 8-bit ascii.
110920 [assaph avaya] You can of course trap the Illegal argument excpetion for each line, but

^ cygwin c++ linking help
110861 [zdennis mkte] This isn't directly pertaining to ruby under cygwin, because I can
110909 [nobu.nokada ] It is a FAQ of ld.
110962 [zdennis mkte] Thank you Nobu, that solved the linking issue i was getting.

^ Question about defining class methods
110862 [robo mars.co] When defining class methods, are these two ways the same? Is there a
110863 [transami run] Identical.
110891 [bob.news gmx] "T. Onoma" <transami@runbox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ documenting dynamic method with rdoc
110865 [patrick hexa] # Append output to client
110873 [dave pragpro] I'm thinking about it at the moment. I'll probably add a way to
+ 110931 [patrick hexa] + 'true' dynamic documentation would require that rdoc execute your
+ 110945 [surrender_it] on a side but related note: it would be nice if RDoc supported

^ rmagick crash?
110874 [roelandmoors] I use rmagick to transform an image.
110888 [cyclists nc.] Sorry you're having trouble with RMagick.
110938 [roelandmoors] After installing it, you can start it with 'photoprep *.jpg' or

^ "Bad file descriptor" with Webrick/Instiki service
110893 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.2 R7

^ [ANN] Test/Unit Reporter 0.1.0
110897 [alex verk.in] Test/Unit Reporter publishes results of test/unit test suite execution
+ 110899 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Most definitely!
+ 110903 [agorilla gma] Very nice!  I'm just starting to play with Test::Unit, and this'll be
+ 111027 [batsman.geo ] One of the premises of the Ruby Production Archive (RPA) is that the

^ File read progress
110898 [perfyct yaho] Hopefully this is an easy one...
+ 110900 [halostatue g] As long as your file read routine is written to take a hash, then you
| 110913 [kapheine hyp] I had a little more luck with libpbar-ruby (also on RAA).  They both are
+ 110902 [cyclists nc.] See the pos method in IO.
  110949 [bob.news gmx] "Tim Hunter" <cyclists@nc.rr.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ REXML: insert an element as the first child
110904 [koen.vervloe] In REXML I can add an element as a child to another element with the
111136 [angus quovad] [Koen Vervloesem <koen.vervloesem@myrealbox.com>, 2004-08-30 01.04 CEST]
111152 [koen.vervloe] Thanks. This helps a lot.

^ silly question
110906 [ferenc engar] Sorry that I am asking so trivial, maybe it is too late: can I somehow
+ 110907 [DocBoobenste] You can do it in Ruby, and it makes a lot of sense. Refer to the
| 110908 [ferenc engar] That description deals with normal mixin functionality, using instance
| 110910 [nobu.nokada ] X.foo isn't an instance method but a singleton method of X,
| 110911 [assaph avaya] class)
+ 110912 [nobu.nokada ] def foo;X.foo;end
+ 110917 [transami run] For more info see Ruby-Talk:109274.

^ compile error on ppc linux
110918 [aredridel nb] I'm getting this trying to build Ruby on ppc linux with gcc 3.3.4.

^ ri content mistake? (was Re: silly question)
110922 [jamesUNDERBA] (symbol)
110923 [assaph avaya] Same thing appears also at ruby-doc.org.
110927 [jamesUNDERBA] Natch' as  the docs come from the same source.
110928 [assaph avaya] this
110953 [dave pragpro] Anyone who is a Ruby committer can fix this. For example, Gavin
+ 110954 [gsinclair so] Yeah, just gotta reactivate that CVS account :(
+ 110959 [jamesUNDERBA] Though in this case it did not appear to so much be a matter of missing

^ Re: Saving IRB state (Was: Typos)
110924 [rubyzbibd ub] If you are not afraid of a bit of text cutting, then it is not that

^ [ANN] Copland 0.6.0
110925 [jgb3 email.b] Copland is an Inversion of Control (IoC) or Dependency Injection

