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^ book review, opportunity for advocacy
10873 [nconway klam] Ruby' for kuro5hin.org (if you don't know the site, it's a weblog like
+ 10879 [feldt ce.cha] www.ce.chalmers.se/~feldt/ruby/summaries/comparing_ruby_and_smalltalk.html
+ 10884 [Dave Pragmat] I think it's a fair review. Your major complaint is with the coverage

^ Re: When will 8.4 be ready?
10874 [schneik aust] That would certainly make many Perl, Python, and Ruby users of Tk happy.

^ are any RUGs taking off?
10875 [dblack candl] It doesn't look like too many people are swarming to the Ruby User
+ 10876 [bryan_zarnet] Hey David,
+ 10880 [feldt ce.cha] GOTRUG is not large but we'll soon have our first meeting. We expect 3-6
+ 10887 [hal9000 hype] There are at least three in Austin, Texas. I'll make it over there
  10930 [schneik us.i] # It doesn't look like too many people are swarming to the Ruby User

^ Ruby/Tk Grid Geometry Example
10877 [jkaurin Mind] All my attempts with grid geometry and Ruby/Tk have met with failure. Does
+ 10925 [jfn enteract] [reformatted for fixed-width fonts]
| 10932 [schneik us.i] # >All my attempts with grid geometry and Ruby/Tk have met with failure.
+ 10944 [jkaurin Mind] Thanks everyone.  Originally a case of a newbie trying to get too fancy with

10878 [tmylen2 bell] confirm

^ Newbie question on method scope.
10881 [nickb fnord.] I'm writing some BBS-like software, and to do that I've redefined a few

^ /bin/sh script beats pants off ruby script
10889 [gstrock pacb] why is ruby so damn slow?
+ 10895 [harryo zipwo] Just a thought, but could it be that the shell script is being
+ 10901 [behrends cse] You are essentially matching /bin/cp against ruby's File.syscopy routine
  10904 [gstrock pacb] yes, I can see that most of the time in the
  10926 [jfn enteract] One of the wonderful things about /bin/cp is that it's implementation does
  11005 [dgjs acm.org] Rather than using 'syscopy' in Ruby, I'd try using using 'sysread' and

^ Avoid bad advocacy, please
10906 [ben_tilly ho] Last night I went to a talk by Damian Conway.  (Wonderful
10917 [matz zetabit] <snip all good words>
10933 [Robert.Dawso] Wow.....
+ 10935 [john_van_v y] Uncanny... Larry W's dad was a missionary, I think his linuguistics interest
| 10936 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, I think Larry W himself was planning to be a missionary at one
| 10937 [will softboo] And let's not forget rn :)
| 10940 [ben_tilly ho] unorthodox opinions about what a programming language
+ 10950 [matz zetabit] I think it's too off-topic, sorry in advance.
  10968 [neil purplem] Hey Matz,
  11014 [matz zetabit] I was here in Matsue, 100 miles notheast from Hiroshima.

^ rwiki *hangs* in send()
10909 [wys helbling] I am trying to install rwiki (1.1) on my linux box (running Ruby 1.7.0).
+ 10941 [nahi keynaut] Though I have not tried 1.7.0 yet, try
| 10956 [wys helbling] I did apply the socket patch from Matz. And updated to the 1.2 sources.
| + 10957 [hdstich comm] are you using an apache with mod_ruby?
| + 10958 [nahi keynaut] These are normal outputs with -d environment(in some
|   10961 [WYS helbling] What a bad typing ;-(
+ 10949 [matz zetabit] This patch might change the situation (i.e. it was a socket bug).
  10965 [wys helbling] I applied the patch and tried again. In fact I did several tests. One of

