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^ Ruby-Gtk+ QuestionsSubject:
108451 [dejaspam bat] I've been looking into Ruby-Gtk and I'm very impressed with what I've
+ 108452 [phubuh phubu] Try #gtk+ on irc.gnome.org.
+ 108459 [paul luon.ne] For me it works very well.. the Ruby/GNOME2 Project is progressing
  108494 [laurent.sans] It should be easy to ship a theme with your application, and force it
  108496 [Roland.Schmi] GTK works fine for me, but I never managed Libglade to work on win32. Can you explain a bit more or post some URL to get Libglade work on win32?

^ License Discussion Rehash (WAS: Re: Amazing GUI toolkit with visual designer & Ruby Integration)
108466 [drossruby ya] Dicussions from GUI Threads include

^ %w for symbols
108486 [k v2studio.c] Is there any similar notation to %w[ word word2 word3 ] that returns an
+ 108487 [neoneye adsl] %w(a b c).map{|i|i.to_sym}   #=> [:a, :b, :c]
| 108488 [k v2studio.c] I guess that pretty much misses the point, otherwise I could just go
| 108489 [martindemell] ...
| 108490 [k v2studio.c] Ideally, yes. But I'm just looking for convinience.
+ 108506 [halostatue g] It seems common enough that it might be nice to have this. Perhaps
  + 108508 [flgr ccan.de] irb(main):006:0> %W{1 #{1+1} 3}
  | + 108513 [gsinclair so] And ['foo', 'bar', 'qux'] isn't?
  | + 108515 [halostatue g] %s(1 2 3) is shorter than [:"1", :"2", :"3"] for any given version.
  |   108523 [ahoward noaa] i use them both in almost every program - and would like to see a symbol
  + 108512 [gsinclair so] I don't object to the feature either.  I think %s{} makes more sense,
    108520 [drbrain segm] ...
    + 108525 [dblack wobbl] That actually points to another thing I was wondering about, namely,
    | + 108527 [k v2studio.c] I guess the usual %m{abc hi\ there}
    | + 108529 [ahoward noaa] we are already down that path
    |   + 108535 [dblack wobbl] OK... but that's not exactly the same as the question of the costs and
    |   + 108556 [vjoel PATH.B] Wellll...
    |   + 108560 [discord mac.] %w(abc hi\ there)
    + 108526 [k v2studio.c] %i then? (intern)
    + 108528 [discord mac.] %sw( these are symbols )
      108531 [k v2studio.c] I like it.

^ [ANN] rpa-base 0.2.0
108491 [batsman.geo ] rpa-base 0.2.0 is now available at http://rpa-base.rubyforge.org .
+ 108501 [botp delmont] I'm just curious, but how is this (cool thing) done? =)
| + 108507 [drossruby ya] When ruby runs it loads the scripts into memory.
| + 108510 [batsman.geo ] It is packaged as just another port; rpa-base is generic enough to handle
|   108667 [demerzel gma] Looks good so far. It bootstrapped fine, but I'm not able to download
|   108675 [batsman.geo ] It will use the proxy specified in the environment variable "http_proxy".
|   108788 [npoly_iki ya] I am using a mingw version of ruby (1.8.1)  and I had to add
|   108803 [batsman.geo ] Thanks for your report, I had only tested it on cygwin and the
|   108905 [npoly_iki ya] Thanks!
|   108906 [batsman.geo ] The tarball/zip with 0.2.0a you can find on Rubyforge.org has now
+ 108722 [vjoel PATH.B] # rpa install ri-rpa
  + 108726 [batsman.geo ] Can't reproduce with
  + 108730 [batsman.geo ] This is very strange, cause
    108749 [vjoel PATH.B] Tried to run it in gdb to see where it was when exit() was called, but
    108751 [batsman.geo ] Could you try to run it with --debug, to get a backtrace?
    + 108763 [vjoel PATH.B] Found it... there was an install.rb on my lib path that was being loaded
    | 108772 [batsman.geo ] Thanks a lot for squashing this bug :)
    + 108770 [GGarramuno a] Mauricio, I tried your rpa-base and I admit I loved it, as it really
      108779 [batsman.geo ] I have to say that cpan.pm is NOT the model rpa-base is based on. The
      108783 [  jani iv.ro] could it preserve the downloaded files then in something like distfiles ?
      108785 [batsman.geo ] Yes, it will soon cache the .rps (port) files. Currently, only the .rpa

^ Re: [OT] microphone (was [ANN] Rails 0.5.5: Windows, WEBrick, lots!)
108493 [robertm spel] Thats okay David (I just did the same till emptying my mail box), thanks for taking the time to answer.

