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Module Extension problem
109728 [skg1@ce .w s] I am trying to write a Module written in C for ruby to help me do some
109727 [flgr@cc n. e] static VALUE getFile(VALUE self, VALUE nameFile){
109731 [skg1@ce .w s] Thanks for the response.
109781 [decoux@mo lo] This line is wrong. The first argument must be a class.

swig problem with init
109749 [jim@fr ez .o] I have an innocuous swig/ruby case that is causing me some grief.
+ 109750 [vjoel@PA H. ] Ruby's loader looks for init_<filename> in filename.so. So if you
+ 109754 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Hmmmmm...
  109801 [lyle.johnson] Yes, that is exactly what happens.
  109804 [jim@fr ez .o] Yes, that is exactly what happened, and I recognized it immediately after

Gtk::TreeView slow?
109755 [Joseph.V.Lau] I'm not sure if I'm asking too much of Gtk::ListView, or if my
109836 [mutoh@hi hw ] If "cell data rendering function" means Gtk::TreeViewColumn#set_cell_data_func(),
109859 [Joseph.V.Lau] Yes, that's the function I'm using.  Any ideas on how to avoid using it?  Or
+ 109870 [Joseph.V.Lau] Would I call freeze_notify on the ListStore or on the TreeView?
| 110066 [mutoh@hi hw ] Now you can see it, though there is no answer what you want.
| 110263 [Joseph.V.Lau] Thanks for the link, but my problem is not adding new rows to the ListStore,
+ 110065 [mutoh@hi hw ] Usually, you don't need to use the method if you don't use complex column.

calling a swig generated function
109756 [michael@ha e] I have a library that I wrapped with SWIG.  One of the SWIG generated
109800 [lyle.johnson] I'm guessing that the fifth argument is declared as a pointer to an
110023 [michael@ha e] Thank you for the suggestion.  I was able to get my code to work with
110064 [lyle.johnson] OK, good!

ANN: Iowa 0.9.1 Released
109759 [khaines@en g] Iowa 0.9.1 has hit Rubyforge.
109792 [mneumann@nt ] Great!
109810 [khaines@en g] At the current time they are pretty much implicit, even if what one is
109822 [mneumann@nt ] Exactly!
109860 [khaines@en g] to

Ruby way to update file lines
109760 [probertm@no ] I have a need to update a config file.  It uses '#' as a line comment
+ 109761 [khaines@en g] Unless the file is very large, my initial thought is just to read the file
+ 109784 [bob.news@gm ] "Mark Probert" <probertm@nospam-acm.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 110075 [probertm@no ] I liked this one :-)  Thanks.
| 110094 [bob.news@gm ] "Mark Probert" <probertm@nospam-telus.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 110097 [probertm@no ] deln.rb:37: dynamic constant assignment
| 110122 [bob.news@gm ] "Mark Probert" <probertm@nospam-telus.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 110134 [probertm@no ] You are correct.  Thank you for the clarification.
+ 109788 [kristof@vl e] You could use inplace edit.  This can make ruby work like awk.

109762 [wmorgan-ruby] I'm having some troubles with libpcap-ruby. The web pages and
110044 [dooby@d1 .k ] I've seen this recommended (no update since 2000 but it could just
110046 [decoux@mo lo] It depend what you call stable :-)
110271 [wmorgan-ruby] I don't think this is the issue I'm experiencing. I'm building an

109764 [nick@ac iv h] Are there any libraries that handle YAML->XML conversion? I want to use
109775 [nakahiro@gm ] Just a proof-of-concept thing (not insertion but dumping.)
109905 [nick@ac iv h] That's great! Two interesting approaches.

proc return statement
109766 [zdennis@mk e] @@mappings.each{ |hsh|
+ 109767 [assaph@av ya] }
| 109769 [zdennis@mk e] Thanks Assaph.
+ 109770 [vjoel@PA H. ] def fn
  109771 [zdennis@mk e] Thanks for the response Joel.