^ Making Hash from two lists
10912 [kom mail1.ac] a Hash from lists of keys and values.
10915 [dblack candl] There were a couple of flurries of discussion about a possible
10916 [kom mail1.ac] Beside the method naming, I choose to make it as Hash.map
+ 10919 [aleksi.nieme] I'm sure they're useful to have around, but I'm not convinced they should be
| 10922 [kom mail1.ac] Yes, that was the exact reason I wanted to put my snipet into
+ 10931 [dblack candl] I agree.  In fact, I think I'm regressing.  In some of the discussions
  10938 [schneik us.i] Kenichi Komiya

^ Any writeups of how to write extconf.rb (and use mkmf)?
10913 [ljohnson res] This topic is introduced in "Programming Ruby" but I don't know if there are

^ unsubscribe
10921 [jrosenblum e] please unsubscribe me

^ [ANNOUNCE] FXRuby - Ruby bindings for FOX GUI toolkit
10923 [ljohnson res] All,
11439 [knu iDaemons] Nice work!  And praise be to the SWIG power! :)

^ Mashal.dump 10000 records, Marshal.load only reads 9939 records
10924 [mdavis sevai] I have provided a small ruby script to test Marshal dump and how efficient
10927 [mike stok.co] They're probably lurking in the writing file's buffer.  Try adding an
10928 [hgs dmu.ac.u] File.open() can be followed by a block, which is useful because the close
10929 [mike stok.co] # make sure t and rows are available later
10963 [decoux moulo] It's normal, you have seen the difference between a local and a dynamic
10964 [mdavis sevai] Thanks.  Sometimes I just have to wonder about myself :)

^ ANN: Windows Installer for 1.6.2
10943 [andy toolshe] I am pleased to announce that the 1.6.2 version
10972 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Will installing this uninstall the previous version or do I
10986 [andy toolshe] It does not uninstall the prior version.
10992 [hgs dmu.ac.u] could be performed if the user wishes, if an earlier version is detected.
11000 [andy toolshe] Ouch, hoisted on my own petard!

^ How do I get current login (like Perl's getlogin)?
10945 [ptkwt shell1] I'm trying to figure out the current login that a script is running on, so
+ 10946 [eban os.rim.] % ruby -r etc -e 'p Etc.getlogin'
+ 10947 [matz zetabit] require 'etc'
| 10952 [ptkwt shell1] Thanks, Matz!  I suspect that if I posted a similar query to
+ 10948 [hal9000 hype] getlogin)?

^ Etc module documentation?
10953 [ptkwt shell1] A followup to my earlier query about getlogin()...  The answer was that
10954 [Dave Pragmat] Have a look in the ext/ and lib/ subdirectories in the standard

^ Re: Borrowing some Perl infrastructure
10955 [ptkwt shell1] It was in jest (should have used a ;-)

^ AW:  Re: rwiki *hangs* in send()
10959 [WYS helbling] I do have mod-ruby installed, but it is not used with for rw.cgi, but I only

^ AW:  Re: rwiki *hangs* in send()
10960 [WYS helbling] yes, it still hangs...

10962 [wilsoncredit] Get a brand new, clean,

^ RCR Summary 02/16/01
10966 [wmwilson01 h] I thought that maybe every Friday, I could list the open change requests to
10967 [dblack candl] Very, in my opinion.
10975 [ben_tilly ho] Do you mind just anyone adding a request?  I was about to
10976 [decoux moulo] Optional, I hope. I use method_missing in some of my extensions.
10978 [wmwilson01 h] Well, I don't really mind right now, but thought I should get folks in the
10983 [ben_tilly ho] Sorry for the unclarity.  By an assertion I meant a
10985 [decoux moulo] OK, 2) is easy. You can see it at the equivalent of let in LISP (some
10987 [ben_tilly ho] By default you recognize that a is a variable.
10990 [ben_tilly ho] Well 1 and 2 are intertwined.
+ 10994 [glen enabled] Are you talking about something like VBs (GASP!) Option Explicit for #1?
| 10996 [ben_tilly ho] My actual inspiration is actually Perl's strict pragma.
| 11002 [wmwilson01 h] done.  geez, now I've got carpel tunnel syndrom ;) ow! ow!
+ 11011 [  zak ale.cx] ruby -v -e'a="b"; $c="d"; @e="f"; def g; "h"; end; puts "#a #$c #@e #g";'
  11013 [decoux moulo] Like I've said previously I think this is easy to do (just re-use a
  11015 [ben_tilly ho] I should follow up by noting that it is unwise to plan
  11016 [decoux moulo] I've not understood, do you want to make reference to the perl construct ?
  11018 [ben_tilly ho] Yes.  And with Perl I throw in "my" whenever I have
  11019 [ben_tilly ho] I listed it because it is a complaint I have seen.
  11043 [decoux moulo] Because you have seen only my first step with a let*