^ Ruby Web Hosts
110929 [transami run] Please recommend Ruby-supporting web hosts. I am currently looking at the
+ 110933 [matt technor] You might also want to check out some of the folks who do User Mode Linux
| + 110948 [transami run] How funny! I took you suggestion and did a google search. Guess what showed
| | + 110950 [daniel danie] In terms of UML,
| | + 110952 [Stephan.Kaem] Well, his site is currently down (I noticed that when I ran a link check
| | + 111003 [jim weirichh] The site is back up now.
| | + 111009 [jim weirichh] The site is back up now.
| + 110963 [drossruby ya] If you are going to get a setup like this, you might
|   + 110964 [transami run] hmm? How's that work with User Mode Linux? Or is that another type of system
|   | + 110966 [drossruby ya] Its a jail. Very safe and been developed really well.
|   | + 110967 [steve kelloc] I'm running Ruby apps(including mod_ruby) on a FreeBSD jail setup with
|   |   110979 [rcoder gmail] +1 on the JVDS plug -- I've been using them for a couple of months,
|   + 110973 [usenet andre] To what extent is UML less secure than a BSD jail?
|     110974 [drossruby ya] not to even start it. #1 BSD is more secure and can be
|     + 110975 [mikael phubu] Please take your enormous dumps of crap elsewhere.  I suggest some
|     | 110976 [drossruby ya] hush linux bitch. I don't even have time for people
|     | + 110983 [msparshatt y] Weren't you the person who said you wouldn't tolerate people calling
|     | | 110987 [drossruby ya] I didn't say it was crap. I said FreeBSD was more
|     | + 110988 [sean celsoft] That is so rude, low-class and so off-topic it boggles my mind.  What exactly
|     | | 110989 [drossruby ya] I meant it when I said I didn't have time. I am
|     | | + 110991 [jgb3 email.b] From now and henceforth, any mail from David Ross is being filtered
|     | | | 110992 [drossruby ya] /me watches the ignorant people throw addy in
|     | | + 110993 [sean celsoft] Who are you kidding when you speak like that to people and then come back with
|     | | | 110997 [drossruby ya] You are welcommed to ask NaHi and the email sessions
|     | | | 110999 [sean celsoft] The phrase "hush linux bitch. I don't even have time for people like you" is
|     | | + 111004 [mortonda dgr] Then stop spending time wasting the bandwidth of all these other people
|     | + 110996 [rasputnik he] David, will you please realise this is a mailing list and not IRC?
|     |   110998 [drossruby ya] I am being aggressive so I am not the one in the
|     |   + 111001 [discord mac.] Your lengthen your replies greatly with vitriol. Here's a shortened
|     |   + 111005 [ljz asfast.c] Wait a minute ... could you please name the "linux nazi's" here by whom
|     |     + 111007 [drossruby ya] If I recommend any bsd, at most there are more than a
|     |     + 111008 [carl.youngbl] It would be nice if it were possible to ban certain users from the
|     |     | + 111010 [hal9000 hype] The gateway is the problem, indeed. Anyone in the world can post.
|     |     | + 111012 [transami run] TO ALL INVOLVED: You've usurped my thread!!! No offense, but I advise laughing
|     |     | | + 111016 [mortonda dgr] Indeed, you are correct, and my apologies for my part in it.  I made a
|     |     | | + 111058 [drewry gmail] If you're interested in UML hosting,  I've been using rimuhosting.com
|     |     | + 111014 [jamesUNDERBA] So far, there seems to be a consensus on replying to messages from
|     |     |   111037 [carl.youngbl] I still think that a few offensive posters can detract from ruby
|     |     |   111038 [sean celsoft] That would be fun for the regulars.  That wouldn't be very fun for people who
|     |     |   111040 [carl.youngbl] I'm sorry; I don't think I worded things very well.  I see this as a
|     |     |   111043 [ljz asfast.c] Well, if you think about it, your idea was pretty much implemented on
|     |     + 111075 [martindemell] #16
|     |       + 111077 [nesius speak] Thank you for following Rule #5. ;-)
|     |       + 111078 [hal9000 hype] Righto, there are several others that might apply to this
|     |         + 111080 [jagenheim gm] Perhaps in Heinlein's Laws?
|     |         + 111102 [halostatue g] That's Heinlein. Niven's is TANJ.
|     |           111114 [app1tam ups.] +1, Sean.
|     + 110978 [jgb3 email.b] David, you make some good points, but you also have a very nasty habit
|     | 110980 [drossruby ya] with. I am great at coding pair though.
|     + 111031 [usenet andre] Talking about style: I don't like yours, so please forgive me if I will
+ 110934 [k v2studio.c] I've been using python-hosting.com and they have been great so far.
+ 110951 [cribbsj oakw] I have been a RouteRoute customer for a couple of years.  They have been
+ 111039 [martin.anker] My webpage is hosted at http://geekisp.com/. Several months ago I have
+ 112572 [ceo nospam.o] I've not run the gammit of Unix/Linux/BSD hosting solutions, and quite
| 112573 [justin.rudd ] I use TextDrive (http://textdrive.com/).  They are not specifically a
| 112604 [zdennis mkte] I use rootr.net for my brother's band website. The hosting is good, the
+ 112601 [gavin refine] As this question seems to crop up on the list every few months, I've