^ a bit [OT]: table definition with rubyDBI
108495 [r_mueller im] I'm very happy with rubyDBI (thanks michael). Especially  DBI::Utils::XMLFormatter.table is great.
108499 [mneumann nte] We have the method column_info, but this does not include whether a
+ 108503 [Roland.Schmi] SELECT * FROM SYSODBCCOLUMNS where TABLE_NAME='xxx_table'
| 108504 [botp delmont] Are you using MaxDB in sapR3? just asking..
| 108505 [Roland.Schmi] No, only the core stand-alone database from www.mysql.com, formerly known as SapDB.
+ 108519 [r_mueller im] SHOW KEYS FROM <dbname>.<tablename>

^ [ANN] Preliminary Ruby Production Archive -- over 100 packages available
108497 [batsman.geo ] rpa-base 0.2.0 is now available at http://rpa-base.rubyforge.org .
108500 [neoneye adsl] [snip  many packages]

^ ri bug -- might be Windows only
108511 [halostatue g] I am preparing for a Diff::LCS 1.0.3 release because of a bug report
108599 [dave pragpro] Did you use the --merge option?
108626 [halostatue g] ...
108635 [batsman.geo ] The modified ri distributed via rpa-base (ri-rpa) isolates completely the

^ [ANN] Rails 0.6.0, Active Record 0.9.3, Action Pack 0.7.9
108518 [david loudth] I gather that most people are now familar with the RoR suite, so I'm
+ 108532 [sarahtanemba] ...
| 108536 [david loudth] Sure does! And have since 0.5.5. Enjoy.
+ 108561 [batsman.geo ] actionpack   0.7.9-1  A control-flow and template package for the VC part of MVC.

^ I want to use ruby, but I don't think I can... help
108522 [michael hale] This email is sort of a public cry for help.  As a language I really
+ 108530 [ahoward noaa] you should post them as you find them - this group is generally extremely
+ 108537 [rcoder gmail] Michael,
+ 108538 [probertm nos] Post the problem.  There are many people on the list that can help with
+ 108540 [djberg96 hot] This *could* be an issue with sockets and blocking.  Jean-Francois
  108546 [michael hale] Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.  They were very
  108549 [michael hale] I think I just figured out my own problem.  I needed to do a
  + 108554 [ahoward noaa] i had a professor who used to advocate explaining bugs to one's dog.  after
  + 108559 [vjoel PATH.B] Strange... on my system, $stdout.sync is true, and so output is
    108566 [michael hale] On my system it is set to false.  I am using 1.8.2 preview 4 if that
    108567 [cmills frees] => true
    108568 [vjoel PATH.B] Ouch! Burned again by checking something in irb....

^ Setting up Rails on IIs
108539 [ kot kot.com] ...
108545 [david loudth] What's a "II"? Anyway, the fastest way to get up and running if you're
+ 108547 [eyez illuzio] Microsoft's IIS webserver.
| + 108550 [curt hibbs.c] For those who care, it Microsoft's Internet Information Server.
| + 108552 [david loudth] Ahh. I'm not used to Microsoft slang. Apologies.
|   108614 [asdasd sdsd.] ...
+ 108548 [phubuh phubu] You mean FreeNode, I assume.  The IRC server is at irc.freenode.org.

^ strings vs. symbols [WAS] Re: %w for symbols
108551 [ahoward noaa] require 'tempfile'

^ Defining a new function by composition
108553 [ehames gmail] I would like to add a method to the Array class, say Array#pop! which
108558 [bob.news gmx] "Edgardo Hames" <ehames@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
108562 [ehames gmail] I imagined this. But, I thought you were going to surprise me with a
+ 108563 [msparshatt y] Though this won't do what you want since there isn't a method split! for
| + 108564 [ehames gmail] Since there is a method push which modifies the receiver, I believe
| | 108569 [angus quovad] [Edgardo Hames <ehames@gmail.com>, 2004-08-06 23.36 CEST]
| + 108565 [msparshatt y] that should of course be
+ 108576 [bob.news gmx] "Edgardo Hames" <ehames@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [ANN] Raleigh, North Carolina Area Ruby Users Meeting
108570 [nathaniel ta] etc., etc.) of North Carolina
108572 [ng johnwlong] Very cool! If only I lived in NC.

^ [rcr] epsilon string escaping in %W()
108577 [neoneye adsl] often I use the %W(a b c d e f) for quickly making an array of strings.
108578 [neoneye adsl] dblack suggested   %W(a b c #{} d e f)

^ [ANN] RubyConf 2004 Keynote - Brad Cox
108579 [chad chadfow] ...