10969 [cyoungbl leg] One really important addition to the Net::http class would be the ability to
10973 [aamine dp.u-] GOTOU Yuuzou is writing SSL-HTTP class (alpha version yet).
10981 [cyoungbl leg] Thanks!  Hopefully this will be included in the stable release soon.

^ subscribe Guerry Semones
10970 [gsemones pri] subscribe Guerry Semones

^ Re: RCR Summary 02/16/01 -suspend
10971 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, it was me.  "wants" should be "wants discussion on" -- I've not
+ 10997 [harryo zipwo] Also, this is very hard to do without such a feature, because you need
+ 10998 [Dave Pragmat] does each call site get its own, or is it based on scope. For example,
  + 10999 [ben_tilly ho] sub fib_generator (x=0, y=1)
  + 11003 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I can't remember.  In Icon the sequence can be finished by fail or
  + 12011 [hgs dmu.ac.u] "The Icon Programming Language", 3rd Edition, Griswold and Griswold.

^ Problem with Windows Installation 1.6.2
10974 [cyoungbl leg] I just downloaded the Windows Installation 1.6.2 and tried to run the
+ 10979 [cyoungbl leg] Yes, I think so, but I don't think that's the problem, because I uninstalled
+ 10991 [andy toolshe] First off, be sure you get the 1.6.2-3 installer release -- I put in
| 11010 [carlyoungblo] It was the new 1.6.2-3 release on www.pragmaticprogrammer.com.  If I click
+ 11001 [noel.rappin ] This looks very similar to the telnet problem I reported a few weeks back

^ Net::HTTP with basic authentication
10980 [cyoungbl leg] Does anyone know how I can use the Net::HTTP class to access a site that
10984 [decoux moulo] require 'net/http'
11020 [carlyoungblo] Thanks!

^ Ruby in the (almost) news
10993 [Dave Pragmat] Need-To-Know is a weekly sarcastic newsletter from the UK. Ruby is
10995 [mjais web.de] cool article.
11095 [  ddj kmd.dk] »ňuby seems to become known to always more people.
11097 [aleksi.nieme] Good for you!
11099 [ray hackfoo.] I've missed some of this thread I believe, but it seems the user is
11101 [aleksi.nieme] My understanding is that the poster wasn't looking for any particular
11168 [  ddj kmd.dk] Ok. Couldn't resist to clear up some speculations - even though it's a
11170 [neumann s-di] No!

^ Generators (was: RCR Summary 02/16/01 -suspend)
11007 [jweirich one] How about this ...
11073 [crippel prim] [really neat example]
11181 [matju cam.or] Despite a regular functional implementation of fib(n) being in O(fib(n))
+ 11183 [ben_tilly ho] Actually isn't it O(n*n)?  There are n steps, with numbers
| 11186 [matju cam.or] Yes. Sorry.
+ 11205 [crippel prim] I was curious how the ``callcc'' solution (much more interesting

11009 [wilsoncredit] Get a brand new, clean,

^ inconsistency
11017 [matju cam.or] a = "FooBar"
11025 [erne powerna] a[6] doesn't exist thus a[6,2] doesn't exist, thus Ruby says "Ain't no such
+ 11026 [gnhurst hurs] Yes, but b[6] doesn't exist, either, so why should b[6,2] exist?
| 11032 [yashi yashi.] maybe just a typo?
| + 11055 [matz zetabit] oops.
| + 11059 [matju cam.or] Thanks, but I think the problem is more with String...
+ 11027 [jweirich one] b[6] doesn't exist either.  Yet b[6,2] returns an empty string.
  11028 [jweirich one] Oops ... I meant "empty list".   But of course you knew that :-)
  11078 [elderburn mi] Yes, but we are comparing apples and crates.