Rubyforge really slow?
109768 [carl.youngbl] I haven't seen anyone mention this during the last couple of days, but
109774 [wildwildwes@] ... the connection kept timing out.
109805 [rich@in oe h] Well, folks downloaded the RubyInstaller 187 times over the last two days
109890 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I noticed the growth when I downloaded it a couple of days ago.  I
+ 109892 [rcoder@gm il] BitTorrents could work, too, esp. if Rubyforge ran its own BT tracker.
| + 109898 [carl.youngbl] The thing that's strange about it is that I was getting around
| + 109911 [chadfowler@g] This is your conscience, Lennon.  That really wasn't a bad thought.
|   109994 [brianwisti@y] Since when did a conscience ever say something like
+ 109904 [carl.youngbl] I think if you did that everyone would check all the boxes.  Most
+ 109917 [curt@hi bs c] My plans for the One-Click Installer will address this issue. We are going
  109934 [curt@hi bs c] If you look at the download statistics for the One-Click Installer over the
  109986 [carl.youngbl] Yes, and therefore it wouldn't account for an order-of-magnitude bandwidth drop.
  109987 [curt@hi bs c] Of course these stats don't say when during the day these downloads
  109989 [carl.youngbl] I just downloaded something and averaged about 80 KB/sec, so things
  110190 [rich@in oe h] Ok...ok..I think the problem is RubyForge is being crawled due to the fact

Sparc and Alpha build fails
109772 [aredridel@nb] sparc-pld-linux-gcc -O2 -m32 -mtune=ultrasparc  -fPIC    -rdynamic
110112 [aredridel@nb] Some more information: this seems to be an oniguruma bug. I haven't

Help with library
109786 [il_vikingo@y] I need the library libruby1.8.so.1.8.

Parsing Ruby...
109787 [hal9000@hy e] I'm about to delve into the mysteries of parsing Ruby.
+ 109790 [chadfowler@g] Not sure anymore, but I'd love to know.
+ 109791 [aamine@lo er] In this month I met matz and got an agreement to commit ripper
+ 109841 [msparshatt@y] Using Ripper I haven't had any troubles understanding the code (and

Inheritance from built-in class
109796 [nsoe03@mi a.] I have a question regarding inheritance from built-in classes. To simplify
+ 109798 [decoux@mo lo] This line work, but probably you have written
+ 110521 [dooby@d1 .k ] That should be working, but your Time_stamped_array is empty

Coming from Ruby (was: Re: When to use parentheses around method args?)
109797 [dblack@wo bl] It's time for us to break the cycle and declare ourselves to have Ruby
+ 109802 [bob.news@gm ] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 109808 [Richard_Dale] I agree with you entirely - it's up to me to find out about idioms that the

splat behavior with different versions of ruby
109803 [brett_willia] This is probably common knowledge, but the references I could find where
109971 [dblack@wo bl] [code examples]
109973 [dblack@wo bl] Oh, and to answer your question... :-)
110007 [brett_willia] Excellent, that explanation makes sense.  This showed up in a coworker's

Fox::FXButton problem..
109806 [phil.roberts] I have a small app that requires a button to be greyed out while data
109820 [lyle.johnson] Call disable() to disable it (grey it out), and enable() to enable it.
109831 [phil.roberts] Lyle Johnson <lyle.johnson@gmail.com> emerged reluctantly from the

Ruby Conference hotel sold out
109809 [cyclists@nc ] I just tried to make a reservation at the Ruby Conference hotel only to
+ 109811 [halostatue@g] -austin
| 109816 [dblack@wo bl] Thanks, Austin -- that's great.  The two I mentioned (previous post)
+ 109813 [lyle.johnson] Good grief. I have a rough idea of how many people have registered so
| + 109817 [dblack@wo bl] Not enough :-)  But it's probably our fault; we may have guessed low.
| + 109818 [hal9000@hy e] I wonder also. I have registered but have not got a room yet.
| | 109821 [shanko_date@] Same here ....
| + 109825 [halostatue@g] Frankly, I'm not sure how good the block of rooms was in the first
|   109829 [jamesUNDERBA] FWIW, I called the hotel about a week ago.  I was put through to central
|   109843 [chadfowler@g] To answer some of these questions, I'll tell you what actually
|   109850 [lyle.johnson] Probably Perl-related.
+ 109814 [dblack@wo bl] Heavens!  Thanks for the heads up.
+ 109819 [lyle.johnson] I'm not sure what was going on when you called, Tim, but I just called
  + 109823 [dblack@wo bl] I called them right after seeing Tim's post and they said they were
  + 109824 [jim@fr ez .o] I just called the number above and they did not have any openings (10:31 CT).
  + 109826 [cyclists@nc ] Hmmm...curious. I called exactly the same number about 10:30AM and got the
    109828 [dblack@wo bl] Yeah, it's all Lyle's fault.  I think he should pay for all our rooms.

determining ruby interpreter
109812 [Ara.T.Howard] anything more reliable than this?