^ const_defined? raises NameError ?
108581 [lopexx autog] Given a const how can I check whether the const exists
108582 [dblack wobbl] if defined?(SomeConst)
108583 [lopexx autog] Thanks for Your answer, but I think the first question is still open
108584 [decoux moulo] ...
108585 [lopexx autog] Ups, that's wright :)

^ ANN: Iowa 0.9 Released
108589 [khaines enig] A new version of the Iowa web application framework has been released.  This
108611 [ahoward noaa] kirk-
108615 [khaines enig] Iowa is a framework for creating web apps and dynamic web content.  It's
+ 108620 [mneumann nte] This sounds really good. But is it possible to generate "real" images
| + 108623 [mneumann nte] May I ask another question? ;-)
| | 108629 [khaines enig] Right.  Each seperate request is handled by a thread that terminates after
| + 108627 [khaines enig] That's the idea.  David just sent me his stuff a week or so ago, and I've
| + 108653 [khaines enig] Okay.  I worked on this a bit today, and it has proved pretty simple.
+ 108699 [ahoward noaa] so, in essence, the 'middle bit' of mod_ruby, fcgi, or cgi is needed to lookup
  108705 [khaines enig] Yep.  The middle bit is just a transport mechanism to get the request from
  108718 [ahoward noaa] and, of course, the mod_fastcgi module doesa all of this (including session

^ RubyGems question: Knowing the correct name for add_dependency
108590 [jamesUNDERBA] I'm trying to write a gemspec file.  My code depends on Austin Ziegler's
108595 [jim weirichh] The first argument should be the base name of the gem without version or
+ 108596 [halostatue g] project. It's there now, which means it will be in the repository
+ 108598 [jamesUNDERBA] What is the "base name" of a gem?  Given "FooBar.gem", is it "FooBar" ?
  108602 [jim weirichh] Given foobar-1.2.0.gem, it would be foobar.  Sorry, I should have been

^ executable file generated by exerb
108594 [gene.leung g] I wonder the ruby source code can still be seen after the code compiled
108597 [billk cts.co] Currently the source is visible inside the .exe...
108630 [lymans gmail] Yes, you can see your code inside an EXE that was 'packaged' by exerb

^ Xenon 2
108604 [garycameron ] ...

^ [ANN] Rails 0.6.0 as GEM: Celebrating 1,000 downloads!
108605 [david loudth] I'm really on vacation, but through my 2kb/sec GPRS connection from the

^ ruby editor component
108608 [roelandmoors] I'm thinking of writing an IDE for a microcontroller.
+ 108609 [vincent.isam] You could maybe use Scintilla: http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/
+ 108610 [joaopedrosa ] - GtkSourceView - which doesn't have a port to Windows
  108616 [roelandmoors] This look nice. Not a lot of features, but this may be an
  108617 [roelandmoors] I think we have a winner :-)
  108619 [Mike Geary.c] ...
  108673 [roelandmoors] The only disadvantage are the missing ruby bindings.
  108688 [curt hibbs.c] If you do decide to do this, you might want to take a look at FreeRIDE's

^ [ANN] Sponsorship opportunities for RubyConf 2004
108612 [dblack wobbl] Dear Ruby Community,

^ Cardinal version 0.1.0 released
108613 [msparshatt y] Version 0.1.0 of Cardinal can be downloaded from here

^ Iowa 0.9 available in the prelim. Ruby Production Archive (was Re: ANN: Iowa 0.9 Released)
108618 [batsman.geo ] I have just uploaded Iowa 0.9 to the preliminary Ruby Production Archive

^ Unit-testing a Web Application
108621 [dejaspam bat] I'm writing a web app in Ruby that I'd like to be able to unit-test.
+ 108628 [jamesUNDERBA] I have an approach, acquired by stealing what seemed to be the best
+ 108658 [patrick hexa] I'm would go so far as to recommend what the right solution is.  Narf
+ 108666 [david loudth] In Rails, you can test your application at all three layers of the MVC.

^ Getting Rublog
108622 [dejaspam bat] I'm thinking about using Rublog to create a weblog, but I'm not sure
108624 [dave pragpro] Check out the CVS - the SourceForge project is dead (is it possible to
108707 [tom infoethe] Another way is just to set all the releases to "hidden" and change the

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.10.0
108625 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GNOME2-0.10.0 is out.