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-02-17)
11021 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-02-17)

^ Ruby Netiquitte
11022 [schneiker ju] Well, I have to say that I agree 100% with your previous post.
11023 [joe vpop.net] I happen to prefer replies *above* the quoted text (and sometimes
+ 11024 [ben_tilly ho] I certainly hope "if".  Many years of experience with
+ 11029 [hal9000 hype] Thank you, Joe. I, for one, agree completely.
| + 11030 [Dave Pragmat] I can see your points, but...
| | 11033 [hal9000 hype] Heh heh... thanks, Dave (and Guy).
| | + 11034 [Dave Pragmat] Turn your screen upside down, perhaps.
| | | 11035 [ben_tilly ho] I just asked what people do in an interactive forum
| | | 11079 [elderburn mi] Well, since I qualify as someone who processes hundereds of emails per day, I
| | + 11054 [duncan nycap] Is _that_ why my email client (Netscape) always puts me at the _bottom_ of the
| |   11080 [john_van_v y] I suppose I have always left enough original text to tell everybody wants going
| |   11091 [ffiloseta ca] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| + 11031 [gnhurst hurs] Sorry Hal, but I make my mail client put the most recent emails
| + 11036 [behrends cse] [Preferring replies to be located above the quoted text.]
| | 11039 [spwhite char] Excellent point.
| + 11151 [jdf pobox.co] "I resent having to use my turn signal and wait for an safe and
|   11171 [john_van_v y] Brilliant quote, where did you find/hear it ??
+ 11038 [spwhite char] I prefer to see the original message above the reply because it gives me the

^ to_s and <<
11037 [tarod home.c] list = [1, 2.3, 'four', false]
+ 11040 [barry_shultz] I think you can only concatenate with another string ( so you could use
+ 11041 [spwhite char] a = "hello"
  11042 [dblack candl] I notice, though, that the pickaxe book gives the argument type for
  + 11044 [spwhite char] rb_define_method(rb_cString, "<<", rb_str_concat, 1);
  | 11052 [spwhite char] Gawd, I'm thick. I overlooked this when it was jumping up and down and
  | + 11053 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, don't apologize... I'm thicker than you are.
  | | 11057 [matz zetabit] 'to_s' is a mean to convert something into a string (if you really
  | | 11061 [jonas.bulow ] Wouldn't name like "as_str" and "to_str" make more sense?
  | | 11063 [duncan nycap] The problem with this explanation is that i have no idea what it means for
  | + 11062 [tarod home.c] Don't beat yourself up--give the rest of us a chance!
  + 11048 [hal9000 hype] [snip C code]
  | 11067 [Dave Pragmat] Perhaps, but I don't think so. to_str is not the same as to_s. to_str
  | + 11068 [ben_tilly ho] Think of it this way.  foo.to_s tells foo to describe itself
  | | 11072 [duncan nycap] Wow!  That was a little too subtle for me to guess.  I think because of the
  | | 11074 [dblack candl] No, because to_s is inherited from Object by every object, whereas
  | | + 11075 [harryo zipwo] I would have thought that, generally speaking, the "canonical" form is
  | | | 11077 [spwhite char] I'm kinda thick, so I have a simpler view...
  | | | 11083 [hal9000 hype] string
  | | | 11085 [ben_tilly ho] Example.  Ruby allows you to check whether a string
  | | | + 11086 [hal9000 hype] OK, I think one more neuron in my brain reached out to
  | | | + 11090 [elderburn mi] [ Excellent more detailed explanation snipped]
  | | + 11082 [elderburn mi] Or, consider that varying methods either assume an object is a string
  | + 11069 [hfulton aust] Well, if you look at the << method, it just says it takes "anObject"...
  |   11070 [Dave Pragmat] It's talked about on 382, under to_str.
  + 11050 [decoux moulo] Well this work