Config::CONFIG['SHELL'] - windows/*nix/mac
109815 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm working on a clustering system that runs jobs submitted to an nfs mounted
109832 [rcoder@gm il] Have you considered using DRb, instead of raw pipes, to coordinate the
109838 [ahoward@no a] my system has n feeding procsses 'competing' the process jobs from an nfs

Room-sharing at Ruby Conference (was: Re: Ruby Conference hotel sold out)
109827 [dblack@wo bl] Good idea :-)
109834 [shanko_date@] Awesome ... now if only some kind soul(s) ventures on

Ruby Conference hotel
109830 [cyclists@nc ] Okay, I just booked a room at the Comfort Suites, that being the first one

RubyConf Hotel -- they now say they *do* have rooms
109833 [dblack@wo bl] Dear everyone,
+ 109842 [jim@we ri hh] I can confirm that they are still taking reservations for the Ruby
+ 109862 [cyclists@nc ] Yes, I just booked a room there at the conference rate. Now to go cancel the

require and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
109840 [jim@fr ez .o] Here is a little something interesting that I just stumbled
109853 [rcoder@gm il] Jim,

win32 tip
109844 [martindemell] Since it took me many frustrating hours of trial and error to figure out

Hash values too big to fit into buckets
109851 [nsmith5@ni t] Is there any way to get around values being too big (being assigned as
+ 109854 [flgr@cc n. e] Moin!
| 109858 [nsmith5@ni t] Ah, great. That didn't work completely (but sent me on the path that got
+ 109857 [nsmith5@ni t] Well dividing the resulting hash value by 2 fixes the problem.. but such
| 109962 [bob.news@gm ] "Nate Smith" <nsmith5@nist.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 109972 [nsmith5@ni t] Very good stuff indeed. Thanks for the help.
| 110041 [bob.news@gm ] "Nate Smith" <nsmith5@nist.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 109913 [nobu.nokada@] It seems to work for me.

Idea: Webshare
109852 [mneumann@nt ] * Borges
+ 109888 [patrick@he a] I'm sad that Narf doesn't have mind-share anymore (www.narf-lib.org).
| + 109909 [gsinclair@so] What kind of caching are you referring to?
| | 109937 [patrick@he a] I think that 'caching' is a pretty basic problem, and I'm sure there
| + 109916 [halostatue@g] Well, from my perspective, what *I* want (for Ruwiki) is a
| | + 109935 [patrick@he a] ok.  I thought that was what I should be doing.  I got distracted and
| | + 111475 [patrick@he a] What's right and wrong with cookie and session support in the standard
| |   111478 [halostatue@g] I haven't much dealt with session support yet; however, cookie support
| + 109992 [brianwisti@y] Thanks for reminding me! I'd forgotten about Narf in
|   109995 [rcoder@gm il] It's almost scary how the same idea can come up in different language
+ 109908 [khaines@en g] Forgive me if I already sent this.  I don't think I did, but it's been
+ 109996 [david@lo dt ] I what we need is just an upgrade of CGI.rb. There was a post about
  + 110039 [aredridel@nb] Heartily agreed.
  | 110304 [transami@ru ] require 'cgi'
  | 110314 [patrick@he a] Thanks, that certainly is a cute trick!
  + 110090 [patrick@he a] Narf is an upgrade of CGI.rb.  I rebuilt CGI.rb, using Wakou's tests
    + 110095 [khaines@en g] You know, this is one thing I definitely agree with.  In Iowa, I have an
    | 110268 [patrick@he a] I was checking out Iowa.  It looks like you've done alot of work to
    | 110275 [khaines@en g] I took what is essentially a lazy approach.  I created a marshallable,
    | 111474 [patrick@he a] Do you do this?  Why would not pass the whole request through, like a
    + 110098 [usenet@an re] I strongly disagree. Request and response are two completely different
    | 110196 [patrick@he a] The common resource is the connection to the client.
    | 110211 [usenet@an re] Not necessarily; for example one could save response objects in a cache.
    | 110289 [patrick@he a] Every web app I've written depends on a combination of request and
    + 110105 [halostatue@g] As someone who thinks that a request/response is a good thing, I'll

use LD_RUN_PATH with extension - [WAS] Re: require and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
109855 [ahoward@no a] LD_LIBRARY_PATH

auto-reload in WEBrick? (Re: [RAILS] way too slow...)
109856 [jamesUNDERBA] How doe one specify auto-reload in WEBrick?
109869 [david@lo dt ] It's not a WEBrick feature, but a feature for the WEBrick adapter in

[ANN] FreeRIDE 0.7.0 Released!
109863 [curt@hi bs c] Version 0.7.0 of FreeRIDE has been released and is available for download!