^ emacs mode: %Q!....! doesn't get fontified
108631 [clr3.10.rand] Dear Ruby hackers,

^ FXRuby question: create a Link?
108632 [martin.anker] Is there a platform-independent way to create a clickable text that
108641 [lyle.johnson] For the "widget" portion of the question, I've used a frameless button

^ book recommendations
108633 [csshsh struc] do you guys have any recommendations of ruby books or books
+ 108639 [Stephan.Kaem] There's
| 108651 [jamesUNDERBA] The second edition is expected quite soon.
| 108737 [Joseph.V.Lau] ...
| 108739 [mailinglists] No.
| 108760 [jamesUNDERBA] Yes; worth doing.
+ 108922 [ jupp gmx.de] Books in what language(s)? Japanese? English? German? As far as
  108935 [botp delmont] But I really hope the book will be released free (later). Gone will be the
  108936 [dave pragpro] Frankly, so do I. The plan is to release the previous version for free
  108942 [botp delmont] That is great news. Thank you in advance, sir Dave.

^ [ANN] Diff::LCS 1.1.0, Diff::LCS 1.0.4
108636 [halostatue g] It is with pleasure that I announce the latest versions of Diff::LCS,
+ 108640 [batsman.geo ] I have just updated the package in the preliminary Ruby Production Archive
| 108664 [halostatue g] The changes the Mauricio found have been checked in. I will be
+ 108662 [jm transact.] As sad as it is I think you just made my day.

^ OSCON 's presentations somewhere?
108648 [surrender_it] I wonder if some of the speakers at the latest OSCON put the relative
108663 [ged FaerieMU] I've posted the slides from my session "Ruby for the Web: The Arrow Web

^ FirstEachLast, an extension to the Enumerable module.
108661 [john.carter ] I know somewhere is a collection of extensions to the enumerable module.
108669 [bob.news gmx] "John Carter" <john.carter@tait.co.nz> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
108745 [john.carter ] Mostly output to other tools, like gnuplot, or for reports. Most time
108768 [bob.news gmx] "John Carter" <john.carter@tait.co.nz> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 108771 [martindemell] ...
| 108842 [john.carter ] def empty?
| 108889 [bob.news gmx] "John Carter" <john.carter@tait.co.nz> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 108923 [ummaycoc gma] I think the best solution would be to create some sort of objects to
| 108924 [ummaycoc gma] I also *just* decided this would be a good addition to
+ 108773 [ruby-lists l] personally the idea of having a method taking 4 procs
  + 108774 [mneumann nte] blah.each_with_first_last {|element, pos|
  | + 108776 [mneumann nte] elsif inx < blah.size - 1
  | + 108844 [john.carter ] I like the cleaner syntax.
  + 108778 [bob.news gmx] "Alexander Kellett" <ruby-lists@lypanov.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    108780 [ruby-lists l] notice my lack of agreement with myself in any case :)
    + 108784 [bob.news gmx] "Alexander Kellett" <ruby-lists@lypanov.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    + 108834 [pit capitain] module Enumerable

^ Problem with exception not beeing caught
108668 [mueller iib.] Dear rubyists!
108671 [discord mac.] When you don't specify an exception class to rescue from, it defaults
108672 [mueller iib.] Ups!  Didn't think about that possibility!

^ postscript generation
108670 [martindemell] ...
+ 108674 [    s xss.de] ...
| 108676 [martindemell] ...
| 108925 [martindemell] ...
| 109036 [    s xss.de] ...
+ 108750 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| 108764 [martindemell] ...
+ 108787 [sdate everes] ...
  108805 [martindemell] ...

^ Re: [ANN] aeditor 1.4
108680 [se hexatex.d] great work!
108681 [neoneye adsl] the place at the line end where the newline (\n) are, I currently render a
108682 [eyez illuzio] I think sascha was referring to hilighting things like \n and \t within
108684 [botp delmont] thanks for the aeditor and the rpa package. it took me just a few minutes to
108685 [neoneye adsl] yes very clear.. unfortunatly I cannot get scrolling to work on windows. I
108691 [lymans gmail] Well... as for your scrolling issue ( if you're talking about how with
108724 [lymans gmail] I've looked over you website, and I think I can answer my own questions...
108742 [neoneye adsl] Yes, this is pretty much the idea.
108743 [mailinglists] Now we need someone who will do the same for a HTML widget.
108744 [neoneye adsl] I don't quite follow you here... why do you think so ?
108747 [lymans gmail] I think Lothar is just saying that HTML rendering widgets are pretty
108748 [mailinglists] I was thinking about a Gecko reimplementation in pure Ruby.