^ parsing XML in ruby?
11045 [  tk hcsd.de] I just tried to ask wether there's some code to parse xml in ruby.
+ 11046 [Dave Pragmat] Which is a wrapper for expat.
+ 11049 [neumann s-di] There is xmlparser, an "Expat Module for Ruby", or if you want
+ 11051 [  zak ale.cx] I'm not sure I understand the second and third lines of your mail, but

^ xml - found.
11047 [  tk hcsd.de] sorry for my question. I've just found

^ DTD for Ruby reference XML
11056 [news-9825099] Can anyone point me to the DTD used for the "Programming Ruby"
11084 [       x y.z] all that stuff was generated automatically, so the structure is fairly

11058 [wilsoncredit] Get a brand new, clean,

^ Win32 extension module proposal
11060 [ptkwt shell1] I've stated working on a Win32 extension written in C.  There's not a lot
11088 [feldt ce.cha] I've got some stuff related to Process start and control and registry

11064 [ppladijs cag] # get 10804

^ MetaRuby 0.5
11065 [matju cam.or] MetaRuby 0.5
11071 [crippel prim] matju what do you think about organizing the different
11177 [matju cam.or] It depends on what benefit there would be to. I organized such methods
11207 [crippel prim] I remember this discussion. The problem with set operations is

^ Re: RubyChangeRequest #U002
11066 [ppladijs cag] The explanation of Hash#indexes at

^ Re: Irix build + __builtin_frame_address(2)
11081 [jonnalag stu] I was able to build ruby on IRIX. However a change had

^ Summary: RCR #U002 - proper new name for indexes
11087 [matz zetabit] (a) Hash#values, Array#values
11093 [dblack candl] (i) Hash#values_for, Array#elements_at
11094 [aleksi.nieme] My vote(s) go for choice i, or if in the end game it's considered too long,
+ 11098 [jvradelis me] (k)  Hash#[],  Array#[]
| + 11107 [jmichel schu] I must say that despite the fact that this would change incompatibly the
| | 11128 [matju cam.or] a=[2,3,5,7,11,13]
| | 11131 [schneik us.i] #
| | 11133 [dblack candl] In spite of being an advocate of having two different names, I do
| | + 11135 [Dave Pragmat] a = []
| | | + 11138 [crippel prim] On the other hand you find that
| | | + 11140 [dblack candl] There's no question that they behave differently, and offer different
| | + 11143 [matju cam.or] Maybe that's because it's called Array#include? ?
| |   11144 [dblack candl] I meant I never missed being able to call it as #has_value? (as one
| |   + 11145 [dblack candl] Whoops.  I mean as one can in the case of Hash#has_key?/#include?.
| |   | 11148 [matju cam.or] Sorry, saw this reply just after pointing out the same.
| |   + 11147 [matju cam.or] ok, i understand now.
| + 11110 [decoux moulo] You break
| | + 11112 [wmwilson01 h] Just wanted to jump in and give 3 cents worth.  This is an argument that
| | | 11114 [gnhurst hurs] Hey, that is a great idea! As my four-year old likes to play "goldfish"
| | + 11196 [jvradelis wi] Well, you can't make an omelette . . .
| |   11220 [schneik us.i] #
| |   11227 [  zak ale.cx] Good point.
| + 11245 [dfan harmoni] You probably already know this, but the Array functionality you
|   11254 [schneik us.i] #
+ 11100 [decoux moulo] I've not understood, with your example what is the result of
| 11190 [jvradelis wi] In the example given, the result of myArray[4,2] would be [5, 3].
+ 11102 [jmichel schu] I like to consider an array conceptually as a special case of hash where
  11105 [feldt ce.cha] I fully agree with this and would like to add that its easier to learn one