[ANN] FreeRIDE 0.7.0 Released!
109864 [curt@hi bs c] Version 0.7.0 of FreeRIDE has been released and is available for download!
+ 109876 [phlip_cpp@ya] Awesome job guys. I like everything about FR I have seen so far...
| + 109897 [mailinglists] I think a lot of person would also happy if there is a way to
| | 109921 [curt@hi bs c] Yes, definitely. Now that we have a framework in place to implement
| + 109914 [curt@hi bs c] Thanks... and I couldn't agree with you more that these are serious
| | 109941 [phlip_cpp@ya] try
| + 109970 [curt@hi bs c] I just created bug reports for each of these usability issues.
| + 110082 [phlip_cpp@ya] Guys, programmers could write those killer^ restraint-impaired applications
|   110107 [curt@hi bs c] Yes, yes,yes!!! (actually, it *has* been on our wich list)
+ 109882 [carl.youngbl] I love the unabashed optimism in your "hordes of anxious Ruby

Obtaining object in const_missing
109865 [transami@ru ] I'm stumped. Is there any way to do this?
+ 109873 [WBrown@is ft] T.,
| 109881 [transami@ru ] Thanks, Warren. That *almost* helps ;) Unfortunately I am needing to access
+ 109884 [dblack@wo bl] I think the problem might be that x has no special status inside
  109939 [transami@ru ] Unless that constant needs to be lazily set to an object in that context. In
  109984 [transami@ru ] I looked at the source code real quick (not that I'm anywhere near qualified).

Ruby's Killer App - every language has one
109866 [nospam@no pa] Which ruby app is so compelling that people who don't even intend on
+ 109867 [brianwisti@y] SCons? Sadly, I've never heard of that project. I've
+ 109868 [horacio.lope] I thought Zope was Python's killer app ?
| + 109875 [jamesUNDERBA] Well, it helps a language gain mind share, which can lead to market
| + 109918 [eyez@il uz o] More than just the original. theshad0w's expirimental client, now known
+ 109871 [chadfowler@g] Rails (http://rubyonrails.org) seems to be starting to fit your
+ 109878 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Don't know what that is.
| 109880 [nospam@no pa] Exactly my thoughts--ViewCVS (dev) supports subversion but the paradigm
| + 109883 [rcoder@gm il] There's already a pretty good Subversion web front-end out there: Trac
| | 109923 [halostatue@g] You should try Ruwiki when 0.8.1 comes out (both gemmable and
| + 109887 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Ah, now I recall something about SCons.  How does it compare to rake?
+ 109886 [se@he at x. ] It would be an app that is of use not only to programmers. I am thinking
| + 109950 [burtdav@ho m] +1.
| + 110968 [murthos@ya o] I like the idea. I spent most of last week searching for a good CMS
|   110977 [se@he at x. ] thanks for your interest. I am working on the CMS as time permits and
|   + 111066 [drewry@gm il] Just to throw in my two cents - it's probably worthwhile to check out
|   + 111113 [murthos@ya o] Excellent! The feature set looks good. This may be the killer app.
|     + 111118 [agorilla@gm ] The system could also specify that certain functions are available in
|     + 111127 [se@he at x. ] Architecture can mean a lot of things. I my view the architecture is
+ 109894 [thomas_adam1] Who cares? As some others have noted, we could list the other thousands of
+ 109951 [george.marro] In a related area, CVSspam [1] is very nice (though its name might
| 109953 [botp@de mo t] yep, at v 0.2.9 cvsspam (using only 1.6 ruby and postfix as mailer) is very
+ 109963 [islewind@gm ] I'm just learning ruby, but my first ruby project is probably a bit

Rake and command line options
109885 [jim@fr ez .o] How does one pass options to rake?
109901 [jim@we ri hh] Inside the rake file, use:   ENV['prefix']

IOWA error
109895 [probertm@no ] Can anyone help me with the following error?
109903 [khaines@en g] I am guessing that you restarted the app and that you have an error in
109945 [probertm@no ] Thanks, Kirk.
109948 [khaines@en g] No problem.  The error that is reported there is less than totally helpful
110076 [probertm@no ] IS there an easy way of finding where the Ruby code is incorrect?  I am
110093 [khaines@en g] Sure.  The ruby code is evaluated by Ruby, and any Exceptions that are
110135 [probertm@no ] Thanks, Kirk.

Ruby Job, Hillsboro, OR
109902 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I got this email about a Ruby contract job a couple of days ago.  I

Overriding virtual C++ method in Ruby
109906 [listaccount@] Slowly but surly, I'm getting my foot on the ground with embedding Ruby in a C++
109910 [lyle.johnson] Please read up on SWIG's cross-language polymorphism feature (a.k.a.
110027 [listaccount@] Thanks for the hint, I missed this. But when enabling the directors feature
110052 [listaccount@] %typemap(directorout) char * {